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VIDEO of fatal Bugis accident: Red Ferrari crashed into Comfort taxi at high speed

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

Below is a short video clip taken of the fatal Bugis accident on the morning of 12 May 2012.

It showed clearly that the green light was on when the Comfort taxi was crossing the junction. The red Ferrari driven by PRC ‘foreign talent’ Ma Chi was speeding and beat the red light before crashing into the taxi and causing it to overturn:



397 Responses to “VIDEO of fatal Bugis accident: Red Ferrari crashed into Comfort taxi at high speed”

  1. PAP, Beware Karma said

    The deaths of the taxi driver and his woman passenger are indirect consequences of the pro-foreigner policies of the PAP that encourage rich foreigners such as this reckless PRC Ferrari driver into our country . . . . .

    • lola said

      I couldnt agree more

      • Mohamed Ismail said

        The same goes with the ambassador who ran away after causing a death to a pedestrian, hiding in his country. This is also foreign talent.

      • The Vet said

        we must kick the pap out. more people will die, get molested, modesty outraged and raped because of this open floodgate and that is for sure. just watch. Singapore was ONCE a safe country. these bastards who only want money money and more money opened the floodgates at ALL OUR EXPENSE and no benefit to us!

      • Gofkyourself said

        I read through most of the people’s comment here and I agreed to almost everyone. Different people have different perspective views. I wouldnt say anyone is wrong, so stop blaming others for flaming someone else if it doesn’t concern you because you just being stupid yourself. As for me, I would feel that the ma-chi guy is at fault and he gotten his retribution. As for those comment against PAP I would 1000% agree with you! Besides sucking money they know nothing else. Nobody dares to voice out to this people, but I will say is, PAP beware, the next generation of voters is coming and you will LOSE!

    • agond said

      this is an accident. don’t be a racist

      • Erasmus said

        It’s not about being racist. We have to make that distinction about him being PRC, because this is how they drive back in their own country:

      • Keit said

        U must be some pro PRC supporter am i rite? its not about the race majority of Singaporeans are Chinese….. so you cant say that we’re racist can you when we’re picking on our own race. Before you decided to jump to non-nonsensical judgement go look it up the dictionary what it means to be racist u retard… this is not the 1st road accident cause by a PRC that took a life of our brother or sister but probably the what 3rd or 4th so far?

        Which has been causing a lot of problems and friction between the pappies and its people since all they know is to side that of foreigners and ignore us.

      • Itsnotracistitsjustice said

        Racist or not they are reckless race of people. And its a bonus that his rich, they think they are gods just because they have tons of money at hand. Selfish! don’t blame me for not respecting majority of them because eventually i wasn’t wrong.

      • chong_lam_heng said

        Accidents are caused if they happened unintentionally. If you purposely want to impress your girlfriend by going against a red light at high speed, that is not an accident!

      • Nationalist said

        You are not born and bred here in Singapore. You’ll never know what it is like before the invasion of uncouth immigrants like you. Singapore used to be safe until your people decided to move here

      • This is an unnecessary accident…….. the lights have already turned red for the Ferrari, yet it decides to run it and smashes into the taxi….?? what logic is that??


    • agong said

      what about mat salleh ? ok ? you bastards

      • jon said

        You are the bastard damn you! Son of the bitch! The same to the dead PRC driver! Crazy bunch of assholes!

      • The Vet said

        mat salleh not all right. wtf director of UBS bank, drive bentley and smash up another’s car and NO JAIL TERM, NO CANING?
        IF Singaporean, sent to jail PLUS caning straight.

        WHO created all this imbalance and shit? PAP, who else???

    • mutu said

      tkl, ang moh boot lickers

    • useful said

      yes sir , totally agree . nnb , go home la !!! come here and harm people . brainless , think you got a few stinkin money , you can be singaporean or live in singapore as if you sibbeh sek zui arh , knn go home la come here and harm others , though i know of a few prc who are good , but not all are , and this ferrari driver is one of the hai chun zhi MA !!!

    • meow said

      that’s such a brainless comment.

    • local said

      what a bunch of rascist rubbish. notable your referrence is to ang-moh’s now does this means mainland chinese and indians or just another race perception? and what you gonna do if the PAP/government changes the foreign policies? you think you are qualified ? if so, than start working on your fortune instead of being jealous of others. and fyi, get a life, instead of being a rascist.

    • James said

      Please look at the broader picture.. Not all PRC are bad, and bastard like this reckless driver, tho many drove recklessly, e.g the prc bus driver.

      Please rmb those innocent prc who come here to earn a decent living for their family back home. Example those construction workers, wanton mee seller, cleaners, blue collar workers.

      Even china investors, we did beneifited economically with their investment here as well.

      We should try to help the taxi driver family now.. Singaporean should be less selfish and be united.

      If u r one of the Singaporean kpkb about FT, steal ur job.. Then u should ask urself instead, why the employer don wan to choose u instead.. Are u lazy? Picky? Less capable? Kpkb on everything? Expect high salary tho nor even perform well.. Pui!!

      • Hiro said

        A balanced comment. Agree. There are black sheeps amongst the good and we must not brand everyone the same way.

        It is harder to win over an opponent through righteous ways than to sneer and jeer at our opponents.

        The righteous path is usually narrow and difficult to traverse.

      • hate those jokers said

        rgding jobs, put it simply, foreigners in most instances are cheaper to employ, companies don’t need to worry about cpf, if i’m a boss for monetary reasons of course i will hire the cheaper labor, it is THE GOVT’s responsibility to put in place measures to protect the interest of citizens, NOT think about how to make money from every damn opportunity…WE, CITIZENS of Singapore pay them to take care of us, not take care of foreigners, simple?

      • SingaporeanChinese said

        I am a Singaporean and I have no fear in showing I hate all you foreigners in public and I will teach all the young Singaporean I come across.

        FYI: I have a job , I have a car , I live landed, I have enough to eat and I worked hard

      • Jessie Williams II, Esq. said

        The Ugly Singaporean rears its true colours.

        Do you really deserve your jobs and women after confessing to such racist, bigoted spite?

      • Angry Bird said

        Since it’s so obvious that the fault is at the ferrari driver, sue him, sell his East Coast penthouse and his BMW to compensate the late cabby, Mr Cheng Teck Hock’s family.

      • NS men said

        No, its because we have reservists and RT on a yearly basis. You dun understand because you dun serve NS??

    • How you did even manage to link these two topics amaze me. Many of the PRCs I know are in fact very nice people and even go out of their ways to help my local friends with school work, even though we didn’t ask. Just like many societies, there are different kinds of people, same with China. There are the black sheep like the Ferrari driver, and there are good ones like my friends. It’s awfully wrong to judge people based on their nationality. I’m not a fierce supporter of the government, but it’s plain immature to simply blame everything on the government when you have no solid argument to back up your belief. Rather than make sweeping statements, try to back up your points first.

    • Hard truth said

      if you wanna see ugly Singaporeans, come to this TR site, now i know why Singapore needs FT, at least they are willing to work… These ugly Singaporeans and their brainless comment on anti FT & totally irrelevance comments to the accidents reflect serious inferiorty complex syndrome in these fugly Singaporeans. Disgrace…

      • seriously? said

        i see one fugly person right here. brainless comments on anti-singaporean and totally irrelevant comment why singapore needs FT. if you have nothing constructive to say, just shut up, no one will think you’re mute. please also learn to spell properly. you really should just burn in hell like the ma chi dude.

    • Anti Ellipsis said

      How did you even manage to link these two topics is amazing. What I see here is purely an unfortunate accident that was caused by a reckless driver’s reckless actions.

      In fact many of the PRCs I know are very nice and helpful, and even go out of their ways to help us local students with school work when we didn’t even ask them to. Like all societies, there will always be different kinds of people, China is not excluded. There are the bad sheep like the Ferrari driver, and there are the nice people like my friends. It is ridiculous and immature to judge people based on their nationality. If you can find a nation whose people are ALL equally bad or good, please, prove me wrong.

      Also, if you would like to state your point, it would be better if it is backed up by a solid argument, rather than making a sweeping remark. I am not pro- or anti-government. I just cannot stand people who blindly criticize the government and think they’re smart because they did. If you can provide me solid argument on your point, I wouldn’t hesitate to agree with you. But . . . . . does not sound very convincing to me.

      • said

        it’s amazed me that you are still sound and well till this point. well, hopefully, you can see for yourself how chinese behave in theur own motherland before you state the fact about your “kind” chinese frens. and erm. if you do really get there, perhaps a bus or car could come and run you down and just maybe you will have the time to self-reflect and ask yourself why you? and not some other pple instead. you selfish fucker.

      • @fxxkyoualltwice
        How the FUCK is standing up for my FRIENDS selfish??? What you, and all the other whiny people here are doing is generalizing a country based on a few people’s behaviour. We have different cultures, some parts of their cultures may annoy us but that doesn’t constitute having to rally to chase them out of this country.

        Reading all the comments here, I have concluded that most of you who go “you motherfucker send those PRCs home” are brainless ah beng wannabes. Even Ah Bengs have better sense of judgment of people than you guys. I’d have to get away from this place before it makes me stupid.

        To all those who support a balanced view, cheers! 🙂

    • Bullshit!!!!!! They died cause some F@@K got into his car and he was drunk and drove!!!! Simple as that. Got stuff all to do with race…govt policies. He and his trollop caused these deaths and carnage!!!!!!

    • Joe bloggs said

      Totally fed up of Singaporeans talking absolute rubbish against “foreign drivers”, especially when Singaporeans themselves have the worst driving record the world over!!! This is not about whether this person is PR, holiday maker, local or whatever… This is about a reckless driver, showing no consideration for the lives or the safety of fellow road users…

      Get it right, and stop pointing at non-Singaporeans…. Vent your anger on disgraceful and careless driving!

    • Kenneth said

      How do you suggest we stop ourselves from becoming another “japan”? We don’t want to fuck without protection these days, and if the trend goes on we will not be able to replace our population. How in the world do you expect us (a country that has only HUMAN resources) to continue a steady economic growth? Look at the big picture and stop thinking about yourself. Whether they stay or not does not matter. What matters is the sustenance of our standards of living. Their bad attitudes, poor manners and uncultured behavior is something that we just have to put up with for a greater good. LKY is a visionary. His son empathizes with our plight but we did not succumb to his “make more babies” policy.

    • mangoditreviso said

      I am so sick and tired of these stupid nationalistic and racists articles. Let me make it clear. it is because there are foreigners that this country is what it is. Without us foreigners you would be nothing but a tiny insignificant village. So enough! One careless driver and immediately you fuel an anti foreigner campaign. You so are so provincial and small minded….

      • Local said

        Excuse me Singapore was a fishing village and now it is metropolitan city not because of you foreigners , it is because our forefathers worked their sweat out to make this country what it is today…not because of you foreigners please do not claim award for this, you people come here to earn money even without u we can survive in our land and you people cant survive in yours

      • kiefanni said

        dont read then if you’re sick and tired, and let me make it clear too, is through the hard work of singapore itself, that makes the singapore today. I’m not being racist, i do agree that there are black sheep and good people amongst all kinds of races/nationality and i guess you make no difference from those who are being racist, thinking without u as a foreigner, we would still be a tiny insignificant country. Did anyone force u to be here? As for the driver who drove recklessly, be it he was trying to impress the so called hostess sitting beside him or whatsoever reasons, he should be punished for killing the innocent lives(please watch the video for those claiming that “accident does happen”, it was his intentional reckless driving by beating the red lights, thus result in killing the innocent lives). Please talk by using the brain, not the ass, for those who giving silly comments.

      • Local : Can’t help but saying just in case you didn’t know, most of our forefathers WERE foreigners…

    • Joe bloggs said

      Quit a lot of racist remarks, many of which appear to be fom Singaporean Chinese and others (I exclude Malays here), who say non-Singaporeans should go!.

      I’m PR, but please correct me if I am wrong, wasn’t Singapore formerly occupied and part of Malaya? That would mean all races, including ALL Chinese should leave Singapore because they are “FOREIGNERS”. And before any of you Chinese racists tell me you were born in Singapore, remember this…. A dog can be born in a stable, but it is not a horse!!!

