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PRC Ferrari driver sped to beat red lights causing fatal accident in Bugis and killing Singaporean lady

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

The fatal accident in Bugis yesterday morning was caused by a PRC Ferrari driver who was speeding at that time to beat the red lights!

The accident occurred at the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street and involved a taxi, a car and a motorcycle.

The driver of the Ferrari and the taxi driver were both trapped in their vehicles and had to be extricated by SCDF personnel after which he was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

The taxi’s female passenger, a Singaporean in her 20s, who was unconscious after the accident, died in hospital while three others sustained serious injuries.

According to eye-witnesses, the red Ferrari was speeding to beat the red lights and somehow knocked into the taxi and motorcycle. The PRC driver reeked of alcohol when his body was evacuated from his wrecked vehicle.

The name of the PRC driver is Ma Chi and he came from Sichuan province a few years ago. He is currently in his early 30s and works in the finance industry. The tabloids reported that he is worth a few million dollars and lives in a posh condominium in the eastern part of Singapore.

His pregnant wife fainted when she recognized his body at the mortuary. Ma was with another PRC woman in his Ferrari. It is not known what he is doing with her at such a late hour.

Though Ma Chi caused the accident, the pro-PRC Chinese tabloids have been heaping generous praises of him glamorizing him as a ‘successful and handsome young man’ while there is no mention of the deceased Singapore woman and her family as if they do not exist.


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PHOTO: Fatal accident this morning at Bugis involving a Ferrari and taxi


70 Responses to “PRC Ferrari driver sped to beat red lights causing fatal accident in Bugis and killing Singaporean lady”

  1. they come for our job, they come for our women and now they want our life too?

  2. studentinsg said

    I saw the news report in today’s paper. Apparently this PRC man told his mother that he was going out for a spin, because he prefer driving at night as there is less traffic. Then next moment, he is dead with another woman in his car. Doesnt take much intelligence to guess that this PRC most likely was having a hanky panky with his mistress, and trying to impress her with his drunken driving style.

  3. Crap said

    Disgusting Chinese tabloids prostitutes, tell that to the victim’s families!

    Wait till their own love ones get hit by these lawless Chinks, see they handsome or not. Go have some necrophiliac sex with his corpse if you tabloid prostitutes like him.

    • BloodyMosquito said

      Especially every time when strings are pulled with high level personals in your china it enables the culprit to walk away scot-free & it’s no secret to the world! There’s zero mentioned of ma chi background to know what legitimate business he has here? If he is just a wing of his alleged mafia family to launder money here kindly go back to when you came from! WE DON’T WELCOME YOU HERE! This is not directed to all PRCs but for those black sheep! But before u leave make sure u compensate the families of the victims…they are not beggars to get public support! U caused them this predicament thus u jolly well make up for it for they didn’t choose to be in this state!

  4. Sadded said

    The fcuking DOG!
    Even these “professional” PRC FT’s are scum…
    Praise? What praise? Praise for a murderer and life wrecker?
    3 persons injured of which one has spinal injuries and an innocent person dead.


  5. CB said

    PCB. The drunk driver who caused the death and suffering of others get a coverage of “young, successful, handsome, 1.8m”.

    What kind of fucking CB newspapers is this?

    Where is the coverage on the innocent taxi driver, the passenger in the taxi and the malay guy on bike?

  6. Sg Kampung Boy said

    The worst thing might be that this guy might not even have a proper driving licence or properly insured, and the victims’ families may have a hard time claiming compensation. That is why we have to be careful about the kinds of people we let into our country. Personally I am sceptical that this guy was as promising as the press made him out to be. A lot of them are in Singapore because they want to keep their “dirty money” out of the reach of the PRC government and do nothing constructive in Singapore except killing innocent people.

  7. LCW said

    He could have killed a Singaporean, and gotten away by paying some money.

