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Cocky PRC new citizen said ‘serve taxi driver right’ and asked why his taxi was not fitted with an airbag

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

Despite being banned by Hardwarezone forum time and again, PRC new citizen ‘Martin’ aka ‘Jennet’ continues to incur the wrath of forumers by blaming deceased Singaporean driver Cheng Teck Hock for causing the fatal Bugis accident!

Mr Cheng was driving his taxi across a junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street when a red Ferrari driven by PRC driver Ma Chi sped across and rammed into its side. Ma died on the spot while Mr Cheng passed away from his injuries a day later.

A video clip of the accident showed clearly that Mr Cheng had the right of way as the green light was flashing, but Martin insists that the accident could have been prevented if Mr Cheng was more ‘aware’ of his surroundings, adding that he ‘deserved’ it:

“Why didn’t the taxi driver look at oncoming vehicles before accelerating off? They think green light = no threat? Serve the taxi driver right!”

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]

He added in a sarcastic tone:

“I blame the taxi driver for his negligence. You know Ferrari is a fast car, cannot hear the voorm voorm? Sleeping?”

After Martin was banned from posting on Hardwarezone, he posted on his Facebook insinuating that Mr Cheng died because his taxi was not installed with airbags:

“Heard that sonata taxi’s are not installed with airbags due to cost cutting measure!”

According to Hardwarezone forumers who have met him, Martin came to Singapore a few years ago together with his parents and has obtained Singapore citizenship. It is not known if he has served National Service.

He is reportedly in his early 20s and run a chain of food stalls in Republic Polytechnic, Hwa Chong Junior College and National University of Singapore. His father is a rich businessman and has given money to him to run his food business.

Besides ‘Martin’, many PRC netizens have also jumped to the defence of Ma Chi and trivialized the accident.

‘tao1224’ posted on Lion City Forum:

“Smear PRC Chinese again because of another accident? What if the passenger is an old lady? Should we say the driver respect the elderly and sent her home late at night?”


‘oliver871’ opined Singaporeans are making a big fuss:

“As there are more PRC Chinese in Singapore now, more are driving cars and buses and naturally the chances of getting into an accident is higher. If we want to harp on every accident which happens, then PRC Chinese need not drive vehicles in Singapore anymore and our bus drivers can all retire back to China.”


Due to Singapore’s pro-China immigration policies, large number of PRC Chinese have flocked to Singapore to live, work and study in recent years.

In an interview with National Geographic magazine in 2009, then Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew quipped that it is a good thing that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than Singaporeans.


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161 Responses to “Cocky PRC new citizen said ‘serve taxi driver right’ and asked why his taxi was not fitted with an airbag”

  1. Freemakan said

    PRC ppls are not suitable driving a car ,they should ride bicycles]…

    MA Chi…die die die..serve you right

    • Andrew said

      I second that. Maybe even riding bicycles may prove to be too hazardous for pedestrians! Wonder if the government is going to do anything about ‘Martin’ and his slander??????

      • Rui said

        Republic Polytechnic, Hwa Chong Junior College and National University of Singapore should boycott his food stalls

    • asd said

      That’s why don’t vote for PAP anymore

  2. jay said

    Hey you bloody fugging brainless prc , shaft your comments up your ass. You all are pariahs not well accepted anywhere. Anyway , the justice done is the MA CHI bye is dead, meant to die .good riddance . FARK OFF to your maInland. At least Mr Cheng is a good soul ,well respected by all. May your soul rest in peace ,Mr Cheng .

  3. Freemakan said

    I hope this PRC guy will get kill by PRC driver ASAP

  4. KaeWong said

    very funny, not fitted with an airbag is correct, but its not the taxi driver’s fault. wanna blame, blame comfort for wanting to cut costs. anyway we’re also not 100% sure as to whether theres really no airbag or that it wasn’t activated.

    but yea, i wish all the PRC can go back n retire, don’t come n drive our buses and taxis. useless china pigs.

  5. sweetbean said

    I am so deeply saddened by all the very nasty comments made here. Now is really not the time to apportion blame. Mothers have lost children, children have lost fathers and wives have lost husbands. Please can we just give them time to grieve. For now can we all try to stop saying mean and horrible things and have some respect – this is a very, very sad situation and so many lives are affected. Whatever you say here will not change what has happened. The best you can do is offer condolences and some help to those who need it.

    • Freemakan said

      why we bother about this Cocky PRC nut..he just a com hero…

    • Snoopy Says said

      If the Ma family can shut the F up and show some remorse, maybe I will shut up as well. Open your eyes and target the root of the problem!

    • Aly said

      Don’t give us politically correct answers. These PRC think they are more superior than singaporeans when they are invading our country. How dare they come to create havoc here. They should F OFF and go back to China.

    • WOLF-MOTHER said

      it’s not abt being nasty here, tell me just how nice of us Sporeans have been in allowing them to come here to earn $$$, we dun have much probs with Filipinos/Indons or even Indian Prs but CHINA PRs have been causing non-stop probs again and again and imagine ur own family member such as ur only son aged so young or ur elderly father driving taxi late at night to support u being hit by such reckless PRCS and another PRCS state a comment abt ur family saying ” SERVE HIM RIGHT”, can u take that sarcasm, we have been living almost peacefully among each other fellow Sporeans and we respect each other’s religion and tradition until alot of this CHINA faggots came in to Spore and make Spore a less less safe country to live in… If the Ma’s family are not a single bit sensitive abt the Cheng’s family to even apologise…why must we be more human to them.. God gave us brains to think and react on situations and patience to handle matters but he also gave us feelings and temper so that we use them properly on situations like this or else we are going to be stamp on e foot like an ant by those PRCS.. I once encounter at Bt Panjang, a feeder bus 922 was driven by a China bus driver was speeding straight into the red light when the green man was blinking and I was crossing the road with my son, lucky us, i was alert so Now, we dun even feel safe at traffic lights anymore with so many china ppl driving buses and cars and even motorbike..Can u imagine ur kid crossing the green light on the way home from school?? Pls Ms SWEETBEAN, pls think before u type ur so-called humanity comments, let us not be brainless like ” MARTIN-Mati”.. 😉 ADIOS AMIGOS!!

