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PRC new citizen blamed deceased taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock for causing fatal accident at Bugis

Posted by temasektimes on May 14, 2012

While many Singaporeans are outraged at the PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi for dangerous driving and causing a fatal accident in Bugis costing the lives of two innocent persons – Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock and a Japanese woman in her 20s, one PRC new citizen pointed his finger at the cabby instead.

In a comment posted on Hardwarezone forum which drew immediate criticisms from fellow netizens, the PRC new citizen ‘Martin’ who uses the moniker ‘Jennet’ wrote:


[Source: Hardwarezone forum]

According to Hardwarezone forumers who have met him, Martin came to Singapore a few years ago together with his parents and has obtained Singapore citizenship. It is not known if he has served National Service.

He is reportedly in his early 20s and run a chain of food stalls in Republic Polytechnic, Hwa Chong Junior College and National University of Singapore. His father is a rich businessman and has given money to him to run his food business.

Netizens have since sworn to boycott his stall.

Due to Singapore’s pro-China immigration policies, large number of PRC nationals such as Ma Chi and Martin have flocked to Singapore to live, work and study in recent years.

As too many of them were accepted into Singapore within too short a period of time with the majority not speaking the English language, it is difficult to integrate all of them into local society.

Singapore leaders have been exhorting Singaporeans to integrate with the newcomers. Speaking at a recent community forum, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said:

“Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.


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535 Responses to “PRC new citizen blamed deceased taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock for causing fatal accident at Bugis”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Identify his Business and stalls….and publish for all to know and be aware ofthis guy

    • HereDoggie said

      does anyone know which stalls he runs?
      time to test the Singaporean solidarity

      • Ahan14 said

        Should be Koufu foodcourt since it has stalls in RP.

      • gahmen_sucks said

        Singaporeans please unite and boycott this stupid gundoo Martin stalls! as Singaporeans we should even be boycotting Chinamen so they wont feel welcome in our country!
        Eh Gahmen u can welcome ur favourite nationals by yourselves and lay them a red carpet when they land into our airports! you can kindly take note of all flights coming from China and start to lick their balls and pussies! im not surprise if you have a few kept whores yourself! Thats why you keep wanting more and more of them to come! to satisfy your own need im sure!

      • anti-idiots said

        what an ass… this picture he showed already posed the biggest mistake his “comrade” did!! did that ferrari “slow down” when approaching a junction? brainless brats who think they are right when they get paper proof without so much as UNDERSTANDING the whole situation.

      • GO FK YOURSELF ! said

        I read one of the person’s comment and i agree, we singaporeans do have lots of comment when coming to such incidents. But all we do is talk and no action. Someone should really start to do something and show whatever was commented to the autorities. Because I myself hate those civil servants, because they are like us, all they do is talk, but no action. AND THEY ONLY USES THEIR POWER TO THREATEN US! “IF YOU DON VOTE FOR US! WE WILL NOT HELP YOU!” <— WTF IS THIS? DON HELP DON HELP LA! THINK I CARE?

    • SG finally open eyes said

      It is called Martin’s. IN the republic polytechnic. I would love to punch his fucking face.

    • Kman said

      Fucking stupid PRC … check out this video.. see if cabby at fault!! Should just STUF instead of bringing more bad light to his countrymen here.

      • TrueSG said

        Hi Kman, i totally agree w u. The video even shows that before and after accident. This video should be shown to the higher authorities. Its a definite negligence of the “FOREIGN TALENT”.

        N DEAR MR “MARTIN”, in the book, it says, REDUCE SPEED WHEN APPROACHING THE JUNCTION. The taxi wasn’t even moving. He was already at the junction due to RED LIGHT. He was in the right of way.

        As much as we wanted to welcome PRCs, why should we even tolerate such nonsense which comes from them? Don’t tell me SINGAPOREANS born and bred here have turned into 2nd class citizens???

      • Eric said

        Strongly Agree ………… with TrueSG

      • Ace said

        KNN Martin!! Put your mother in the sonata taxi see you still can SUKA SUKA talk cork idiot PRCCCB!!!

    • TrulyAsia said

      I think Martin has a good point regarding taking more care at junction. In Malaysia we have so many more cases of people beating red lights, it would be suicide to just go on green without looking around more. It’s our own life really.

      • Ah Poh said

        TrulyAsia >>> The taxi driver did look at left & right before driving off, but he did not see any Ferrari (red color shadow) coming. The safer way would be to wait for 1 minute after traffic lights turn green before driving off…

      • Ah Poh said

        TrulyAsia >>> Agree???

      • Ah Poh said

        TrulyAsia >>> The taxi driver did look at left & right before driving off, but he did not see any Ferrari (red color shadow) coming, cos the Ferrari is going so fast that he can’t see. The safest way would be to wait for another 1 minute after traffic lights turn green before driving off… so that those who like to beat the red-lights would have 1 minute grace time for them to speed past the red-light junction… just by looking around more is not safe also, It’s our own life really.

      • RandomStranger said

        You wont have one minute or even 15 seconds before hundreds of cars at the back start honking at you!

    • PRC said

      Calling all Singaporean !!
      Get this guy call “Martin” photo and his stall location and put on all the newspaper front pages and all the website…

      And do not eat from this stupid…stalls…

      If anyone know him, pls give more his info to public….his stupid face photo on the newspaper….

  2. HereDoggie said

    the dogs start to bark…

  3. ---- said

    Seriously he can twist the facts till i dont know wanna laugh or cry. Sorry to say this, but if that taxi driver was his father? Will he be able say such thing? so he saying next time when he was walking on the street and kenna stab or what, he should blame himself for his own death.

    • WahLaoEh said

      ya… guess he will blame himself for not being a little more aware of his surrounding

    • Ashailah said

      i agree with you —-said. i bet that boy doesn’t drive or ride so he doesnt know the rules of the road. i don’t blame the taxi driver coz he is not at fault. Even though its green and he is able to move, why not move ahead. Its the ferrari guy who was speeding and drunk who caused to beat the red light!!

      I don’t agree on this part –>> For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon. <<—- Are you kidding me? Oh well, let all singaporeans migrate to China instead while the PRC's take over this one little red dot! PRC should learn to speak English and adapt to our countries and not us to adapt their cultures. For a start, why not let the PRC stay in America and see how well they adapt with it!

      • Ace said

        I kind of agree with stupid Martin mention about we Singaporean travel to china to learn more from those PRC about their comrades unique driving habits before more of them coming over to our Singapore.
        1) feel free to Hijet any taxi and knock down any cleaner from their airport.
        2) drive a bus and hit on any female road user before they able to travel oversea and become Girl.
        3) pick up some PRC chick have a Not heavy drink and speed all the way without stopping… Who kana who suay lor??

    • *** said

      your last sentence make me Lol. according to his logic, thats the case because he never check his surrounding for suspicious character..

      • Although I don noe you. but 1 millions thumbs up !!

      • teletubby said

        Yah WELL SAID!!! PRC not using brains to talk! He thought can over turn our Singaporeans way of talking against us!??!! IF THAT WAS HIS FATHER, hea! He kao-bae-kao-bu already like the Hokkieen say! Last time also go to China before the people there are like rough-people Go to flower exhabition toilet women and men PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! you aside just to go into toilet!
        Maybe not all are bad, but MOST who come to Singapore is because FOR THEIR POCKETS TO BE FILLED otherwise come here for what!!?? FINISH EARNING SINGAPORE $$$ GO HOME AND LIVE LIKE A KING & QUEEN LIAO!!! STILL STAY HERE??? UNLESS SINGAPORE GIVE TEMPT THEM WITH VERY GOOD THINGS – LIKE BENEFITS AND EXTREMELY GOOD $$$ Otherwise, where got clever foreigners want to stay here???. IF YOU ARE FOREIGNERS WILL YOU STAY APART FROM YOU EARN 4 to 5 FIGURE Salaries ??? TAKE AWAY ALL THE PR BENEFITS, TAKE AWAY YOUR $$$ PAY OR GOT PAY but not many benefits I sure the DUMBEST will also go!!! BUT WE DON’T CARE LAH Anyway Benefit or no Benefit it is also not for us SIGH!!!!!!!

      • Stealth said

        I heard until now the PRC family did not even contact the Taxi driver nor the Jap victim and apologize nor even compensate them at all… call China’s style man……if it is the other way round, I think the China family will sure sue the Taxi driver.

    • ashwhite said

      —-said, he should have 50% of the blame if someone stab him in the street cause he should be aware of his surroundings while he walked.. and should be able to avoid the unexpected incoming stab attack

      • Gabriel said

        No he should have 50% of the blame for the insensitive things he said about the innocent taxi driver… and 50% of the blame for not being aware of his surroundings…

      • Annie said

        Ure so damn right. Accelerate or not its the Green Light for for God’s sake. People are working, think he got time to dilly dally isit? Someone got passenger to send and cabbies at nite tend to have regulars to pick up too. I have a friend who’s in this line. Fucking China man really dunno what he’s talking abt! Ungrateful ingrates, come here to make a living still wanna Hao Lian. Go back China lah be a pauper ;p

      • Facts and truth said

        Thumbs up!!

    • Kyle said

      That will never happen since his father is rich enough to let him open multiple food chains in Singapore. It’ll be a waste of time for him to even consider the “if”

    • HOLISI said

      I’d love to show him my punching power, really.. I don’t mind to take the risk to go jail for his sake.. Since, he already mentioned the Cabby should avoid.. He set the precedent.. CCB AH TIONG come! post his stall here please, should any kind heart knows his stall.. I kowtow to you and thank you..

    • Mywish said

      Spot on. But if u look at the comment carefully again, it doesn’t look like written by a PRC. A PRC will not use the term “SUKA, SUKA”.

      • Pricilla said

        Mywish, rubbish… my colleague joined our company 4 yrs ago and he knows malay words and hokkien though not pronounced accurately but used correctly.

    • shitthePRC said

      c’mon luhs.. a PRC showin our S’pore driving hand book on hw to drive..? LOLz.. Bein a PR or even a citizen oredi means u r a SINGAPOREAN.. go search on the internet n c hw u CHINAs D drive.. i guess u betta b aware of ur surronding at all times even wen u r aslp.. Sooner or ltr, u will b stayin in IMH.. U r such a BODOH..!!

  4. Freemakan said

    another Doggy from Peking

  5. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck and commented:

    • Apple Green said

      Or shall I pray hard his love one get run down by a porsche the exact same way then………..come back here and post your crap once more.

      • gahmen_sucks said

        yes! n make sure they cremate his whole family back in china! dont even want to waste our soil with stupid chinamen dead bodies! shoooo!!!
        i hate u fucking moron PRCs!

      • blurrbl0ck said

        Prefer his family members kana run down by cargo truck. (Y) Ass.

    • Moody gal said

      Ya no choice la they “PRC” “rich” ma, so they think they at SG can anyhow lor! It’s like another dog come here barking when saw his “family member” dead!! Well hope retribution comes to him then!! Who knows he will kana knock by car soon and see he will say whose fault lor! Kns FUCK OFF MARTIN!!!

    • falingstar said

      The Government should be blame as well, doesn’t mean you are rich you can do whatever you want and as when you like here, government say Singaporean didn’t welcome them but they should be the one who should learn our culture and respect the people here as well as study the rule n regulation made by our government here before becoming PRC. We are talking about a life here not an ant, drinking n driving in Singapore is prohibited, PRC is speeding, drunk driving, didn’t stop when traffic turn red, accident that cost innocent lives. As the PRC didn’t know is this is Singapore not your China, in your country you can do whatever you want and gets away with it because you are rich but wake up you bloody idea that this is Singapore, with too many PRC in our country how can Singaporean have a safe place to live in to call their home, PRC put our life in danger if this goes on. Stupid, brainless, arrogant, selfish and also a mummy boy. See people are scolding you n saying its your fault even when you are DEAD.

      • YY said

        I agreed with you totally, the government should be blame for all the things happening in Singapore … getting all these uncivilised idiots into Singapore and now making more and more problems – expensive housing, causing MRT failure because our MRT were not built to support the hugh intake of foreigners, therefore causing frequent breakdown etc. If this brainless idiot runs down his PRC people, will he said those things ? Now, likewise, if he runs down a PRC I would keep quiet . GOVERNMENT NEED TO STOP THE INTAKE OF BRAINLESS IDIOTS EVEN IF THEY BRING IN MONEY .. MONEY CANNOT BUY A PEACEFUL PLACE FOR REAL SINGAPOREAN.

  6. cc chia said

    Hey, Martin PRC boy! The way you describe the situation, its like saying, if the car had crashed into a tree, then its the fault of the tree for being in the way of the car that went out of control.

    I think that you are a moron and trying to protect your buddy, for even suggesting that anyone else other than the PRC Ferrari driver was at fault. The Ferrari driver was 100% guilty for speeding thru the red light and killing 2 people in the taxi plus himself. Period.

  7. Disgusted said

    This chao chee kia!
    TT please CSI this fucking bastard and his background. KNNBCCB. Green light still wrong?
    Fuck his China mother’s prostitute pussy.

  8. jaded said

    somebody should screw this bloody ah tiong and send him home!

  9. Yes please, identify which are his food stalls in Republic Polytechnic. Must boycott his stalls.

    • Mohd.Aladin2107 said

      Martin’s from Koufu Foodchains…..

      • wearesingapore said

        i read his dad has a couple of stalls…all his stalls are called martin’s??? or is it just one??

      • Yeoh said

        I am not eating at any food stalls that have Ah Tiong/ Ah Lian at it. !!!Fuck them !!!

      • YY said

        We Singaporean should boycott all his stalls in Singapore. Just pass the words round to boycott all his stalls and see this idiots ‘catching houseflies’ lah

  10. Irritated said

    Does this idiot knows how the junction looks like there? What on-coming turning traffic is he talking about? The driver was not even in the turning lane! If the taxi driver never accelerate and the Ferrari hit the motorcyclist instead, is the motorcyclist at fault?
    THIS IS SINGAPORE where RED means STOP and GREEN means GO!
    And also go and learn how to SPELL in PROPER ENGLISH. DO NOT ‘SUKA SUKA’ spell like you own the language.

  11. tiu lei loh mo.... said

    ,,|,, -_- ,,|,, na…. go back to ur china!!!! drive ferrari big fark ah? knn

  12. ER125 said

    Talk also never think. Now want to bark ? LOL.

  13. MartinJoker said

    What Martin’s wrote make me feel like laughing. Can’t believe that Martin dare to wrote all those nonsense. He should had wrote it this way “If Ma Chi didn’t speed and try to beat the red light all those won’t had happened”.

  14. Blood suckers said

    Fuck you Martin. I wish you or your families who will die in a car crash involving a car running red lights.

    Then I will blame you and your families for failure to look around and be aware of the surroundings.

    Fuck you martin. You ran a red light. It is fucking clearly your fault. Screw you and your idiotic reasoning.

  15. Elusive Scorp said

    There’s a video to show that the fucking prc driver was at fault, he sped to beat the red lights! YOU, MARTIN, stupid moron – May you get your retribution! Don’t twist & turn e facts. Your so called ‘comrade’ muah chee, serve him right that he died in a horrible state! Shoooo! Seriously you guys are not welcome here. Get your ass back to where you came from!

  16. REYY said

    come on lah.knn prc cb.dont come here kpkb.if u look at the video the taxi driver have no wrong at all.see this.i mean AT ALL.its showing green light and the taxi driver is just going straight.he nvr suka suka accelerate without seeing his surroundings.If u were the one inside the taxi, even if u did not accelerate,u do not have the time to get away with this accident for the fking ferrari is speeding like 180km/hr or so. SO PLEASE JUST SHUT UR FKING MOUTH UP

  17. ken said

    im from RP. tell me what is his stall im never eating there again.

  18. PoonDaQian said

    Fyi, that is not his original posting. He amended the ending because the original statements he made actually were actually more insulting.

  19. When in SG, drive and walk like you are in CN said

    Martin is right. Drivers at an intersection should be aware of their surroundings. BUT, not when a car comes speeding through a red light at 90-100km per hour.
    Martin should first learn some English. Oh wait, that is not a prerequisite to enter Chinapore.
    Next, Martin, when his English improves, should read the highway code book again. The page which he has so kindly pointed out does not indicate that Mr Cheng did anything wrong. In fact, look at the video. Mr Cheng isn’t even moving that quickly. But neither of us can prove if Mr Cheng did actually “reduce speed at (he) approach(ed) the junction”. So, that’s a moot point.
    BUT, in any country (maybe with the exception of effin China), if and when you run a RED STOP LIGHT, it doesn’t matter even if the driver of the other car is completely and legally BLIND, you (who ran the red light) are WRONG. So, Martin, even if Mr Cheng did not reduce speed at the junction, there is no insurance company nor court in this world that would take Ni MA Bu Chi Bye’s side and say that it is Mr Cheng’s fault.

    • LOL said

      Ni Ma Bu Chi bye. Lol!!! Seriously funny

    • Simon Lim said

      Si Bei Swee~ (Ni Ma Bu Chi bye) You’re sibei ni na bu chi bye RIGHT about beating the RED LIGHT!!

    • Not RACIST BUT ANGRY said

      LOL!! Nice man!!! Really Martin, this isn’t CHINA and what’s makes u think BEATING RED LIGHT IS EVEN RIGHT IN THE FKING FIRST PLACE!!! U really need to fk bk to CHINA cos i guess CHINA says its right to beat RED light, SINCE u say CABBY IS WRONG!!!

  20. Poon Da Bian said

    This is his picture:

  21. poondq said

    epic troll is epic! hahaha

  22. mycountryisbleeding said

    please identify this person and post his particulars online.

  23. Capt (Jessie Williams II said

    The amount of pent-up bile never ceases to amaze me.

    Who cares if he has “served National Service”? Your women need not serve National Service either but that does not make them any less Singaporean. Or does it?

    I am flabbergasted at the obviously emotionally xenophobic stance of this article.

    Know that you common Singaporeans need our foreign know-how more than we need your dollars.

    Yours very sincerely,

    Jessie Williams II, Esq.

    • idiodticprcs said

      hemmm check again . we were doing fine before u prc idiot came.

    • lol said

      If it’s not the better perks, lower tax, low crime rate, better education system, good infrastructure, clean environment, advanced healthcare, why the hell are you here? Just face the fact. You NEED our dollar the same way we need foreign talent.

    • Kenyeokl said

      Angmo best to keep quiet. Just imagine the same thing happening in your country and the blame is on you.

      And we don’t really need your know-how. Singapore has some the most educated people in the world. We just need you to spend your money here.

      • asdf said

        ya la.. cause we love our own people. unlike your country. lady got robbed and stabbed in broad daylight yet passerby can just walk pass as though they were flirting to each other. run over a young girl so many times and people just walk by treating the girl as a soft toy. and when finally a auntie, being a nice person, helped the girl up ended up being critised by own ‘comrades’ saying she just want to appear on TV.

    • VonGott said

      Hi Miss Williams,

      So you are sounding like we need you here. Well, now common sentiments proves otherwise. Kindly take you and your bucks, I assume USD or Euros away. One less spender out of a million won’t matter to us. I highly doubt we would want either failing currencies anyway.

      We do not need you to bring your western “know-it-all” or “I’m superior” antics there please.

    • You’re missing the point. The point is why Singaporeans are being made to serve National Service while foreigners who are imported into Singapore are given preferential treatment and do not have to serve. National Service takes away 2 precious years of time which cannot be compensated by the higher starting pay since it only applies to government sector jobs.

      And no, Singaporeans are not xenophobic by nature. It is because of morons who enter our country and cause trouble, during which the government tries its best to reassure Singaporeans that it is not the fault of these foreigners but rather Singaporeans for being narrow-minded, shrewd and unreasonable. And sorry to say that we don’t really need your foreign know-how. I don’t really think you have any right to speak given the current state of affairs in Europe and America. If you guys have so much ‘know-how’, why don’t you guys focus on fixing the problems prevalent in your own countries first before butting in? Britain is in financial troubles, France is politically divided, Europe is recovering painfully slowly from the economic crisis, America is being overrun by problems in and out. Do enlighten me on why you guys think that you are such brilliant minds when your countries are proving exactly the opposite.

