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PRC students attend cabby Cheng Teck Hock’s wake to offer condolences and support

Posted by temasektimes on May 16, 2012

Since the beginning of the week, we have received several emails from members of the public offering financial assistance to the family of the late Cheng Teck Hock, including PRC students who are currently studying in Singapore.

Mr Cheng was driving his Hyundai Sonata taxi across a junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street in the early hours of Saturday afternoon before a red Ferrari driven by a PRC national Ma Chi beat the red light and crashed into him.

Ma Chi died on the spot and the Japanese passenger Shigemi Ito in Mr Cheng’s taxi passed away hours later in hospital.

Mr Cheng was declared brain dead by doctors and finally succumbed to his injuries on Sunday evening leaving behind three children aged between 16 and 21. His eldest daughter has to put a halt  to her plans to further her studies in universities

One PRC student Zhang Jingshu attended the wake of Mr Cheng last night:

“Today I visited the funeral of the late cabby Mr Cheng and felt sorry and sad for him. All the Weibo users, residing in Singapore or in China, are condemning or even cursing Ma Chi.”

Another PRC student from NUS Heng Bin attended the wake with a group of friends and donated some $500 to the family.

“I feel very sorry for the family. In China, he (Ma Chi) would be cruxified by the public and his family will have to attend the funeral of the victims and bow to them.”

PRC nationals are also appalled at the coverage of the accident by local media. One staff nurse Li Bei wrote in an email to us:

“In Guangzhou, the family would be on ‘Guangzhou Focus’ (current affairs talkshow) and publicly shamed. I am shocked your media is actually praising how rich and successful he is. We spit on such people in China.”

Some other responses from PRC nationals in Singapore on Lion City Forum:

“悲剧!一场车祸毁了几个家庭,为了自己和家人我们应惜福,对自己所做所为负责。最痛苦的是他们的亲人。” – desnow

“有钱人好练。害死无辜的几条人命,新加坡的马路就算晚上开车也是按交通灯走的,因为新加坡人就是这么呆板。无辜的德士司机死都放不下。家属在跟他讲这不是他的错,他才含泪而去。更可悲的事,肇事者家属,自顾自办后事,连个电话安慰都没有。无情无义。丢脸啊。” – cbj

“实际上事故的责任不会因为肇事者死亡而自动消失。两辆车的死者都是家里的经济支柱。善后如何得到妥善的处理,的士家庭如何获得合理的赔偿,肇事者家庭会不会出现人道主义灾难,这才是大家现在应该关注的。法拉利司机是要为自己的死负责,但他母亲,妻子和腹中的孩子还是值得同情的吧。” – nvm

Comfort Delgro has started a donation drive for Mr Cheng’s family.

Members of the public can make cheques payable to “LIM CHOO ENG” and mail them to:

c/o Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd 
383 Sin Ming Drive 
Singapore 575717 
Attn: Customer Service Centre 

Donors should indicate their names on the back of their cheques.

We are in contact with one member of the Cheng family. Singaporean employers who wish to offer a job to the eldest daughter of Mr Cheng can email us at Thanks!


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25 Responses to “PRC students attend cabby Cheng Teck Hock’s wake to offer condolences and support”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    People of China are like Singaporeans…the majority do not trust nor believe in their Politicians…

  2. Ooh-la-la said

    Kudos to the PRC students for their good sense of justice and fair play that we do not even see in our PAPies’ ruling elites with their selfish egos and self-centred policies that are causing undue hardships to many elderly and commoners.

  3. Snoopy Says said



  4. dan2429E said

    ….alot hinges on the testimony of the injured PRC student in the Ferrari…….
    ….hope she will speak the truth and clear all doubts whether the driver was inebriated or not….

  5. KW said


  6. dan2429E said

    ….alot hinges on the testimony of the PRC student in the Ferrari…..
    …..hope she speaks the truth and clear all doubts whether the driver was inebriated or not……..

  7. sharing same EQ said

    ” I am shocked your media is actually praising how rich and successful he is. We spit on such people in China”

    Well said indeed!
    I hope the PRC students will tell fellow netizens using ‘Weibo’ that the media is beholden to the spore govt and is officially the mouthpiece of the ruling party called PAP.
    I believe 40% sporeans also share similar sentiments, they spit on such people in Spore and more so on spore govt leaders who are birds of the same feather.

  8. cys said

    would a lawyer please step forth and volunteer your services for cheng’s family? his family should seriously consider filing a law suit to seek compensation from ma’s family or his insurer if he is covered under a third party insurance.

