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Bugis Ferrari accident: Man steals $300 from struggling woman in taxi instead of helping her

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

A man was witnessed stealing the money from a female passenger trapped in a taxi in the aftermath of the fatal accident involving a red Ferrari, Comfort taxi and motorcycle on Saturday morning!

According to one 51 year old Mr Lim who was at the accident scene, he and seven other passer-bys rushed to help the accident victims.

“I saw a Chinese man in his 30s standing besides the woman who was still conscious and crying for help. There were six fifty dollars scattered on the ground near the woman. The man picked them up and walked away briskly,” Mr Lim told a Chinese tabloid.

The Singaporean woman in her 20s eventually died from her injuries in hospital.

The tragic accident was caused by a 30 year old PRC man Ma Chi from Sichuan province who was speeding to beat a red light. Despite causing the accident, he was praised by the tabloids for being a ‘rich, young, successful and handsome’ man.

Some responses on Facebook:

“What was the ‘young, handsome and successful’ husband of a 7 months pregnant wife doing with another PRC woman in his Ferrari smelling of strong alcohol doing 4 am in the morning? No wonder his wife fainted.” – Allen Low

“Ma Chi worth a million? Then how about the innocent lady in the taxi? Offender’s news is available but not the victim’s! What a ‘great’ Singapore newspaper!!!” – Desmond Chia

“This PRC driver has killed an innocent victim & he’s still bring glorified by the papers! unbelievable!” – Cedric Low

“and yes…fuking MSM papers cover more on this bastard than the other victims….till now i dont know how old is the other girl who died, how her famil reacting etc…..the motorcyclist also have not much details. They reported the news like the family of the bastard are veryy sad and poor thing.” – KM Lim


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184 Responses to “Bugis Ferrari accident: Man steals $300 from struggling woman in taxi instead of helping her”

  1. peking Dog xu sunn said

    The media is sick

    • bhav said

      Eh ,Ma Chi chu,,, wtever dog name you have, , You Will ROT in HELL. Juz cuz you drive a ferrari, u think u can get away,,, If the law does not punish you, remember God will….

      • Daniel said

        I suppose we should expect to see straittimes apologize for this piece of shit??

      • Uniquely Singapore said

        PAP is sick too!

      • anony said

        PAP is sick? what has PAP done wrong to you?
        dont place blame on something you yourself has caused such as selling your home for profit and ending up losing your house. The government cannot cover for your mistakes

      • Jasmine Tan said

        How is the media sick, when they are clever enough to “stir up controversy” and use emotionally riled up readers like you to increase their reach? You should pat yourself in the back for giving them more bargaining power to increase advertising revenue. And quotes are merely quotes from interviewees, and does not necessarily mean the opinion of Straits Times. Gosh, grow up people! You are the reason why our government import foreigners.

      • for real? said

        anony, YOU are sick.

        IF pap not so sick, you would be the one driving ferrari now. INstead, bring foreigners in as TALENT and ask you to go be a HAWKER.
        YOu are sick indeed. and DAFT.

      • Helping the family said

        anony is sick.

  2. prc worship said

    All hail Ma Chi?

  3. spotlessleopard said

    LKY will tell you becos the PRC guy has spurs stucked in his hide

  4. studentinsg said

    Haiz, its real sad. The taxi driver is dead.

    • Mimi Lee said

      Yea, and it’s said that he was the sole-breadwinner. How will his family survive now? Even the elder daughter had to put her Uni plans on hold. I don’t want to sound mean, but I hope that the cabby’s family will deck him in red clothes during his funeral, so that the cabby can haunt the bastard who caused his death and his family’s breakdown. I just hope that the cabby is covered by insurance, otherwise life is gonna get even harder for the family.

      BTW, is there any way to reach the family? I hope that someone can offer this family some job and/or scholarship opportunities to help them tide over this crisis. I don’t advocate donations though, as that does not really help anyone. Remember the suicide case at Chinese Garden MRT? ( What happened to his family after the $500,000 donations? I once saw in a Chinese newspaper that the whole family was bullied by their neighbors and friends because of their “sudden windfall”. The younger son even became a recluse because of that. As if that wasn’t enough, there were even heartless people who tried to cheat the widow’s money.

      Donations are fine, but what the family really needs is a way to survive without relying too much on people’s sympathy. So let’s give them the respect and dignity that they deserve.

  5. ivanteo1973 said

    The regime only covers news about the rich bastard to cause other people’s death. How about the poor taxi driver and his passenger? F the PAP regime.

  6. hdbyer said

    Omg this is so sad, what has this country become?

  7. Jessie Williams -- an American living in Singapore said

    Christ in Heaven save us!

    How can you locals dare to criticise China (so-called “PRCs”) for their presumed incivility when you orangutans are no further up the gene pool yourselves?
    Have the natives of this country really devolved to such levels of barbarism that they have lost their moral compass, lest they even bore one in the first place?
    Do you animals retain a shred of conscience, of brotherly love for your fellow man? Do you common people even identify with these concepts?

    I call on your Prime Minister to denounce this callous attack as symptomatic of the decline of the once-proud Singaporean people.

    • Emi said

      Seriously, your post does not seem any more humane too.. what’s with all the name calling? Hey the Americans are treating foreigners badly in the States too you know??

    • Jason Chua-- Pure Singaporean said

      Stop talking bullshit, you have no right to speak in a country that do not belong to you anyway. Have you serve the national service? If you think that you are any better than you are free to step out of this country and back to your country that promote freedom of speech.

    • G M said

      Hey, u don’t have to suck up to China just cos your country is knee-deep in debt to that country.

      We are expressing disgust at the person WHO CAUSED THE TRAGEDY. Get your botlled blond head out out of your nether regions and keep the pie hole shut. U have no right to comment on SINGAPOREANS’ ISSUES. Solve the mess your country is in before u try to intervene in others’ affairs.

    • No way said

      Wait a minute Jessie Williams, the local newspapers cannot report on the true nationality as it would only fan the flames on the so-called “PRCs”. I can tell you that local Singaporeans, even Malaysian and Indonesian Chinese, are very particular and superstitious on taking such money. Ghosts would haunt that somebody for the rest of his life etc…. No such locals in his 30s (or Indo/Malaysia chinese) aka Gen X would take such money.

      Do some research first, righto?

      • salute said

        perfectly said. NO SINGAPOREAN WOULD HAVE DONE THAT. Be he Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian Singaporean.

        Our first instinct would be to call the police, hand around and see what is going on and help if possible. No way to steal money in such a blasted situation.


        In our society here, it is totally TABOO. Only true mercenaries with SPURS IN THEIR HIDES will do shit like that.

        To hell with the LEEgime that made all this happen.

      • Jo l said

        Gosh. Stupid Singaporean. No one really cares bout the dead victims, instead, they are cursing about the newspaper who published an article. PAP Sid the right thing to bring in FT to save Singapore because Singaporeans are so stupid. Go ahead and launch a massacre against a Chinese then. But I bet you will be too much a coward to do participate in it;) so now you are attacking an American who dare to express her opinion, why don’t you stop using US technologies, stop watching LOSt and stuck with your local idiotic show featuring singlish? Talking about stupidity nd brain degrading.

      • And there are unicorns in the forest.. Fairy tale Moron.