    • Since those PRC are so heartless, then forget it. Don’t sympathize them. WTF man, Singapore let them come and earn money, got money already so cocky. Seriously? They dunno how to reflect. Die better.

  6. Mikey said

    Dear Sir.. kindly fuck off from our country.

  7. Singaporean First said

    Wow, so now it’s our fault for not checking out for reckless drivers like that PRC when it’s green light?
    And to that cocky ‘Martin’ or whosoever, don’t be retarded, you wouldn’t survive that accident no matter how many airbags you use

  8. Badass Ed said

    The Chinese immigrants are not only harder driving, harder striving. They are also harder killing. The man wasn’t wrong. He just left out the last quality that these trash brought with them.

    It’s very dangerous to cross the roads now. Besides, our traffic lighting system is not exactly world class. The traffic lights can suddenly turn from green to red and you got to slam on your brakes at the last moment. It has happened to me many times. In other countries, the lights are bigger and there are timing counters to tell approaching vehicles how many more seconds they have before a light change.

    The LTA should get rid of all these third world junk lights and replace them with “world class” ones. After all, we pay heavily to use the roads so let’s see some improvements with our money.

  9. sun xu said

    eh tt, show pic of martin leh…

  10. Singapore Chinese said

    PRC ‘Martin’ should just SHUT UP. Get your facts right and stop posting false aggravation against the Singaporean taxi driver. Marjority of mainland Chinese are extremely good at finger pointing and lying.

  11. ANGER said

    The insensitive bastard.
    I knew his son, and I just came home from this taxi driver’s funeral.

    Did you even see the video? The car took less than a second to cross the entire viewscreen of the other cab. How could he have possibly stopped in time?

    How people like you manage to live with yourself is beyond my comprehension. Maybe you should take a trip down to the funeral and see how his family is mourning before you post such insensitive comments

    • VH2006 said


    • mundz said

      and at the rate of the collision airbags are useless too .. really brainless sia that china man

  12. Ray said

    I don’t expect sense from PRC dogs. Remember china is the country that can have 18 consecutive passer-by who ignored a dying toddler lying in the middle of the road and run over by two cars. These dogs have no heart.

  13. da fug said

    i would like to see a window being fitted with a air bag since the car was hit from the sides….or even better air bags all around the car so that any from any direction tio lang ga also wont die use ur pig brain to think before speaking lei dogs

  14. Bapok Yang Hensem. said

    Babi! This is not China! This is Singapore! We don’t need PRC DRIVERS! We have our own people who can drive us, eventually from local Chinese, Indian and Malays! Why do we need to imported drivers because of their “hard-driving”?
    And why that old man LKY keeps on defending and bringing his communists in siaaa! When la he is gonna die!

    • Max said

      Seriously wonder, if someone will do a countdown clock, take bets on L@@’s demise… that will be funny…

  15. Jason said

    Move straight when green light also need to look left and right for vehicles? fucking idiot

  16. Myon said

    What the hell!? That ex-PRC must be an idiot that didn’t watch the footage before posting his retarded comments! Is he implying that he have super fast eyes that can follow something at 140km/h, and have a super fast reaction of 0.01 seconds? Hell, if yes, there is no need for speed cameras! Vroom Vroom? What the hell, by the time you hear VROOM VROOM you are already lying on the road.
    Suka suka accelerate? That taxi is going at like, 40-50 km/h or even lesser? Wth! Not saying that I hate PRCs, but there are SOME PRCs that just love to blame Singaporeans for everything. SOMEONE GIVE ME THIS GUY’S FACEBOOK.

    • Pissed said

      Bro, here you go.

      Next time when he crosses the road in Singapore and gets knocked down by a car or any motor vehicle, im just going to ask him one question….”Car engine very loud vroomm vroomm” you cannot hear arh? Deaf issit??!!”

      Stupid motherfucking piece of shit china dog……

  17. Aaron Teo said

    Based on this man’s logic, IF you patronize his outlets in the events, while dining you find the hygiene level of your food being compromised
    or even worst suffer from after effects like tummy upset or food poisoning. guess what is he going to say?

    “I blame the customer for his negligence. No eyes to see? Sleeping? Serve the customer right!”

    while other supportive PRC nationals may have replied in a way where by their intelligence may be in doubt later on,
    yours, which lack sympathy, is unforgivably dumb and with that warped logic, you are taking stupidity to a whole new level.

  18. “Why didn’t the taxi driver look at oncoming vehicles before accelerating off?”: The appearance of the car is a split second event. Anyone would have missed it even if they had looked before accelerating.
    “I blame the taxi driver for his negligence. You know Ferrari is a fast car, cannot hear the voorm voorm? Sleeping?”: The only thing the driver could do is to stop dead in his track and the result would be the same. Besides, the engine sound is only audible as a close range.
    “Heard that sonata taxi’s are not installed with airbags due to cost cutting measure!”: The impact is from the sides and airbags would have no effect even if it did exist.

