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Young sexy PRC girl in Ma Chi’s Ferrari rumored to be an ‘Ang Pai’ in a local KTV lounge

Posted by temasektimes on May 14, 2012

Ma Chi, the driver of the Ferrari involved in a fatal accident at Bugis on Saturday morning was described as a ‘loving and caring’ husband by her pregnant wife. What then was he doing with another young PRC woman in her twenties at 4.50am in the morning?

According to reports in the Chinese tabloids, Ma Chi’s PRC passenger is an ‘Ang Pai’ (红牌) hostess in a popular KTV lounge located in the city.

The mysterious woman sustained fractures to her right leg and is currently warded at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Speaking to queries from the media, Ma’s wife Ting Ting (pic left) said her “was an introverted person who liked to drive at night as there was less traffic.”

She was surprised to learn about the young female passenger in her husband’s car as nobody, including his friends know who she is.

However, Ms Ting Ting said she trusted her husband because he was a loving father and husband, adding that it was ‘normal’ for him to send a ‘friend’ home after meeting up with them.

Ms Ting Ting already had a child with Ma Chi and is currently pregnant with another child.


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49 Responses to “Young sexy PRC girl in Ma Chi’s Ferrari rumored to be an ‘Ang Pai’ in a local KTV lounge”

  1. kc said

    Did you guys get your facts right or not again? Asiaone reports that she is a japanese!

    Mod’s reply:

    That’s the passenger in the taxi. The woman in the Ferrari is a young PRC woman.

    • Lame Lah said

      Yeah. READ properly man. That was the passenger in the crashed taxi.

    • Disgusted said

      You fail.
      This is the whore who survived, though she possibly cannot be ang pai anymore.

    • BloodyMosquito said

      Hey Kc…out of the entire unfortunate issue ya comment is the only 1 that made me laugh…not intended to sound bad…but thanks as the whole issue was unbearable esp when PRCs continue mock the dead cabby taunting that he was the one at fault…disgusting!

  2. Angry Reader Here said

    Who cares you trust ur husband etc etc, what everyone concerns are you will compensate on the loss of innocent victims lives and their families ? as well as the injured motorcyclist ! Right now nobody will pity you despite on your loss of your husband just because you are pregnant !

    • Massyfied said

      whats with you? she’s the one who lost a husband. What did you lose??? Compassion maybe.

      • said

        no sympathy. if you have a single inch of sympathy then its is akin to sharing your sympathy to the 9/11 terrorists. they were 100% responsible and so was this case. the Ma Chi tmd motherfucker is 100% responsible.

      • Angry Reader Here said

        Looking at the way Massyfied commented on my comment, it shows that “it”(Massyfied) could be one of the family member of Mua Chee.. Are you saying me losing compassion? I doubt so.. I look at the way you comment my post, I couldn’t help myself to read my post THRICE on 14 May 2012, 9.31pm to see in which way I’ve shown no compassion… Unfortunately I see none because I mentioned;

        “what everyone concerns are you will compensate on the loss of innocent victims lives and their families ? as well as the injured motorcyclist”

        Oh.. are you trying to emphasize to me to show compassion on Mua Chee’s pregnant wife instead of showing to Mr Cheng, Ms Ito and the motorcyclist? Give me 100 good reason why should I show my compassion on Mua Chee’s wife before you start barking at me you stupid moron.. Kindly brush up on your English first, your English teacher never teach you to read the full sentence on your assignment ?

        You trying to tell me you do your Comprehension without reading the whole story given before answering the question, just wondering how you pass your English in this manner !

        Lastly I would like to tell you this, my English language isn’t perfect either, but at least I know the rule of reading the whole thing before I start answering anything !

  3. spotlessleopard said

    It does not matter if He had 10 young things in his car…..what matters now is the Victims ….how Justice can be seen to be done….hope there is no cover ups.

  4. Baogong said


    • Ashailah said

      yeah i bet too they were romancing…thus the man was drunk.. gosh.. why the heck they gave all the good remarks to the dead Ma Chi? Is he superstar? no way! Christopher Lee much more Handsome!!!

  5. DVR Cheng Kok said

    The Young sexy PRC girl must be sucking Ma Chi’s cock (blowjob) at that time while he was drove… Then beat the red light when he was high and about to cum explode explosion…

  6. cc chia said

    The comments appear to be from a totally clueless wife, who did not know about all the hanky panky that the husband was up to in the middle of the night.

