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Family of PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi scolds Singapore netizens: Hold back your ‘poisonous’ tongues!

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

Instead of apologizing to the victims of the fatal Bugis accident and offering them compensation, the family of the late PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi lashed out at Singaporeans instead for not being ‘sympathetic’ towards him!

The accident was caused by an intoxicated Ma Chi who beat the red lights and rammed into a Hyundai Sonata taxi at a junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street.

Ma Chi was pronounced dead on the spot. The Japanese female passenger in the taxi died hours later in hospital while the Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock passed away on Sunday evening, leaving behind three children between the ages 16 and 21.

The shocking accident fuels rampant anti-China sentiments among Singaporeans with many venting their frustration and anger on Ma Chi online.

The insensitive comments appear to rile Ma Chi’s family who asked a friend to lodge a complaint to a local Chinese tabloid:

“The rich is not always at fault. We urge netizens to hold back their poisonous tongues.”

One cousin of Ma Chi revealed he started earning his own money when he was 18 years old and is not a son of some rich tycoon:

“I read online that many netizens said my brother deserved to die as he is an offspring of a rich man. I want to tell you, if you cannot afford a Ferrari 599GTO, there is no need to say those who can pay for it is a rich man’s son.”

The Chinese tabloid then went on to trumpet Ma Chi’s ‘accomplishments’ in life, describing him as a ‘savvy investor’ who amassed a huge amount of wealth in merely two years.

Despite the constant harping on Ma Chi’s wealth, very little is known about the financial company he worked in, the type of investments he specialized in or his track record as an investor which raised serious questions on where he made his money from.

On the other hand, since Ma Chi and his family is so rich, they should have no difficulties supporting the family of the late Cheng Teck Hock who was the sole breadwinner and yet there is nothing heard from them so far.

Perhaps the tabloid should consider asking Ma Chi’s family if they intend to apologize and compensate the victims instead of becoming a cheap spokesperson for them to whitewash his heinous act.


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392 Responses to “Family of PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi scolds Singapore netizens: Hold back your ‘poisonous’ tongues!”

  1. jay said

    Who are they to tell us to hold back our tongues? Take it with a pinch of salt and move on.. This is not a rich man’s playground. This is our country Reckless shits like him don’t need any don’t like ,then just leave this counTry. Its just that simple.

    • Singapore Chinese said

      This heartless filthy rich PRC Ma family is not welcome in Singapore. They should leave our country as soon as they compensate every injured and dead victims. Their behaviour is indeed DESPICABLE.

    • PAPig said

      wa lau. This PRC family is certainly one arrogant lot. They have yet to utter a word of apology to the Cheng family. Now they are accusing Singaporeans of poisonous tongues? Their son was the one who beat red lights and killed two innocent Singaporeans. Worse, what was the son doing with a KTV hostess in the wee hours of the morning? Their son has reported to the Hades. The two innocent spirits shall return to haunt them.

    • desmond said

      is there any way we can ask these china dogs to fuck off from our (used to be) lovely island? 10yrs ago, our island was so peaceful, till these dogs crawl onto our shores……..

      • Ashailah said

        hey hey i agree with desmond.. as u can see..there are more crimes.. look at the cases of the china man who killed his lover and the 2 tenants and the case is still ongoing.. there are more news been heard…pffttt.. singapore is not a safe country anymore..

      • Icy said

        Oh please. With racist bastards like you, no wonder the country is no longer peaceful. Condemn what they’ve done, not where they come from, or maybe you should be the one to f*** off. Singapore does not welcome racists, and your bitterness is definitely not making this place any lovelier.

      • Haziq Zain said

        Can i like your comment a million times? ^^

      • d deceased parent wanna us to hold back our tounge!!well duh!!wats d point of FREEDOM OF SPEECH

      • Rachel said

        Agreed w both hands up!!

    • change must come said

      the pap SOLD YOU OUT. now, yes. Singapore IS the playground of the rich.
      When the family can say, the rich is not always at fault (after the perpertrator sped, ran RED LIGHT and killed people), you know there is no more sense in talking to these peasants which the pap supports (because they have money). His brother is mafia and pap don’t even bother to check where they got money from.

      Why??? because pap wants to peg their own salaries to the richest 1000 in Singapore. that’s the current sg govt for you.

      • ANGRY Bird said

        i agree. we have been betrayed for decades. PM Lee, what have you got to say on this?

    • Spore born! said

      Look here, ferrari crashed taxi=death=ferrari fault! Understand. Or not? Or someone please translate in china language…

    • Ms Kong said

      Careful…Ma Chi family is from the Chongqing mafia you know. They can even scare SPH. They might try to hunt us all down and assassinate us!

    • Jonathan said

      Death was way too easy. He should have suffered more. WAYYYY more

    • Ma Chi said


    • daniel said

      He “ma chi” this type of hell driver from bloody hell of hell should goes to 18 level of hell…grounded forever in hell!!永不超生!你们全家给我滚回四川去,这里真的真的,很不欢迎你们这班公路杀人犯,还在讲风凉话!去你的奶奶的!给我滚,赶快滚吧!!

  2. Freemakan said

    Family of MA CHI BUY….suck u

    • desmond said

      can all these china rats and cockroaches pls leave our shores????? pls fuck off! once u r here, there r prostitutes, hdb robbers, old massage gers, ppl who rob our jobs….. social vices!
      pls get rids of e pests!!!

      • Wind said

        They are everywhere, invade and pollute many countries. Many times just hate to stands beside them, run far far away, I am a Singaporean Chinese, don’t want people to mistaken me as one of their kind.

  3. Myon said

    Instead of showing off their wealth, they can help the taxi driver’s family instead of caring whether people are sympathetic towards their family or not. Are they implying that they are not getting enough tragic publicity? So what do they want? Face?

    • Girl said

      Agree! Picture speaks a thousand words! Everything is in the video. Not against their riches but against the irresponsible drunken Ferrari driver! At least his family members should own up the mistake on his behalf! Visit, apologise n conpensate the cabby, japanese families..

  4. Mikey said

    We have freedom of speech leh.. that Australian PR say one.

  5. Clive said

    am i the only one who understood the headlines as, “If youre not rich youre at fault?”

  6. roy said


    • Tommy said

      very well said

    • beenthereseenit said

      Exactly right! It has nothing to do with his wealth but everything to do with his recklessness behind a very powerful car! It’s time his family and friends acknowledged his fault and his causing of 2 other deaths! Will they apologize to the victims’ families and pay compensation? They should stop feeling sorry for him and start to think about the innocent lives he took with hat one reckless act!

    • Wind said

      Not about money, see their rich or poor, all behave the same way, the same kind of ATTITUDE!

    • Kenny said

      Well said!

    • Ma Chi said

      WELL SAID! Call this china pest to leave our country! He should have died! SERVE HIM RIGHT

    • Made in Singapore said

      Agree totally. If they read the posts carefully, majority are not blaming him bcos he’s rich. We are blaming him for being reckless and dun care about other ppl’s safety. Do they not understand English or chinese?

      He’s paid the price with his life, but that doesn’t mean ppl cannot vent their anger on his selfish act. Wrong means wrong, and it’s terribly wrong, regardless of wealth, status and nationality.

      • JJ said

        He didn’t just paid the price with his life… but he selfishly taking two other precious life with him… Nothing can compensate the lost of the dear one of the victims’ families not even money !!!

    • Chee Yu said

      So true la! Bloody hell! We are actually kind enough to let you work in Singapore to led a better life. But what have you china people gave us in return? Giving nothing but full of trouble? Please kindly gO back to your country if you wanna kill, rob, rape or whatever. Just do it in your country If your so desperate to do the above that I’ve mention eariler on. -___-

  7. The Gardener said

    Try by buy another Ferrari and run the light again sucker.
    Hahahaha I never get enuff of that PRC Ma family holding their wake.

  8. Bapok Yang Hensem. said

    Babi butoh show off. Eh we also got rich people la siaa! Just go back to your country and HELP YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

  9. BlackSnow said

    This is Singapore, not China. Please don’t bring your ridiculously selfish attitude here.

  10. dawn said

    Kill ppl and still wants sympathy? He deserved to die because of his act not because he is rich. So angry after seeing so many retard post by them.

  11. Terence Chong said

    It’ll be interesting to dig into this Ma Chi’s background and job… I wouldn’t be surprised if we find some major skeletons and/or dodgy business.

  12. Badass Ed said

    This accident and its aftermath is getting more bizarre by the day.

    If I were his family, I would just shut the fuck up and let it blow over in a few more weeks instead of further raising the ire of Sinkaporeans.

    Never ever forget that this jerk caused the deaths through his reckless act IN SINKAPORE! This is not some second rate city in Sichuan province.

    So what if you can afford a Ferrari with a few millions to your name. Compared to the likes of REAL tycoons who by the way don’t drive, they get chauffeured around in a dignified manner, you are just a tiny peanut, a much maligned nut now in this tiny island.

    The one good news in this bizarre accident is the fact that at least one application for PR status from the PRC was not successful by default.

  13. VH2006 said


  14. bb said

    Born in China died in Singapore.
    Look if he make money in China Why do he come to Singapore.

  15. “I read online that many netizens said my brother deserved to die as he is an offspring of a rich man. I want to tell you, if you cannot afford a Ferrari 599GTO, there is no need to say those who can pay for it is a rich man’s son.”

    We definitely did NOT say he deserve to die just because he is an offspring of a rich man. That is an insult to the intelligence of netizens.

  16. Michelle said

    Shut our mouth?
    If Ma Chi has done nothing wrong, yes we will.
    It was even RUMOURED that he died cock standing and also RUMOURED that his severed penis was in the naked woman’s mouth when they were found in the Ferrari.
    He was with his pants down.
    RUMOURED that the woman was fully naked while doing a BJ for him this causing the accident.
    How not to stop mouths and tongues from wagging when there is such a rumour going on?

    • Ben said

      WOW! Where did you hear these rumours from? Hmmm…no wonder he beat the red light!

      • Michelle said

        Honestly speaking, if I could make a wish. I wish that Ma Chi will not die but instead be handicapped, retarted, paralyzed or even bedridden his whole damn life.
        So that he and his family will suffer in agony for as long as they live.
        And that he stay alive and be aware that he owes Taxi Uncle and the Japanese Families for life!
        He should not have died, it’s a pity that he did not get to suffer at all!

        MaChi Family, if you are reading this. I will not pity you at all! I know you have lost a son but think of who was the one who caused his own death? No one else to blame but himself!
        Or would you want to blame our GarhMen for having such lax rules on buying a luxury car for letting you to come to Singapore too easily?

        Well, if you think you are unable to cope with further heated and poisonous comments as you claimed, you are most welcome to pack your bags and BALEK KAMPONG!

      • Settawut Thamsarosh. said

        I am an American – Thai decent family leaving in Bangkok, Thailand.

        As the behavior of Ma Chi’s family, what you guys think such as death sentence to this guy?

        I like Michelle passage, “Balek Kampong” or “Balik Kampung” !!!

    • Ashailah said

      Gosh!! where the heck you get those news from?? haha…thanx for the updated news but seriously, most netizens won’t stop spread the rumuors out of it because all are in anger mood since there was no apologetic to the victims and family. not only that, the ma chi family too didn’t stop attacking with more headlines coming up.. pffttt

    • Michelle, i doubt these news are true…….the malay motorcyclist had the most accurate account…..he said he was surprised that a woman emerged from the wreckage…..and that she was fair, in hot pants, with tinted hair and “look like an ah lian”

  17. Bobby said

    Better he die good for him PRC

  18. WeAreSingaporean said

    u want us to help ur to pay for ur medical bills and repair the Ferrari 599GTO?

    • ANGRY Bird said

      the whole F-king family should be asked to leave Singapore! Parasites, parasites, parasites everywhere. . .

  19. Machi_hater said

    Well, good riddance to Machi then.

  20. Alva said

    Just half an hour ago, when I first heard of the accident and went to read more about it, I was filled with a sense of outrage at the injustice of the whole matter. I completely condemn the actions of the late Ma Chi, and my heart went out to the family of Mr. Cheng and Ms. Ito.

    Even after reading this article, I still maintain that the conduct of Ma Chi was irresponsible and reckless, and I condemn the behaviour that he displayed. However, it hit me that Ma Chi’s family also just lost a son. Regardless of how we perceive their family construct and background, no one DESERVES to die. In times of anger and outrage people can make remarks that scar others for life, and doesn’t necessarily change anything for the better.

    Let’s reserve our judgement and let the dead rest in peace. If any injustice is felt, let the families speak up when they are ready. We just have to be ready to listen and lend our support. The kindest thing for all the families involved might be for this matter to be laid to rest instead of becoming a topic of gossip and controversy.

    • yen said

      totally agreed! thank you for providing a comment urging compassion and empahty.

    • WEB said

      Respect your words..

    • Nationalist said

      Charity start at home. WE will only give our support to Mr Chengs family. Our Immigration policy has to stop now if not ,we will stop this Government. Change of Government must come soon. Singaporeans, do not let yourself be dependable on someone or an organisation who doesn’t care about you. gov should be working for us not against us! When people are afraid of the Gov, it means tranny. When Gov is afraid of the people, it means liberty

      • ANGRY Bird said

        good comment Nationalist! We are already known to be 2nd class citizens in our own motherland! We must make a change. Enough of wayangs!

    • Girl said

      The Ferrari driver ‘s families should at least own up their mistake on behalf of Ma. Not pushing the blame that netzitens are against their riches but furious with his actions that caused innocent’s lives.. It’s not wrong that u r rich but yr irresponsibe actions! They should visit, apologise n conpensate the victims’ families. However , nothing from them…

    • JJ said

      Alvin, I disagreed with you . Think … if you are in the family of the victims’, will you still say that ? It is true that Ma Chi’s family also just lost a son but whose fault ? Either the son or the parents who didn’t teach him well about responsibilities. His death caused by himself but the innocent victims’ death were caused by him !!! Who is he to take others innocent life with him !! ??