      If you haven’t already noticed, the value of the Singapore dollar remains strong event though the value of the American dollar and British pound have shrunk in comparison. Need I say more?

      Yours very sincerely,

      Devon Augustus Kennedy

      • Not RACIST BUT ANGRY said

        Well siad!!! Thumbs UP!! So dun comment so much when it doesnt even concern u 🙂

      • Yeoh said

        Jesse Williams, why are you here? if on holidays, we welcome you to spend your money here,have a good time.
        If not………….can you imagine after night out spending your money and in THAT TAXI ?? Your fate lies in the hands of that idiot PRC ……

    • You’re missing the point. The point is why Singaporeans are being forced to serve National Service while foreigners who are imported en masse are given preferential treatment, shielded by the pro-foreigner media and do not have to serve National Service unlike us. In serving National Service, Singaporean men are being forced to give up 2 years of our lives which could be spent in a more productive manner. Yet, there are ingrates who cannot see the significance of this sacrifice.

      Next, I don’t think any white person has any right to comment on the problems of any other country. Europe and America are being beset by a boatload of problems. If you whites are as supreme as you say, perhaps you need to focus your attention on solving the problems of your own countries instead of butting into the problems of other countries. Singaporeans are not xenophobic by nature. It is the sickening attitude of morons who come here and destroy the infrastructure that has been carefully built and nurtured by Singaporean hands that make us the way we are. This view of ours is akin to the view of your European forefathers when the Vikings came along and swarmed their lands. Before you open your mouth and throw about that condescending attitude of yours, please make sure you are qualified to do so.

      I don’t give a damn whether or not you need our Singapore dollar. Our Singapore dollar remains stable while the American dollar and British pound have shrunk in comparison. Need I say more? Your call.

      Yours very sincerely,

      Devon Augustus Kennedy

    • Nazi German said

      Ang Mo Kau pls shut up your big and filthy mouth. Imagine the one killed was your father or husband. Will you still say the same words? Foreign know-how? Look at how EU is collapsing now and how heavily debt-ridden is USA.

    • White Trash said

      Singapore just donated 4 billion to IMF to save your EU’s ass. Many other Asian countries also contributed massively to IMF funds.
      U people are such a f**king burden to the rest of the world!
      U don’t even deserve to make comments here. Pay up your debts u poor white trash!

    • Ashwhite said

      then go home….

    • Michelle said

      You’re in OUR country, you obviously follow OUR rules. Doesn’t mean that we need your “know-how” (or whatever you call it), you can break the rules and do whatever you like. The NS part was not the point of the article. If you don’t know any facts, I advise you to keep quiet. 🙂
      How obnoxious and ignorant can you be without even knowing the truth of this incident and making such high and mighty comments. Now THAT is what amazes me!

    • F U said

      U dont know shit about National Service so dont talk as though u have wasted 2.5 years of your life on it..

    • Pissed said

      Angmoh…..seriously…..learn to understand the situation before commenting…….as the person above commented, let’s see what happens if this happens to one of your countryman/woman and u get the blame for it…….seriously sickens me…..we do not need your foreign know-how, just get the fuck back to your country and learn to shut up and know your place in other people’s country and matters. Don’t assume that just because you’re a foreigner you know everything. you are in singapore, not your fucking home country. If you are so pissed at singaporeans kindly pack your bags and head back to your country, one less fucker like you will slowly make singapore revert to the country we singaporeans once knew it as it was. Shut your foreign trash mouth up when you don’t know shit.

    • Kynn said

      Foreign know how? Oh is it about Killing innocent lives just for the sake of wanting to claim their land? Or making tons and tons of porn films or even being racist to people who ain’t white and believing that it’s just right treating people who ain’t your skin color slaves ? Is that what you meant by this foreign know how? Seriously , i would rather say people your ” type” is the one that needs to learns from us and NOT us from you .. Never, I repeat , never try to SELF PROCLAIM oneself… Truly not a wise move I strongly believe … And please do not disgrace your other fellow foreigner or your own country by saying such loud statement in World Wide Web especially … You are smart I believe , but perhaps you did not use it the right way .. Wake up and smell the coffee … End of the day , if ever some UNCIVILIZED COUNTRY TRIES TO TAKE OVER OUR LAND AND MAKE THEIR OWN , at least we know that our mens that is sent to serve NATION SERVICE know how , I repeat, know how to shoot a gun correctly and not blindly … Also they have higher percentage of surviving a war … Looking at another angle, at least their 2 years spent is fruitful as its not wasted to being busy as a drug dealer, killing innocent people that maybe is just out to get some groceries or robbing people at gun point …. Sounds familiar? You are smart enough to know where I’m getting at … I applauded your bravery to say such, though it’s my turn to be flabbergasted to how you see things like how you see my fellow Singaporeans reacted to this , but the reason behind all this is because, we Singaporeans are not RACIST , WE DO NOT CHOOSE COLOURS and definitely it’s all because we are ONE . The reason why Singapore is one of the most safest countries and NOT LIKE MANY OTHERS, is because we are not ignorants that is selfish and only thinks about themselves … And what question me is , if your know how talent is as great as how you put it , you won’t be saying all that in the first place and disgrace other foreigners like you and create controversy for them to face too if this self proclaim love speech of your became the centre of attraction… At least think about your own that is here residing in our country …. Peace …

    • falingstar said

      As for the facts, u as an ANY MOH should learn to mind your own business as your own country is a Big mess and actually you are doing nothing but now you are sticking a hand which has nothing to do with you at all, to you we are COMMON SINGAPOREAN but to us you are just a fugitive in OUR country as you are beyond help to your own country and hiding your ass here doesn’t help your country, be an angel go back to where you come from to help your country since you are say you are so helpful.



    • Bak gong said

      Folks, please ignore troll Jessie Williams aka Robbie Monaco who is most probably an asian posing as a caucasian american. He has made similar idiotic comments trying to provoke a response. Shunning his posts and other derisive posts of the same ilk claiming to be from “expats” (same crapper) would be the best response we can give trolls. They live on our attention.

    • FY said

      F**k off! you are a looser in yr own country thats y u r here.

  24. ~.~ said

    tsk PRC again. the fker driving the ferrari is also from china. glad that he died.

  25. Singapore Chinese said

    Foreigners on foreign land should follow road safety of the respective country. Why blame the dead Singaporean taxi driver when the PRC ferrari driver was at fault??? All victims, dead of injured, must take legal action against the filthy rich PRC family. Majority of PRCs are good in finger pointing.

  26. RICHARD said



    • shitthePRC said

      Hi Richard, theirs isn’t bird brain.. A bird is definitely much more smarter than they are. If not, hw could the CHINA MEN allow their wife to b here in S’pore to b F and earn $ for their kids to study.. When the kids are here to study, the MUMS r here to wreck ppl’s family & the husband waitin for them to rtn in GLORY when they r wearing dozens & dozens of GREEN HATS.. So tell me, where’s their BRAINS..? it’s juz full of SHITS..!!!

  27. LOLlers said


  28. basicaly ill minded said

    Well from my point of view, i learn something while i was at SSDC they tot ne how to slow down before traffic light, stop before the white line and lastly not to drink and drive. So basically i would point my finger at that dead Ferrari driver due to failing to follow traffic rules.

  29. Ah Lai said

    Wow. I didn’t know that one could have foresight or any super perception of a speeding car approaching. I can see this bullshit coming from him 2000km away.

  30. JoshuaTan said

    “For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.”

    my comments: their driving habits.. hahaha.. confirm very the unique.. no give way to pedestrian on zebra crossings and traffic lights.. horn and scold pedestrians crossing the zebra crossings and traffic lights, etc.. hundreds of accidents happened weekly .. innocent lives gone… very common in china lor..

    • Valerie said

      And they need not be responsible for the injured or dead as they would simply go over the body a few times before they leave the scene of accident. Jus like what happen late last year the lorry that went over the little girl in china…

      • gahmen_sucks said

        agree with u! chinamen = heartless creatures! anywhere in e world people would still pick up a dead animal on the street! let alone to leave a human being dying on the street is totally unheard of! only in china u will find such things happening!

    • N.Z said

      years ago i was in shenzhen. travelling in a van to go to some A grade fake product house. the jam was bad and guess wat the driver did. he drive up the walkway pavement like riding a bicycle like that… fyi there are pedestrian walking on that pavement. and guess what he did next, he honk at the pedestrian to signal them to give way. so is this what we are suppose to learn my dear MP?

    • SGforSGers said

      LOL drive truck bang down people but never stop to help, other on lookers also never stop to help and instead act like nothing happen. zai sia can learn a fucking lot of useful shit from that LOL.

  31. alvin tan said

    Once again ah tiongs have proven themselves to be clueless of their new surroundings

  32. Lynn Quah said

    fucking china idiot

  33. Chris S said

    U “People’s Rebublic of China” ASSHOLE!! How could u have the conscience to say the taxi driver was in the wrong? It was a RED light along victoria street and GREEN light along Rochor during the accident. If u r walking across the road with the GREEN man flashing n a bus knock u down, do u call that both at fault??

    Pls use some PRC common sense before u post such stupid comment online!! These comments will only make us S’porean hate u PRCs more.

  34. 666 said

    做賊喊捉賊 !!!

  35. Janice said

    So if you are crossing the road when it’s a green man for the pedestrian, the bus comes along and knock you down, it’s your fault because you’re not aware of your surroundings too? Has it ever occurred to you that humans require some time for reaction? Seriously, even if the cabby came to realize a Ferrari had beaten the red light and is heading in his direction, he might not have enough time to even react. The next time something similar happen to you when you are in your 50s, tell me if you can react as fast as you do when you were much younger. Good luck.

  36. Sharon Loi said

    This Sporean is crazy !!! Yes the deceased taxi driver might have speed alittle but without the fast ferrari it could have just been a minor car accident, so who says the PRC is not to be blame entirely ? This cabby should be dead as well…

  37. Allgooner said

    You stupid Martin! When u r at a junction, whether you go faster or slower, that dead guys should have stopped at RED LIGHT period. This is not China, where traffic lights are constantly ignored! If you dun know what you are talking…SHUT UP!!

    Either SHUT UP or F*** OFF!!

  38. HatePRCs said

    Next time, anyone on the road sees this particular dork crossing when it’s red light, it’s ok….you can just run over him. He’ll be willing to take the blame for his own death.

  39. chocolatetic said


  40. kas said

    What to do, PRC chinese will side with another PRC chinese, maybe we could blame the government for bringing PRC chinese in and causing such incidents/comments.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      its not maybe we should point the finger at the govt, it is the fault of these idiots that open the floodgates like nobody business. come 2016 . . .

    • ANGRY Bird said

      the govt is at fault for opening the floodgates to these trash.

  41. 睡神 said

    wow.. some moron doesn’t know that THERE’S A ridiculously OBVIOUS few seconds of interval before the light turns green. during that period, ANYBODY can check during that interval. FURTHERMORE, the taxi was already half-way in the junction. check what? before the cabby reach where he was, that stupid moron of driver from China was probably speeding above 160km/h considering that EVEN the taxi’s engine FLEW (YES! FLEW!) 30meters from the crash site. so he’s telling us that the cabby can just enter Matrix mode or Wanted (Angelina Jolie movie) mode to siam the Ferrari?

  42. Full of crap said

    “Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”
    We welcome them……… Welcome them we did AND…….. They bang and crashed us. And after they took away the lives of Singaporeans, we were told that he was young and promising and handsome. What kind of shit is this. How come there wasn’t any report or fair words on the taxi driver? That he was also hardworking and spend his time driving taxi at the wee hours of the morning just to make ends meet to support his family? So the honest and hardworking deserve to die in such a horrible manner? While the hardworking were driving taxi picking up customers, that young and promising PRC was womanizing at that wee hours??? Picking up girls? And his wife still protects him saying: he is a loving husband.

    • Ricky Loh said

      Agree, cant stand his wife want to find excuse also say the house when lost control ma… say loving husband for Wat. Then still say Wat rubbish of how $$$$$$$ the this the that. Handsome at the look ugly deep inside

  43. SGSafetyDriver said

    If you wanna drive in singapore PLEASE COMPLY WITH OUR ROAD RULES. Damn PRC DOGS, this is not china for godsake. Speeding + Beat the lights is already a major offence and they have the cheek to push blames on us?

  44. Me said

    It’s not about whose fault. Right of way = cab. Green light = for cab. From the video it’s obvious Ferrari was speeding and in that junction, it’s green light for the cab and for any driver, we all know that the ferrari side traffic light is red and again, from the video it’s obvious the ferrari was going straight and not turning. The Ferrari has no right to speed. Even if cab driver needed to be aware of surroundings, the Ferrari was also speeding at a high speed for the cab driver to react. If you say the cab was speeding, I guess the accident wouldn’t have happened too.

  45. china suck said

    talk soo much.say both fault.lanjiao.mother father never teach isit red light stop.want show book that got no link.stupid idiot no brain.konek kecik china pig.

  46. Me said

    Oh and by the way, unless you swear upon your own parent’s life that you drive as per according to what the book says and stick to it, stop trying to use the book to try and teach others.
    It’s maddening to even think that such words can come out of one’s mouth.

  47. unknown said

    Wow, tell me the purpose of having traffic lights then? & oh please, look at the speed of the 2 cars in that video or maybe in .gif file, who is the one speeding when it’s obviously red light. Stop being retarded LOL.

  48. A Sad Singaporean said

    These are not his original comments. I happen to have a screenshot of his original post in which he makes the statement “Serves the taxi driver right!” I have sent the screenshot to this website…

  49. SangNila1 said

    Im not really bothered by this MARTINCHINCHOWCHIN garbage but i coudnt help myself LOL at e LAST PARAGRAPH! Was TCH trying to troll us sporeans???Lololol!!!

  50. when ferrari speeded and beat the red light, this PRC want the taxi driver to give way to the ferrari?wow..tink its better this PRC go back to china and beat all the red lights and expect all to give way to him k….singapore doesnt suit u MR PRC.Thanks for blaming the taxi driver.u will be the nex PRC expecting us to give way to u when u flout the law….TANKS TANKS

  51. CODDY TAN said









  52. Samuel said

    No doubt Martin is insensitive in his post, and is pointing his fingers at the wrong person. However, would this action be a blasphemy if he wasn’t a PRC?

    Is he condemned because of his nationality or because of his actions? Are our reactions just, or are they simply knee-jerk xenophobic reactions?

    While I’m not saying Martin has done the right thing, I’m saying our responses isn’t right too.If we use a different set of eyes to look at them, we will be no different from them.

    Some of the PRCs have called us condescending, proud, arrogant dogs. Sometimes, we really have to reflect and hope that we’ll not find ourselves seeing an arrogant dog in the mirror someday.

    • slim said

      Its OUR country, our fathers and mothers built it to what it is right now and here comes PRC trying to overthrow us and take what is our. We live here so what if we are proud, arrogant and whatever names they can come out with. Bottomline is we want to keep what is rightfully ours and stay in a country we singaporeans work hard to built.

      • IChua said

        Your fathers and mothers came from PRC… I agree with Samuel that a lot of our responses are just immature and reflect how we think. Watch the flames and you will know what I mean

    • LittleNinja said

      we may be what they say “proud, arrogant dogs”, but have you seen the way they behave? i’m here personally in China now. from what i see, its okay for them to make fun and laugh at others weaknesses and stuff, but on the other hand, they themselves, can’t take any jokes when the jokes are made at their expense.

      • F U said

        Killing 2 innocent lives is a joke to you right now…?
        Stick to the reference article before commenting.. It could be jolly well ur father & mother to be hit by Lamborghini in the near future..

      • LittleNinja said

        when did i say its a joke to me? i’m referring to what the above comment is saying. please read clearly before commenting and cursing. thank you.

        what i am trying to say is to most of them, anything they do, including the wrong things, its okay. but when its the other way round, with people doing things to them, its not okay. to put it simply, they whack people, can, people whack them, cannot.

      • nixiyey said

        Remember reading an article explaining the China phenomenon of arrogance of a rising superpower… Lol think it goes all the way back to their Cultural Revolution where people all grew up thinking that China is all superior and stuff, but really, I don’t think they can be blamed for that… It is now the international community’s responsibility to teach them about humility I guess, intelligently of course, not by immature and rude comments…

    • stupid said

      stupidity is stupid. whether you are chinese, angmoh, african, singaporean, stupidity is stupidity. the fact that you were portrayed as stupid is already a sign of how you did not have the mental capacity to think before you post, at that point of time at least.

      then again, he for sure took longer to type that brilliantly crafted post than the ferarri took to crush the cab. 5 seconds makes a big difference on the impact you can make.

      then again, i feel sorry for people who are stupid enough to post stupid things at inappropriate times.

      martin did exactly that.

      and this is what you get when you voluntarily pour oil into a fire. YOU GET FLAMED!!! oh no,shocking revalation i know

      so dear martin, 经一事,长一智。sometimes it’s better to shut up! like when your mother is scolding you you dont talk back or she will do something drastic,

      lessons in life from a keyboard warrior!

      i wish you all the best on hardwarezone in future

      though if i were you i’d migrate to EDMW or something and never go back. then again EDMW is even more dangerous because they have like, a super sensitive nitpicking radar~

      #justsaying !

  53. BloodyMosquito said

    I can’t believe what i am reading, hearing and witnessing…Permanently Retarded Citizenship granted to these locusts for them to come here create chaos? They are an unruly group of barbarians that will never be civilized after being cut out from the world for so long? Advancement of their technologies are by no mean equations for their humanities…they breed like locusts…fast & huge in numbers everyone disposable & manipulative draining their hosts of all their resources & spitting in their face for thanks…

  54. HOLISI said

    I’d love to show him my punching power, really.. I don’t mind to take the risk to go jail for his sake.. Since, he already mentioned the Cabby should avoid.. He set the precedent.. CCB AH TIONG come! post his stall here please, should any kind heart knows his stall.. I kowtow to you and thank you..

  55. whiteDURIAN said

    LAI KEE LAN ARH!!! motha-fucker-sha-B still can flip driving book n talk cock! take ur fuckin china text book back to ur country n burn it! if the (deceased) taxi driver is your dad see whether u will say such brainless shit not. LAI, lets BOYCOTT all his foodstalls in RP, HCJC & NUS!!! So smart, go back to your country and earn $$$ la~ PUI!!!

  56. Yuki said

    hello china shit Martin!!!
    Go back to where you come from!!!
    dont come Singapore pollute us!!!
    You this blind asshole!!
    Your 同乡is the one in the wrong ok!!!
    bloody china you..can’t you see the innocent
    Taxi uncle drove when the traffic lights are green!!!
    And the video showed it soo clearly that Ferrari
    Crashed into taxi at such high speed!!
    don’t know how to drive Ferrari don’t buy!!!
    Rich so what? Very proud meh?
    Just like you,don’t go showing us that you are rich!
    Rich can kill two innocent people???
    your real country also no eyes like you!!!
    you should go YouTube search road accident
    In your country lo!!
    your 同乡is reckless as the people in both of your real country is because your country!!!

  57. chinatells said

    I am stunned by the xenophobia and racism of the editor of tamasek review. A guy called Martin said that the cabby driver should be a bit more careful, and the editor dug out his real name, where he comes from, what does he do, and boycott his food stalls? I mean, please, you think you are nazi or what? Please don’t link this accident to prc or any other nationality any more, and please stop attacking all the “new citizens” or immigrants of Singapore any more, and please stop misguiding the users to bark on the wrong trees anymore. If you really want to make a point about govt policy on foreign talent or immigrants, there are a thousand better ways than the above cheap and low quality stuff.

    Mod’s note:

    Please read carefully. We are simply reporting on what is being posted by netizens on Hardwarezone forum.