  19. HereDoggie said

    why block his facebook details?
    show it… and is this the same dickweed that’s running food stalls?
    how the face and name of this dog…

  20. Mywish said

    This “Martin” must have bird brain. If air bags can save the taxi driver life, why can’t it save the Ferrari driver life.

    Ma Chi though that he is Alonso who came in second in the Spanish grand prix.

  21. HELLGATE said


    • Tell said

      Some cars do have side/curtain airbags that protect the driver’s head. Poor cabbie might have survived if his cab was fitted with one.

  22. Vince said

    If we still have to look left and right when we are going straight.
    Then tell me what is the use of the traffic light then?
    All the PRC should just fuck back home to their country and continue their fckup acts there.
    vroom vroom also cannot spell properly.
    that ma chi Bai should have die long time ago too.
    inhumane bastrds. this is not the first case already…

  23. Chang said

    The govt got to look into this matter not we the citizen og singapore…. WE pledge ourselves as one united all nations so regardless all countries and people so take care of yourself please all nation. The govt only look on the GDP not you please….. so only only taxi driver die only wat……

    So ask the govt what kind of measure for this kind of incident can thet do for we people of singapore……

  24. lok said

    If you want to speed, please speed at proper race tracks or register as a proper F1 driver. Not on public roads la. We know u (Ferrari driver)paid road tax and bought insurance la… you cant pay or compensate the loss of the families. Irresponsible… so what s up with all the assets and fortune u hav?..

  25. CK said

    This is a horrible caused by a well off drunk reckless PRC who do not respect human lives especially driving such a powerful car. That is all to it and not by telling us that the taxi driver did not looked or check around before he move off. I think this Martin aka ‘Jennet’ must be blind and do not posses any drivng license. Futhermore from the video the wrecked cab did not move off immediately when the light turn green but rather move off at a normal cruising speed. Think before you shout off your stinking mouth!

  26. wowowowowow said

    when one has power, has the wealth to do anything they want.. Its human nature i guess, when you have the power to do the things you want, you will not care for others even less the people around you. This shows that no matter how rich or how poor you are, you can’t cheat death. So did the Chinaman brought along his wealth upon death?

  27. siangneng said

    So this is the kind of FT trash LHL has brought in for us, one who can’t even distinguish the wrong from the right. If this guy has his way into our government, there is no doubt he is going to corrupt the entire system with his clique. Good luck Singapore.

  28. moizbeauty said

    Singaporean government are turning blind eyes on PRCs?
    If PRC is so much problem then Singaporean government should do something about it.

  29. donavonong said

    lol…airbag wont save u from a side impact idiot

  30. slurp23 said
    his facebook

  31. Mel said

    We will see if he will still share the same sentiments if he was the passenger or the driver in the taxi.

  32. PURE-SG said

    Dogs Are Dogs. Dun get mad when they bark..Just that they are not trained/tamed in china thats why,

  33. Injustice and Inequality said

    It’s a pity that Ma Chi died. He should be so severely injured, but managed to live. Then struggles for his life in ICU for years, and experience the excruciating pains from the injury. He should be discharged later in a vegetative state, and then have a loooooong life and live till past 100 years old.

  34. Injustice and Inequality said

    As for this Poon Da Qian aka Martin/Jennet (, he should be the one sitting in the cab instead of Ms Shigemi Ito.

    • 123_5 said

      To Martin, is this how your parents/country educate you? I wonder if you are even a human being. GO BACK TO HELL!

  35. snore said

    What does airbag have to do with this, he was hit from the side on the video as proof???

    Never see incoming Ferrari? At that speed, who knows where in the bloody world that Ferrari is???

    The green light was already there for the drivers to cross at least half of the junction???

  36. eXAKR said

    It’s time, people, that we rise up and hold a new Sook Ching against chinamen in Singapore.

    This can not go on any more.

  37. hachoiji said

    In China, you can argue what you want because there is no such thing as pure law…its depend who you know and what you do that count……someone said before its all about GUANXI !!!!!
    In Singapore, there is LAW and EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW LAW >>>>>>>>>>>SO if one crossed the line (just like the 48 men charged with having sex with underaged pros)…its the same punishment because the LAW SAY SO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I hope Martin understand this message because if one day he gets caught for whatever reasons and he breaks the LAW….it will come upon you like a BIG BRICK !!!!!!
    \Young Man you got lots to learn.

  38. Wow i have heard enough of rich-chinese-kid exploits in china. Dont come bringing that sht into singapore. Whats next? hit pedestrian then sprinkle money over body before driving away? Not that its ok to do that in your mainland but please dont bring that kind of shit into singapore ok?

  39. Mrs Leong said

    Kindly return ur citizenship and scram back to ur country..! If u are really that smart then what for travel all the way here to study at the same time pollute our homeland? Singaporeans are not for u to criticize like that, each life here in singapore is priceless, not as cheap as those in ur country..!!! Don’t forget when PRCs started coming Singapore what did they do?? They washed toilets, clear plates in hawker centers, repair expressways, construction etc.. Cheap like freak..! Just becoz u are rich they allow u in to make us cheap..! Why like that..!!?? Why bring in such dirts to make our place filthy and let them bully us..??!! Eh up there! Wake up ur idea..!

  40. Blah blah said

    “If we want to harp on every accident which happens, then PRC Chinese need not drive vehicles in Singapore anymore and our bus drivers can all retire back to China.”.

    Yes. PRCs. Please go home to China.