  21. JY said

    You sure their surname is MA not BAI?
    Really disgusted at the traditional media. Disgusting. Yucks, one additional reason to leave this country.

  22. tinoq russell said

    i just hope , , pray day and night n will fast that ma chi will come back and bring his whole family to hell ! this time he will be driving a paper car! its better to have a poison tongue then a wicked heart filled with dirty money. what a barbaric species !

  23. To the family of Ma Chi, all I wish to say is a very big _i_u.

    Your savvy successful investor killed two innocent people for the sake of cheap thrills. Go back and watch the video. He was clearly breaking every rule in the book. An accident yes, but not one that stemmed out of negligence or anything else. It was plain cockiness on his part.

    Just do what you should for the family of the departed taxi driver and get the hell out of our country.


  24. Sharon Ip said

    serve you right..because of your stupid mistake ,and you this idiot destroy the taxi uncle family!!!

  25. FUCK THIS MA! said

    Fuck this family of scums, who the fuck is cursing them for being rich???? The bastard son is cursed for drunk driving and causing death of others.


  26. Errol Tan said

    They are so impolite, being guests in Singapore. Ask them to leave this place
    for their own good.

  27. Ah tiong said


  28. Apple Green said

    So Rich Man’s son dun deserve to die but hardworking taxi driver & young japanese deserve ah????

  29. Dan said

    To all PRC pigs, just leave our lovely country.
    We are so better off without stinky, loud, uncivilized, dirty and rude dogs like u guys. We can’t stand the sight and smell and ur annoying accent. Just quickly pack and go home.

  30. Apple Green said

    KNNN the more I read, I more hot I get.

  31. Elusive Scorp said

    Sympathize them? Ha.Ha.Ha. What a JOKE!
    Shouldn’t muah chee’s family seek for forgiveness from e deceased family on behalf of him FOR WHAT HE DID?
    Why? They want e whole world to know that it’s not his fault, a victim too? So what e state media here have been protecting & glorifying him.. e video already shown that it’s e fucker fault, it’s a FACT that can’t be change.
    Worth millions right.. come on, common sense la guess his earning were ‘dirty’ monies.. Only stupid & naive morons don’t know..

  32. hachoiji said

    It is not whether if you are wealthy then it is wrong BUT if you drive dangerously and endanger other people’s live, IT IS A VERY BIG WRONG !!!!! Think about it , its 4 am and the impact can sent a normal taxi which weigh not less than 1000 lbs flying ……..any normal person who drives will know what speed he was driving. ANd to say he is a family man … earnest 4 am with a young hostess….while his pregnant wife is at home….come on lah , who are we kidding here !!!! HE should be at home watching at RUETERS OR CNBC for the lastest news in USA and Europe.

    I been to Sichuan and drivers there can just stopped in the middle of the road and anwser to phone call completely ignoring other is very common in Sichuan. Where is the blood test result ???????? How come TP and LTA have no comment so far on this accident ????? Where is the quick action and comment by TP as compared to a normal local being involved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Girl said

      Local press are covering up! Reported so many news n pictures of crying Ma’s mother n wife but not the cabby’s wife n the japanses girl’s parents! They are the real victims…

    • ANGRY Bird said

      our media ? . . . full of shit. Pui!

  33. asking ppl to shut their traps? well did we ever said its wealthy man fault , there fottage of the incident U THINK U SAD COS YOUR FT SON DIE WHAT ABT TAXI DRIVER n passanger they may not be FT IN GOVT EYES BUT STILL FT IN E EYES OF THEIR LOVER / KIN RUBBISH

  34. eXAKR said

    Where does this bitch live?

    We should get our dead rats, bricks, mail bombs, corrosive acids, anthrax spores, and death threats ready.

  35. Rini Ong said

    Someone, please let the Ma Chi family see this.

  36. Pauline said

    Look at the way they speak… it shows how brainless PRCs are! Foreign talents??? My foot!

  37. a9fc said

    I agree. Rich ≠ at fault.

    But this video shows that Idiots = at fault.

    And anybody can be an idiot, rich or not.

    • Jess said

      yea.. a note to those idiot people. junks please go back to your own county! stop invading Singapore and you china people are not welcome in Singapore! and take all ur junks back!

    • Girl said

      Ferrari families own up your mistake on behalf of Ma! Picture speaks a thousand words! Visit, apologise n conpensate the victims’ families.. Nothing from them but push the blame that we r against his riches!

  38. Pauline said

    His death is not even enough to atone for his sins and compensate for anything! He should live to suffer for life and be punished till he dies. A fast death is too light for him!

  39. Hold back our tongues?! Excuse me!! Who is at fault here? We don’t care about his accomplishments you get it? We dont care how you get your money but hell its in SG! We shoot because he is irresponsible driver and unfaithful husband as well! You know how SG is like on roads, there is no reason to speed and I’m sure that is to impress his companion there. Happy? Sure he is after took another life with him whom struggles in life. Don’t like it? Then leave..There are many more countries to go not just SG.

    My condolences to Mr Cheng! I wish the family to stay strong and bless for the life ahead

  40. Michelle said

    His name Ma Chi = Horse Eat.
    Ferrari’s logo is horse.
    So he definitely has the correct name because he was eaten by the ‘horse’.

  41. Yin said

    It’s not the matter whether we singaporean can or cannot afford a ferrari 599GTO! Don’t need to tell us that what your brother had done to earn a fortune! We are not interested in that. Bt due to this “Ma Chi” reckless driving. It’s cost 2 human being life! In china, to u human life is not important but at singapore is different! In the video, alots of us had seen thru and the fault is with the red ferrari so compensate the poor family who had lost their dear one and Get the hell out of singapore!

  42. alice said

    no one says rich is at fault…. but why use yr easy earned money to buy a branded car to show off… and bang pple….
    totally talent…

    oh…. maybe they will not taught red = stop and green = go…

  43. KOmae said


  44. getlostprc said

    就是因为你的富有,而害到这些无辜的人! 滚回你的国家吧! So wat if u r wealthy, did u pay respect to the taxi driver ? Did u fork out money to help his needy children who can attend uni but financially can’t. still tok so much macham slapping ur own face!

  45. Justified said

    Who is that Prc barking at. Nobody can deny the fact that it is not the Ferrari driver’s fault for causing the accident after watching the video. Since they are so filthy rich, they should help to sponsor the taxi driver’s family for life. No point burning so much offerings to machi cos his death is not enough to compensate the lives of the two deceased. Even his death, he will nvr rip for ending the innocent lives. If family/frez of machi really wants his soul to rip, do ur part to compensate the families of the deceased instead of barking at netizens.

  46. 穷人就该死吗? said

    不是富人就是错?那穷人就应有此下场吗?你们富你家的事,谁理你啊?错不在你富有,错在你的富有造成人家家庭破碎,无辜人命在一刹那被摧毁了也,你以为是钱能买得到的吗?马先生伤害的不止是的士司机一家,乘客呢?你们家的财富赔不起丧亡的人命啦!! 他车里的那位小姐呢?都活该吗?




  47. Eri said

    LOL, cannot afford a car? who the fuck cares about your money and what you can buy? GTFO, you and your family are wasting precious space here, if you’re so GODDAMN rich, GTFO to AMERICA or whatever, DUDE, SG is an island, we need to save space here. WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT YOUR RICH FAMILY?

    if you’re so rich, WHY DIDN’T YOU SENT YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE BROTHER TO A DRIVING SCHOOL? Go and read the rules and regulation of SG road. even SPONGEBOB can drive better than him.

    You and rich ass family are selfish, stink, disgusting pieces of meat. GTFO

  48. Kenny said

    Ma Chi? I bet you should name his tomb Bai Chi! This Ma (Bai) Chi has ruined people family. And now the stupid of the Ma (Bai) Chi’s family is mad about us Singaporean? Sorry our government may accept you. But we people here never accept you lowly class species. Doesn’t mean your rich, you are high class. We are talking about the way we human should behave. Not like some Ma (horse)/ Bai Chi should do here.

  49. Max said

    I think the bro misunderstood the netizens. Ma Chi drove himself to death without the need of their curses. What needs to be cursed at is the family’s lack of empathy towards the other victims’ families. If you’re so bloody wealthy, donate some to them so that you get to flaunt it. Can’t do so?? Cos the money was laundered or conned from other investors??

    • ANGRY Bird said

      u have a point. why is govt so quiet about it? why don’t they conduct a investigation where his money comes from? hello govt, pls don’t act blur hor . . .

  50. Ali said

    Not because he is rich, is his fault. The fact is, IS HIS FAULT!!
    We don’t give a damn whether he earns his own money, or his father give him, or his grand grand father give him. WE DON’T!
    Of course, it doesn’t matter he is a PRC or what. Even he is a Singaporean and driving a damn cheap and lousy car, Singaporeans will still feel angry and sorry for the victims.

  51. shubby said

    I think.tis prc famili is also a victim of tis incident..i pity his wife..but this stupid prc family member should jus shut up n stop blaming others n accept d factvtat it was indeed d ferrai driver fault..d video is a big evidennce to prove it all..for all u know this ferrar driver family is jus playing wif d news to cover their shame n also distract d public from asking who tat female passenge n d ferrari was..

  52. Snoopy Says said

    He deserve to die not becos he is rich. Do not put words into our mouths. He deserves to die becos he drove under the influence of alcohol and this is an irresponsible act!!! And becos of this, innocent lives were lost! Get this straight into your f-ing coconut head, people like you are the ones who brought shame to your own country and made us Pingaporeans hate you!

  53. Angry Netizen said

    Seriously, to the family of Ma Chi, why is he driving at such a high speed where in the area of Bugis, there are so many traffic lights. My guess is he wants to show off to the lady who is in his car at how fast his Ferrari can run or in another or so. To a man who drive at such a high speed in Bugis, an area with many traffic lights, which resulted crashing into a taxi which took 2 lives away, MA CHI DESERVE TO DIE. Speeding at such a high speed is not allowed in Singapore, so you PRC should RESPECT OUR LAW AND GOVERNANCE.

    I WISH THE MEDIA can interview the lady who was with Ma Chi and is now currently in the normal ward, and explain to ALL OF US (by media) ON WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED THAT NIGHT. Seriously, she owe all of us an explanation.


    • Ben said

      Do you think a loose woman will tell the world what happened that fateful night? She’s probably been given a lump sum to shut her mouth so as not to embarrass Ma Chi and his family. She probably gave him head that night! And the papers claimed that he had just attended a clan meeting? WTF!

    • Lam said

      And you think she will? don’t think so…………. *cough*ktv*cough*

  54. wj said

    Every Singaporean son start earning our own “salary” by age 18.

  55. y.c said

    Guys, shut the fuck up about this whole prc vs singaporean bull shit.
    This accident is terribly unfortunate, but don’t use it as an excuse to stoke xenophobia in Singapore.
    For the past 10 years everyone has been harping about the freedom to do this and that, and now we have it.
    So just leave it as it is. It was an accident by a drunk douchebag. Leave the nationality card out of this discourse.

    • Sad Singaporean said

      Agree. pls stop the hate on all PRC, as some of them are trying very hard starting a home here. It’s just a idiot driver fault.

      Again the family of the idiot driver just shut up. Again just said a sorry. (No one want this to happen) : (

  56. Hsien Liao La said

    My response to this family: CHEE BYE!

    Better go kneel down in front of the victims and kowtow first then come and say so much. This ferrari driver is driving a fucking hostess from some bar most likely! go check it out before making so much noise. or even better, fuck back home to Sichuan!

  57. Blakester said

    Well, to the family of Late Ma Chi, its not how rich Late Ma Chi was that concern us BUT its the STATE in which Late Ma Chi was in when he was driving that concern us. He totally disregarded our law!! He drink and drive!! To make it worse, he was even speeding and beat red lights!!!!! We know the family of Late Ma Chi is upset BUT what about the family of Late Mr Cheng??? And family of Late Ms Ito??? Not to mentioned that Late Mr Cheng was the only sole bread winner in his family!!! What happen? So many families are greiving just because of the action of a guy who was so intoxicated.

  58. Allgooner said

    Hey you farking Ma Family member!! We are not jealous of your wealth, we are pissed you are not respecting lives in Singapore, and ignoring the law & order we have here!! You still dun get it…sad….really sad!!

  59. Babe said

    Ma Chi sounds like a dubious money launderer actually. It doesn’t matter how rich he was, did a single cent go to the victims? Nope. And thank you sg govt, for bringing in such assholes. You know, in their country, if Ma Chi survived, he would get ‘Qiang bi’ for such a heinous act. And for those that bad mouth the taxi driver and Singapore citizens, please do something about it. Like throwing them in prison or something. You are so good at pointing fingers at people who so called opposes you. Why then are you not doing anything against these So called FTs that criticizes our people? From that stupid NUS PRC fella who called us dogs, to the idiots who tried to stop their Indian neighbours from cookig curry to another PRC slamming the taxi driver for being at fault now. Just set an example and throw their asses in jail! Where is your pride? Are you all not Singaporeans too?? Stop coming out with defensive statements pls or are you just trying to wIn their hearts in view that you might want to allow them voting rights in future? If they do right, then praise them. If they do wrong then punish them. What the hell is wrong with the system now?