    • ihateallforeigner said

      fuck u and fuck urself

    • Sarah said

      I agree’ the hate here.. Is terrible

    • red said

      hahaha look, another dumb cheena. read properly lah. And what’s that about ‘A guy called Martin said that the cabby driver should be a bit more careful’? He blames the taxi driver leh, not so nice to say ‘oh, please be more careful.’ again, read properly lah.

  58. Human said

    In another word, we can oso start barking around after we get other country PR?

  59. outraged said

    Yes, anyone who knows him should let every singaporean know his business so we can all boycott his business. I guess that is what wealth does to people with no brains.

  60. fxxksg said

    fuck you la cheebye. dun let me see you on the fucking road. i will kill you. motherfucker. it is so 100% obvious that it is the fault of your tiong bro. nabei cheebye. we should have a campign. see one prc. fucking kill one. FUCK YOU CHINA. YOUR WOMEN ARE FUCKING PROSTITUTES. ALL THE WORLD FUCKING HATE YOU CHI NA . FUCK FUCK FUCK

  61. -------- said

    Seriously PRCs should just fuck off and go home and be farmers on their big and wasteful lands. Challenge Accepted. You shall be hunted.

  62. whatever said

    without realising, when he points his finger, he has the other 4 pointing back at himself to give such stupid comments because it shows how much heart he has or perhaps he WAS BROUGHT TO THINK THIS WAY. Always put the blame on others but yourself. If he get stab or what or get knocked down, we should simply just watch and say “Shouldnt you look before you cross the road?”

  63. asgporen said

    He might as well say that a dog caused the accident.

  64. Fcukyourlife said


  65. yuyun said

    WTH… blamed the deceased cabby wen u r at fault… stop turning the story wen u r at wrong, because traffic camera can capture the real incident happen and from there, they know who is right or wrong… n please stop bringing prc in singapore, cant even speak english and expect people to understand their language..

  66. Soon the Singapore said

    All these accidents can be averted if the PRCs is a little more aware of their surroundings.…

    • OTAIWAN said


      • Angel said

        OMG they cant even see a vechicle just infront of them passing by and hit it.some more so near. No value for lives there is it.. I think they do not turn their head left or right just see straight and drive and no stop ..this is called express driving lol .. It is a Pity la really the gov shld be doing something abt it… Or maybe they just leave it as it is because of the over population there .

    • kt said

      just like dpm Teo has said we need to learn their culture. looking at this clip i learnt their driving culture…. they must not drive on our roads.

    • Bailey said

      This video represents Singapore 10 years from now. Someone’s gotta do something about the invasion of PRCs.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      please post this video to PM’s and Transport minister Lui’s Facebook, let them watch & reflect.

  67. Reeve said

    this is totally bullshit

  68. Hong said

    Does this PRC know the speed of the Ferrari? If you tell me this Ferrari is dashing past the red light at the speed of 50 km/hr, you maybe can start lamenting that the driver is not aware of his surrounding. I’ve minimum issues with PRCs and love to welcome them. But after these series of accidents they have caused, running over humans like lizards (feel nothing), I’m beginning to think if they come from outer space rather than overseas.

  69. kojimo lor said

    my minister asked me to welcome new citizens not new dogs.

  70. Abc said

    Hello do u have a brain? Can’t u see the video that the PRC Ferrari driver speeding & knock the taxi. U think the taxi can know incoming car coming with a high speed at the side? Like said can u know someone stab u at the back? Stop talk nonsense & get back to your country.

  71. JuzDoIt said

    he should burn in hell… lets boycott his stall!!

  72. Hi look at the video and compare the speed of the ferrari and the taxi.The taxi is travelling at a reasonable speed as compared to the ferrari. At the speed the ferrari is travelling even the camera can’t capture the image of the vehicle which means it is almost impossible to predict the incoming speed or even spot the ferrari when the taxi turning into the junction.Furthermore will you break in the middle of traffic junction when the green light is in your favor ? it will cause the vehicle from the back to crash on to you if u do so.
    ‘Martin’ please use your brain to think before u post such a comment. Must be either another AT driver or someone that don’t drive often.

  73. singaporeson said

    Can anyone list down this bastard chain of stalls ? Such pigs do not deserve to live on his wealth – sorry his fathers wealth.

  74. fuzzy said

    He might also say the traffic light was at fault. It changed to a green light at the wrong time.

  75. speechless said

    with the speed of 100km the ferrari is driving, even if the taxi drive at 10km/hr still will kana hit lo. the ferrari is too fast, the taxi uncle who manage to capture the video even said tat the car is zoom pass like a ‘red shadow’.

    use brain la…!

  76. solar said

    lol this prc can go to hell la.. never think before he talk or type a comment.. useless shit.

  77. Anti foreign "Talent" said

    Fuck this Cheena Pig.It doesn’t know where it stands at all.We Singaporeans need it to teach us how to drive?Please… fact we need to teach it how to behave like a human.

  78. “For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.” <—I totally find this phrase wtf?!

  79. Reviewer said

    He is a total fool to state such comments, I’m wondering did he actually see the video and read what are the finding from the news.

  80. deuter said

    “For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.”

    The above line was taken outta this article, I have no idea who wrote the above line, whether it was DPM TCH or Temasek Times.
    But should it not be the New Immigrants be the ones to be bloody taking more time to learn how to drive in Singapore especially when they come from a left hand drive country??? Should it not be the New Immigrants be learning and be more wary of how WE Singaporeans drive???
    If one makes the decision to migrate to a new country, should that person not be learning more about the country he/she is migrating to?


    • graftblement said

      I think it’s like a pun suggesting welcoming them to Singapore and to go as far as to even learn their way of driving to “accomodate” their presence here.

    • Erasmus said

      Wah biang. Please go look up the word ‘sarcasm’ in the dictionary before barking all over the place. If the writer is so virulently racist/ultranationalist, do you REALLY think he wants you to go to China? -.- Sigh, I look at my fellow Singaporeans, sometimes when I fight for ‘Singaporeans First’ I also feel a bit paiseh. Please guys, we need to level up if we want to fight this war, otherwise we’ll mess ourselves up before we mess the other side up.

  81. Milo said

    I not against anything…. but totally against you… think before you talk….

  82. Prabu said

    IDENTIFY his business & publish here, so that we can instate a boycott spree. This loser blames the taxi driver even though the Ferarri driver was clearly speeding. It looked like atleast 140kmph

  83. OTAIWAN said


  84. said

    lets put our action into words. list out his stalls and we go burn them. state his house address and we go burn it. state his family members and we go kill them. do you have the guys to do it?

  85. Sky said

    Brainless PRC just only know how to create problem here(Singapore).

  86. anna. said

    What nonsense! If thats the case we dont need traffic light… see junction clear then we move off? He causes death to 2 innocent life. Just bcos his speeding… & worst of all red light somemore. So what if his rich..? Rich can anyhow killed innocent life? You wont have said such things when things happen to your love ones.

  87. PAP love FTs said

    Is this the type of foreign talents PAP is so infatuated with??

  88. Anger said


    Did he actually understand what the colour code mean in a traffic light? ie.. RED, YELLOW GREEN?? Obviously this guy is an idiot. I feel sick reading his comments!!

  89. Killswitch said

    Ferrari beat red light. Taxi was driving when its green. Simple as that. Your argument is invalid and irrelevant.

  90. Siti said

    What nonsense? Red light means red light!!! U have to STOP!!!

  91. Jes said

    Obviously when govt is importing these FT over they forgot to import their brains as well thus the pigs fly!!!

  92. Soh Cher Hui said

    Excuse me, Do you even know how fast a Ferrari can go? By the speed of the crash seen in many of the online videos, the Ferrari is estimated to be travelling at more than 150km/h. Which in this case, even if the taxi driver have look for oncoming traffic before driving off, He would not have notice the Ferrari. Please think before you speak.

  93. Andy said

    oh. remember the little girl that was knock down by a lorry months back ? And not a single fcuking person help ? Talking about being more awareness ? Seriously ? Dont pee in your own pant and shit in your own bed man. There is a reason why traffic light is invented. So. Since you said about both should look their clear of way before driving off, fine. Tell me more about drink driving. Explain. You retard.

  94. dan2429E said

    ….everyone has their own perspectives…..
    ….sure if taxi driver was “so alert”, no accident would have occurred…..
    ….but the fact is no one can be “so alert” all the time……..
    ….so primarily fault still lies with the Ferrari driver…….

  95. Kill them said

    Let his nightmare get started in SG, by saying this, that fucker is offending almost all singaporeans, FUCKING MORONS, THIS IS SINGAPORE ! Be the next to be killed on the road by your fellow own PRCs !

  96. Bai Hu said

    I have only one word to say to this idiot Martin – go fucked off & roll back to your motherland.

  97. DZ said

    We Singaporeans welcome everybody to come to our countries. No problem. That’s where our ancestors came to be Singaporeans. But what we are annoyed and hurt that those certain people will tend to complain about us, the hosts. They treat Singapore as their countries, follow their respective countries and traditions, and not show respect to ours. The food (curry incident), the blog (dogs incident), and now this! stop ruining our country!

  98. HAHA said

    When I took my driving test, the driving instructor actually scolded me for looking left and right before I accelerate when the light turned green at a cross junction.
    The fact is there are so many foreign drivers with foreign DL or converted to Singapore license with practical test exempted that might not obey the Singapore rules.
    I urge Singaporean drivers to change their mindsets! Singapore roads are not safe at all!


  99. Jimmy Robson said

    Fuck you PRC fuck off back to PRC, u people from PRC got no human sense, only know money, fuck back to PRC singapore are getting worse because of u PRC people, the girl only how to open her leg no pride, all the PRC people got no PRIDE, that;s why your country always have all the disaster happen. very good this is the punishment from heaven, if u got pride fuck back to your country PRC (People Retribution Country), Singapore dont welcome u people from no human sense country. FUCK OFF. And dont bring the disaster to Singapore.

    Some more can blame the Cabby blame your own fucking PRC people dont know how to drive ride bicycle. THIS IS SINGAPORE not PRC, dont come here and spoilt the rule. PRC people always make mistake but blame others. U TOO fuck off back to yr own country.

    Disaster is waiting for you. Good luck be careful when you cross road the car is waiting for u. And if u drive you will be the next to crash to the drain and drown.

    There are no words from dictionary can describe you PRC people…DOOM PRC

  100. kt said

    so its the taxi fault? then if the taxi avoided the collision who will get hit next? given the speed the ferrari is going and beating red lights i dont think it can avoid anything.

    and thanks to the poor taxi driver whom take the hit saved the people who were at that road that night which could have killed by that ferrari!!

  101. Gawdfry Hogun said

    This is rediculous. They are trying to assign “degrees of fault” to an innocent party. The right of way in a traffic situation is absolute. Red light means “STOP”, not “go slower” or “proceed with caution”. Green light means “GO”, not “proceed but you may still be hit” or “proceed but if anything goes wrong you’ll share some blame”.

  102. SK Toh said

    I would like to ask Martin these very simple questions:
    If someone say excuse me, whats your reaction? Step aside.
    If someone punch you, whats your reaction? Punch back or Run for your life.
    If someone want to shake hand, whats your reaction? Bring up your hand for a shake.
    If someone shows a green light, whats your reaction? Move or Go.

    I had jus answered Martin’s ‘bias’ analysis towards the cabby. Imagine your mind being conditioned to do something right of human nature, thats the situation back then. Martin, i look down on you for having such a great family who never taught you simple respect. Shame on your chinese background. And if you want justice to be serve, there only wrong is the one who disobey the rule.

    And based on the BASIC theory of traffic.
    Amber light -> get ready to stop.
    Red light-> Stop
    Green light-> Go

    You can’t even get the basic concept right. How are you pass your basic theory and how can you drive without endangering lives around you?

  103. Bernardo said

    DIAM LA PRC!!!

  104. SK Toh said

    I would like to ask Martin these very simple questions:
    If someone say excuse me, whats your reaction? Step aside.
    If someone punch you, whats your reaction? Punch back or Run for your life.
    If someone want to shake hand, whats your reaction? Bring up your hand for a shake.
    If someone shows a green light, whats your reaction? Move or Go.

    I had jus answered Martin’s ‘bias’ analysis towards the cabby. Imagine your mind being conditioned to do something right of human nature, thats the situation back then. Martin, i look down on you for having such a great family who never taught you simple respect. Shame on your chinese background. And if you want justice to be serve, the one in the wrong is the one who disobey the rule.

    And based on the BASIC theory of traffic.
    Amber light -> get ready to stop.
    Red light-> Stop
    Green light-> Go

    You can’t even get the basic concept right. How are you to pass your basic theory and how can you drive without endangering lives around you?

  105. wad do u expect from this type of ppl where they dont even knw how to love their own country citizens.. just like the toddler case that happened in guangdong sometime back…. the xiao yue yue.. ran over by two cars.. so many bystanders yet no one stood up.. they dont even love their own nation so dont expect them to talk sense.. furthermore that was a little girl… lying there motionless.. all just stop n look..den walk off.. that’s who they really are..

  106. Kerene said

    wad do u expect from this type of ppl where they dont even knw how to love their own country citizens.. just like the toddler case that happened in guangdong sometime back.. the xiao yue yue.. ran over by two cars.. so many bystanders yet no one stood up.. they just stop n look at her lying motionlessly.. get ran over by the 2nd car.. and just walk off.. action speaks louder than words, they already proved to the world what they are..

  107. Nickaro said

    If this idiot has got a driving license… please revoke him from driving in Singapore

  108. Badass Ed said

    This trash is now trying to mimic Singaporean speak.

    The green light shown at the pedestrian crossing means that the red light against the PRC scumbag who drove his Ferrari across has been on for at least 5 seconds. Instead of stopping as he should, he tried to beat the red light hoping his “supercar” can make it.

    Well, he didn’t and I am happy he is now before the courts in hell who will surely mete out the proper punishment for needlessly and thoughtlessly taking away innocent lives.

    These PRC scumbags are bring their bad driving habits to our country. I am fearful every time I take my old jalopy out for a spin with the kids. Who knows, any piece of sewerage may just appear with their mean machines and end our sedate and quiet lives.


    Better still, the people who are responsible for bringing in these scums should now insist on more stringent test on their ability to take to our roads.

    Learn from mistakes. Don’t let this opportunity go away to ensure safe roads for our citizens.

  109. pumper said

    “For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.”

    hahahahha this line is so sarcastic!

  110. Andy said

    cb Prc.u Wan to kill how many singaporean?Fucking cb Prc Fuck back to your China
    pls.u are not welcome here.

  111. Birds Ad said

    Boycott is a stupid idea, make yourself 1 less choice nia. He rich and rent more stalls you also lan lan. LoL
    ps: If the hint is not obvious enuff……

  112. Seng said

    If PRC don’t know how to follow SINGAPORE traffic law Please don’t let them drive in our country.
    Stop issue them license and or maybe don’t allow them to drive at all. if they knock into wall or any object and die let them be but please think of our SINGAPOREAN. To this NEW PRC citizen ‘Martin’ who uses the moniker ‘Jennet’ ” Do you know how to drive in singapore under singapore law? Are you short sighted to see the video? if it your father who is the taxi driver what will you say? if the lady in the cab is your sister or mum what will you say ?Please use your brain to think before you comment . your all PRC is making chaos in singapore traffic . If your PRC shut up and don’t comment we still not so angry and now twisting the fact and try to put blame on the taxi driver?????? what the hell you think you are?
    you think WE SINGAPOREAN no brain to think , no eyes to see?????
    YOU PRC WAKE UP AND FOLLOW OUR SINGAPORE LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you not happy with our laws or can’t follow please go back your country .
    you want drive and knock down the whole street of people is your CHINA problem don’t bring to singapore.

  113. Kelvin said

    if you don’t read the biased headline and just look at what he said, I would say he didn’t say A SINGLE WORD WRONG. For a driver, you are supposed to watch out at the junction. It is a rule in every country. If you don’t reduce the speed, you fail the driving test right away. In fact, he did say Ferrari has the fault, and i believe he meant majority of the fault is from the Ferrari driver. Also, it is true that in some cases, if you pay more attention at the junction, it can save your life. Even if he says something stupid (which he didn’t from a driver’s perspective), does it worth a news headline? I am pretty sure there are many Singaporeans who say stupid things over this too. The issue is the media deem those stupid Singaporeans are not news worthy. come on, don’t be biased. Everyone has said something stupid before, I’m sure you did. I did too. Who is perfect? The difference is you are not news worthy at all. If you say he is brainless for what he said, I’m sure you don’t have a driver license yet.

    • Adrian said

      Hi Martin, nice try creating 2nd account with your new name ^_^

    • BJW said

      Then sir please do a CAT scan, i think your brain is missing.
      Ferrari was speeding way off the limit and the light is in favor of the Taxi driver.
      So please, CAT scan k thx bye.

    • Chris said

      So you are saying green light don’t move and stop still there so to avoid the accident?? I doubt your knowledge of driving too. Say something more sensible if you are trying to be smart here. Are you at the scene? You know what the speed the cabby is going at? Not at all. Watch out the junction when is green light and is going straight?? Ask yourself what junction to look when you are going straight and is not turning? If your not sure about anything,pls kindly go watch the video before you making any comments here.

    • F U said

      U are brainless too.. What is the speed limit for minor road..? Beating a red light 60km/hr or at 100km/hr has 2 different consequences.. Slow down your vehicle upon reaching traffic junction.. Did the Ferrari did that..? U have to be more sensible my friend.. Speeding at over 50km/hr & beating red light is 2 offences at one time.
      Poor Cabby driver follow the traffic lights..

  114. Fid said

    The guy beat the red light & speed, which part of this you don’t understand? Did this Martin guy hv a driving license? Hv to watch for this kinda person. It’s ok to speed and beat the red light for him but to accelerate at the green light was the fault? You have to slow down at the 1st of the 3 arrows on the road when approaching the traffic no matter it’s green, yellow or red!

  115. CM said

    blaming both for negligence….
    There’s NO NEED to argue!! only ONE party is at fault here.. our taxi driver is not beating the amber light… he is having HIS RIGHT OF WAY (READ YOUR BOOK NUMSKULL!) he was not speeding, he was going thru the green light… wat do u expect from a RED LIGHT? U HAVE TO STOP…!!! THATS THE BASIC RULE!!! Do not argue with the regulations here.. and especially when u are showing us your narrow, stupid judgements. Go back to your country and judge. Not here!!! plainly stupid!!!

  116. F1 Car Standards said

    Allow me to share with all the features of this Ferrari 599 GTO LIMITED Edition of only 599 produced in the world & one of the 8 sold in Singapore…

    As listed in

    The Max Speed from 0 – 124 mph (199.56 km/h) takes only 9.8 seconds. Assuming if my Maths does not fail me it meant it was running at 101.82km/h at the point of impact, based on the assumption if Ma Chi did stop the car for a split second for the red light. What speed he was travelling before he accelerated his car is unknown.

  117. sherilyn said


  118. Caesar said

    Sometimes I Realie wonder y china ppl dun admit their own mistakes …. China always got so many accidents ….. Now come to Singapore and give Singaporeans no rice bowl , accidents …. Should they reflect on themselves …. Maybe they no brain ……….f……stupid china ppl

  119. Taufique said

    im not even singaporean (though my wife and baby boy are) and im infuriated at this PRC idiot. Asshole.

  120. Kenny said

    that’s y the small gal in china kanna run over and nobody help bother to help wat.. the driver who did that even say is the small gal’s fault for going onto the road.. maybe they related?? because of people like them, it makes us wonder.. why is it that don’t follow law wrong.. but follow law still wrong.. tsk tsk tsk..

  121. dblchin said

    Ok this is disgusting, y is that idiot blaming OUR taxi driver for what adhering to the traffic rules?
    The driver cause the death of 3 innocent lives…srsly Fuck u Martin, I’m allergic to ur bullshit.

  122. lucifer said

    saying to go to PIG STY china learn their driving culture? den end up becoming idiotic pigs killing 2 yr olds on the road!!
    Stop crapping nonsense! Animals!!

