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PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi cremated at Mandai crematorium yesterday afternoon

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

The body of PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi (pic left) was cremated yesterday afternoon at Mandai Crematorium. About 18 friends and relatives of Ma attended the cremation.

Ma’s pregnant wife and his mother were not present. Both were at his wake at Mount Vernon earlier in the afternoon.

Ma was responsible for causing a fatal accident in Bugis on Saturday morning when his speeding Ferrari beat the red light and rammed straight into a Hyundai Sonata taxi which had the right of way.

Ma was pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics. The Japanese woman passenger in the taxi died hours later in hospital and the cabby Cheng Teck Hock passed away on Sunday evening.

A native of Sichuan province, Ma relocated to Singapore with his family four years ago. He reportedly worked in the finance industry and has a net worth of a few million dollars.

Ma’s family members were spotted wearing expensive suits and carrying branded bags at the cremation. However, none of them have apologized on the behalf of Ma Chi to the victims of the accident – Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock and his Japanese passenger Shigemi Ito. Neither did they offer any compensation to them.

Despite Ma Chi’s role in causing the accident, the pro-foreigner mainstream media tried to portray him as an innocent ‘victim’ and gave extensive publicity to his grieving family to win public sympathy while conveniently ignoring the plight and suffering of the real victims who have died or suffered serious injuries as a result of his reckless and dangerous driving.

The Chinese tabloids had earlier heaped generous praises on Ma Chi, glamorizing him as “Young and Capable, Tall and Handsome” (年轻有为,高大英俊) and trumpeting his numerous ‘contributions’ to Singapore since arriving from Sichuan province a few years ago:


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35 Responses to “PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi cremated at Mandai crematorium yesterday afternoon”

  1. oute said

    Are the reporters/editiors PRC converted “singaporeans, as most of them are from PRC.

    Can check and clarify.

  2. Muay Chee said

    Can those who know these victims families, ask these victims to file claim against the ferrarri driver. Dosen’t matter if he drink driving or not.The truth is he beat red light. File, so that his china wife don’t get his estate so easily. Let it drag for years. Till then when it’s difficult for her to get the money, she will reveal all the bad things of him, if he have. What 年轻有为,高大英俊. I ‘pui’. Let her know that her husband restlessness, selfishly killed and injured people. Very irresponsible of her and her husband family who did not even appologise to the victims. These people are just keeping quite and pretending to be innocent parties and must be preparing to claim his estates and inherit his fortune.

  3. Darren said

    I will curse his whole fucking fuck up family if they dun apologise!!! So wat if u r rich? Your soon to be born child will be cursed and have to bear the wrath of every Singaporeans if your fucking rich spoiled family dun apologise!!! You dun deserve any sympathy let alone publicity… May the guilt of your fucking moron deed follow you even in death!!!

  4. PRCGoHome said

    just 2 words to this asswipe… Fcuk You!

  5. Dedi said

    NOt sympathy but Pathetic!..cursed death for him and family lah, still expect to win sympathy…hell is the only place…the video clearly shown a green light & ferrari sped like nobody business…caused 2 innocent deaths…so wat newborn?!!, rich wat!…
    Taxi driver got 3 children growing up with their dad as sole breadwinner…public apology also cannot do anything…
    Worse still taxi passenger, also died, god knows how sad the family will be, their beloved one died in our country, may think singapore may not be a safe place to come!

    • alice said

      yes that right singapore not the safe place to come like last time got rob got kill and many kind of denger in singapore now bec govt so easy to let the china people to be come PRC in singapore and POLICE so lazy didnt do the job and the police in singapore is so fattttttt (how you going to run after the bad people ) can see and say Govt is didnt good like many people think PAP IS PAY AND PAY

  6. Ferrari Van Driver said

    Tall, handsome. pui! I know nuts but for sure I know this Ma Chi is an asshole who deserve to be cursed even while rotting in hell. I know for sure he is a lousy driver because he cheong a red light after a 5 second. Stupid or not?

  7. happy said

    you should measure a man of what he has down AND how he left this world …. he aint a very good man to me.. if he dies with another woman in his car breaking the traffic laws.

  8. wehateprc said

    why even publish any news on him? he is the culprit and guilty party. no sympathy or pity should be given to him. i hope his kids will know what their “wonderful” father did.

  9. Jenny said

    From this u can tell the caliber of this PRC family…and i believe most of the PRCs here in Singapore is the same.