    • atuk said

      The system now is being lead by our GOVT. Did u know that what matters most are the money that were parked in SG , are mostly from the corrupt officials from other countries. Coz we ordinary citizen are not at liberty to know about all the financial transaction of our own country till the day when someone dies and start going to court claiming for the huge amount of money left in SG banks.
      Still remember the PERTAMINA executive that left about 500million dollars when he dies !!! The family are all fighting over it in SG court , mind you in Indonesia their salary are not like The president Of USA , Mr President Obama!!!
      My point is SG will accomodate all those people regardless of who they are so long as MONEY park in Bank in SG then its OKAY…….we the COS are just collateral damage if anything happens and it does’t hurt the Elites but ordinary COS.
      Please all those in the rite ministry come out with an explanation on how they can get the driving licence so easily in SG…!!! Without knowing our driving culture and environment , coz I am working overseas and need few years of knowing the country driving culture and habits before i dare to drive in that country. TP,LTA ,AG and the cabinet minister care to comment.

      • ANGRY Bird said

        PAP . . . where is your transparency and accountability? Practise what you had Preached. please comment.

  60. Snoopy Says said

    by the way, I disagree that any part of him was even fit to be labelled as “handsome”. He looked pretty UGLY to me, as the saying goes – 面有心生!Those who think he’s a hunk, please lah, get your eyes checked lah =__=

  61. BloodyMosquito said

    It all happened in that split second…if u all focus upon left side of the screen when the bus was not in motion;

    1- There was a pedestrian crossing the street in a very calm and relaxed manner

    2- Indication that oncoming traffic facing him were in his favor

    3- There wasn’t any imminent danger for him to run across the road to seek safety for his life

    4- Such stipulation may only be caused by a fact that the car was nowhere to be seen

    5- Indication of Ferrari not in sight of the pedestrian

    6- Video (0:4 – 0:20s) That pedestrian took 16seconds to cross the road to the other end

    7- For a car to appear out of nowhere within the short time span of time…it must travel in hundreds of km/h

    8- Ferrari is well known for its power + speed & for a race car to reach that speed takes mere seconds

    9- BUT it’s not sufficient to create such devastating impact with just a fast pick up as the velocity & momentum will not be strong enough to ripe the taxi apart

    The above factors taken into deliberate consideration has proven beyond reasonable doubt in conclusion;

    1- The Ferrari driver was speeding from a distance not visible to the pedestrian

    2- If not the pedestrian would have reacted by running away for his dear life which it didn’t occur

    3- Within that time frame- the Ferrari’s momentum picks up with speed created by the sheer distance it was from building up Extreme power for the dash

    4- It was no longer within control of the driver as he hits the junction in drunkard stupor gaining such velocity

    5- Ma Chi deserve everything he got coming to him…but sadly two innocent families had to pay that price Unnecessarily

    • Ma Chi Bai said

      I disagree with your conclusion point #2. Pedestrians in SG are famous for not being aware of their surroundings. Sometimes they’re not even aware of what the light signals are doing. Other than that, your other points sound about right. CHeers.

  62. Singapore Chinese said

    The Singapore court must press charges against the Ma family on behalf of the dead man Ma Chi for drink driving, flaunting traffic rules, and manslaughter. This is a despicable crime.

    • Derp said

      You are already missing the point of what the court is about. And what crime and punishment is about.

      Besides, what you mean is “on behalf of (taxi uncle)”, not dead man Ma Chi. Not doing him a favour, are you?

  63. shok said

    fuck off ma chi’s family!!! i can’t wait till they fuk off to china and die in their car accidents in china

  64. Liu Bei said

    This Chinaman is not fit to have a “Ma” surname, he tarnished people who share the same surname like Ma Chao,now this is a real chinese hero,a general who fought in the name of justice and his own people.Why can’t china produce these heroes anymore,its sad.
    Anyway this idiot run away from his own country and spend his father’s wealth like a retard,there is no honor in such scum.

  65. Adrian said

    Well, in this case, he is in the wrong, terribly and criminally wrong, rich or poor. He committed at least 4 traffic violation violation. 1. Speeding at least 100km/h or more on a 60km/h road. 2. Beating the red light. 3. Driving under the influence of alcohol. 4. Not slowing down at traffic junction. There might be a 5th, not wearing seat belt, if not he may be alive or 5. Being “distracted” while driving….you know what I mean. He can consider himself lucky he died, otherwise he might go to jail and will be sued his pants off by the family members whom he killed by his recklessness.

  66. BloodyMosquito said

    China has all the toxic shit putting every human at risk…most toxic of all are their people!!! Ma Chi bye your family is the most heartless people to think u can cheapen other’s life just because u have some filthy money!!! Ya so DAM WRONG!!!

  67. S said

    Wow I don’t even know where to begin with. It wasn’t really about the rich issue, more of how many PRCs have killed people in accidents over the past months. Shows a lot about their country eh?

    So what if you’re rich? Stop flaunting your wealth, this isn’t China. You can’t pay to get away with a crime.

    Sorry Ma Chi, you deserve it.

    And to the family, if you’re not happy living in Singapore, take your sorry rich asses back to China where you can get away with shit by paying a sum of money. We don’t need you here.

  68. An ben said

    Prc Mai chi .. U not welcome in sg .. Hope your family die better .. U know what u talking .. Rich china all no brain izzit .. That why will die so early la .. Haha

  69. Sg_Justice said


  70. aiden said

    moron ma chi !!!! such an uncivilised rich fucker

  71. Angry Singaporean said

    Kan Ni Nabei Pua Chee Bye. Understand? Fuck off from here!

  72. yea said

    No sense of guiltiness. so heartless.猪狗不如! if not your GOOD RICH SON, the two victims are still living happily with their family! Fvck. What a GOOD family culture and upbringing you have. get lost!

  73. Gav said

    Hold back your ‘poisonous’ tongues? Simi gong jiao wei?? Harllo to-the-family-whose-son-had-died, your son KILLED a SINGAPOREAN! HERE! IN OUR HOME TOWN! WHO THE F*** YOU THINK U ARE TO SCOLD US ‘BAD-MOUTHING’!?! Wake up your bloody senses and DIAMMM!! You’re bloody lucky and fortunate we Singaporeans NEVER put any charges against you & not forgetting that your poor son’s soul is gone otherwise we’ll post charges against you!! Haizzz..ridiculous ahos..

  74. A plea of moderation said

    I agree that Ma Chi’s actions were irresponsible and that they have caused irreconciliable loss of life and property to innocent parties. They are morally indefensible and there is no doubt that the taxi driver and his passenger are victims of Ma Chi’s actions. I will not comment on the response that this “local Chinese tabloid” has issued on the matter.

    However, let’s not forget that Ma Chi himself passed away. His family just lost a son, and regardless of their personal wealth, a lost life is a lost life. They are just as innocent as we are. He may or may not deserve severe reprimand for causing the accident, but I feel that it is not the kind of response that we should be giving right now. We can be better people than this. Let us extend our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased instead, and control the hate that many of us no doubt want to express.

    – A Singaporean that can probably never afford a 599GTO in his life

  75. Lam said


    说的对. 不是富人就是错. 但是马驰肯定有错.. 现在你们开口说了这些不是人说的话… 你们也有错.

  76. jackteo said

    They are already dead…with respect how to help those still alive, no point making unproductive remark. Now there is a ‘Donations’ for the taxi family, Now my country man starting donating and help!

  77. zy said

    It may not be the fault of Ma Chi’s family . the family is also upset losing their close one but the fact is still that because of Ma Chi being reckless thus causing this fatal accident which involves many others.

  78. zy said

    and to be frank that nobody likes their family to be insulted even when they are in wrong. it’s normal that people will fight back.

  79. L said

    They are dead, may they rest in peace. As for the family of Ma, shut the fk up you living piece of trash! Not about nationality, its just you guys got serious attitude problem.

  80. Ben Ong said



  81. A Singaporean Abroad said

    It is clear from the response of Ma Chi’s next of kin “The rich is not always at fault” and “I want to tell you, if you cannot afford a Ferrari 599GTO …” the type of people they really are. Regrettably, they fail to see that others will perceive their appalling reaction and self-righteous attitude as typical mannerism of the PRC citizens. They set a bad example for their fellow countryman. The full video clip of the accident is clear as to who is really at fault. People have their own opinions. They are free to express their views and just because you don’t agree with their views, it does not mean that they are wrong.

  82. Dave said

    PRC got PAP as backup so they don’t have to aplogise to singaporeans. PAP invited them over, treat them as talents, treasure them and love them.

    • benny said

      dave u r very wrong to say that ….it doesnt concern PAP

      • change must come said

        of course it does. don’t you open your eyes?

      • ANGRY Bird said

        YES, the govt is partly responsible. doesn’t concern PAP? let me ask you juz 1 question, who formulates and approve immigration policies in Parliament? You or me or the govt, ie PAP?
        Benny, you are so wrong.

    • Derp said

      Dave, the causal relationship you draw here really astounds me.

      Ma Chi is from the PRC –> PRC people are in Singapore because of immigration policy –> policy implemented by PAP –> therefore PAP is supporting the PRC

      It’s as though I’m saying

      Dave made an uninformed comment –> Uninformed comments are made by uninformed people –> uninformed people are stupid people –> therefore Dave is stupid

      Now I’m not trying to call you stupid here, I’m just trying to show you the slippery slope that you’re on. I don’t mean to cause offense, but if it is taken, then I apologise for that.

      • change must come said

        pap spent $10 MIllion hosting WELCOME parties for them. When was the last time pap hosted a party for YOU?
        You need to do NS (if citizen) and they don’t have to.
        Your cpf is locked. They are free to move and withdraw all cpf, WHENEVER they feel like it.
        You knock someone down = your fault.

        This guy ran RED LIGHT and KILLED someone, and pap got the papers to focus on how handsome and RICH, and tall and RICH, and what a contributor and RICH he was. What a non-drinking person he is and RICH. Newspapers also funded by EVERYONE’S money!
        But use it to wash your brain.

        pap for you or for prc???

      • Gotha said

        Really loved what Change Must Come and Dave said. Derp, I’ve read a few of your comments and I honestly feel like giving you a slap to wake you up.

        Here’s a quote from you : “Dave made an uninformed comment –> Uninformed comments are made by uninformed people –> uninformed people are stupid people –> therefore Dave is stupid”

        Followed by : “Now I’m not trying to call you stupid here”

        I’d have to be really stupid to not know that you just called Dave “stupid”.

        If you implement a policy doesn’t that mean you’re for it? Who the fuck will implement a policy that they’re against? Definitely not the PAP.

        Indeed, change must come to Singapore. But all in due time, when we, the citizens finally snap out of this stupor.

        And fuck you Derp, I’m wondering if you’re just another china dog.

      • ANGRY Bird said

        agree with Change Must Come & Gotha.
        @Derp in fact you are the one on a slippery slope.
        No need to comment more.

      • Snoopy Says said

        Derp or Herp or wadever lah.
        Dun try to act saint here. Before u call others stupid, reflect on yourself. U comment on my post and said l voted for PAP. How stupid can that be?
        U think all who comment here voted for PAP? That is really STUPID!

      • Derp said

        It’s interesting how easy it is to rile so many people up here.

        Change must come, you miss the issue here. Besides, whoever the ruling party is, each government has to consider both domestic and international factors. Playing only to the whims and fancies of some particularly vocal locals would fail to consider the larger picture.

        Gotha, you fail to understand parallel analogies as well as slippery slope fallacy. I’ll also love to see you slap me.

        Angry bird, I obviously know I’m on a slippery slope. Analogy, understand? Why else would I make such an obnoxious claim.

        Snoopy, it’s clear that people who comment here do not vote for PAP. Precisely why so many draw causal relationships with wrong premises.

        Good day to you all, I hope you do reply:)

  83. Singaporean said

    I am not against Chinese from China but some of them became rich too fast that they no longer have morale values especially businessman from china. A few years back there are news that a big chinese business even put illegal substances in baby milk power and poison their own babies to earn more money. That just shows they do not value human life. I just hope this will not be the stereo typing of all Chinese from China. I have a number of PRC friends and it will be unfair to them.

    My Condolence to Mr Cheng’s family and Shigemi Ito’s family. I think Ma Chi deserve to die as it is clearly his fault, not only taking two other innocent life he is also a womaniser and i am sure he is drink driving. In this case i think his background is not the issue but his actions. In a country(china) where the government only cares about economic progress and disregard human right and the environment, this cultivated a society that only care about themselves and you can see all that value system very clearly from their rich who don;t care about human life. It is sad but i think the China government have to bear some of the responsibilities as the rich in china always embrace the system that is why they are rich and corrupted.

  84. kelvin said

    I think we should show some restraint here. Even though he’s clearly in the wrong, I can imagine how his family is feeling. We’ve all lost people we love beofre and they are probably grieving over their loss.

    I honestly think that if his family would offer financial assistance to the taxi driver’s family, since they clearly have the means, it will help make things a lot better

    • Snoopy Says said

      maybe u shd tell them that while they grieve, shut the f up and dun accuse everyone except that irresponsible retard for the fatal accident! If they hit your advice, I will RESTRAIN MYSELF!

  85. Lee said

    ‘Poisonous’ tongues?? Why tongues?? And not mouth?? Please enlighten me…

  86. SC said

    With great power comes great responsibility. We are not disputing his capability to own a Ferrari, regardless of how he gets the money to pay for it, illegal or otherwise. What we take issue with is the irresponsible way he was using his Ferrari, breaking laws, and eventually taking lives. If you cannot even comprehend this, or if it is your warped impression that the rich who can afford Ferrari can just go round breaking laws, then I strongly suggest you take a good look at yourself, and more importantly, at whether you are fit to continue living in SIngapore.

  87. PigLover said

    Its really not abt nationality or wealth… It is abt a human doing a reckless act to cause the death of other fellow human… We shd condemn the reckless human based on his act alone, not his background lah… Even if this reckless human was a poor lad from singapore, he also deserved to be condemned…

  88. SN said

    It is a fact that the Ferrari driver is at wrong…. Family of The Ferrari driver, have u all did what you all should after u seen the video clip? Not even a sincere and simple apologies were said to the more innocent parties. Do they deserve to die? Instead of blaming the rest of us, can u please put yourself in other people shoes? What if the cab driver or the young tourist was your family member, I think you might be even cursing and swearing even more.

