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WP confused over who to field in Hougang by-election with two members granted political donation certificates

Posted by temasektimes on May 15, 2012

Even before the campaigning for the Hougang by-election begins, the Workers Party appears to self-implode with confusion arising over its chosen candidate.

In an earlier press conference, WP announced it has nominated Mr Png Eng Huat (pic left) to contest in the by-election, but another member, former candidate for Nee Soon GRC Dr Poh Lee Guan  has applied for the political donation certificate required to contest in the election as well.

The Elections Department said on Tuesday that certificates were issued to Mr Desmond Choo, Mr Png Eng Huat, Dr Poh Lee Guan and Mr Zeng Guoyuan.

While some have earlier speculated that Dr Poh was being used as a ‘reserve’ for Mr Png in case the latter’s application was rejected in the last minute for whatever reasons, it turns out not to be so as WP was kept in the dark over the matter.

In a short statement posted on its Facebook, WP said:

“The Workers’ Party has only nominated Mr Png Eng Huat as our candidate for Hougang SMC. Dr Poh Lee Guan has not informed us of any intention to contest. Dr Poh is still a member of the Party.”

So what is happening exactly?

Is Dr Poh really going to contest in the by-election? Or is he simply volunteering to be Mr Png’s ‘reserve’ without the knowledge of his party? Either way, it does not reflect well on the Workers Party which does not seem to know what it is doing at times.

Just a day ago, former WP candidate for Nee Soon GRC Rajeev Kamalasanan resigned abruptly from the party, citing his unhappiness with the party’s refusal to nominate him for party cadreship. He also revealed discriminatory remarks against Indians made by WP Chairman Sylvia Lim which has not been clarified yet despite a half-baked attempt to do so by skirting the question.


8 Responses to “WP confused over who to field in Hougang by-election with two members granted political donation certificates”

  1. Moon said

    How is WP imploding with confusion? The statement it issued is very clear – they have only nominated Png Eng Huat. Though Dr Poh applied for the political donation certificate, WP has made it clear that he will not be nominated by them. The confusion, it seems, is among us observers and the writer of this article.

  2. Prataman said

    Since you are at it, why don’t you mention that Mr Zeng Guoyuan was also once a member of the Workers Party.

    Might gain you some respectability.

  3. No Can Do said

    Unless he is a PAPie mole, Dr Poh shd bide his time to stand for election another time than disturb the hustings now underway. Otherwise, he’s going to be another f@#king a@#ehole among opp pll..

  4. There is nothing wrong in having a reserve candidate ready to take over if anything at all should go wrong with the proposed candidate. In fact I consider this extra prudence useful and necessary. No one knows for sure whether any mishap can happen at the last minute.
    I just sincerely hope that the WP candidate would not be disqualified for whatever reason. WP has to make very sure that every field in the nomination form is duly filled and that the candidate’s signature, the proposer’s signature, the seconders’ signatures, and their eligibility to be candidate, proposer and seconders respectively are doubly checked to be scrupulously in order.
    It would be disastrous if the WP candidate were to be disqualified for whatever reason, because if so, then the BE would be as good as a walkover for the PAP candidate.
    Heaven forbids such an eventuality.

  5. No Can Do said

    Dr Poh, like Dr Zeng the acupuncturist, will lose his deposit if he stands on his own without official endorsement by his WP. Sad he can’t wait till next GE or does he himself know the ex co of WP considers him to be unfit as a constituency candidate? Anyway, if he comes in as a spoiler, his political future is finished. There’s still time to withdraw his bid and he shd in the ppl’s interest.

  6. 龙的传人 said

    Well done !

  7. stevenado said

    I have listerned to Dr.Poh’s speech during the last election. Not only will he loose his deposit,he will become faceless.When he speaks, he only speak for himself but not the audience.This just want to talk only.There is no political substance about him.He should retire and watch others perform. Give way to those younger and more able people.That is the best constribution,NOT JUST WANTING TO TALK!!!!

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