      This article is about a stupid driver, no matter where he comes from, and the victims families should be compensated substantially.

  2. tinoq russell said

    its no more singapore but CHINAPORE pls allow the barbaric rich PRC into singapore n kills all.

  3. Disgusted said


    • matsalleh said

      russian style ? you bastards

      • hate those jokers said

        by law, anyone who commits suicide will get whipped, this joker “foreign talent” committed an offence, and killed 2 innocent lives, why should he be spared? you are not qualified to talk about bastards, because you defend the bastard

  4. RC said

    I hope this fucking prc dog burn in hell forever !

    • Ming Ling said

      if you are going to write in english, get it right you loser.. it’s BURNS in HELL. Until you can write properly, why don’t you burn your stupid little fingers off and stop commenting on sites like this.

  5. Innocent Law-Abiding Singaporeans Killed By Foreigner said

    So angry when see this video !!

    The taxi driver observed the green light; the PRC Ferrari driver does not observe the red light and two innocent Singaporeans are killed by the show-off alien so welcomed by the PAP . . . . . .

    Not forgetting the innocent motorcyclist who sustained spinal injuries; hope he will not be paralysed . . . .

    • j said

      both death are prc

      • john said

        pls take note and read the papers there are 2 ppl dead one is a prc and 1 more is a woman from japan

    • matsalleh said

      you are an idoit if you believe the video. who took video at 4 am? at split seconds

      • Cass said

        Nowadays a lot of taxis are fitted with video cams. The cam is continuously running.

      • Aly said

        you are an idiot if you do not know you can put video cams in their cars. some taxi drivers put video cams catered for cars in their taxis so that if any passengers attack them, there is evidence to sue that person.

      • hykel said

        have y heard about camera that can be installed in a car?..some car has camera that they installed in their car to capture the traffic in case of accident happens to them,they have proof..

      • Zee10 said

        nowadays, cars / taxi installed this built-in camera for recording while driving. u never seen one before? go ask around. don’t make me laugh at you. don’t speak if you don’t know what is going on Matsalleh.

      • hellastam said

        its called dashboard cam. and e accident happened in e early morning. read e news.
        its a real vid. and its a gif not e actual video. dumbass

      • Frank Tay said

        U idoit izit Matsalleh, never update izit.. most of the taxi nowadays are equipped with CCTV inside their car..

      • Hey you clown,
        You don’t know meh?? It’s common to have video in the car now a days.
        It’s to protect one self for insurance and for incidents like this.
        You can find a camera on the inside of the wind screen.
        Looks like you are the idiot to ask such an idiotic question.

      • UnknownSources said

        some cars have video cameras installed by their owners to record cases of their own accidents…cameras in cars are “witnesses” to such accidents….so the proof is there that the prc beat the red light….

      • lemminator said

        you don’t have to show off to everyone that u are a moron please.

        the above gif is an excerpt of the original video just in case you didn’t notice.

        and you since you fail to notice, the reflection on the windscreen of the car seems to be that of another taxi travelling behind the victims

      • voltaire07 said

        Matsalleh, you’ve not been readingthe papers, sayang..
        the video clip is taken by an in-vehicle video recorder by another driver who submitted this video as evidence to the police, but also to the media. These video recorders are turned on at all time when the one is driving. So it doesn’t matter if it’s 4am or 4pm Ah Bang..

      • Quiksand said

        ur obviously a dumbass who just chanced on this site and have very little or no education along with little prospects for a future. the fact that u dont even know of dashboard cams means ur dont own a car nor can afford to take a cab. take your ignorant ass over to a diffrent chat rooms pls. this is for adults.

      • Bulldog said

        You actually wasted a good couple of seconds of my life reading about how DUMB you are.

      • chua said

        Gosh….! Ignorant is a misfortune… better kept quiet lah…

      • A.Z said

        We have dumb, we have dumber but I didn’t know that we have this Matsalleh who is telling us that his IQ is more worst than that. I know that you Matsalleh is a stupid person but please don’t pretend to be smart. Halo.. wake up Matsalleh… Innocent taxi driver, dead. Innocent passenger in the taxi, dead. Motorcylist very very very lucky..alive. A lady, passenger in the Ferrari got head injury and fractured bone. Maybe going to be dead if her head injury gets worst.

        My point of view is that, no matter which nationality, gender or race, it’s the ferrari driver negligence that caused all this mishap to others who were involved in the accident. Since the driver is dead, the next person of Ma Chi family should do something to compensate the family of the dead. $200 000 or more should be no problem what… got ” ferrari” sure can compensate more what.

        Ma Chi really siow driver.. Want to show off got nice powerful car but lousy on safery… Sorry to say but really Siow driver….

      • IronMan said

        Congratulations Matsalleh, now everyone knows that u r “The Caveman Idiot”. Stupid, moron, imbecile that still refuses to come out of your hole even after millions of years.

  6. alan said

    seriously what is he thinking when he beat the light?

    • Cusway said

      This chinaman thought that he is damn farking class. WTF!

    • ILoveSingapore said

      Nay, he didn’t think. In fact, he couldn’t think as he is not human being. Not even an animal

      • The Vet said

        he thought he could swerve in front of the moving car in his speed of light Ferrari. WTF. see amber, don’t know how to slow down. See red don’t know how to stop. just like how they drive in PRC. rich = EVERYONE ELSE FUCK OFF. Yes, may work in PRC because Ferraris are loud and people slow down near them, scared of them. In here, they are just a common sight and Singaporeans who own Ferraris do not drive like that. Amber = slow. Red = STOP.
        THis knowledge does not exist in China.

    • steve said

      he cannot see the red light because the GREEN light confuse him before this accident junction……..

  7. Taxi Passenger A Japanese said

    According to ST report, the innocent lady taxi passenger who passed away is from Japan . . . . . so sad . . . . .

  8. High Five! said

    Is this video real? If it is – that will be the amazing video caught on tape!

    • Toya said

      i believe the video was taken by another cabby. Nowadays, new cabby has cameras installed for front n back views in case of accident. My condolescence for the victims!

      • The Vet said

        no need cabby. anyone can buy a camera and install it in the car for safety and evidence if necessary.

  9. Moron FT said

    Idiot Foreign Trash. He dont deserve to die on the spot. He should suffer before he die.

  10. The Devil said

    Wow this site is a good place to encourage hatred and racism, the qualities we Singaporeans are in desperate need of to prosper and become successful in life!

    Good job Temasek Times, keep these responsible posts pouring in!

    *thumbs up*

  11. joeaudar said

    I wonder the Government had any comment on this brutal accident. Accountability to Singaporeans and perhaps an apology to the japanese (if the report) is true.

    • dahlia said

      Agreed, the family of the ferrari’s driver also should apologies. I heard they blame the taxi driver until the video came out. The truth reveal.

  12. Some People Just Wanna Watch The World Burn said

    Yes keep the hatred coming! This is great! Please, more more more!!! Don’t stop the hatred towards foreigners! Racism #1! Come on Temasek Times, you guys are doing an awesome job, keep it going so we can eventually have a racial riot again like we did the last time because it worked out so well!

  13. Asian Hitler said

    Brilliant post! Temasek Times, when I have kids in future, I want to tell them about how Temasek Times was the reason why we managed to start a PRC holocaust and rid them off our country!!!

    Let us skin our heads in protest towards these people and show how much we hate foreigners! You guys are doing a great job, and are a role model to our modern society!

  14. Nur 'Affan Mohd Sharif said

    the prc and the japanese lady who was the passenger of the taxi died. the taxi driver is brain dead now. a motorcyclist is injured. and a young lady who was the passenger of the prc is injured too.

  15. kelvin said

    Let this be a reminder that we should all drive carefully. When you drive dangerously, it not only endangers your life but other lives as well.

    I don’t care if he’s PRC or Singaporean, or if he’s driving a Ferrari or a Proton. Any person who drives like that deserves to suffer

    • OSX said

      Exactly! Why does it matter whether he is from China India, South Africa, or South America?

      His callousness is UNIVERSAL. ANYONE that drives like that and causes such a great loss to so many people (and each of their families, AND HIS VERY OWN!) is detestable. What passport he carries is a non-issue.

      Next time if a SIA flight gets into an accident it means that Singaporeans are reckless and are bad at flying planes? Next time if a Singaporean terrorist decides to blow up some tourist location overseas it means we are all terrorists and those countries SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER before letting such dangerous Singaporeans into their country? PEOPLE are responsible for THEIR OWN MISTAKES, we shouldn’t help them blame it on anyone/ anything else!

      The blatant and unapologetic racism on this page sickens me almost as much as the innocent and needless loss of lives from the Bugis accident.

      • ADAM said

        Agree with you till the third sentence, WHAT ITS GOT TO DO WITH “SIA” “SINGAPOREAN TERRORIST”??

      • ILoveSingapore said

        Sorry, we talked based on statistic here.

      • I am an FT said

        If its not because of our desire to give our family a better life back home, we will not go overseas. I believe no matter where we came from, whatever our race and nationality is… each and everyone’s intention is to really provide food on the table. A Singaporean may go to Japan to work, an American may go to the Philippines to work and a Filipino may be in Singapore to work… all of these people are facing the same kind of life… that is to work hard and earn a decent living. If the government will push policies that will strangle companies especially to labor cost, I may say that sooner or later, companies here will start outsourcing…which in fact is happening already. Due to competition, the market today make companies find ways to retain customers by providing more benefits and satisfaction. This would require cost and to balance their expenses, the company would find a way to spend less in labor, resources, etc. In US before say for example… call centers are everywhere… now, they have been outsourced in India, Philippines and somewhere else…leaving some of the Americans jobless. Remember as well, FT we are, we also share our responsibility to Singapore. We pay taxes in all our expenses. These also goes back to every Singaporean who gets benefit from their government that an FT don’t get at all. I am an FT, i respect each Singaporean and would be forever thankful to them…but i hope you wouldnt look at us like dogs who snare away food without leaving you anything because after all, we also contribute in any other way to the progress of this country.

    • James said

      Absolutly.. What does that got to do with nationality..

      This news is very hot because..
      1. It’s an expansive car..
      2. Driven by foreign tycoon.

      If it’s jus a normal car, driven by a local.. I doubt anyone care much..

      But still it’s a sad tragedy. RIP to all the deceases and condolence to their family. Especially the taxi driver family, we should try to support them finacially thru donation, and get over this difficult time. God blessed.

      • I am an FT said

        A simple prayer will be a big help already. I pity those who died and pray for their family hoping that they will be able to move on from this tragic experience.

  16. What was his thought at that time? This PRC was trying to show off.

  17. hampu said

    i only can say this driver idiot…but it is 2 different story regard of bring more foreigners in…this is an accident….

  18. BangBro said

    Moron Ferarri driver, burn more hell notes

    • Johann Wang said

      as far as I am concern, regardless of where they from, They have to abide the law here and follow the Singapore style of highway code.
      same remember the embassy official, hit and run, worst of all run back to his country, are we able to accept this ???

      all have to be treated fairy, 1 person does not represent the whole country, like many sporran drive in malaysia, travel at 110 km/h at the extreme outer lane causes the travel slow down does that mean the malaysian government will have to stop sporran drive to malaysia.
      importing of foreign talent does not relate to this case and should not be bias and accusing the one country. many white drive recklessly as well where are we keep silence about it.
      we comments on the car accident not to discuss of racist issue.

  19. Vamp said

    The last moments of the taxis driver: On sat, after undergoing two operations, blood transfusion, numerous heart adrenalin injections, the taxis driver remained unconscious and was subsequently declared brain dead. On sun, the taxis driver continued to fight for his life, struggling to stay alive despite the pain that he suffered (severe brain hemorrhage, massive internal bleeding, broken rib cage, punctured lungs, damaged kidneys… his whole face was swollen and bloated due to the massive blood loss internally)… The atmosphere is unbearable… Yet he fight on… and on… and on, refusing to give up. His family members felt that he wanted to tell them something but as he couldn’t speak a word, he just laid there enduring the pain. He eventually drew his last breath after his family members showed him the Sin Ming and Wan Bao that published the camera footage of the accident. Realizing that the world now knows the truth that the Ferrari driver is at fault and he is innocent, he can finally be freed of the pain. His heart beat plunged to zero within 10 mins.

