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PRC nationals in Singapore condemn Ferrari driver Ma Chi even as Singapore media continues to defend him

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

The tragic accident at Bugis last Saturday morning has shocked not only Singaporeans, but PRC nationals living in Singapore as well, most of whom roundly condemned the Ferrari driver Ma Chi (pic left) for causing the accident.

A dashboard camera on another cab not involved in the accident showed clearly Ma Chi beating the red light and ramming into a Hyundai Sonata taxi which has the right of way.

Ma Chi was pronounced dead on the spot. The Japanese female passenger of the cab Shigemi Ito passed away hours later and the Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock died of his injuries on Sunday evening.

In a thread started on the popular Lion City Forum, most PRC netizens were outraged by what happened.

One PRC netizen put the blame squarely on Ma Chi for causing the accident:

“The dead local cabby was the sole breadwinner of his family, (Ma Chi) caused harm to an entire family.”

(害人啊。。。。死掉 的 本地德士司机,是 家里的 唯一经济支柱,。祸害了 整整一个家庭。。)

Another PRC netizen even cursed Ma Chi:

“Probably had a habit of drink-driving in China…..this type of person should early.”

(酒驾在国内习惯了,可能他爸是某刚~ 尼玛还跑来新加坡酒驾~ 的确是害人~ 这种人早死早干净)

PRC netizen ‘HouTanZhang’ was visibly upset at his fellow countrymen bringing their ‘driving habits’ to Singapore:

“No need to say more, watch yourself. If he wants to die, there is no need to implicate so many people…..Frankly speaking, many PRC Chinese brought their nasty driving habits to Singapore from public bus to racing car….I remember when I first came to Singapore, where got so many problems?”


However, Straits Times journalist Tessa Wong apparently did not think nationality is an issue and criticized Singaporeans on her Twitter for singling out Ma Chi because he was from China:

After running out of excuses to defend Ma Chi, the state media now claimed that the accident could have been ‘worse’ and killed 8 people to imply that Singaporeans should be ‘thankful’ instead.

DJs havealso  jumped onto the ‘protect Ma Chi’ bandwagon with 93.3FM DJs insinuating that drivers of high-performance cars like Ferraris are not ‘adequately’ trained to drive them on Singapore roads to downplay Ma Chi’s role in causing the accident.

When even PRC nationals themselves are condemning Ma Chi for reckless and dangerous driving, the Singapore media is trying ways and means to cover up his mistake for him. Don’t you feel ashamed to be a Singaporean?


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85 Responses to “PRC nationals in Singapore condemn Ferrari driver Ma Chi even as Singapore media continues to defend him”

  1. PAPig said

    Sad to say. Singaporeans are the ones who brought about this unhappy state. The majority 60% voted the pigs into power. Nowadays when I see any minister making a speech on TV, I will just switch channel.

    • What a joke! said

      Yea i strongly agree.

    • Joke in Singapore said

      Ya…agreed. No point watching multi million paid idiots talking. Only talk cock sing song…or just say Sorry lah!


      Long time ago i have already did that, especially GCH, TCH, WKS, SHT, LBH, VB, AMS, VS, SHAM, LSS, LSK, MBT AND MANY MINISTERS AND ABOVE. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, OLD FART WHO REFUSE TO GO.

  2. Ken Lee said

    When even PRC nationals themselves are condemning Ma Chi for reckless and dangerous driving, the Singapore media is trying ways and means to cover up his mistake for him. Don’t you feel ashamed to be a Singaporean?
    what to do blame the 65%! are we still call Singaporean? what is the spirit of Singaporeans?

    • Trisha Lim said

      pei seh of our media after i watch the HK media report… not pei seh to be Singaporean.

      • sad story said

        what does it even mean to ‘be a Singaporean’ nowadays? is there such a thing? Even minister can say on national media Singapore is NOT a country but a world city. Then what? Singapore is just interchange lah. Come here, eat and shit, flush and go. (some don’t flush).

  3. see, this is not an issue of locals blaming PRCs as many pro-PAP would say.

  4. Badass Ed said

    I am indeed ashamed to be a Sinkaporean. And that bitch from the mainstream media should too.

    She obviously have never been to China. I wish she would just go there and try crossing the roads, driving a car or even waiting at the kerb for a bus.