    • Obama said

      The PAP government let the Romanian ambassidor get away remember?
      His Audi sports had rammed into some Singaporeans, who died.
      And the PAP are just so afraid of that guy that they hand him back his passport and board an airplane. The PAP believe him, when he told them he would return to “assist in the investigation”.

  8. No to foreign hazards said

    Compensation should be paid by this murderer’s family to the victims’ families. Since this murderer is so rich, surely he can spare some money to the victims’ families who probably could never buy a Ferrari with their life savings.

    Those government people who brought in these foreign hazards, you be careful! You are just as vulnerable as the rest of us. If God is fair, you should be the ones who get hit and not innocent Singaporeans.

    Meanwhile, I urge fellow Singaporeans including foreigners residing in Singapore to be very careful wh
    en near the road. Following rules are no longer safe now because there are bad people who do not follow rules and bring in their bad habits from foreign countries endangering the lives of people residing in Singapore.

    I hope God is fair and should there be any accidents, it should hit the guilty ones and not innocent people.

    • Strawberry generation said

      Can anyone find out whether is the Singaporean victim related to any of the gov. people? If yes, means karma has already fell on the gov. people. If no, karma will come later to the gov people.

      • Disgusted said

        Karma will fuck that old man first, he will bury his son before he die!

      • percy said

        If any of the victims were related to gov people, there’d definitely be coverage about the victims.

    • Retribution said

      Although it is evil to say this, I would rather accidents happen to those who are responsible for them than innocent Singaporeans. Let those traitors who bring in the foreign bad eggs to award themselves big bonuses be punished with retribution. For self-serving people working in the government, it is only when bad things hit them on a personal level that they start to see the light. Yes, I hope Karma strikes them.

      It is only fair that Karma strikes them. If someone is to be hit by accident, it should be them and not innocent Singaporeans.

      You people. Be careful when you are near the road. Heaven has eyes. Repent before it is too late.

  9. Mdm Tan said

    他妈的中国人, 死有余辜!!!

  10. spotlessleopard said

    LKY still thinks PRC people are better than Locals..

  11. Thanatos said

    Why is the mainstream media praising a murder. Just because he was a FT? What about the innocent victims especially the lady in taxi who got killed. Get your priority right, mainstream media.

  12. notAproudSingaporean said

    Seems to me that PRC’s are causing much danger & doing alot of damage to this dumb country. The govt is closing more than one eye to them. Wtf for? Open up your eyes you bloody idiots!

    • Obama said

      Given that this guy has taken out his Ferrari for “race training” many times before, I don’t believe that the police has never seen him “training” on the roads and driving dangerously before.

      I suspect the police choose not to catch this guy.

      Reminds me of how the police let the Romanian ambassidor leave the country, when he should be detained, at least as a probable suspect at that time.

      My opinion is the PAP are afraid of the rich and powerful, especially foreigners.

    • I guess this is PRC Style… you remember their china boy scolded Singaporean dogs and they praised him. Now they killed innocent lives and they do the same thing yet again! Something is wrong with their small cheena minds.

  13. CY said

    According to what the Ferrari driver’s friends told ST, there was no drinking that night. Therefore for TT’s article to make sense, the only thing I can guess is that the Ferrari driver may have gone drinking with that woman passenger that was found with him in the Ferrari.

    So who are the eyewitnesses stated by TT? Any moderators please clarify.

  14. PRC Drivers A Danger On Our Roads, Send Them Home said

    Only a few weeks ago, a PRC bus driver crushed to death an innocent woman pedestrian at a crossing through negligent driving, now a PRC Ferrari driver, though expired, killed an innocent young Singaporean lady through reckless driving, causing great grief to her family . . . . . .

  15. Ken Lee said


  16. Mikey said

    Very sad day for the innocent S’porean that was killed and the family.

    On the bright side, hey, one less cb PRC cockroach to worry about!

    • To be frank I was wondering if the PRC had not died, I want to know what will be the verdict upon him?