    • Cheryl said

      Poor thing… may he RIP… my heart goes out to him and his family…

    • VoR said

      How did “…his family members showed him the Sin Ming and Wan Bao that published the camera footage of the accident” if “the taxis driver remained unconscious and was subsequently declared brain dead”?

      Sounds like a made-up story to me.

      • said

        yeah it’s made up. same as the made up story that you will be ran down by prc pigs later when you cross the road. you motherfucker.

    • A said

      Does anybody know how I can make a direct donation to help the family of the deceased cabby? This is my small gesture to help a fellow Singaporean who suffered and died under such cruel and horrifying circumstances. Thanks to all who reply.

    • Wecanmakeadifference said

      Sob …. Hope he didn’t and couldn’t feel the pain but the thought that his family members were able to see him before he goes is a blessing.

      Rest in peace and God bless

      Drive safe guys and gals

  20. Vamp said

    He wanted the truth to be known

  21. Vamp said

    Watching the taxis driver enduring the pain, his family members said to him: “if you find that it is too painful, don’t endure anymore, just let go… We couldn’t bear to see you enduring this unbearable pain!”

  22. asd said

    careless driver..

    • Not About Nationality said

      This is NOT careless driving when you refuse to stop at red light. It is total disregard to other road users. Despite his nationality, he should have survived and be paralyzed for the rest of his life to suffer. Instant death is being too kind of him for his act.

  23. Native Local said

    Reckless driving is well know and very common in China, on top of that it’s also well know of their selfish, arrogant behavior. This is only part of the consequences of their present.

  24. observing said

    1. @ budget terminal (1 fatality) 2. @ bugis junction (3 fatalities) … both china drivers

  25. independent observer said

    To PAP, Beware Karma: This is NOT the result of PAP’s policies but the result of this man’s reckless driving. STOP blaming the ruling party for everything!

    • We stand united said

      Well then again, tell me if this make sense. Say you’re the head of your own house(pap), should you be responsible if you rent out a space to someone who clearly cant leave by your rules and raped your daughter? Or should you now blame the guy who rented a room from you who was already an uncivilized being to start with? But hey, he could just pay the rent for twice where you could take that money and go gamble it at mahjong. So, now fearful creature of Singapore, make any sense to you here?

  26. abel said

    as usual! prc Chinese not abiding the law, it’s the same wherever they go! oust them out of Sg!

  27. Sean K said

    The offender’s actions are indeed despicable and he should be duly punished. What is very lamentable however is the deluge of unnecessary, bigoted remarks. Condemn the culprit for committing such a heinous crime, not because of who he is and what his roots are. Any other Singaporean (and there are plenty of rich ones driving Ferraris around) who did the same would deserve the same condemnation.

  28. Wehateprc said

    All these foreign talents never fail to make the headlines for bad reasons. The Singapore government constantly defends their stand that foreign talent is a must due to our declining birth rates and aging population. But is that a good enough reason to take in any Tom dick or Harry? Shouldn’t proper checks and scrutiny be placed on these people who come in? No matter what they are considered ‘outsiders’. And these ‘outsiders’ should not be placed on the same level as us, Singaporeans. If they are a must, then the Singapore government should educate them and put in place policies and structures from preventin them from ‘polluting’ our society. They should not be bringing their dirty and unhygienic habits to our country. And they need to learn proper etiquette. Not to spit, not to talk as though the whole world is deaf, not to seduce old men who just withdraw teir CPF. Most of all, not to insult and talk bad abt the country that is giving you a chance to better your standard of living. Such ungrateful people do not deserve to live in our country. This is not your country! You are in a foreign land. So have some decency and respect. Be humble and shut your trap. Don’t stir up trouble in our peaceful land.

    • zen said

      To be fair, this got nothing to do with foreign talent. If there any different whether guy on the wheel is a singaporean or foreiner, just like the one that causes the salesgirl death when test drive a sport car. He is Singaporean, so is it ok for him to cause the death of the innocent girl?

      • wehateprc said

        yes an accident can occur regardless of the nationality. it is never okay to take an innocent life.
        but is it too much of a coincidence of crimes and accidents that involve all these PRCs? just because their country is lawless and full of such horrible things happening doesn’t mean they should bring all these bad things to our country too. so many PRC bus drivers that think they are F1 drivers. running over pedestrains. the list goes on basically. everywhere you turn is like a mini-China. why is the government letting them all in?

      • ILoveSingapore said

        That is what happen when a Singaporean infected by FT behavior.

    • limawu said

      IT is a nice thought but how to check in the first place whether a foreigner is a “to be reckless driver”? There are lethal car accidents happening between locals also, and despite the relatively stringent driving test here in Sing, it still happens. I don’t see any logic here to link a reckless driver from PRC to the government policy to attract foreign talents, to be honest.

  29. esan SPH said

    he thinks money can buy everiting?lets see if his money will buy him a heaven after causing 2 innocent lives because of his idiotic behaviour u piece of cowdung from china….

    • JJ said

      well said.. thumbs up. PRC are all here to shit and not to help on everyone. pls get the hell out of our country n get back to ur freaking home to do whatever u want to. damned hate them….

  30. Rich PRCs – Drive Ferrari and beat red light causing death
    Poor PRCs – Drive heavy vehicles in inappropriate lanes causing jams
    Young PRCs – Take public transport and causing public nuisance
    Whore PRCs – Maybe we will have some people giving good comments about this?

    So we Singaporeans have been posting on this topic online, showing our digression and I believe the government is aware of the issue that their people are VERY unhappy about these ALIENS and NOTHING is done. In fact, there is something done; Inviting more and more ALIENS to invade us! #AvengersPleaseSaveUs

    • Placebo said

      Same thing happening in Hong Kong. People are just less vocal about it. Just wait till they became Singaporeans by some sort of investment scheme….

    • Deeno said

      So I guess unhappiness about the Govt bringing in the PRC is about us being Singaporean and not about some of them being non-Chinese. I believe Ken is a Chinese and against this idea of letting the PRC to invade Singapore…. Well I can understand ur frustration Ken. Let’s just live with it because I doubt so the Govt will care much abt our anger and disappointment because they hv their reasons and they will stand firm with their reasons. :))

      • Ashailah said

        The best thing in singapore is.. everyone dares to speak up online but they will never do a protest show outside because government is still a government as they have their own reasons to be firm to all fellow singaporeans… no one dares to protest anything unlike other countries.. its of no use to argue in here about the PRC VS Singaporeans because the government will not listen.

  31. DT said

    Is there really a need to highlight the nationality? It’s a deplorable and distressing incident. Let’s extend our sympathies to the families of the deceased and leave it as that without dragging our pet peeves into the issue.

    • mutu said

      u sound reasonable. many here are racists or mat salleh boot lickers

    • BRK said

      Yes unfortunately there is a need to highlight the nationality. Notice how all the chinaman drive the buses, lorries, cars on the road? While locals are also guilty of reckless driving, there are definitely more incidents of reckless driving resulting in serious or fatal accidents involving drivers from china.

  32. lee david said

    i saw in the papers of Singapore, making this PRC a 'GOD-SENT !’ N to says the PRC driver did not drink then it must be the TAXI-driver who was drinking!!!!! BULL SHIT, make a full TEST on the bodies, check them on alcohol, pills n drugs. Also, i learned that these GOD-SEND do not have to take any TEST before converting theirs driving license to ‘SINGAPORE LICENSE’ , take note, MR MINISTER, in CHINA, u can ‘BUY’ anything with a ‘SUM’, not to mention they drive in the ‘WRONG-WAY’ as with Singapore n most Asia countries….

  33. daimaou said

    I also have an in-car video camera, and a few month ago, one night, while driving along the ECP at 1:00 am, 15 high powered sports cars were racing down the ECP. Not only were they speeding, the sound produced by these cars were deafening, and that, at 1:00 am. I sent the video to the police and they said they will change their patrolling pattern.
    I have friends who told me he has even seen groups of these high power cars racing down Orchard Road at night.
    Do these people think because they are rich they are above the law?
    I hope out of this tragedy, the police will finally take action against these rich spoilt people. No one should be above the law.
    The way this present PRC guy went through the red light and killing 2 other people, to me, who am not a lawyer, but to me nevertheless, this is manslaughter.
    This video should go viral so as to pressurize the police to do something about these high performance sports cars in the hands of these rich spoilt people.

    • Cop_IT said

      I agree with you that the scenario is repeated every week but I don’t think we have seen anyone caught yet. Personally I lost hope with our SPF long time ago, a simple request for assistance resulted in a 45 minutes wait without no patrol car coming, yes the culprit got away with his laser pointing.

    • Blue said

      Same experience happened in day time with about 15 ferraris zooming down Keppel rd. Horrifying.

    • The way this present PRC guy went through the red light and killing 2 other people, to me, who am not a lawyer, but to me nevertheless, this is manslaughter.

      You started well but then you fell to political slander and forgot this was a man who was a drunk driver with a deadly missile.
      Its actually Dangerous Driving causing Death

  34. REaLLy said

    How do we not ‘dislike’ PRCs? I was never against them… not until that PRC Uni student case, not until I see how it’s those PRCs who are the real ‘kia-su’ ones, fighting to board a bus/train, pretending to be doing their own stuff when they see someone who needs a seat more than them. This incident just made my impression of them worse. Think and look carefully around us. Why are we the ‘ugly Singaporeans’ when it’s in fact, THESE non-Singaporeans who gave us that bad name?

  35. guo-hua said

    There are plenty of shitty drivers – foreign and local. I had to educate a singaporean driver that after turning, the driver on the left land has to choose the left lane and not the right, etc.

    What’s the point of making PRCs, FTs, ang mos the scape goat of whatever is really making you unhappy?

  36. Henry said

    This is indeed unconceiveable … My heart sank heavily in condolences of the taxi driver and his passenger. The roads in Singapore have become more and more “wicked” with new elements of unknown characters.

  37. WP for hougang! said

    Can someone deport the PRC driver’s family back to China? We don’t want criminals nor their family residing in Singapore. We want only quality immigrants. Causing the death of two innocent Singaporeans just because of reckless driving is unacceptable. This is truly a foreign trash who disregards the lives of ordinary people and who is only interested in showing off his wealth by speeding in a Ferrari.

  38. NirKorn said

    Regardless the nationality, the bustard PRC driver should have been charged for man slaughtering & santance for jail term above 20 yrs.

  39. mutu said

    bullshits. fake video. you bastards

    • daimaou said

      Many cars now have in-car video fixed to their windscreen. It records everything in front. You can get one for just over S$200 at the SIngapore Automobile Association. I have one in my car and a few months ago, I recorded 15 high performance sports cars racing down ECP at 1:00 am. So I don’t think the video here is fake. It looks very real.

    • Get a education…you make yourself look like an idiot

  40. agong said

    you bastards dare not approve my views

  41. Lala said

    I think Singapore should stop all the china ppl driving licence. All drive with no care want! 2 innocent ppl died just like this!

    • I think Singapore should have better english and better language classes so you can whinge a bit better

      • Obama said

        Why you so stupid one ???
        Pple here not blogging in English. We are using SINGLISH, deliberately.

        U Angmoh so what ? Also LL (“lan lan”) come this country to make $$$ just like my grandfather came here 80 years ago.

        Want to blog in proper english, go to BBC website.

      • IronMan said

        When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Mark “Doorknob”.

  42. ago said


  43. Nihaocaniscrewuover said

    This is the fast n furious PRC style. Singapore has become a playground for the rich and a tax haven for millionaires. I will bet ya he will get away leniently due to his net worth ……

  44. KARMA for YOU! said

    Does that mean you have the green card to do anything you want if you’re a bloody damn rich PRC? Two innocent souls gone just like that! The pain and sad! If covering up for the PRC is all you want, HERE’S THE PROOF! THE CABBIE IS NOT AT FAULT! All Singaporeans or the world should see this! So many recent accidents all because of PRC? Is that what Singapore wants? For PRC to kill all Singaporeans to become Chinapore?? If that’s the case, might as well give us all Singaporeans grants to immigrate, then you can bring in all the Chinamens you want!