    You think we really care about the Ferrari? Haiz…… Please la…..

  89. Andrew said

    Fuck u jus admit tat ur fuckin son is in the wrong. So wad if u rich? He beat red light is already the fact and he cause 2 death not including a useless life like him.. Fuck u china people who wanna support the Ma Chi “bye Kia”

  90. singaporean deserved said

    ma chi’s family must compensate and offer a formal apology to all injured and deceased family members!!!

  91. fu said

    Suck it up and fuck off from our country. How about that? Able to afford a Ferrari doesn’t give you the authority to speed and kill. Are you dumb or dumb?

  92. BooBoo said

    Yes, there are some who are condemning because of their jealousy, but look at the majority of those who have commented and condemned. They don’t care about what you have, it is about what you have done and your attitude. Look at the times we Singaporeans have gathered support and spoke up for your countrymen when there is injustice. I am sure Singaporeans will comment differently if MaChi’s family attitude changes and at the very least offer some apology to the family of the dead. We understand your loss, but can your loss be compared to the loss of a sole bread winner whose daughter now have to put aside her studies? Does MaChi’s widow need to go look for a job to support her kids? Think in that line and you will understand the sentiments of the people. Trying to make yourselves look like a victim will only incur more wreath.

  93. pol4r said

    blah blah blah~~ watever he “did/accomplish” still dun change e fact that he duno how to drive n kill 4 ppl!!

  94. John said

    Send post Testing …!

  95. reserved seating said

    they were the ones in the wrong. instead of apologizing and offering compensation, they still dare to scold pple..all the more fellow singaporeans still scold them. innocent lives lost cos of their selfish son. of cos the son should have lived permanently disabled so that he can suffer the pain. but too bad. in all cases, they will suffer bad karma. as simple as that, whether they believe or not.

  96. Able to drive Ferrari means rich. Even if it’s local or other foreigners cause this accident will also get comments from public. Video clip proven everything n eye witnesses too. Death had occurred Becos of his reckless. Yes he is young n may clever in some sense. Who knows he is taking drugs too? It’s hurtful to lost a son at this age but how about taxi uncle & passenger? Within 1sec they don’t even know how come Kenna from Ferrari & trying fight their survive on the way to hospital? Whatever rumor going cannot be control. Fact is fact, his reckless killed people.. He dead on spot n escape punishment..

  97. DG said

    pls take ur reckless driving elsewhere PRC. Ferrari my foot.

  98. Aiiroro said

    this filthy PRC family should fuck off back to their filthy country. stop dirtying our country!!!!

  99. jw said

    Yes, you are a rich person with many accomplishment, start earning your money at 18. Super savvy investor. These are all the things you have achieved in life and we will not take that away from you.

    However, these wonderful praises that your family sings of you does not absolve you of liability.

    The deceased family should seek legal advice and claim from his insurers. And his insurers better have a freezing order ready, before they disappear back to their home country.

  100. edwin said

    F…king PRC MA family, pls join ur son go and die~ don waste our country space~

  101. excko said

    not ma chi bai just call them pcb lerhh they dam ma fan lehh knn anyhow still wan try clear his name even after he made the children without a father and what about the innocent passenger she was innocent and cause ur stupidity u cause this freak accident

  102. edwin said

    PLS LA the Ferrari clown~ not fit to call driver!,And the MA family pls save your word and die soon. PLs la~

  103. Nothing wrong being a Chinese or being rich but some thing is wrong when u flout our traffic rules, kill our people, refuse to admit its your fault and best of all push all blames to us Singaporeans. Accidents do happens, what bug us is no longer the accident but the attitudes of the Ferrari’s driver families.

  104. izat said

    If U dont like us singaporean go back where u belong….what the hell i care if u rich or what. your rmoney cannot replace a persons live!!!! got damn it!!!

  105. King said

    Halo mother fucker machi’s family if u happen saw comment here Listen up fucking pack ur bag go back to where the mother fucker hole which u came from , so wat u all r rich …. Cos ur bloody mother fucker red car haf try beat the red light but crash onto the cab n killed 2 innocent life n tis is fucking facts ….. So I gif ur 2 choice – 1. Is pack ur fucking bag go back dun ever come back …. 2. Is wait we find out where u stay n come whack ur n drown ur in kallang river……

  106. anythingwhatever said

    inhuman PRCs. nv even thot of apologising to the victim’s family. totally shamless!

  107. Kak Lis said

    Kalau tak suka apa orang cakap, pergi balik negeri. Jangan duduk sini lagi.

    You family member already killed our fellow innocent Singaporean with his intoxicated driving and you are asking us to hold back our “poisonous” tongue? Bitch, please!

  108. Puzzled said

    The family of the PRC is totally blinded by their own plight. I can understand their grief, who doesn’t feel pain when you lose a close one. And precisely because of that they should be able to understand how more painful it is for the family of the innocent people who were killed by the driver’s irresponsible behavior.

    I just have a big question on the PRC driver’s license. According to information from traffic police website, only citizen or PR may drive in Singapore with a Singapore license. And any foreigner who drives in Singapore more than 3 years would require a valid Singapore driving license. He’s not a PR and has been in Singapore around 3 years. Is he even driving legally?

  109. chunjia said

    in my opinion, news like this one merely plays around with the emotions of the readers to increase readership. it does no good to our society at all. not one bit.

    we think we’re voicing our discontentment at the influx of foreigners by featuring such reports everyday. but really, we not satisfied with the policy, not the people. and not every foreigner make such stupid mistakes. it could have been a local who caused the accident anyway.

    does it really matter if the person who caused the accident were a foreigner? does it really matter if it were a ferrari?

    perhaps fate took the lives of these unlucky ones to remind us of how precious and vulnerable life really is. let it be another chance for all who walk this island to make peace, not make war.

    let it not be a reflection of how ugly mankind is.

    restoration of hope in mankind? you decide.

  110. lceheart said

    Few months ago some smartass PRC student brands us as ” DOGS” and then our smartass Minister defends him from our outrage.

    Then we play host to FB’s co-founder to shield him from tax evasion in the US.

    this rich PRC murdered our citizen, and today his family tells our nation to “HOLD BACK YOUR POISONOUS TONGUES”.

    From our govt’s perspective, it doesnt matter what crimes they commit. As long as they have the money, they have a place to stay in Singapore. Have we lost our moral values in the pursuit of wealth? Nope, but our govt. certainly has. Smart or rich, do we really need them here? Looks good on paper, not exactly the same on the ground isnt it. our govt. will never understand that, they’re so well paid, they’ll never understand the true ‘everyday singapore’

  111. King said

    Halo mother fucker machi’s family if u happen saw comment here Listen up fucking pack ur bag go back to where the mother fucker hole which u came from , so wat u all r rich …. Cos ur bloody mother fucker red car haf try beat the red light but crash onto the cab n killed 2 innocent life n tis is fucking facts ….. So I gif ur 2 choice – 1. Is pack ur fucking bag go back dun ever come back …. 2. Is wait we find out where u stay n come whack ur n drown ur family member in kallang river……

  112. Lene said

    It is so clearly that the Ferrari is at fault.. Frankly, even if the driver is not a PRC, it will still be the talk of the town

  113. John said

    The dead PRC driver, Ma Chi, of the red Ferrari was the brother of Ma Yong, one of the big mafia bosses operating in Chongqing. During the crackdown initiated by Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun on the Chinese mafia, Ma Yong fled to Guangzhou in the south.

    The Straits Times of May 14 described the deceased driver, Ma Chi, as a 31-year old private investor. The latter never graduated from college.

    According to some sources, Ma Chi used to launder at least 1 million of USD per month in Hongkong.
    We have Gaddafi, Mugabe and other dictator’s and mob boss’s relatives in Singapore too.

    For those people crying for justice, try claiming from a mob boss?

    Can someone confirm this? Is Singapore a money laundering paradise?

    Singapore does not care about the source of your funds when they come in, but this is getting ridiculous.

  114. Weven said

    Don’t care u r prc or singaporean…. U drink n drive n dash red light n kill someone THAT’S UR BLOODY FAULT!!!! DAMN ASS

  115. Clarence Lee said

    The female cousin is just asking for a lynching by the Singaporean populace. We do not really care if Ma Chi was rich or not. To tell the bloody truth, we are so angry because of his reckless driving and for his blatant disregard for the law. Add to the fact that he was a foreigner, it gets worst. The first thing about the accident was that Ma ran a red light, was speeding and was probably drunk, the second was that he was a PRC, the last was that he was driving a Ferrari. We, Singaporeans are at a crossroad at this moment, with more and more social problems piling up due to FTs everyday, our patience is limited.

    The cousin’s statement of “The rich person is not always at fault” is not wrong of course, but she said it at the wrong time. In this situation, it was her cousin, Ma Chi’s fault entirely. He ran the red light, he sped, he killed. It would have been the same even if Ma was driving a proton saga and going at 150 mph. The only difference is that the tabloids have to find some other way to glorify him. The bloody truth is that we are all angry because he is an irresponsible prick from CHINA who ran a red light and killed 2 other person. The one other irritating fact is that the media did not blame Ma Chibye and instead defended him, the media teams should probably all be in his Ferrari during the crash if they love him so much. The fucking PRC family better fucking apologize and compensate the families…

  116. VH2006 said

    Moderator, what is wrong with my Chinese comments?

  117. Zamba said

    sorry, what did Ma Chi Wife wrote in the paper?? oopss… sorry i dun read bitch’s writing…. just fuck off from Singapore, i believe you are rich enough to buy your own air ticket and fuck off from here, this not just not apply to you but to your fucking fellow foreign talent too, bring them back with you and hug each other and DIE!!!

    i can foreseen that your next generation will be having the same attitude, cause gens can be transfer from your beloved Ma Chi’s Sperm.

    For a advise, leave our beloved country Singapore before we take action against all of you (Foreign Talent).

  118. PissedWithPRCs said

    HEY.. ISSUE IS YOU KILLED PEOPLE!!! you NEVER apologise!! Who is at FAULT here??? ask people to shut up?? did you do anything to let us be at peace and shut us up?? HELLO??? You as the wife with small kid and an unborn child, you should know how the deceased taxi driver’s family & the Japanese lady’s family & the bike driver’s family feel!!! before you ask people to stop scolding you, please do stuff that SHOW you are remorseful!!!

    how did u earn your F* $$ no one cares.. and for all you know.. you are “cleaning” these filthy $$ here!!! AND WHERE all these news come from?? FROM YOUR OWN “BELOVED” COUNTRY!!!

    the video clip shows everything.. DONT DENY!!!

  119. Cherry said

    From the video I watched it made me cried, in just second 2 innocent lives just gone like that because of one drunk fucker.

  120. Angel said

    The thing is, Ma’s friend told Sunday Xin Ming, that his friend, the dead ferrari driver was a careful driver, does not drink and does not speed. Which so happens that he was beating the red light, speed was over 100km along a 60km limit road!! Want to avoid compensating no need to say till he was so innocent. My whole family read that comment was already so angry by it, not to mention the ones involved in the accident! It will be more sensible for the dead driver’s family to apologize to those hurt and died because of the accident caused by the reckless driving, instead of seeking people to stop commenting or to seek sympathy. So he did leave behind 2 kids and a wife, but the family still can survive. But the cab driver’s family has no financial support, and the youngest son is taking O levels this year. The Jap lady’s family had to travel here with heavy hearts. Before the Ma’s family seeks sympathy, look to others and ponders why everyone is angry at the dead driver. It’s not because of where he came from, but more because of his actions and the comments by his friends that had caused people to start to comment on PRC. Even my PRC collegues are not defending how people are saying about Ma, but just does not like to be hit by a pole just because they are PRC. There are good PRC but there are also Bad PRC. Not trying to defend any PRC but just would like to say stick to the facts, pinpoint the actions of the people involved and not pinpointing on the race.

  121. rich till BRAIN also put inside BANK. / Edwin said

    fucking PRC ferrari clown, not fit to call driver, MA CHi family pls join ur son save ur word and go and die~ i will burn the ferrari for u all pls die now,. since u all like ferrari so much i want to see u on the news now~ if u want us to show your MA CHI family some respect. pls use your brain to think before u talk, and do your to help the TAXI driver~

  122. Flayzerannyx said

    Guys, take a step back and remember that the family just lost someone. Yes indeed its his fault for beating the red light and killing people with his irresponsible behaviour. But he too has paid the ultimate price for it, with his own life. Fanning the flames and hurling abuses at anyone right now isn’t gonna help the cabbie’s family or the japanese’s family for that matter. This is a time for mourning.

    If you really wish to help, please write a cheque to LIM CHOO ENG and mail it to

    c/o Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
    383 Sin Ming Drive
    Singapore 575717
    Attn: Customer Service Centre

    I think thats a more constructive course of action.

    • Ms Kong said

      Mr Ma Chi’s family is the one who should volunteer the donation to the taxi driver’s family. Yes, they also suffered a big tragedy, but they refuse to be sorry for the victims and acknowledge that Ma Chi broke the law.

    • GH said

      It won’t bring them back, but we should make our voices heard so it does not happen again.

      • atuk said

        AGREE with your opinion. I am very very ANGRY with their attitude and arrogant but I will be more ANGRY with our authorities if there’s NO ACTION taken on this incident.

  123. Breaking the law said

    Red Herring Fallacy.. The ones siding on Ma Chi are choosing the weakest of criticisms to attack. They are right, being rich is not a reason to be blamed.

    The main problem is he was trying to beat the red light and he killed a cabbie in the process. It doesn’t matter whether he was driving a Ferrari or a Honda, whether he was rich or not.

    The fact he is rich can provide the possibility of his estate compensating the cabbie’s family.