      • kik usa ass said

        Jo L , without we using US technologies and watching Lost i think USA in dept long long time ago….. dont BJ for american

    • Eugene said

      You are a fake Ang Moh ‘Jessie Walliams’. No normal westerner speaks like that, I don’t know who you are in the background, but your means of inciting anti-foreigner hatred are very insidious and dangerous. Please stop it.

    • Issac said

      Do take time to digest the remarks you made has sparked off users to take their time to correct your mindset and hopefully you understand we are a different country from you. Sink it in.

    • PURE-SG said

      Jessie Williams,

      Love for ur fellow men? He ain’t no fellow men.

      Get ur fact right, and roll back to ur country if you still have a shread of conscience/diginity.

      cheers amigo.

    • Suspicious said

      What “Jessie Williams” said here is appalling…..but you know, I have started seeing quite a few comments in here from so-called foreigners that look suspiciously like they are planted by someone who just want foreigners to look bad.

      It sounds more like a troll trying to stir up trouble. Like someone pretending to be a foreigner to make the locals hate foreigners even more. And no matter what side of the political fence you sit on, this can’t be good for our country.

      My gut feeling is that most (not all, some really are scumbags) foreigners are actually here because they like the place, respect the people and feel welcome here. Not too many are stupid enough to blurt out their name and then describe themselves as an “American living in Singapore”.

      Use your blain…and think critically about every loopy comment made in here……

    • Dol said

      In the first place, he is not even our fellow men. He was wrong in the first place to flaunt and drive recklessly on the road, being a bloody road hazard. We cannot comprehend how you would empathize with him, but great minds think alike, I suppose retarded minds sync with each other yeah.

    • C. said

      How dare we criticize them?! Because we can. How dare you discriminate the whole lot of singaporeans and make such comparisons of us with the PRCs. You obviously do not know much news of Singapore but only heard of one-sided stories.

      This news clearly show the fault of the driver who happens to be a irresponsible PRC! Yet our media glorified the PRC driver, that is our resentment! So many recent road accidents in Singapore shows the PRC barbaric behavior of killing innocent people. Did you even know this?

      Bet you don’t. Since you assumed that we have no morals and you are above us, jolly fuck off back to your disgusting country and keep your comments to yourself. Or just pray that your family members will not be killed by some PRC or foreigners in Singapore to know how it feels. Idiot

    • Charles said

      Don’t mind that Jessie Williams buffoon. Most of us Americans actually aren’t very fond of China. Especially with their growing arrogance, like that situation with the Philippines. Oh, and Jessie, all they’re asking for is for the media to show a little less bias in their coverage, rather than only focusing on the rich guy.

    • Aik Lim said

      Christ in Heaven save us!

      How can you locals dare to criticise China (so-called “PRCs”) for their presumed incivility when you orangutans are no further up the gene pool yourselves?
      Have the natives of this country really devolved to such levels of barbarism that they have lost their moral compass, lest they even bore one in the first place?
      Do you animals retain a shred of conscience, of brotherly love for your fellow man? Do you common people even identify with these concepts?

      I call on your Prime Minister to denounce this callous attack as symptomatic of the decline of the once-proud Singaporean people.
      Christ in Heaven save us from Jessie Williams, an american living in our country, Singapore!

      How can you an american dare to criticise Singapore (so-called “orangutans”) when you a WHITE TRASH is living in our country?
      Have this american, Jessie Williams really devolved to such levels of barbarism that have lost YOUR mind on having good social skill when living in other’s country?
      Do you this piece of WHITE TRASH retain a shred of conscience and love for your host? Do you this piece of WHITE TRASH even understand what is happening?

      I will call on MY Prime Minister on this callous attack.

      once-proud Singaporean and will always be

    • Well… I would say it would be better for a you to observe or understand the cultures and things before you post any comments. Singaporeans are not perfect at all. We are “Kia Su” – afraid to loose out to others, “kia See”, afraid to die or rather afraid to get into trouble. But one thing for sure, we ain’t afraid to admit it at all so when have we ever been proud? As for you guys from the states, isn’t it weird that you guys always behave inappropriately in Asia too. By the way, mind if I ask, who are you referring to as natives in Singapore? Are you sure u who are the natives in my country? May I call you a native of America too? But your name doesn’t seems native to me at all.

    • zone said

      Barbarism? Last I checked, we do not run over little girls multiple times to make sure she’s dead. We do not make fake eggs, buns, poisoned milk powders, make pills out of dead babies, eat fetuses, eat dogs. We do not hijack taxi’s and run over people.
      If you defend them, Jessie Williams, then it means you are supporting these terrible acts. Or you are just a troll trying to stir up more dissent.
      Christ will never save you then.
      Welcome to hell:)

    • bak gong said

      Troll Jessie Williams aka Rob Monaco, stop posing as a young American working in Singapore. First of all, it’s evident from your syntax that you’re not from those parts. Second of all, no YOUNG caucasian expatriate would be interested or indeed participate in the local affairs of a foreign country so much so as to surf TT when he could be updating his FB account or surfing for porn (no offense, locals do that too). Hurry along to the simian enclosure where you belong.The chimps and orang utans are anxiously awaiting for your return.

    • mitch said

      once proud u say?
      we serve our country 2 yrs of our lives. dont question how we feel as s’poreans.
      it is also because deep down we are proud of ourselves and what we have, that we are so determined t not let FT ruined
      what we serve to defend.

      And how dare you a foreigner, criticise the locals?
      dont forget who’s the host and who’s the guest.

    • Wong said

      I think you should remember how the Jap beat your asses in Iwo Jima until your marines are still traumatised till today. If you think this place is trash, go back to the trash where your own country is the WORLD’S BIGGEST DEBTOR!

    • Rico said

      hey MF! i guess you are one of the PRC too.. call us orang hutan? we all should be calling the PRC orang hutan… u guys think singapore is a playground? read the papers! how many incidents occurs involving PRC? that ma chi is rich, so what? grave is grave. rich, poor will go to the same grave, except ma chi is going real down to hell.. KILLING OTHER! i would prefer bangladesh working in singapore rather than u PIGS! your playground is in CHINA, not singapore!

    • Ang Moh Cunts said

      The irony is that you shouldn’t be calling people barbaric when you’re white. Furthermore, your white genes have proven to be dumber than asian genes. Who’s at the bottom of the gene pool now eh? 🙂

    • Julie Ong said

      Dear Williams, Singaporeans were not once proud, we are still proud. YOu think because you have an american passport you have the right to call us names???? If you looked at history, the world would be a better place if the americans knew how to mind their business. We now have security issues because of you sticking your nose into middle east. Do you know that Americans still call us Far East??? How many americans live in their “well bottom” and think they are superior? Why do we have problems with banks? Isn’t its because of western greed? So before you comment on anything, think about your pathetic rights as an American in my country! We may not be big but at least, 100% are educated and can read and spell and we mind our own business!

