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Hong Kong’s Apple Daily: Ferrari accident fuels rising anti-China sentiments in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

In contrast to the Singapore media which has been busy trying to spin hogwash one after another to defend the PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi, the Hong Kong media offers a fair, balanced and objective coverage of the accident.

Apple Daily began the news reporting by laying the blame for the accident solely and squarely on Ma Chi:

“This was an accident caused by drink-driving. He only not hurt himself and others, but caused PRC Chinese to be scolded by Singaporeans, triggering another round of anti-China sentiments in Singapore after his death.”


The article pointed out clearly why many Singaporeans are extremely peeved off by the accident:

“…..the accident caused the underlying frustrations and anger Singaporeans already had towards PRC immigrants to explode. In the eyes of Singaporeans, the PRC Chinese are arrogant and have no respect for the law……”


It also aired some anti-China comments posted by Singapore netizens instead of sweeping them under the carpet like the Singapore media:

[Source: Apple Daily]

It’s time Singaporean journalists should start learning from their Hong Kong counterparts on how to write factual reports and not just churn out pages of propaganda to brainwash Singaporeans.

Perhaps Apple Daily can consider setting up a news outlet here to produce Singapore news?

Watch the video coverage in Cantonese below:


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33 Responses to “Hong Kong’s Apple Daily: Ferrari accident fuels rising anti-China sentiments in Singapore”

  1. Marius said

    Haiz…As long as the PAP is in charge, our news will always be biased.

    • yang said

      even if WP comes in there’s nothing they will do or whichever . dont anything or everythings also PAP .
      No PAP in the 1st place there might not even have you . sometimes use ur tiny brain and think before u speaks.

      • Damn the freak said

        Wah. PAP is your mother ah. I feel sad, PAP don’t give birth to me, it’s my mum! You should use your short sighted eyes and see afar!
        If the influx of FTrash has nothing to do with PAP, then with your brain, tell me, whose fault? Your fault? Because you lack of skills that other ppl have?

      • Robert said

        Yang..are you even a local? I know locals who have bad english but they normally can do are definitely not one of us…

  2. Badass Ed said

    This is journalism at its finest. Interesting, factual and direct.

    Strange isn’t it? It took a foreign paper to say Sinkaporeans are pissed off by the accident.

    The local media keeps harping on how successful this Ma jerk is, how handsome he is!

    Utterly disgusting.

  3. Freemakan said

    singapore will never be a safe place if more bastards drivers are importer from overseas.

    This bastard driver should die in his own country…

    By the way, does he own a valid sg driving license ?

    lose all my hope ..MIW pui !

  4. What a joke! said

    I love the part about PM Lee in the video. EPIC!

  5. Levin said

    Singaporeans don’t refer to China as “da lu”.

  6. 龙的传人 said


  7. Apple Green said

    Singaporean talk talk talk, complaint complaint…….I wanna see some action lor!

    • Ashailah said

      How to show some actions lei??? wait all kena caught and jailed in prison for nothing.. you know lah how tight the law in singapore is.. unlike one of our neighbouring countries like malaysia and Indonesia when people can go on strike.. lol..

  8. RR said

    Yes this is an upsetting incident. Theres nothing else we can do now that the incident has already happened. Yes we can suggest a thousand measures to prevent accidents, immigration rules, measures to increase transparency in the media… But all these are just empty words, suggestions without weight to them if Singaporeans continue voting for the PAP. The elections might be a few years away but lets not forget and always remember the incidents which have passed and are in front of us – incidents which have made Singaporeans disillusioned and disgusted by the way our country has become. I urge the opposition party to come up with a strong proposal and promise to Singaporeans so that every single one of us have something to fight for, something to live for… and not just be a cog in the machine; fuelling the purses of immigrants and the government. A Singapore that every Singaporean Son & Daughter can proudly say “THIS IS MY COUNTRY!”


    • well said said

      Well said. Current govt knows about current issues but choose to ignore. Can tell from this year’s NDP theme, not tackling the root of the problems,who the heck cares about NDP now, if the ppl are not look after in their own country?

  9. risa said

    can ask our Hongkong Apple news if the rumours goin on that this Ma Chi guy is brother of China Chongqing Mafia Ma Yong?they can verify

  10. Disappointed said

    Seriously, Apple Daily is the last paper on earth that has any ounce of credibility. They’re the ones exaggerating small news, stalking anyone remotely famous for gossip and journalistic integrity is unheard of in that agency. Their aim is to sell papers. Period. Have you ever seen any “news” by that paper? Disappointing to see that just because it wrote in favour of your views you glorify them as writing “factual reports”. My guess is, one of the reasons they put this news up is because anti-China sentiments is rife is Hong Kong now, and it happened that this news serves their purpose to say “Hey look, someone else hates them too.” You guys need better sources.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      then u go form ur own judgment on the Shit Times’ and Wanbao’s reports then. your intellect is probably limited to what those media can proffer. get lost!

    • 睡神 said

      i feel that Apple Daily are more like tabloids. the good thing about them is that they write whatever is on their mind and need not go through much approval and such unlike here, where it has be written as the editor wants it to be.

      i’ve read a couple of Apple Daily articles. most of them are like gossip talk about small-time actors or politicians seen with different members of the opposite gender and stir shit and such. it’s focus is just to catch people’s eyes with it’s eye-catching headlines.

      anyway, i like this article that they wrote though! hahaha!