      • Anthony Tang said

        The garment and local media will continue to praise him as he will contribute in taxes(if he does pay)and the old man can get more money even though he holds a snon contributing portfolio

  17. kc said

    3 were sent to TTSH. 1 was sent to SGH. While RH is just around the corner. What’s the logic in those decisions?

  18. Hans said

    Well thats PRC for you. And if we take in more of these people, Singapore will soon become the 2nd China. And us local will be 2nd class citizen. And to the newpaper who dubbed the china dog handsome, indeed, your from china as well i presume? Heh. Pathetic. And who drives a ferrari in singapore roads? Clearly you dun really appreciate the value of the engines. Go read up about road condition that it MUCH suited to a world class engine. Stupid. Utterly stupid.

  19. ahbeng said

    i hope pap dogs and their family members get kill in accidents involving their prc pets….karma is a bitch

    • Obama said

      The PAP and their tools, wants Singaporeans to sympathise for the rich Ferrari driver, because its such a “great loss” to the foreign talent pool.

      Of course , the PAP has “blood” on their hands too, since their obsession with holding the F1 here probably makes this China guy interested in F1 racing, and buying a Ferrari and driving one.

  20. ChrisW said

    News on TV just reported that the cab driver has just died RIP all, except you know who.

  21. WP for hougang! said

    Latest! Even the taxi driver is dead now!
    This PRC driver has already dragged two innocent persons with him to his grave.

  22. mad said

    straits time dare to quote the friend of this prc man as saying – they met and didn’t drink alcohol. who would believe ? adults meet to drink milk ?

  23. Andrew said

    PRC prefers to die in Singapore by showing off his foreign talent.

  24. PRC Drivers Will Kill Again said

    There is 100% chance of further deaths on the roads in the next 12 months caused by PRC drivers . . . .

    Recently, a female PRC bus driver was jailed only one week for causing the death of a student rider . . . . .

    • The driver was not sent back? Given the same thing to Singaporean, they would probably not be allowed to drive for the rest of their lives in Singapore again.. so what happens to this imported FT?

  25. Communist said

    Lets stop the mistakes by making the correct choice for once in the next GE shall we?

  26. Goobii said

    PRC adults meet to drink “milk” correct~! The woman in the ferrari will be interview and answer to the whole story … dont be surprise the woman in the ferrari is only less than 18yr old..

  27. texrex said

    probably the 3rd or 4th PRC knock down singaporean since the bus driver case. it’s happening every other week.

  28. Vamp said

    The last moments of the taxis driver: On sat, after undergoing two operations, blood transfusion, numerous heart adrenalin injections, the taxis driver remained unconscious and was subsequently declared brain dead. On sun, the taxis driver continued to fight for his life, struggling to stay alive despite the pain that he suffered (severe brain hemorrhage, massive internal bleeding, broken rib cage, punctured lungs, damaged kidneys… his whole face was swollen and bloated due to the massive blood loss internally)… The atmosphere is unbearable… Yet he fight on… and on… and on, refusing to give up. His family members felt that he wanted to tell them something but as he couldn’t speak a word, he just laid there enduring the pain. He eventually drew his last breath after his family members showed him the Sin Ming and Wan Bao that published the camera footage of the accident. Realizing that the world now knows the truth that the Ferrari driver is at fault and he is innocent, he can finally be freed of the pain. His heart beat plunged to zero within 10 mins.

  29. Vamp said

    He wanted the truth to be known

  30. Vamp said

    Watching the taxis driver enduring the pain, his family members said to him: “if you find that it is too painful, don’t endure anymore, just let go… We couldn’t bear to see you enduring this unbearable pain!”

  31. juliuslim said

    one CHINA MEN succesful & handsome ? so wat?
    he killle the innocent peopple …

    • Obama said

      The Straits Times is trying to project that because he is young, handsome and rich, he must be innocent.
      The Taxi driver must be at fault, because he is not young, and not rich.

