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Bugis fatal accident: Cabby’s daughter put plans to further her studies in university on hold after father’s death

Posted by temasektimes on May 14, 2012

The daughter of taxi driver Mr Cheng Teck Hock (pic left) who passed away in Tan Tock Seng Hospital yesterday evening has put her plans to study in a local university on hold. She has just graduated from a polytechnic in Singapore.

Mr Cheng was driving his taxi across a junction in Bugis on Saturday morning when a red Ferrari driven by a PRC ‘foreign talent’ Ma Chi appeared out of nowhere and rammed into his Hyundai Sonata, overturning it on the spot and trapping him and a female passenger.

Ma Chi died on the spot and the female passenger succumbed to her injuries hours later. Mr Qin was declared brain dead in hospital and eventually passed away from massive bleeding in his brain, liver and lungs.

Mr Cheng has been making a honest living driving a taxi for the past ten years. He is the sole breadwinner of the family and leaves behind two sons and a daughter.

Despite the tragedy, the Singapore media has been focusing on Ma Chi and portraying him as a ‘victim’ instead. One Chinese tabloid even went to the extent to glamorize him by describing as a ‘tall, handsome, young and successful’ tycoon working in the finance industry:


If you know the children of Mr Qin and their contacts, please email us at We are launching a donation drive to help raise funds for the family to tide over this period of time.


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29 Responses to “Bugis fatal accident: Cabby’s daughter put plans to further her studies in university on hold after father’s death”

  1. So Sad said

    Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ..Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ……Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad..Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ……So Sad Sad….So Sad ….Sad..Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ……So Sad …. ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad..Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ……So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ..Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ……Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….Sad….So Sad ….

  2. Han Chong Chun Cheng said

    Here is a MSG from Mr Cheng’s son

    ‘The funeral will be held under Blk 306 Canberra road, 13-17 May 2012.

    Public is advised to come from 14 May 2012 onwards.

    Please accept my gratitude for your support and assistance to my family during this difficult times.

    Thank you.

    Cheng Dao Han

  3. TaxiUncle said

    RIP Mr Cheng. My deepest condolences to the family of the bereaved. What a silly tragedy but sadly this sort of highlights some of the inherent dangers night shift taxi drivers faced from alcohol-induced speedsters with too much money ! I am a fellow cabbie and of the same age and was also out driving at the time of the accident! It could hv easily been me since the drunk Ferrari driver beat the red light, it was just so unfortunate to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    This kind of put my life in perspective. I may now consider switching to driving day shift!
    I will pray for yr departed soul!

  4. mae chulalongkong said

    pls post details of the donation drive so we can do our little bit to help… :))

  5. Willie Tan said

    Govt should put stringent control on issuing driving licence on foreign talents from “Left Hand Drive countries”. Speed lock their vehicles to 50kmh

  6. wahhh said

    the ferrari driver is worth millions… his family not contributing anything to the families of the victims????????????

  7. v said

    The cabbie’s family will have a really good case if they can sue the estate of the Ferrari driver for negligence.

  8. LOL now all of a sudden everyone is crying for taxi uncle. I remembered just several months backs they were looking for their blood when taxi uncle raised their taxi fare. And when they saw the red taxi on fire in Jurong they said, “increased the taxi fare some more la.” When the taxi from Yio Chu Kanf Rd exiting at slip road into Lentor Ave and had an accident, all the people in the Internet forum said it’s the taxi uncle’s fault la. What hypocricy. You can keep your crocodile tears la. They don’t need you pathetic false sympathy la. LOL.

    • Anti-TK said

      Obviously you are not smart enough to differentiate between two separate matter.

      Taxi company raise price has nothing to do with this incident. Taxi uncle do not raise their fare, they have to follow what the company says. Feeling sorry for this man has nothing to do with the increased fare.

      Btw its hypocrisy not hypocricy.

  9. George said

    I am sorry to know the passing away a true blooded Singaporean who died while making a honest living as a taxi driver. A few months ago an accident at budget terminal a PRC was involved killing an Indian Malaysian cleaner.. Now another PRC killed a another innocent man. God please open your eyes and help my fellow Singaporean and others from careless PRC drivers in Singapore.

  10. Singapore Chinese said

    That damn PRC ferrari driver’s family must be responsible for causing death of innocent victims. Sue them in court and make sure they do not leave Singapore.

  11. Jessie Williams II said

    I am mortified by the amount of vitriolic comments posted here.

    Is this how you simpletons respect the dead in this country? Coming out of the woodwork to toss dirt on their graves?

    By smearing the so-called “PRCs” you so despise, do you not prove to be as uncouth as them?

    Isn’t this why we foreigners are needed in this land? To inject a whiff of much-needed decorum?

    Yours sincerely,

    Jessie Williams Jr., Esq.

    • beenthereseenit said

      Jessie Williams Jr., Esq., I see you have been trolling temasek times and not liking one bit of anything you read here. Why are you here then? You have nothing good to say about Singaporeans either judging from all your comments. Why are you here then? Your life must be pretty sad being some place with people you have little love for. Please do not for a moment think Singapore cannot survive without foreigners like you. Get off your high horse and onto the next flight out and see if Singapore will collapse.