    The netizens’ comments criticizing him for being rich are not helping either. Just giving a loophole for the ones siding on Ma Chi to attack.
    They should be focusing on the laws Ma Chi has broken and how it has caused distress to the cabbie’s family. The fact that he has broken the law is an infallible attack that will shut those siding with Ma Chi up.

  124. Anti foreign "Talent" said

    The late Ma Chi’s brother…I dare you to come upfront and challenge me.No need the whole Singapore…just me.NBCB.

  125. souless9 said

    hello.. this is not a matter if u become rich urself or u are rich man’s son.. juz because you can afford a bloody Ferrari 599GTO doesn’t mean u can ignore all the traffic rules.. those who ignore traffic rules and in the process taken the lives of other people seriously deserved to die be it they are rich or poor..

  126. souless9 said

    hello!! this is not a matter if u become rich urself or u are rich man’s son.. juz because you can afford a bloody Ferrari 599GTO doesn’t mean u can ignore all the traffic rules.. those who ignore traffic rules and in the process taken the lives of other people seriously deserved to die be it they are rich or poor..

  127. Ayyyrizzz said

    To the families of the deceased and the injured motorcyclist….I strong urge all of you to go to court and sue the pants of Ma Chi’s estate….for the loss of income both current and future, the after-effects of this heinous act, for the emotional & mental trauma and the inconveniences caused.

    This is Singapore, we have clear rules and regulations and we ALL abide by it. No exceptions!!! He is clearly at fault thus hit where it hurts the most for these Chinas…their fat pockets. They don’t care if they hurt or kill people, nothing is more important to them than money…obviously the only way is to sue and demand compensation.

  128. ray said

    BURN IN HELL MA de bai CHI

  129. Derp said

    General Profile of Netizens on Temasek Times:
    – Xenophobic (not patriotic)
    – Presumptuous
    – Small-minded fools, do not see the big picture
    – Quick to judge and condemn, lack of sensitivity
    – Sense of self-entitlement

    1. How a singular incident is linked to immigration policies really baffles me
    2. How a singular incident is linked to national policy (and blame on LTA as well as other bureaucratic organisations) also baffles me

    I am expecting harsh criticism in response to this comment. Sure, make it personal.

    • Roy said

      I believe Benjamin Franklin once said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

      I suggest that you mull over that and you have a look at the big picture as to why people feel outraged at this.

      • Derp said

        Roy, it is clear why people are outraged at the incident. Who would not be outraged over the deaths of 2 innocent people (and 1 idiot)? They have families, they have children, and naturally we would be outraged at the irresponsible actions of a single man.

        But funny how outrage is directed against so many others who are in actual fact not a cause of the incident.

    • Ms Kong said

      Then just go back to your own country if you don’t like it here.

      • Derp said

        Unfortunately, Ms Kong, my country is here in Singapore. You would now like to expel me from this beautiful country?

    • GH said

      Ask yourself, what was the policy on the conversion of his driving licence?

      It won’t bring the victims back, but WE should make OUR voices heard so that an incident like this NEVER, ever happens again! This was never our choice!

      • Derp said

        GH, the point here is that Ma Chi was ENTIRELY to blame for the incident. He was at fault, and that is doubtless. Singular incidents like this are bound to happen again, whether caused by an immigrant or Singaporean.

        I’m sure making our voices heard will be highly effective in stopping such disastrous traffic incidents. Seriously?

        Of course it was never our choice. Of course we are upset about the death of Taxi uncle as well as the Japanese lady. It is a great pity!

        (And of course blame now falls upon his family who are as upset over his death, even if he is to blame, now blame falls upon immigration policies, and now blame falls upon bureaucracies)

    • S said

      True dat.

    • Gotha said

      Here are quotes from you again :
      “General Profile of Netizens on Temasek Times:
      – Xenophobic (not patriotic)
      – Presumptuous
      – Small-minded fools, do not see the big picture
      – Quick to judge and condemn, lack of sensitivity
      – Sense of self-entitlement”

      Guess you’ve just proven your point, you’re quick to judge and condemn by calling others small minded fools based on their comments.

      Just a few lines from angry citizens and you can gauge the character of a person hmm?

      And again, a slap would do you much good.

      • Derp said

        Gotha, Gotha, I love how you quote me.

        Yes I am guilty, but I did not deny that did I? That doesn’t disqualify the rest from the above claims though.

        Like I said, I’ll love to see you slap me. But I doubt the difference it’ll make. Especially a slap from one who feels entitled enough to hand out punishment and his own sense of justice.

  130. Borodin said

    They should apologize and compensate for the victims families.
    Social responsibility cannot be neglected in Singapore.

  131. S. Tan said

    Im not trying to be nasty here! But u can afford a Ferrari doesn’t mean u can drive like its your father’s road and have no care for other people’s life ! Its not about e car, its e driver! Any car could kill on the road!

    Pls be sensitive to the unwilling victims and their family members suffering caused by your brother’s irrational act!

    • Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

      Well said !!

      • S. Tan said

        After reading e various posts in both China and Sg websites, the driver has already paid for his rash act. Not only his life, his body was also badly mangled from the accident, plus having to cremate without any immediate family members along to bid farewell in the last funeral rite walk, he is also being condemned by his own fellow people in China now.

        The man responsible is already dead… As for the living, lets give this family a break to grief and come to term with their losses too.

        Ma Chi’s wife, young child and her unborn child are all innocent and unwilling victims themselves. Its really not easy for one to face the fact that they have lost their loved ones and at the same time accept that they have been betrayed with loads of questions in her mind she would probably never be able to find an answer to fit. At the same time, not forgetting she is also very pregnant with the 2nd child plus facing criticism and scrutiny from the public.

        The stress and pressure she is facing must be tremendous. With all graciousness, we should just leave the family out of the picture now n concentrate on how to help e other victims n their families.

        May those who are alive n hurt get well soon and May those who have lost their lives in this unfortunate event rest in peace.

  132. street bully said

    Idiot !!! Ask yr grandma drive at least she know to stop … China pig go drive forklift or bicycle la

  133. Daphne Chia said

    pls wake up! it’s definitely n obviously “he” is at fault! no words of condolences apologies to the families of late n the injured all we see was dumb ass talking…..where is yr heart! definitely there will be karma!

  134. seng said

    we dun care you ” fu er dia” or :fu jiu dia” the issue is you PRC cost dead to our people here .
    this is SINGAPORE not china and who are you to tell us to hold back our tongue when your in the wrong !!!!!!!!!
    This what the Ma Chi family deserve Ma chi cost the sin and the family serve the karma.
    This is what they DESERVE.
    Really hope the government will freeze the fortune of this killer and sue them then make them compensate the dead family members with half of the killer fortune and by the way this money cun buy back anything that this KILLER MA CHI cost.
    Government should stop issue license to those PRC BAN them from driving in singapore

  135. Seok said

    Anger on anger. Adds to more anger. May the 3 deceases rest in peace

  136. BooBoo said

    I remember an incident in Singapore not too long ago. A woman comitted suicide by jumping off a block of flats and killed another woman when she fell on her. The first woman’s family went to apologise to the other family. This is what I call grace which is what the Ma family lack.

  137. Baker said

    The rich is not always at fault but this time they are. Their son deserved to die. Everyone who saw the video would agree. At least that’s one less idiot to screw around in Singapore.

    • Jess said

      yeh!! the green light already so long liao. cant the stupid RED ferrari driver see the RED light? STUPID STINKY PEOPLE GO BACK UR HOME TOWN!

  138. GH said

    Hello! Tuck Yew understand! It’s a good thing he won’t be driving again so he cannot kill more innocent people!

  139. bochap said

    There are so many of them,so 1 or few lifes gone is like nothing to them.They alway only think of themselves n dont care who die as long as not they themselves die.They can produce milk to kill their own kind,who do u think.

  140. AVeryPissedSingaporean said

    Excuse me Mrs Ma. Your bloody halfwit China husband just took 2 innocent lives with his vile action. Go back to China. We do not need foreign idiots running around and ruining our country

  141. Sledgehammer said

    To whom it may concern,

    Fuck you! He tried to beat the fuckin’ red light! He drove a fucking ferrari at high speed without intention of breaking. It IS his fault. It’s not about his fucking family background. It’s about his fucking drink and drive and fucking speed like fuck mentality. His fuckde u toxicated brain had claimed 2 lives and 1 seriously injured. He shattered more than just their lives but their families as well. So fuck you!

    Singaporeans have been living in harmony for a very long time! We have mutual respect and even treat each other like family. Until these ass-wipes arrived.

    Singaporeans are NOT racist. we just dont like people like you.

  142. wyn said

    why he have to related his wealth with the accident , what the fuck he is talking about ,nobody is interested how wealthy he is .Everyone is blaming him for his fault not his wealth
    This PRC should stand for PERMANENT RETARDED CREATURES there should not be classify as MANKIND

  143. Lyn said

    Pls kindly turn the tables around b4 u speak! If the ma family is in the taxi’s position I m very sure u would singing the same tune as us. One horny bastard with no brains cost so many families to grive. If he would have just crash into a building no one would say such things. Becos he deserves it. The taxi uncle, passenger, motorcycle rider didnt deserve this shit.

  144. Question said

    Heard from some sources that Ma Chi’s brother Ma Yong is a notorious mafia boss in china. Daily money laundering business amounts up to millions. Can anyone verify this source of news?

  145. cy said

    He didnt deserve to die becos hes rich. He deserve to die becos he speed past the red light and killed someone .

  146. Dreamer said

    My hearts goes out to the taxi driver and the Japanese lady.
    My shit goes to the Ferrari driver and his family. Get the hell out of Chingapines.

  147. Chocolateeeeeeee said

    Why isn’t the media publishing more news about Mr cheng, ms ito and the motorcyclist? Why isit all about MA CHI! _l_ He deserve to die. Mr cheng’s family is nice enough not to blow up this matter and they didn’t even ask for any compensate. Ma’s family still can be so arrogant? Ma chi’a murder case they got alot insurance cover that is why they are so arrogant?

  148. mianhaochi said

    To the family of ma chi. At first i sympathised u. But nor anymore 留你们这种人在地球就是等于浪费地球的资源

  149. NCHU said

  150. abc said

    fXXk the blXXXY fXXXXXg bXXXXXd! may he rot in hell!! dXXX those PXCs, dun like den get the fXXX outta OUR LAND! REmember this is SINGAPORE, not CHINAPORE!!!!

  151. Meteora said

    Mr Ma deserves everything he’s been thrown at, but best advice his family to move on back to China. To be fair, their name is already stained here by the tabloids and public. They’re a public enemy now, and if the government does nothing about it, truely, our government protects foreigners and enslaves us locals. Hope one day, karma would pay the Ma family a visit and teach them what if right and wrong, obviously the lost of their son isn’t a very good lesson yet, more to come.

    I hold no grudge against any foreigner in Singapore, but this is a good example that you should have mutual respect for everyone. This may not be your country, but this may also not be your playground just because you hold a different passport. We have our rules and regulations, and so do everyone else in the world. Difference is, we as the locals do not close one eye and pretend nothing happened when we see something wrong.

    To tell us proudly that can you can afford a ferarri is like boasting to us that you can take care of the Cheng family’s needs for a very long time, so do it. No point bragging how much money you have in the bank and shooting us down just because you lost your reckless son. He deserves every inch of it, and it sucks to be you because society is condemning him because of the 2 innocents who were involved. We are Singaporeans, we look after our own, maybe not only our own but foreigners as well.

    If that’s the mess you dead son created, so be it. Man up and be humble, your son is at fault here. Can’t handle the publicity pressure and society’s judgement? Have a safe flight back then.

  152. bebe0521 said

    ni na ma chi bye! WHY?! stop us from commenting? u got NO right to ask us to stop! who fucking care how he earn his fucking money or how fucking great he is . MA CHI is the cause of this accident! he killed the taxi driver and the Japanese lady with video as evidence that’s it ! not happy fuck off back to your own country !

  153. blueberryOracle said

    The problem isn’t abt how rich that ferrarri driver. The truth simply points to him being the ultimate cause of this unfortunate incident. For that, the whole family shd feel ashamed and not deny the fault of the reckless driver.
    The taxi driver shouldn’t have to go through this.

  154. Daisy said

    I’m not Singaporean, so I’m expressing my views from an objective outsider’s point of view. I think that this accident has nothing to do with Ma Chi being a rich PRC who lives and works in Singapore. This accident could have been caused by a rich Singaporean too. It has a lot to do with taking the risk to drive whilst being intoxicated. And yes, Ma Chi’s family has no effin right to scold Singaporeans to shut up. Ma Chi does not deserve to die, but one who drinks and drives and kills himself and others in the process does NOT deserve to be sympathised! His rich family should provide a huge compensation for the victims’ families!

  155. Puzzleman said

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! So meaning if the prc’s son get killed in a car accident by a Bugatti Veyron Supersport, she cannot blame that driver? =) Cos this car Its more atas than her late PRC husband’s ferrari in terms of pricing. I pity the cabbie and the passengers but i defintely am joyful over the prc’s death! U disgrace the chinese though we cant deny the facts that our forefather came from China too.

  156. wong said

    Anyone related to him by blood should get their ass of singapore. Btw, i think normal folks from china wouldnt want his ashes to be in their courtry . He died in shame…

  157. Andrew said

    The FT from PRC come here and they act like they own the country and act so arrogantly. Welcome to the new Singapore!!!! Even the newspapers are bias towards FT!! Poisonous tongue my a$$!! Idiots!!

  158. Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

    Hey You Stupid , Chow Chee Bye , Lanchow , Pundeh , Puki , how dare ask us to hold our tongue in our own country .

    Did you seek forgiveness from the family of the dead ? I hope those dead will haunt the family out of SG !!

    If you want to flaunt , go back to China buy as many Ferrai you want & kill all the PRCs there .



