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Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock whose taxi was rammed by Ferrari has passed away from his injuries

Posted by temasektimes on May 14, 2012

The 52 year old Singaporean driver Mr Cheng Teck Hock (秦德福) has succumbed to his injuries and passed away in the evening at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

“His lungs, liver and brain are all bleeding massively. Doctors said as the bleeding occurred in the center part of his brain, they are unable to operate on him,” his wife told the media, breaking down in tears.

He leaves behind his wife, two sons and a daughter. He is the sole breadwinner of the family.

Mr Cheng was driving across a junction in Bugis when the green light was flashing when a red Ferrari driven by a PRC ‘foreign talent’ appeared out of nowhere and rammed into his taxi, a Hyundai Sonata which overturned on the spot trapping him and the female passenger in it:

Ma Chi died on the spot and the female passenger passed away hours later in hospital.

Such an accident being caused by a foreigner would have sparked a massive outcry in other countries but not in Singapore where the mainstream media had a field day ‘glamorizing’ Ma Chi by describing him as a ‘tall, young, handsome and successful‘ tycoon with a net-worth of millions of dollars as if he was some super-star:

The Straits Times even tried to defend him by quoting from his friends that he did not drink that night after a meeting at a clan association even when eye-witnesses already said he reeked of alcohol when they approached his body. It also tried to elicit public sympathy for the family of Ma Chi while ignoring the pain and suffering of other victims.

Instead of castigating Ma Chi for causing the fatal accident, the mainstream media chose to focus instead on his ‘tremendous contributions’ to Singapore since arriving from Sichuan province a few years ago, adding that he was a member of a clan association for Sichuan Chinese and is well ‘integrated’ in local society.

Some responses from Singaporeans on Facebook:

“R.I.P, hope that justice will be served, dam bloody frustrating to learn our fellow Singaporean dies at the hands of another so called FT.” – Benjamin Seah

“Irresponsible driver. Driving posh cars doesn’t mean that you can flaunt it to everyone. Paying it with your own life , its just your parents that are sad. Taking someone else’s life? That’s totally fcked up!” – Xavier Sioh

“He was a sole breadwinner. We should really all try to help his family after this incident.” – Kwok Chao Yang


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55 Responses to “Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock whose taxi was rammed by Ferrari has passed away from his injuries”

  1. mikey said

    Ivre boycotted TNH since last election. Now Im also going to boycott the shit times.

  2. joeaudar said

    Traffic Police is not doing their night duty sufficiently. Should know that FridAY AND sATURDAY NIGHTS are usually the danger nights.

  3. Devilzchild said

    Ya give PRC N OTHER FTs driving license n they will go around killin Born Singaporeans.Now a women is without her husband n 3 kids r without their father.Is the PRC family goin to support the taxi driver’s family.The Prc family will hav to answer for the driver’s sin in HELL!!!!!!

  4. truly singaporean! said

    The straits time better wake up & clarifies the facts again!

  5. Fxxk off you china trash!! said

    I hv stopped buying any newspaper from shit times since last year and I’ll continue. Tall and handsome? Fuck you China trash!! I don’t fucking pity u at all. Good riddance you are dead and I curse you to go to hell!

  6. singaporeson said

    DOWN with pap ! FUCK prc ! DOWN with pap ! FUCK prc !
    Another Singaporean died at the hands of a motherfucking prc thanks to pap !
    DOWN with pap ! FUCK prc !

    • Obama said

      Objectively speaking, his nationality does not matters.

      Many Singaporeans rich b@$tards also owns sports cars and speeding all over the roads like they own the damn roads. Worse is their sons. These 20+ years old got their sports car from their rich dad, and they “cheong” all over the place causing accidents here and there.

      Also don’t forget those Ah Bengs, with their Hondas and their Subarus. Ah Beng cannot afford Porshe, Lumbo or Ferrari, so they modify their Hondas and Subarus with all sorts of power boosters.

      The PAP garment quietly allowed all these motherfu(kers to do racing during the night. Only sometimes pple make complaints, then the police go out and catch some Ah Bengs. But, the rich ones always “got away”. Smells quite fishy.

    • gahmen_sucks said

      thumbs up! totally agree with singaporeson!
      these are e losers u people vote for? u people are digging your own grave by allowing gahmen to do all these shit to singaporeans! the future looks very bleak for all singaporeans.. more will be killed by these welcomed foreign shit talents and gahmen just keeps on welcoming them and eating all our money happily!

  7. No More Forgiveness for Traitors said

    All you stupid Singporeans KPKB at the wrong person.

    The root cause of it all is the MIW policy of opening our doors wide to FOREIGNERS!!!!! Otherwise the taxi driver would still have a life. His kids would still have a dad.

    The taxi passenger, only in her 20s, could have a wonderful life ahead. Her parents would have a chance to see her children.

    The motorcyclist is now lying in pain in hospital with a chance he could be paralysed.