    • Ah, the good old Singaporean VS. the Ang Moh post. Notice that there is a substantial amount of attention and reply to this post. Jessie, if you truly are American, leave that country and let them be rude, ignorant, and ungracious amongst themselves. Leave them to spit on their own sidewalks, complain about every little thing to their own kind, and leave them be a delusional bunch who feels the need to justify and make excuses for their wrong doings at every opportunity. You will never get them to open their eyes or be reasonable or unbiased. As long as it’s a Singaporean against an Ang moh or other foreigner, they band together. Observe how quickly they stick knives in each other’s backs when there isn’t a foreigner to blame or band against. I know America has its’ problems and faults, pretty big ones too. So come back to the States and help us fight for the people here instead of trying in vain to help pig-headed people who believe all their actions and behaviors are justified and can’t take criticism without flying into a frenzy and losing their cool. Let them think they are classy, gracious, good people, who have the status and right to mock and criticize countries and cultures they know nothing about. In the end, a Singaporean will go support an American musician, movie, brand, or lifestyle before an American will support a Singaporean one. Everyone knows America, how many know the tiny, not at all impressive, nation of Singapore? I usually have to mention Malaysia or Thailand before anyone even knows the AREA it’s in. Singaporeans: the most humorous form of entertainment and the most self-absorbed people in denial.

      • WahLaoEh said

        @Singapore Sucks: You sucks big time!

        “So come back to the States (Jessie) and help us fight for the people here instead of trying in vain to help pig-headed people who believe all their actions and behaviors are justified and can’t take criticism without flying into a frenzy and losing their cool.”

        You think you are so damn cool? I think you are just a piece of childish shit and the one who is 猪头! The one acting classy, gracious, good people, who have the status and right to mock and criticize countries and cultures they know nothing about seems to be describing yourself. Pot calling the kettle black ain’t you?! You think you are not rude? How well do you know our cultures and look who’s talking now, criticizing singaporeans. The most childish thing you said was how many know the tiny, not at at all impressive, nation of Singapore? You can speak very well but i guess your brain has yet to be fully developed. Heard of NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER? Go google translation and find the meaning of this word: 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全.

      • Meltha said

        I’m not a Singaporean or a PRC or an American. I’m not commenting about the incident. Personally I don’t like PRC though.

        @Singapore Sucks
        After reading your comment, remind me of a joke.
        American will say “Sorry, my bad!” to admit for wrong doing. Singaporean would say “Not me, not me” instead, with two hands up.

      • We defend sg because we are born here. said

        This “Singapore suck” guy is just being stupid, I don’t have to write one whole bunch of rubbish to describe you because your not worth it. The whole bunch of sentence your using to describe us is almost 100% identical what you Americans is. At least we singaporeans stand together when we are facing some foreigners, but you Americans, fighting among yourselfs, bullywe one another. Take this _l_

    • spoileddelights said

      is it only me because i don’t understand anything you just said. juust alot of bombastic words ah

    • Arduino said

      What is then so orangutan like abt Singaporeans? As a foreigner I have always come there with pleasure

      • jujitsu said

        I think we ought not to lower ourselves to the level that Singapore Sucks has chosen to engage in any response from all of us.

    • ah tiong hater said

      big brother here trying to act hero for everyone, super power in debt still want to show off, learn how to keep your faggot mouth shut and maybe fore once, people might respect you once more

    • Foreign Moron with domestic morons load.

    • LauShu said

      ni de ma pi!

    • Dan said

      Jessie, come on buddy, time to get out of the Condo and visit the real Singapore. I am also American and have been living here for a decade now. Whilst I agree that there are things that I still do not care about the local populous or their habits, mannerisms etc. to devolve yourself and call them orangutan is a bit ridiculous. If America is so bloody brilliant, please feel free to catch the next flight back. We (any foreigner living here) are all here for a reason which is to live a better life, advance our careers, explore or whatever reason it may be that we came in the first place. For those that do not want to assimilate I would also invite them to leave.

      On the same note all who assume he is “white trash”, or bag on America do nothing to endear yourselves to anyone. It is exaclty those assumptions that cause further problems. Why the assumption that he is white at all? Bag on Jessie for his or her ignorance, not their ethnic or country affiliations. It would be ridiculous not to like someone just because they were born in a certain place like they had some sort of control over it. Are there Ang moh, Mat saleh etc that are arrogant and obnoxious? Yes. Are there “FT” that are rude, shove, dig nose, smell like a donkey, and the list goes on and on, of course. However anytime someone says all of a certain people are a certain way I immedietly discredit what they have to say. Anyway I will get off my soap box here, just please know that nobody elected Jessie as a spokesman for Americans living in Singapore.

    • vlasta said

      then how dare you to criticize Singaporeans here when you are an American living in Singapore?! Feel free to scram back to your country then!!! Blonde head~ how will you feel if this happen in your country instead? Oh well,maybe you will just shut your ass off because your country in heavily in debt to China.

  8. Disgusted said

    That cheap fuck, if you are reading this ..
    the woman will come and hunt you tonight, you fuck halfway, cock soft!

  9. Issac said

    Jessie: u have not experienced nothing yet to comment what a little you know in singapore. U have not witness what singaporeans have gone through from the 90s to present to see influx of foreigners. U come to a host country, u respect the culture and not to bring your own here. If you want to degrade locals, start with understanding how you will feel being in our shoes if your countries have influx of foreigners then claiming u locals being a shameful bunch in the way you have always been behaving. Looking at the way the newspaper is talking more about the suspect than the victimes, have you lost your own common sense to not know they equally bear the same attention on how sad their lives have been lost regardless if it was a PRC or not who killed them? People are pissed off with the way the local papers report, it is distasteful of the writer. U want to sympathise with the suspect, fine amd fair. What about the victims? Becos they are singporeans?

    An whats with your name? Are you highlighting to us you are a foreigner just to put up a tension against us?

    • Please Isaac, don’t preach what isn’t entirely true. First of all, do you know whether Jessie is ACTUALLY an American? This is the Internet, don’t be so daft. Since you are so naive, I am President Tony Tan from this point onwards.

      The problem with Singaporeans is that you would rather blame others and throw words around than admit or try to rectify your faults. I lived in your country, ate your food, learned your language and participated in your culture for 8 years. You know what I saw?

      Singaporeans, let me say it again, SINGAPOREANS speeding through the streets of Pasir Ris and red lights at night on their bikes and in their cars late at night. Singaporeans spitting on the sidewalks and even staircases to the McDonald’s at Downtown East. Singaporeans walking past an old Singaporean lady trying to get a heavy trolley up a flight of stairs (By the way, it was ME, the foreigner, who helped her carry her trolley up). Singaporeans pushing and almost knocking down each other to get up an escalator or in a train. Singaporean teens smoking at void decks in their uniforms, asking passerbys to buy them alcohol and cigarettes, having sex at staircases or on playgrounds where young children play. Singaporeans leaving their tables messy and disgusting with food spit onto the tables for their own countrymen to clean.

      Really, I could go on and on. Honest to God, the worst thing I saw of foreigners would have to have been the groups or banglas or Thais getting drunk in parks and fields or the drunk Ang mohs fighting at Clark quay. However, the most friendly and respectful people were usually foreigners. Therefore, I don’t buy this whole ‘poor us being bullied and pushed around by rude and classless foreigners’ act you’re trying to pull. Your people do just enough on their own to gain a negative reputation and harm yourselves and your country. It’s just that it takes an outsider to bring it up because you will never admit your faults or accept responsibility.