  159. Mordecai1968 said

    I think the translation is wrong the actual meaning

    is more insulting and snobbish

    the first 4 word in chinese” 不是富人” “if one is not wealthy,”

    then next 3 character “就是错” translated as “which is already wrong.”

  160. haha said

    Ma Chi deserves to die…goooood!

  161. Quinn said

    It’s funny how they can’t comprehend the situation and start focusing on the minor insults.

    One of their family members killed at least two people due to reckless driving, and they’re here trying to defend themselves by saying that they do not originate from a rich family.

    Cool story brah.

  162. Logic said

    I am not a Chinese. But i really feel for the Taxi driver..):
    Huh?!!!Ferrari Beat the “RED LIGHT”!!”RED LIGHT!!” It was the cabi right to go as it was green…Now you tell me who is wrong. Its simple logic!Really man I hope his family is ok..especially his Kids! There should be more than compensation!

  163. Singaporean girl said

    I believed, one day, singapore will have riots against all the prc! Just one day!!

  164. joel said

    Rich Man son can buy a ferrari. But note rich man son also have to obey the law, by not drinking n driving. It is obvious this rich man son is stupid and does not follow this. You family of him should ashame. Well educated yet put the blame on an innocent. Your whole family deserves to burn.

  165. calista faye said

    What a horrible family!! So what if you are rich??!! at the end of the day, you killed two people. your death was well deserved, but not enough to make up for the lives you took. go back to your country and kill your own people. china dog

    • Ed said

      Death was an easy way out for a scum like him. He should have continue to be alive to face the law. If GOD allows he should have been bed ridden and let him look at his FERRARI for the rest of his life and cannot enjoy…

  166. Sze Chan said

    It is a shameless act to defend your own wrong-doings, dead or alive. Accept your mistake and apologise to the victims. In the accident, the casualties are the victims. In this newspaper report, the concerned readers are the victims.
    An act of conscience should strongly urge reporters to approach Ma Chi’s family for an apology to all readers and follow up with due compensation to the casualties’ families, especially the Japanese student who passed away.
    Importing these bafoons is simply risking the safety of the citizens and other new migrants who want to make this the best livable city.

  167. Wind said

    Do not argue anymore, what is done cannot be undone, what you can do and must do now ……. compensate the right amount to all victim’s family, SHUT UP & GET LOST !

  168. SickOfBrainlessRichPeople said

    Sure, he’s definitely NOT deserves to die in such a young age, while he’s in the top of his life, but the taxi driver deserves it? And the girl inside the taxi deserves it? The taxi driver families deserves it? The girl families deserves it? Riiight.. GREAT common sense you got there morons.. Why dont you and your family use your money to get yourself a BRAIN! Drunk but decide to drive a FU**ING FERRARI by your own? SMART!!! GENIUS! WHO CARES how the hell did you get your money from, but please, WE BEG YOU, use it to buy yourself a BRAIN! For the benefit of all mankind, so there’ll be no more innocent people got to taste the bitter side of being around some filthy rich morons like you guys..

  169. Happy said

    Lets mark 12 May as the Happiest Day in our calendar and make it a public holiday that a thrash by the name of Ma Chi has died. One less thrash in Spore.

  170. Ma Chi Bai said

    Hey rich dead man… What color is your body bag? Milan red? We’re gonna burn some paper Kancils for you since you’re rich and not the son of a rich man. Savvy investor. Savvy driver. Take your slimy muah chi family back with you…

  171. Janice said

    Sympathy towards you? Then why aren’t you (Ma Family) showing sympathy and giving apologies to the two innocent people whom your brother/son/husband brought down with him? Are you not ashamed of yourself for wanting to sue the Cheng family? Want sympathy? Earn it.

  172. NeturalParty said

    Got $$$$$ is no wrong, but depends on how ‘clean’ ya $$$$$$ is. Anyway in this case, reckless driving is wrong

  173. JEROME said


  174. GH said


  175. guysmileychris said

    One would expect a “savvy businessman” to be wiser than be drunk driving…

  176. guysmileychris said

    One would expect a “savvy” businessman to be wiser than be drunk driving. Look what he “accomplished” from his foolishness… 😦

  177. Obama said

    Will someone please tell the “Ma Chi Shi”‘s (horse eat sh!t) family that “Ma Chi Shi” ‘s driving skills SUCK !

    Dun know how to drive also want to hao lian and action action.

  178. Concerned said

    All I really want to know now is the address of these people.

  179. Obama said

    Why no one post the picture of that dead “Ma Chi Shi” (horse eat sh!t) ??

    I would like to see pictures of this $cumbag’s carcass posted all over the internet.

  180. SJWelton said

    So what if you can afford a ferrari? Are you able to afford to pay 2 lives back to their beloved families? fuck you prcs, don’t even have the guts to own up to your own mistakes. This is not singapore’s culture, maybe you can fly back to your filthy country and try all this shit to your own ppl. FUCK OFF!

  181. Shawn said

    Send those PRC back to CHINA… They are a disgrace and danger to whole Singapore and they dun deserve the right to get PR or even stay in SG… Govt shld do sth on it!!!!

  182. AndyFIR said

    Just fucking compensate already! Fucking rich assholes. They think they can get away being rich. PRCs don’t deserve to be here.

  183. Khim said

    Personally I think d prc shouldn’t die.. He need to stay alive to compensate the victims n receive his life sentence punishment!!!!!

    I totally agree with the last paragraph, to the RICH family, understand that ma chi dont cause this on purpose, however it is the fact that he cause disaster to innoncent ppl. Family of ma chi shouldn’t you the RICH one, do some compensation to the victims instead of do so much talking?!?!?!

  184. Ed said

    Poisonous tongue? Bring your poisonous acts back to your f***ing homeland. Don’t like the way we talk? Don’t worry we also don’t like your presence. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM? YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE…

  185. epicweilun said

    Just my 2 cents of thoughts, FT isn’t that bad actually, every one of us are human beings and we shouldn’t discriminate.

    BUT, what irks me is that sickening Ma Chi (Bye) family’s irresponsible actions. C’mon, we know you all are grieving, but your BELOVED Ma Chi (Bye) just caused the death of 2 individuals, one of them has a family of 5 to feed, 3 still schooling and is the sole breadwinner of the family. Should you really lash back at us S’porean instead of reflecting upon your actions and behaviour? What you should really do after grieving is to get in contact with the 2 victims and try your very best to compensate for their families’ losses, not taking your own sweet time to defend your Ma Chi (Bye).

    Your Ma Chi (Bye) just killed 2 innocent lives and ruined their families, that is irreversible and cannot be reverted. BUT, you all can still help them to get back on track, even just merely financial support is more than enough.

    Stop being such douchebags and do what is right, instead of disgracing the PRC with your inconsiderate actions (or no action).

    I have nothing against foreigners and even embrace their presence as a magnanimous host if they’re nice and stuff, but if you want to stir up trouble in OUR country, GTFO, we don’t welcome you on our little red dot. I do have a few great non-S’porean friends and I don’t want them to be discriminated against just because of the actions of such imbeciles.

  186. Syafik said

    This bloody china fuck still dare to be angry woth our fellow singaporeans?! Hello stupid china fucks hairy armpit! You cause an accident in our country u fucking smelly bastard,go back China and rear pigs for a living !

  187. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or whether you can afford that vehicle. The fact is that Ma Chi beat the red light when he should have halted. He should not have driven at that kind of speed (knowing the road conditions in SG). Ma Chi’s way of dashing out after a good 5seconds after the traffic light turned red is so unexpected. Mr Cheng could not have been able to avoid it even if he were to be 100% more aware of his surroundings. My deepest condolences to the families of all deceased.

    But Ma’s family members are obviously very wrong and irresponsible. I truly suspect that they have not seen the video footage. Who is the driver at fault? What are they when they are rich but do not even have the slightest compassion and guilt towards Mr Cheng’s and Ms Shigemi’s family (for dying so suddenly due to Ma’s fault on the road)?

    Perhaps the rich can deny responsibility in other countries by using underhand methods, or simply brushing the others (media, authorities and members of public) off by ignoring or beating around the bush. But if Ma were to be alive today, he will inevitably face heavy punishments in SG.

    All we are asking is for justice to be brought. Mr Cheng n Ms Shigemi did not deserve to die for someone else’s fault on the road.

  188. GH said

    I will be donating some money to the deceased damily… and a billion zillion gazillion dollars to Ma Chi!

  189. MACHI DIE said

    Ma Chi EAT Faeces, GO to hell and suffer the worst punishment

  190. ting! said

    driver that did not care about the road users is so irresponsible. don even care about other people. now is china man hit Singaporean . what if china man hit a china man?

  191. yllek lee said

    Is not rich or poor. What we trying to point out is, dont come here to kill singaporeans please. China population alot is ur country problem. enter others country must obey house rules. Dont act like a boss. If not becos of that china guy. Will the innocents die ? go back and dig soil can ? China rat !

  192. Min said

    Please make it clear that we are not envious of your brother Ferrari 599GTO. The problem is that your brother sped with that Ferrari 599GTO and knock on a taxi and caused many people to die. It was not about how rich your brother was or whether we can afford the Ferrari 599GTO! I wonder that whether this PRC man with the Ferrari drank beer that day. No matter, an accident relates to Ferrari or a van or any vehicle, any licensed driver should know that drinking beer and driving was a wrong. Wrong is Wrong, please accept your mistake.
    Bringing a foreign talent causing harm to many talents. ( For example, Taxi driver two child? Maybe their child can afford a Rolls-Royce).

  193. YOUMAD? said

    Dear Singaporeans. If you need to look for someone to blame , blame the driver instead. well of course if your unsatisfied , you can always go down to his funeral and decapitate him … suit yourself. no point pointing at families. Its an individuals’ fault which caused a few deaths. .

  194. Kath said

    什么东西,来到我们这里叫嚣!!!最好Ma Chi 的家人读到我的 post。搞清楚一点:我们新加坡人并没有骂 “有钱就是错!” OK? Ma Chi,因为有钱开跑车,超速、深夜闯红灯,撞死人! 闯下了永永远远禰补不了的大错!



  195. Jonathan said

    Death was too easy. He should have suffered more

  196. Speak with responsibility said

    It’s obviously not a matter of whether he is super ultra rich and living in poverty, the video tells a thousand pictures that he was the one at fault!! Even if he’s a Singaporean today, he is still the one at fault.. Not a matter his riches or his nationality! Why can’t his bloody family understand the word-responsibility???

  197. GH said

    You may not like it, but we netizens have not said an ounce of untruth. We can go on repeating ourselves forever, you can do nothing.

    “When I call a man openly, you’re a liar, you’re dishonest, and you do not dare to sue me, there’s something basically wrong. And I will repeat it anywhere and you can’t go and say, oh, I have apologised; let’s move on. Can you commit a dishonourable — maybe even one which is against the law — an illegal act and say, let’s move on because I’ve apologised? You may move on but you’re going to move on out of politics in time.” — MM Lee Kuan Yew

  198. Chemicalbooze said

    There is really no way to whitewash any heinous acts……what is done is done….

    We can only stop ourselves from creating further negative causes that will bring us and others further misfortunes….

    Same thing about passing negative comments on the web… though ppl may not know who you are, your own conscience knows and don’t you think that is the most important for ourselves?

    Perhaps should consider to stop creating negativity and start thinking bout how to contribute positive comments…

    May all your lives be filled with happiness. 🙂

  199. Robert Teh said

    What is MOM doing. Has it learned to differentiate the real 2.7% talent we need and those who are just riding on us or showing us their true colors?

  200. F U said

    Not even remorseful of wat his brother did..

  201. Not one of your kind species said

    Look because of u bringing the dirty wealth buying Ferarri our COE raising up. Making our local here getting poorer!! Don’t talk much Munchy…Go seek apology to the taxi driver family & compensate them. Well I think our transport MP manage to cut 0.05% from that scrap Ferrari on road!

  202. Freeze Rivera said

    Damn tis prc guy….we gave u guys jobs in singapore…give food, clothes and others etc. tis is wat we get in returned??…to hold back our tounges??….rich nor poor, we all the same…u guys disgusted me, i’ve been thru wif PRC everyday at work…they louded,very manners….u guys are horrible!!!…juz go back to ur own stupid country….btw wat are the PAP doin??…juz sit down n look at it…come on…its ur own fucking counrty!!…u want dem to take over our country isit??….

    Im pity for the taxi driver n the passenger miss ito….may god bless thier soul, BUT NOT THE FERRARI DRIVER!!!…stupid PRC!!!

  203. Kin said

    ITS NOT ABOUT THE FERRARI! ITS ALL ABOUT THE DRIVER AND HIS IRRESPONSIBLE DRIVING…..> PEK CHEK… the whole MA family should all follow him to hell……. seriously… no words can describe how ****ed are they,

  204. IamAsingaporean said

    You PRC should be more humble with your words because you are a guest to us. Singapore is our home, and China is yours. So when you enter SIngapore, it makes you our guest. So you jolly well sit back and have some respect for the man of the house. Not only have you not any respect for us after snatching away our jobs and sits in unis but you have caused severe problems to our country and crashed a handful of our systems. We Singaporeans will never see you PRC as the same as any one of us coz you are NOT. It’s better you leave our country and live your life in your country. Because we won’t accept any outsiders anymore after what you scumbags have done to us

    • ANGRY Bird said

      in actual fact, they have caused problems wherever they go too, in other countries, even in Hong Kong. That speak volumes about their attitude; lack of graciousness and humility.

  205. Ma Chi said

    Stupid idiot! Not happy go back to your country if u not happy! SERVE YOU RIGHT! He deserved to die!