    There is a 70% probability that she will not return to Sinkapore whole.

    The Ma Chi jerk should be roundly condemned even though he is now before the Jade Emperor confessing his crime and waiting for punishment.

    I hope he gets reincarnated as a rat and gets run over by my car.


  5. Lilililili said

    for a country like Singapore, there IS a need for its people to maintain a diplomatic front. I concede though, that defending the reckless driver’s actions is crossing the proverbial line.

    • sad story said

      what do you mean a country ‘like Singapore’? so which country does not have to maintain a ‘diplomatic front’? just a front? pretentious?
      to foreigners? be nice to foreigners while we kill ourselves behind closed doors?

      I think it is time to eradicate these type of poisonous thoughts and Singaporeans UNITE. Kill others if necessary. But UNITE together. Then no one will bully us. not just a ‘front’ to show others.

  6. Badass Ed said

    I was thinking. This bastard thinks that life here in Sinkapore is as cheap as in China. Well, he is not exactly wrong. Life is cheap NOW with these bastards driving on our roads. We don’t know how many there are but if the standard of driving nowadays is anything to go by, there are lots of them!

    The police should prosecute him posthumously. The evidence is conclusive and indefensible.

    The next of kin of all those killed by him should sue his estate for every penny they can get out of it.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      everyone is waiting for the police to deliver justice.

    • Hornberger said

      would have been good if he lived and was paraplegic from the neck down so he could suffer for the rest of his life this piece of scum. the family should be made to pay restitution to the family’s of the victims for the grief this spoiled moron has caused. good riddance and enjoy hell you piece of mainland trash

  7. Anon said

    Coincident or not, stats don’t lie. Last few fatal traffic accidents caused by PRC drivers: Ferrari, SBS bus, hijacked cab…

  8. spotlessleopard said

    Not all PRC emmigrants are bad…..majority just want a better life….

  9. Rj Stuck said

    You have to be kidding. This is a tragic accident that could have happened to ANYONE. It is not because he is PRC. Keep up this racist rhetoric and Singapore will lose the friendly face that it now enjoys. Unless your friendly demeanor is just a facade?

    • VH2006 said

      Racist? Quite a number who condemn the driver were Chinese. Are you trying to say they are not Chinese if they criticise PRC? Anyway, it’s a fact that the recent fatal accidents were caused by PRC with poor driving skills (or maybe unwillingness to learn to adapt to Singapore road conditions).

      • bunga said

        I agree, bad drivers are danger to society and should be kept off the roads. Singaporeans are friendly those who deserved it. PRC only proved themselves to be a bad influence to our society and mothers know best to ask their kids to get rid of bad influences.

    • sad story said

      always been a facade. don’t know about whether you enjoy bending over backwards to be fked in the ass, but I don’t. So I look at all of you with the friendly facade and wonder why don’t you have any critical thinking. and obviously you have NEVER been to China. If you have been to China, I am sorry for you that you are blind.

      Why can’t we blame the PRC? what is it that you are afraid of? afraid that the world see you as you are instead of your fake, friendly facade? It is a fact. NO ONE can stay friendly forever, if abused .you invite a friend into your house, you are friendly, offering cookies that you don’t even give to your own children. you bring out the special tea you stored for such occasions. Your friend spills tea. does not apologise. even say you bring the cloth to wipe too slowly. then eat the cookies you have been saving and say they are not as good as somewhere else they tried. then spit on your floor. your son came to say hello and your friend says your son doesn’t look too bright. and went into the kitchen, saw your maid and grabbed her ass. kept looking at your mom’s breast while she is talking to you people. you brought him to your room and he said, huh, that’s how you decorate? only like this? and looks disdainful.

      Such is a person deserving of welcome? you are funny to be saying nothing to do with PRC. This has EVERYTHING to do with PRC because in China, when cars here a FERRARI coming, everyone slows down, and the Ferrari can weave in and out of traffic. everyone is afraid of the Ferrari driver because he must be a privliedged class, perhaps a son of an official (which he was) and no one wants to get into trouble.

      Singapore is NOT like that.

