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Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock now ‘brain dead’ after being crashed by ‘handsome and successful’ PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

The 52 year old Singaporean taxi driver has been declared brain dead at Tan Tock Seng Hospital today after being involved in a fatal traffic accident with a red Ferrari driven by a PRC ‘foreign talent’ Ma Chi (马驰) on Saturday morning in a Bugis junction.

The driver, known as Mr Cheng Teck Hock (秦德福) has three children aged between 16 and 21 and is the sole breadwinner of his family. His sobbing wife told the media that he has been driving his cab at night for over 10 years and usually knocks off at 6am in the morning.

His daughter is currently studying in a local polytechnic while his sons are taking their ‘A’ and ‘O’ levels this year. Doctors said Mr Cheng is in critical condition and is likely to ‘go’ in the next few days.

“His lungs, liver and brain are all bleeding massively. Doctors said as the bleeding occurred in the center part of his brain, they are unable to operate on him,” she added, breaking down in tears.

Ma Chi was pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics while the female passenger in Mr Qin’s cab succumbed to her injuries after being sent to hospital.

Such an accident being caused by a foreigner would have sparked a massive outcry in other countries but not in Singapore where the mainstream media had a field day ‘glamorizing’ Ma Chi by describing him as a ‘tall, young, handsome and successful‘ tycoon with a net-worth of millions of dollars as if he was some super-star:

The Straits Times even tried to defend him by quoting from his friends that he did not drink that night after a meeting at a clan association even when eye-witnesses already said he reeked of alcohol when they approached his body. It also tried to elicit public sympathy for the family of Ma Chi while ignoring the pain and suffering of other victims.

A month ago, a PRC bus driver ran over an elderly woman crossing the road without even realizing it killing her on the spot. Two months ago, a PRC passenger hijacked a taxi at Changi Airport Budget Terminal and caused an accident minutes later knocking down a cleaning supervisor who died instantaneously.

While Singaporeans have to pass a rigorous driving test to drive on the roads, PRC drivers like Ma Chi do not need to do so and can ‘convert’ their PRC driving licence easily into Singapore licences.

Given the recent spate of accidents caused by PRC drivers, the Traffic Police should consider mandating foreign drivers pass Singapore theory and practical driving tests before they are allowed to drive in Singapore.


Mr Cheng has passed away on Sunday evening. Rest in peace.


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55 Responses to “Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock now ‘brain dead’ after being crashed by ‘handsome and successful’ PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi”

  1. a sad sad story for mother’s day

  2. Sadness Part 1. said

    He already passed on earlier.
    TT, go do something good, find their whereabouts and get donations.

    Btw, fuck the ferrari tiong! KNNBCCB!

  3. Blood suckers said

    Fuck you. Fuck you all moronic reporters dogs who glorified this mother fucker PRC.

    So what he is fucking rich. So what he is fucking worth millions. Good riddance that this fucking Ma Chi is dead. Irregardless whether did he drink and drive, his actions had caused two deaths already. Two innocent people who happen to be at the wrong place and the wrong time.

    His fucking family should go and knee in front of the two victim families, beg for their forgiveness and pay every single cent for the funeral.

    Fuck you Ma Chi.

  4. Emi said

    seriously??? still continuing them to convert their “license” would likely bring about more such cases.. I definitely DO NOT want to live in a 2ND CHINA!! Pls!!! can anyone help the poor true born citizens??

  5. FindOutIfYouReallyWantToKnow said

    I don’t pity Ma Chi at all. That guy deserved to die. This is a public comment and I am not afraid of the implications. He ought to have obeyed the rules of Singapore roads when he drives in Singapore. Further, he ought not to have driven at such a speed in the Bugis Junction area as there would definitely have been higher traffic there than other roads at any point of time. He beat the red light, that’s the thing. Disobey rules and you get in trouble. It is unfair for the cabby and his passenger to have to give up their lives for the arrogance of Ma Chi. They lost their lives in vain. Ma Chi’s life is a good riddance. What’s the use of money when you don’t even have the basic sense to obey the rules when you are in another person’s country? I seriously feel that Singaporeans are no longer the ones the government serve. The government is not serving for the general good and welfare of Singaporeans now. Rather, it has turned to serving the prosperity of the country and the elite. It is evident in how the rich-poor divide is widening and how some people from less fortunate families are not given the same opportunities in terms of education. It is not obvious in how this is done. But at the ground level, I see the discrimination

    • ari said

      thumbs up.