  207. chinese singaporean said

    u know what, yes we should keep our mouth shut and do some serious action.

    this is to the Motherfucker MaChi family:

    . fucking rob u – to compensate for the decease’s families (mr cheng n the japanese girl).
    . fucking burn your appartment down – so that u will buy another one – benefit our gov (buyers stamp duty) and agents commisssion.
    . fucking demage your other cars – BMW n others so that u will buy a few more cars contribute to gov via COE paid n commission to the car salesperson.
    . fucking 1 of you die as soon as possible, so that less 1 motherfucker person staying in our lovely country.

    and this is to the reporter who wrote the chinese article “Hold back your ‘poisonous’ tongues!”:

    you fucking piece of shit will reports without going though ur fuck brain, u shld report this article, yes but add a screwed remark to directly fuck the Machi family for making this request. then u write: “Ma family willing to denote 50% of their networth to the decease family; cited by closed friend of Ma.” understand, motherfucker reporter you….loser. 🙂

  208. BornAndBredinSg said

    What outrageous nonsense is this. Put aside all the prc-vs-sg sentiments. The driver of the Ferrari was definitely at fault in causing this accident and for ending the lives of two others. The family should have some shreds of human emotion to feel some form of guilt or remorse for causing pain to others instead of lashing out at the netizens.

  209. Chee Yu said

    I don’t care whether you’re bloody rich or bloody poor. Bloody hell! YoU think Singapore roads like china ones meh?! Please hor. Singapore roads are filled with traffic lights almost everyday due to its limited amount of space. Not like china, huge space for you to drive. So, even thought it is during midnight where there is less cars, doesn’t mean that there is completely no other drivers driving on the road! If know have known the consequences of drivning too fast you wouldn’t have die and causes innocent people to die and your family members to be worried! You think you die the only people that will be up sad will only be your family members? NO! What about those lives that you’ve killed?! They also have a family you know?! They also earning money for their family!! Now you’ve killed the one who is working for the family, then who will help them to survive??! Your family uh?! NOT saying that you can’t drive fast! But if you really wanna do that, please kindly go back to china and do so. Don’t even go to other countries and harm people. What I’ve said here applies to all bloody asshole drivers who do not think about the consequences of speeding. And in my opinion, I think you’re the major fault for causing such a tragic accident that shouldn’t be happening….

  210. V said

    Want to drive around in a Ferrari and flaunt your money? Sure.
    At least keep in mind that the roads you drive on has its rules.

  211. Ken said

    不想多说甚么了, 马先生一家, 你们回去你们的祖国吧, 我们新加坡不欢迎你们.

  212. Sam said

    Brainless n blind Ma family still dare to talk cock. The whole family is not welcome to Singapore. Fuck off back to where you belong

  213. Sam said

    Not only I will never pity the stupid Ma.
    I hope this Ah Tiong will get raped in hell.

  214. ameshinra said

    u rich u big deal eh? HERE is Singapore. RICH,Common,POOR also obey law.
    Perhaps in China, rich can cover up many things and be really godly there.
    Then in the first place i suggest why dont u all return there to be a god, then to shift here and be expected to behave like mortals .

  215. Sam said

    To Ma Chi family:
    CB family, fuck off n get raped in hell.

  216. ameshinra said

    i really speechless about this. i have to type here that your MA CHI really deserved to die .

    For heaven’s sake, RICH , DRIVE at such speed, Exceed SPEED LIMIT, DASH RED LIGHT, Cause death to others IS NOT AT FAULT?

    Here is Singapore, RICH,Common,POOR all have to obey traffic rules,
    What makes RICH ppl like him an exception?
    Maybe in China , rich = godly, and can cover up or do many things. In this case may i suggest you all return there and be an immortal there rather then stay here and be mortal beings?

    And for that Hero Wannabe Martin, if u have no common sense, low empathy, i suggest u shut up.
    There is one thing call karma.


    Dont end up getting some bad for your own life.

    the taxi from the video did not startup immediately on green light
    2-3s then pick up.
    while the centre cab took even longer(lucky for him)
    with the super ferrari speed, even your awareness +9999 how will u able to see and dodge that?

    i do believe majority China ppl that are educated, and morally good will be able to judge who is in the real wrong here and understand the sentiments of the ppl. Not like Mr Martin or the so called rich family.

  217. Sam said

    Rumors seem true.
    Ma chi mother is sucking his cock while driving. The mother suck and ask machi
    to shoot out the sperm into her mouth …
    ‘kuai Dian , kuai Dian……”, so fast tat he crash
    The cab.
    What a slut n dirty family.

  218. Yen said

    We should go on strike with all this PRC in sg n coming to sg n spoil our freedom n peaceful life! U guys r cheaters n this is Singapore not China so dnt show/tell us ur mafia stories….!!! COS WE DNT CARE!!!! So pls pay up wat he had done to others as he is in fault! If u wanna talk about law, law will go by book n the ferrari guy will sure lost the case! So wake up Ma’s family dnt be childish n responsible for his huge mistake!!!

  219. sg boy said

    This thread represents all that is wrong with Singapore.

    Leave the dead to bury the dead, the posters on here have no grace, no tact, no class at all.

    I love my country, and because I love her, I am disgusted by all of you.

    Face it, you guys are just bitter, bitter people who want to vent your frustrations out somewhere, and where better than an obscure anti-Singaporean website?

    You guys don’t have the guts to talk in the open about the stuff you post online, because you know really, that it exposes how bitter and small you really are.

    • Glenn said

      When one of your family member is being raped, will you talk to the rapist with grace, tact and class?

      And if you condemn the rapist online, I say you are bitter and small. Does this sound right to you?

      If u say yes to any of the above questions, please don’t tell anyone u are Singaporean because you are an embarrassment!

  220. Disgusted said

    Hey Mua Chi b family…..go to hell. Keep your ashes back at home..! May u have an uglier after life. Probably let a few sonata bang your ass, revive u and keep banging until your backside tear to the four corners of china.

  221. janice said

    The family member have no shame, never teach the son proper manner and yet dare to scold our people, yes not all rich people are wrong, but what he have done is really wrong.yet dare to use the words rich.lucky he die if not the family member were say they can engage lawyer and they are rich no need to go jail. if you don like people to comments on this then go back to china, everybody were be glad if your whole family leave. we were lay black carpet at the airport for you people to leave.if your family stay we are worried cause we do not know which of your family member were kill people again, because your family is rich

  222. emm said

    being rich doesn’t gives you the rights to be snobbish douchebags ~ dimwits! 

    fact is fact ~ that your machi is a reckless douche who caused the death of the innocents.

    it’s not about u are wealthy or poor,
    it’s bout justice & law. 
    this is singapore!

    pity that you are sooooo rich but ur brain is the size of a pea ~ simply pea brain ~ what a FANTABULOUS match of your pea brain & your purrrfect(NOT) character indeed. (roll eyes & time to gag, peeps!)

    sincere apologies will be a smarter move. so wake up and smell the air!
    Do the Right thing by compensating and showing respects to the innocents who died in vain!

  223. janice said

    first tell people not to cook curry at home then call us dog. follow by indian worker kill in airport finally kill our taxi uncle at bugis, you people are murderer and animals. at first singapore is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful people then came lots of dogs dont know from where. .from where i think you should know.Eating all our food and then dont know who is the master. i think those dog went mad need to be put to sleep. i love to keep pets and always think that dogs are smarter then chicken, chicken can be poisoness. sometimes they have sickness like bird flu then they spread to you.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      look at the root of it, in the first place, WHO let them into our country? This person is partly responsible! Period.

  224. Leesaster said

    This Ma Chicken Ferrari driver was from SiChuan province. In 2008 May 12, there was a big earthquake in Sichuan that killed over 50k people. The chinese gov release lots of fund to aid that area, but some fund went missing.

    2012 may 12, this Ferrari driver got killed, exatly 5 years from that earthquake day.

    The Chinese embassy in spore or the China gov needs to investigate this issue, to see if this Ma Chicken’s parents or relatives are some Sichuan gov officials that kept those relief fund.


    I don’t think it is actually right to condemn China as a whole just because of a few incidents. Such incidents occur all around the world, perhaps someone just died while you’re reading what I’ve written. We are all human beings and we should never allow sex, nationalities, religions or languages to separate us apart. You would not like it if you get discriminated in a foreign land. (I strongly believe that those PRC who replied negatively are just trying to stand up for themselves and for their innocent counterparts.) Blame it on the irresponsible driver who drove even though he was drunk. Instead of scolding one another, we should learn from this incident. Never drink and drive, keep a look out for traffic when you’re crossing the roads or driving (Be constantly alert) and do not drive out when you know that you are going to drink on that particular night. Be responsible! (This applies to everyone who are living in this world.)


    Anyway, I think that the stolen money belongs to the cab driver instead of the Japanese passenger. The money would have more likely flew out from the cab driver’s pocket or compartment rather than from the lady’s wallet.

  226. Gawdfry Hogun said

    This is OUR country, this is OUR HOME.

    Our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons serve NS. Our sacrifice lies in the field of civic virtue. An NS man accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic of which he is a member, defending it,
    if need be, with his life. These rich foreigners do not. And it is through these sacrifices that Singapore is the desirable, prosperous and stable land that it is today.

    If these rich foreigners wish to partake in the fruits of the Singaporean society, they need to learn to pay respect and homage to the locals who have played their small part in making this possible.

    They either behave themselves when they are on our soil, or If they are not happy, they can GO HOME. Far be it for them to tell us to shut up when they have killed 1 of us, killed 1 of our visiting guests, and injured yet another one of us.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      we have been betrayed. ask the foreigners to defend Singapore when there is a War!
      you know who I am referring to. . .

  227. LittleNinja said

    To Ma Family,

    First of all, I would like to say, your family do not have the right to tell us Singaporeans what to do and what not to do. If your son has done nothing wrong, we Singaporeans will not blame him for anything. But right now, your son is the one in the wrong, and instead of trying to make up for his wrong doings, you criticized us, telling us to hold our “poisonous” tongues.

    Your family is rich, we understand that, but no one cares. You are not wrong because you are rich. You are wrong because of you being rich destroyed a family. Do you really think that money can buy everything? Try buying a life back. Your son, not only caused a family to suffer from his ignorance, but also caused innocent people their lives as well. Can their lives be bought back? Think, before criticizing us.

    Sure, your son may be a bread winner of your family, but since your family is rich, losing him does not necessary mean that it will affect your income. However, in the case of the taxi driver, he is the sole bread winner, earning as much as he could, trying to provide for his family. What he earned may be nothing to you, but to his family, it means everything.

    Since the accident, we have not heard of any sorts of apology from your family. Instead, you prefer to try to “cover up” the truth, and tell us being rich is not your fault, which has nothing to do with the issue at hand. The dead cannot apologize, but surely the living one can?

    Currently living personally in China, I know and experienced myself the way you people drive. Its different here in Singapore. The roads in China are wider, due to the large amount of cars. Besides, you have a population of over 1 billion, losing a few doesn’t matter much does it? On the other hand, for us, its a different case. We’ve only just over 5 million. I have nothing against PRC and they coming to Singapore to make a living, but most of them do not respect Singapore for its rules and regulations.

    There are already rumors flying around, about the background of your family. Your son himself was involved in money laundering in HK, his brother a mafia boss in ChongQin. One cannot help but wonder if your riches are gotten through illegal means. If yes, then I can only say, no one will feel sorry for your loss.

  228. xoxo said

    His mother had him in her stomach for nine months and now his dead, don’t you think she feel sad? Also, she has to face the media, face her relatives and see people opening insult her son. Don’t you think she will feel embarrassed about this incident? She is already feeling upset by everything so we can’t blame her for saying such things. The PRC already die, no matter how much you insult or scold him isn’t going to make a difference. Everyone’s upset, but scolding people like this ain’t going to make the cab driver’s family any happier. I’m just being neutral and I don’t like how we Singaporeans show our ugly side because of this. I don’t feel sad for the drunkard but I feel sad for his mother for she have to clean his shit.

    • Adrian said

      Xoxo, I think the rage did not come because of the incident, everybody was shocked but not angry, like the SBS bus driver that wrongly knocked down a pedestrian at a crossing (if you know about it), that news has already sizzled down. The rage came about by the comments made by the Ma Chi family. The rage is not on Ma Chi, but the insensitive family.

  229. Leesaster said

    Next time if you have FT friends driving Ferrari to geylung at 4am, please tell them red light means STOP, not red light district, otherwise they may cheong.

  230. Oracle said

    If any of you can see this post, or write anything on the internet, you are among the wealthiest humans to ever exist on earth, and there have been about 78 billion people who have lived on this planet before you and I. So stop complaining like this is an issue about the poor vs. the rich – that is a pathetic idea only illiterates would come up with. Despite all the advances by humans, many people are still ‘brain washed” about money and consequences. WHO CARES how much money the driver had – FACT IS he was intoxicated and driving, both do not mix. The fair thing to do would be to compensate the taxi drivers family and provide redress to the young lady you died. As far as the man dying inside his Ferrari – game over, he paid the price for the consequences of his actions.

  231. Rachel said

    Hold back our tongues??! Taxi driver fault?! F* those write who wrote for them!! If he is not to blame.. Who is?! So wat if he is rich?! So wat if he can afford a Ferrari?! F* back to ur own country n no give us back our peacefulness!! Nobody ask u to come here.. Much less “settle ur root here”.. We dont need!! If those CP wanna come to migrate, pls respect our culture instead of lambasting abt us!! Sympathy.. U DESERVED SHIT!! Sympathy only goes to those who deserve them!! N that is to e innocent taxi driver.. N e cause of all.. Is Tat RED FERRARI fault!! He deserved to die!!

  232. Sitz said

    This time the stupid rich guy is definitely at fault!!!hello wake up!!!u guys are in denial!!!don’t know if they even know what this means!they are PRC remember!be responsible of what your family member did!!!!!!!Idiots!!Go back to ur country and do whatever you want there!!!this place I not yours!!!!