      Because of his past driving habits, he drives like a madman… the sign was RED LONG AGO on his side of the traffic. Wayyyy before lights turn green on the other side, his side would have been AMBER. THEN a solid RED. WHich means he STEPPED ON HIS ACCELERATOR ALL THE WAY, thinking people will give way, hearing the formidable roar of the Ferrari. And he ended up killing so many people, destroying all the lives of those still alive and related.

      Every culture drives differently. For the perfect way to drive, go to the UK. They use their horns and high beam to say ‘You may pass’ or ‘Thank you’. In Singapore, people use the horn and high beam to say ‘OEEEEIIII’ or ‘F@ck you’!
      In Japan, I was lost and once crossed the road on the HIGHWAY and cars slowed down for me. HIGHWAY!!!
      Even I was surprised. That says everything about their culture.

      Next time, before you say it has NOTHING to do with nationality, I suggest you save your time typing your ill-informed opinions, save up some money and TRAVEL to different countries and realise that every country has different driving cultures (even Malaysians drive differently from Singaporeans, look at their motorcycles) and yes, in reality, it has EVERYTHING to do with Nationality.

  10. Freemakan said

    Are SG ppls cheap skate?…they complaint abt local media..PRO-PAPPP but still love to buy & read local newspapers

  11. ma chi said

    i love how tessa wong defends me, she should come suck my cock, i will give her 10% of my fortune… no need to leave any for my wife

  12. Carol said

    Some kind of diplomatic front.
    The driver is wrong, full stop. If he is PRC, then so be it. But regardless of race, the case should be judged according to facts, not diplomatic or not.
    BOTH the government and the media.
    Geesh… I cant believe the comments I am hearing.

    Its these kind of irresponsibility and timidity that allows the Singaporeans to be bullied and have to suffer.
    Its time for the old foggies to step down and out of power.

  13. ? said

    How does “insinuating that drivers of high-performance cars like Ferraris are not ‘adequately’ trained to drive them on Singapore roads” ” downplay Ma Chi’s role in causing the accident”?

    It simply says that Ma Chi is responsible for the incident because he didn’t take the initiative to train himself before driving on a Singaporean road with his Ferrari. It serves as a reminder to all drivers of high-performance cars to take training, whatever that might be.

    • areyoustupid said

      it is just merely providing one more excuse on how the accident might have happened. instead on the fact that he was way-over-speeding and beating the red light or even drink-driving. you know, he “might” have just not been trained enough to drive a high performance car. this is media logic. *facepalm*

  14. Blood suckers said

    Yes. I am ashamed. I will give up my citizenship and move to a third world country. Cos so much things had happened and this is no longer country I used to known and born in.

  15. Mikey said

    Tessa Wong.. got so many typos, but I guess it’s hard to type with all the Chinese dicks in her mouth.

  16. J.C said

    if the taxi driver is tessa wong’s father then wad will she say… zzz

    “its alrite cuz it will happen to anyone…”


  17. Aresha G.K said

    I don’t think the PAP has anything to do with this. I think a lot of Singaporeans are jumping on the PRC bandwagon with this guy because they’re enraged with the problem of migrants. I had my best friend’s cousin die by his friend drink-driving him home. But nobody cared about that. It probably would have been different if his best friend was PRC.

    Fundamentally the only way we can blame the migrant community for doing this is by investigative journalism to contrast statistics on drink driving crashes to educate the public, rather than to give them lines like ‘be thankful’ as if they were talking to a three year old.

    But regardless of anything, the drink driver should be challenged to a law suit to reimburse the family due to his reckless behaviour. There was a case in London not too long ago where a rich kid speeding driver knocked a child over and caused permanent spinal damage. He now has to provide a monthly fee for the family to tide over the child throughout her entire life, including caregivers and reimbursement for the damages he caused.

    There’s wrong done here, but until we know facts, we shouldn’t fire loose cannons.

    • Rational said

      Well said.
      I am guilty of these convenient links between the incidents and the nationality involved, but we should always look at the crux of the issue and not be ignorant angsty people

    • 333 said

      I agree totally with your opinion. I am a lawyer dealing with tonnes of road traffic accidents and frankly, my experience tells me road traffic accidents is colour-blind, age-blind & gender-blind – it happens to everyone !