  123. Fantastic Singapore said

    WA LAN EH ! the short clip show that its green light ! no wrong for him to accelarate what ! if that ferarri nvr treat sg like china here, he wont cause so many death of so many leh ! u think what, sg road is race track ar ! everybody know sg road can run one what ! want to run go malaysia race track run ! not in the midnight thinking that the road with lesser car then u can acclelarate till so fast PLUS wanna chiong red light ! the ferarri driver mindset is chiong redlight BUT if he doesnt have this thinking on that night, tragedy wont happen liao leh ! don start to bark at here saying that taxt driver got fault ok ! green light show up, automatically is accelarate what !

    U wanna show traffic book, then dont u know when u see EMBER LIGHT, its the sign to slow down and stop when red light appear? PLS LEH, wanna use traffic police book, go learn what is green light meaning, EMBER light meaning and RED LIGHT MEANING LEH ! YOU PRC do wrong things and nvr admit your wrong doings and thats why we singaporean hated your ways of doing as even till the extend u guys cause so many death and u still wanna blame the victims ! KAO !

  124. Anti FT said

    Temasek Times, please provide the names of the businesses he is running. All sg make sure his businesses failed.

  125. Fantastic Singapore said


    u see your SINGAPORE Traffic BOOK !!!!!! which pics or theory show u that u can run more than 90kmph? the engine can flew 30m away from the tragedy site, hey come on la even kids also know that its need super great impact for such a heavy engine to flew so far ! wanna show traffic book, show me la, which pic or theory show that u can run more than 120kmpg one ! if u dunno well abt road regulation, dont come and bark around !
    if u think u PRC got such intelligences, then why come singapore make a living? GO BACK TO CHINA AND PROVE IT TO US LA ! dont come here create all sorts of uninvited troubles and deaths to us !


  126. Original Post before he edited it said

    Please temasek times i seek ur help to show his original post to the world.
    This is the link:
    Singapore must know of the seditious remarks of this young prc kid.
    I quote him “Serves the taxi driver right…”

  127. Ekustashii said

    He’s being absolutely ridiculous. Wait till he’s the one in the accident and there are people saying the exact same thing to defend the other party.

    He should jolly well keep his lousy comments to himself and keep silent. Coming to our country and start saying such things, how terribly insensitive.

  128. jusanotherguy said

    Yay.. so now i cansrive… beat red light.. caused someone’s death and not be fully blamed.. what the hell is wrong with that dummy!! if his parents was in that taxi.. see if he can still say that..

  129. Lulu said

    doubt this prc knows what a ferrari but wait!!!!! he is a rich business man~ hurm hurm~


  130. fusionzone said

    Should ask him back this “If the 2 deceased in the cabby is your bloody PRC family member, will you till blame the cabby” ?

    He is really an asshole !!!!

    Is our Singapore garment doing anything about this ?

  131. bootboy said

    this fucker got license or not? anyhow want to bark in SG.

  132. PRC1234 said

    Nuff said!!! Although diablo 3 is more impt then this farker… Let’s meet up @ 3pm outside RP to fark this mutha farker up!!! Who’s with me!!?!?

  133. True Blue Singaporean said

    Very evident here — this PRC guy has his brains in his scrotum rather than on his shoulders.

  134. PRC really put a shame on everywhere said

    too much PRC would put anyone on danger either on roads or anywhere… This PRC really doesn’t know about Singapore rules and shit around like he does in China.

  135. william said

    martin dont talk cock two innocent live lost a father of somebody and a japanese girl who yet to live u think of the their sorrows before u make a comment

  136. Shok li said

    that cunt ought to die in the next accident ccb!

  137. tadaa said

    Ma chi: please watch the video and retract your stupid ‘flip book comment of correct driving’. it is very obvious who is at fault in this.

  138. Alex said

    Dear Mr Martin

    Thank you for your “marvellous” comment on the recent innocent taxi driver who was crashed by a ferrari. While we understand that you are a businessman who came from a “marvellous” rich family in the land of Ah Tiongs, please kindly ensure that you understand and abide to the rules of the foreign land that you are stepping on. I think that nothing can stop you from saying whos at fault in this accident, but please ensure that god above us will always to be around you and safeguard you. If not one day if anything happen to you, please do not blame anyone,anything, EXCEPT YOU YOURSELF!

    From a Pure Singapore Citizen, who will always be there to pray for the good will of Martin…

  139. jelimon said

    from the way the post is written, find it hard to believe it’s a PRC. Didn’t know their written Singlish can be so flik-flak after 5 years here

  140. BloodyHell said

    The truth is here!!! SLAP his face wit tis man!!!
    No driver can see such a high speed moving vehicle coming ur way in less than 2 sec from ur side!!!!!

    SHARE IT!!!!!

    • WP for hougang! said

      Seriously I wouldn’t care if this PRC driver slammed into a tree and killed himself. But now, he is taking with him two innocent lives.
      And what was he doing with a female KTV hostess at such hours despite being married with a pregnant wife? And our tabloids call him 年轻有为? More like a morally depraved scumbag who is only interested in sex and money.

  141. Elbert Einstein said

    When you punch someone in the face, you can also blame the face for being in the field of your fist.

  142. dsa said

    PTC Chairman rejects restrictions on fast cars, says reckless drivers to blame instead

    Gerard Ee, chairman of the Public Transport Council, has rejected the suggestion of laying down restrictions on high-performance cars on the road and thinks that the onus should be on drivers to be responsible.

    Speaking to my paper in light of the horrific Rochor Road accident which claimed three lives, Mr Ee said, ‘low-performance cars can also be going at 100kmh and beat the red light’.

    He also warned against implementing harsh restrictions every time a fatal crash occurs as ‘in the end, nobody will be able to drive’.

    The notion for high-performance cars to be banned from the roads was first broached by a STOMPer, who also called for stricter tests for foreigners to drive here.

    STOMPer KnitoSkrim , who wrote in after reading the report, said:

    “First off, let me convey my condolences to the families of the three victims — it’s always hard to lose a loved one.

    “After reading Gerard Ee’s thoughts on this issue, I do agree with him to a certain extent — there is a possibility that we may just restrict everyone from driving on the roads, if harsh restrictions are placed every time a tragic crash occurs.

    “It is also true that a Toyota or Honda could also cause similar carnage when going at a high speed and running a red light.

    “Having said that, I do hope something can be done to curb such recklessness on the road in future at least. This is an unfortunate incident that I hope does not happen again.

    “And to all drivers, I appeal to you all to be responsible when out on the road. Let’s minimize such tragic occurrences.”

  143. BoNgO said

    Firstly Martin, this is Singapore where on our roads, we have this thing called traffic rules whereby you follow the traffic signals as such:-

    1) Green = Go;
    2) Amber = Get ready to stop; and
    3) Red = Stop

    Is that so hard to comprehend? And do you actually know what is the actual speed on our roads? What kind of speed do you think the ferrari driver was driving at that could cause such an impact? We also don’t have the intention to drive like you guys back in your hometown because we know better than to run over a child and not take responsibility for it…. is that what you’re trying to ask us to do and is that what you’re implying on behalf of the ferrari driver? That he shouldn’t be responsible for what he did right? How typical!

    Mind you also that you come from a rich family whereby money is never an issue. To the dear deceased taxi driver, he was the sole bread winner of the family. Do you actually know what this means? Now studies for his children has to be put on hold because of someone’s irresponsibility for simply not stopping when he saw the red light.

    There is a saying…. “If you don’t open your mouth, people won’t know that you’re stupid” if you don’t understand English… here’s the Chinese translation 如果您不把嘴张开, 人都不知道,你是不是傻!”

    Nobody can stop people from boycotting your food stalls but really it serves you right… you just had to open your big, fat, filthy mouth and give the rest of your fellow China mates a bad name.

  144. Killingspree said

    Someone please kindly post a photo of this asshole… Should anyone see him on the road, please run him down!!! Then i will teach him whats wrong with him!!!

  145. JustaSporean said

    I have been following the entries and comments in this website. Seriously, it shows how united Sporeans are but let us not get too emotional and be labelled as anti PRCs. May I present my thoughts here;

    I have to agree with MARTIN that we have to be vigilant to our surroundings especially to drivers on the roads. Carelessness may cause pernicious impact on innocent lives. But do tell me…

    Does the Ferrari driver have to be aware as well at the moment when the traffic light will be turning red and before turning red, any traffic lights as a usual routine will turn yellow for vehicles to slow down…

    So Mr Martin, I do hope that you will be able to present me with a better evidences with regards to your statement. Have your facts right, especially basics rules and regulation before taking sides.

    Thank you.

    • Jon said

      Agree with you JustaSporean:When it comes to anyone besides sgporean’s..i really find this amusing.UNITED we stand though diff culture’s.Clearly states what the pledge truly means in times like this.

      And im not just talking about this incident.but all the recent uproars clearly states thought amongst ourselves where there may be friction here and there,on and off or at most times,but to see

      everyone standing “brothers in arms” is pretty impressive at times like this.


  146. Whysounfair said

    Dear GOV, why you let PRC dogs out to bite your own citizen ? Maybe you should dismantle all traffic lights since PRC dogs think that we are in the wrong even its a green light. Do why waste our money install so many traffic lights ? Best part is you want us to learn more about their unique driving habbits and bang more of our own ppl ? lols … First is student then now is rich man bastard, wondering whats next ?

  147. unknown said

    boycott?? trash all the f**king stalls make him cry back to his f**king country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Andriko bin Ali said

    Very well defined and detailed statement indeed by the PRC Martin.ok,if this was his theoretical base explaination on the Ferrari accident as on how and who were to be blamed,i would really appreciate if he could enlighten me on the sengkang SBS bus accident(front&rear tyres ran over victim) and the Changi Airport incident(cleaner hit by a stolen taxi and died).how and who should be blamed?just a gentle reminder this is neither racism nor discrimination but this is a fact the culprits for ALL 3 MENTIONED(yet to find out the figure for unmentioned) issues above are PRCs!!!

  149. Angel said

    This Martin PRC talking like farting… Really make me very piss off wanna comment here… U better pray to God every night for what u have said.. Use ur peanut brain to think… Open ur eyes big big to see the video..

  150. Zamba said

    i think our Fellowship Singaporean should rise up and show to the government that ‘WE HAD ENOUGH OF FOREIGN TALENT SHIT!!!’ we Singaporean shall learn from other good Asian country to be original not mix and match, we should farking tell the Government that we had ENOUGH, totally ENOUGH!!!

    this isn’t the first time which happened in Singapore since the foreign talent arrived to our beloved Singapore.

    As a Singaporean, I’m sad to say that we have a bad habit, which is talk but no action, i hope due to this accident, we can really show the Government with our action, I believe this is the time to really show the Government what we Singaporean are and WHAT we want our peacefully small country in future.

    We should have a Singaporean rally event in orchard road or any city area and show our will and strength.

    Aside to Mr Martin:

    I believe the most valuable part of your body is your brain, because it has never been used before, so either you sell off your brain to someone who need it more than you do or you use your bird brain to think carefully before you made any comments, you dun forget, you are living in our country, not your farking CHINA country, this is our land, means our rules, our game, our protection, and I hope you sleep well at night, because the place your are living right now have Great Singaporean Citizen (GSC) living next to you.

  151. Tina said

    “For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.”

    Why do we even have to go to china to learn their culture and apply it in singapore. PRCssss!!! Cant even speak english and coming here to spoil our country’s image!!

    When i am out shopping i feel like im in china!!

  152. mattlovo said


  153. Weven said

    1 does not simply accelerate on green light… Because u may get crash by a u-know-who rich **** driving a Ferrari!!!!!…. Why they always like to change the fact tat they r not wrong n like to drag someone along

  154. floyd said

    sigh. come come i slap you.. im not singaporean but seeing this condition, i can clearly see the filthy-rich guy is at fault. not the taxi driver. we should be sympathetic to the driver and the japanese woman also. when the driver drive for a night shift as such, clearly he is working hard to make ends meet for his family! really… i have some harsh remarks to tell but ah well.. i shall keep it to myself.

  155. Chris said


  156. mason said

  157. Ridiculous! said

    So, according to Martin. we should just get rid of all the traffic lights!

  158. R said

    Use your fucking brains will you? Now they are the ones coming to our country yet u expect us to travel to their bloody country to learn their driving habits? For what? You tell me. It should be the other way isn’t it? They should be the one to LEARN our driving habits instead! How they fucking drive back at their dens have nothing to do with us. If that’s the way they drive back at their dens, i suppose news reporter would be reporting about traffic accidents involving number of deaths everyday. Foreign talents huh? More like foreign killers.

  159. LOL said

    Don’t teach Singaporean how to drive. When your own country people can’t even drive well.
    GO & LOOK AT THE VIDEO BEFORE ANYTHING! Ain’t the Ferrari accelerating on a red light !! This is ridiculous stop covering up!

  160. AA said


  161. Mathew said

    Dear Martin,
    I reckon you are not a driver or you might be one that is always driven around.. If you are a driver yourself, I would be scared driving behind you.. I believe with your frantic “awareness” searching your surrounding.. You can jolly be even more of a hazard on the roads with all the sudden breaks that is bound to happen which would lead to an accident.

    But let’s put the fact’s straight… It was green for the cab to go… and naturally it was RED for the driver in the ferrari to STOP!… But hell no, he decided to go for it..

    Having said that, it was a turn right lane as well, I’m NOT SURPRISE the driver would have been looking out if there were still any pedestrians still left walking on the roads before fully executing his turn. Well that would be my instinct as a driver myself. Never would I have thought that at anytime, when the light turn green. I would still get a “SuckerPunch” big time on my left.

    However, from how much I look at it, the Cabby Driver was still in his right of way as it was Green. For him to move off to that location where impact it would have took at least 3secs.. Giving the Ferrari driver at least 7-10secs to react from seeing his green change to amber to red.

  162. Old soldier said

    But my PRC colleague and her PRC husband says F*&K the Ferrari driver! They both says Ferrari big F**K. And they also say that f**ker deserve to die.

  163. wehateprc said

    typical china freak trying to defend another china freak. why do you even come to singapore? cos your country sucks?

  164. yunxirawks said

    Tell him go study the statutes lah. Traffic act will decpare ma chi at 100% fault as there is no way one can be sure if the approaching vehicle is gonna stop anot

  165. justsaying said

    Have a look at the video for better understanding.

  166. Bapok Yang Hensem. said

    Don’t suka-suka act smart la Martin.

  167. booboo said

    its the ferrari fault…watch this video

  168. flash22231 said

    wtf seriously no brains or what? I think u ought to read the book properly…IS APPROACHING A JUNCTION and not AFTER A JUNCTION…No brainer…Even someone that can’t drive can understand more than you

  169. bert said

    So much for being a businessman. How to trust someone who talks like tt. Watch out for him in these domains!!/poondq

  170. Anne said

    he should really really go see the footage again and again before he comes and preach on how to drive on our roads. oh and please dont tell me our singapore TP pass him, and allow such faggot on our roads.

    if we all notice, the poor cab was on a one way traffic road and he was at NO absolute fault for accelerating at a GREEN light. give me a good reason why he should slow down? was brainless martin trying to sugggest that Mr cheng shld have stop in the middle and do a “peek-a-boo” before he drives the other half of the junction?

    And the direction where the furious car was coming from, the red light had been shown for almost close to a minute it gives ample time for a driver driving at regulated speed to react and stop!

    Mr cheng was just simply unlucky that night. so is Ms Shigemi Ito. no one wanted such tragic to happen.

    “think-u-know-it-all martin” wake up, maybe u shld really go back to china, cause i think u would prefer driving there much better.

  171. Syed said

    If speeding through a red light is one of their “unique” driving habits then i sure as hell won’t wanna learn that.

  172. mr BTT said

    I tink this guy certainly duno how to drive n does not noe the meaning of traffic light cause they dun even understand wat is basic theory all about. in everywhere its a fact wat is red light n green. we not in racist here but its been a common sense since the PRC drive in sg road,alot of major accident occur involving death. even sporean n other drive recklessly but a minor of it was death, i tink its time for the goverment to raise this issue that foreigner who buy car must just let them buy small one or limit them to one family i car,its beta they dunt drive at all coz spore road is getting so pack n frustrating. i pity the sporean these days coz life is getting harder wif flocked of foreigner,i hope the goverment will help out these matter. lucky the ferrari hit taxi,if he hit bike im here the rider will flung very far….

  173. jiahui said

    fuck you. i drive in my own country still need go you country to learn how you all drive. seriously what all the minister doing.

  174. Apple Green said

    You are F@#%ing pushing us to a limit that we can organise a riot. This riot will be SINGAPOREANS AGAINST PRC! Gahmen…Are you trying to make us repeat the history from 1960s…well done

  175. SCarrow said

    2 devastated families! No excuses in the world can minimise the heart wrenching impact on their lives. Take responsibility of your action & behave like a grown up which the driver evidently has not. No excuses will spare you from bearing the death of 2 innocent souls by your action!

  176. Jess said

    stupid PRCs go back to ur homeland! we dont need you rubbish here.. you are just making this place more dirty! sunks!

  177. claire tan said


  178. Ren said

    He is saying if next time he got a daughter and she got rape. He must blame himself for having a daughter lol and also blame the daughter for not observing the surrounding for suspicious character lol

  179. Mikey said

    PRCs can fuck off la..

    This is not China.. yet.

  180. Geraldine said

    For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.

    … wat?? you came to spore ON YOUR WILL. if you dont like it, GO BACK. if i were to go and learn about their culture, i prolly will come back spore, drive ferrari AND HIT INNOCENT PEOPLE. and guess wat? the rest will just like martin.

    go back to your own country and pin point your own people for knocking into trees cos of speedings.

  181. Jolin Lau said

    The China people like to drive so fast that they bring their life to play,it will die fastest

  182. Ed said

    Brainless piece of shit.

  183. Words from a non-singaporeans said

    Drivers need to be vigilant to their surronding. However, do Mr Martin think that if the Cab driver reduce his speed the percentage of the accident wont happen?

    As a normal human being with common sense you wont spend at a junction cause there are other people may be crossing the road or other drivers going at a different direction so is DANGEROUS! So why do the ferrari driver speed, or he thinking he’s on a racing track or maybe highway (sadly that’s not the case) Even if he didn’t hit the cab he may hit other people crossing the road or go out of control and hit other property on the side of the road.

    & if the cab driver didnt reduce his speed but mantain in the rightful speed limit then he’s not in the wrong at all. If he SUKA SUKA (as and when he want to) reduce speed when there may be car behind him then another accident may happen or it may cause inconvenience to others.

    We’re staying in Singapore & there’re rules here we have to follow. If an outsider dont want to feel like an ‘outsider’ then they should change to adapt to the life here. This sentence that was being thought in school: Minority adapt to the majority and not the majority adapt to the minority.

    No one born to anti someone else. Is not that WE want to ANTI-PRC but if they don’t do action that digust us or do action that is stupid then why do we have to ANTI them. (People going ANTI on something/someone maybe act as a reminder to ourselves that we shouldn’t do things that harm others in our life , those actions act as a bad examples)

    There’s always a reason behide each action, if you dont want to be the reason that cause an action to happen then all this chain of comment & article wont appear in the internet.

    Ps: i remember this cab driver as he fetch me before. fyi he’s a nice person. & also really sorry for that passengers that got kill for no reason.

    If Mr Martin is that passengers i wonder will him still make such comment.

  184. Chan Leng said

    at that sort of speed, u think there is time for u to c oncoming vehicle?? the blame has to be laid on the chinaman!! u get it MR MARTIN??

  185. LittleNinja said

    DPM, don’t make me laugh can? limbei over here in china now, need me to contact you personally on how these ppl drive? red light don’t stop, limbei nearly kena ran over quite a few times. come here personally before telling citizens to come here and “experience” their driving methods.

  186. Paul said

    I not against anything…. but totally against you…

  187. KNNBCCB CHINA said

    CB 共匪 fark off back to your communist CB country. with your kind of logic, your father was not aware of where he put his farking dick, accidentally kenna your mother thats why you were born. F you and F China.

