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Passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari is a PRC student Wu Weiwei who just graduated from a private school

Posted by temasektimes on May 16, 2012

The mysterious female passenger in PRC man Ma Chi’s Ferrari has been identified as a PRC woman Ms Wu Weiwei from Hubei province.

Ma Chi crashed his red Ferrari into a Comfort Delgro taxi driven by Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock in the early hours of Saturday morning at a Bugis junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Mr Cheng, 52, and his Japanese passenger, Ms Shigemi Ito, later died in hospital.

Ms Wu suffered a fractured leg in the accident and underwent an operation on Monday. Her condition is currently stable and is recovering in a high-dependency ward at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

It is unclear how Ms Wu ended up in Ma Chi’s car in the middle of the night. None of friends nor his wife (pic left) know the existence of Ms Wu whose friends said she had just graduated from a hospitality course at the East Asia Institute of Management.

They also refute reports by a local Chinese tabloid that she is working at a KTV lounge at a hostess, claiming that she comes from a ‘reputable’ family in China.

When asked about Ma Chi, they said they have seen him before with Ms Wu, but declined to comment on their ‘relationship’, adding that she already has a boyfriend.


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33 Responses to “Passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari is a PRC student Wu Weiwei who just graduated from a private school”

  1. Sun Wu Gui said

    Nothing wrong with a whore already having a boyfriend what? PRC whore!

  2. lola said

    With or without boyfriends, these low class PRC students will shamelessly seduce and con rich married men.

  3. Mel Ganie said

    Get her testimonial report quick on the accident! She is the best person to tell this story! In my view, Ma Chi was obviously trying to show off resulted in this accident! A stupid move indeed!

  4. Badass Ed said

    She a student huh? Hospitality?

    If you say so.

    But the makeup seems pretty thick leh for a student!

    I sure don’t mind sitting next to her in class!

  5. Nice gesture said

    Before we start throwing rocks at this PRC girl for sinking her talons into a married and Ferraried PRC guy let’s not forget our own teenage hooker scandal. Better a PRC cheated than a local one.

  6. Sam said

    it is a well-known fact that most ktv hostesses are here on student passes.
    Unless you tell me that MOM issues EPs or S-passes or even SPR for ktv hostesses.

  7. Joker said

    Ya, everyday she had different boyfriend.

  8. loo Liat Liang said

    so…not nightclub ang pai….

  9. David said

    Chee bye! PRC slut now occupying limited bed space in our already crowded hospital. On top of that, we still got to subsidies her medical bills!

  10. Anonymous said

    I guess we should stop fighting & arguing. Indeed this is a tragedy. PRC is also human beings. Can we choose which country we are born in? Can we choose whether we are from poor or wealthy family? Yes, rumour claim Mr Ma’s bro is a mafia. Can u choose if ur born in that family?
    I feel sorry for all parties involves as well as their families. Mr Ma had his live taken away too. As for his mother, how will u feel if your son die in an accident? If Ma is a Singaporean? How will people react? I’m a Singaporean but after reading these few days article abt this accident, I just felt that there’s no point to point finger at the family mbrs (yes, although they are rich)
    I actually have this thoughts – Did we got information that Ma has been doing charity and all this while been supporting the charity by donating sum of money? Or maybe this is the first time due to some problem he’s facing in the family which make him do this ONE mistake?
    This guy had his life taken as well so why don’t we be more compassionate and think in another way? Or just becos he is from PRC and we Singaporean had seen and heard many incident which from PRC I.e husband having affairs with PRC women so we have this bad impression of PRC? We all are human, we can’t choose where we born , rich or poor. So why are we giving all this negative comments? Or are we jealous and envious becos he’s so RICH in such young age?
    I believe many people out there will not like my comment but we are all human, sit down and think about it.

    • mandy said

      maybe what you say is right… when it’s applied to the correct person… but in this case, when media reports about the charity work… they may have overlooked to report his usual driving habits…. ask around Bugis area and you may not be surprised to hear about the famous red Ferrari and his usual dangerous driving habit… and cursed by quite a handful whom he nearly ran over in the past….

    • S said

      well said!

    • GH said

      He can still CHOOSE to drive responsibly.

      His family can still CHOOSE to compensate the victims. They want compassion, where is THEIRS?

      Anyone who says we are blaming their wealth, has not seen our anger at the bus driver and the taxi hijacker who are poor.

  11. Elusive Scorp said

    This PRC whore drink.. Get drunk.. Feeling high & need to be fuck.. Seduce muah chee to get a one night stand.. Ended up in a ferrari and getting crashed!

  12. Elusive Scorp said

    This PRC whore drink.. Get drunk.. Feeling high & need to be fuck.. Seduce muah chee for a one night stand.. Ended up in a ferrari and getting crashed! Serve you right, bitch!

  13. SGsuperslutaunty. said

    A student can also be a whore, who say if she’s a student, she’s not a whore??

    • GH said

      Many so called student pass holders double as hostesses. I didn’t say her specifically hor. Got deeferren one.

  14. skyeyap said

    Looks so pretty, no wonder in such a hurry..

  15. Lol said

    Know why she did not die ?
    She was doing BJ.
    In that position, it is similar to preparing a crash landing in a plane.

  16. China Embassy In Veiled Warning To PRCs in Singapore said

    Chinese embassy in letter to ST forum today says: “We hope that Chinese citizens living in Singapore will respect life, value the safety of themselves and others, abide by its laws and regulations, and live responsibly and gracefully. We hope that such tragic and unfortunate incidents will not recur.”

    Meaning: if PRCs here do it again, they will face the wrath of the PRC government back home !!

    • ;ABC said

      Should`nt this sort of statement be made by the Singapore government? If this had happened in any other self-respecting country it would be done. Instead we have Teo Chee Hean giving Singaporeans a lecture instead.

  17. lotsa crap.. said

    It’s so common to see PRC “students” here part timing at KTVs.. In fact, I’m not sure which is the part time or ktv..

  18. peking Dog xu sunn said

    What a student do at midnight 4am

    • lola said

      This is very common and you see them around every corner in Singapore. These students will stick to any rich young and old, unmarried or married men for freebies day and night.

  19. Family Man said

    Time to chill and let the affected parties heal……

  20. GH said

    Many so called student pass holders double as hostesses. I didn’t say her specifically hor. Got deeferren one.

  21. Leo said

    if everyone thinks this is “choi”, the whole community of women are more choi and elegant than her.

  22. toni said

    alot of them are gangsters/ money launderes or do fishy biz. coz singapore gubberment never question where the money came from.

    • skyeyap said

      Thats why they need to bring their $ out of China. If not China Gov can anytime confiscate their fortune.

  23. ong said

    Why isn’t anyone interviewing this chinagirl student in Hospital, still ?
    She has physical bone fractures, wounds, but her mind is still sane (I hope), and mouth still can utter words,….

    Instead of speculating, and discussing circles around this sad incident,…
    would the Editors of this web-portal, please assign a reporter to stalk this girl, at the hospital, until she talks, or before she dissapears into the wood-work ?

    Or has she already been paid by the powers behind, to remain silent ?
    Has the Police interviewed her ?

    Let’s obtain some information from the horse’s mouth,……

  24. cheong said

    hahaha, i can really laugh non stop, what kind of girl u can get in the middle of night??it is so clear that we all don’t hv to guess, ask all the man and they know he answer.

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