      However it is extremely easy for prejudices to occur from fatal accidents – big lorry drivers are always evil, motorcycle riders ‘Mat Rempit’ are evil, bus drivers are evil, women drivers cause accidents, old drivers drag innocent lives to their graves, egoistic men cause death, native aboriginal drivers are drunk & foolish causing accidents and the list just goes on and on…….

      But anyway, it could be futile to explain now looking at the public outrage targeted against a nationality now in Singapore and furthermore, Singaporean’s favourite target their PAP government. So, you have two stereotypes being attacked at the 1st opportunity.

      From my perspective as a fellow South East Asian, Singaporeans are like spoilt pampered children. Wait til they come to other South East Asian countries and have their rights taken away from them then they will see. When Singaporeans have isolated enough countries, maybe let Indonesia & Malaysia take over Singapore.

      • Wayne said

        I love your “Singaporeans are like spoilt pampered children. Wait til they come to other South East Asian countries and have their rights taken away from them then they will see.”

        Maybe you can start to explain what right have we got from our “Singaporean’s favourite target their PAP government.”?

        I have to agree to some extent, probably 10% got that right here, because they are? rich?

        Please get your facts right before you start lashing out at people. It doesn’t matter we are singaporean, malaysian etc..

      • 333 said

        Wayne, I am a Malaysian and I am a big fan of Lee Kuan Yew. Believe me, there are many of his fans in Malaysia. But we are really not much fan of “certain whiny” Singaporeans (not the majority of Singaporeans) who are really a shame for what your ex-Prime Minister had achieved.

        In our country, you don’t even need to be rich to get privilege or bribe the system. All you have to do is pay a few hundred bucks or a maximum of a couple thousand bucks to the traffic police and you are safe from criminal charges even if you run over & kill a young girl.

        And no matter how rich you are, or how poor you are, you can forget about getting into university for a course of your choice no matter how great your grades are. Because of your skin colour.

        As for Ma Chi, he’s an asshole. But he could have been any nationality. Malaysia have drink driving idiots, i believe there are fair share of Singaporean ones (read the drunk lady who smashed into several stationary cars).

        Ma Chi’s driving should bring him to hell for eternity. But the reaction of Singaporeans to this accident is equally appalling & ugly.

      • Emer said

        333 well said, compare to all the sensless and ugly rude comment from singapore. As much as i blame the ferrari and his reckleness and feel sry for the cabby, some comments from singaporeans have shown how childish n mindless they can get. those singaporeans make me feel ashame to be one. they have no idea what they say reflect so badly on singapore.

    • Shao Wei said

      It was HIS FRIEND. The taxi driver and the girl in the taxi died because OF MACHI’s RECKLESS DRIVING.

    • Singaporean said

      While I do agree that we shouldn’t let the nationality of Ma Chi bring about racism or immigrants problem being magnified here, I feel that if they want to come to Singapore and make this their home, they should learn to adapt to and respect our culture here.

      How they want to behave in their country is their freedom, but they should at least give us the basic respect by adapting to our culture here, and not keep to their usual habit.

      • Emer said

        there will be no respect given to us, when our fellow singpaoreans insult them n criticise them every min every second. even if it is with reasons, u wont believe how rude n insulting some singaporeans are. so how can we expect any basic respect from them. just saying.

    • 333 said

      Emer, you have just shown me a great example of a righteous, respectable and rational thinking Singaporean – yourself – who addresses the issue itself rather than take convenient senseless swipe at everyone else by making careless generalisations eg nationality, race, wealth, political alliance.

      How I wish if our world has more people like you, there would be more peace and reconciliation.

      Prejudice is a very destructive attitude. A real life example :

      In Sarawak, Malaysia, a whole family of four (grandmother, father, two
      young kids of 10 & 8yo) were shockingly butchered using a blunt object in
      their own home by an unknown assailant. However the wife of PRC
      nationality survived the ordeal by escaping through her bedroom window.
      She was brought in police custody to assist investigation.