  41. kc said

    Even HK, their next door cousin are protesting and refuse to let more mainland cars/drivers in due to their perceived lack of safety.
    I believe the Driving Center should impose a mandatory retest for chinese drivers. Unless they hire local drivers, no exemption should be allowed!!

  42. Angry said

    hahaha…. so Farrari oso din installed with Airbag huh… else how come driver oso died?

  43. said

    Is this person brainless or are all PRCs like that . Air bag is for protecting the user from straight crash. This crap Ferrari came crashing from the side at high speed. How can the taxi driver react? The sound of the vehicle is usually heard after the vehicle have pass. It is impossible for the taxi driver to react to it -.-”’?

    This shows how uneducated PRCs are. You dont have the knowledge/Commonsense.

  44. Nom said

    whoever tok abt airbag, is a noob. how useful an airbag gonna be if genna bang sideway by ferrari??? jus becos prc shielding ur fellow prc, den anyhow tok cock. i wish u genna bang sideway by bugatti. den i see how ur airbag gonna save u

    • chinese singaporean said

      hey Nom, hit right on the spot… motherfuckers PRC still defending themselves. i am a chinese too… but local one… hahah.. fuck the chinese, they are just too proud n screwed up. i think they are the worst humans alive in this world… compared to even poorer counties within SEA and Eastern europe…

  45. Elusive Scorp said

    Fark off to all e PRCs! Shoooo! Crawl back to where you come from, DOGS.. You are not welcome here at all & there won’t be a day where we will accept you all here! You all are such a pest, polluting & damaging our home.

  46. Lester Lum said

    Fuck off la!! Think before u speak!! Use ur pig brain pls.. Bloodly swine!!!

  47. furious! said

    Seriously they are just damn stubborn bunch of people who thinks they are always right!
    Talk about driving, flashback the clips how a 2-3 yr old little girl was knock down over and over by cars in china u will know how PRC drives.
    Even SBS bus have accident in knocking down a people at traffic lights, drivers were PRC as well.
    What does that PRC meaning never see his surroundings?! Look carefully at the video again, the Ferrari came fast from a distance of few mins then comes crashing into the taxi.
    By right in s’pore when u sees the amber lights, u should alrdy slow down prepare to stop man! Get your facts right!
    And under spore LTA law, you cannot drive at such a high speed or even race cars in s’pore, so meaning even if u got Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatsoever fair lady etc, u also cannot speed your car at such high speed. Not to say a cross junction. Dumb!
    If wanna bloody race your car, play car race in arcades or go other larger ctry! S’pore is too small for u to action your racing skill.

  48. Tan S G said

    PRC please don’t inculcate your ruthless culture in Spore. You can even abandon an injured child on the road, what’s more with killing innocent lives here on the road? What goes around comes around!

  49. Driving learner said

    Think again, The stupid rich car vroooom so what? singapore’s road have a speed limit, the moment he sped= wrong, the next moment he beat the red light = wrong. Cant you imagine if every single car look left right before going off, the roads all jamming already ok?
    And if you have air con in the car, you think we can hear are the rich car’s vrooooom thing? nonsense. Let’s not talk about PRC, singaporean drivers, some also like that. They should really emphasis on the rules and regulations on roads in singapore. I dont wanna drive normally ans still get killed.

  50. pay said

    Less talk more action. Can we gather evidence that the driver reek of alcohol? If so can the taxi drivers family go after prc estate?

  51. lee said

    this is the farking attitude they bring to spore. here we goes, our road is no more safe with this farking rich PRC idiots on our road. Why is our gahmen still keeping mum ??? looks like we going to let this pass us..

  52. Driving learner said

    The airbag serve as a help from the front not the side, all the cars are like that,and the rich car came banging from the side. so what that idiot have to say now?

  53. anonymous said

    WTH. Does that PRC have a license, who the fuck check 90 degrees to the left when he got the right of way and is moving straight?! brainless much!?

  54. Fahmi said

    Martin is full of crap man!!What if the taxi driver was Mr Martin himself?And say if I drove a Russian T90 towards the side of his car and he died on the spot.Who would be blame?Me or Martin coz I can assure him that he also suka suka not aware of his surrounding and that a T90 is super huge man!!Not only that but within 400 meters he can definitely felt my presence 😀 then blame yourself Martin for not installing the air bags though I’m quite skeptical that they will save you from the might of the T 90’s weight which will crush u to death eventually!!! :p

  55. Yo marTian its me again said

    Speechless… now my head hurts!!!

  56. Liu Bei said

    I think Mindef should chase and write down all these cocky PRCs name,make them serve 10 year as a recruit to brainwash into singaporean mindset.Funny how fast Mindef chase people for not attending ippt or reservist but when comes to new citizen mindef acts blur?What happen mindef generals? don’t want to offend the pretty prc gals?

  57. Denise said

    I just wish Ma Chi’s family is more apologetic. Afterall, Ma Chi was drink driving. Even if your riches was built from the age of 10, it does not deny the fact that he should have taken a cab knowing that he drank. He clearly does not cherish his own life, what more others. And to all the other angsty PRCs, don’t try to be patriotic and protect your own kind. Stooping to such a low level by blaming the taxi driver. What if the passenger who passed away is a PRC, how would you defend yourself. Think before speaking. Don’t play the blame game if you don’t have the intelligence to keep up with it. All evidence points against Ma Chi. So just suck it up and move on. My condolences to the families involved in the crash.

  58. bohemian said

    tot dis mtherfukerz r all poor dumbshit hillybillies… can own ferrari??.. wow.. lky is trying to right his wrong…. two is enuff he said previously… now local chinese dont want to procreate because of d damn freaking fucking cost of living so d simple solution..??!.. import lorrr….