  233. Starry said

    Hello Machi’s Family!!! You son broke the traffic rules by Number 1: Drinking & Driving! Number 2: Speeding! Number 3: Beating the red light!!! Wtf? Yet instead of feeling awful of your son’s irresponsible actions, you people dare to lash back at us??? Not happy please go back to your country!!! You are not welcomed here.

  234. Pluieey said

    Hold back our tongues? If you are rich and truly felt remorseful for the mistake of your family member, you should understand better how the poor cabby’s family is coping now. How about you hold back your PR application because we don’t want people like you around?

  235. Fuck China said

    F*ck China. These heartless, mindless, and arrogant chinese are becoming a bully here in Asia. They think they’re much superior.

  236. Tracey said

    I don’t think this is about nationality or wealth. It is about how the people in different places are being brought up and educated.

    Some people just simply don’t know what is right or wrong despite going to school.

  237. ANGRY Bird said

    probably the WHOLE World is aware of this incident. If our government insist on keeping quiet and trying all means to sweep under the carpet instead of doing something on it be prepared to loose even more votes.

  238. broylim said

    Us? Hold back our tongues? Yes, we are Singaporeans and we love to complain and if you do not like it, please leave. Thank you very much for doing us that kind favor.

  239. Andriko bin Ali said

    Ya our tongue are indeed poisonous I’ve to admit that.but,it doesn’t kill others let alone our ownself..!!!got that u flock of migrants?!!!!!

  240. broylim said

    Hold our tongues? Yes, we Singaporeans love to complain and we are brutally honest and harsh. If you do not like it, please leave – no one is forcing you to stay. Thank you very much.

  241. jam said

    Rich ppl always like 2 things. Cars and Womans. Maybe that Sexy woman sitting beside him is showing off her Pad Pad or do something that He has No time to look the traffic lights. By the way. Whose that woman sitting in the front sit??????????

  242. jam said

    Or maybe His WIFE Call her. So he had to Speed Home. Cause got a Lady sitting beside Him. If not will kana catch. Pity his Wife. I think his wife Cant Satified Him.

  243. James said


  244. Cks said

    Cut ur bullcrap prc.

  245. toni said

    the goberment should investigate are we harbouring a gansters brother? and wealth?

  246. Gregory said

    lols. please. To the family of Ma Chi. I know you are rich, so? We never say rich is one at fault. But in this case clearly the ferrari driven by ma chi is at fault. Beat red light at such a high speed? Don’t escape the truth please.
    You should be compensating what Ma Chi did and resulted in the death of the taxi driver , japanese girl, and the injuries of the 2 others. Needless to say, although the pub girl is in Ma Chi car, i don’t think is her fault as the one driving is Ma Chi. Beat red light kill people injured people Singaporean cannot say you uh? Your family got money, and i’m not jealous of that, just want to say that it will be right if you all compensate to the innocent ones.
    If you want to say Ma Chi is innocent then please see the video and tell me the taxi or the ferrari more innocent. If you still want to say your stand of Ma Chi innocent, you walk on the street people from side push you bang the wall, and please don’t say is that person fault.
    Oh ya, my mother from young tell me don’t hold my tongue. Very unhygenic. So sorry i can’t hold back my tongue.

  247. You're annoying said

    In my options, u are accusing us Singapore for insulting your son which mean u alone can just take the blames on his behalf shall have not trigger the matters more worse. I feel that you just lost a money maker if not why the unnecessary to tell to dig out his background on how much and how he earn Is not a part of topic. It’s life issue and ur cheap talks not gonna help by putting out the fire

  248. daniel said

    He ” tiong cock Kia ma chi bye kia”is a bastard mother-fucker hell driver..他是个狗母所生的狗杂种没有一点教养 ,可见他们这家(鬼东西)正真的是一家畜生人查的所作所为,到现在位子还没有人代表到德士师傅和日本女乘客的家去吊丧和问候!请问你们一家大小还是人,我看是禽兽不如!赶快给我滚回去四川省!好吗?不要再丢世界各地华人的脸了!快点滚回去,还来得急!给我滚蛋!

  249. hua said

    First, they came here to steal our rice. Now, they are here to claim our lives.

  250. kes said

    無人不知, 大概全世界的人都知道, 他們這種人, 沒教養, 沒文化, 沒禮貌。 有錢就能來我們的國家隨地吐痰, 有幾個臭錢就能開快車, 闖紅燈, 取走我們的人命? 你們這些禽獸, 好好反省反省吧! 靠!

  251. kes said

    PRCs can’t even drive SBS bus properly, killed our people…!! Expect them to drive Ferrari? Killed another of our people.. For god sake, carry on riding bicycle la…!!

  252. kojimura said

    Alright, may ma chi family see another dead in the next month.
    Long live the mother to see the death of another son.

  253. Poisonous Tongue and Lovin' It said


  254. Grace Wong said

    It leaves me wondering how a poor 18 year old who is probably not well educated at that age can amass a multi-million dollar fortune in a short span of 10 years? Our government ought not to be blinded by money and give out residency so readily. This has resulted in lost of innocent lives and the life long pain of 2 families.
    If the rumors in the mill is true, what has become of Singapore?

  255. T.S said

    I can say that there will be more accidents coming from the FT drivers. The reason is that in their country – the drivers will never obey the traffic rules, esp the traffic lights. Look at our bus drivers ( eps from the PRC), they never keep on the on coming traffic- dashed out suddenly, they thought that the bus lane is their way,,, i have seen many “near accidents” caused by these drivers. They might forget that bus lane is only for peak hours- each time i followed up= and each time is drove by the PRC. WAKE UP < our bus operator — be responsible, teach yr men to observe our laws…And i suggest that for those FT wanting to drive in SG – LTA must implement for the FT to go through another test- cos they have all forgotten the "BASIC SIGN AND RULES"

  256. T.S said

    MR MA family must be mistaken- we are not against the “RICH” , but against the way their son / husband way of driving. Even the late MA passed away, his wife and children will be well taken care of- by his personal insurance and wealth estate. Have they think how the other driver (the taxi) family going to do without their father earnings. My advise for the MA family- you should make a sincere apologise to the families that yr son/husbaand had caused – and make a token (20% of the estate) to the dead familes… gain some good deeds for yr son/husband so he will not “suffer” in hell, or afterlife…..or even worst the bad karma will falls onto his children ( sorry i say that) ….Take my word….

  257. J. said

    i’m agreeable with Foreign TALENT, not foreign TRASH who come here, buy a Ferrari and kill our people…

  258. roy said

    Mr. Ma’s family is not only rich and brainless china immigrant, but also utterly shameless! Don’t they know that Mr. Ma had broke basically every law on the road in every civilized country in the whole world? He was intoxicated, he was speeding (brainlessly and insanely), he ran a red light, and most important of all, he cause the death of 2 totally innocent people. These people have families, families who loves them, and they were just going on with their own life, being a binding citizen when a inconsiderate fool rammed into them and took their life away. He’s lucky for he died instantly, and therefore he got away with the law, the shame and the guilt (let’s not forget the passenger that he was carrying, don’t tell me she’s just a family friend or any other kind of bullshit).

    So Mr. Ma’s family, We hate you not because you’re rich and from China. It’s because you’re brainless, shameless and heartless.

  259. noname said

    I simply feel that the PAP goverment totally act ” no balls ” towards this matter, should get a letter from Mr Cheng’s family and Ms Ito’s friend , and then signed by public, send to LTA, Traffic Police, Japanese Embassy , China Embassy ..this is really a big issue man .. we can’t just let this matter rest in this way , WTF …

  260. anti-china said

    F**k the entire PRC Ma Chi’s Family!!!! You all bloody group of asshole do not even have the guts to step out and apologize!!! Bloody useless cowards!!! Compensate??? Dun ever think that you have the money big f**k!!! Have you heard of a mountain is always higher than another one??

    Get your freaking ass back to CHINA & dun ever come back to Singapore!!! You are not welcome here!!

  261. Sociologist said

    Ok, starting Monday COE for PRCs going up 500%, also max speed 60 MPH. Problem solved, Gahmen richer. ROFL.

  262. YOUMAD? said

    Fk the goverment . unless you love being ripped off…lol be my guest.

  263. Dont Try My Patience said


    It is very clear that your Ma Chi ran a red light leh??!!
    He killed someone, no apologies from his family and yet Singaporeans still have to be sympathetic to him!!
    You think this is your China where any wrongdoings by the rich will be buried under the carpet???!!!

    I grow up with chicken rice, mee siam, roti prata and nonya kuah kuah.
    When U people come, my fellow Singaporean get complained for cooking curry.
    The worse part is the “garmen” takes your side, pui!!
    Talk so loud, spit everywhere, take our young SIngaporean’s places both at work and in school!!
    And when accidents like this happen, you don’t apologize, offer help to the family of the taxi driver
    and still try to argue that U are right!!
    If you cannot adopt and accept a disciplined, organised and multiracial Singapore, then f@@@ back
    to your country where U can make a meal of any animal roaming around your house.
    That is so disgusting!!
    Yucks!! ><

    Remember, you are guests and we are the hosts.
    The more of U FT who f@@@ home, the better it is!
    For those who stay (and this includes the other FTs in SIngapore) who continue to criticize Singaporeans and flout our laws,
    you will get it when our patience runs out one of these days.
    And that day is not very far away all right!!

  264. Eshita said

    Who cares u mafia,tycoon or watever big F u are…think about the victim who suffers..we afraid of our own god not a bunch of fool….

    The video is a clear cut to proved that the ferrari beats the traffic light….

    I’m not racist i love all the chinese,indian n malay in our country not china..coz alot of them in singapore act like big F…..

  265. dwdwd said

    chao chee bye china dogs all fuck off back to your country la. really pissed off reading this article. fucking china scumbags all deserve to rot in hell! come sg drive recklessly and kill our people! fucking wife still got the cheek to scold sg.

    and seriously dont know when those men in white will wake up and stop bringing all these foreign trash into our country.

    really feeling more and more alienated in my own country god fucking damn it!

  266. ................... said

    Noob driver.

  267. You're brainless. said

    Hold back our ‘poisonous tongues’? Same application goes to you too.. Hold back your ‘status’.. Think wisely before u talks and don’t shoot your ‘saliva’ out without manners.. Where’s your status goes to? People from rich family don’t need to apologises to poor people but instead to the same level as you don’t want to lose power? Go to the corner and hug your leg while shaking all over your body if you ever try to step on us.

  268. Leesaster said

    Not all PAP guys are bad…eg. George Yeo, Ong TC our late President …these are the good hardworking ones. But for those, eg. Horse face Mah (same surname as the dead Ferrari driver) or whoever the shitheads are, that anyhow bring in unqualified FTs, one word to you idiots: You are not the self-acclaimed Elites, you are just a bunch of english-speaking chinese peasants who love money!

  269. Kara said

    That guy was not loathed because he was rich and drove a Ferrari – he was loathed because he was rude, brutal, dumb and aggressive enough to jump a red light at something like 180 kmh in a city and slam into another car that did nothing wrong, killing people. You do not need a Ferrari or a lot of money for that – any equally stupid and senseless brute could have done the same with any cheap vehicle as long as it reaches those 180 kmh – asthat could have been any cheap Ford or Toyota..What Ma Chi did was a hideous and insensitive thing to do and it does not deserve sympathy. And frankly, his family’s reaction and utter disregeard of the victims of this reckless stupidity shows from what sort of background he came – one that stinks to the high heavens. It’S even more repulsive and disgusting than the accident itself.

    But what else can you expect from a people that can do nothing but stealing other countries’ technologies and flooding the whole world with cheap and poisonous plunder, at times even deliberately poisoning their stuff in order to make some more money (like they deliberately mixed ratpoison with chalk and sold it to an American pet food company as ‘protein’ – killing hundreds of animals and consequently destroying the pet food comapy. That is the Chinese thic and character, and that accident obce again proved it, as did the reaction of the family afterwards.

  270. NowKuehMaChi said

    Ma Chi’s two children (flaunting one child policy because they are rich, above the law) including his unborn son, will pay the price of karma for the sin of the father. Karma is the real blind justice. Every action has a consequence. His children must be already cursed to be born to a father who committed vehicular murder of innocent people. The family thinks that people are jealous of their wealth? Actually, the anger is because two innocent lives were lost because of the savvy investor’s stupidity. Karma will be visited upon this family’s descendents, not just because thousands of lips are cursing the wrongdoer.

  271. American-Born Chinese said

    Due to the nature of the crash, there is no doubt that Ma Chi was driving way beyond the legal speed limit. My guess is that he got too carried away with driving a sports car, and decided that it was a good idea to play with it. Perhaps he was even trying to impress the female inside his car as well.

    It is normal for people to be angry at him. Everyone has a right to be mad at him because he killed a taxi driver and another passenger.

    Ma Chi’s wife to refer to the people who criticize him as “poisonous tongues” clearly shows her poor character. The people who have criticized Ma Chi, did so in a legitimate way. To say that these people who rightfully criticized the wrong have “poisonous tongues” show that Ma Chi’s wife, will not admit the fact that her husband was wrong in any way, when he clearly was. She is willing to side with the wrong simply with the family ties she had with Ma Chi.

    Nevertheless, there are also a lot of people that are being too irrational with their criticism by using this incident to vent their hate and frustration on mainland Chinese. This Ferrari crash has nothing to do with race, status, or nationality. People with weaker cars can cause the same type of incidents and it has happened, regardless of their race, status, or nationality. The similarities with Ma Chi and mainland Chinese is the fact that they are both mainland Chinese, and that’s where all their similarities end. In fact, even mainland Chinese have expressed hatred towards Ma Chi for making China look bad.

  272. Death to Chicom peasants! Send the chinks to the gas chambers at Auschwitz! HEIL HITLER!

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