      However, soon the whole town was abuzz with gossip & rumours that the
      PRC wife masterminded the killing of her husband’s family for his wealth –
      that she either was in cohort with another man/lover/intruder, or that she
      must have drugged the family before butchering them. Their rationale was that how could she survived and the CCTV in the front and the back of the house did not record anyone entering or leaving the house that fateful day, why she had the time & mind to pick up her purse & phone when escaping, why didn’t she go downstairs to see what was happening to her family when the intruder attacked and the most damning, that she was a PRC lady who was a step mother to the two dead children (children of the ex-wife who divorced). Though she was only a few years younger than her husband, the town rumoured untruthfully that she married a man much older. Though the ex-wife divorced because she was involved in extra-marital affair with another man, the town untruthfully rumoured that it was the PRC wife who seduced the husband to the point of divorce.

      The gossipping & rumours got so bad that everyone was basically cursing
      and swearing that she should die and she deserved it, that she was the EVIL mastermind who should be killed without trial.

      However a week passed and the police brought in other neighbours to
      investigate. Further evidence surfaced – most telling being a tiny blood stain
      on the bathroom ceiling right next to a manhole (an opening in the ceiling to
      allow for electricians to climb up into the ceiling to do wiring works. Police
      investigation discovered that the blood trail continued into and above the
      ceiling and as the link houses’ ceiling were not fully partitioned off, the blood
      trail continued above the neighbour’s house and on to the second adjacent
      neighbour’s ceiling. Finally police discovered a small hammer with a blood
      stain in the second neighbour’s house – the 19 year old teenager who lived there had his bloodied clothes disposed off by his mother. His mother was recorded by CCTV disposing off those clothes. Later the mother and him confessed – the 19 year old boy is a habitual thief who climbed thru to other neighbour’s houses through the ceiling manhole, armed with a small hammer.

      Truth revealed, the 19 year old boy did the killing, not the PRC wife. But what if the blood stain was not there or not discovered ? Public gossip & prejudice can kill.

  18. risa said

    @tessawong shameless as nobody in SG drives more than 200km/h across a red light and crashes kills at will with full destruction.This PRC did and why .Hope it happens to you and your family; then tell me abt it again-Karma

  19. hachoiji said

    It looks more like a speeding train that hit the taxi. Ma Chi is now MATI for his act…..and he dragged another three victims to MATI with him. I am totally speechless and I am equally speechless for the silence at the TP and LTA dept so far !!!!!!

  20. Rich Man Son said

    I am disgusted!!!

  21. What is happening? said

    What is happening! Clear footage! Blame the taxi driver? What the freak is those monkey saying! PCB! If that happened to his close one, see what other will say. NB stupid monkey screeching! Brainless monkey! PCB.

  22. Dragonevo said

    All the criticism are not targeting at the nationality but the crime committed… Whichever nationality the driver may be coming from, a crime is a crime… You’ve killed some innocent persons, you still need to pay for the consequences, regardless alive or dead…

    it’s just simply so simple!

  23. ilovesingapore said

    We should condemn only the reckless driver and not the entire nationality. There are black sheeps everywhere. So stop all this xenophobic remarks!

  24. 1reader said

    Jus wanna to say a fair word.. We shouldn’t focus too much on the nationality of the driver that caused the accident. It’s a drink and drive case that cost 3 precious lives.

    Even if the Ferrari driver is a Singaporean, I believed most of the readers will still blamed it on the Ferrari driver. The most innocent parties are the cabby uncle and his dependants and the Japanese passenger whose family members are crying back in japan.

    The Ferrari driver’s family should at least apologized and make some effort to help the cabby uncle family and the Japanese lady’s family. I’m sorry too for the Ferrari driver’s wife and kids, but do spare a thought for the other victims too.

  25. Hsien Liao La said

    this bitch Tessa will not know the pain of losing a beloved to such a lawless fucker’s act until it affects people around her. talk about lack of empathy, pui!

  26. linda said

    Who noes, since Ma Chi’s family is so rich, they might have pay the local media to defend Ma Chi. Singapore is all about money money money.. Hakz… Its just sad that lifes were lost because of ppl who had too much fun earlier and too excited for the next round of ‘fun’ i guess… the media can defend him, some prc can blame others all they want but it only will come to one point, the ferrari car is at fault… Non from Ma chi’s family came to apologize to the other victims family.. Too rich too handle? Or because u r rich, ur nose is too high to do just that? Pity the japanese passenger. Wonder how her family will cope too… This may become an international affair… to Ma chi’s wife, guess u dnt believe in karma. Be careful, u’RE pregnant. My condolences to all victim’s family… Even to Ma chi’s family… He has passed on anyway. There is nothing we can dpo right…
    Ps we can complain n complain… But nothing will be done anyway.. Y? Because we are singaporeans..