    • ThenAgain said

      But then he gets off scot free. He doesn’t have to answer for his actions, faces no shame, nothing. He is just dead. And now the problems of the cabbie’s family are just starting.

    • Jack said

      There isn’t discrimination of poor in the education system la noob. As for your other points, I agree whole-heartedly.

      • Fragile said

        Dear Jack,

        Yes, there are… Definately, there are differences, just that we parents ain’t there to actually witness it and kids too innocent to know what is going on in school. Our (once proud of) education system is going that direction too….

        As for “FindOutIfYouReallyWantToKnow”, I m totally with you on your comment.

        If there are changes needed to be address, it should start with our own govt. and this is a chain effect… what you havest depends entirely on what you have sow and nutured.

        If you have lived as long as i have, look back, say 20 years ago… what kind of Singapore do we lived in then? What was the crime rate like? Murder? hardly heard of, fatal accidents… hahaha? Plot the chart and you will have the result and probably know the cause of the increase in crime

        To our dear govt if you are reading this :
        1.’Firefigthing’ is not going to solve the real problems we are currently facing.
        2.’Sailing with the wind’ is not going to bring you and your people to dry land.
        3.’Loading’ real talent onto your ship might help u sail further but not otherwise.
        4.’Learn’ from the past mistakes made and never repeat it.
        5.’Listen’ to your true people who serve this country
        6.’Serve’ those who are sincerely here to stay

    • Rei said

      That is why his name should be Bai Chi instead of Ma Chi. (Not to be rude but he is really brainless) A business man should known that how Singapore traffic rules are since he lives in Singapore for 4 years. I don’t pity him but rather thinks that he deserved to die.

      RIP the innocent lives that was taken by the reckless driver.

      Singapore government should wake up their mind as there are more and more PRC/foreigners hitting or killing the locals and most of them get away free. I do hope that there are still justice in Singapore and somebody will do something to help the families of the innocent lives that was taken away as well as the injured motorist. It is truly sad to see the locals are getting more and more upset with the government as well as how the government is not listening or helping. The locals in Singapore doesn’t feel that they are needed after all, who don’t get greedy and corrupted after seeing those money coming in. To be honest, I am pretty sure that the government in Singapore is already corrupted and I am not surprised because there will always be corruption no matter where you go. This is a public comment and if you intend to sue me, that means that you are really guilty about being corrupted. Honestly speaking, I would rather give up my citizenship than being a Singaporean but my family stop me for doing so. Reason for me wanting to give up is because I am too ashamed of how Singapore government is right now.

  6. Griever said

    Even if we don’t discriminate FT or bring up anything that points towards discrimination against what is publish on ST newspaper.

    Even a primary school student can read and doubt the contents from ST newspaper.

    As I train my students to always read with an open mind don’t let society influence you, never assume base on the merits which these newspaper tends to over glorify.
    The only thing that has never been glorified is the plight of normal Singapore’s citizens.

    Observe over the next few weeks most likely our newspaper will not disclose the full details of the accident and hope this will pass on…

  7. weh said

    which newspaper is that from?

  8. xStere0x said

    Seriously. I think the taxi driver’s plight is much worse that that baichi(machi). That taxi driver had a family to support and everything, he wasn’t even speeding or anything. And here he is, undefended, with straits time “backing” up that baichi who was the one at fault. Seriously, wtf is wrong with these journalist?!

  9. SICKnPOORian said

    My heart goes to the cabby and his family.

  10. Tian said

    the stupid rich businessman deserve it….n he should use all his fortune to support all the victims for life!!!!

  11. Argh said

    This is insane.
    I read the article in the chinese papers today.
    Instead of focusing on the innocent people who lost their lives because of one rich motherf**ker PRC guy, they went on talking about how tall & handsome he was, how he has always been a philanthropist and painted a sad story about how the poor wife is going to give birth to their 2nd child without the father around, etc.

    Shouldn’t they be focusing on how sad and helpless those 3 kids will be after losing their cabbie dad in such an unfortunate accident?
    What about the lady passenger who lost her life too? What about them?!

    Man, these people running the papers have some really questionable morals!
    F**k this shit. Boycott the f**king papers!