  59. Maybe we should say something to really piss these PRC bastards off. Like telling them that their womenfolk deserved to get rape aka Rape of Nanking during WW2.

    That is why they are bastards everywhere they go outside China. The evil spawn of Japanese soldier rapists.

  60. Rykel Lim said

    Indeed, PRC Ma Chi “DROVE HARD” into innocent life Mr Cheng, sending my fellow Singaporean to his death leaving behind his pitiful children. Not to mention that PRC Ma Chi has also deserted his own pitiful kids. (We must rehab and educate these kids and send them back to reform the PRC) Enough is enough with this state of PRC affairs in our country. We MUST fight back just as much as the Hong Kongers protested. The Communists have lost their sense of CONSCIENCE when they turned to godlessness. They need to find GOD again. (Jesus, Buddha etc.) We the new Republic must defeat Communism and save the soul of the Chinese race. WE SHALL NOT FORGET, WE SHALL REMEMBER. You touch just one Singaporean, you touch all of us. Regards, Rykel Lim

  61. AnAngryCitizen said

    His fucking facebook account. Please get this fucker ban by reporting him.

  62. Dan said

    To all PRC pigs, just leave our lovely country.
    We are so better off without stinky, loud, uncivilized, dirty and rude dogs like u guys. We can’t stand the sight and smell and ur annoying accent. Just quickly pack and go home.

    And wth is our government giving more and more PRCs citizenship in sg. We don’t need these filthy pigs.
    They’re not even better than us in any way. They’re just blady diseases like SARS. Oh well, these pigs created SARS anyway.
    Is our minister getting more pay cheques from the china government for letting more of this filthy and rude PRC pigs into our lovely and peaceful homeland?
    We’re Singaporeans are roaring mad, can’t wait
    for the next election.
    Letz all support any parties that will kick this pigs out of our country.

  63. PeaPrincess said

    those who are saying got airbag oso no use, you guys are missing the point. obviously for this kinda impact airbag can’t do much but for the taxi, there was NO airbag at all. so people are just speculating whether or not there is airbag installed or don’t have. if don’t have then it means those taxi drivers driving comfort taxis now are in a dangerous position. for people who spend 10-12 hrs on the road how can they take away the safety device??

  64. Ken Lee said


  65. Ron said

    The Spore government should act against so-called new citizens who now condemn Singaporeans. Citizenship granted to foreigners is a privilege and not a birth-right. It can be revoked.

  66. well said said

    Seriously, lucky he died on the spot. If not with current law in Singapore, he would just be fine a few k and maybe jailed a few months banned from driving. Especially after reading news that ppl drink and drive and kill somebody only got fine a few k. At least he paid with his life.

  67. singaporean deserved said

    obviously he doesnt drive or perhaps should i say,he doesnt know how to obey the traffic rules,red light for Stop and green light for Go!! there u go boy,know your facts before u sticking out your tongue!

  68. ivoicethat said

    Please go back la!!!! Stepping on our land and still talk cock!!!!

  69. ACZH said

    LOLS!!!! This Martin really really full of nonsense… The fucking traffic light is for the cabby’s way, not the fucking China guy on a speeding Ferrari’s way… He got money so what??? This is Singapore, not China… I know in China if u speed and get caught by tp u bribe them can already la… But too bad u are in Singapore… U can’t bribe a single police in Singapore… Unless u want get get sentenced, go ahead, be my greatest and best guest… Last thing, the cab has airbags… Even if u have airbags in ur car, there is not point of it… The force of the airbag exploding into ur face will break ur nose and even ur neck… When u put on the seat belt, it dose prevent u from flying out of a car… But what if u are driving at a top speed and u crashed into any obstacle??? U will end up maybe breaking ur back, ur body break into half or even maybe u might still fly out… Singapore cars have airbags also not much use… Airbags will not deploy if u are driving at 90km/h… It will only deploy above 120km/h… Martin or whoever u are that wrote this post about the cabby’s fault, get ur fucking facts right and “THIS IS FOR YOU”!!!! _|_

  70. SG born said

    Dear PRC, i just need a favour. You come to our country. Adjust to our culture. If you are not happy with how things work around here, you can leave. Not all PRC are like the ferrari drive but clearly from th video we know whose fault is it right? Either you are stupid or blinded by your own ego.

  71. Blood Boil! said

    Bloody brainless PRC chap! I wished he was the taxi driver that fateful night. He can try to test his driving skills and see whether he can keep his last breath to give such a irresponsible comment here. Looking at the speed and the surroundings, it was almost impossible to avert such an accident. Even the taxi driver which recorded the incident was oblivious to the oncoming Ferrari until the loud bang! If you were to look carefully at the video clip, the view of the area where the Ferrari came from cannot be seen clearly from the location of unlucky taxi. I don’t think sebastian vettel or lewis hamilton could have averted such a danger in such a situation! Bloody irresponsible remarks by this downright brainless scumbag PRC chap!

  72. Keith Ong said

    Having someone losing their lives in car accidents are already very sad… why use the words “serves XXX right”? I feel that it is the wrong of the Ferrari driver but I also feel sorry for him because it is also a human life gone just like that.

    I think there could be right or wrong in all parties but bottom line is, lives have been lost in this accident so let’s be more compassionate about it by not blaming or pinpointing any party.