      I don’t expect any of you to after reading this either. I just know there will be a few souls out there who will appreciate having the other side of the story told instead of the same old drivel countless Singaporeans flock to the Internet to post. Before you want to accuse me of being bias or not understanding your culture, just know that my Singaporean (born and bred) mother never has the intention to go back home either and is disgusted with the way Singapore has become. Enough of the excuses. If you don’t like what people say about your country or Singaporeans, what are you going to do to change it? Are you going to try to make an effort to be more helpful and less critical of other? Or just say ‘Bo pian’ and keep blaming others?

      • of course as all human race, everyone has faults to a certain degree. But i think what we are trying to express here is just simply that we do not need additional disgraceful foreigners in this land to make things worse for us. we may make tonnes of noise and complain. But I think if you see this from another pov, everywhere else faces this same problem; Discrimination. i am pretty damn sure from where you were from, you probably get that a lot too. We are merely expressing out our displeasure and we’re definitely handling this way more subtle than what you foreigners will do. i dont think anyone will like it if we start becoming violent to all you foreigners, like what the americans do right?

        and also. yes. we may not be the most courteous and gracious kind on earth, but i am sure we are not as despicable like the PRC kind as mentioned in the above article. just look up on the net and see of the array of their “glorious” deeds online. like the famous one about how they pretend not to see a little girl risked being crushed by vehicles and not bother to help

      • Issac said

        Okay Tony Tan

      • Issac said

        By the way, if you are honest to God, then please share with me which country are you from so that i can compare all your points you made to your own country.

      • Resh said

        Ohhhh~~ So, YOU are president TONY TAN, eh? And your nickname is “Singapore Sucks”? Well well… (hope you don’t get traced up your arse)

      • Jean said

        What you have written here makes a lot of sense.

      • Resh, you gotta be the mother/father of all Morons.

  10. A Singaporean living in Singapore said

    Hey Jessie Williams, keep it civil. Rather ironically, you’re being incredibly condescending and arrogant in your plea to ‘sanity’. Though I suppose us “common people” wouldn’t really know what it means to be civil or moral. You do know that those getting enraged by this incident are not representative of the entire Singaporean population, yes?

    So as to protect any dignity you have right now, please don’t generalize so broadly. Some of us really don’t quite take to being called barbaric and being labelled as animals- being an “American Living In Singapore” does not give you the right to condemn us on the whole. This incident is a tragic accident- we should be mourning the loss of lives rather than attacking one another, so please, stop that.

  11. WHATS THERE TO ARGUE??thats the way they carry those Forigners!Expect 30%more of them among us.We common citizen will be their Slaves n The rich be Richer n Poor will Suffer!!

  12. Orang Utan? Not. said

    Wow Jessie. Just, wow.
    We’re orangutans now eh? Welcome to the orangutan wordpress then.
    I’m honoured that you’re reading our orangutan news.

    Fellow man? Nah, I guess not. What “fellow” is he? Maybe from the same “gene pool” you speak of. But not when it comes to borders and territories.
    Tell me what the hell your country is doing to our “fellow” men all over the world.
    Contradictory much, what your country does, and what you speak of.


    Think before calling on whoever you think is gonna help.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Drive Safely said

      Is’nt ‘Jessie Williams’s’ racism a bit too obvious?

      ‘She ‘ speaks as if she is better than any and ALL Singaporeans simply because of her ethnicity.

      You can even she it in her reference to placing all PRCs beneath her.

      This is the type of racism that ALL people must watch out for. It is the most sinister type of racism going around.

    • What the fuck you are trying to say? Do you have any point at all? Moron with blanks.. Do you shoot blanks too?

  13. speedknight said

    erm the taxi pax is japanese not singaporean according to reports

  14. lester said

    This happens when the media reports whatever that’s ‘beneficial’ to them and the government. Imagine if chiam see tong (ex-mp of potong pasir) dies (touch wood). It’ll be a half column only. just wait and see.

  15. People Are Pets said

    Welcome to the People Are Pets society, where we are just dogs and orangutans in our own land, worthless and despised by the ones who we hosted…great…just great….

  16. Uniquely Singapore said

    PAP are cursed.

  17. felicia said

    The Singaporean woman in her 20s eventually died from her injuries in hospital… i thought she was japanese???

  18. Don’t feed the TROLL people. “Jessie Williams — an American living in Singapore” is that “Rob Monaco” bastard who trolled on Temasek Review before. After my pointing out its mistakes, it went on to pretend to be some English banker.

    “How can you locals dare to criticise China” – seriously what kind of English is that? How can you locals dare? Yankees don’t spell criticise.

    Eh, whoever the asshole that you are.

    • Suspicious said

      Well spotted!! I am sure it’s the same dude too! And you have rightly pointed out the evidence that proves Jesse Williams isn’t an American – if he really was what he says he is would have spelt it as “criticize” (I think – I am no linguist!!). So people – please, please, please don’t take every single thing on here seriously.

    • Sherlock Holmes wannabe moron.

  19. AhCannotAh said

    Ma Chi, Bye!

  20. Aik Lim said

    Jessie Williams — An American Living In Singapore said

    May 13, 2012 at 10:20 pm
    Christ in Heaven save us!

    How can you locals dare to criticise China (so-called “PRCs”) for their presumed incivility when you orangutans are no further up the gene pool yourselves?
    Have the natives of this country really devolved to such levels of barbarism that they have lost their moral compass, lest they even bore one in the first place?
    Do you animals retain a shred of conscience, of brotherly love for your fellow man? Do you common people even identify with these concepts?

    I call on your Prime Minister to denounce this callous attack as symptomatic of the decline of the once-proud Singaporean people.

    Christ in Heaven save us from Jessie Williams, an american living in our country, Singapore!

    How can you an american dare to criticise Singapore (so-called “orangutans”) when you a WHITE TRASH is living in our country?
    Have this american, Jessie Williams really devolved to such levels of barbarism that have lost YOUR mind on having good social skill when living in other’s country?
    Do you this piece of WHITE TRASH retain a shred of conscience and love for your host? Do you this piece of WHITE TRASH even understand what is happening?

    I will call on MY Prime Minister on this callous attack.

    once-proud Singaporean and will always be

  21. viper75 said

    what so great on rich people!!!only give problems n nothing else, n now caused the death of the taxi driver n the passenger! and why are reporters only talking about the ‘rich bastard’, is he so important, media people wake up ur idea…

  22. mitch said

    its a well known fact that orginal citizens have become 2nd class citizen here, in this tiny red dot. serve NS for what man.

  23. Caston said

    Obviously Jessie is trolling, can’t you guys tell from the irony in his her comment….
    As for this China man well he’s not a monster, just another inconsiderate drunk driver who’s not going to be the last.

    Let me explain(albeit amateurishly)

    “How can you locals dare to criticise China (so-called “PRCs”) for their presumed incivility when you orangutans are no further up the gene pool yourselves?” – In this sentence she insults PRCs for being orangutans too, get it? This doesn’t help her ’cause’.

    “Do you animals retain … Do you common people even identify with these concepts?” – Here the bull becomes obvious when he she calls Singaporeans both animals and people.

    “I call on your Prime Minister to denounce…” Last line simply outrageous, just indicates some sort of intended humor.
    Just my two cents, I thought this was not a serious comment.