    • ari said

      could u believe is there a hidden agenda behind whose in charge of the papers itself? and what are they trying to imply here and rather giving support to (our) own people.. strange.

    • WP for hougang! said

      I noticed that some time back. The Chinese newspapers seem to be empathetic toward PRCs. Remember the case of the PRC thug who slammed his stolen taxi into an innocent worker at Changi airport. The headlines did not report that the thug was a PRC. It appeared only in fine print in the article.
      That wasn’t the only one. When PRCs commit heinous crimes, our Chinese news always seem to downplay the fact that they are from China.
      I suspect many of the editors are from PRC.

      • Pointingintherightdirection said

        Interesting that you guys had noticed that the chinese papers seems to be sympathetic towards PRCs. I myself noticed that of the tabloids. Btw, take a look yourself at some of their reporters’ names 🙂

  12. Goobii said

    Rest in peace..

  13. Fxxk off you china trash!! said

    Fxxk all these china fxxking trash!! I pity the taxi driver and his family. PAP!! What have u done to our beloved Singapore?!! I swear I’ll never ever vote for you!! We need a regime changed!!!

  14. polarbear said < All I wanna say + RIP

  15. Finalcut said

    I seriously dislike how Temasek Times tries to incite a war between Singaporeans and PRC. The govt should shut this bloody site down.

    • cibaikhang said

      The SG government is the one who has been inciting a war between Singaporeans and PRC. If only the gahmen didn’t bring in so many lawless, rude, no manner PRCs, I believe Singaporeans wouldn’t have bad impressions on PRCs. Not all PRCs are bad but the SG gahmen just anyhow brought in the immigrants without ‘screening’ them properly first. As a result, around 90% of the foreigners in SG have attitude problems and thus being hated by Singaporeans.

    • JusticePrevails said

      i beg to differ. temasektimes is just bringing the truth to us. With the mainstream media trying to glorify the PRCs, covering their mistakes, isn’t it obvious that tt’s a propaganda! So that we Singaporeans can accept e govt’s decision to bring in more of them??

      I was trying to flag down a cab by the roadside just the other day and 2 PRCs ran infront of us and got into the cab. Seriously, even without reading news here, I will still hate them.

  16. vamp said

    The last moments of the taxis driver: On sat, after undergoing two operations, blood transfusion, numerous heart adrenalin injections, the taxis driver remained unconscious and was subsequently declared brain dead. On sun, the taxis driver continued to fight for his life, struggling to stay alive despite the pain that he suffered (severe brain hemorrhage, massive internal bleeding, broken rib cage, punctured lungs, damaged kidneys… his whole face was swollen and bloated due to the massive blood loss internally)… The atmosphere is unbearable… Yet he fight on… and on… and on, refusing to give up. His family members felt that he wanted to tell them something but as he couldn’t speak a word, he just laid there enduring the pain. He eventually drew his last breath after his family members showed him the Sin Ming and Wan Bao that published the camera footage of the accident. Realizing that the world now knows the truth that the Ferrari driver is at fault and he is innocent, he can finally be freed of the pain. His heart beat plunged to zero within 10 mins.

  17. vamp said

    He wanted the truth to be known

  18. vamp said

    Watching the taxis driver enduring the pain, his family members said to him: “if you find that it is too painful, don’t endure anymore, just let go… We couldn’t bear to see you enduring this unbearable pain!”

  19. js said

    poor wife, i rather the media not harass the victims’ family though. just report how we cn help them would do.

  20. Sg Kampung Boy said

    For Ma Chi’s family and friends to claim that he was “not a heavy drinker” is a joke. Tell me why PRC guy you have come across who doesn’t drink heavily. They take pride in being able to hold their drink!

  21. teo said

    nothing will be done until a PRC bangs a minister’s relative….. fucking PRCs could hv bot their license in China for all we know. then come here covert without a single test. well done LKY! for bringing in so many road killers!!!

  22. Sg_Justice said


  23. cj102 said

    just found the video in youtube.. sick crash

    Mod’s note:

    Do you have the link?

  24. YX said

    Does anyone know which paper this is? The chinese one?

