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VIDEO: Re-enactment of Bugis accident – Speeding car crashed into taxi in China at traffic junction

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

The tragic Bugis accident which was reportedly caused by a speeding Ferrari trying to beat the red lights has shocked the entire nation with the extent of the damage to the vehicles involved.

The Ferrari was all crumpled up and the engine of the Comfort taxi was flung a distance away. Such horrific accidents are common in China.

Below is a video showing a similar accident in China in 2010 (from 0:48 – 0:52) where a speeding car crashed heads on to a taxi at a traffic junction as well as other shocking accidents:


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13 Responses to “VIDEO: Re-enactment of Bugis accident – Speeding car crashed into taxi in China at traffic junction”

  1. Sun Wu Gui said

    7:27 the freaking driver fled the scene!! OMG welcome to PRC!!!

    • ari said

      look at 6.50 it’s even worse when u see the police car below didn’t do anything to help(which i think it’s a police car)

  2. fu said

    I don’t pity nor feel sad about china’s accident. Been there once and the drivers don’t give a fuck about anyone.

    • pirate said

      go to hainan island, its totally different there… once u step on the street, the cars, bike will move away from u.. or honk u to remind u.. they wun balantly crash u down

  3. ari said

    first of all, how did these citizens get their driving /riding licence? do they even know the rules?
    secondly, did they now practice safety during driving/riding? (ridiculously obvious some motorcyclist didn’t wear any helmets!)
    thirdly, does those cyclists earn their right of way when ignorantly they just cross the road(seems pretty silly to me)
    fourth, what’s the purpose of having traffic lights? for display only during the day?
    and by looking at some of the clips through minutes, some are even bold enough to actually cross the road blindly!
    lastly, i don’t even know if this is a junction,roundabout or whatever road!
    pity i might say, those ignorant people somehow deserve(with exceptions to their younger ones)
    we should be thankful our roads are way better lighted,and are more strict with the rules(though some are still ignorant and being a road bully)

  4. fuckingyourmother said

    There have been a lot of cases involved with PRC in SG. Will our elected people working in the council “LOOK” in to this or DO something about this?

  5. fuck prc said

    look at many of the motorcyclists. they are suicidal! driving INTO vehicles. Just passed one in geylang today, driving out in front of a TRUCK on an electric bicycle without checking AT ALL, directly onto the path of my car! MOFO PRC, just go die elsewhere keep away from us!!!!

  6. Hollywood couldn’t have done any better!

  7. Hedgehog said

    Population control

  8. relaxguy said

    With all due respects, almost all these accidents could have been prevented if the law in china was changed.

    Presently, it is with default that the weakest party wins regardless of who is at fault, so all the small vehicles act like no one can touch them..

    Also, these fucking blind drivers do deserve to get killed, darwin theory of evolution at its best!

  9. timeflies said

    To all the “FT” commenting here, I understand why you are unhappy about the seeming “xenophobia” amongst Singaporeans – but you need to read up on the history of the country you are in.

    Singapore always had immigrants coming in from the very beginning. This is not the first time we imported “FT”. I remember back in the 1990s when I was working as a teacher, the Ministry of Education recruited lots of good Chinese teachers from China and English teachers from Australia. They were very welcomed by us local teachers and there was no xenophobia at all. Immigration was nicely paced out over the years. In the 1980s when I was in school, I remember the population was about 2.5 million. It took 20 years to increase to 3.5 million. But now, we see nearly 2 million foreigners in just 5 years? That’s almost a 60% increase within a short span of 5 years!

    Say if you are from the USA (population of 300 million?), then suddenly 180 million foreigners (60% increase) migrates to the country within a few years! You’d definitely say, O.M.G., what is happening to the country, right?

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