  24. jj said

    People Relax We Got Another 4 Years Till Everything Will Change…. Guess What Do You Guy Realized What the stars On The Singapore Flag Meant

    democracy – Hmmm U Know I Know Where It Goes
    peace – WellWith All This Issue Where We Walk Or Cross We Must Be Very Careful
    progress – This We Can’t Denied
    justice – Well Up 2 U Guys 2 Judge
    equality – Not At All…look where we are standing now
    a person dies and the driver at fault get praises… wat if the person was yr family would u feel …

  25. Wong said

    It is more like, Ma, Chi Bye!

  26. Frustrated said

    Will the bloody rich culprit family stand out to apologize and compensate to the victims’ families involved,
    This is the basis of mankind , may the victims rest in peace.

  27. V said

    Fuck the medias. Fuck the New World Order.
    – V

  28. OMG!
    – robbed the victim: but since she’s dead can find him for revenge!
    – rich M.I.C.: rich enuff to beat red light but cannot pay for the lives lost!
    – drink + drive + kill: but why the hell with my dream car!

  29. Jack said

    I understand that the foreigners are the ones causing alot of this problems and the government is not doing anything at all, but the problem is most singaporeans fear the singapore govenrment and have voted them in to stay another 5 yrs so what are we to do ?the only thing i can thing of to do is very simple save up money and leave for another country, i also serve for my country but at the end of the day i get nothing but shit singapore is getting worse by the day trains are getting packed ppl rushing for trains and buses and its just getting too crowded and they are not doing anything so we as singaporeans need to leave the contry for good as for the driver of that ferari well gd luck to him.

    • Karma said

      Agree totally, I would do the same. Save up leave this country rule by some money suckers. Train’s pack, car need coe, Coe expensive, erp, parking fee, These things are better earning then robbing a bank, so in other terms, they are abusing their power to rob! You might force people to subdue to you now PAP but your bringing out the younger generations hate, because as they are growing up your putting bigger pressures by making the living expenses so high.

  30. joshua said

    i understand that most of the people here lack discernment, so this comment goes out to the more rational of the lot. a prominent feature of online communication is the anonymity that it grants its users. anyone can adopt a persona of their choice in a site like this and it’s more than likely that the majority of you have been trolled.

  31. Barack Obama said

    i understand that a number of the people here lack discernment, so this goes out to the more rational of the lot. a prominent feature of online communication is the anonymity that it grants its users. anyone can adopt a persona of their choice on a site like this so please, wake up and realise that you’re being trolled.

  32. Aiya! Never mind lah! Take $300 is nothing! He never take the plate numbers for the 4D draw! Stupid!

  33. Clark said

    HADES will punish u Ma Chi HADES will… U piece of shit…

  34. I only do NS for the money said

    The least thing the family of the dead PRC could do is visit the victims families and apologize to them. (even though its a little too late but an apology is an apology right?) Pity the late taxi driver who was a soul breadwinner in the family. Because of that dead PRC, her daughter has to put her UNI education on hold. These fucking PRCs are nothing but troublemakers. They stink and they shouldn’t be here. They should be in their homeland, cutting up dogs and baby foetuses inhumanely and eating them.

    The only good PRC is a DEAD PRC.

  35. Alibaba said

    If this is the case, Who should we blame for? Government instead, they never solve the labor problem after import so many foreigner and yet create another problem.=.=!

  36. cloudy said

    money really talks in SG whether you are PR/FT/LOCAL… money can do wonders in SG….

  37. tsh123 said

    Americans will whin and call us names to get attention here, because he cannot get to bang the chicks here and wants free attention. And Fuck your JP MORGANS, ROTHCHILDS, ROCKAFELLAS, BILDERBERGERS, SKULL AND BONES, ILLUMINATIS, LADY GAGAS, RAP MUSIC, QUINCY JONESES, NWO’S. We know all about the shit you guys are trying to pull here in Asia as well. Long live CASTRO and CUBA!!!

  38. tye said

    Fuck the speedster PRC !!!

  39. low83 said

    To be Fank…. I think Singapore papers are trying to put up shows to “high body people” to decrease negative images of this guy… Maybe that F**k rich PRC got some connections with our Singapore high body people or rich and famous people… Dun forget same feathers always draw to each other 🙂

    • zeus said

      is this report even genuine? how do you know the money is from the passenger? how did you get the exact figure? has anyone been caught and admitted to the crime?

  40. Vino said

    OMG very scary F driver,Please stop speeding la,so fast you want to go where, howlian right…
    Foriegn license conversion made easy for them.
    Please sir,
    Kindly Issue license to foriegners after passing traffic police test,don’t just convert it, they all get license very easily in their country.
     Please  save innocent lifes.

  41. Malaysian said

    I enjoyed reading comments on those jessie williams n PRCs chinese , americAns stuffs lol hahaha singaporeans r funny shit

  42. Jessie Williams -- an American living in Singapore said

    That MR. Williams, by the way.

    I try to impose a bit of rationale, and all I get is a load of semi-literate drivel. Incredibly racist drivel that I would never encounter back in the States.

    Do you clowns not realise that without us “White Trash”, your country would merely be speaking Japanese?

    • bak gong said

      Hey Robbie Monaco,
      With your poor command of English, you might as well be speaking a foreign language. Maybe that’s why you’re here, did you get rejected everywhere else?

    • ah tiong hater said

      Do you dare to come out and show us that you are really white, or are you just a yellow skin trying to act white and cause trouble here?

    • A. Bystander said

      Hello, Mr WIlliams (if that’s even your real name),

      There are some interesting, and if I may, rather humorous points about your writing which are rather intriguing.

      Firstly, while you claim to be a true blue, honest-to-god American, your writing patterns seem to indicate otherwise. (Singaporean, perhaps?)

      Secondly, there is no racism at play here. The proper term here should be “Xenophobia”.

      Thirdly, you stated that all you’ve got for your little bit of rationale is a load of “Incredibly racist drivel that I (you) would never encounter back in the States”. Clearly, either you have been ignorant all this while, or you have selective memory. I personally do not believe in stereotyping, but if I do remember correctly, aren’t Americans always poking fun at the Chinese or the African-Blacks? Or have I been watching too much American TV?

      Finally, the main topic of this article is about a Chinese man taking off with a wad of cash which presumably belonged to the trapped passenger, NOT about PRCs and their driving habits.

      Hence, I can only conclude that you’re not who you claim to be, and that you’re trying to incite another xenophobic wave, which, as Suspicious has aptly put, “no matter what side of the political fence you sit on, this can’t be good for our country.”

      I hope I have made my point clear, and that you place a halt on your antics.

      Your’s Truly,
      A. Bystander.

  43. shannon c said

    So is it a local passenger or a japanese passenger? There are many time TR reports are almost unrealiable (the fact that 2 reports of the same incident doesn’t tally) and one-sided thus misleading their viewers. Being one of the most- read media, be responsible for your source. Such a shame.

  44. Andersen said

    I taught Malaysia’s media are worst… It supprised me that the Singapore’s media are the same…

  45. Jillipadi said

    PRs-家有家规,国有国宝! If u wana be in our country, do not Set ur own rules! U will pay a high price for that! This is not shocking. But it’s sad, becos we have lost 2 Singaporeans becos of one PRC!