  27. Richard said

    I do empathize and understand that the families of the late Ma Chi is going through at this point of time, unable to accept the reality that their love one had passed away in a tragic accident. I understand that the families are frustrated and sad at this moment but I do not think that they should say that “Singaporeans instead for not being ‘sympathetic’ towards him!”
    First and foremost, if any of the members of the public had view the video of the accident properly, you would had observe that there is about 4 seconds of time that the traffic light was red for the Ma Chi to see and I believe that the road he was driving was only 50km/h, a car with such speeding capabilities should have the brakes that is definitely efficient for him to stop if he were to drive in accordance with the speed limit of the road. Therefore, in this incident, I can only observe the following mistakes: 1) Dangerous driving to road users and pedestrians, 2) Failure to observed traffic laws by speeding, 3) Beating a red light which had turn red for 4 seconds.
    Under these circumstances, I have to say that whether or not, there is any accident involved. Late Ma Chi is still held punishable by law of Singapore. However, there is an undeniable fact that a major traffic accident was involved, causing the death toll of 3, injuries to road users and damage to public property. All these could have been prevented if Late Ma Chi did not speed and disobey the traffic.
    Therefore I can only say that it is Late Ma Chi Fault and not the fault of other road users in this unfortunate event. I am sorry that I might hurt you in any way but sad to say that the fact is always hurtful, even or not you want to listen.
    Relating to families statement, I do not know how you are taught young. For us as Singaporeans, I believe we are taught young, that we should face up to any punishment that we ourselves had done wrong. If it is genuine one’s fault, I believe one’s should not care what others are saying about you even it is nasty comments, one’s should accept it as this is what you deserve, it is a nature of life and I quote: Karma, simply put it this way “What you Reap is what you Sow”. My friend once told me a good and sincere apology has three parts: 1) I sincerely apologized, 2) It is my fault, 3) what can I do to make it right. Most ordinary people miss the third part, I would say you are that extinct party that does nothing but argued back. And I quote again “ WOW! WHY AM I NOT SUPRISED?” Then again I wondered, how are you being taught young?
    But then again, I really do sympathies for you and the death of the others parties. However, don’t you think you should apologize to these families? Compensating is another matter; there is no way that you can compensate for lost of a husband, a father, a neighbor, a friend that will no longer be with them forever.
    To me nationality, seriously doesn’t matter, what we are unable to accept is how and what you do after the incident. Even if you from Bangladesh or USA, pretty or look likes shit, doesn’t matter seriously.
    People want to say, let them be, if you are not guilty-conscience, you are not afraid of ghost. I quote: “Real gold are not afraid of Fire”. But remember, mouth is ours; we always have the freedom of speech, but the question is “Can you accept it?”

  28. Anti-ah tiong hdb tai-tai said

    Singapore is so small and densely populated. Any Ferarri owner should know that public roads are not their race tracks.To beat the traffic light and speed in that manner depicts that the owner might be thinking that all smaller and cheaper cars should 靠边站 (wait aside) as he was rich and so had the right of way. In China, one can easily get away with bribes and compensation to the victim’s family since lives of the poor are not worth much. But please, PRC Chinese, do not bring this trend of thoughts to our country.

  29. […] Temasek Times, a widely-read and largely anti-foreign news website, lambasted journalists from the mainstream media who “did not think nationality is an […]

  30. Kenny said

    This Straits Times journalist Tessa Wong, should move to China with her family and her loves one to work 2 years? And tell us if it is cause of the poor driving there being brought over here or what she say about this incident is true.

    I’m not even going to call this accident as accident cannot be prevent. But look at the video? It’s more like murdering. Stupid man here does stupid act result the hurt to the Cabby, the Japanese lady and the Motorist. I don’t think they deserve this after following the law and rules in Singapore.

    Please, police enforcers treat this case just like normal cases. Handcuff this stupid Ma Chi dead body. Afterall, he commited a crime here.

    And family of Ma Chi don’t even fucking vent your anger towards we, Singaporeans here. You can’t get the claim here in Singapore. Blame who? Don’t think we dont know what you are thinking of.