    And what concerns the Ferrari driver’s wife? “Who was the Ferrari passenger?” Totally uninterested in the victims her husband killed/maimed. I would describe this type of families as bas***ds.

    Vote them out at the next opportunity or the Singapore breed will be extinct soon.

    • Obama said

      Vote WP for Hougang.

      Fu(king PAP wants to redirect our attention away from their own scandal.

      The SCDF guy and the CNB guy’s story got buried deep deep.
      Then they call on their mouth-piece, aka the Straits Times, to dig and dig into WP Yaw’s extra-marital affairs day after day.

    • SG finally open eyes said

      true that. fuck the pap. economy boost. WHAT economy boost?????????????? Locals lose jobs, only pap get new votes and more taxpayers. Economy boost “for” Singapore? fuck you pap.
      enough of your lies!!!!

    • gahmen_sucks said

      yes u singaporeans are the ones who voted for them and you have no one to blame but yourselves!! singaporeans are disgraced by their own gahmen actions and all you can do is listen to them and give them money while you suffer and have no more future…. just wait and see you get chased out from your own country as you have to make space for more and more foreign shit!

  8. Uniquely Singapore said

    R.I.P Qin De Fu.

  9. lee said

    fxxking PRC killing so many people here, and causing so much misery to so many people. A sole breadwinner, heartbreaking to know. Working hard as a taxi driver to feed the family and died for no reasons at the hand of this fxxker looking for some cheap thrill. hope he burn in hell ! It’s a really sad day for us in singapore.. what has our country turn into 😦

  10. Yuki said

    Rest in peace.inoccemt taxi driver and japanese female passenger in taxi….
    as to “ma chi” what if you contribute to Singapore..
    its nothing that proud loads of money so what..
    because of you two inoccent people died!!!!
    I feel sorry for his parents and his wife n children.but not for him
    they brought him up to be this kinda person
    Gt pregnant wife n one kid,still gt mistress..
    it’s really a shame to his parents..

  11. Baogong said

    F***ing SPH who always report the mews biasly. WTF this newspaper inder the PAP become a low class newpaper. To boycott SPH os useless. We must also not supporing the govt who create so much trouble to he nation. A chanhe of govt is very necessary now im order to save from.further disaster. We hope our very own “毛泽东” era will over. OUR NATION.IS BEYOND REPAIRING NOW.

    • WP for hougang! said

      Our Chinese newspapers are now infested with PRC editors.

    • Obama said

      Remember also the T T Durai case?
      When the Durai case got blow open, what did the Garment told ST to do?

      They go dig into the Ren Ci Ming Yi “fa si”, like he committed some serious crime.
      His story on the ST Front page day after day .
      Pple then slowly forget about TT Durai, and Goh CT’s wife’s “peanut” comment, refering to his $600K bonuses..

    • jh said

      I don’t think you should be criticising SPH when you can’t even spell properly. Did you even read the “biased” article?

    • SG finally open eyes said

      definitely pap destroying sg

  12. The government should ban sports car in Singapore.

    This is not a separate issue and most lambor drivers drive like they are in Need For Speed.

    • WP for hougang! said

      No. Driving sports car is ok as long as the driver obeys rules.
      The problem comes when the driver disobeys rules and disregards the lives of other drivers or pedestrians. This accident is an exemplification of a foreign trash disregarding the lives of others by speeding in his Ferrari.

      • SG finally open eyes said

        chinese have NO REGARD for road safety, defensive driving nor thought for other road users AT ALL. I lived in China. I would know.
        Now the fucking pap just bringing these fuckers here to kill Singaporeans. I would LOVE it when little lee’s convoy gets slammed hard and he dies under the wheel of one of these prc fuckers without road sense. then his father may learn the meaning of REPENT.

  13. speechless said

    poor taxi driver and the passanger. they are innocent….!! so now the cuplrit had died, who should compensate n how the law is going to handle this?

  14. by-stander said

    the FT paid for the cause…driver of the cabby and passenger in the cabby are causalities their families are the victims…in a fatal accident it involves human beings’ lives at stake and the living ones paying the pain in memories. for those still raging over nationalities…have some empathy. please don’t forget that our motorist has a spinal injury. He may not be able to work or walk after this…lets give them our condolences and well wishing…

  15. Singapore Chinese said

    Irresponsible and reckless foreign drivers are killing innocent people on the road. Government please wake up and see how much fatal damages these foreign imports have brought to Singapore and affecting our livelihood

  16. Shawn said

    Feel so sad for the taxi driver and female passenger family. Why why the news mostly circulate around the Ferrari driver? Just because his is rich and drive Ferrari?

    • Obama said

      Exactly because he is rich and owns a Ferrari.
      If the accident is caused by a lorry or another taxi or some cheapskate vehicle, the Straits Times will only use a small column to report the story.