    Ma Ling probably drove in the early hours so that he could drive his sports car at high speed and race with other like minded boy racers “when the roads had less traffic”. As an added bonus, he probably found time to meet up with his many other girlfriends and mistresses in KTV lounges and love hotels at night, while his wife waited at home, trusting him.

  7. Elusive Scorp said

    Naive bitch. If he’s a loving husband, he should be at home lying beside you at that point of time, BUT the fact is that he’s fucking around outside with another woman. Brainless moron. Don’t expect us singaporean to sympathize you for the death of your husband, so what you are pregnant! That’s e retribution that your husband had left for you for this incident that he had caused the death of TWO INNOCENT LIVES & injured victims.

  8. A said

    Better pay up all the compensation. Otherwise retribution curse will be on your unborn child. You wouldn’t be able to sleep well until you laid in your coffin.

  9. Rocky said

    Just bec he afford to drive a stupid ferrari, dose not give him the right to drive like a devillsih maniac. Go back to go your PRC- left hand drive. Being tipsy and not used to our right hand drive, some innocent people lost their lives. U deserve…….

  10. rose said said


  11. No PRC said

    Justice please! We want JUSTICE!!!

  12. Hsien Liao La said

    maybe the wife herself last time also some ang pai in some sichuan bar? fucking bitch, never even ask about the victims’ families. really have this kind of prc chee bye here really shit. they fucking can’t drive properly back in China, what makes anyone think they can change here? beasts.

  13. sickchineseoldman said

    yup. hopefully that is how the chinese people decrease their overly populated people. making their ang pais accident magnets. tsk

  14. Mywish said

    The wife will definitely say so, she don’t care how many “Ang Pai” in her husband car. She just inherited all his fortune.

  15. CAZ said

    Pity cabby driver, should claim against Ferrari’s family since they are so rich showing off staying in a $3 million East Coast Apt, driving a $400,000 BMW & a $1.8 million Ferrari, if it not before of PRC restless driver, it wouldn’t cause so many lives, furthermore, cabby driver is a sole breadwinner !!! claimed a few million from Ferrari’s family it is just a peanut to them.

  16. Francis Lee said

    “Ang Pai” is a work permit holder/S Pass (means moonlighting lor) or on Performing Artiste Pass? Can the “glorify” tabloids confirm it please?

    • Jane Wong said

      The “ang Pai” here I believe must be referring to her been very popular. Should eb the case to “hook” a “rich and handsome PRC” while his pregnant wife is not capable to fulfil to his desires at that wee hour. As reported that he was at a Sichuan clan dinner and must have proceeded to some PRC infested KTV for drinks otherwise wouldn’t have crashed at such timing. KTV probably closed at 3am then go “supper”………crashed and caused deaths to innocent victims!!! His family should at least send their condolences to the poor taxi driver and his passenger instead of saying all the crap been reprted!!!

  17. lilian said

    can i just say that the who ever wrote this post has really bad english. i think the website should look into it.

    • BigHead said

      Don’t try to act smart and get out of topic. Who cares about your English here?
      Maybe you should get some lessons in respecting people. Not everyone has the same education and language backgrounds like you.
      Since you are so good in English, why didn’t you write something or your own opinion on this accident?

      • alice said

        you are right Bighead ….. here not for you ( Lilian ) to show off how smart endlish you are ……and even we are not smart english like you but we are still better then you . why you not use your smart barin to think something to help the taxi family
        the people like you should die with Ma Chi

    • Rocky Road said

      U thinking of teaching ENGLISH language at a moment like this??? U must be f……g out of ur mind. People are so up in arms and who cares abt spelling n grammer……

    • kuntaobu said

      trying to be english teacher at the wong time. people are up in arms because of the f…..g ferrari matter, just stuff it. try your luck another time.

  18. Muay Chee said

    Can those who know these victims families, ask these victims to file case against the ferrarri driver. Dosen’t matter if he drink driving or not.The truth is he beat red light. File, so that his china wife don’t get his estate so easily. Let it drag for years. Till then when it’s difficult for her to get the money, she will reveal all the bad things of him, if he have. Let her know that her husband restlessness, selfishly killed and injured people. Very irresponsible of her and her husband family who did not even appologise to the victims. Pretending to be innocent parties and must be preparing to claim his estates and inherit his fortune.