      I see nothing but arrogance in you, starting from your showy FULL name. Singapore needs less of the likes of you and more of Singaporeans who will stand up for their fellow Singaporeans.

    • Zack said

      Granted, a number of comments here may have crossed the line and as a result, raised your ire. However, I cannot help but feel that you too have gone too far in your ad hominem attacks. Your tone of haughty derision, condescension and the labelling of people as “simpletons” hardly seems to bring about a semblance of the ‘decorum’ that you speak of.

      As a Singaporean who has just completed my NS, it irks me to see how you’re under the delusion that Singapore needs foreigners like you. Yes, I’ve done my fair share of macroeconomics, I know how Singapore needs foreign talent. Foreign talent…not insincere, ungrateful individuals that think they are here to help us when they are the ones earning our Singapore dollars which they happily send back to their own countries(thereby reducing the magnitude of our BOP surplus). Mind you Mr Foreigner, I am not condoning any insults aimed at the dead, I just want to enlighten you on the fact that the relationship Singapore has with foreigners is symbiotic,not one-way so you jolly well bear that in mind.


      PS: Don’t end your note with “Yours sincerely” when you clearly don’t mean it

      • Happy Boy said

        Omg Well said Zack…sad for you Jessie Williams II..Zack response shows quality. Your comments really lacks quality. please study more… 🙂

    • A "Simpleton" said

      My dear,

      We are not simpletons. If you were successful in your own country, you would not have needed to come here. So obviously you aren’t. Instead of going around insulting everyone who you deem to be below you and smearing the people of the country you live in, why not focus on commenting on the article?

      As an expatriate, you should not be attempting to draw a line between the citizens and yourself. Our country might have hired you, scouted for you, but you’re not as great as you think you are and neither are you an elite. Even if you truly are one, I am sad to say that I am appalled by the behaviour and mentality of people like you, which makes you truly ugly inside.

      If you have no wish to integrate yourself with us, we sincerely welcome you to go back and will not appreciate whatever “contribution” you have made to our society.

      Before you say I am xenophobic, or un-couth, or whatever insult you would like to throw my way, I have many expatriate friends who are sincere about making a living as well as being a part of us, and I welcome them here, and love having them as my friends. My comments are directed to you and only you alone and not a generalisation of the expatriates whom we share a happy relationship with. It’s precisely because of people like you that have resulted in a stronger discontent amongst us Singaporeans. Do not expect us not to fight back after you have chose to trod on us.

      Seriously? Why are you even here?

      Yours Sincerely,

      A “Simpleton”

    • dammit said

      There really are a lot of PRCs that causes shit here. Shut your trap and get lost

    • TOMB said

      if it happen in your country, what will you do?

      if it happen to your family members? what will you do?

      there is nothing against foreigner here.. no issue at all.. its about their character, their attitude.

      do read up on what Ma Chi’s family said, tossing dirt on grave is an understatement, seriously, Jessie Williams! who’s aint respecting the dead now?

      let’s be fair.

      am expecting a reply from you.

  12. No PRC said

    Condolences to late Mr Cheng Teck Hock’s family. With deepest sympathy.

  13. No PRC said


  14. haze said

    Nothin is fair in tis world.e rich is always e ones being protected while e poor gets all e shit .
    One thing for sure China is one of e places tat i will not step in after how they treat animals n humans alike.they dun even care abt their fellow countrymen let alone others

  15. Death is Too Easy for MaChi said

    Last time when Huang Na died, so many stupid Singaporeans donated so much money to her china parents, on the day of her funeral, lined up behind the funeral van, all crying as if their own daughter died. Huang Na’s mother promised to donate part of the donation back to Singapore charity, in the end what happened? They ran back to China and bought a 3-storey house with the money. Not a single cent was given to charity. Now that this fucking china Ferrari driver killed the taxi driver and caused his daughter to have financial difficulty in attending university, do you think any China man, ESPECIALLY THE RICH FAMILY OF MA CHI, will donate even a single cent to support her education??? OR EVEN APOLOGISE??? All these heartless dogs do not deserve any pity! They should all burn in hell!

  16. Xxxkayxxx said

    No news on the jap passenger that died as well???

  17. sara said

    If you drink dont drive….obviously a foreign PRC not abiding rules. So government should do something abt this. Why! Why! Previously a malaysian cleaner died in our land which impact singapore reputation. Now it happen to my own fellow singaporean. My condolences to the taxi uncle family n also to the japanese woman family….another foreigner passed away. By the way raising taxi fare its company n goverment decision. Both the taxi company n government should look into it. Politics differ from HUMANITY.

  18. sara said

    Get Ma Chi family migrate back to their own motherland and do watever they wan with their own people there.

    lway raising taxi fare its company n goverment decision. Both the taxi company n government should look into it. Politics differ from HUMANITY.

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