  46. Sotong said

    So he came to SG is via being a FT? Or a rich person? I hope the local authorities can do something with all these FTs.

  47. He should be convicted as a reckless driver, not a reckless PRC driver. I am a Singaporean myself but I am so ashamed of those fellow countrymen who think otherwise. Wtf are you shallow singlish peeps doing? FT has to come in because your are so insatiable. And most Singaporeans are Chinese, we are the fucking same race as the PRCs, so you shallow peeps are being nationalists, not racists. Our ancestors are from China and what happened to the chinese saying ‘饮水思原’?!!?!

    Im sorry to all the other nationals and individuals who are attacked by such crass and ignorant remarks. Now i know why Singapore needs FT.

  48. A foreigner who, once worked in SG before. said

    I see u all are a bunch of fools here arguing. None of you offered words of condolence and comfort for the family of the demised victims. Instead, u fools are trying to point at each other’s poor attitude and shallow mentality.

    Any life lost is a life lost no matter what their background or skin color. The cabby’s family lost their sole bread winner father/husband. The Ma Chi family has an unborn child still in mummy’s tummy and he has no chance to meet his father forever. And surely, the family of lady passenger in the taxi is also mourning for her. None of their family members in this tragic car crash is less saddened than the other victims’s.

    Singaporeans should mind their words and not to blame the entire PRC over one single incident like this. We are not even sure if Ma Chi was intoxicated (at this time) Nobody is sure what actually happened, no details yet. So, why jumped to conclusion so soon? All of you are just speculating, without any proof. Many Singaporeans has a habit of condemning foreigners especially the immigrants and workers whenever things go wrong. And some of you in these forum even blame your government for allowing the foreigners to reside in your country. Unless you want your country controlled like the Junta’s – they can, at their own fancy denied entry to anyone they do not like or wish not to welcome. Do you prefer that? If a person who fulfills all the criteria to be legally resides in SG, do you think SG government can blatantly chase them out of your country? Don’t tell me you are not aware of Singaporeans living abroad or immigrated to other countries. Should we call your fellow comrades bad names too? Because they also vie with the locals for job, ranks and women in our country. SG government is just trying to lure more elites immigrants to boost SG’s strength. This is common and practised in many countries. (especially US) but they do not have special power or sixth sense nor they can predict what will happened to each and every migrants to SG after they reside in the their adopted country. Somehow i would agree with you many of the rich and famous’ kids are mostly willful.
    This is a globalized world, you can control the influx of foreigners but you cannot stop them from coming to your country without a sound reason. Just like the rest of the world accepts Singaporeans into their country, they too cannot refused to let you in their country if you had done nothing wrong in the first place. Can any country called for a total ban of Singaporeans if there were a few Singaporean did something wrong in their turf? Certainly not.

    Now, for the foreigners … like Jessie Williams and some others here …. Stop critisizing SG as if the whole of SG is a bandits’ lair.There are all sorts of people in SG. Similarly, there are also all sorts of people in any country too! The good, the bad and the ugly. Which one are you?

    I too, have worked in SG for 8 years and i have found many kind-hearted Singaporeans, some whom i still in contact to this day.

  49. Nor Hairul said

    Unbelievable. Anyone that says the taxi driver is at fault is rubbish. Its already green light. He have the right of way. Unbelievable article from the newspapers. Its no use talking about a person’s wealth and glory or how good looking he is when he is the cause of 2 innocent people’s life being taken away. What’s with singapore media nowadays?

  50. an European said

    i am a European living in Singapore for 10 years and I have mostly positive experiences with locals. Here is like everywhere in the world, you have all sort of people: the good, the bad and the missinformed, the racist, etc..but as per my experience mostly good poeple. I also understand your frustration with foreigners. When I arrive to Singapore population was 4 millions, ten years later is 5.5 million. Imagine the USA recieving and influx of 50-70 million of foreigners in 10 years…clashes and hatred will be unavoidable. So It is remarkable how Singapore has dealt with foreigners and i aplaud Singaporeans for that.

    What is clear also that Singapore economic success is based in atracting foreign capital and investors..most of Singaporeans acknowledge this, althought is a medicine with dangerous side effects, as we can see in some of the comments in this post. I am afraid is the only medicine for Singapore , as you have not natural resources and little land.

    What is curious to me is that the hatred to foreigners is normally directed to wealthy foreiigners, never to the bangla worker or the philipino/ indonesia maids. So there is a little component of envy here also, which only show that Singaporeans are at the end only humans, with their flaws and virtues…

    • ah tiong hater said

      we are not really against other countries, for a simple reason, they tend to RESPECT our laws and try to live in harmony, look at those japanese PR, do they pose a issue to the locals? now let’s look at the Ah Tiongs, what have they done for us? i’m not saying that ALL FTs are bad but how many cases involves AH Tiongs? They have a big country so why come over here? they can’t transfer $ out of their country so using singapore as a base? I personally have no issues with other nations but CHEENA really have been causing way too much stress and trouble for us locals

      • jm_chen said

        Genius moron,

        What you need to do is propose a law that prohibits people from PRC from coming here.

        Since they “tend to” disrespect “you”, it is only right to spew your hatred against these category of people in SG, most of whom you do not know, have never met and have never spoken a word to. So go on with your online mission to warn people against these rabid animals who degrade your all supreme, pure bred civility and progressiveness, as reflected in the following quotes:


        Jason Chua the “Pure SGean”
        “Stop talking bullshit, you have no right to speak in a country that do not belong to you anyway.”

        “he is not even our fellow men.”

        I Only Do NS For The Money
        “These fucking PRCs are nothing but troublemakers. They stink and they shouldn’t be here. They should be in their homeland, cutting up dogs and baby foetuses inhumanely and eating them. The only good PRC is a DEAD PRC.”

    • bobby said

      An old djembe player speaks:
      Hey “European”, I cud’nt agree with you more about that streak of envy – in all those lashings at the wealthy FT allowed into S’pore. It’s subtle and I’ll bet it happens in other countries as well. 3 people have died as a resul;t of a nasty accident – we shud all do the needful to help all parties in their moment of pain & anguish – govt and media have an important role in this esp by being sensitive to peoples’ feelings. The Law should investigate this objectively with a view to identifying the cause and strengthening preventive measures which I am sure are mostly in place……..and no rhetorics please; action please!!

    • Jean said


    • Musing said

      The rich Chinese tends to be the culprits behaving badly, perhaps a little due to being suppressed underdogs for too long…when u have Chinese national colleagues working with you, and proudly tell you that he/they are only using SG as a stepping stone to migrate to the States… U have to admit it doesn’t sound good or entice goodwill. Sure, them moving away is none of my business, but when all they do is mock our language n people, then people get incensed

    • Chng. said

      hi European.

      you may have own views on thinking the criticism is due to envy etc. however do you personally have any issues with blanga or fillipinos etc foreign people in here ? so far they have been respectful of the life style , cultures and behaving quite well so how shall we have criticism when there’s nothing much or any major problems

  51. Xanavi said

    The Ferrari driver handsome? I think my dog is more handsome then him..

  52. Drive Safely said

    Is’nt ‘Jessie Williams’s’ racism a bit too obvious?

