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PHOTOS: Nomination Day at Serangoon Junior College

Posted by temasektimes on May 16, 2012

Both supporters of the People’s Action Party and the Workers’ Party gathered early at Serangoon Junior College to support their respective candidates.

Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee has declared Png Eng Huat of the Workers’ Party and Desmond Choo of the People’s Action Party as candidates for Hougang by-election on 26 May.

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5 Responses to “PHOTOS: Nomination Day at Serangoon Junior College”

  1. Ken Lee said


  2. Ooh-la-la said

    Amazingly, the above photos foretell the outcome for Hougang voters representing sinkie commoners.
    Note the umbrellas carried by PAPie supporters and the red banners carried by WP commoners. The foreboding message is: Vote PAP and u can expect more dark clouds and rain in the years ahead to ur discomfiture. Vote WP and u will hv red banners to decorate ur homes in celebration of happy days ahead.
    The choice for Hougang voters is obvious!!

  3. 龙的传人 said


  4. Aberdyn said

    Oh dear!! We have yet to hear from the legal fraternity on this legal and constitutional rights over the issue of the election laws and by-laws that is the hot topics in serious discussion right now pertaining to the controversy mooted by the by-election of the Hougang constituency which was the centre of contention between the constituents of Hougang and the ruling government. In particular, the Prime Minister. We have yet to hear or received positive comments from people who are in the specific profession of laws like the experts in Constitutional Laws and especially the Parliamentary Election Laws and all the by-laws in pursuant to the subject matter. So far we have not heard anything from any quarters especially the Law Society of Singapore to at least give a professional comments on the discussed subject.

    In regards to the recent development of a judicial application by a constituent to the high court to seek clarification from the court that would a by-election be called by the prime minister, the episodes of this proceedings appeared to be not in a very good light with both parties the prime minister the respondent, and the plaintiff uses the power of the court to seek recourse. Its regrettable that we have to resort to this kind of approach and direction when in substance it is a straight forward matter if a by-election is called by the PM they shouldn’t be an issue at all.

    But unfortunately, it not be so because they were many obstacles blocking the passage way to the intended objectives. Like eg. The so-called “unfettered discretion” with the Prime Minister having this special prerogative solely under his control and power and the decision is his absolutely. The constitution of Singapore provided the PM with this specific power over regulating the general election or a by-election hence the decision when to call for one is up to the PM.

    But with this laws in place, they seems to be a short-change in term of the citizens right if a by-election is not called whereby when a constituency left without an MP having vacated the seat or any other reasons. With this short- coming, we should re-looked for a better improved procedures to facilitate the election laws simpler and easier like introducing a law to call the by-election the moment a parliamentary seat is left vacant and the PM is no longer a hindrance calling for a by-election.

    Once again, I like to appeal to legal fraternity like the Law Society, Legal Organisation, and even MPs regardless from what camps of inclination to come forward to contribute some ideas on this matter of importance to see whether it is possible to look for new avenues in order to improve the way how our election or by-election is done in the eye of the citizens state constitutional rights.

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