  45. JLK said

    One finger pointing out… three are pointing in….!

  46. dd said

    and these are the people that cause our COE to go up which translates to inflation without real growth

  47. Jas said

    sorry for those who use this as a political ways to talk about the gov… this is about a stupid PRC who thinks that they own the road and how an innocent local taxi driver with and innocent Japanese passenger who has to pay for his arrogance… very sad for who life being sacrifice for his carelessness … i believe this is just to show off to the girl sitting next to him… but at the price of other peoples life…

    • sorry for those who use this as a political ways to talk about the gov… this is about a stupid DRUNK DRIVER who thinks that they own the road and how an innocent DAD TRYING TO FEED HIS FAMILY and innocent CONSUMER who WILL SUFFER for his arrogance… very sad for who life being sacrifice for his carelessness … i believe this is just to show off to the girl sitting next to him… but at the price of other peoples life…


  48. caocao said

    tatz y we nd to HAMMER them hard all the way down to make them Pay And Pay.. 🙂

  49. Stupid Singaporean said

    The whole singapore should blame PRCs for everything, car crash is prc fault, no job prc fault, no money prc fault, people die prc fault, dog die also prc fault. If not prc fault is pap fault. Way to go fellow singaporeans and our never ending complaints!

    • Seems the average Sg local is all abt RACE n GOVT politics….and cant see this situation for what it really is….now thats even worse
      A drunk driver uses a deady missile to kill n destroy lives. Even his own family and his unborn son!!!!!

  50. BRK said

    This bloody rich chinaman deserve to DIE. But what is upsetting is not because he died but because death is too cheap and easy for him These idiots thing they are driving in their stupid china and bring all these antics all over the world. If there is a hell let him rot.

  51. Rika said

    Handsome? Successful??pui!!!!Fck himself…and his family!!Face worst then a beast..come to Singapore to act as one millionaire..that shud be rented car I guess.idiot.feel so good that he’s dead

  52. GARY said

    I do understand the pain of both parties family members. What is the preventive measurements for the government after this rich ferrari handsome china man did to the locals. I hope that no more of such nonsense will happen again.

  53. GodFather said

    There are absolutely nothing wrong with the person who bring in these RICH PRC, the BIGGEST mistake we elect the wrong person to do the job. 🙂 Now I understand why China governing rules are so strict and little offence will go death sentence……because these PRC life is not worth for a cent…..

  54. lok said


  55. Marc said

    JackAss Irresponsible Driver. what is in the head of the PRC? He was GLAMORIZED by the PAPER’S “glamorizing’ Ma Chi by describing him as a ‘tall, young, handsome and successful‘ tycoon with a net-worth of millions of dollars as if he was some super-star”

  56. Mel. said

    Why are there 3 victims??? there is suppose to be only 2 victims… and 1 reckless “murderer”…..

  57. mann said

    I’m a taxi driver!….I ever encounter arrogant china couples telling the way they wanna go, as if I’m their driver…
    These people with money, thought we’re they slave!!..
    lucky I’ve patience…if not, I sent them to “ulu” place!!!
    They really too much & government need to do something!!!
    Things us out of hands & people are talking with angry voices!!!!

    • AuntCabby said

      I am also a taxi driver, whenever I encounter such people. I sent them to the police station. I tell police I cannot drive on with them, it’s too stressful and I might cause an accident because of their nonsense. It works all the time. Even if reported to LTA say the same thing. They will let us off. Don’t be afraid to show them our colors and rights. Ask them to get out of the taxi.

    • Obama said

      My best friend’s brother is a taxi driver too.
      He oftened complained that the Government’s policy is to let taxi drivers work like slave.

  58. Lyn said

    Seriously China national shld not be let into Singapore.. Too many accident done by them..including yhe SMRT buses.. Every we go will see tis PRC.. Nw Singapore looks like their country!

  59. Godspeed said

    There are many forms of cowardice, but I am sure mocking a dead man is at the very lowest of that order.

    I usually don’t get involved in such debates, but this just shows the ignorance of a lot of people that come to this site looking for an outlet to bash foreigners. What a lethal concoction we have here: foreigner driving a Ferrari involved in a fatal accident. Looks like sour grapes and xenophobia have combined into the “perfect” mix!.

    Oh, nevermind the fact that 3 people are now lying in the MORGUE – We have a god-sent sign to complain.

    And this whole anti-foreigner thing…We were all immigrants at some point. And we don’t have to look very far into the past. Just two to three generations ago, in fact, our forfathers were coming in on ships from Hainan and the mainland China or elsewhere looking for a better future. They say wealth only lasts 3 generations – well there you have it. It’s about time we realise that being a Singaporean isn’t a Birthright.

    “Stop taking our Jobs!” we rally. The fact is that there are people who are willing to work harder, and for less. Just a few weeks back there was a ST article on a local girl who was content with selling hawker food with her spouse. Yes, a Singaporean girl wanted to become a chicken rice hawker. And it made the national newspapers. So unless you want to drive a bus, wait table s at a 24 hour wan tan mee outlet and clear garbage, you just have to sit here and take it.

    No one knows for sure the qualifications of the PRC that drove that Ferrari, but wealth comes to those who have invested in their lives (mostly). Having trouble finding a job, qualifications not high enough? Who ask you play country eraser in primary school and not listen to the teacher? I am not being entirely unfair am I?

    Sitting around and pointing fingers isn’t the answer. It is just the stuff racial riots are made of.

    • Amazing Singapore said

      Completely my sentiment. Thank you for the post. I’m a Singaporean, but I too agree that there are too many people who just want to blame everyone else for their own failure. My company was running a recuitment for workers previously, Singaporeans who turned up/ called in, either rejected the job for being too ‘tough’ or for being too far from home. What is wrong with a little bit of competition? It almost seems like, to some Singaporeans, foreign competition is unhealthy because Singaporeans are not good enough to compete.

    • Ed said

      Well Said Godspeed. Totally agree. Shame to those Singaporeans that speak without using their brains. THE ONLY REASON Singapore will fail is by the morons comments posted here, well it’s good at least we know why we need more FT. Bunch of xenophobic losers

    • James said

      Totally agree..

    • dark said

      “It’s about time we realise that being a Singaporean isn’t a Birthright.”

      Dafaq? The nationality you were born into IS a birthright. That is why pregnant mothers sometimes choose to give birth in a more first-world country: so that their kids have the RIGHT to be a citizen of that country.

      And if you think there is nothing wrong with the present situation, ask yourself: you srsly want your kids to grow up as a mere statistic in the soul-less machine that is Singapore Inc?

    • Well said GodSpeed…dun forget over 100,000 years ago…we all lived in caves and millions of years ago we all lived on one continent.

  60. Trash said

    Not a day goes by without a PRC or FT making the headlines in Spore. Seriously, what is wrong with Spore??? Just 20 years ago, this is really a fantastic place to live in.

  61. LOR 6 CHICKEN said

    Rich PRCs – Drive Ferrari and beat red light causing death
    Poor PRCs – Drive heavy vehicles in inappropriate lanes causing jams
    Young PRCs – Take public transport and causing public nuisance

  62. andrew said

    the ferarri driver is cumming that time cos the young prc ladies sucking his dick while driving!!! they should burn in hell

  63. Deeno said

    Hey guys… This is not abt PRC. It’s about a bloody bastard reckless f@#$%^* irresponsible driver who wanna show off and who thinks he is the only person in this earth. Selfish bastard!!!

  64. loo Liat Liang said

    it could have been anyone driving the ferrari actually. Could have been one of Singapores super rich in the drivers seat.

    • bitchplease said

      apparently you didnt read the news then. look how stupid you sound.

      • virginia1288 said

        In Loo Liat Liang’s defence, have a feeling Loo meant that in another situation it could have been anyone driving. I think he (I am assuming Loo’s a he) is referring to the whole PRC-bashing that is going on here.

      • your are your user name for sure
        Viginia1288 is soooo right.
        All this PRC bashing and govt policy ranting… was a friggen drunk driver. Get educated people

    • daimaou said

      You are correct, it could be anyone stupid rich guy behind the wheels there. I too have an in-car video camera that records everything in front of my car’s windscreen. Once I recorded 15 high performance sports cars racing down ECP at 1:00 am in the morning. The speed and sound of the cars were frightening. In a sense, the accident we now saw was waiting to happen, given the increase in number of these high performance cars in Singapore, driven mostly by the noveau riche.

      It is not about PRC, but unfortunately, with the press reports of the corruption and how the corrupt and powerful get to be very, very rich at the expense of the poor, and how they transfer their money out of China, we tend to associate every rich PRC guy with corruption and ill gotten gains, rightly or wrongly.

      Some of us also remember that incident in 2010 when the son of a police chief in Hebei ran down a university student and then said, “I dare you to arrest me, my father is Li Gang.” (Li Gang is the name of his father and is the Police Chief there.) So we are used to the idea in China, the rich and the powerful, as long as they are on the side of the people in charge in Beijing, are above the law. If you read the publications coming out of Hong Kong, you will find lots of complain about the rich and powerful and the princelings (there are sons and daughters of the first generation of Mao’s revolutionaries, of whom the most famous or infamous one is Bo Xilai). So there is a general feeling that the rich and powerful feel they are above the law.

  65. Jo said

    Have to thank the car that is behind the taxi, who had a close shave himself. Why thank him is, he caught the whole incident of what actually happened.
    And i think it is only fair that the family of the stupid driver to pay all the costs, be it furneral, hospital, and compensation bill, to the unfortunate taxi driver, the young jap tourist, the motorist and theose injured.
    Why, since they are so rich!

    • useful said


    • Great comment….you kno not one person has taken a thought if the taxi whos cam took this video…just a few seconds more and it would of been him.
      All of you should think twice before u walk across a road or down a pathway where a building may collapse.
      When ur times up..ur time is up

  66. Disgusted said

    The wife of that murderer wants to know the identity of the other slut. Isn’t it obvious she’s someone with a tighter and newer cunt.

    • Did u kiss your mom on mothers day with your foul mouth…or were you a breach born baby…hence why you talking out of your arse.
      I would be disgusted if I was your parent or child….your poor troubled little local loser

  67. Joanne said

    Gosh. I feel so sorry for the taxi uncle. Wish the PRC is alive too to spend his life in jail. Sichuan people have a notorious reputation even within china. It is a place full of rogues, prostitutes and life stealers.

    • What about the passenger and the Malay Bike rider and the pedestrian who nearly crossed the road and all who witnessed it..and the govt agencies who have to process this situation…..obviously you live in ur little condo and dont get out much. How sad for you. 😦

  68. Dean Loh said

    I wish there is a “Like” button beneath every comment. So that I can Like what “Godspeed” has said in #29. In fact, Like x2!

  69. limawu said

    I am disappointed that so many people link a car accident to the nationality of the driver, and even arrive at the conclusion that PRCs should be driven out because of this accident. I mean, come on, – isn’t this as bad as a racist – prejudice against people because of something that is inborn, such as the color of the skin, the race, the nationality or the gender? Just a few months ago there was a car accident in Raffles, that a Porsche (Driven by a British girl) hit a taxi that caused the lady (2 kids) on the taxi to be paralyzed – so do you want the government to ban all the British from entering Singapore as well? Not to mention the car accidents between Singaporean and PRs – shall we ban these people out of Singapore as well? OR maybe we ban all the cars from hitting the roads?

    • dark said

      not racist. merely xenophobic. get your facts right 😉

      • OOhhhhhh Dark ….bug word xenophobic isnt it….Limawu is sooo right and your just an uneducated human. Do you still live with your mom?
        We should export all xenophobic idiots like you back to the UK on a boat. (Fool…get ur facts right….PRC comments are political and racist….not Xenophobic…but obviously you went to a local school) :8

  70. ZhenLiLoo said

    i hate china ang moh dog that stinks up singapore kill our ppl and steal our job and more singaporean jobless

  71. Yeoh said

    F**K all PRC drivers, and those at my work place too ! Get out of here !