    • alice said

      not only PRC is 90% off china people they are like this do your guys forget about the van nock the baby 2 years old and no once care and help the china people is fuck off

  10. Jaded said

    bloody ah tiong trash, the video was really sickening to watch…

  11. Elusive Scorp said

    May you NOT rest in peace & your family will face the consequences/karma of what you have done down the road till only the day they apologize to the families. Burn in HELL.

  12. FUCKPRC said


    • Jenn said

      He shouldn’t had died… He should have his both arm n leg chop off n stay alive then jail for his lifetime!!!

  13. Looking Glass said

    Hope they flush the ashes down the toilet.

  14. machithedog said

    who wants the address of his grave? we can all go and piss on it, if it’s a “HDB” style one, we can go smear shit on it

  15. AlmondOil said

    Good riddance! One less asshole on earth n to his family, F U.


    should just put inside dustbin… trash belongs there..

  17. singapore said

    soon his so called ‘rich family’ will not be that rich without him to earn any more money for them to spend on brandeds.

  18. FuckingArrogantPRCs said

    Filthy dog.can’t even offer help for the poor family?fuck you.may Aaron tan rage upon your family.

  19. PasserbyA said

    “Young and Capable, Tall and Handsome” with a 20+ yr old lady in a Ferrari while having a pregnant wife at home. Killed the breadwinner of another family and reeking of alcohol while driving. Innocent and worth pitying indeed. Killing yourself is worth pitying but affecting the lives of others makes you innocent. What an interesting perspective that the Chinese media has taken.

  20. Wong said

    No wonder there are ONLY 18 people attending hi funeral and his wife and mother is NOT EVEN AROUND! I do no think he is handsome from the picture. He has the guai lan look besides. He is capable of killing others and getting himself killed. They should sue the family for damages and they will not miss much even if they lose a few million even if they have to pay for it. Our newspapers are distorting the facts. Not ethical to make the aggressor sound like the victim or downplay his heinous crime. Although we do not know the status of the woman who was with him, we all can speculate and I suppose it can be too far from our speculations. So many accidents caused by them already. In China, they may think a lifeis not worth a lot since there are so many of them and a huge number has no heart or conscience. I believe we still have a heart for others. Ever wonder why charity events have most of the donation from normal poor citizens like us and not te rich? We all know why most of the time.

  21. TH said

    Tall and handsome but brainless…so what is the use?

  22. chinese singaporean said

    hi tall, handsome, rich motherfucker… welldone, u got to hell…hahahaha.. n guess wht, u are burning in hell as we speak…..

    as to the reporter who wrote article “tall, handsome rich man dies in accident”, u fucking piece of shit, u reporters….

  23. Disgusted said

    Ma chi’s family will be cursed by many singaporeans forever…….

  24. alice said

    wish he go to hell even more then hell
    and wish his father mother lost another son too
    wish his child kill by car accident then she will know more how the taxi family feel
    wish his father mother die the same way he did to another
    wish and wish all of Ma Chi family suffer and go to hell
    all of you is ass hold fuck off
    and fuck off all PRC if you think your own people right and good so you dont need to live in singapore
    PRC is please return china The PRC go and fuck your father mother

  25. MeeFishball said

    Quick a get a Minerva Injunction before the monies get hidden and/or transferred in layers of holding companies, legal trust, multi jurisdiction like BVI, Gurnsey etc..

  26. MeeFishball said

    Pardon my double ‘a’

  27. Tragedy said

    What a tragic event. Condolences to the families of the victims. May they rest in peace. Hopefully, the family of Ma Chi could at least compensate for the continuum of the taxi driver’s children’s education.


    Govt shld ban his rotten disgusting stinky PRC body or ashes to be placed or buried in SG. such ‘thing’ like him shouldn’t even be allowed to take up one space here in sg now that he’s dead.

    I pray, wish, hope that there will be any kind soul lawyer offering to help Mr Cheng’s family to file a charge against this thing’s family and ask for compensation. It’s only fair that his family pay a sum of money to compensate for their loss since their so rich, just like that the media praises to be, rich and capable, and has made SO many CONTRIBUTIONS to sg. Since this MA thing had made so many glamorous contributions, why not contribute to the victim’s family too?!

    shameless PRC taking up spaces in singapore, Have the guts to come here and flaunt their wealth, yet doesn’t even have the guts to show up at Mr Cheng’s funeral, apologise or even compensating them!



    honestly, this article shouldn’t even be posted and waste a space. Cos no one really care if he is cremated where.
    In chinese, it says like this, 这种人死了也要给人吐口水

    Even if he’s dead, his body should get spat on by saliva.

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