  19. benson said

    lolz, lilian, u tok as if your england is powderful, how can a website look into an posting???? is website a living thing that can look and analyze the post..??? what is important is the content/topic being shared and discussed……

  20. Taylor said

    Benson: Although a website is not a living thing, it is managed by a living thing who is capable to publish content and therefore capable to be responsible enough to spell-check and proof-read for the content published.

    BigHead: This is not about respecting people’s poor usage of English. Any publisher who claims to report news is liable to, at the very least, adhere to standard grammatically right English where everyone could understand. Poor construction of English will not only create misunderstandings but reflect poorly on the publisher and thus, the decline in confidence in the quality of posts it is churning. Lilian may write her own opinion regarding this incident but it is still a fundamentally an opinion piece unlike this report which clearly is a news report (with sources and quotes). Any news report should respect citizens rights for accuracy. How can accuracy be upheld if the standard of English is misleading in the first place?

  21. teletubby said

    WaH! IF the Fair-Ra-Ri Driver is alive! He really will be gulity in 4 counts…
    1) Speed driving (must be show off to Sexy mistress!!!! see darling I can drive…AHHHH…BANG!)
    2) Adultery (Should Win A Horse Award! From HK Film Association)
    3) Killing A Singapore Sole Bread Winner Taxi Driver!!!
    4) Killing A Innocent Japanese Passenger!!!

  22. Not RACIST BUT ANGRY said

    This is really a serious case, i certainly hope that the GOVERMENT are looking into this matter. Yes we SINGAPORE may appear to be small, but we also have our own talent too. Y didn’t u think of ways to stop Singapore talents to go out instead u are inviting more and more problems to our peaceland? Especially those INHUMAN PRCs, stepping into our land, holding blue IC already so YAYA, hold red IC worst!! Please, really please stop doing harm to our land!!!

  23. gahmen_sucks said

    haha what a joke! seriously do you think his wife cares even if there is a whore in the car with her husband at the time of accident? she wont care for a damn thing laaa! she just inherited all his fortune! there are so many chinamen around anyways to make up for her lost! she must be celebrating his death too! and thinking of all the things she can buy with her moronic dead husband’s fortune!

  24. Stealth said

    Just out of curiosity, probably the ferrari driver have given a good BJ that was why he failed to stop on time….

  25. Let's Not Degrade Ourselves to THEIR Level said

    Okay people. This is getting ridiculous :/

    I mean, this is obviously Ma Chi’s fault. His death isn’t enough to compensate for the 2 other lives he had taken away. But blaming the wife now? Really??

    She just lost her husband to a car accident. To make things worse, she has a kid and is pregnant with another. AND her husband was found dead while driving with an unknown woman! Now netizens are asking for compensation and calling her husband names (not that he doesn’t deserve it). And you guys are putting the freaking blame on her? THEY were 100% responsible? HE’S 100% RESPONSIBLE. She wasn’t even there. How is she responsible? Saying she doesn’t deserve any pity because it’s her own fault? Geez! Get over yourselves! How’d you like the same thing to happen to you? Imagine losing your husband overnight, having the fierce media and netizens on you while you’re swollen in belly. And now you know your “perfect” husband died with an unknown hostess in his car. Must feel bloody perfect.

    I’m not taking Ma Chi’s side here. He’s a murderer whose death alone doesn’t atone enough for the tragedy he has caused. But blaming an innocent wife? Really? Come onnn. Just because the foreigners are behaving without morals doesn’t mean we should degrade ourselves to their level.

    • Well_said said

      Well said!

    • alice said

      well you talking about we have to care of Ma Chi wife feeling right ?? then how about the taxt family ? did you think for them how sad they are … you want us to stop blaming Ma Chi wife … then she said her husband Ma Chi die bec of the taxi drive and she said this is the taxi fault ….so what you going to say and did you hear any word from taxi family come out say anything like she said??? look how selfish of Ma Chi wife and family … are say like this if you not taking Ma Chi side then call what??the feeling she suffering now that is the price from god giving her ..
      and if you ask what i will feel if my husband die and has another lady in the car like Ma Chi right??
      oh .. i will say thank god to let me know how so good of my husband and if my husband really doing like Ma Chi i will be more happy if i know him die …. come on now Ma Chi wife deep in her heart she is so happy think off the $$$$$ she will get … use your brain to think about it carfully again