  17. GhostMan said

    With this video, the family should really consider sueing the Ferrari driver’s estate as it clearly shows that the Ferrari driver was at fault.

  18. Wicked Brain said

    Foreigners should pass our local driving tests and have at least 60 hours of driving lessons before they are able to drive on our roads.

  19. Connor said

    I can’t believe how the family of the PRC are crying so fcking pathetically. I don’t fcking care about his family of a pregnant wife, child or mother to take care of.

    Their precious rich gem stone SON deserved the outcome of what it should be for not abiding traffic rules just because he drove a ferrari and thought it was a cool stunt to pull through to gain attention? A fcking business man in his 30’s who have a family to be responsible for yet pull this kind of stunt. How immature is that?

    Lets just get real, its absolutely NO argument for beating the red light. He break the rule, he face the consequences, his fault that caused 2 innocent lives.

    • Obama said

      The PAP mouth-piece, the Straits Times, use a whole page to glorify the b@#stard ferrari driver.

      When I have some critical opinions on the government policies and wrote into the ST forum many times before, all get rejected by the ST.

      • Ashailah said

        No use writing in to ST forums.. as you can see, everyday when you read the ST papers, you can see how biased they can be… Damn ST, because of these hit news, more people at hougang will not vote for pap..

      • SG finally open eyes said

        fuck this place and the DAFT fucks who continually get duped by them. you have a few years to OPEN THE EYES to the lies of the pap. there is nothing in your interest in whatever they do, at all. all about siphoning and looting AS MUCH $$$$$$$$ as they can now. No turning back. they are destroying SG for sure.

      • gahmen_sucks said

        isnt it too late now??? we are all just puppets condoned to hell by masters who we made from our own choice in the very first place.. who ask u people vote for them?!

  20. DAlias said

    The Ferari Driver Dead is it? GOOD!

  21. Ken Lee said


  22. rose said said

    thank goodness the ferrari driver is dead. He really deserved it.If he still alive, the spore gov will be proud of himlah.Then this prc people head become more swollen lol.

  23. Ken Lee said

    should fine the comfort and Singapore driving center for marking cab driver to move only on green light!

  24. Jack Tomaes said

    Ridiculous reporting by the major newspapers. Was reading them and saw this purposeful exaggeration and biased reporting on the chinese businessman’s family plight to craft a shitty front page to show that “Son dead” and “Son alive” shit creativity on Mother’s day. So the innocent lady and the taxi driver aren’t important enough to cover? Trash papers. Shame on you!

  25. Ashailah said

    condolences to the cabby’s family…hope that one of his daughter can pursue her dreams. Is there an underground table for the foreigners to obtain a license? How can they easily passed the tests when we singaporeans find it hard to get our license to pass.. pfffttt…

  26. atchuthan.s said

    A sad day for Singaporeans, a hardworking taxi driver with 4 mouths to feed, a daughter robbed of university education and a brighter future.. A young Japanese girl who missed living life beyond 20. The heart aches and pain caused by a reckless, young and thoughtless PRC. Go to the racing circuit to speed, Singapore roads are not meant for these powerful super sport cars. Singaporeans, please beware of these super powerful cars when you drive, cycle or walk on our roads.

    • Obama said

      Fact is the PAP Garment WANTS more rich people to buy more super sports car.

      The police clearly must have known about all the illegal racing taking place late at night especially during weekends. Either the deliberately choose not to catch these night racers or they are just sleeping in their office or surfing internet in their office.

      This PRC Ferrari guy would have killed someone sooner or later. If he had not hit that taxi there, he would hit someone or some other cars further down the road. He was clearly speeding towards the ECP.

  27. Kill them said

    Straits times, pls WAKE UP YOUR FUCKING IDEAS AND STOP HOLDING BALLS, our own fellow singaporean had lost his innocent life !!

    • Obama said

      Straits Times only like to put out stories about rich people.
      Just take a look at the Sunday Times. Every Sunday sure got a whole section dedicated to report on some rich b@$tards showing off his condo or bungalow house. The reporters just like to $uck up or hold the balls of these rich motherfu(kers.

    • gahmen_sucks said

      thumbs up! they ought to have their own family members crashed and killed and then they will wake up! curse curse curse u gahmen n ST journalists whoever involved wroting that article!

  28. Ginger said

    PRC drivers please stop killing Singaporeans!

  29. Shewolfzyani said

    Since the bloody PRCS are rich ppl, claim as much as possible for the loss of their family income and loss of the beloved man…May god bless the poor taxi driver’s soul, my prayers to his family, and those stupid ppl stop defending the dear PRCs, the deserves to be dead

  30. Tang said

    rich PRC are proud and I doubt he will admit his fault. Worst case he just leave the country……but I pity the taxi driver…..god bless his family!

  31. Joel said

    Thank god Da PRC DIED . The family are not even a bit remorseful. The man beat the red light n murdered 2 innocent. The whole PRC should die together.

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