  73. ZS said

    Hey u PRC,,,, come forwar and talk to us – on table! Ma, hit n die. U PRC, hit n hide. U coward! Come out personally n meet us S’poreans n tell your story. Let us tell our, and lets us “crush your stupid dead brain”!

  74. Sunny said


  75. TG said

    So what if there is airbag? Didnt the stupid ferrari driver died also?? seriously, all these stupid ah tiong should just go back to china!

  76. jw said

    ComfortDelGro Q1 earnings climb 6.8% to $53.5m (Business Times 15 May 2012)

    Revenue up 6.5%, helped by growth in key segments

    TRANSPORT group ComfortDelGro posted a 6.8 per cent rise in net profit to $53.5 million for the first quarter ended March 31, as growth across its key business segments boosted revenue by 6.5 per cent. Revenue for the first quarter was $855.4 million, compared with $803 million in Q1FY11 while earnings per share were 2.56 cents, up from 2.40 cents in the corresponding quarter last year. Revenue from overseas operations accounted for 40.7 per cent of group revenue. The group’s revenue from bus business registered growth of 4.6 per cent to $410.5 million while operating profit was 13.6 per cent higher at $32.5 million. Revenue from taxi business rose 9 per cent to $270.7 million, as higher revenue from Singapore, China and Australia offset declines in the UK and Vietnam. Operating profit was $31.9 million, up $2 million.

  77. adeliciousyam said

    At this rate, Singapore will be called chinapore instead.. -.-

  78. casey said

    Fark PRC!!!! They think red light is for vehicle to move!! This is SINGAPORE not CHINA!!!!!

  79. Ck Poh said

    Red= stop. Simple logic. Very difficult to understand ?

  80. niwdenwr said

    I wished the ferrari didn’t bang into a taxi but a 40 footer container truck instead. Liddat only PRC die.

  81. Faizal said

    Martin ‘aka’ Jennet shud be hanged to death for saying such stupid accusations and remarks…. “put yrself in the cab and let similar ferrari hit you, see if others can give similar comments like you did….. asshole”

  82. Baker said

    The Machibye moron was going at 180kph. How do you justify your opinion? Sucker

  83. Master said


  84. Master said

    Martin “aka” Jennet make sure you dun have any accident.
    If not blame yourself not being careful.

  85. We don’t need SO MANY PRC!! in Singapore..

  86. lynn said

    Martin AKA Jennet.. y dun you go back to ur own country.. y must stay in Singapore…

    My condolences to the families involved in the crash.

    May your soul rest in peace ,Mr Cheng .

  87. Devilboy@SG said

    PRC relax one corner lah…

  88. Adrian said

    This is the consequence of bad planning policy by the government . They allowed too many immigrants into singapore without properly integrating the Chinese into our multi cultural society.

    The problem is PAP forgot their roots , I hope 2016 election will see a big change . I think people are getting tired . Actually to solve the language issue . Pap should make English competency a pre requisite like Australia. Sit for tofel or ilets . If they can’t speak English and only Chinese then there is bound to be tension in our society

    • WOLF-MOTHER said

      I like ur 2016 election coz we r so not voting for PAP anymore…or else more pigs will enter and given privilleges

    • Chsn said

      Do you think they will pass or maybe they can buy the cert haha they can get from their black market

    • Rui said

      They should reduce PRC immigrants,
      Indian, Malay and etc. immigrants dont Fck up Singapore

  89. Angry Spore said

    This is so brainless, if airbags can work tat Ma Chi would not have died rite??? Obviously those PRC ‘talents’ do not have brains tat can tink like a normal human.
    And yes I agree tat all PRC drivers shd not drive in S’pore. Dont bring the freaking cultures & habits here.

  90. Yen said

    PRC how dare u talk like tat? U think u guys holding a PR in sg dosnt mean u got the right to talk rubbish! Wat if it happened to ur country men when a sg ppl kill a PRC in a road accident? Wat would u said about sg ppl???!!!
    When the driver is in the wrong how u say or help in talking its no use! Cos the video had shown its a red light on the side of the Ferrari n btw did u see how fast the Ferrari driver drive his stupid car? Lmao pls shut ur mouth up n see how many of us r against u PRC!!! So pla leave sg n stay in ur country n to wat u like but not in sg

  91. Darren said

    Can we have this fucking idiot pic? I swear I will hunt him down n make him apologise… Fucking brainless… Its only humans like him who tinks tat he is one cut above the rest… Strip him of his wealth n power he is just a nobody…

  92. bob said

    How many more INNOCENT LIVES GONNA LOST BECAUSE OF PRCs RASH ACTS??? This is Not e first or second….!!! Government tell us….y bring killing machines to SINGAPORE??

  93. Super Star said

    Bang from side won’t activate front airbag, don’t think any Hyundai Sonata car in this world have side airbag.

    This stupid PRC Martin have no brain but used his emotions when come to fact, if adverse scenario happen the driver of Ferrari is a Singaporean & he bang a cab with a PRC passenger inside, for sure he will twist & blamed the Ferrari driver

    PRC Martin nice try but no brain. .

  94. WOLF-MOTHER said

    From now on, we Sporeans should stop servicing, patronizing or doing business with any companies or stalls that employ PRCS, dat should sooner or later solve the probs if not much, maybe a wee bit and they might go back to CHINA for good once their businesses here flopped.. 😉 I will nvr step in into any shops when i see CHINA ppl working there, though it’s bad we just gotta do that, boycotts the stall or companies that employ them

  95. Concern Citizen said

    We the citizens of Singapore have to do the right thing to preserve our culture and rights for our future generation. Cast your votes wisely please in the next election.

