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PRC netizens speculate that Ma Chi may be linked to a fugitive mafia boss from Chongqing?

Posted by temasektimes on May 16, 2012

Despite the constant harping on his immense ‘wealth’ by the Singapore media, questions still linger on how PRC man Ma Chi (马驰) managed to amass such a huge fortune at only 31 years of age.

Ma Chi has become a public figure of hate in Singapore after his speeding Ferrari rammed into a Comfort Delgro taxi in the early hours of Saturday morning killing himself and two other victims, a Japanese woman Shigemi Ito and a 52 year old cabby Cheng Teck Hock, who leaves behind 3 children aged between 16 and 21 years old.

The Ferrari 599GTO is of limited edition and reportedly worth S$1.4 million dollars.

According to one local socio-political blog ‘TR Emeritus’, Ma Chi is linked to a fugitive mafia boss by the name of Ma Yong (马永) from the city of Chongqing. He fled south to the city of Guangzhou in 2007 after a crackdown initiated on criminal gangs by then Chongqing Communist Party Chief Bo Xilai and his police chief Wang Lijun.

The blog also claimed that several postings by PRC netizens alleged that “Ma Chi was involved in money-laundering in Hong kong, to the tune of several millions a month.”

[Source: TR Emeritus]

However, we are unable to find any postings by PRC netizens on the subject matter so far.

The shocking accident was given extensive publicity in by both the print and new media, fueling already rampant anti-foreigner sentiments in Singapore as angry Singaporeans vent their frustration at the government’s immigration policies online.


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17 Responses to “PRC netizens speculate that Ma Chi may be linked to a fugitive mafia boss from Chongqing?”

  1. Houston said

    Singapore must tighten immigration – do background checks on applicants, especially on Chinese PRC who have so much suspicious wealth! Too hasty to fill up our little island with any so-called FT or any one who has cash to invest here.
    So many PRC buy up Singapore properties with hard cash, in suitcases! If their wealth is clean, they would be paying like everyone does – via cheques from banks.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      exactly, we all know that corruption, frauds, black money – money laundering is rampant in China. Sad thing is our money faced government don’t do such checks. That’s partly why rich foreigners prefer to park their money here – buying up properties, etc. another way to hide their ill gotten gains.

    • Washing Machine said

      Should close her legs without spreading it wide open for any Tom Dick Harry and stingko tingo!

  2. william said

    not surprise….. singapore always welcome such “foreign talent” !

  3. RC said

    He is now forever burning in hell so he is linked to the King of Hell. Hahahaha

  4. pay said

    That is pure negligence driving and i urge the family of the taxi driver consider going after his estate.

  5. Cheng said

    First, you have to prove the said mafia Ma Yong Xiang (not Ma Yong as you stated) are the same person.

    Ma Chi & wife are both from Sichuan. Mafia Ma Yong Xiang is from Guizhou. And Bo Xi Lai is from Chongqing.
    Granted these 3 cites are close and next to each other (5 hrs drive from Guizhou to CQ) so that possibility they have some activities is there.

    Furthermore, the family or press is still unable to pin point/provide his place of work/company.
    And he was cremated very quickly and in low profile, which makes it suspicious.
    Reports that he is a self-made man…therefore it is not family wealth make his wealth even more curious.

  6. singaporeson said

    More prc = more Singaporean death

  7. bb said

    Sg gov should seize the assets in sg first and check whether any criminal offence has been committed.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      our govt are so pro-foreigner bet they will do that! until today our transport minister kept silence. Immigration dept kept silence. come 2016, we have to make a drastic change!

  8. a9fc said

    Ok. This is getting out of hand.

    If you still think that it’s impossible to amass a huge fortune at a young age, that’s your own opinion, or more precisely, your own small circle of reality.

    Let’s focus on the fact that he’s a drunkard and that his family is unrepentant. Don’t bring your own incompetence and prejudice into the matter.

  9. kumantong said

    its a known fact tat most rich ah tiong has lots of hard cash from unknown source… buying million dollar houses here with full cash….etc

  10. Anonymous said

    I guess we should stop fighting & arguing. Indeed this is a tragedy. PRC is also human beings. Can we choose which country we are born in? Can we choose whether we are from poor or wealthy family? Yes, rumour claim Mr Ma’s bro is a mafia. Can u choose if ur born in that family?
    I feel sorry for all parties involves as well as their families. Mr Ma had his live taken away too. As for his mother, how will u feel if your son die in an accident? If Ma is a Singaporean? How will people react? I’m a Singaporean but after reading these few days article abt this accident, I just felt that there’s no point to point finger at the family mbrs (yes, although they are rich)
    I actually have this thoughts – Did we got information that Ma has been doing charity and all this while been supporting the charity by donating sum of money? Or maybe this is the first time due to some problem he’s facing in the family which make him do this ONE mistake?
    This guy had his life taken as well so why don’t we be more compassionate and think in another way? Or just becos he is from PRC and we Singaporean had seen and heard many incident which from PRC I.e husband having affairs with PRC women so we have this bad impression of PRC? We all are human, we can’t choose where we born , rich or poor. So why are we giving all this negative comments? Or are we jealous and envious becos he’s so RICH in such young age?
    I believe many people out there will not like my comment but we are all human, sit down and think about it.

    • DoDo said

      Well, let’s put it this way. If the ferrari driver were hypothetically a singaporean (for argument sake – say Saw Phaik Hwa), I think the outrage will equally be strong (this time will be the poor vs rich) but yes, the xenophobia will be less intruding. So no, it will still have the same results just minus the nationality part.

  11. Elusive Scorp said

    Common sense la, how can he be so rich at such age.. Definitely involved in money laundering.. He was cremated so quickly, don’t you all find it fishy.. Come on, his identity is not just an investor.. Sure more complicated. Coming here is just to have a brand new identity & life so as to cover his shit.

  12. bb said

    Not surprising a lot PRC have their ill gotten gains example China Most Wanted extradited from Canada.

    Is this type of FT Singapore wants- he could easily bring the property prices and COE up and down as he likes.

  13. Eddie Tan said

    Did you know…., the latest news…., Ma Chi was naked from bottom down when he was extracted out from his Ferrari..??? Could it be his girlfriend was doing something with her mouth to him that caused him to beat the redlights…!!!

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