  72. Mianzz said

    some fucker think drive ferrari so owns the fucking road.. Die better.. Foreign Trash!!!!

  73. Disappointed Singaporean said

    Agree with Deeno, this is about a reckless driver not PRC, Indian, Pinoy. Please don’t muddle the two issues altogether. The driver could very be one reckless rich Singaporean as well. My sincere condolences to al the families who had love their love ones in this horrible act of recklessness.

    Reading though all the comments here and many other websites, I fear the displeasure of foreigners is getting out of hand. We are blaming everything on them, when honestly we have to ask ourselves if its their fault to come to Singapore to work? Frankly, I blame the policy and not those who come here to work.

    • Disgusted Singaporean said

      Agree. The racist comments here are uncalled for. This is about an irresponsible driver running a red light. I’m seriously disgusted when some commenters seem delighted that the driver and the taxi passenger are dead. Show some respect for the dead.

    • Disappointed and Disgusted are soooo right
      Im glad to see some locals have some sense here…phew…was worried I was in a village with concrete huts here
      Its about a drunk driver using his missile to show off that his dick was bigger than his car or wallet and traumatised a Nation of hard working people whom are made to ride bikes or catch taxis or get stuck on trains cause someone doesnt want their locals on the roads…so that the drunks can kill other road users.

      See…no racist or govt comment.

  74. Sad story indeed said

    Would be interesting to know the blood alcohol content in the dead drivers blood. I laughed when i read in ST where his friends said it was a usual gathering but “no alcohol was consumed”. I think they think people are daft. Bet his family will now be sued big time, and am sure they can afford it, 31 yo ferrari driver and all. Wonder who the 20+ passenger was seeing how his friends didnt seem to know who she was. So dodgy…such a tragic story and frankly the man and his ‘friends’ are all to blame. If he was drunk, why did they let him drive? Let’s see what the toxicology report comes back with…

    • AuntCabby said

      Don’t worry the insurance company will die die proof he was intoxicated. Why, so they don’t have to pay a single cent. Now if it’s a drink driving case, the victims can sue his estate. But then he is dead, long process, means if u do not have money to fight this case, no point, still lose.

  75. Johann Wang said

    I should think the foreigner before they have their License change to singapore local driving licence, the driver need to go for a proper education on the driving culture here, some of them are just too slow on the road and driving on the extreme right lane causes the expressway jam.
    many asia country beat traffic light is norm, they have not used to the local culture.
    doesn’t matter where they from. they come here they will need to abide our local law and our local culture.
    I met a European driver who did not give way and he can have the cheek to show centre finger, these are the people we do not need them here.
    We should influence them in stead they influence us.

    • Your such a piece of work….I see idiot locals everyday act like fools. Even some try to cut in front of me…and then come to abuse me, but when I get out of such a little car…as a 6’4” aussie, they sure back down real quick. I live in the district were u learn to drive…and by god…some of the locals are losers at driving…so go crawl back in your cave miss Wang!!!!
      Only Jungalis get influenced by others. Takes a righteous person not to be influenced by others….so I assume you drink alcohol and go clubbing? No doubt I bet

      • I live in the district were u learn to drive…and by god…some of the locals are losers at driving

        That is the idiots that blow their horn at the learner drivers and speed around here like morons….trucks cars buses bikes pushbikes…not the learners themselves

  76. virginia1288 said

    Well said GODSPEED! Couldn’t have said it better myself. We seem to have all missed the point to this whole tragedy and have started pointing fingers. Disregard the fact that he was a PRC, at the end of the day, it is a man who was irresponsible and reckless who caused misery to many others! It doesn’t matter where the person is from. He was a reckless driver and we need to see less of his kind in this country and the world. Let’s learn from this incident.

    TRASH, Sg is still a fantastic place to live in or I would not have left my country 11 years ago to stay here. There are bad apples in all society no matter where you are from. Recall the incident of Penang Road, if I am not wrong he was Singaporean. There are all types on all societies so no point dragging our racial hatred into this debate.

    Let’s just hope that those who are the cause (and survive) such atrocities suffer that maximum punishments and penalties in all forms to prevent idiots from repeating such stupid actions.

    May those affected severely by this incident eventually find some peace.

    • Why was he reckless and irresponsible???….cause he was drunk with a local trollop in his car while his wife an kid an unborn child was at home….so that makes that driver a poor lost sole and I feel soooo sorry for his children…knowing that their dad was a drunk killing slime bucket who made poor judgement…cause there are not enough police to patrol these clubs and pubs with breatherlizers to detect alcohol and drink drivers.
      You ever thought the Police Chief is irresponsible knowing all these drunks and driving…(its his job) yet not enuff police in and around clubs and bars??

      Anyone is too blame…its govt and the police chief and alcohol

      Is the gun to blame…or the user or the designer or the chines who invented gunpowder or the miner who mines the lead for bullets or the maker of the gun or the person who markets the advertising or the shipper who ships them…or the warehouse who stores it…or the seller of the gun…or the border guard who lets it come into ur country or the buyer who sells it to his mate who loses it in ditch…then some poor uneducated kid gets it…and kills some….so tell me…#whoistoblame

  77. Abigail Chua said

    Sad but Singaporeans needs to remember that one person from China does not equal to 2 billion others

  78. Jo said

    go to HELL,PRC…don’t come near me.

  79. streetlover said

    All fast car driver are just trying to show off. They make it worst when with friends, girls or crowd around. Remember the guy who wanna bash a couple in orchard tower and end up got beaten up. He is also driving a fast car. They think they are rich and can do wonder. Too bad. It does not always happen that way. One moment of foolish end up with broken families and life lost. R.I.P.

  80. GPMK said

    Seriously… How many fatal accident that the PRC have cause!!!! Haizzzzz speechless 😦
    R.I.P to the victim & BURN TO HELL TO THE PRC GUY!!!!

    • Seriously… How many fatal accident that DRUNKS have cause!!!! Haizzzzz speechless
      R.I.P to the victim & BURN TO HELL TO THE drink driver GUY!!!!
      Thats how you should have wrote it.

  81. hotees said

    A friend of mine was at the scene. he said that the chinese chap’s head was almost severed and you could see all those veins sticking from the neck like those electric wires. Gory. His legs were dismembered.

  82. Amazing Singapore said

    I’m sure all the involved families are distraught over the accident. It’s unfortunate, and tells the severity of reckless driving and not obiding by traffic rules. Doesn’t matter what country the accident took place in, doesn’t matter where the people involved are from. I hope this is the lesson that most people learnt from this tragic accident.

  83. useful said

    eh pay and pay , dont keep quiet la ! you are the course of the problem !!! and also the nightingale nursing home case ? what have you done to help those who have been abused ? because of your lousy and selfish policies ?!!!

  84. Don’t single out just the PRCs…. there are cases of rich and spoilt Singaporeans who own fast cars that are responsible for several careless accidents, all because they feel the thrill of sitting in one and have the need to speed.

  85. Obama said

    Wife of Ferrari driver said her husand has took the Ferarri out “for training” at Wee hours many times before.
    So, given the loud roar of Ferrari engine,

  86. Ivin said

    I am a Singaporean, and sometimes due to some issues, I hate the FTs too. I hope this comment of mine can be read with an open heart.

    However, in this case whereby most people have commented that it’s due to FT (only it seems) that caused such accidents, I would like to say that in this type of accident, not only does FT seems possible to “create”, it’s of equal chances to ANYBODY of any race and country.

    I have seen and came across so many irresponsible drivers in Singapore whom they speed, not signalling, and etc. I believe ALL drivers should be meticulous, and stay alert while driving, and not speed.

    It is such sadness to see lives are lost due to irresponsible driver(s). I’m definitely heartbroken to see such news and it just sends me goosebumps how vulnerable life can be. My condolence to the family involved.

    • Ivin….a very well thought out comment.
      My condolences too also too all persons who had to see this and deal with this trauma and the readers whos lives this situation has made them all different now…hoping everyone can move on for the better

  87. Johann Wang said

    not all the lambo and ferrari owner are such, at where i stay a irritating subaru WRX with a loud muffler making me more irritating.
    at least these high end super car come with authority approve muffler, what about those modify muffler that is worst.
    I doubt these modification with any safety device on the car, I knew some of the Honda CIvil, can go really fast but can not stop in time.

    • I knew some of the Honda CIvil, can go really fast but can not stop in time.
      Caus the idiots spend money on making the car go soooo faster for dragging…they dun think about stopping.

  88. Windzzzz said

    The Problem is now goverment is telling us to take more public transport…BUT…take MRT,MRT spoilt Y? parts mostly from china,Take bus,Bus Go wrong Way la, ANyhow jam Brake la,Knock People down la….Low grade PRC No brain i understand as if thay can make it they wont come here to be a BUS DRIVER LO,But now worse…High class also no brain..Just want to rush fast fast go geylang hotel…Nnb…Our locals Play cars also Not till like this PRC lo…Just by himself only on the road also need to speed meh???Race with who sia…Ghost ah….No for nothing TP will be up on the balls on we locals…FXXK

  89. Lisa said

    Crimes committed by Indonesians/Banglas also happen in Malaysia. Our gov is also doing a shitty job by opening our doors to these foreign labourers even giving them citizenship!! Local citizens feel imprisoned in their own homes but despite all protests and complaints, what is the gov doing? Invite more to come in!!!

    • Ed said

      Without them, is your uncle or friends you know gonna build your HDB ? Condo, roads? By the way who are the developers ? Private Singaporean bosses as well, so ask them why hire China or Bangala or Thai ? Because Singaporean won’t go to JC or University to become a labourer. Think before you speak. Oh ya and be greateful. This is reality and sometimes reality sucks and move on or be replaced. Your forefathers also FT too once upon a time.

  90. Fantastic Singapore said

    The reason why lots of singaporean are complain abt those FT and PRC is because, if the govt would implement these FT into singapore THAT MUCH, our accident rate could be lower. Yes i agree its not totally abt these FT but rather reckless driver and also some concern regarding “what if its a singaporean or is it right for a singaporean to do so?”

    Just would like to say regarding this, if we singaporean would be the one doing these, we would also suffer such comment in news, internet and public comment BUT the only difference is, govt help to defend these FT or rather not saying anything much when their “TALENT” got into trouble. LOOK at the example of the minor sex incident done by us singaporean, details of them were so detailed being listed down such as, who is he, what is he, where he work blah blah blah. BUT did these happen to the same fate to the PRC, letting singaporean know who is he, where he from, WHY he come to singapore for? i dont think so and thats why alot singaporean are angry abt it because they might be thinking why when singaporean make major mistake, we got punish in a such a hard way compare to those FT. What i meant punishment is, why singaporean get such total disgrace when we make mistake and FT are not getting as much as us?

    News reported singaporean should learn how to accept FT and FT must learn to adept new enviroment and learn the way how we do things BUT did they mention FT should be punish the same way how we singaporean got punish if they were to ever make mistake or double the punishment?

    Back to main point, if govt were to get these FT into our country, YES THEY CAN BUT LOOK AND DECIDE CAREFULLY ! dont make it into Once they invested into our country, we should just accept them.2ndly make it a hard spot for them to come into singapore, make them compete with each other and end of the day we still have FT into our country BUT the only diffence is we GOT THE BEST FT in singapore whom really helps singapore and not giving trouble to singapore or rather have the chances to let singaporean comment abt them. if the govt can do it this way, i believe hatred comments for the FT will be lessen.

    Treat everyone fairly whether be it singapore or FT. when either one does well, complements them, when either one make mistake, let them have the punishment in the same way. FAIRNESS is the voice of what singaporean wanted now from the govt !