  25. Dino said

    Why only TTSH and SGH? The Raffles hospital is a couple of junctions away…Blood lost in a minute is so different as compared to journey time to TTSH or SGH…

    • Fragile said

      That’s what our govt. mandated years ago. All ambulances are to send the paitent/s to the nearest hospital…. however, they did not mention private hospital are included or not…. so, in order not to be a smart alex, just go to the govt. hospital lor.

  26. Elusive Scorp said

    Seriously i hope that the person who wrote the article & the person who approved it will get their retribution! And retribution to Ma Chi down generation. Screwed you PRCs!!! Shoooooo! It’s such a disgrace to have you all here!

  27. ASDF said

    Asshole PRCs.. Deserved to die.. Cb.. Cause a innocent Cab driver his life and family to grief.. Shouldnt let PRCs drive Singapore roads anymore..

  28. NDRue said

    I’m just wondering if he was experiencing excruciating pain that he wished he was dead while stuck in his expensive Ferrari before help came, and when help came to pull him out where he could see the glimmer of hope for survival from that horrific crash and finally struggling to live through it, he died.

  29. Warren from Calgary said

    To all these spiteful comments:

    Why so racist?

    We in the West would not deign to make immigrants feel so unwelcome.

    Kind Regards,

    Warren McIlroy

    • brian shah said

      Warren you talk rubbish, where do we learn racialism from is it not from the west. Where does slavery began, is it not from the west, don’t tell me that the blacks, Mexicans, asian are all welcome by whites in the west. Please I was in US and was a victim of racialism and i saw with my own eyes how the airport staff mistreated the poor Mexicans. Warren Mcilroy you must have been sleeping all these while or you are in a state of denial.

      • Fernvale said

        Well said, Brian.

        Warren is definitely living in his own world…..

        WHo doesn’t give a damn when some filthy immigrants come and steal their job, cause probs in their country?
        And these PRC are a bunch of dogs.

  30. A Singaporean abroad said

    Although work overseas, i am saddened to see the decline in Singapore media’s moral standards. I am even more saddened by the fact that these PRCs are permitted to get away with everything (including murder)!! I hope that this Ma Chi guy (whoever he is) has a valid motor insurance in place because boy his insurers will need to pay serious compensation to the deceased’s families! Has anyone set up any charity fund for the deceased family? Does anyone know who the woman passenger is? No one seems to have mentioned her.

  31. SingaporeanChinese said

    Singaporean ! At work , at your neighborhoods, in school or even the swimming pool show those foreigners we hate them. Show them the population do not welcome them.

  32. AntiRacist said

    Xenophobia and racism are clearly alive in Singapore. This road accident has had a tragic outcome. Racism will not help the situation in any way.

  33. tay said

    Can’t stop my tears from flowing after reading about the poor taxi driver.An innocent life and a complete family were destroyed in a wink,all thanks to the reckless driving by a stupid,arrogant,moronic PRC!!It’s hard to ignore the problems and dangers the reckless PRC drivers had brought to Sin!3 cases already so
    far!Is it going to end?!
    Hope the authorities wake up and do something before more innocent people get killed again by such “foreign talents”!
    To the media who glorified the bastard :You are one f***king spineless piece of crap who deserves the same ending as the PRC driver!!

  34. Rachel said

    Ofcourse he deserved to die!! Wanna die should die far away!! Now.. He took away 2 innocent life n causes heartache to the family of e poor taxi driver n tat Jap tourist!!

  35. Fernvale said

    I cant help it but say this: PRC are shit! They have been causing all the social problems and driving up the costs of the economy. WTF.

  36. Fernvale said

    And to the Ferrari driver family. I hope that all of you will be banged down by another Ferrari.

  37. bb said

    SPF don’t lowered the driving licence standard of Sg.
    Other countries like Australia have better system. In WA only overseas visitors eg tourist are allowed to use the overseas licence. For PR only 3 months(compare to Singapore 12 months), and after 3 months they have to obtain WA driving licence.

    Only certain countries are exempted and Singapore is one of them because of its stringent test requirements. Even PR from Malaysia have to take both theory and practical driving tests.

    The list of countries exempted are (China is not one of the recognised countries)

    DPM Teo CH- Pl sends your team from SPF to WA to study the scheme.

    Now not only Ministers are not capable and now even civil servants are fallen behind and they have to be good civil servants as they must be ready to serve ppl of sg irrespective who is the government of the day.

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