    I really wish to see what if this incident happen to your loves one, and hope that you will still have this kind of mindset. If not jolly well fuck off from Singapore.

  31. Alas said

    Very ingenious tactic to make locals embrace the remaining PRCs not involved in this.

  32. atuk said

    So SGporeans are pampered….!!! So Sgporeans have been easily screwed by the GOVT since day 1….!!! Ok then does it allowed for irresponsible driving behaviour to be allowed on the ROAD…???
    What have the Police do ? Oh its an accident….an accident waiting to happen and taking the life of mr blah blah blah and mis blah blah blah….it’s the collateral damage in life…!!!
    So we cannot blame who and who ….just blame ourself for being stupid and easily screwed by the GREED of another human being@GOVT and the elites.
    Think hard think smart fellow SGporean…..coz life is not cheap in SG…..but i do not know other countries , maybe its meaningless to them having millions of unwanted citizen doing nothing productive.

  33. elvin said

    This phrase is for those PRCs that before and continuously blaming the local taxi driver as cause of the accident. ‘To the PRCs, GO and STUDY the SINGAPORE traffic RULES very well and memorizes them by heart before you even dare to condemn who’s fault is at it that causes the accident.’ And for future advise, use your brain to think and think before you even condemn others. HAPPY STAYING.

  34. Disgusting Sichuan people. said

    I am ashamed of him and his family, even though I am a Chinese myself. Sichuan people have a bad reputation in china. If you look around, you could find that most prostitutes are coming from Sichuan, and I know most of the rich Chinese people in Singapore are the children of corrupted SichuAn officials.

  35. Useradmin said


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    Location: Singapore

    [ Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 11:05 am Post subject: Ferrari Crash in Singapore


    Here is another interesting article… ‘official’ local media is trying to defuse the situation to point out that being a bad driver isn’t limited to specific nationalities (which I agree, an ass is an ass is an ass). But the locals are now bashing the media over it:

    Quite sad really. These locals need to leave this cocoon for a while and see the rest of the world. ]

  36. Kin said

    maybe the djs also talking without conscience because of their job. WHY CHINA? WHY WE ALL AIM CHINA? because PROBLEMS come from CHINA!

  37. Disgusted said

    Firstly, china people have no attiquette. They have no respect to others. They are disgustingly rude and are very very selfish. There are only two types oh china people which is good. The dead and the dying.

  38. Fen said

    its not talking abt other nationalities issue. but recently the news going ard has been how people die under the hands of PRC driving skills, be it the bus driver, the hijacker and the ferrari driver. and then media start saying good things abt ferrari. blindless PRC defending ferrari on the net. which of these are not the cause for spiking a debate?

    the recent news prove to people that they are really ruthless in driving. what is it about caring a pedestrian or fellow road users? no doubt we seen sg ppl bang sg ppl on road – but how often they are on the news? most of the victims in accidents still have a second life and claim the other one till “gao gao”.

    singaporeans pampered? i agree cos we are always not given a right to say anything. cos gvmt do things thinking that its our own good. do we have a say in their policies to rise and rise commodities yet not salaries? ERP? road taxes? even COEs? public tpt? education policies? sharing our universities graciously with others? cpf balance withdrawal? if you are at a higher end (eg lawyers and doctors) probably u will find living in sg affordable etc. but think of those mid tier and low tier. they struggle to get their living.

    i’m grateful of being able to enjoy education unlike other SEA (eg cambodia, vietnam etc). but each c’try got their own problems to resolve, things they are grateful about, things that they complain etc. what abt when we compare to UK USA Aust? we can’t compare with other c’tries abt our own issues but we can talk abt our own c’try issue and whats wrong and how can they be improved etc….

    i wonder how pampered are singaporeans. compared to SEA? compare to UK USA Aust? i dunno how this comparison gonna work out. what a joke saying to let idn and msia to take over. can i say let UK USA and Aust to take over instead? i believe they will demonstrate heavily on HUMAN RIGHTS.

    • 333 said

      Oh my god, do you even read international news ? USA is the leading country in destroying the international human rights law in the past decade – they allow worldwide arrest & indefinite detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, they allow phone-tapping and email hacking of their own citizens, they allowed remote controlled unmanned drone-missile fatal attacks in other countries without their prior permission, they have also made torture for the purpose of extracting information legal.