  32. FTsucks said


  33. Obama said

    Wife of Ferrari driver said her husand has took the Ferarri out “for training” at Wee hours many times before.
    So, given the loud roar of Ferrari engine,

  34. Obama said

    I am absolutely appauled and disgusted by the Straits Times, glorifying the rich b@#tard Ferrari driver like the public are supposed to sympathise his death.

  35. Steve said

    Whether this driver of the Ferrari is from PRC or not is immaterial. It’s like saying and truly believing all Singaporeans born and raised here don’t commit crimes. Such replies just make you look stupid and hot headed.

  36. Mr Troll said

    Remember Ionescu…

  37. Obama said

    So what happened to the case with the Romanian diplomat who killed some Singaporeans 2 years ago ??

    The PAP clearly wants Singaporean to forget about their incompetence and their “su(king up” of the Angmohs.
    Who was the person directly responsible in authorising the Romanian diplomat to leave the country at that time ??

    Why hasn’t his name be published and an official inquiry be conducted on the decision made to allow him to leave the country, when 2 singaporeans were being killed by his Audi ??

    What justice have been done for the victims of that hit-and-run case ?

    Instead, the PAP, through their mouth-piece, aka, the Straits Times, want to re-direct our attention to focus on the WP Hougang MP extra-martial affairs.

  38. Mr good guy said

    don’t know what the press is thinking. you think I care how handsome, how good he is? what I know is he spend 3milion to buy a condo and not help the poor, he spend 1.8 million to kill 2 people and affect 2 family, he betray his wife who is pregnant. he is irresponsible for his act. you think by say how good he is can be forgiven by their family? wait till his 3million condo give to the 2 family first then discuss. although I am not very particular on whether is he a PRC, cos all drivers should be responsible for they act, you and squeeze the jam 10000 times, but you just need that one time to be a bloody hell f***er

    • Mr good guy said

      typo: all drivers should be responsible for their act, you can squeeze through the jam 10000 times, but you just need that one time to be a bloody hell f***er

  39. roadking said

    Curry issue, Bus accident, car accident….now ferrari…..wander whats next

  40. F U said

    A conversion of driving license isnt enough.. FT’s should sit our BTT & FTT exams before driving here…

  41. Claudia said

    I met before in woodland last few years back when i was driving company car yet i was on the very left lane on the traffic once the red light turn to green light i was about to proceed yet there was a SBS BUS turn right which is not his traffic by right he have to wait as his traffic is on red light luckily i e-break or if Not my bro beside me get ready to pull my handbrake to avoid accident. Sigh. We are lucky. I will nv forget the incident it take places.

  42. Abubakar said

    The old goat LKY was every way very right when he, (during his reign) stressed the need to spend unncessary monies towards the social problems foreigners will bring with them such as molestation, rape, theft, drunk driving and the likes if we allow more foreigners to come here. The govt will have to set aside prison spaces, food for inmates, extra hospital beds, ambulance and bus crunches etc. Why? because he is a man of great wisdom!

    Now, his Ministers did not listen to his advice anymore, instead gives lots of unjustifiable excuses on the need to bring in more PRCs.

    Malaysians, Indians, Indonesians workers which has been a good neighbour to us, has been flatly denied. They are better disciplined workers who understands our culture better, but look, these Ministers shun them away. How many more accidents, how many more crimes must be committed by these PRCs before the present day govt MPs wake up and make changes? And the govt of the day maintains they they are putting on a more listening ears…

    To add salt to the wound, the old goat, who has profusedly disagrred with the proposal to bring in more foreign workers previously, is now championing the cause! Whose fault is this?

  43. Johnny pe said

    Rich, young, handsome and dead.

    And apparently drives worse than a woman.

    • ChrisW said

      whoa, you’re going to make someone angry, the one woman who drives another FFFFrari, former CEO of our MRT who lives in the hills far away from any MRT station

  44. Pity about the dead taxi driver and his passenger. Please – will all the PRCs go back where they come from. We dont need your money, your presence here and all the evil you bring.

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