    ‘She ‘ speaks as if she is better than any and ALL Singaporeans simply because of her ethnicity.

    You can even see it in her reference to placing all PRCs beneath her.

    This is the type of racism that ALL people must watch out for. It is the most sinister type of racism going around.

  53. Daryl said

    This is making me really angry. Not one mention about the taxi driver’s family at all? Not mentioning that his son now is considering dropping out of school to work and help out in his family? Not considering or mentioning anything about the burden his family is feeling, and yet, they’re featuring the Ferrari driver and talking about his wealth? It doesn’t matter to me whether this murderer is a Singaporean or a PRC. Either way, our state media should wake up its idea and look at what’s more important. The victim and his family, or desperately trying to cover up and support our government’s policies.

    • Chng. said

      I agree the news should be relating more on victims family as they are struggling to raise money for funerals and last journey.
      as for government , let’s See what are they going to do or assist in ” protect the needy or poor “

  54. lolol said

    this argument abit racist ya?

  55. Chng. said

    this PRC family is not to be blame for the bastard actions but they should compensate the VICTIMS family ….
    the video proven a undeniable FACT that the Ma chi is at 100% fault for the reckless drive as its clearly shown the cabby is moving on it’s rightful lane , direction etc

    sorry for all victims and families involved in this tragic mishap. my condolences to them and mr cheng and the unknown passenger in the cab and wish speedy recovery to the motorcyclist. god bless, chng

  56. Jayjay said

    Singapore govt are just corrupted. Blinded by the 1.8m, the 400,000, the 3m. That’s why they talk alOt about that cursed MA CHIBAI.

    SO BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF SINGAPOREAN, please, u know who to vote for the next election.

  57. SHAUN said


    im just a passer-by who has absolutely no intention of posting any reply before seeing your comment, i really couldnt help it. Imagine a PRC FERRARI driver speeding in your country, crashed and killed an “american” taxi driver, concidentally, the victim is the sole breadwinner of a family, with children still being at sucha young age. I am wondering what YOUR american natives will post. Singapore netizens have all rights to express anger and hatred to this irresponsible DRUNK (or maybe tipsy/high) PRC, speeding in the middle of the night with a “pretty PRC” as a passenger. I do not mean anything but it clearly shows that the PRC is at fault in the video.

    So ,shut your god damn fucking mouth up, candy ass. I mean it, I am proud to be a once-proud singaporean.To hell with you and return to your country. __|__

  58. SHAUN said

    jayjay, im going for WP. unless tomorow’s newspaper revealed the truth in 1 FULL PAGE, focusing on the murderer.

  59. Representing the Y-GEN in SG said

    We do realize that we SINGAPOREANS have entirely no need to pay attention to these commonly obnoxious posts by poorly educated Americans over here right?
    Its definitely in their arrogant nature to think that they are right and best in everything they do, which is more than often not the case.
    If SINGAPORE is so negative in your perspective, feel free to leave and leave for good.
    HOWEVER, if you’d wish to stay, ABIDE the law and rules like the foreigner you are if you would wish for equal treatment as the locals.

    Singaporeans are daring enough to express freely, proving to be more civilized than various countries who get rough with fists over minor issues and debates like this. (I believe there is no need name and justify)

    If foreigners aren’t able to abide by our rules when they live in our LAND, Singaporeans can’t be blamed for raging when one of US have been killed due to a mistake like this.

    The long ruling government party in Singapore has served its fair part in building Singapore in all aspects. However they cannot escape responsibility, as the local authorities have deemed to be OVERLY profit driven over the years, and I believe the country should seize every chance to make the ruling parties a more humane and motivated one, in improving the lives of all that live in this country.

    My condolences to all affected parties in this terrible accident.

  60. A said

    Three lives gone? Nah I say two. The other is a fucking dog

  61. A said

    Its very obvious these mother fuckers just wanna stir shit and act like they’re of upper class in a host country. To Jessie and the losers, stop criticising on how we locals behave over here when youre still sticking your fucking ass in our lands. Seriously govt may welcome all of you. But fuck you we don’t. Don’t take Singapore airlines too. People like you don’t deserve the good service provided.

  62. It’s an accident, it got nothing to do with nationalities and sort.

    Mourn the deceased, help the relatives if you can and take the lesson here such as don’t drink and drive, be careful at road junction, comply to road rules and regulation and etc instead all of you here are sucked into media, your ignorance and arrogance rambling on about PRC and foreigners behaviour.

    Yours truly,

    The Moron who detects other Morons.

  63. portklang said

    bokrak jengs

  64. Chocolateeeeeeee said

    I don’t care which country are you from. As long as you are in singapore please behave yourself! Stop being arrogant like one bitch as if you are some rich bastard to come singapore and show us attitude and how clever you are. Sickening. Foreign talented? ha?!?! foreign talented in singapore causes tradegy to innocent singaporeans!

    Ma chi’s family are so damn rich and they have no difficulties in supporting the family of the late Cheng Teck Hock who was the sole breadwinner and yet there is nothing heard from them so far! And Family of PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi scolds Singapore netizens: Hold back your ‘poisonous’ tongues! eh? wtf is this? Hey ma chi’s family please apologize and compensate the victims instead of becoming a cheap spokesperson for them to whitewash his heinous act…

    From ma chi’s family: “I read online that many netizens said my brother deserved to die as he is an offspring of a rich man. I want to tell you, if you cannot afford a Ferrari 599GTO, there is no need to say those who can pay for it is a rich man’s son.”
    hey? are you dumb? is not about being rich or we can afford a ferrari or not. understand! Your beloved brother/son causes 2innocent people dead. Yet you are here showing off how rich you are? What a talented family lehhh~ Singaporeans! am i right?

    Even if you give Mr cheng’s family half of your assets it’s still not enough! because after i read that sentence i’m so damn angry. None of us will ever forgive u!

  65. Alaina said

    For heaven’s sake! Goodness Gracious me! For the many hundred of people out there who call Singaporeans stupid, who call Singaporeans brainless so on and so forth, 10 YEARS BEFORE, SINGAPOREANS WERE THE ONLY CITIZENS I HAVE SEEN SO FAR WITH A KIND HEART AND A KIND SOUL! the kinds where I had no money to go home, cry at the mrt station still got people donate $10. >< (embarassing I know.) But gees! Look at what the foreigners have done!? They made it seem as though they're damn bloody talented when they were OBVIOUSLY plucked out from rural areas of their STUPID COUNTRY to be called "FOREIGN TALENTS!" Look, I don't even mean to say that I look down on you chinese idiots and I am proud to say I AM CHINESE! MY GRANDFATHER IS A CHINA MAN! AND HELLO! HE WAS WAY TALENTED THAN YOU NEW PRCs!

    A man like him who sailed over the ocean in DAYS and MONTHS and managed to still be a BUSINESSMAN – IS TALENTED! One that is pulled out from your bloody country to come live in Singapore ain't a talent! Look! In present years, IF YOU WERE TO BE A TALENT, YOUR BLOODY CHINA COUNTRY WOULD KEEP YOU. Seeing that even your own country has no qualms about keeping you, what makes you a talent?