      • alice said

        oh !!yeah
        then like that i will use my language to make you more smart see you will can understand or not
        and smart people never show off and say out by yourself like you how smart they are they let another see bu them self not like you …..or maybe only the all people telling you that you are so stupid and augry that why you are have to tell another by yourself that you are smart ….so pity to you ….and if you want to make all people think the same way you then like that i will wish from now on the accident pls happen to you and your family and pls give you suffer like taxi driver family … i will wait and see how you will feel and you will can take it or not …Ma chi stupid drive and kill another and his family dont have even one contact taxi drive family so say sorry to them and even more they are say and balem taxi drive ……from this happen i didnt see anyone from taxi driver family talk and say any bad thing and balem Ma Chi they ..and if they not concact the taxi family to say sorry i still can understand them what they feel but ther balem the taxi drive this is hard to pity them even they say RICH IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!! … better go and watch the video and use your stupid balem think again i know is hard for you to think just try ok maybe will make you abit smart
        nomatter how sad and angry the people if they hear the word sorry with sincerely the feeling will be better
        oh i think you dont know about this feeling bec you didnt say this word to anyone and you dont know and understand this word what is mean
        and no matter you say i am stupid maron or what alist i think i know LAW more then you
        English is not my language and i can take it if have the people say to me how poor and poken english i am
        then how about you did you look down on another then you call yourself samart and perfect ….i dont think so
        me and many people in my country and or or people in my work place so pity in you and you will feel sorry to the taxi family or not this is you not me and if your english is perfect then you better writh something to tell Ma Chi family come out to do something good not to run back to china i think will be better so again use your brain watch the video and read all the new again b4 you ask anyone to feel sorry to Ma Chi family !!!!!

      • have a heart said

        Alice for goodness sake please stop using such poisonous words to curse other people and “wish” for people to experience a similar accident.

        I know you’re angry but there is no need for such vileness

  26. Ken toong said

    Hey folks do not get excited> Family of late cab driver will engage a lawyer and sue. Tort Law is alive in Singapore. How did they let this guy come to Singapore and drive while impaired. They are the worst drivers I have encountered handling accident liability claims. I was almost knocked down in Beijing last week. They do not stop for pedestrians.Who cares he had a woman in his car. His life was cut short. Good riddance, the roads will be safer less one Ferarri. Cars don’t kill it is the driver behind the wheel. I handled a claim for a PRC Permanent Resident in Canada. He was driving during the winter month and skidded off the road. His 8 month old pregnant wife was ejected from the car and killed. He blamed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for not closing the highway and blamed General Motors for the faulty Chev Impala rental car. My condolence goes to the family of the late taxi driver and passenger. How can this happen in Singapore. Where are the traffic police.
    Let’s not call names etc. Damage has been done and police should keep a lookout for these drunkards coming out from establishments serving liquor.
    The PRC permanent resident left Canada for home with the ashes of his late wife, an accountant from PRC too.

    • alice said

      if you want to ask the singapore police to work hard lookout off these drink and drive ,drive over speed … i think is hard
      you know why ??
      bec singapore police is sooooooo lazy stupid they didnt work hard
      and you know why i say that ??
      bec last year my husband been rob by the 3 guys almost die stay in hospital almost 1 month bec 3 rip poken and 1 spinal until now sill not yet 100% recover we call police and you know what the police said to us …. do you know this is impossible we will can arrest them …that what is the singapore police said to us until now still dont have any new from the police contact us back ….now i hope you can know abit why i said impossible singapore police will work hard and they are may fat fat police how they will can run after the bad people lol ((so sorry for my poken English )

  27. have a heart said

    To those saying that the wife “deserves all this pain and suffering”. have a little compassion and put YOURSELF in her shoes.
    Don’t judge and assume that she’s happy over her husband’s death because of all the money she’s inherited. Don’t be so shallow minded… money ISN’T EVERYTHING. Having all the money in the world means NOTHING if your loved one just died. Money doesn’t take away feelings of grief, and it definitely doesn’t replace a father and husband.

    Like all of you i am SO angry, and SO infuriated by Ma Chi’s recklessness. but don’t drag his innocent wife into this who played NO part in the collision. AND to those who “cursed her unborn baby”… please have a heart! it is just so cruel and disgusting to say that this is “her deserving punishment from god”.
    No one, NO ONE, deserves that.
    and please stop defaming God by making him appear so retributive. He is the total opposite of that. thank you

  28. Whyshenotdead said

    Don’t worry, Ang Pai… your face and puss-y still intact. Even with a limp, can find another client. But don’t get into any more Ferraris.

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