  188. Jin said

    Did you guys every wonder how these incidents happened? This isn’t the first time a foreigner caused loss of lives be it through hijacking a vehicle in the airport or speeding through red light. Stepping back from this particular issue, I believe there is a latent effect causing all these incidents/accidents. I believe that the Singapore (law abiding) culture is not instilled into these immigrants. Rather than focusing our anger on a dead foreigner and all the mistakes he made, I hope Singaporeans find a way to get rid of this latent effect. I am sure there are many more issues showing a mismatch of cultures besides these extreme ones causing loss of lives.

  189. Lynn Quah said

    stupid PRCs China DOG go back to your homeland!

  190. Abigail said

    Exactly!Speed of Ferrari too fast for the cabby to react man!Dun u have common sense?China Turtle!! Ey, go ask ur rich father get u a Ferrari, u try driving in that speed & bang into the wall!!! Bloody F**Ker

  191. Toya said

    Im a foreigner converted to Sporean as well. For foreigners who do so, I sincerely remind u what was/were reason(s) behind we left our home country and to be part of this country. For one, I liked this country to be organised as it used to be. I like SINGA, the courtesy mascott. So please make this country less like ur home country which gave u the reason to leave, but to help this country to b the place comfortable to all of us!

    • ANGRY Bird said

      well said Toya. we welcome good foreigners like you to become citizens and not trash like this retard called Martin!
      its so sad that Singapore has come to this sorry state!

  192. King said

    Listen up fucking bloody ah tiong as specially the name call Martin one u better shut the fuck up , u think wat taxi drive from day till nite not tired wan u think so easy come n drive la . Do u noe 1 thing u think tat driver , drive evo 9 or rx 8 can anyhow avoid Har ? U tell mi la hw to react at tat kind of sec u very smart rite wait till one day things really happen to u Liao den say ….. Btw pls before u say pls go through ur bloody brain den talk if not u will get slap

  193. Similar social situation is happening in Hong Kong as well. Rich mainlanders flock in to Hong Kong pushing up residential property prices and business property rental price has hiked to new heights. Many locals disapprove overall mainlander’s rudeness and bad public habits. Although Hong Kong is a part of China’s special administrative region, apparently there is are huge cultural differences between mainlanders and Hong Kongers. It’s only a matter of time for similar incidents to happen in Hong Kong as well creating more problems.

  194. Rajiv said

    Dear PRC-convert-Singaporean,

    1. This is not China where you can drive w/o proper license or drive as and when you like.
    2. You are rich does not mean that you can criticise on what you feel like.
    3. You should not have granted driving license in Singapore since you are your own government who come out with your own road safety.
    4. This is not China where you do not need to feel bad even a toddler was meet in an accident in China.
    5. This is not China where you fight for your own countrymen. Singapore is about Justice.

    Please feel your heart with the right stuff before you speak up for whoever is right.

  195. Corny bastard. Shall see if Martin will say rubbish like this if he were the poor lady.
    Kettle helping the pot by saying they are both black. Ha hilarious.

  196. jho said

    From the way the video shows, the taxi driver probably have no chance to even look out on the left. plus even if he did, he couldn’t have enough time to react. video here:

  197. hunter said

    PRC Marin, use ur brain 1st b4 voicing out your comment. so what if u r rich? itz either your brain is full with SHIT or u simply born w/o brain cell. go back to china, china ass.

  198. jedistaff said

    Video On YouTube clearly shows it all… Only 1 party is to blame, drunk driving or not. Evidence has been thrown for public viewing. And on that street in bugis, only the taxi’s road has no opposing traffic, and only that road has the right of way to turn right towards lavender.

    Moreover the lights were red for a few seconds before the crash. Singapore traffic lights are like this is it not? Traffic light will turn from green to Amber than to red for a few seconds before the perpendicular or opposing traffic light turns green

    By looking at the evidence brought forward by the video, why should the taxi driver even have a percentage of blame? At the speed and impact of the crash I’d say the ferrari was going at more than 90km/h, I aint no csi but I’ve watched enough traffic police commercials to understand that.

    So prease!!!

    A new-comer in any company always look towards their collegues and superiors on what thier new company culture and policies are like. Since we’re run like a business, why can’t those new “collegues” figure it out?

  199. Endless said

    Wtf this PRC Martin showing?? Didnt knowing the rules of the traffic an give such comment?? The video clip have show it clearly that is a green light for the taxi to go.. N is red for the Ferrari driver.. Btw the crash seriousness it can tell the stupid Ferrari driver is speeding more than 100km/h from far away.. That idiot shld know how to stop when is red light.. Not thinking that other should let him pass.. If the idiot Martin don’t know about the traffic rule please shut his mouth up.. No brain fuckers..

  200. blah said

    suka suka…
    excuse me. don’t use our language please. you have no rights.

  201. jason thumprint said

    theorically, the traffic light already green for 5sec b4 the fatal accident happen. Tat shows tat the stupid PRC ferrari driver still beat the red light even its already red for abt 8 sec. Including amber light, its more than enough time for him to think abt braking and yet he choose to beat the red light. There is no way the taxi is at fault! Not even abit!

  202. abc said

    nothing much to argue actually how the f has this anything to do with “Reduce speed as you approach junction”. the guy STOPPED before MOVING OFF. can’t even understand the BTT and got his license.

  203. Her fucker. Get it right. How the fuck are you going to be aware of your surroundings when the car was at an ADJACENT direction. You mean every driver should stop in the middle of the road at a green light, look left, make sure to car beat the red light and den proceed on? WTF logic is this? Nobody said you are wrong about being aware of your surroundings. But it is completely brainless from an educated person. Seriously. Who the fuck looks out at the adjacent lane when your eyes are supposed to be peeled infront and not 90 degrees, and you have the right of way 5 seconds after the green light was shown? Find me a section in the driving theory books that says turn your head 90 degrees at a junction for cars. If you can find it, then, all of us shall eat our words.

  204. SimplySG said

    Mr Martin,

    so, you think the cab supposed to stop and let the ferrari cheong by is it ????? I cannot believe you IQ. Pls go chk !!!

    Now u asking in FB if sonatas are fitted with airbags ? omg !!!
    u r simply standing firm on what you think and trying to twist the facts again is it ?

  205. wen xing said

    before even saying this, is he even an qualify driver?! Does he even has the right to say theory on driving…..pls la hor, before getting lesson and after getting license is 2 different things la. Before getting license, u folo the book, after getting license u threw the book so pls don dig out the book and come here running ur mouth around

  206. yllek lee said

    Martin, im wondering how he look like 🙂 maybe a punch on his china face will be perfect!

  207. enrique said

    The businesses of Maritn Poon Da Qian,
    Koufu Foodcourts and SGBIX.comt
    his fb profile –

  208. carbonblack said

    Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said:

    “Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

    For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.

    in an amongst everything else, did anyone catch this comment by DPM Teo Chee Hean… Like is this guy for real? If they want to come to Singapore, they learn our rules and our driving laws… what an idiot…. these are the kind of people leading our country…no wonder we are doomed…

  209. chiratna said

    Why does someone had to be responsible for another persons( china pigs) recklessness? By your rationale, your parents are responsible for what you posted here hence you and your whole freaking family should rot and burn in hell for eternity.

  210. Jebbie said

    After watching the video, i can only say that this martin guy is stupid to the max for defending the prc guy. Well, i guess he is only saying that cause he is from prc too and want to defend himself. Just for info, in Hongkong, they are debating whether to allow PRC driver to enter hongkong driving their own car. Upon hearing this, the residents of Hongkong decided should Prc driver are allow to enter, hongkong resident are going to protest about it and boycott PRC. Cause once prc driver are allow to enter, there will be no safe place anymore on the road of Hongkong.

  211. pukebleah said

    dearest PRC.. you never watch that video is it? Cant you see it’s green light? your eyes got problem ah? And some more all the cars already start moving.. and then the ferrari came.. so cabby fault or the PRC fault? RICH?? HAOLIAN AH?! SO WHAT IF YOU’RE RICH?? Also not your money what.. it belongs to your dad, by the way..

  212. ray said

    How to watch out for on coming vehicle at this speed?

    • SP LEE said

      Whoever comment that to watchout for vehicle, is STUPID! I dont drive, obviously with that kind of speed, how to lookout?? Taxi cabby is not speeding any faster… no way to react!

    • F U said

      the black car on lane 4 survived.. he must have seen it right infront of his windscreen.. That is so horrific n traumatising..

  213. Bill said

    Is there anyone able to verify how true the news is…Or someone just wants to make the conflicts more serious….

  214. Ida said

    After watching the video, it’s clear cut that the Ferrari driver is in the wrong! It’s super clear.. Yes green doesn’t mean no threat, but it’s the taxi right of way!

  215. JC said

    i believe that yes you are right in saying the taxi driver had some fault in not being alert about the surrounding, but i would also like to ask you a question are you able to see and avoid something at a great speed when driving? are you able to hide from the thunder before it strike u after you see it? and pls be mindful that why this guy left his wife who will be due soon alone at home and yet having a night club girl sitting beside him in his car at the middle of the night? are you trying to tell us that ya guy just cant be faithful to his own wife and need some company while he is suppose to come out for just his driving training at the middle of the night?
    The taxi driver is just trying his best to feed his family with his hard earn money while your homeland ppl just kill him and his family’s future instead of thinking of how to help the family you are now trying to say that taxi driver is in fault and dead is what he should be getting then why are you still here? if that homeland guy is so important to you why not u go n join him down there and enjoy the 18th level of hell together with him?
    how many sins had the china people down to the world, first SARS is highly suspected to be origin from CHINA, your people make stupid milk powder to harm thousand of newborn in your own country, your country people use cardboard to make into meal and sell it in street and earn thousand and million of dollar causing million and billion chances of people to developed cancer or other illness in your country, then you come to sg and pollute our environment with someone who scold the citizen dog, your country people kill people run away and no one is willingly to help those poor souls on the road. your people reverse the car to run over the kids again and again to ensure he is dead so he can compensate a small sum of money.
    if you like this kind of thing to happen on you and your future family why are you in SG now, go back to your homeland and lie on the road to get hit and pls remember to share us the video on how a truck will go over your body

    • HELLGATE said

      Are u stupid!! Even there is Pple crossing the traffic light!!! U stupid!! See the video clearly moron!! THE RED FERRARI IS IN THE WRONG!!! Fuck u if u say the taxi driver is also at the fault!! YA ITS TRUE SOME TAXI DRIVER ARE A MANIAC DRIVER BUT NOT THIS DRIVER ASSHOLE!!! I’M very upset the FIRST WORDS THAT came out from ur fucking mouth idiotic morons!!

  216. Michelle said

    For Chris sake!
    The Taxis fault?
    Did the fella even see the actual footage?
    It’s green traffic light and the taxi have the right to go!
    The stupid PRC just dash across the red light!
    Split second and 2 life’s are gone!
    And even the b*stard PRC life is gone!
    PRC’s who are seeing this. Wake up your bloody idea if you wanna stay in my once peaceful country and stop harming our life!
    To be fair of coz there are good PRC’s around but to those who think that we Singaporeans who own them a living, we Singaporeans don’t freaking need you here!

  217. Fen said

    Mr Martin,

    TAKE A GOD DAMN LOOK ON THE VIDEO. Being a speedy driver myself, which damn stupid driver don’t look before they turn left or turn right or even U TURN. This is the very first thing taught by driving inspectors when you are very first on the road. You don’t go and talk about TAXI UNCLE SALAH when he should be the one possessing more experiences than many average drivers being on the road for more than hours that you can imagine.

    EVEN IF I WERE TO TURN, I WILL TAKE A DAMN LOOK AROUND BEFORE I TURN. BUT MY DRIVING INSTRUCTOR ALSO TOLD ME BEFORE, ACCIDENT USUALLY HAPPEN IN 0.001 SECOND. If you watched the video, how are you going to react at that kind of speed? Even if taxi uncle reverse and unfortunately crash the car behind him (if there is a car behind taxi uncle), taxi uncle may not even be able to have the time to engage the gear, turn the steering wheel and reverse because its not possible to do 3 actions in 0.001 second!

    Which driver on the road don’t wanna to avert an accident if they could?

    How is a Sonata gonna to fight with the one of the 599 LIMITED EDITION FERRARI on the road? How can you still rub salt into wound? If you feel really patrotic and loyal to your country, go home pleaseeeee. I have nothing against PRC, I work together with PRC, I study together with them but obviously in this issue and those preceding issues, it is enough to determine that there is a problem with PRC DRIVING SKILLS.


  218. Alvin said

    Martin, please import your brain to Singapore from your hometown.
    The page you posted is on what to do when approaching a junction, not moving off from a junction from a stationary position when the traffic light turns green in your favor.
    It is obvious that the road conditions are different.
    Go back to driving school and refresh your theory lessons.

    In addition, the speed of the Ferrari is so fast that it leaves people not time to react due to the surroundings.

    Please think carefully before you make any comments.

  219. Fen said

    In addition of the above comment, I have to say that, ITS NOT EVEN A TURN. ITS A STRAIGHT ROAD, GOING STRAIGHT. At the rate of such things happening, all drivers are in jeopardy cos no one follows TRAFFIC RULES laid down by government and bills.

  220. Maggie said

    Who the hell this person think he is! Go and die we will never welcome you! Not happy…go back to your country…dont come dirty our country! Really hate them to the max! Go go go….

  221. Maggie said

    Taxi uncle can rest in peace…its NOT his fault…We all understand…only those PRC WHO dont know how to drive and thinks they are damm clever step on our land and BULLY our people will be so wu liao


    Seen that fat PRC in HCI’s school’s canteen. Closed alr. Looked like a softspoken nice guy. Anyway guys, here is this fat motherfuckers FB, enjoy

    least i can do (:

  223. Ricky Loh said

    Is been 2sec from which the video direction, that the traffic turned “green” another 3sec till been hit. Following explains. Singapore traffic light, amber first then red. At amber the light stay at least at least lar 2-3sec (Visible from a distance) From amber till red at least another 2-3sec, then for the other direction to turn green which again at least at least 2-3sec. Again at least lar there is a total of 14sec to react but no he didn’t. 

    • N00bKefka said

      Scenario 1:
      Amber light = speed up!
      *Speed to max speed.
      Oh shit it turn red.

      Scenario 2:
      Dafuq is Yellow =)

  224. MARTINYOUHUANLOSIMI said spread martin’s fb around.

  225. CHINADOG said


  226. Chong Kee Lim said

    No need to argue so much…see this video and we’ll know who is right/wrong…idiotic Martin, do some research and get your facts right before you comment.

  227. Lester Lum said

    Pls read that book again u had posted u fucking dog!!

    The statement state, “reduce speed as you are approaching the junction” this sentence is meant for that fucker ferrari driver and not the cab driver. Slow down when u are approaching the junction is to ensure if lights turn red, the driver won’t jam brake or dash across the junction like what that china dog did which led to a horrible accident causing 2 innocent ppl to die.

    Pls watch the video again as the cab driver only drives off 3-4 sec after the lights had turn green. Damn you china dog!!

  228. Miss Aggy said

    Nobody goes around to other people’s country to stir shit time and time again. ONLY U PRCS! Talk like its ur father house! Walk like its ur mother land and now DRIVE LIKE ITS UR GRANDFATHER ROAD!!! FFS, E WORLD DOES NOT ONLY REVOLVES AROUND U GUYS! I don’t think its only Singaporeans that’s biased, I’ve seen for myself, people of different nationalities in different countries all flashing disgusted looks at them before because of their disgusting actions and uncivilised behaviours! U PRCS ought to do some soul searching on WHY people all look at you this way! WHEN PRCS WAS CREATED, I BET CONSCIENCE WAS NOT PART OF THEM, that’s why they can voice out inhuman thoughts and words! YOU PRCS R INDESCRIBABLE! If u wanna play the racing game in singapore, go find some remote places where u cn only crash into trees instead of human beings and cars, normal roads in town areas only allows u to play the game for at most 10secs before you reach the next traffic light! This is not the way to show off ur FILTHY FERRARI! IF U SUPER WANNA SHOW IT OFF BADLY, GO BACK TO CHINA! I BELIEVE CHINA HAVE PLENTY OF MOUNTAINS AND LANDS FOR U TO CRASH AxxHOLES! And For e poor retard who twist and turns e facts, I DON’T BLAME U FOR UR MENTALITY at all, u were only suffering from visual impairment whom can’t tell from right or wrong at all, and can only rely on ur porky brains to analyse the whole situation… SORRY CORRECTION! If I’m NOT WRONG I think you have a brain impairment as well! And WHY should the poor taxi uncle pay the price for ur fxxkup 同胞’s reckless driving skill and selfish attitude! WAKE UP UR IDEA!

    • Kin said

      well said. he could have bought like at least 5 ferrari in china and make sichuan a need for speed (game) track. im now living in australia and australians hate chinese too and when they become racists, they treat us singaporeans, malaysians etc as asians which is = to CHINA, then they sometimes will want to beat up us, egg us, yell as us. etc. im just very sick of getting the same treatment as PRCs.

      Even when i visit chinese restaurants, they always give the ‘tao’ look (arrogant look). like if u wanna eat, eat. otherwise go away. same goes to china real estate agents and so on. all 1 kind.

      And please update me if the female in the ferrari die. its hard to get sg news here.

  229. Sak said

    What the hell is this PRC talking about.. He should look at the video.. How can the taxi avoid this.. come on… do he have a license.. does he know how to drive.. Dun act smart.. I pity the taxi driver and the Japanese woman… And the PRC wife just wan to know who the woman siting next to her hubby….. zzzzzz

  230. Hey Stupid China Shit Head – In singapore Green light means you have right of way and Red light means you stop – the taxi was starting off from green light which is his right of way – hey shit head China man just because have money to buy Ferrari speeding across junction against red light and now innocent Singaporeans are dead or maimed ( the motor bike rider ) . and by the way in city there is a 50 kph speed limit and never does it say you can shoot red light at early hours of the morning – by the way drunk driving is a serious offence . So now dead man cannot be punished but well maybe the government should impound his wealth and distribute to the poor victims and their families and deport the family of this offender – permanent one way with no possibility of returning here. If this idiot and shit head thinks his china compatriot is right I think him and his similarly like thinkers should also leave – we don’t need rubbish like you . In fact already the incident with that so call rubbish scholar is enough – ungrateful who call the ppl that gave him his education DOGS ! Send them all on a one way trip back to where they once belong !

  231. please lah.. the green light was probably on for more than 10 secs liao.. which means the other side was already red light for 10 seconds.. Are all drivers suppose to wait that long before any car comes..

  232. Carol said

    Who’s the idiot who believes that Singaporeans should go to China to understand their China comrades’ driving?!
    Its ridiculous. You live like the Romans do when in Rome. So the PRCs in Singapore should live as the Singaporeans do, not the other way round. If it was the other way round, then Singapore wont be Singapore. It would be Chinapore.
    What an idiot!

    How can the cabby be at fault?
    If the ferrari driver does not know how to stop at a red light, he should be banned from driving and charged for manslaughter.
    Also, the lights had turned green for quite some time before the taxi started driving off.
    What kind of stupid logic is it that the cab driver has to look carefully at his surroundings first even though it is green light?

    Seriously…. the PRC should be sent home!!!

  233. saranghaey said

    Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said:

    “Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

    There you go! if everyone is as sensible as this person, singapore will be a better place to live in!

  234. Cheong said

    Lolx..stupid idiot. Did u pass yr driving license b4 posting? If u PRC want to flaunt yr damn bloody wealth no 1 stopping u all…But to the fact u say is the taxi uncle fault u must have burnt yr bloody head when u are young that causing u to be semi- retarted!!!! If u all think driving here is like driving in china then u bloddy hell go back china and own a car n go banged down the ppl there.
    I believed even in PRC if u have had banged a person down even injured or death u will faced with a harsh punishment…..

  235. Mark said

    I dont get it, a engine can fly 30m and break off from car if the PRC driving ferrari maintain its speed at 50kmph which is the regulation for Singapore road when there’s no sign? Stop insulting your own country that way, by helping your own countrymates, you have brought your own countrymates more shame and humiliation by publicly displaying how LOW your iq can be. If that ferrari travels at 50kmph, probably death could be avoided.