      US economy is wrecked by their Wall Street scandal because the top 1% rich capitalists are siphoning all the money off banks. Hence the Occupy Wall Street Movement a while ago and the new “99%” Movement which is still going on now. Unemployment is high, houseowners have their house foreclosed and have to live in tents, but failing bank CEOs retire with huge severance payouts the rich are getting richer.

      And FYI, the UK has slashed their University subsidies for their citizens resulting in student riots in London.

      As for Australians ? They are in cohorts with Malaysian government busy deporting asylum seekers from all the world back to dangerous countries. Plus Australians are trying to build all sorts of dangerous toxic polluting Rare Earth factories and plants eg. Lynas in Malaysia just north of Singapore, not that far from your backyard. Malaysians are so angry with them but they don’t give a damn.

      Yes, and you were telling me about US, UK & Australian human rights ?? good gosh, please read more

  39. anti-china said

    so many troubles are brought in by the china freaks, fuck them and go to hell~

  40. SHAUN said

    hold our poisonous tongues? goodness, YOUR HUSBAND is a murderer for goodness sake. LADY, you should be prepared for the online attacks on his irresponsible act. Singaporeans not sympathetic enough ? WE ARE, not to u or your husband, but to the innocent cabby and the japanese passenger who died for NOTHING, who died because of YOUR HUSBAND.

    Do a last good deed by paying condolences to the victim. Thats the only thing you should do now, before your dead husband really burns in hell and reincarnate as a dog, and get eaten up by his own natives.

  41. joanne said

    SERIOUSLY. aint journalists supposed to be tactful with their words? and a journalists from straits times some more. come on lah. stop trying to defend people not worth defending. YES, accidents happen all the time esp with fast cars. BUT, too bad this time it involved a Chinese that has taken 2 innocent lives with him and his Chinese family that is irresponsibly trying to deny all involvement with the accidents. irresponsible driver with irresponsible family members. no wonder they are a family.

    As for the media that is trying to defend them, please think about the contribution this people have done for the country before offending your own people. Accidents are common but for the fact that these people just come and screw things up in Singapore are totally not worth defending. YES, there are the innocent Chinese that are being dragged down and im sorry for them. but bear in mind ever since these people came, the most prominent contributions they have done that most Singaporeans will remember are things like, crashing our airport, getting lost with our buses, banging people down with their reckless driving with our buses AGAIN and now, killing people with their expensive vehicle.

  42. bunga said

    Tessa has a hard on for prcs driving Ferrari?

  43. We win, you die said

    I worked for the MSM, and I was walking by the CEO office, and I overheard him on the phone saying, “yes sir, yes Mr Lee, I know what to do. We know how to make the Ma Chi case go away. Yes, our communist friends will not be disappointed.”

  44. It’s good to know that not all PRCs are f*ckers. To the state media and 933 fm djs, I am ashamed of you. You are not fit to be singaporeans. SInce you are so pro china, MOVE THERE!


    Unless the old man dies, this govt will never change her arrogant attitute because i suspect it is the order or instruction given by the old man thinking that by instiling fear, everybody will obey him due to fear. It is already spoken by him that, if we are not afraid of him, then he is meaningless. I will say his mentality is worst than every single man in China.

  46. A Singaporean Abroad said

    333 says “Singaporeans are like spoilt pampered children. Wait til they come to other South East Asian countries and have their rights taken away from them then they will see” – are you implying that people living in other South East Asia countries have no rights? If that is what you are implying then my response to your comment is that the fact that Singapore gives its people some basic civil rights makes Singapore a cut above the rest. It does not make Singaporeans spoilt pampered children just because they are asserting their rights. Every Singaporean will agree with me that life is not cheap and that human beings living in civilised democratic societies have the right to assert their rights.

  47. Fish said

    This is bad journalism, and your references prove you wrong in your own article! Please explain how Tessa Wong was “defending” the Ferrari driver. She merely stated the fact that the crash was caused by reckless driving, not by his nationality. She is not defending him at all, but she does do a good job of making this article and its author look foolish.

  48. szewee96 said

    Its simple,we have corruption in our country,for the past years,they have covered it well.

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