  11. 我們不排華 said

    While it’s ridiculous of the local papers to cover the angle of how successful & goodlooking the speeding driver was, it is also ridiculous to praise the HK papers for this article. They described Singaporeans being anti-Chinese (排華). That is such a grave accusation, and the consequences could be severe (think racial riots in Indonesia 1998). Singapore has always been working hard to uphold racial harmony in this country, outsiders can think/say whatever they want, but as a local media, I would think the Temasek Times will know better. 請不要變相鼓吹排華風氣。

  12. hjghjghjghj said

    Excellent job Apple Daily HK! You called a spade a spade. You got Spore citizens sentiments right. I am waiting for Apple Daily to set up an online English site devoted to Spore local news to counteract the crap spewing out from PAP propaganda machinery Sh*t Times.

  13. Val said

    Why is that so? Reason is simple. Singapore is afraid that ties between China n SG will turn bad if they were to let media publish our true thoughts. Do u really think that they are blind or senseless enough to not feel our anger n frustrations? They just choose to turn a blind eye on it.
    For SO MANY YEARS, we are not complaining about malaysians, thais etc. probably some whining from those bangladesh and pinoys but we’re definitly not as irritated by them as compared to PRCs! Therefore, people siding the PRCs should think carefully! Why would we hate them out of nowhere? There must always be some reasons big enough accumulating over the years to have such frustrations towards them. U think we Singaporeans really too free?! Why don’t we go hate Malaysians?

  14. speechless said

    i love apple…!

  15. Ma Chi Bai said

    Actually, Singapore journalism is very clever. They spin hogwash knowing that it will stoke the fire. Don’t think for one moment that a journalist doesn’t know how to get around being a propoganda puppet. Why else would they say only nice things about the homicidal Ferrari Tiong? Anyway, what a relief for everyone on the road that he’s dead. Even in China they must be relieved, one less rich cock in this world. Everybody loves a rich cock. When its dead.

  16. Anti-ah tiong hdb tai-tai said

    Indeed, Singaporean like me dislikes Chinese nationals here a lot. Firstly, Chinese are brought up to be 爱面子(boastful/always try to show off wealth or intelligence). I believe this trait is more prominent in PRC than in Singapore since we are influenced by the western/ multi/ culture to be humble, graceful and considerate. These are the things the Chinese here are really good at:
    1. stealing Singaporean husbands. Ask around and every family will know of at least a friend/relative who is a victim. But of course you have to blame the S’porean husband for falling into the mistress trap. These women are capable of acting so sweet and gentle that we S’pore women find it repulsive to fake in that manner.
    2. Speaking so loudly in public area. Noise pollution is a form of stress to others.
    3. They bring their parents here who do not know the courtesy of queuing in supermarket.
    4. The super-rich never fail to flaunt their wealth.

    I really wonder how many students who are on scholarship now can really match their academic performance with their moral value. Will they sincerely and effectively contribute to our future talent pool or are they merely taking this opportunity as a passport to other cosmopolitan cities elsewhere.

    • willie said

      Great, very detailed and well articulated. But can there be improvement? Guess not, tomorrow morning, another 10 aircrafts will bring afew thousand in. Then another day another batch, another group of new Sporeans. LOL…
      Come on, Philippinos, Indonesians, Malaysians and Indians are all the same. If they are that good, you think they will come here.LOL

  17. sam said

    Nowadays people are very funny . I remember there is a teaching say , 大事化小, 小事化无。Now i guess people think of the opposite . Everything is being mirco down . Comon , not all the PRC behave like that . Emotion are tools use by people with certain agenda please . Can be motivational and can be destructive . Do you people want to see blood, violence, and a fight then you feel balance ? More understanding , Less hatred please ! The world is already in a mess . Do your part .

    • Ng said

      That’s wat Singaporean had been doing 不文,不问, so we follow n follow… Now we are jus very pissed off with too many incident happening in Singapore. If we can’t even voice out then we are jus another North Korea.

  18. Duncan said

  19. LittleNinja said

    This is my theory:

    Everywhere, there are two kinds of people, the smart and the stupid. Same goes for Singapore and China. Unfortunately, in Singapore, the stupid ones are the majority of the population, therefore voting the PAP into the government. But let’s stop here.

    In China, the smart ones realized that they will have a better life by going overseas and therefore, most of them went to the US or Europe, making a living there, while the stupid ones are left back in mainland. Then as time goes by, the stupid ones got jealous of the achievements of the smart ones, and decided to go overseas too. But since they are the stupid ones, they have no place to go.

    Here is where the SG government comes into play. Because voted by stupid people, therefore, the government can’t be any better. The stupid government decided to let the stupid ones from China come in and work, thinking them as “foreign talent”, therefore, totally screwing us up, down, left, right and center.

    I have nothing against PRC nationals, in fact, I know quite a number of PRC nationals myself, and they gave me a good impression of them. However, I am totally disgusted about those stupid ones acting as if they own the whole place.

  20. NeturalParty said

    Nothings against them BUT looking at the post, ITS hong kong people making the comments too

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