  236. What a joke! said

    Well, I think they are related. Must be uncle and newphew.

    Firstly, MA chi and MA rtin.

    Secondly, they are rich.

    Thirdly, they are brainless.

    Lastly, they are from China.

    But I still wanna say this,
    YOU BEING ABLE TO COME TO SINGAPORE (or now better known as CHINAPORE) is just because your dad is rich. Yes, he gave you good food, nice car, and money to start a business without you having to work hard. SO LET ME TELL YOU THIS, you being rich is your business. Your mother work as a Geylang prositute is your business. Your dad working as a PIMP earning off your mother’s earnings is your business. SO FUCKING KNOCK IT DOWN YOU SON OF THE PIMP.

    May you cross road, DIE.
    Eat food, DIE.
    Sleep, DIE.

    If you guys(I mean SIngaporeans) wanna add more, just feel free to.

  237. Ikk said

    i hope this guy would walk over somewhere and have a pot or a tree branch or something heavy drop on his head and someone tells him it’s his fault for not being aware of his surroundings…

  238. somebody said

    Why must we go to PRC to learn about our ‘comrades’ unique driving when you are in OUR country driving on OUR roads??? If you want to drive the way you drive in your country then you should jolly well go back to your own country and drive in your own country’s roads. Don’t teach us what to do in our own country, teach yourself what you should do in our country.

  239. Cactus said

    Well martin you have a cheek to comment so much. Have you seen the second video that has gone viral. So who is clearly at fault. We don’t really care how your comrades drive in china. You just do not have any respect for road users in your own country. When you come over to live in another country respect their laws. Obviously you don’t have any respect for anything. You are now residing in Melbourne that’s why you can make all these comments. Come on out and reply to your post if you are a man. In this world doesn’t mean you have money you can say and do what you want. Just remember when you die you cannot take your riches with you. The day you leave this world will be the same as you entered it. Remember ok. You bloody twerp!!!!!!

  240. gahmen_sucks said

    yes just take a look at what happen in china when the poor little boy was ran over a few times! these onlookers just looked and ignored him like he is a rag doll on the street! hey people everywhere in the world will have a piece of heart to remove animals on the street if they get ran over by vehicles! but not in china! they are despicable horrible heartless people! go back to china and stop creating havoc in our peaceful country! in the first place you china people dont even speak english and you want to live in multiracial singapore?! and u expect people to speak and understand your thick chinese accent?! go to hell!! i only have the stupid gahmen to blame for all these shit happening to us singaporeans! now look what u have done gahmen! we lost a life of one singaporean and his family have to suffer now because u gahmen allow one stupid chinaman entry into our country! what will happen to us in the future??? who is to be blamed for all these??? gahmen please wake up your ideas!!!

  241. JJ said

    F him upside down. We only slow down when amber light. when it turn green , we will accelerate and move on.
    and the cab drove off only 3-4 second. when they ferrari driver bang him, it already dono how long the green light favor to the taxi driver.
    F the PRC. Kill so many life in singapore. PRC bus driver SBS bang down people. what next?
    And the PRC pls kindly think before you shame yourself here. you should go study BASIC THEORY again!

  242. alfretztay said

    I truly believe that this video from Yahoo – “” speaks for itself!

  243. Jjbeqn said

    I hope this brain dead idiot got hit on the head by a falling flower pot when he is walking outside. Then we can tell him it’s his fault for walking suka suka.

  244. pointblank said

    what “suka suka accelerate”? what nonsense this bugger talking… so he meant to say we should accelerate at snail pace and constantly looking left and right everytime? What kinda retard driving is that?

  245. WYS said

    just look at the speed of the stupid red car….you can already imagine how many red light this ah tiong had dashed AND IT CLEARLY NO SIGN OF E-BRAKE. That area is full of traffic light…. Hey ah tiong ah china no traffic light ah ? at least obey the local traffic rules loser. The ah tiong that die is worst than dog, calling him dog is a disgrace to the human best friend. AND THIS IDIOT THINK HE IS RICH MAN SON CAN GIVE THIS KIND OF STUPID COMMENT, CHINA DOG ? I DON’T THINK SO. HE SHOULD BE BE CALLED MORE LIKE CHINA DOG SHIT.
    Not all prc-new citizen are bad but the RICH ASSHOLES are fucking show off, thinking paying the government can get the citizenship easily and screwing with the local and disturb our way of living. and the poor ones have no standard and have no sense of courtesy and bring Singaporean standard down. Ageing Population ? Please they are hiring these RICH PRC hit-man to kill us all

  246. Ijato said

    WTF PRC talking about……….. Better shut up your mouth before i put my brother head into your mouth………

  247. antitiong said!

    Someone posted in fb this is the guy.

  248. antitiong said!

  249. Jane said

    Ferrari was SPEEDING SO MUCH that the taxi driver who caught the scene on camera DID NOT EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A FERRARI UNTIL HE CHECKED THE VIDEO. Hello, how can you blame the taxi driver for being “unaware of surroundings”.

    Those who fail to check the facts before making the stupidest assertions, such as insisting the taxi driver was to blame — it goes to show how “much” intelligence they have.

  250. Zuhaidah said

    This new “citizen” should watch the footage of the accident. Which part of the footage showed that the taxi driver was accelerating?
    What he meant by “suka-suka to accelerate” ? If the Ferrari driver did not act like a ‘hero’ and drove like a maniac this accident will not took place.
    I disagreed if the government said that Singaporean are not welcoming the new “citizen”. Let see from this issue… New “citizen” must also know their part and place.

  251. game87 said

    wa… see the real time video of the accident happen so fast… i believe even racers with fast reflex won’t be able to dodge la.. bang until fly away stupid also can see that the ferrari going farking fast…

  252. Audi said

    LOL seriously? Go to China and learn their ways of f*ed up driving? Who the hell wants to provide fees for the airticket? Moreover, what have China b*hes done for u anyway? Take away 2 lives and blame it on us?

  253. Kin said

    im a driver i know, even if you manage to catch a glimpse of the ferrari. u dont have the time to brake and stop. the time u move your hand to the handbrake or move your feet to the brake takes longer than the ferrari hit u. and seriously, nobody will be that alert to see a ferrari driving that fast at 4am. so i think this accident is unavoidable.

  254. antitiong said

    Sorry. Anyone can verify?

  255. The Japanese had one of their citizens killed. I wonder what they had to say about this….

  256. Kin said

    last comment :D, the driver of the taxi is 52 years old pretty sure he had more experience in driving than any noobs that mentioned about “look before u cross the intersection”. For those that think this is a funny joke. it aint funny if ur happen to be in that cab.

    For those that are rich peoples who love to drive fast cars. theres only a place to go and maybe a destination. 1. buy 1 way flight ticket to GERMANY, 2. rent or buy an exotic, as expensive as possible. bugatti veyron or lamborghini aventador (for example) 3. drive down the AUTOBARN highway where no speed limit applies, more likely you will survive. otherwise a slight lose control can lose your life.

    Its also sort of lucky that it happens at 4am, if it happens 2 hours later, chances are, the outcome will be disastrous.

    Now that this had happened, i hope other drivers will be more considerate and responsible. And most importantly we learned another experience.

    Thats all i have to say.


  257. Facts and truth said

    Come on guys!!
    Let’s just put aside who’s driving the motor vehicles and look on the facts and truth…

    Base on the video, it clearly shows that the time where the Ferrari supposed to stop (04:09:13) till the time the accident happened (04:09:21) has a total of 8 seconds!!
    People are trying to push the blame to the taxi and share it…
    But let me ask you this question, did the taxi break any traffic rules?
    1. Taxi started to accelerate (after about 1second when green light is on and did not speed.
    2. The speed of the taxi moving is within the limit.
    3. Followed the traffic rules.
    4. Maybe he did/did not check for traffic**
    (We can’t say he didn’t check as we are in the taxi to determine)

    Let’s say if he did not check the surroundings, the taxi will definitely be HIT!!!!
    BUT even if he did check the surroundings, no matter what the driver do (be it brake or accelerate) the taxi will still be HIT!!!
    Guys please…. Use your brain to THINK instead of pushing partial of the blame to the innocents…..


    **** If you need to take note of your surround wherever you go and whatever you do, then everyone in this world would be damn stress and seems like living in a “Danger Zone”.

    “Walking/ jogging? That’s a no No NO… tsk tsk….. Cause…..
    A pot might just drop to your head. Pillar might just fall to you. Bridge might just fall on you….

    Ohhhhhh Great !!!
    Come to think of it, we can’t even sleep peacefully!!
    Cause the ceiling might just collapse. A meteor might crash into your room. Flock of birds might fly into your room and attack you. “

    You guys reading this now must be thinking what kind of rubbish is this right?
    But that’s where these fellow mates are coming from. [Beware of our surroundings ………….]

  258. seah said

    how come u soooo,,,,,sooo STUPID.BASTARD>>>>

  259. Zxc123abc said

    Shameless PRCs Singapore gave them a place to stay and here they are insulting us. They very dua sai la can own ferrari. Scram back to your country la. Priest la!

  260. F U said

    Im not against ur nationality.. Its just u Martin.. Pass our FTT & BTT test before posting ur idiotic comments please..

  261. lwl said

    stupid china dogs, how many china cause us trouble already. they think they own singapore. singapore so easy can get prc. way too easy. gov should do something

  262. Mikey said

    By his logic.. all the victims of 911 were at fault for not looking out for airplanes coming towards their building too.

    Maybe I duno the traffic laws in China, if they have any, but this is Singapore goddammit!

  263. Stealth said

    “For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.” – Ya sure and drive like China maniacs who have no laws…oh ya, reminds me of previous news in China that a driver hit a child and ran off…..This is the way China drives, also just recently China woman came out from car and start hitting a policeman in CHINA… this asshole is telling us China policemen and be bullied and we can run over children in China right?

  264. spawnInc said

    Why the f*ck are the media trying to portray the f*cking idiot as the one who was innocent? Dafuc!!
    i’m super f*ck up when i continue to read the news on this incident. Dafuc is the govt doing now? How many more innocent lives is going to be taken by these PRC talent before the govt going to curb the intake of this so called “PRC foreign talents.”
    I f*cking scared to be even on the road!! what the hell said about that.

  265. Death God said

    The lights had turned green for about 4s before the taxi entered into the ferrari path. From basic estimation, it was sure that the ferrari was still like 400m away from the junction which was enough time for the ferrari driver to do an e-brake. However he has not as there was no screeching sounds. Obviously shown that ferrari driver has no intention of slowly down. This china guy tai chi skills really impress me sia. Pushing an obvious fault of that ferrari driver to that taxi driver.

    • Kin said

      true, but its also hard to estimate whether he will stop, by about 100m, its easy for all of us to judge. but its too late to e-brake in time

  266. Boe2 said

    What martin said MIGHT have been write. IF it weren’t for these few factors:

    1. The Chinese dude was driving a Ferrari and speeding.
    2. The time of the day.
    3. The traffic light.

    Here’s how Martin’s argument/”logical explanation” is flawed. Firstly, It was in the WEE (LATE NIGHT) hours of the night (according to the footage) and naturally as a driver, you (and i’m also referring to “Martin”) would not bother much when you’re given a GREEN light. It’s not as if there will be a rush of dozens of cars waiting to cross the junction. Furthermore, The Taxi driver would have been experienced enough to know the basic rules of driving. One does not simply foresee that the oncoming vehicle will not slow down and crash into him. Also, it was a FERRARI, and mind you Sir. Martin, Its a freaking SPORTS CAR. If This taxi driver has quick reflexes at the age of 51 to slow down and avoid in that moment, he should become an F1 Driver or a stunt driver (and i’ll watch his movie).

    Likewise, if “Martin” has done his profound research on driving, so have i, let me mention this: PRC “Ma Chi” had a hostess in his car and judging by the speed at which he drove, its clear that he was drunk. Therefore, no matter how much information you provide to make “Ma Chi” sound innocent, he still and will be a drunk driver.

    P.S. Don’t judge another country’s driving faults when your’s isn’t better and if you wish to argue your point, do it with dignity and respect in the English language.

  267. InHere said

    Wow. PRC teaching SGeans. Uncle, you look at your own China people driving in SG. No difference too. Trying to beat the traffic light. They’re also risking other’s lives. Just shut up or maybe go teach your China people of the traffic rules in SG instead.

  268. XenophobiaFTW said

    Quite amazed at morons or mods that believe a Chinese citizen would write Singlish like “suka suka” or “nia”


    Mod’s note:

    He has been in Singapore since young and study in our primary and secondary schools. The EDMWers have met him in real life.

  269. Sarah said

    When did this become a Singapore-China issue again? So many details about him some more .. -.-

  270. Bombz said

    Like seriously? The taxi driver fault? No matter what time it is, should the ferrari driver drive so fast? Should the ferrari driver dash with the red lights on? Now you are trying to say the taxi driver have fault when the driver was merely working in the mid-night to earn money so he could feed himself or his family? Like seriously,dont put disgraceful comment on the internet when you know ended up you might just need a plastic bag to cover you damn face. You are one kind of singaporean i hate the most like seriously. Get a life before accusing the innocent people.

  271. wong jie wei said


  272. RAYSON said

    1)Which asshole will turn so fast at a junction. Then the ferrari also can suka suka accelerate uh? SMLJ.


    2) Hello boy, Its 4:08am..which driver will be 100% awake? Furthermore, its green light and THE FERRARI IS FUCKING SPEEDING. Seriously how do you expect the cabby to avoid it?

    Oh..maybe can avoid uh, if the cabby ACCELERATE faster. But then the cabby also never SUKA SUKA move even faster like what the ferrari is doing. -.-


  273. jho said

    Actually, if you were to look carefully at the video, if the presence of the ferrari was visible, the pedestrian wouldn’t have jaywalked slowly across. He would have dashed across. Hence, it is a horrible accusation to blame Mr Cheng for being negligent to his surroundings. To Mr Martin, please get your facts right before you accuse anyone. Mr Cheng is an innocent victim of this horrible accident due to Ma Chi who has an intolerable lack of compliance for our rules.

  274. RAgeR said

    Freaking PRC, return to your damn country. You are stupid and ignorant, still have the guts and cheek to talk likeaboss. Don’t come to Singapore and step like a Singaporean. [They think Green Light=No Threat],[In Junction, You aren’t suka suka accelerate also]? What a joke. If everyone think like the way you do. I don’t think all the cars will move when the light turn green. Won’t it cause a major jam so you freaking PRC can ram us with your ferrari? Still dare to teach us about driving? If you said that the light turn green, we cannot suka suka accelerate. What about the ferrari driver? Red light can suka suka accelerate? Or he cock eye? Color blind, Red light became Green light? Maybe your country driving book teaches you PRC regardless the light is Green or Red, if your car is faster, you can just continue drive.

  275. PRC90percentDOG said

    One word. DOG.

  276. Wtf said

    As per the video, the taxi has the right of way. Maybe u as a PRC do not understand what I’d right of way cos in your life nothing u do is ever right. The final theory book u took a pic on is not the exact layout when the accident happen.
    If u wanna bite back on Singaporean, please use a better theory.
    It is good that you are born in a rich family but not everyone are like you. Instead of talking so much and blaming someone who is innocent, why not open your damn freaking big mouth and ask your rich dad to give you half a million or so and donate to the Singaporean cabby?
    Oh…. I wish I could ask you to donate to your china soulmate but …… Uhmmmm….. Guess he is much richer than u right. So …… Maybe u are not too great either.
    Young boy… There is always a higher mountain. Don’t be proud. And you know what is the worst thing that can happen to someone? It’s not being poor, it being dumb.
    U know Singaporeans are against PRC. Y do u even put yeself out here to be scolded by ppl.
    Brain dead? Or having some disease that ye mouth just can’t shut? Or?
    Learn to be smart…….. Either shut up or get out. As simple.

  277. Cit said

    Seriously what is he trying to show us?? The book CLEARLY stated WHEN approaching a junction. That picture doesn’t have a red light! Some more the taxi was FOLLOWING the TRAFFIC RULES. Does it make one sense when the light turn green and you still need to slow down?! DID THE BOOK MENTION THAT?! If i remember correctly, IT DOES NOT SAYS THAT! What are the traffic lights for then?!

  278. noah said

    Clearly seeing that from the video, the green light lights up for quite a few seconds. And it its the common rule for vehicles to take off at green light. But is there a justified rule that cars should accelerate when the red light is up? Very obviously seen that the Ferrari driver, has broken the rule.

    As a driver myself, we are supposed to check our blind spots subsequently (left or right) when turning ( left or right), but accordingly to what Martin said.. and still wanna show us how to drive, i wonder how can i keep driving straight and stare at the traffic oncoming from the sides??

  279. Joel said

    Return your dog country. Doesn’t mean u have money to buy a damn car you can speed everywhere. Rich ppl drive Ferrari, but do you know what is call RED light. Means STOP. He din even stamp a tiny bit on the brakes. The cabby was of no fault. You think sports car voom voom can hear from far can tell where the damn car is. You PRC go back to your country n VOOM in your own country.

  280. Chanel said

    How to freaking look out for the surroundings when this was too fast to even react? Use your freaking brain. Suka suka accelerate? Please. It’s GREEN LIGHT, the taxi has the rights to move.

  281. Joel said

    Jho, well said. I noticed the man crossing the road om the side as well. If he saw the Ferrari zooming near, he would have already ran across the road. It’s so clear the PRC sped at so high speed it came just crashing on the cab n it flew.

  282. now according to wanbao e MA families asking all netizen to shut their traps. If u have nothing to hide why would u scare what comment we r posting. Oh yeah there are footage online pls take a look see who is at fault. Most importantly IN ROME DO AS E ROMAN DO , dont bring your dash red light drive ferrari = big fark culture into here. BTW MR MARTIN TAKE A LOOK AT E VIDEO B4 commenting you r not going to help your fellow PRC but gona to stir more uprage. Use your Brain to read and digest e Basic theory, if u do not understand english , engage a english teacher.

  283. PureSINGAPOREAN said

    Capt (Jessie Williams II said

    May 14, 2012 at 11:57 pm
    The amount of pent-up bile never ceases to amaze me.

    Who cares if he has “served National Service”? Your women need not serve National Service either but that does not make them any less Singaporean. Or does it?

    I am flabbergasted at the obviously emotionally xenophobic stance of this article.

    Know that you common Singaporeans need our foreign know-how more than we need your dollars.

    Yours very sincerely,

    Hey you moron, get the fact right before you even open up your bloody mouth.
    Who do you think you are to criticise Singaporean? If I mean if you think you are great or noble, you wouldn’t have “abundant” your country & come to we common Singaporean’s country to “search” for food to survive!!

  284. S.C. said

    this is proof.

  285. i think he hasn’t seen the video yet is it? the taxi was already in the box halfway and then the Ferrari came crashing in so fast. At his speed it’s also possible that the taxi driver couldn’t seen him clearly at first – or thought that it was safe to go because he was far away and most probably had the courtesy to slow down and stop – when he thought it was safe to go (plus it was already green light) and then the Ferrari at that horrible speed just appeared, how was he to look out so fast? he would need eyes on the side of his head.

  286. Duckoola said

    Look at the damage to the Ferrari, look at the pictures posted and where the ENGINE of the taxi ended up….the Ferrari was definitely clocking more than 150km/h to create such an impact. The taxi’s engine flew way ahead (look at image #18

    Look at the damage of the Ferrari, its built to be a sports/racing car and of high quality material; if it was traveling 100km/h +/-, the driver would not have died, or died instantly. Understanding that the impact was on the Ferrrari driver’s side, by logic (and in reality) he’d be the worst off of all the victims BUT the taxi driver was on the ‘safer’ side and he DIED too. The impact ripped the 2 cars until its like crumpled pieces of paper and the Ferrari is beyond recognition, Martin, what were you thinking when you made those comments?! I cannot figure you out or find a good excuse for you for posting such ridiculously shameful comments. U need help, a lot of it. If I were you, I’d either disable the FB account and everything else associated with you and go home and hide under the blanket for a LONG TIME!