  96. Chsn said

    Omg Prc you can go back to your homeland and bang all you want but before that pls bang your head againts the wall .Pls don’t bring your stupid habits here .

  97. SzePin said

    prc , priest la , see your car drive so fast and furious , want to bang some car and get some accident itsit , next time see road before you drive fast , if not , wear glasses la please , you crush people car and make people die , still (dare serve the taxi driver right) ? you want find die itsit lol singapore map so small , want fast and furious ? go driver on sea please . still dare said (Why didn’t the taxi driver look at oncoming vehicles before accelerating off? They think green light = no threat? Serve the taxi driver right)
    so means you a passing a traffic light without green but red . sohai .. next time i bring aeroplane come and crush you fking car and said , can’t you hear the broommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , and said you don’t have the fking airbag in ur car? .

  98. real_singaporean said

    Serve this muah chee right. At least good point in this accident is, his wife kena shattered because this stupid PRC was having an affair. hahahahah…the kind of trash should not die on the spot but slowly… pain and anguish. rich so what?

  99. Kin said

    i really hope that that PRC martin kena killed by singapore gang members.

  100. Secrets said

    Not even harping on this matter because its a CHINA AHTIONG (dont even know get pr alr not) its because, it IS HIS FAULT WHAT, BRAINLESS SMELLY TIONG ROLL BACK TO CHINA PLEASE -.-

  101. Kin said

    COME ON USE YOUR PIG BRAIN… IMPACT FROM LEFT… how airbag save u? HYUNDAI or any Brands wouldnt be able to say that their airbag will able to defend this impact. If this is in the 80s or 90s… pretty sure the family would be killed under parangs…

  102. fucked off - rich irresponsible MFs said

    fuck off – PRC new citizen ‘Martin’ aka ‘Jennet’, motherfucker…. dont try to act clever n smart. maybe u will be kill by another motherfucker mainland chinese in singapore!! hahaha….

    btw, not all mainland “tai loat chai” are fucked-up but most are, because of survival. maybe china should remain as fucking poor like in the 80s…..

    is good that MaChi dies, saves the cost n resources to have him occupied in this tiny island…

    thanks MaChi for killing yourself but fucked you for killing others…. maybe ur family should die together as well…. that would be good. 🙂

  103. Made in Singapore said

    What are these people trying to say? Yes, some of the post may seem to be against PRC. but who we are really against, is anybody who drives recklessly and disregard other people’s safety. Anybody who does the same act will equally be condemned, no matter where they come from.

    You can defend criticism against PRC, but you cannot defend the fucker who caused this.

  104. wayneyeoweizhong said

    Amazing! That the one incident. Proven by a video clip, can be actually twisted into so many horrendous ways. There was a green light, the taxi moved, he was in the right! Nuff said. Why can they say that a person who breaks traffic regulations is blatantly correct! They can defend the PRC, but they would be too irrational to defend the idiot who did this. Where is the compensation. Why is the dead PRC treated like king on the media while the victims are given cursory attention? People are dead. Families are affected! Can those PRCs wake up?

  105. JustaPasserby said

    who is right and who is wrong is already very clear. pls don’t argue just for the sake of it. it will just make you seem like a joke.

  106. peking Dog xu sunn said

    Look,at our local guy watch what he do….laugh & laugh

  107. K K said

    To Martin,

    I CURSE you & your entire family here will be run over by lorry & all die in a traffic accident. Your follow on generations will all die in traffic accidents too. I SAY THIS!!!

  108. Dr XYZ said

    In their own country, they drive right through human bodies! And to make sure that the people they knocked down really died, they drove through them a second time.
    These are the idiots that our dear gahmen opened the door wide to let them into Singapore!

  109. F L said

    Last I remembered, almost all the Chinese here were all immigrants.

    So please, Singaporeans, be more sensible. Think with a clearer head.
    Lives has been lost here. If you are really that benevolent, you should go help the taxi driver’s family and the passenger.

    • chinese singaporean said

      hey tell that to most americans that they are not americans as almost none are natives…… dumb ass, overseas chinese ARE not chinese!!!! they are malaysians, singaporeans, thais, russians, americans, etc etc….. understand? dumb ass!!!

    • Rui said

      Almost Everyone In Asia was from mainland china eg Vietnamese, Japanese, Singaporeans etc but we evolved and better than them

  110. asddas said

    eh screw prc luh uh ! seriously , prc speak as though you deserve to drive ? tsk if its a singaporean driving , this would not have happen . this will happen its just simply because you PRC ARE JUST TO ARROGANT ! first , hang your shirt on the playground , second talk so loudly in the train , thridly , smelling so bad , lastly this ? tsk . this is singapore not your country . so what you earn big bucks ? it does not means you can be and do whatever you want here . just try us singaporeans .

  111. emm said

    this martin is definitely a friggin’ maggot …

    common sense isnt a gift ~ it is a punishment ..
    cos we have to deal with douchebags like this friggin’ maggot and the family of machi ~

  112. Public said

    Slow down and prepare to stop (NOT SPEED UP) when you see amber lights from distance and stop before the white lines. So that the dead bastard speed up from far distance to beat amber lights but unfortunately the dead bastard didn’t even bother to slow down. His lan jiao must be the problem sucking too hard by the chio bu during “Fast ‘N’ Furious” in action.

  113. Ricky Loh said

    前世積來今世果,今世修福 / 造孽 來世受。

  114. Kyvra said

    Let’s just all stop giving this sorry excuse of a human any more attention. He is clearly trying to compound on his 3 seconds of ill-gotten “fame” by commenting irresponsibly on a tragic situation, without due consideration for the feelings of everyone affected by this accident.