    And by the way, there are still many kind and helpful Singaporeans out there as I believe! And if there is a reason why Singaporeans are turning their heads away instead of helping these days, ITS ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU PRCs! We don't know who is a part of this country any longer! We don't know who is a fellow Singaporean! And by helping you PRCs, you are only going to be taking it for granted!

    When we helped people like you, gave you a scholarship to study in our country, LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID?! SPIT AT US, CALLING US DOGS AND INSULTING OUR COUNTRY. BETTER NOT HELP THEN.

    • alinormous said

      Moronic and distorted view of the world. Don’t blame anyone else when singaporeans are no longer the courtesy and graciousness examples for the world. All the crude responses here are grom sg. Foreigners may be hypocritical, but they stay politically correct and away from outright taboos.

  66. Hi guys, please spare Jessie. Must be the time of the month again. Cheers.

  67. stateless said

    It was tragic accident and my heart goes out to the families involved… But many people try to stir up the sentiments and prejudiced against other nationalities. Just be careful that some people may falsely claim they are from certain nationality but just to stir up resentment amongst people from different nationalities…

  68. ... said

    fuck. a wrong can never be righted with another wrong. what happened to the ancient chinese way of confucius and many other legendary philosophers?? i’m not claiming myself to be very knowledgeable in these affairs, but one can obviously see how a once respectable country like china has turned out to be. lying through their teeth, cheating money, arrogance, etc. to the likes of ma chi’s family: just balek kampong la. ruin your own country instead of ours.

  69. Chemicalbooze said

    Oh my god…this guy who stole $ from such an accident must be really in a horrible situation..

    I think there is really no point in passing ill-informed personal judgement…cos we dunno what might have caused him to do such a thing…

    Most of us have to be glad we do not have to stoop so low, having the conscience from good upbringings to commit such an act…

  70. haze said


  71. June from Madagascar said

    Trolled. Whoever is that idiot who pretended to be Jessie Williams is probably having a lot of fun laughing in between his jerking sessions on his rotten computer chair.

  72. confused said

    Can anyone please enlighten me? Why were the victims brought to TTSH instead of Raffles when it is just nearby?

  73. jm_chen said

    I do not particularly care about Ma Chi, his whore, the japanese lady, nor the taxi driver.

    I do have an axe to grind against Chinese people, LKY, PAP, and my sad sad life.

    Thanks Ma Chi for giving up your life so that many can let loose their racist and uncivilized diatribe.

  74. DL said

    How come no news from Japan side one?

  75. Saniyak said

    If you are making such a comment, why are you here in singapore at the very first place ‘Jessie William Shito’?!

  76. Lisa said

    麻 痴 .. What a name that suits you! 头脑麻到变 白痴!

  77. AlienInOwnCountry said

    Go on. Glorify him. Because his so-call “million-dollar life” is far more valuable than the other 2 victims’. Well done, local tabloid! U had juz given face to his society. No wonder Singaporeans feel like aliens in their own country.

  78. Alaina said

    Gees. The people here are seriously stupid. It has been a week and you can still go on about this?! And by the way, the article here is talking about the man who is stealing $300 from a person in need of help, NOT CHINA MAN MA CHI OR WHATSOEVER. omg -.- God bless the nation!

  79. Danie said

    I quote “as long as I live there will never be a casino in Singapore!”, now there are two! the con of man! That attracted the mainlanders, that increased bankruptcy, that made the bay look like the jungle, the beautiful site of the sea gone! That brought that Brazilian sloth who sleeps around with all the local fare! It used to be home, but I do not like what its become, but then again the mistakes were made long ago! No casino no recovery in 2002…! No Singapore in 2012! he saved the country so he can continue raping it, but now everyone will suffer!

    They should catch that man, pretty sure he’s a local, charge him with manslaughter for allowing her to die.

  80. Rick Sturm said

    Sorry about that; I wasn’t finished and fat-fingered the send button on my phone. I also cannot see what I sent because it appears that it hasn’t yet posted.

    I also wanted to point out that our English doesn’t use the same spellings as the King’s English and I noticed at least one word with. the British spelling. I would also be suspicious of anyone who uses the word, “ain’t” because it isn’t considered to be used by anyone used to good grammer.

    I’m actually surprised to see you get mad at one another like we do, but I don’t think we normally insult foreignors like I’ve seen here. There are always exceptions, and I admit to being embarrassed by some of my own countrymen & women when they visir other lands.

    It was before I even had a computer, but I felt a lot like this when President Reagan was shot. I wanted to know as much about the other victims

  81. Rick Sturm said

    I have now sent two messages before I was done writing them. Sorry; it’s the phone.

    I wanted to point out that I feel that people the world over are pretty much alike in their thinking. The only real differences are their experiences in life. Color is no reason to include or exclude, nor is Nationality. Our governments want to dehumanize the enemy so that the military can kill a perfect stranger that has never done them any wrong. Wouldn’t it change things if we realized that person in our sites could one day be our next door neighbor and our best friend?

    Oh yeah, part of what I wanted to say in that last message was that I really wanted to know about the piliceman and the Secret Service guy, and not just about Jim Brady and the President.

    While I would never speed through town like this young man, I once had a terrifying ride with a friend who did 60 MPH through a residential area. There but for the grace of God go I.

    I agree with you that tbe news sound more political than informative.


  82. Rick Sturm said

    Sorry for multiple messages. It looks like my first segment was lost, for I can see the second two are waiting for approval to post. If these post without the first segment, I’ll try to recreate it on my computer. None of this will make sense otherwise.

    I have a question or two and maybe a lesson that most of my countrymen and women don’t think about.

    Why do you take exception to being thought of as being in the far east? Is Southeast Asia a friendlier term? I would think that both locations would not be wrong, so let me in on what you object to and why.

    I don’t think I got to say this earlier, but your problems don’t sound that unique to me. Before I lost my career as a mainframe computer programmer/analyst, our president made an announcement that went something like this: “Now that it is finally legal for business to hire “cheap foreign labor” the U.S. is much better equiped to compete on the world-wide market. That put millions out of work and I personally lost my life’s savings, my wife left me, but not before the money ran out, my home was foreclosed on, and I was forced into Bankruptcy, causing me to get rid of all my expensive toys and downsize from a 4-bedroom home & 2-car garage to a one-bedroom apartment.

    I have noticed for a lot more years than that, that a very high percentage of businesses are either new businesses, owned by non-citizens, or big businesses are no longer controled by U.S. management.

    I also worked with a guy from India that one gave me a present of a shelf light, shaped like a dinosaur. I didn’t kbow how to take it because we were supposed to be friends, but I am now convinced that he thought of me as a dinosaur. He continued to work, while I was soon to lose my entire career. From my standpoint, my counyry has given other countries a leg up, while ignoring the plight they have caused our working class or middle class.

    Now the lesson — one I learned inthe lat 80s. I used to always refer to myself as an American until one day on my way back into the country from my first day-trip onto Mexico. A very boared border guard was asking each person as they got to him, “What

  83. Rick Sturm said

    nationality?” Without thinking, I answered, “American”, to which he responded in the same bored monotone, “North or South?” I was half a block away before it dawned on me. there are a lot of countries in North & South America. Ever since that experience I refer to myself as a U.S. citizen. I still love the songs that say “America” though.

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