  287. s40039438 said

    Salute to all my Fellow RED DOT comrades on all your commands; my sentiments are with you guys….

    But u know what let’s not waste our time and effort on insensitive, self-centered, no class person!

    Instant, let’s be Gracious with CLASS, let them know that we Singaporeans are not to be messed with!


  288. _l_( - . - )_l_ said

    I strongly feels that all the singaporeans are able to get our license revoke just to knock you(martin) down on the road at a speed of 200km/h during red light, cause you(martin) are at fault for not looking at us speeding towards you(martin). Last but not least, just to tell you and your dog parents go gan biak si(bang wall die) lah… Fuck up parents gave birth to a fuck up son… Disgrace to the world!!! PUI !!!

  289. Sarah said

    GUYS!!! Stop spreading so much hate! I urge everyone to check the reliability of this source. Honestly, I don’t think it’s reliable at all. Someone mentioned that if it’s a Chinese citizen how is he able to use words like ‘suka suka ‘ and ‘ nia ‘ . The mods said that it’s becos he studied in SG primary and sec sch. However, the article state that he has only came to sg a few years ago! SO PLEASE. Stop this hate..

  290. Abc..... said

    This kind of prc needs to be send home to their country n not to welcome here again. They are just causing so much trouble here. I was also aware that chinamans driving here was really sucks to the core man!!!

  291. father said

    Listen up Martin! we love to see u witness ur family member die in an accident soon. That will be awesome! fucking ah tiong.

  292. FUCK THIS MA! said

    This fucking China dog should be culled, he should be run down by a bus driven by another China fucker!

    • FUCK THIS MA! said

      By the way, FUCK YOU LEE KUAN YEW and your fucking China imports. I hope you die with your eyes open and you burn in hell for eternity. WHOLE FAMILY DIE.

  293. Ss said

    I curse the PRC whole family. Hope their family members die in this way one by one back in their own country and not here in Singapore. And not them as the driver but them as the passengers..

  294. mark said

    I hope the GOV can see the light of the suffering of the people here. With so many FT, only do harm than good. please up and stop thinking more for your bonus.
    God is looking what u do!

  295. Jindy666 said

    A.Idiot,I F u la! ur mum give birth to u got brain along with u bo?

  296. atuk said

    Fellow Singaporean , lets not blame them ( PRC ) but can we DEMAND an explanation from our own GOVT…??? My heart bleed to hear this piece of news from the internet not from our MSM…!!! To china , for them 1000 citizen died per day will not have any impact on their economy or social life. For us Singaporean 10 life per month will bring tremendous effect to our economy and social life. That’s why the GOS ( GOVT ) are bringing in PRC to our country regardless of their ability to intergrate with our society.
    We should blame ourselves coz our GOVT have not repent since the lost of Aljuned constituency!!! And the 60% too have their responsibilities towards the demise of another fellow Singaporean by the irresponsible PRC immigrant.
    Once a PRC who is here under the scholarship scheme , called fellow Singaporean “DOG” and what are our ministers comment…..F**KING SH*T….!!!!
    Hope the deceased family take them to court for that PRC irresponsibilities.

  297. 睡神 said

    So in short, what this turd “Martian” or whatever his name is saying that ALL THINGS can be averted, if not averted, it’s your fault.

    So may I cite an example that would imply what he is trying to bring across to us locals..

    Person A murders person B.
    Person A is innocent even though he has the intention to kill.
    Person C comes in and defends person who happens to be the same countryman as person A and says that person B is at fault for dying coz he’s not mindful of his surrounding.

    If that’s the case, if somebody murders “Martian”, it would be his fault for not being mindful of his surrounding. He could have prevented his death with simple Matrix moves to dodge knives and punches. Hence the murderer is innoncent.

    What a splendid thesis from “Martian” I must say! Bravo! With such mentality, it will surely make the world a better place!

  298. Wow.. using theories now... said

    I agree to being careful when approaching or when moving off from junctions… as how theories written etc etc etc…

    But the post and the print screen only shows how myopic some can get by just assuming. Let me break down in simple english and point forms in case my writting hurts the heads of some.. tsk tsk..

    1. This is a god darn big junction… if the accident came from the left of the cab, ok yes maybe some fault.. but from the darn video all cars moved off at least a while after the light turn green.

    2. the god darn red car if i not mistaken came from the far left lane in which the taxi is about finishing crossing the junction…

    3. Alright maybe in some country (which i driven almost every country i visit) its a norm to drive slowly and look when driving pass the freaking junction and if this practice is true, thus the recent accident in Seng Keng with some bus driver (if i remember correctly) would be avoided.

    I simply do not waste time talking nonsense as myself am a driver, and i drive along that stretch often and the junction is darn big.

    PS: Martin or some marTians, read between the line how i describe you, if you wish to support theory, please apply some practical thinking. I enjoy reading post and comments to release stress from work.. But this is darn hilarious, because the post in which was posted on hardware forum, defines how stupid people support their theory, that is to “Bring others to their level and BEAT THEM with experience”

  299. common sense said

    martin, well if you think that the taxi driver should have slowed down when approaching a junction, which is the rule, then did the murderer not slow down his ferrari?

  300. common sense said

    sorry, correction ” then why did the MURDERER not slow down his ferrari?

  301. King said

    Two finger for mother farker Martin ,,|,,^_^,,|,,
    Like a someeeeeeeeeee body like a farker boy let tell u 1 thing tis Singapore not ur farking china ? U r farking wrong to side ur home town ppl cos the more u say the more we wanted to break ur mother farker jaw n den u think cum to Singapore Liao being a PR farking Hao Lian rite drive n drunk dun need to c the mother farker green light is it ….. Accident kill some is like no body business rite very well soon I n my fren r go to setup a anti PRC page in the fb . hope all the farking prc die

  302. Death_ said

    Firstly, Mr Martin talks without thinking
    Ultimately, we all know who is the one who needs to be cursed at
    Claiming you can read a traffic book dont mean shit
    Keep telling yourself that your comrades ‘CAN’ drive
    Offending Singaporeans would mean the end for you
    Failing to use your common sense to speak shows us how shallow you are
    Faggots like Martin are least wanted in Singapore
    Can’t tell right from wrong and say that we wronged the right
    Hope you have a hard time selling your food to us Singaporeans
    In any case, we wish you all the worse in your food chain
    Next time you open that trap of yours, try to remember whose soil you are stepping on
    And we will never forgive nor forget that F1 Bugis driver
    Making use fume as we speak about him
    And swears that will leave our lips that will curse him for generations
    Never, ever, try mess with us Singaporeans cos you will get Fvcked!!

    (This is for you Martin, hope you can read the Cap letters from my reply)

  303. Eddie said

    dog starts to bark. now we know wat the previous china guy was mentioning about. “there are more dogs in singapore”. see… sound so much like they’re barking at their own kind. too bad we dont understand their language, coz we dont bark. we know the differences between the civilised and uncivilised. a leopard nv change it’s spots, just now them behaving the same “doggy” way they did in china and now in singapore.

    i wont ask them to go back to where they came from, but pls at the very least, bark to urself will do. we dont need and wont entertain or tolerate ur barkings. that’s the purpose of the existence of SPCA in singapore because of u ppl. am i overboard in my comment? i dont think so. even my own foreign land fren from where they came from told me that they’re disgrace and he himself feels ashame to be the downline of the same country.

    so all in all, dear chinese comrades from the big country, bark softly or dont even bark at all. if not SPCA will come to u =)

  304. NETerror said


  305. Heng said

    FUCKED UP tiong kok Kia dunno how to read newspaper ah?!
    Cannot even understand what is meant by “taxi has just pulled away from the traffic junction” issit?

    Knn and which part of e basic theory say Ferrari driver can dun need to slow down at traffic junction (see screen shot)? Which part of e driving theory say ah tiong can speed at 100+kph at traffic junction?

    Wah LAN! Dunno how to read English pleas fuck back to your own country!

    And everyone else who is normal, pleas BOYCOTT his fucking foodcourt from now on!!!

    That is the right thing to do!

  306. Kelvin Kwek said

    OMG, integration has failed ! Still taking side on the Middle Kingdom mentality…. And still having the mindset from where he came from, irrational and applying argument and logic without rule of laws !

  307. Hommie said

    Bloody hell, this asshole is a PRC n some more dare to blame the innocent taxi driver.. Have the cheek to show the highway code book.. Who the hell he tink is he? Hey bloody Martin or Martian, u come Singapore, u respect the locals, respect the laws, respect our culture.. Not the locals respect the FT.. Or else, u go jolly well go back to your country n keep quiet.. Better still let your own people hit u at a traffic light leaving u brain dead.. Lets see wat u got to say..

  308. Richard said




  309. Richard said

    Enquiry Line: 6389 2000

  310. 包青天 said

    龙的传人 不代表你们真的是过江龙. 有钱不代表一切。 一山还有一山高。 虽然同样是华人,为何品德差太多。我们忍你不代表怕你。中国的朋友,记住 山水有相逢

  311. rascal said

    This martin guy, completely just contradict himself. going straight through a junction, isn’t that what the ferrari driver was doing? the taxi was just merely follwing traffic rules. i don’t see how the taxi driver is wrong in any way. These PRCs are have no humility, no shame, no sense of right and wrong. Ma Chi obviously made a mistake and paid for it with his life, along with 2 innocent people. And yet, the PRCs can actually still blame others for their mistakes and expect sympathy. They are just going to make things harder for themselves to deal with. Justice must be served for the victims of this accident.

  312. passerby said

    At the look at the video, tat Ferrari is confirm traveling more then 100km/h. As a driver’s point of view, even if i check tat the junction is clear to go but at tat kind of speed tat Ferrari is going, do u think tat i can anticipate tat there is another car coming from the other side? Answer is NO! B4 u can react to it, its already too late. Taxi move off after green light is at his favor n when reaching half way inside yellow box the Ferrari crash into taxi. Who is right n who is wrong? video footage tells everything.

    Mr Martin, PLS FxxK off to ur China la. Lesser of your kind here will b lesser death in sgp.

    Deepest condolences to the family of the death.

  313. To the another rich NO BRAINER (P)ermanently (R)etarded (C)hina-man Martin,

    When you’re in a foreign country, abide their rules and not make your own. You DO NOT own the country.

    Here’s there thing for you if you think you’re so smart (cause I’m pretty sure China man math are 1 of the “best” in the world), go do the math of the crash impact if you’re so smart to comment that the cab driver is at fauly; and why ain’t you commenting anymore?
    (Based on assumptions) So you’re saying you know how to drive right? Dare to show the bloody basic theory book. Even a primary 1 kid knows that ‘Green’ is for go and ‘Red’ is for stop. Or did your parents teach u the opposite?

    1. Upon ‘Green’ Light, the poor cab driver took 4 ++ secs to reach to the point where that retarded Driver crashed into him; So he wasn’t exactly stepping on his accelerator. (You can try it yourself to see how long it takes you to cross that junction from still mode -> accelerating -> crossing the junction.)
    2. How fast was the retarded Ferrari driver going that caused the cab to fly so far upon impact. (If the cab wasn’t there, he prolly will need only a split second to cross that junction at that speed.)
    3. 4 seconds into the red light for the traffic, how far was that F. Driver from that junction especially since there’s like 2 or i think 3 more traffic lights within a 300m + – distance b4 that where he’s coming from? So, We could safely assume that the F. Driver prolly ran the 2 traffic b4 at that speed and he had no intentions to stop?

    P.S: rich so what? W/o any etiquette you’re just a barbarian. Think then type w/ your brain not ass.

    Really, omg, most inhumane comment I’ve ever seen.

  314. laoturtleturtle said

    someone from hardware zone help me post my comment 😮

  315. Ben Ong said

    View the video before you “bark ”

    Don’t show us the basic theory . Don’t teach our taxi uncle what to do . Do u know that Singapore taxi’s driver have vocational license unlike PRC .They have two license was approved by TP and LTA . So

    please don’t teach a father how to have a son .

    You should back to the very basic green ” Go ” Red “stop ” and learn from Singaporean was is “right of way “

  316. annoyed said

    U fool! Who are u to have make such comments! U yourself are a PRC, of course u will side with that killer! Even if the poor taxi driver did observe the traffic more carefully, he wouldn’t be able to react too Co’s that killer is like rushing to hell for reincarnation. Nothing will stop him! If it’s the other way round, u wouldn’t have said all this nonsense! Who are u to teach us Singapore traffic? so clever is it? Want to teach driving, go back China and teach. Don stay here n sia suay!

  317. Rehill said

    Hahahaha.. I want to laugh at this guy comments.. I think he rides instead of driving.. Sometimes I think this PRC are really making a joke out of themselves.. Seriously.. I think if any of his family member was the driver.. He wouldn’t said all this.. Just too steer them up.. 2 cases this year by them(the accident which killed the a Indian Malaysia cleaning supervisor at Budget Terminal) & now this.. I think they need really need to do something to this PRC.. Singapore Government should do something about this.. Sooner or later..

  318. truthfullyspeaking said

    seriously, the ferrari can cover a lot of land given the speed it was goin in the video, so u cant blame the taxi driver for being not aware of his surroundings, the ferrari may even be half a kilometer away before crashing into the taxi, so the taxi driver isnt in fault

  319. YK.A said

    Stupid idiot, his fault already still blame people, fk off, i find one day bang you make sure you die then i say its your fault, then you will know how it feels to be the victim, please go die and stop killing us Singaporeans

  320. Eric said

    I work near the accident site, there are renovation work going on that almost all corners of the junction. in the view of the taxi, there is no way of seeing the coming farrari as the green barrail blocks it’s view. something needs to be done as this junction a accident area.

  321. ToTheDogs said

    U dun cock luh. If the Ferrari driver sun chiong red light this accident will happen? U brainless or wad?

  322. DC said

    Fuck you PRC Martin. The fucking Ma Chi bye ferrari beat the red light even it comes on for more than 5 sec already, and still say the poor taxi driver got fault. Fuck you PRC. Here is not fucking China where you can suka suka speed your fucking car and beat the traffic light which caused this tragic accident which can be avoided. What! You think here is your father road. You think money can settle anything, but not lives. Fuck you. Here is Singapore.

  323. elvin said

    This phrase is for those PRC that continuously blaming the local taxi driver as cause of the accident. ‘To the PRCs, GO and STUDY the SINGAPORE traffic RULES very well before you even dare to condemn who’s fault is at it that causes the accident.’ And for future advise, use your brain to think and think before you even condemn others. HAPPY STAYING.

  324. Victor said

    I think the person missed the part on SPEEDING or he does not understand what is the meaning of SPEEDING or he could choose not to consider the fact that the F1 driver was SPEEDING because they are suppose to be from the same country.

    Here we are mourning about the lost of lives and you are still trying to find justice in dead people. Not the smartest thing to say when you are trying to make the WRONG right (Which will not make any difference because the law is JUST). Absolutely not the most SENSITIVE thing to say (if this person have a conscious).

  325. partycar said

    people should watch the video and judge by the timing to decide who is at fault. on the video itself, it was 6 seconds into the green light (1000, 2000…6000) when the red ferrari crashed straight into the taxi. I am not a person who knows much about cars, but for those who do, with that much horse power, and with rough estimation, in 6 seconds and with that speed, how far do you think he was? at a distance he can’t see the red light? 6 seconds and you say it’s the taxi’s fault? wait 3 seconds aft the green light and see who starts honking you from behind. Seriously. and you side the “rich” when he prob has an affair with that lady in the ferrari. i pity his wife, not him.

  326. Singaporean said

    What about the PRC assimilating in too Singapore culture. As the saying goes,’ when in Rome be like a Roma’ and not the other way round.

  327. Lene said

    What rubbish is that?? If now the Ferrari came from the back of the cab, would you blame the cab for taking off too slowly??

  328. sea said

    Taxi driver cannot check. Please look at video. Ferrari is low profile car, hid my the row of low shrub plantation. You will only see the Ferrari until you reach the middle of the junction.

  329. Duckoola said

    So the actual video has been posted, no need to argue anymore Martin, CLEARLY, you are so wrong. Watch it and then try to write something sensible this time :

  330. joanne said

    Bloody brainless ass that wrote the above article. Did he not realise tha the china guy is driving a freaking ferrari? Even if the taxi driver checked left before driving off, any driver would assume the stupid ferrari to stop since its a red light. And especially since its a ferrari, when the taxi driver saw him, it would have been very far away. Notice the speed please dumb ass. Stop trying to defend your own clan. Get your facts right first. Please boycott this dumb guy!

  331. Rajesh Kuan said

    “Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

    Yup this sentence is correct. I did treat them well, but in later step l got step on. Calling me names which make me surprise . Because l was kind that they take advantage . Told told it’s not right to spit outside the office corridor . He said just ignore my advice. Another colleague also from PRC.
    He himself bloody proud.
    How to respect each other when their mindset are so selfish in term of work. And also can’t speak proper English.

  332. youknowyoudontknow said

    I think Martin is right. The cabby is @ fault, he is @ fault for being a Singaporean

  333. SimplySG said

    Where are his stalls ? I will make sure I dont eat at his stalls from now.

    CSI time….. Facebook postings taken private liao…….he friends 700+ people in FB.

  334. 4x4smashPRChead said

    eh arsehole.. u more stoopid.. u show book.. u got see section (b)? REDUCE SPEED WHEN APPROACHING JUNCTION! U CAN READ OR NOT waluaeh cork eye ar u..? U go flip to the section about 2second rule.. & the legal speed limit for singapore not cinciapore ah.. U got take the test or not.. which tester pass yr licence? u get yr licence from china izzit? siowahler!!

  335. michelle said

    comfirm another china ppl@@
    forever pushing faults, think himself/herself no fault… others are at fault….
    after causing trouble in their own country(young girl crash by car a few time and more than 5 ppl ignore to save her and just pass by her) now come s’pore and trouble… wts!
    if they can treat their own country ppl like a shit, guess they treat ppl in other country like nothing…

  336. Derrick Ho said

    Drivers will know that there’s no way to react as the Ferarri was travelling too fast. At the point when the lights turn green, even if the cabby checked left and right for cars, he would not have seen the Ferarri from his line of sight as it’s still so far away. The lights were green for a full 7 to 8 secs before the Ferarri came at high speed and beat the red lights, meaning, the lights were red on his side for MORE THAN 10 secs!

  337. S. Tan said

    Martin, do u have a driving license in the first place n if yes, have u actually been on e road? No, please keep your mouth shut! No one would ever doubt you are a donkey in disguised.

  338. SP LEE said

    Look at the video clip slowly. The taxi driver accelerate at a moderate pace. The cabby did not speed immediately. Its not pointing about PRC or local Singaporean, obviously the Ferrari is at fault. When things happen, no one knows their nationality. Even if the taxi driver look out while driving off at the cross junction, with the speed that the Ferrari is at, do you think the Taxi driver has time to react??? not even a second to react. It just happen within split second.

    Yea right, the media shouldnt emphasis on any nationality which is wrong giving local Singaporean another view for foreigners.

    hello everyone, please pin point any nationality….find the root cause of the accident which is more important than anything else. Here we are looking one someone’s LIFE, A human LIFE and nothing else.

  339. Damien said

    I don’t think we need to condemn all PRC just because of one stupid n reckless fellow. Every land has their own group of blacksheeps. Even Singapore has her own group of blacksheep too.

  340. Lewis said

    So stupid of what the foreign talent.
    Pls la be sensible ,we Singaporean is not just like u – talk no brain.
    Did u see youtube video ,it was green light when the taxi got the correct way of drive and don’t tell me u can see the ferrari coming at that speed he is driven .
    And by the way, we Singaporean only side those are in the right and not what he is-okay.
    If you got the thinking of what we are, why are you still stay in Singapore and you should packed and go back to where you belong.

  341. Amanda said

    If Singaporeans go China , Singaporeans have to follow their law including on the road. China people who choose to come over to Singapore, should follow OUR LAW.