  115. I have nothing to say except: FUCK U MArtin! and FUCK U Ma CHI! THis is not about your fucking achievements. Innocent lives have been lost. If you wan to wave your $$$, try to bribe your way to heaven. Hope you like it hell. Lots of your kind are waiting for you there.

  116. To martin: I have nothing else to say except F*CK U! This is not abt ur f*cking achievements. Since you dun value lives of others. I hope you manage to bribe ur way to heaven. Hell has its gates open for u, lots of ur kind are in there waiting for u. Hope u like it in there. F*cker!

  117. Sam said

    China had been losers since 4000 years ago they fought unwanted wars among themselves so to create a long long history for people to criticise them. The people were losers can’t even protect their own country and get invade by others. Now they started to get arrogance and unrespectful to others. As for the dead Ferrari driver it a pity to die to young but it a retribution for himself and his loved ones. This is just another story a sad story for the concerned people. Remember the revolution that using tanks to crush people at the Tian An Men years back? The high officials say we had 14 billions citzens so what to kill some rebellious. So to Martin who commented so what another person died did u visit the die countryman family to send condolence? So like the ma chi family said stop your poisonous tougue before retribution fall on u

  118. Shawn85 said

    “Fugging” stupid … airbags are mainly installed in the front, not the sides. Douchebag much. And even a car installed with side airbags wont survive such an impact. PRC really brainless.

  119. Ben said

    Alright before I say anything I’m going to apologise first hand for my language used and also if I would insult anybody.
    However I’d just like to say, everybody Shut the fck up for a second, take a step back and fcking look at what’s going on. The accident is involving a Singaporean Cab driver carrying a Japanese passenger and a Ferrari with two PRC passengers. Suddenly out of nowhere, due to one person stupid, daft, inexcusable, disgusting and ‘fucked up’ act, a racial conflict appears. I appeal to all fellow Singaporeans, we’re better than that, Much more better than that.

    I do agree Ma Chi should be given the blame as evidence shows that,
    1. He was speeding at some in excusable speed.
    2. The Taxi driver was travelling at his rights as the light was green.
    3. Clearly the taxi would have to accelerate, which kind of driver wouldn’t.
    4. The Ferrari was clearly shown to have hit front face towards the side of the taxi
    5. Elaborating from the above point, if the Ferrari was in his ‘right’ mind, he would’ve saw the taxi and made an attempt stop, which clearly in the video, he didn’t.

    Well that is my 2 cents of knowledge and opinion, if I am wrong please do state.

    I do pray for the deceased and the deceased family as this is truly tragic and over-the-top absurd. However Ma Chi is dead and what is there to do, but to move on. Yes it seems no sense of justice is done, however what sort of justice would you have done?

    Getting back to my main point, why the racial conflict here? Yes, what the ‘Martin’ fellow had it coming, pretending to be some smart aleck, even bring out the rule book. However what he fails to see is that he’s just another daft bastard. However due to this should we condemn a whole race and nation? Do not forget some of our ancestors may come from the same places where they were from? Who knows maybe even distant relatives. If there should even be a discussion on this matter, it should be kept on a clear line where race, nationality and religion should be kept out of.

    I also do agree that when one migrates or moves abroad for any certain aspect, one should follow the rules of another country regardless of the law back home. This is without beyond a doubt a no brainer. However one must know that there are always certain individuals who do not or cannot grasps this concept. This is where the home land security comes in, and not where we condemn race, nationality and religion.

    It may be just be me finding this a bit too racially motivated, if none of you agree I shan’t say anymore and keep my thoughts to myself.

    All of you have a good day because it’s too short not to.

  120. Absolut John said

    I’m from the U.S.A., and if this were to happen here, nobody would question whose fault this was. I was SHOCKED. CLEARLY Ma Chi’s mistake. His family could have been sued by the others for negligence. It doesn’t matter HOW you get your money here, but you still have to play by the rules, follow the laws, and drive safely. Admittedly, this taxi can be a cheaply made car, but NOTHING is going to protect you from a Ferrari T-boning you at 180 on a city street, not even if you’re in a Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, etc.

    What a tragedy.

  121. T said

    What is said by an above writer regarding unsafe timing of traffic lights fr green to red is true. Myself a fmr bus cpt. I stayed in china 3 mths n they had timing countdown. My bro in law drives there and according to him and also from what I specifically observed when I take his car, this is very much safer n incur no sudden and accident causing brakes like we hv here, tho they drive like snakes in other ways. I can vouch so. I was in Qingdao 2mths, also Shanghai 3mths . I will be writing to relevant people to eradicate these bad sys as well as a host lot of others, sadly to say. I wan to save lives. Spread it improve it for the innocent children n old folks n others.My exp (26yrs driving) I wan to help people in Singapore to be safe n the world. Lets start in our own way.Accidents must be reduced in my opinion by 70 or 80 % if not MIN 60%. As a former exp public bus transport cpt I know it can if we love enough. I will be makin other suggestions too. Ferrari boss a Mr jean Tod is lobbying the UN. May people w abilities contribute their brain for the good of people. I m only 2 o levels but bec of love I wan to change it n know fr exp it can.Iknow where the faults n pattern to accidebts are. Let all kind people of goodwill do so.Irregardless i believe then it will be reduced.Tks

  122. cheong said

    who is this bladyfool Martin? so you think the rich always right? there is law, green mean go, simple thing can’t even understand???? tu viglio di bastardo!! PUTTANA!

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