  91. Time and space at that speed by the Ferrari needed only a few seconds difference to decide the spot of impact and the fate of the three deceased was decided by that. It was a spot-on crash. I hope sellers of high-speed performance cars, that can easily rev to more than 200kph in a few seconds, will remind all buyers, especially the rich FTs, that it will take only 15 minutes to crash into the sea as Singapore island is only 45 km long, [if there is a straight-line expressway] East to West across. Pls tell them not to race on Singapore roads as there is no space for it.

    • daimaou said

      What you said about warning was quite true. In fact, a friend of mine has gone one step further and suggested a very good solution. He himself at one time in the past is an owner of one of these high performance cars. His suggestion is that a special license must be required, after taking special classes and passing a test that shows competency at handling those cars, before the person can drive a high performance car. The definition of a high performance car could be say, a car that can go from 0 to 100 kph in 5 secs, or some other such parameters. This way, there is no discriminations against anybody, not by race, color or nationalities and not by richness or poorness. The car jockeys must also have that license before he can drive the car. (Remember that fatal accident many years ago by a jockey in Hilton Hotel driving a Porsche?)

    • Obama said

      The fact is the PAP garment wants more rich people to buy more ferrari and lumbogini.
      They need to suck up and pander to the F1 organizers and the ferrari /lumbogini people too.

    • Maybe we should ban bars and clubs who serve alcohol and then u have to drink at home

  92. This is not just about this Ferrari, at Victoria Street.
    Have we caught anyone who race their speedy car down Orchard Road?
    So many close circuit TV, what did these cameras accomplish?
    If a localized case cannot be stopped from repeating, will it not spreading?

    Have we prosecuted the drunked who punched up our Taxi Drivers two years ago ?

    In which nation’s capital has people at their own will race their sports car down busy shopping mall like Orchard Road?
    Not even Yakusa of Japan.

    We have so many research lab, can NUS image processing expert tell us this video is fabricated?

    Singaporeans want to be respected, need to do things that bring respect to Singapore, our society, our law and order.

    It is not the problem of migrants, it is how this nation choose migrants, how we administer, cultivate people on this land to be a peaceful, dynamic, capable, orderly society.

    These were there, before our founders stepping down…..

    • Obama said

      The PAP garment wants to cultivate the F1 culture here.
      So, they close their eyes to the many cases of night racing down the expressways during the wee hours.

      I personally have encountered many times, a team of two or three “sports” racing down the expressways zig-zagging from lanes to lanes endangering the rest of the road users and drivers.

      The police can spend their time monitoring the internet blogs, so I don’t believe, for one second , that they have done their best to crack down on illegal and dangerous “racing” by these sports cars owners.

      • Maybe we should ban movies like Fast n Furious as well as high powered sports cars along with banning alcohol too. OMG, so many uneducated humans here in this forum!!!!

  93. Obama said

    The PAP Garment will be doing their best to bury this as fast as possible. Trust me.
    This will not look good for them to do their F1 race promotion this coming Sep.

  94. Michael said

    Hope all prc won’t get their driving licence in sg all cAn buy from their country and change at sg….. How many fatal accident coz by prc in sg

    • Joe bloggs said

      What rubbish… Singaporean drivers are renowned to be the worst ill mannered drivers in the world. However, irrespective of that, this driver, whatever country he may be from, should be put behind bars and have the key thrown away… Terrible…

  95. Winzyboy said

    I am very appalled and disturbed by some of the comments I’m reading here. I am unhappy with the influx of many PRCs here in Singapore just like many of us here. But lives are lost in this horrifying accident. The driver himself had also lost his life. Yes it is his fault but please do have some respect for his family and friends who might be reading the comments here. Some of the comments here are just downright mean and disgustingly cruel.
    It was an accident due to recklessness and negligence and I believe nobody wanted it to happen. It has nothing to do with where he was from and definitely nothing to do with the government’s policy for foreign talent. Some of you are on the verge of becoming xenophobic.

    • virginia1288 said

      “on the verge of becoming xenophobic”? Sadly, they already are.

    • Bulldog said

      Seriously…………..? like seriously…………..? you think the government policy to promote more PRC’s (Rich, middleclass and the poor) to our country, OUR LAND has nothing to do with it?

      there is ALWAYS SOMEONE TO BLAME!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    • Ed said

      Singapore will fail not becos of government but by pea brain xenophobic locals who behaves like they have not finish primary schools. Look at all the above comments, some are outright from people with IQ lower than 5. And yes they deserved to lose their job to FT. Come on guys…move on….life is not just about ranting away because you are a failure in life.

    • User said

      I wld have to agree. It was an accident. No use in cursing the other nationalities. But what is frustrating Singaporeans is the fact the media is spinning rubbish.

    • Xenophobic… have to be kidding. He was a drunk driver… scared of boozers not foreigners!!!!

  96. singaporean voice said

    cars only to be afford by foreigners, taxi and buses for locals

    • Obama said

      Not just foreigners. But RICH Singaporeans too.

      The rich are buying two, three cars, even though their family may have only 4-5 people.
      A typically businessman have at least 2 cars.

      The richer ones, usually owns two luxury cars and a sports car (ferrari or lumbogini) which they will drive on the weekends. Its very common that they will take their millon dollar sports car to ramp up to racing speeds, because, these car are designed to run at speeds of 130-200 kmph.

      Therefore, I do not believe, for one second that the police, didn’t know that such practices are going on with these ferrari and lumbogini owners.

  97. matsallen_w/o_common_knowledge said

    Are the government or the PAP do something about the foreigners? ans: NO! so we just stop discussing and live on our lives!

  98. VoR said

    I can only conclude that if the Ferrari driver had been Singaporean, all these racist posters would think the cabby and his passenger dying was okay. Obviously, it was only wrong because a nasty foreigner did it…

  99. Peter Koh said

    All the angers and condemnations on the Govt and PRC are really not warranted. The accident is the result of the reckless
    action of one person be it a PRC, other nationals or a local and he has already paid for it with his own demise. We should all
    be offering our condolences to those who suffered sorrow from the unfortunate death of loved ones as no amount of anger
    is going to bring any of the deceased persons back to life. Let us just instead pray for the lost souls that they rest in eternal

  100. Shirox said

    The deceased deserves some respect. No matter whose fault it is right now, most importantly is to proper respect them first. The innocent ones is the taxi driver and his passenger… No one wanted this to happen, I just hope although the China driver is unfortunately dead in the incident as well, I hope the rich family behind the china driver will bear the irresponsibility of financially support the families of the deceased. Although money is nothing compared to a person’s life, but at least it could provide them a solution to their future.

  101. Ed said

    “To PAP, Beware Karma”: You should go back to school or the mountains. Go google how many fatal accidents is by local than foreigners if you wanna go down this route to “compare”…. anyway this is an accident !!!!, it can happen to anyone, so please stop using this site to incite hatred and xenophobia. The first thing to get rid of is pea brainers like you. Oh yes, i am a Singaporeans and we dun need people like you.

  102. Gabe said

    Don’t get angry. Get even.

    If you are a Singaporean, use your vote to influence the next GE.

  103. paulatanme said

    So many ignorant people on here it seems. Get your facts right.
    1) The driver was here on the investor scheme not as foreign talent.
    2) the passenger of the taxi wasn’t Singaporean she was Japanese ‘foreign talent’.
    3) the taxi that was hit was also running the light making a right turn from the opposite direction of the the car that hit him.

    I am not defending the PRC or foreign talent or immigration policies all I am saying is get your facts right before commenting so you don’t sound as dumb as you are.

    I think we are too “in love” with foreign money more so than “foreign talent” the real problem here are the foreigners who think they can buy anything. All this dirty money from China is flooding in and the and Singapore is just taking it all in.

    • Wecanmakeadifference said

      same goes for the 2 casinos we have … oops should be called integrated resort.

    • Obama said

      The PAP want us to like “Foreign Talent”.
      OK. So how about we get “Foriegn Talent” here to take over their jobs ??

    • chinatells said

      Good facts but i am confused by your conclusion. Are you blaming the “dirty money” for this accident? What if the reckless driver was driving a Toyota or Subaru? I mean, your first half analysis was excellent, but how you ended up with a problem against the money is beyond me.

    • chinatells said

      Your first half analysis was excellent. But your conclusion is confusing. Are you blaming the “dirty money” to have caused this accident? What if the reckless driver was driving a Subaru instead of a Ferrari? How would this accident have anything to do with the wealth influx into Singapore?

    • Xrayhan said

      Please take a good look at the video!
      The traffic lights Colour and vehicles moving
      According to traffic rules. It’s shows Green!

  104. fauzansardi said

    bloody bastard son of a bitch PRC, hope u can now show your driving skills in hell

  105. Windzzzz said

    Sorry to said that…If the driver is a singaporean And he Owns a ferrari which is soooo fast.. He confirm wont race By himself all alone one a road where there is totally No people around liao…Why??? cos singaporean has a habit…and i also have!!! It is call Show Off!!!! And We singaporean Knows The amount of money is needed when an accident happens to a ferrari…The ferrari drivers in sg all Like to post on the road only as they already think they very fast,No needed Rev soo much cos Its not worth to have problems with the LTA(Infamous 19) Or TP, Singaporean ferrari drivers only play When They are out of SG…Only to blame the Govt again as thery stop the racing projects….F the wat life is important logic la ,Govt only scare more people die less people pay tax,7%gst,lesser people make baby = Lesser people work become lesser people contribute CPF than Govt No $$$$ play around….Everything so Ex now and yet this Richie Rich PRC can Just Kill a Sole Bread Winner(i think)in the family…..Everycar in Sg can go fast…Even a scooter knock u with 100km/h can kill u ,,, Its Not about the machine!!!! ITS ABOUT THE PERSON WHO CONTROL IT!!!!!In sg I am sure all road users Beat Red light before Its just that DO ANYTHING U CAN BUT DONT GET CAUGHT!!! He Never Manage to keep His eyes Open when he knows He wants to beat a red light!!!!

  106. sherlyn said

    Those people who support the PRC driver,imagine your family is the one who involved in this accident and die, do you think you can still say till so easily.Think for the innocent parties,they didn’t speed nor the taxis driver was drunk but because of this holier-than-thou attitudes PRCs,they tends not to obey the rules and because they know they wont get serious punishment because of Singapore laws that why,not being stereotyping or what but you can see EVERY news reporting accident involving with PRCs.

  107. Young Dumb and Full of Cum, Drunk and thinking he can handle a Ferrari at over 100Mph in a 60Kmh zone. What a fool. He deserves too DIE!!! Poor f@@k died in his 1.8 million dollar bdae present. As for the unknown trollop in his car…..she is just too blame by not demanding to get out of a speeding car. I have seen many idiots on these roads in Singapore…..and they all are of different races.

    • I wish and hope that the other innocent lives can be able to move on and continue with their lives. I pray for the taxi and his passenger and for the young boy on his mbike. I hope you all can find closure. As for the lounge trollop with injured legs…think urself lucky u not dead!!!

  108. ninja-JB said

    So pathetic..better buy a bike..waste money buy a ferrari then got killed..r.i.p from JB…

  109. David Le Chan said

    This is a very sad story. Blaming foreigners does no justice at all. We should be praying for them and be bigoted. There are many many Singaporean who live in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Americas.
    Most of them are hard working and have lots of money, as far as I am aware none of them are prohibited from either owning a dream house, a dream car and sending their kids to dreams school or universities. As a resident of those countries they have the right to education, healthcare and other amenities and they also pay taxes, like foreigners in Singapore. As foreigners we pay the same tax rate as Singaporean, as Singaporean you should be proud of who you are, and not bicker about your status. By being bigoted you guys are putting yourselves down and this is not going to help you. Be smart and look forward to life, if you cannot afford a Farreri make sure you work hard to achieve that, of that is your pet project.

    • May said

      Ferrari you mean

    • SingaporeanChinese said

      Simply, we are going to show u we hate u. look at russia !

    • May Tam said

      The dead girl ( Japanese) family and the injured motorcyclist came to the poor taxi driver’s family ( of 3 young children ) to offer condonces but none from the Ferrari rich PRC family came. You don’t know the taxi family struggle to pay the funeral expense? Yes, friend let’s go to see them n help a fellow Singaporean who work hard to provide for his brood of 3.

