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Clearer video of Bugis accident: Speeding Ferrari rammed into Sonata taxi like a bullet!

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

This video was taken by a dashboard camera in another Comfort taxi which was on the left of the taxi driven by Mr Cheng Teck Hock who was involved in the fatal Bugis accident on Saturday morning.

It began with a mundane conversation inside the taxi between the driver and his passengers before stopping at the junction besides Mr Cheng’s taxi.

As the traffic light turned green, Mr Cheng’s taxi was seen driving across the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street when a red Ferrari driven by a PRC man Ma Chi (马驰) appeared out of nowhere and rammed into its side like a bullet.

A loud ‘bang’ was heard instantaneously and fragments of both vehicles were scattered all around the place:

Judging from the speed of the Ferrari, it must be speeding at more than 140km/hour and there is no way Mr Cheng could have avoided the accident.

The cabby who took the video clip was just seconds away from being knocked into and could be heard muttering “Wah, wah, wah lucky man” seconds after the collision which happened at exactly 4:09am as shown in the recording.

Ma Chi was pronounced dead on the spot while the Japanese passenger in Mr Cheng’s cab Shigemi Ito died hours later in hospital.

Mr Cheng eventually succumbed to his injuries on Sunday evening, leaving behind his wife and three children aged between 16 and 21 years old. His eldest daughter just graduated from a local polytechnic and have to put her plans to pursue her studies in university on hold as a result of the family tragedy.

Comfort Delgro has started a donation drive for Mr Cheng’s family.

Members of the public can make cheques payable to “LIM CHOO ENG” and mail them to:

c/o Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd 
383 Sin Ming Drive 
Singapore 575717 
Attn: Customer Service Centre 

Donors should indicate their names on the back of their cheques.


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30 Responses to “Clearer video of Bugis accident: Speeding Ferrari rammed into Sonata taxi like a bullet!”

  1. kc said

    So it is the word of a close friend vs an eye witness. What does the autopsy or hospital say?
    I am least interested if he was normally a heavy drinker or not.
    The public and family deserve to know if the driver drank and drove that night.

  2. Vuvuzuela said

    Holy dam.. speechless. How the heck do you look out for cars going at that kind of speed?

  3. Ms Kong said

    Whether or not he drank, the fact remains that he ran a red light at high speed. The drinking part doesn’t rectify the fact that he’s 100% in the wrong – because he ran the red light!

  4. Elusive Scorp said

    It hurts to watch e video.
    Fucking muah chee! I seriously hope that your family will get all the karma for what you did.
    May you be torture in HELL!!!

    • Leia said

      “I seriously hope that your family will get all the karma for what you did.”
      You fucking idiot. Don’t curse the family.

  5. dan2429E said

    ….very likely, the Ferrari driver was turning his head and busy talking with his companion……
    ….his eyes were probably off the road……
    ….therefore did not notice the traffic junction nor the lights were red…….
    ….a slightly drunk driver will still swivel or slow down slightly when knowing there will be a collision….
    ….but in this case, the car just sped through as if the taxi wasn’t there……..

  6. Ghost Rider said

    That stupid driver decided to drive on in spite of the red light. Why didn’t he looked out for his surroundings and moving traffic? He is definitely not the victim and I don’t agree other media saying he is the victim.

  7. Ridwan Sadik said

    Hi, do u know if there’s a bank account where i can do a direct transfer to Mr Cheng’s family?

    Best regards
    Ridwan Sadik

  8. […] Details:… […]

  9. Bapok Yang Hensem. said

    Heavy or not heavy drinker, if you still drink and the word drinker still remains there. Nabei still want to defend uh?

  10. Reeve said

    it is totally the Ferrari driver fault the taxi driver nv did anything wrong at all

  11. Simply hate AH TIONGSssssssss........ said

    ask the university sponsor the daughter for U….

  12. Ken Lee said

    he is the victim of himself!

  13. Badass Ed said

    What a way to go!

    The devil came out of nowhere and wham! 2 lives were lost. This asshole’s don’t count. He is the devil!

  14. Mummy Bean said

    Yes and imagine if the driver of this video had moved just a second faster ? the death might not be just 3…

  15. wawa said

    anybody wonders if comfort delgro will sapu the money to pay for the cab?

  16. sweetbean said

    Maybe he was going too fast to stop – he comes out of nowhere.

  17. Glenam said

    must be from far amber light, then he want to chiong and activate his 0-100kn/hr in duno wat 3-4 secs acceleration la….. and rammed into the taxi..notice the impact and how the taxi flew away…. terrible la

  18. hachoiji said

    I am speechless at the speed the super car went and hit the taxi…..doesn’t matter if he drinks or not. At that speed, he has broken all the traffic rules and the victim family has the right to ask for more information about it.
    And YES, the general public also has the right to ask for the same information>>>>>>>> TP and LTA where is the blood test and accident report ???????

  19. anna said

    wahh!!! that’s fast! its pretty obvious , it’s obviously the ferrari fault, after the traffic light turn green , it took few seconds for the taxi to drive off, and lucky there’s a guy jaywalk , if he cross the traffic light when it’s green he could have been hit too!

  20. Dan said

    I must say that there is another reason I am shocked. Both the taxi recording the video as well as the car that passes him on his right were both witnesses to this accident. However they both just kept happily driving along…… Wouldn’t one immedietly stop and offer any and all assistance that they could? I am also surprised at all the vitriol towards Ma Chi’s family and wishing them ill fortune. I am not sure what role they played in the accident and why they should suffer as well.

  21. wtf said

    wtf prc martin talking about. wanted to change black to white even when there is solid video evidence!!! maybe that prc traffic rules ‘dont give way’ head out win liao’. tp n ssdc better dont pass this topid brainless idiot with licence or even everyone need to drive a tank out. furthermore all prc should b banned for driving sport car, do u think they can handle! prc better stick to their bicycle. stand up everyone with consicence to boycott this topid bragart stall or whatever fuck business they had.

  22. Angrynetizen said

    That scumbag prc who say Singaporeans like dogs previously? Give his university scholarship to the cabbie’s daughter better!

  23. steve said

    5 sec 5sec 5sec where will he be??????? about at illuma shopping you think you will bit the RED LIGHT..when you are there.NO LOGIC.only one thing can expain these is………there is another trafic light about (25 -30) meter b4 this accident junction…….GREEN LIGHT confuse him that he thought only one trafic light ahead…..and he maintain high speed go across the accident junction .and he does’t know he is bitting the RED LIGHT ….poor thing………

  24. JellO said

    I completely agree with Dan ! The driver in the cab does not even seem to stop and try to help but just drive on??? Please correct me if I am wrong because that would be just as scandalous as the accident itself! It looks like the other car on the right is actually pulling over and turning on its hazard lights, but the cab ust drives on? WTF???

  25. JellO said

    So much for the cab driver who recorded the video, here is his excuse taken from “He also thought the accident was minor. He only realised how close he was to death when he reviewed the video footage later that day.” REALLY – after seeing this you THOUGHT the accident was only MINOR? And even if so, don’t people stop anymore and TRY to help? No, they pray and drive home….nice!

  26. Omg….

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