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Desmond Choo: I will be an independent voice as an MP

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

Though he is from the ruling party, PAP candidate for the Hougang by-election Desmond Choo (pic left, source: Facebook) promises to be an ‘independent’ voice in Parliament if he is elected.

“As long as policies are in line with long-term benefit of residents and Singaporeans, I can definitely agree with that. But if there are areas where the government can do better, then let’s speak up for this. Let’s make sure we lobby hard for it,” he said.

Using the demolition of a wet market in Hougang as an example, Mr Choo said he is not afraid to speak up on certain issues he disagree with.

“MND may have development plans, I agree they should plan for the long-term. But now I see there’s a gap. I’m not afraid to speak up on these issues.”

Mr Choo also pledges to do a lot more for Hougang residents if elected:

“As best as I try to serve them, there’s still a limit. If there’s a policy I disagree with, of course I can reflect that to the agencies, through formal channels. I can also talk to the media like yourselves but nothing beats going up to Parliament, championing and advocating their rights.”

The Hougang election will be held on 26 May 2012. Many political observers are predicting an ‘easy’ victory for the Workers Party including Yahoo News which has been campaigning for it relentlessly of late.


28 Responses to “Desmond Choo: I will be an independent voice as an MP”

  1. dog of the dogs said

    Expected statement.

  2. I cannot understand how it is possible for him to be an independent voice when they can apply the Whip on all PAP MPs for all controversial issues?
    For instance, when they pushed through the abominable astronomical ministerial salaries three years ago, all the PAP MPs were muffled to speak against it.
    It is still safer to elect an opposition MP not belonging to the PAP to represent true independence and democracy.

  3. Walk on water said

    Do not know why he is trying to say all these. Why not say he make the deaf able to hear again and the short sighted able to see again and the hungry he fed with abalone porridge? ;-D

  4. Ak said

    Try only! Half hearted!

  5. Utter Rubbish said

    2 words to that.. Bull Shit..

  6. Blood suckers said

    Bull shit lah. Want to be independent. Then don’t contest under PAP flag lor. You PAP moron dog.

    As I mentioned, during election, everything also can. After Liao, everything also cannot.

    Only the daft 60% believe. The 40% are already well aware of their lies.

  7. mark lim thiam seng said

    i feel,Desmond is the best to be MP.i am old enough to judge this man.he is suitable to future PM.

    • citizen198 said

      If PM Lee really wanted Desmond Choo to be future PM, PAP would have fielded him in a GRC for an easy entry like MG Chan or BG Tan. I seriously doubt that the senior management in PAP thinks of Mr Choo as potential minister. More likely that MG Chan/BG Tan/Mr Lawrence Wong are the candidates for future PM.

  8. seah said

    u want to be independent then join start yr
    own party.u will be control by the party how to be independent .talk only

  9. Bullshit said

    Independent ???
    Why don’t you put yourself up as an independent candidate then instead of associating yourself with those filthy PAP scums?

  10. fish 'n' chips said

    what he is trying to say is that he wants to be the first independent voice from the PAP in parliament if he is elected confirming the known fact that all of the rest are non-independent.

  11. Ken Lee said

    Desmond Choo: I will be an independent voice as an MP

  12. jaded said

    bull shit, lies lies and more lies!

  13. Magdalene Ruben said

    What “Independent”is he talking about? It’s a BIG joke if any Hougang Resident assumes he’s no more MIW. Also, saying”I am my own man”, I still believe that even in campaigns, one has to more upright and not to play any TRICKS to the residents in a hope to lure them into the TRAP. This is very important.

  14. said

    i’ll love to know what are the SPECIFIC issues that he disagrees with now, (besides hawker ctr) and what he’ll do in the parliament. dun give broad and vague statements

  15. lee david said

    another T.C.S.S. (talk cock sing song) story-man!!!!

  16. Ron said

    This will not be a mere by=election. It is a referendum on the popularity of the PAP. And the odds are stacked against the PAP with so many incidents happening; SMRT breakdown, flooding, FT issues, property issues, inflation issues, wage issues, etc. The list goes on.

    it is not about how nice and charming is Desmond. It is about his party. I am not optimistic.

  17. Henry said

    DC … you gotta read your party policies … there is something called “the Whip” … you ccan’t be independent … forget it …

  18. pngkueh_forever said

    Independent voice, really.. Don’t forget the Whip.. When it hits, it is really painful.

  19. No Can Do said

    Young as he is, Desmond is already singing his PAPies bosses’ operatic lines to talk cock. He can be an independent and still PAP? Who is he bluffing? How to vote in a liar who tells u a lie with a straight and innocent face?
    Beware the young wolf in sheep’s clothing. Simple thing to do is just don’t vote for him!!

  20. Are you Sure said

    As a senior staff working for NTUC, did you lobby hard for minimum wages for your workers? Are you also deaf to criticism?
    Your past actions speak louder than words now, how independent will you be?

  21. sangent said

    Desmond, you can say what you like before the election. You could also scold your boss and claim not a yes man. But when the election is over, you will be as quiet as a dumb. Tell me would you dare to speak against unpopular policies in parliament with the whip in place. Never mind, you will not get in parliament anyway. That vacant seat is reserved for Mr. Png of the WP. Hougang voters have already put Png’ name on the seat.

  22. Big AL said

    Its a complete paradox….there’s no way you can be independent running under the pap banner and using pap resources. Unless you are ready to kiss your ministerial prospects goodbye. Don’t talk about mp….even ministers are not independent. Have to follow party line.

  23. Blanco Court said

    “I’m here to serve the people of Hougang, and contribute in the best way I can. I am fully committed to this cause, and I am backed up by a strong and experienced PAP team with a proven track record. I know many residents still remember Mr Low Thia Kiang because he had worked hard in Hougang for many years. And I respect Mr Low for the work he had done. But Mr Low is now an MP in Aljunied, and it will not be possible for him to cover two constituencies all the time. I believe Hougang residents know that it is important to choose the right person, who can represent them, resolve their problems, and make a real difference on the ground. I ask for a fair chance to prove myself.” – Desmond Choo

  24. mojojojo said

    he will speak up he said… it will be fun he said….

  25. jk said

    Can someone repost what Kwah Boon Wan most recent statement on Party’s Unity??
    he said something like ” how to run a Goverment if party members blah blah blah…….”

  26. sangent said

    No pap minister or mp up to now dare to say he or she is indepedent. Who is Desmond trying to impress? Hougang voters are matured enough to know he is lying, they have been with WP for the past 20 yrs. And this would continue to be after 26/5/12. Desmond, remember your boss has the white whip that could whip you until you shut your mouth.

  27. Mel said

    independently listens and say yes to your superiors…

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