  110. Very Sad said

    Pity the poor taxi driver who was the sole breadwinner trying to make a living by driving the night shift. He worked so hard but his life ended in such a tragic manner because of one stupid irresponsible idiot. Taxi driver’s family and japanese girl’s family should sue this idiot’s family. This is not an accident. It arises from the sheer irresponsibility of an idiot trying to show off in his Ferrari.

  111. Very Sad said

    Want to speed and die plse go die alone. Don’t take innocent lives with you.

  112. Agi said

    Wow this is better than FB coz everyone spoke about reality. I agreed about the reckless drivers which come from the same republic of China and the Russian. Being killed at own country by foreign talent and worse part even tourist was not spare to live. Singaporean no more safe either you took a walk or drive. No matter how careful you are, these unresponsible ppls surely let you die young. Anyway accident may happen any time and location. This has to be justify before more ppl dying of reckless.

  113. May said

    Those holding foreign driving licenses should be made to take the Singapore driving test before being allowed to drive instead of the present system where all they need is to sit the highway code.

  114. George said

    A road accident caused by the driver’s misjudgment .no use pointing fingers creating confusions. Might as well go help those require needs. Dun juz talk, action speaks louder than words. N it’s not easy to jaga a country. Cheers

  115. Wilson said

    sad. but i wonder why our Taxi dont have air bag?? if have, i think that should have cushion Mr Cheng a little, and maybe he could have survived. well, pls update account number … would like to pass donation.

  116. Obama said

    The PAP tells Singaporean that we need many many “Foreign Talent”… blah blah blah,…

    But wait.., Why is HO CHING qualified to be the CEO of Temasek Holdings ???
    Why isn’t that position being filled by “Foreign talent” ??

  117. amy said

    done is done , the things is i hope people learn from it, when they drive they must take it seriously , they must always put in their mind 1 small mistake can take peoples life.

  118. Jessie Williams II, Esq. said

    To the hate-filled racists that commented above:

    To you feel much braver now? The dead cannot even defend themselves.

    Is it so chic to crawl out of the woodwork to expose your xenophobic, small and honourless side?

    We in the West have much more respect for our deceased, it seems.

    • Ms Kong said

      Go back to your own country if you feel the West has more “respect”. You aren’t welcome here in the first place and we don’t want your dirty money.

      • Fed Up said

        Ms Kong….. I want you to go home and throw out every single thing that was designed, manufactured or produced using non Singaporean talent. Then we’ll see how ‘independant’ you really are.

        Oh and please throw out your passport as no other country deserves to have your neo-nazi ideals inflicted upon it.

        Say hi to Hitler for me.

      • Ms Kong said

        WHERE in my quote did I suggest a N.Korea-type close economy? Please do not twist my words to insult me unduly.

      • Ms Kong said

        By the way, HITLER was from the West. If you are so proud of Western inventions, go and personally tell Ferrari to stop ALL exports of their cars to Asia. Let’s see if they can ride out the depression in the West by doing so.

      • Fed Up said

        Ms Kong, you have just made me laugh haha… You’ve dug your own ditch here, no need for a reply.

    • timeflies said

      Sigh, no one is talking about racism or Hitler here. Sure, the xenophobia is getting much and understand that you are feeling it, but do you actually have real Singaporeans (i.e. those who live in HDB flats) as your friends? Or you only befriend foreigners and well off citizens? If you don’t understand the underlying issues here, then you aren’t qualified to call Singaporeans “racist” or “Nazi”.

  119. Angry with a Law Firm in Singapore said

    very sad but believe me when I was in Singapore i worked for a law firm where the employer started giving files to someone else and then telling me politely to leave saying somebody is coming back after maternity leave. So Unfair wasn’t it. I heard that they are doing very well.

  120. Fair Libra said

    Such idiots driving can be PRCs or locals or anyone who can drive in Singapore man. Stereotyping should be out of topic. There are many irresponsible LOCAL drivers around too. Sometimes it’s just ppl “suay”. Kena the wrath of others for nothing. It’s fated…

  121. kenny said

    there r careless drivers in every countries.. can anyone tell me we dun hv stupid n selfish local driver?? there is nothing to do with nationality.. everyone wil make mistake, is only whether hw serious was it made at the pt of time..

    nobody like this to happen n this silly driver pays up his own life as well..

    TP should change their law for converting foreign driving licenses.. let them take their driving test rather than just taking basic therory…

    • Kill the bastard that use car as missle said

      They shld start off riding motorbike only 125 cc only let them learn how vulnerable life is in order to treasure their class 3 .damn the foreigner driver even the Contractor – shld let their foreign worker to drive. Stop loosing life. Every man has a family. Damn

  122. Fair Libra said

    All drivers should play their part and drive safely for the sake of others.

    To those F reckless drivers:
    You may not care about yourself or other drivers on the road. But please think about the family of those drivers whom are not in the car with them la!

  123. sorrowtears said

    No matter what he drive, watch out for the other vehicles. If he wanna beat red light see where he’s at. I wouldn’t just say who he is and where he from. But don’t be a reckless driver and cause inconvenient for the others even worst taking away innocent life. If these people think they really that good in driving, get yourself in the track and show it to the trackies.

  124. SingaporeanChinese said

    Singaporean ! At work , at your neighborhoods, in school or even the swimming pool show those foreigners we hate them. Show them the population do not welcome them.

  125. Siti Z said

    The foreigners are more fortunate than us pure Singaporeans. If anything were to happen to Singapore or they could not make it, they can always ‘balik kampung’ literally means go back to their home village. But us Singaporeans? Where to go? All our kampungs all had been snatched away by the Pappies. We are always at the losing end. And the Pappies treating them like gods, make us boil more. Especially the rich ones whether they come fm Philippines or PRC or anywhere. Poor us the Pure Blood of Singapore.

  126. Javen said

    I seriously think LTA should review 2 things.
    1) COE is claimed to control the number of vehicles on the road and it is Singaporean road. now it is crazy high to ‘control’ the number of vehicles. Since it is so uncontrollable that needs to be so high, why do we allow non-singaporean to purchase cars? We should ONLY allow Singaporean to purchase cars(old and new) and that will solve the number of cars problem and hopefully bring down a little of our coe and get rid of crazy drivers like this Ferrari driver. It will not affect our economy because there’s so much cars and we need such high COE to control it, it means we are self sufficient.
    2) To review the criteria of allowing non-Singaporean driving license. These people are not brought up and do not value Singapore. They do not know how to drive safely because their homeland does not have such control over them in this aspect and culture is very different. We should not so easily give them the license to drive. Even if we do give them, cap it based on cc and horsepower. After 2-3yrs then allow them to drive something bigger. Start with 1,000cc would be good. We should cultivate them gradually to prevent this kind of fatal accidents.

    • Kill the bastard that use car as missle said

      Agreed. We cannot afford these bastard to be released on the road just because they have money to throw. All foreigner shld be restricted to start off with only 1000 cc car only if they are not happy buy motorbike loh

  127. BB said

    It’s a sad accident caused by selfish individuals. As gracious Singaporean, let’s not start judging!!
    When I was a child, my grandfather used to remind us of our roots, he always remind us that he and his father came from China. And when we were young, we often recognize ourself as CHINESE not singaporean, but as Singapore became a developed country and people are more educated, many of us seem to forget that when we speak of PRC, we too, or our grand fathers/great grand fathers are PRC!
    So let’s break away from such vicious cycle!

    • Obama said

      Not just selffish but EXTREMELY BIG EGO !
      He thinks he is rich, and he thinks rules doesn’t apply to him.
      He also thinks he is a born lucky man and nothing will cause him harm.

      He couldn’t care less about endangering others.

    • Kill the bastard that use car as missle said

      Why don u go back to china and live with yr great great grand father then.

  128. May Tam said

    It’s very frustrating to read the first report of the Ferrari accident @Bugis. All the newspaper splash how the foreign rich is good character and how his family mourn over his death. Why is there no report of how the taxi driver’s family fare? What happen to the nameless passenger that died is her twenties? What is happening to the morals of the newspaper reporter n editors?
    The taxi driver family did not hv $ to bury their sole breadwinner. The dead girl family n the injure motorcyclist came to the poor man’s wake n offer condences. Where is the richman family? None appear!

  129. Gary said

    It is a sad event and a sad loss to all families, rich or poor, lives have been lost, and we as humans must give respect to those who have died, accidents are unplanned, unforeseen events, no one wanted this, but it has happened

    We vent anger frustrations, and our upsets, but we must learn from this, and the Govt and law of the land also.

    Every country has it own mannerism of driving, Singapore has its own too, but it is one of the best in Asia

    A foreigner who comes to Singapore to drive is allowed to do so, as the same as all countries, as a tourist they can hire vehicles etc: with a valid driving license, and anyone staying long term can also purchase a vehicle with the same Driving license, and no re test

    But there should be rules for foreigners who are to live here, A Foreigner who comes to Singapore long term and they have moved from a different country and they bring there habitual driving along with them too, which is dangerous when unleashed on the Singapore Roads

    Auto piloted in there brain of how they perceive to drive, foreigners should be given a strict driving test to Singapore standards and procedures, so they understand and learn and practice the Singaporean way of driving, and tested on this, and they forget there homeland way of driving what they habitually only know, as to say switch there auto pilot off, and concentrate and obey the laws of Singapore Roads, re-education of driving is essentially required

    1. Driving lessons & education should be taken
    2. Traffic Police should then judge if the person is ready for the driving test
    3. Strict driving test should be carried out
    4. Fail, go to back to No1
    5. Pass, a SG 1 year driving license is issued
    6. Re-Test after 1 year
    7. SG 5 year Driving License is issued

    Singapore has strict rules to abide too; we all follow them, as we don’t want to be in any troubles

    I am not Singaporean I am foreign, I have seen how other nationalities drive in many countries, I speak for the Safety of the people in Singapore, I hope the Govt and police do take into consideration a strategy as an example above for long term foreign drivers

  130. Desmond Chua said

    Actually that Bloody Idiot Ferrari driver died is orbi good! Take away the nationality, race or religion, reckless driver should be hanged! Quite true that foreigner should not be allow to drive in Singapore as they are not familiar with our traffic condition at all!

  131. RL said

    I am an FT. Reality 1. Singaporeans should stop whining like little girls, and vote. 2: Singapore would sink without foreign companies, and foreign talent (but agree the numbers should be controlled). 2: Most mainland Chinese cannot drive properly (fact, check the comparative road death statistics).

  132. Windzzzz said

    To everyone: Its Not the cars or the driver exprience u have its totally Due to the person who drives the car…Any car can hit that speed when the ferrari knocks into the taxi,It what was he think when he knew he wants to drive sooo fast…Partly its because of the hostess beside him and want to bring her go hotel lo…Just only wants to show off his Ego man…Think every guys knew that…Its the persons Up bringing Makes him wat he is now….I myself play car also not till that extend man….This driver just dont cares as His Brain is PRC label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Windzzzz said

    To everyone: Its Not the cars or the driver exprience u have its totally Due to the person who drives the car…Any car can hit that type of speed when the ferrari knocks into the taxi,Its what was he thinking when he knew he wants to drive sooo fast…Partly its because of the hostess beside him and want to bring her go hotel ?…Just only wants to show off his Ego man…Think every guys knew that…Its the persons Up bringing Makes him wat he is now….I myself play car also not till that extend man….This driver just dont cares as His Brain is PRC label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Obama said

      Amature morons thinks can cheong fast fast = great driving skills.

      If so, everyone can also become F1 drivers.

      Good driving skills means can cheong when its safe and its the right time to cheong. And able to slow down or stop when its time to slow down and stop.

      I drive on the roads and always see those Ah Beng cheong fast fast, and tail-gate very close from behind like the own the fu(king road. Got one time I teach an Ah Beng a lesson by stepping on my brakes and he almost crash into me from behind.