  342. Amanda said

    so far till now, all accident INVOLVED AT LEAST 1 PRC. what does this show? PRC NEEDS to go thru more stages to obtain a license in Singapore. Or rather, for our safety… Just don’t let them drive in Singapore.

  343. elvin said

    This phrase is for those PRC that before and continuously blaming the local taxi driver as cause of the accident. ‘To the PRCs, GO and STUDY the SINGAPORE traffic RULES very well memorizes them by heart before you even dare to condemn who’s fault is at it that causes the accident.’ And for future advise, use your brain to think and think before you even condemn others. HAPPY STAYING.

  344. drumdem said

    Ya it’s just like, I stab you with a knife and later blame why you didn’t run away from my knife? If you have dodge away from my knife then this wouldn’t happened.

    • SP LEE said

      Bravo! Well said! hahah..thumbs up!

      Its Martin’s fault not to avoid the knife not the murderer! 😉

  345. Han said

    Bullshyt. They’re the ones who are migrating here and not us going there. So whytf should we go there and adapt to their culture. This certainly just proved this kid has totally no idea what he was talking about.

  346. charmain said

    i must say, for a PRC who recently came to Singapore, his command of Singlish is pretty commendable – evidently shown in his (very idiotic and shit-stirring) forum comment.

  347. 睡神 said

    So in short, what this turd “Martin” or whatever his name is saying that ALL THINGS can be averted, if not averted, it’s your fault.

    So may I cite an example that would imply what he is trying to bring across to us locals..

    Person A kills person B.
    Person A is innocent even though he has the intention to kill.
    Person C comes in and defends person who happens to be the same countryman as person A and says that person B is at fault for dying coz he’s not mindful of his surrounding.

    If that’s the case, if somebody murders “Martin”, it would be his fault for not being mindful of his surrounding. He could have prevented his death with simple Matrix moves to dodge knives and punches. Hence the murderer is innoncent.

    What a splendid thesis from “Martin” I must say! Bravo! With such mentality, it will surely make the world a better place!

  348. Mahesh said

    I’m just wondering if your mom/dad were in the taxi instead of the Japanese lady would you be saying the same.

  349. shewolfzyani said

    It’s this simple frens, dun worry, I guess his dad knows his time is going to be over very soon dat is why of all names he chose the name “martin” for his son coz ” Martin” is going to “MATI” very soon and let’s hope for that day for such idiotic & senseless remarks given by #^%$*(&*%.. And I guess he probably wearing a very thick glasses to school as he’s not able to see the video clearly and Im sorry for his parents for giving birth to a kid like him.. And we all SINGAPOREANS should know who to vote for the next election, TIme to bring the govt who has been ruling and controling us for too long DOWN, just look at the comments he gave to Sporeans after contributing so much for Spore and earning alot frm us Sporeans, they still dare to say that and exactly what have they been doing for us SIngaporeans after the election??? ZILCH!! Go and do ur job well first MPs and deliver wat u promise to us if we vote for u then concentrate on the less-important issues like welcoming PRCS or making hawker jobs an honourable job for Sporeans coz we Sporeans don’t give a single damn thing abt them…This is A MALAY ISLAND/VILLAGE and dun u Govts forget that.. And for those PRCS who thinks they some kind of a big shot of something in Spore, this is a MALAY kampung & u guys can get lost coz sooner or later we Sporeans are not going to be kind anymore to worse-than-beast like u guys are and dun u PRCS even dare to try and conquer Spore, dat is out of the question… Good riddance, to fellow Sporeans, time for us to migrate to other countries and make them proud and earn big bucks for them coz Singapore govt doesn’t appreciate us at all so think abt it guys for the sake of our family and childrens

  350. mrG said

    Lols.. maybe the prc martin got eye at his side of his face.. or he c0ck eye, please, martin if u reading this you go see video then come talk. the ferrari come from his side leis hello. how taxi see the side? if see side in front got people then BANG also taxi fault. you think what? the taxi driver eye llike cctv 360 degrees uhs?

  351. oh ya martin you a guy hor? so if u go toilet and urine at urinal then i stand beside your urinal and urine at you. is your fault hor? cause you never notice surrounding. (:

  352. ruki said

    chill everyone. i think everyone is getting the whole ‘prc is bad for us’ mentality too overboard already, and it is clouding their judgements.

  353. if to be aware of surrounding, a detecting device needed to check 500m radius. car need to have 10,000cc engine, 3000 bhp, 3500 Nm @2000rpm. acceleration 0 to 100km in 1.0sec + cabby reaction.

  354. Chemicalbooze said

    How come all so sure this Martin si tiong kok kia? His english sound like from one of us ley….One thing for sure he is a heartless fella for passing such comments…. harlow…all involved died liao….u nothing better to do pass this kinda comments over a public domain which families n frens of the victims will ready and get hurt further… wah liew…. think in their shoes lah….(what good it did for you ah??) …. otherwise one day when some tragic happen to you or your family, i hope you remember this insensitive comments you passed on other’s misfortune…

    All passed away liaoz, those families must be in state of great devastation now….deepest condolences to them……..

    Be it victims or murderer….so still debate so much for what……. One thing to take away from this tragedy for all of us should be to be more patient and alert on the road lor.. then that will be the only good effect arising from this discussion hoohah going on….

    And..ermmm…. why go around…scolding PRCs ? Singaporeans and any other nationalities also got bastards mah… also got very good ppl ley… those going around saying these kinda things to incite angry reponses are usually also not angels themselves….very xiao ren lor….

    Aiyoh….dun need to act hero and scold ppl lah….liddat not good for self nor anyone….create negativity in urself n towards others also…what goes around comes around …karma…cause n effects…all know mah…so why still do?

    Wish all you people have a good life ah… 🙂

  355. LimLoLaLaLo said

    SIAO AH! Now blame the taxi driver for wad?! Traffic turn green means safe la. Then Build Traffic light for wad ?! USE YOUR PEA BRAIN LA HOR. Follow law by law liao still die.. Taxi driver still got family to take care one leh! Work so hard just to earn a living . Then one Ferrari cause this accident cause want to die? He just took away precious life you know that.

  356. Peter said

    To Martin.. If your family members the taxi driver or the passenger in the taxi, you won’t be saying all this.

  357. I am not surprised. They are rich and they think they can do anything.

  358. TH said

    This shows us another stupid brainless PRC by the name of Martin out there…didn’t he see the taxi was still within the yellow-box? How fast can the taxi accelerate when it begins to move from a stationary position….
    Stupid ass, Martin…use your brain, call yourself a poly student some more!

  359. chinese singaporean said

    fucked off Martin, u are next to die along with Machi. God will sees to that…. dont worry.

    as for Machi, now his soul is buring in hell n thks for killing himself but fucked him for killing others….

  360. Viva La Vida said

    China chinese are not welcome wherever they go……those that can leave their motherland are actually boorish ppl who happened to have slightly more cash in their accounts…BIG DEAL!! Look at those news within China itself how even their own country fellowmen drive and knock down their own ppl and left to die without rendering any help or assistance….boorish and arrogant bunch of country bumpkin who happened to deck up in designer togs acting high class…till now i have yet to meet ONE single “REFINE” and “WELL MANNER” plus “WELL BRED” china chinese…..these chinese boorish mentality are instilled from their communist leaders….To Martin and all those China chinese out there….learn this phrase “入乡随俗“…别以为自己有几分丑钱就可以撒野

  361. Anonymous said

    I guess we should stop fighting & arguing. Indeed this is a tragedy. PRC is also human beings. Can we choose which country we are born in? Can we choose whether we are from poor or wealthy family? Yes, rumour claim Mr Ma’s bro is a mafia. Can u choose if ur born in that family?
    I feel sorry for all parties involves as well as their families. Mr Ma had his live taken away too. As for his mother, how will u feel if your son die in an accident? If Ma is a Singaporean? How will people react? I’m a Singaporean but after reading these few days article abt this accident, I just felt that there’s no point to point finger at the family mbrs (yes, although they are rich)
    I actually have this thoughts – Did we got information that Ma has been doing charity and all this while been supporting the charity by donating sum of money? Or maybe this is the first time due to some problem he’s facing in the family which make him do this ONE mistake?
    This guy had his life taken as well so why don’t we be more compassionate and think in another way? Or just becos he is from PRC and we Singaporean had seen and heard many incident which from PRC I.e husband having affairs with PRC women so we have this bad impression of PRC? We all are human, we can’t choose where we born , rich or poor. So why are we giving all this negative comments? Or are we jealous and envious becos he’s so RICH in such young age?
    I believe many people out there will not like my comment but we are all human, sit down and think about it.

    • chinese singaporean said

      well said, but can this Ma family pls compensate to the decease families – mr cheng n japanese girl….no they cant because they (Ma familymemebers) think Ma Chi has done correctly, only too bad he got himself killed. that’s all they sad about…

      it has nothing to do with if they are china chinese or no, i has to do their character; and like it or not, 90% of the china chinese will behaved the same way… the rest of the 10% will be worst.

    • nixiyey said

      PRCs and Singaporeans both with their superiority complexes… I’m sure that any normal person can figure out that the Ferrari driver is clearly mostly (if not entirely) at fault in relation to the taxi driver’s, but we shouldn’t take this individual’s act of recklessness to stereotype the entire population of China of being… Honestly I don’t understand why people are hating on China too

  362. ConcernedCitizen said

    Comrade? Isn’t that A communism language?

  363. fu said

    Fuck you brainless PRCs. Period.


    what another stupid fellow. go count how many seconds the traffic light turn green then the cabby start to accelerate. did you study maths before in school? calculate the time and you can get the distance and the speed already. so are you telling us how to drive properly? do we need to inch out alitte bit by bit to another oncoming traffic on the right side then the left side to check and assure then we can accelerate to cross the junction totally??? here is your correction. the cabby does not play a part to blame at all. all blame to the PRC dude. our vehicle and ferrari is totally different. can see clearly from the video. the cabby did not pick up speed so fast. he was still 2-3 seconds later. remember this. 2-3 seconds how fast can the ferrari up too? and that PRC dude is speeding far away from the accident area. 2-3 seconds before, he is still far away as i bet as far as jalan sultan that traffic light or just passby the ICA building or even further than that. if that PRC dude wan to speed and die early. he should go elsewhere to die himself and dont cause harm to other innocent victim.

    • SP LEE said

      its not about PRC… its DRIVER…not right!! what if its a SINGAPOREAN DRIVER, what will the story like.

      Its not the CABBY fault at all…the way he drives is on the normal speed.

      Those people who comment that its the cabby fault, use your freaking brain to think!

  365. Liang said

    Fucking china man go back to your chee bye country and fuck the chee bye spider!!! Dun stay at Singapore la if you not Singaporean… Na bei chee bye fucking china man…..

  366. Cookie said

    What a joke! Can that brainless PRC new citizen guy teach us all how to SLOW DOWN when your car is in a STATIONARY position? Ya slow down… tell that to the dead Ferrari driver! What a nuisance!!~

  367. Whatever said

    Okay, so you Singaporeans can call PRCs dogs while we can’t call you? That is racial discrimination! If not for the fact that I don’t want problems i would have shared his sentence on all my social networking places!

  368. DDDD said

    China is always China people. They are loser in China for they come Singapore searching to be a winner. Always find excuses. This is SINGAPORE not CHINA. Do you know what CHINA stand for over here, Ch*** Have Idiot Negligence Attitude.

  369. Dr XYZ said

    Knn! What bullshit is this PRC converted Singaporean saying?

  370. TO HELL! AHTIONG!~ said


  371. True Blue Singaporean said

    More Chinese are coming to Singapore and we should accomodate to their unique driving habits??? Are we in China or Singapore now?!?! Are we supposed to follow suit even though their driving habits may be against Singapore’s law?? Please think thoroughly before you pen something down on the net.

    ‘Martin’, you ought to watch a clearer version of the video ( before you blindly side your fellow comrade. Mr Cheng Teck Hock’s taxi was crashed by the Ferrari 5 seconds after the traffic light turned green. Did Mr Cheng ‘suka suka accelerate’?? The chances are that Ma Chi misjudged the timing of the traffic light or he could be under the influence of alcohol or he over-estimated his 599 GTO.

    Are we being anti-foreigners now or are there real life cases to approve that the foreigners are the ones who are destroying the safe environment we used to have??? — Chinese national hijacked cab and killed a man — Malaysian bus driver hit-and-run without rendering aid to the 67 year old lady

  372. MTCH said

    For me personally i think, goverment should ban forenigns to drive/buy all kind of vehicles. Car, van, bus etc. Then our COE maybe more cheaper! Dun u all see all fatal accident mostly involve PRC drivers. In their country,
    Injured ≒conpensate
    Death ≒ nothing wrong

  373. max said

    knn CB martin PRC ! Fark U !!

  374. Tim said

    Brainless PRC….I am speechless and no point refuting a brainless PRC!!!!

  375. Sufyea said

    “Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

    For a start, Singaporeans should travel to China to learn more about their ‘comrades’ unique driving habits as more of them will be coming to Singapore soon.

    NOT ALL SINGAPOREAN are rich enough to travel… we don’t earn BIG BUCKS like ministers. HOw about these PRC take the initiative to learn English,our culture and ROAD manners.. or better still get them to take their driving license all over again like oer singaporean have to go thru b4 we get our licenses?

    If one wish to get accepted n fit into a foreign culture they have to do, eat, talk and sound like that foreign nations.. instead of asking that nations to change to ur culture u PRCs! These pep are jus soo self centred n oblivious.. they can even speak Chinese to malay lady wearing hijabs?!! No words are enuf to describe them unfortunately..

  376. Sufyea said

    n another thing? FT? Foreign Talent? more like Fatal Talent… too much publicity on these PRC of late.. so can’t blame Sporeans to “hate” them more..

  377. Dennis said

    nabei see this kind of cb ppl makes my blood boil until hot enough to melt metal…it’s either Martin blind or never see the video…which fking part is the cabby wrong in the first place? Green light = accelerate some more the cabby waited for 3 seconds before moving on after light turn green! Stupid Martin before u comment know the true story first

  378. SOMEONE said


  379. DEH said

    sure the china man was absolutely in the right to go straight past a red light at a junction – maybe in the eyes of a corrupt china man judge.Ok so you peasants don’t understand English but were there no traffic lights where you previously farmed? Am I to understand there are no such thing as a red light in China? You lot should never be allowed to drive. For all I care just go and die and kill in CHINA!!!!!!

  380. Recneps said

    it should be their responsibilities to learn our culture rather than us visiting their country to learn their culture… we never ask for them to come over in the first place, since when their existence in SINGAPORE becomes our responsibilities? I’ve seen the video it’s purely the fault of “FERRARI” only. At that speed !!! That ferrari is obviously speeding and dashing the red lights like nobody business. How much awareness does the taxi needs to have before moving off crossing that junction? It’s so clear cut in the video. PRC should be taking the responsibilities to learn our local culture if they decide to leave their homeland & comes here and start anew…

  381. Ben said

    Alright before I say anything I’m going to apologise first hand for my language used and also if I would insult anybody.
    However I’d just like to say, everybody Shut the fck up for a second, take a step back and fcking look at what’s going on. The accident is involving a Singaporean Cab driver carrying a Japanese passenger and a Ferrari with two PRC passengers. Suddenly out of nowhere, due to one person stupid, daft, inexcusable, disgusting and ‘fucked up’ act, a racial conflict appears. I appeal to all fellow Singaporeans, we’re better than that, Much more better than that.

    I do agree Ma Chi should be given the blame as evidence shows that,
    1. He was speeding at some in excusable speed.
    2. The Taxi driver was travelling at his rights as the light was green.
    3. Clearly the taxi would have to accelerate, which kind of driver wouldn’t.
    4. The Ferrari was clearly shown to have hit front face towards the side of the taxi
    5. Elaborating from the above point, if the Ferrari was in his ‘right’ mind, he would’ve saw the taxi and made an attempt stop, which clearly in the video, he didn’t.

    Well that is my 2 cents of knowledge and opinion, if I am wrong please do state.

    I do pray for the deceased and the deceased family as this is truly tragic and over-the-top absurd. However Ma Chi is dead and what is there to do, but to move on. Yes it seems no sense of justice is done, however what sort of justice would you have done?

    Getting back to my main point, why the racial conflict here? Yes, what the ‘Martin’ fellow had it coming, pretending to be some smart aleck, even bring out the rule book. However what he fails to see is that he’s just another daft bastard. However due to this should we condemn a whole race and nation? Do not forget some of our ancestors may come from the same places where they were from? Who knows maybe even distant relatives. If there should even be a discussion on this matter, it should be kept on a clear line where race, nationality and religion should be kept out of.

    I also do agree that when one migrates or moves abroad for any certain aspect, one should follow the rules of another country regardless of the law back home. This is without beyond a doubt a no brainer. However one must know that there are always certain individuals who do not or cannot grasps this concept. This is where the home land security comes in, and not where we condemn race, nationality and religion.

    It may be just be me finding this a bit too racially motivated, if none of you agree I shan’t say anymore and keep my thoughts to myself.

    All of you have a good day because it’s too short not to.

  382. cbr1fiveo said

    What?!!!!!!!! More of them wil be comin to Singapore?!!!!!!! Welcome to ChinaPORE! wad in e heck. I cant wait to get out of this country. Like seriously cant freaking wait. There’s no future in us Singaporeans anyway.

  383. BoyGilera said

    Ok. Here it goes:

    Ferrari was said to be driving at about 140km/h. From the video, it took the taxi about 4 sec to move from the stop line to the point of impact. From these, the Ferrari must be at least 150 m away from the junction when the taxi began to move off from the stop line.

    All I’m saying is that no motorist can ever look that far for oncoming vehicles from the other side of the road, bearing in mind his view will surely be blocked by the road partitions, restricting his angle of vision.

  384. Internationally; South China Sea Saga, Morally; Milk powder, integrity; SARS, Culturally; queue jumping/spitting, economically; mal-pratices(corruption), ethically; scam/cheating of money/relationship for citizenship, social-grace; talking loudly in public places, disregarding respect; told not to smoke in non-smoking but insist and say “管你屁事”, respect for a human’s right, etc….. The lists can go on indefinitely…..

    Rules of Laws & Rationality/Logic; is a rare commodity or does not exist at all in PRC! Sigh……..:(

  385. blk691a said

    what u are saying, everytime we drive though a green light must hesitate to look, then we will have cars crashing at our backs. the red light may be on for long already and that road no car can turn at that time.

  386. nixiyey said

    I don’t think this is the way Singaporeans should respond to the incident though… We really should not stereotype PRCs as all bad, and at least respond to this calmly and in a civilised manner, definitely not using profanities to express our anger! It just goes to show that we are an uncouth bunch, without effectively getting our message across, which is that in a foreign land one must always be humble and give the hosts their due respect. While hosts then should also return that respect, however, there seem to be a vicious cycle going on currently… As for the issue on foreign talent, the government should really look to taking care of our own citizens and overcrowding issues in Singapore instead of just economic growth. The main focus of a government should really be to take care of its citizens, without exactly needing to bring prosperity to the country. But now the government seem to be more biased towards foreign talents than Singapore citizens, blinded by progress, is Singapore merely a business to run to them? Also, a starvation of foreign talent might just squeeze out local talents sufficient for our own survival, thus I think the foreign talent policy is not very justified…

  387. NasTrue said

    I dont know if this PRC is stupid or VERY F**KING STUPID. How fast can a Sonata go?? 0 to 100 in 4sec?? Think before u bark please!!
    Look at the vid again!!
    U can’t speak English, yet u want us to learn from you??
    And for that Malaysian “truely Asia” who the hell r u talking to? Both of u don’t even serve this Nation. Look at urself

  388. patin said

    要想罵人就先改掉..吃屎..不然就别在這亂..吠 !!
    新加坡政府之前就花上十幾二+年來教導國人禮貌..(禮貌運動}..我看你应該先回自己的國家..學会 , 學懂…. 禮貌..才來本國….才對…!!!!

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