      • Windzzzz said

        At least Those ah bengs Know How to brake as they know they are coming up close so they are well prepared at least, at least those ah bengs wont race in a group when they are drunk..haha that ferrari confirm drunk driving To be frank Sg people only race when they can or blow blow their engine only la not till that extreme like this ba

  134. Jayson said

    wife pregnant, night club hostess in the passenger seat.. ‘nuf said
    i am Sg’rean, bosses hiring cheaper foreign labour, not neccessarily true.. i am pro Sg’reans and i hire only Sg’reans
    Sg becoming land for the foreign rich.. with money flooding in.. future not so well to do Sg’reans will not be able to upgrade themselves.. stay in HDB and be nice and slog

    • Obama said

      I have a few foreign expat friends and they all said the same thing.
      Even expat from USA say Spore is too expensive.

  135. crash said

    Actual footage of the crash:

  136. Fed Up said

    This accident was caused by the clear lack of regard for the top 3 factors in road deaths GLOBALLY – Alcohol, Speed and not obeying the road signs (traffic lights). If you break the road rules, you’re more likely to have an accident, it’s as simple as that. Driving is not a priviledge, it’s a responsibility.

    This is NOT race related, vehicle related or anybodies fault but the driver. If you think Singaporeans are the best drivers in the world then you need to think again and do your research..

    Hate on FTs all you want but next time you want to go for a drive, get in a cab or bus or train check the brand of the vehicle and ask yourself where it was made…. You’ll all be back on horse and cart in no time.

    Good DAY sir.

    • Ms Kong said

      If you feel the West is so wonderful, why don’t you just go back there and live? We can buy your stuff as an open economy and let you earn your keep, but just don’t come here, steal our jobs and school places for our children!

      • Fed Up said

        Ms Kong, I didn’t say the west was wonderful I merely gestured that the blame here isn’t with FT. You clearly hate FT because you’re racist and myopic. If you were minimally educated you would actually see the good that FT has brought to this country to make it what it is today.

        Name me one other 42km wide island that competes against much bigger countries on a global scale? There isn’t one. Could you have one it without ANY foreign influence? No. We’re not in the dark ages here, the world is flat and getting smaller. Get used to it.

        Before I go… Just think what it would be like if other countries turned on Singaporean expats like this?

      • Ms Kong said

        OK, I give up too since you insist on missing the point and twisting people’s words.

      • Ms Kong said

        This isn’t about racism…where in my comments did I say so? OK, fine, my English is bad, yours is good, hence you are superior. FT are superior, since you only define yourself and your FT friends solely in terms of material wealth.

        The waves of immigration OR (“FT” as you pride yourself to be) way before the explosive 1.5 million intake post-2006 – our forefathers, the Hongkongers before the handover etc, even quite a number of Westerners – came here and respected the country’s people, hence we respected them back. Most importantly, the previous “FT” wanted to integrate with the locals and didn’t form their own cliques. I cannot say the same of the post-2006 FTs at all.

        Citizens used to have priorities to schools, affordable housing, affordable transport and enjoyed low inflation (AND Singapore was still an open economy). True, the country wasn’t as materially wealthy, but it was a much more harmonious, happier and less stressful place to work and live in. Now, the new post-2006 “FTs” are very different. They think of themselves as belonging to a completely different rarefied sphere from the rest of the Singaporeans whose roots were the horse and cart (actually, coolies never had horses, they carried their own carts). That’s where the problem lies – this pervading attitude of superiority of the post-2006 FTs. Frankly, I don’t think a lot of the new FTs are interested to integrate, but rather carve out their own superior exclusive clique in this country.

    • timeflies said

      I do think you have been implying in all your posts that the West is superior and more wonderful. So, you say you aren’t. OK. If you don’t like people putting words in your mouth, then don’t do so to others.

      It’s sad the new FTs are measuring the wealth of a nation and its citizens solely in terms of money. The FTs during my early working years in the 1990s were real people who had a better sense of what a person’s worth is. FTs have been coming in for a really long time, since the 1980s actually. But was there xenophobia then? No right?

      Do you actually know and have talked to a real Singaporean taxi driver? A taxi driver in the 1990s earned S$1,700 a month, the cost of an HDB flat was S$180,000 and the cost of the average chicken rice meal was S$2. A taxi driver in 2012 still earns S$1,700 a month, the cost of an HDB flat is now S$900,000 and the cost of the average chicken rice meal is S$3.50.

      Tell me – the country is wealthier, but are the citizens actually wealthier?

      At the end of the day, in the event of a hostile invasion or a bursting of the current bubble and subsequent deep recession, will the FTs stay around?

    • mag said

      Excuse me, Singapore was already globally competitive in the 1980s. It was already the busiest port in the world in the 1980s before the FTs came. I was fine with the FTs who came in during the 1990s. In fact, my favourite English teacher in school was a Brit. A very nice, humble and inspiring Brit. And my dad’s boss was Dutch who regarded him as his peer, NOT his servant.

      What we are very unhappy about is the new breed of FTs coming here who carry this ATTITUDE that Singapore owes them the world and we citizens are obliged to give in to you.

      The topic is really not about Singapore being global. Stop harping on something to avoid the real topic at hand.

      What we are unhappy about is your ATTITUDE!

  137. a9fc said

    Proper video here:

  138. YOUMAD? said


  139. I Care Sg n Courtesy begins with me. Join me. said

    Just sharing my care for our sg and people, nothing offensive intended and i am an individual. Firstly, my deepest condolences go to the victims’ family and friends.

    The video clearly showed that Ferrari didnt stop at Amber and Red light while the cabby drove at Green light which is correct. So this is the fact. And the Ferrari driver will get his legal punishment and guilt for his whole life for the outcome of causing the 2 death and many broken hearts.

    It could happen to any human as the affected drivers, not to a specified group of people. We couldnt denied that drivers in sg are getting inconsiderate, bullied and dangerous as it is happening daily around us if we take time to observe it.

    Concerns and constructive feedback are good but if the statement get carried away by personal emotion, it just multiplying the unhappiness of everyone. Singapore belongs to everyone who give a sigh, drop a sweat and push lift button everyday. We dont work or succeed alone to become where we are; We strive together as an individual in different ways to build a nation.

    If everyone gradually become considerate and take time to think for others, many things can be avoided and prevented.

    A saying, “Monkey See Monkey do.” If we show and do it the right way we want, the person next to us will be understand, get influenced and follow the way we want SG to be.

    I saw a few gracious person daily on the road and we just need more of them. 🙂 Thanks to anyone who are being considerate to others.

    Wish everyone best of health and luck. Cheers.

  140. Kill the bastard that use car as missle said

    Normally as driver no matter what condition we r in, if the word responsibility is in the head, whatever car u drive, this will not happen. How can a super car rammed another car not due to unforeseen circumstances. This is liken firing a missile to destroy the target similar to a war destroying the enemy. So, no matter what argument the Ferrari is doing…. This is utterly irresponsible act… The brain is permanently damaged Asshole. We cannot tolerate such reckless act. New rule has to be installed. Regardless any supercar owner committed the speeding offence will go to jail seemed to be the order of the day with immediate effect to stop these bastard to tear down the road.

    • Obama said

      The traffic rules and law are already in place.
      The question is WHY IS THERE NO CRACK DOWN ON ILLEGAL RACING by the police especially during night time ???

      Everyone who drives during the night after 11pm would have come across those fancy sports cars zooming and zig-zagging past you like they own the fu(king roads.

      I highly suspect the police was given orders from the top to cut these rich sports cars owners some slack and at most give them a “slap on their wrist”.

      • mediatorrn said

        Obama, you are absolutely correct. Why is the police not cracking down on these cars racing at night. I once witnessed 15 high performance cars racing down ECP at 1:00 am, midnight. Many of my friends have also seen similar races. If we have seen them, don’t tell me the policemen haven’t. Why? We must ask the Ministry of Home affairs.

      • Windzzzz said

        To be frank Sometimes the taxis is even faster than those race cars man hahah

  141. so sad case. RIP.

  142. This is so tragic. It just took one second to change a fate in 3 person’s lives. I really must watch myself on the road, sleep drivers from hard day work, drunk drivers from clubbing and partying, errand drivers from bad driving habits, crazy drivers from egoistic characters, slow reacted drivers from slow reaction brained drivers…. these combination will cause many unneccesary death in singapore. take 2 road deaths per day, it will be 730 death per year. 7,300 deaths in a decade. Let’s all take public transport okay !

  143. Bek said

    Seriously,what is wrong with Singapore government nowadays!!

    PRC woman =break up families,snatch people’s husband,use SG man as a stepping stone to get PR n Citizen (( suprisingly they manage to get hold of all these PR n Citizen thingy EXTREMELY EASILY n EFFORTLESSLY )) and once they got hold of it,they very yaya. Don’t work n yet still criticise sg woman for being sloppy.

    PRC man = contribute to DEADLY road accidently,murderer ((budget terminal)),fights (( coffee shop over chilli or ikan billis thingy))

    Just look,how many percent of PRC are there in SINGAPORE and yet SO MUCH PROBLEM given to Singaporeans. Do we really need all these PRC? Seems like we Singaporeans ARE loosing our stand too. Lets just say Goodbye to good schs,HDB lower pricing,husbands bla bla bla…and Hello to more study mamas that offers SEX,more road accident,making us Singaporeans become racist on weibo ((the guy fr poly or fr u that was sent back)) bla bla bla…


    Seems like Singaporeans are going to loose the SG that it’s used to be… Sad… Sigh….

  144. To the PRC who commented that ” the taxi driver should look left n right b4 moving of when signal turns green ” , if u were in that taxi and i would wanna see if you will still second what u commented !!!!

  145. Saniyak said

    PRC!!! Just look at how they even bang a helpless child in China posted in youtube. Very inhuman act. I dont understand what they thinking.. What more an adult taxi driver.. is not a problem for PRC!! Stupid bastards!!

  146. Frank said

    To be frank, the only person to blame is the Ferrari driver.

    – The ferrari driver didn’t stop at the red light (many many drivers and ESP bus drivers do this in Singapore and its not safe. Regardless of nationality or race)

    – The traffic light was green so the cabbie had right of way.

    So it’s purely that ONE PRC’s fault, not everyone who comes to Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, I am not pro-foreigners, but that is just the facts.

    To avoid this, EVERYONE who drives, cabbies, bus drivers, etc, just need to follow road rules. That’s all. (:

  147. Live once only said

    It’s depressing though but at that kind of speed in urban area, was it stupidity or sheer display of above the law???

  148. Xrayhan said

    Stop bringing PRCs! These people came from
    Rich families and don’t @!!?$& care abt laws in Singapore. They have loads of money to pay if penalized. Take alternatives bring the Japanese.
    They have moral standard, respect for the elderly, environment and world peace!

  149. wathappened said

    Stop bringing foreigners!! PRC, fillipino, bangala, indian & ang mo monkeys.
    many of these parasites leech the respurces from our society, when they are fat and fed they move on to another host.

    After so many posts, i sure love some comments from PAP. So silent, like something stuck in mouth.

    • Wahlaueh said

      How do you think our tiny little country is going to compete on the world stage if we close our doors to people from more developed nations? I’m Singaporean and proud but i’m also not myopic enough to think that we’d have a hope in hell of holding our current economic standing without the influence of foreign talent.

      Wake up and smell the bee-hoon because you’re sounding like the parasite, with a very very small brain.

  150. Bugsy S. said

    Murdering Chinese Ferrari Driver’s family should be put on the street immediately.

    ALL of their family money should go to taking care of the Taxi driver and passenger’s family.

    Probably doesn’t matter. Singapore will become a Chinese province within the next few decades. They want our country.

  151. noname said

    I simply feel that the PAP goverment totally act ” no balls ” towards this matter, should get a letter from Mr Cheng’s family and Ms Ito’s friend , and then signed by public, send to LTA, Traffic Police, Japanese Embassy , China Embassy ..this is really a big issue man .. we can’t just let this matter rest in this way , WTF …

  152. What the?! said

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  155. […] VIDEO of fatal Bugis accident: Red Ferrari crashed into Comfort taxi at high speed. Retrieved from:… ( screenshot, should belong to annex. […]

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