  9. Nice gesture said

    “Another PRC student from NUS Heng Bin attended the wake with a group of friends and donated some $500 to the family.”

    A big thanks to NUS Heng Bin and friends for returning some of their scholarship money ( if they were on moe’s payroll) to Singapore’s own needy. If they weren’t MOE scholars then all the more thanks to them.

    • Ms Kong said

      Big thanks to Heng Bin and friends for having a sense of conscience and civility which the Ma family totally does not have.

  10. eXAKR said

    Well, at least there are the few rare sensible ones who are not like the majority pigs and dogs, and the family of that ferrari driver.

  11. pixeleast said

    Donors should, on behalf of the cabby’s family, hand their money directly to the best lawyer in town to sue the daylights out of Ma Chi’s family.

  12. a9fc said


    I’ve worked with and known many PRC who are actually great people, glad to see them making the news as well!

  13. Umm … the video shows Ma Chi didn’t ‘beat’ the red light, he ran **straight through** the red light at high speed before cleaning up Mr Cheng’s taxi that was obviously observing the road laws. Bit of a difference. Never mix excess testosterone, arrogance and stupidity with high performance vehicles. The results can (as in this case) be tragic. My thoughts go out to the family of Mr Cheng.

  14. Family Man said

    One bad apple doesn’t make the entire basket bad. There are still many good foreigners living in Singapore. Just too bad that our govt isn’t as discerning.

  15. Kin said

    good, nothing can rewind the time, just hope that that their family can shut up and return to china immediately

  16. Alva said

    It’s interesting how little comments there are on this page while the posts casting negativity on Chinese nationals are bursting with flaming comments.

    It’s not about nationality; negative personality traits such as tactlessness and self-righteousness exist in every country.

    I know I’d hate to have someone come up to me and say, “Shut your mouth you Singaporean! You are stupid and probably just as judgmental as all the Singaporeans I meet.”

    What did I ever do to you?

    Kudos to everyone who took the effort to click here and read a positive story instead of focussing on the negative. You guys are the only ones who have managed to retain some good sense instead of letting your emotions loosen your tongue.

    On the upside, I do hope that the public outrage will give Ma Chi’s family some pressure to provide financial assistance to the other families. I’m sure they can well afford to.

    I’m curious why there has been almost no news or public outcry from Japan regarding Ms. Ito; objectively thinking she is the most innocent in this situation as she wasn’t even a driver (there was completely no responsibility nor possibility on her part to have made any decisions that could have averted the accident).

    • Just an avg singaporean said

      I agree with you Alva. Very little is mentioned about the innocent Japanese passenger, probably because her family is in Japan?

      And yes, not all PRCs are like Ma Chi. It is only and solely Ma Chi’s fault for the cause of the deadly accident. Unpleasent comments should not be targetted on all PRCs. Accidents are happening everyday, many were caused by Singaporeans’ reckless driving too.

      Ma Chi’s family is still in grief. I hope that they would come to their senses soon enough to apologize as well as compensate the poor family for the loss of Mr Cheng.

    • DX said

      Thanks Alva, I was gonna say the same thing too. It’s riduculous – and to a large extent, sad – how dumb and unreasonable our Singaporean netizens are. They only know how to flame PRCs for every thing. It’s just unfortunate that this incident was caused by a PRC, giving them more ammo to fuel their venemous tongues. Good things like this happen they tiam tiam.

  17. blah. said

    so it seems, the usual crowd at this site is not interested in anything that does not bash either the pap or foreigners. is everyone so used to demonising foreigners that you cant find the decency to thank those kind-hearted ones among them?

    Ma Chi was wrong, terribly and disgustingly guilty. but his family did nothing to deserve all the spite in the midst of their mourning. foreigners in general are not at fault. it is the few reckless, irresponsible drivers who need some sense bashed into their thick skulls before a tree does. and may i remind everyone, these shitheads are among singaporeans too (just look at the case of Regan Lee)

    so blame the justly deserving, give credit where its due, and stop flaming every motherson because you are having a bad day. that just makes everyone’s day suck

  18. nuriszhar said

    I do feel that many people are directing their rage at the foreigners but fewer are outraged at the people who are really responsible for all the foreigners. My friends, these foreigners are just in our homeland because they’re only human, presented with an opportunity. What would most humans do, when presented with an opportunity? They would make the most out of it, of course. So who is really to blame here? The people who make the most out of the opportunities given to them? Or the people who actually offer them these opportunities on a silver platter in the first place?

    It is unfair to judge or hate all foreigners based on the actions of some. If you go to the U.S or U.K, how would you feel if you are discriminated against just because you’re Asian, and just because some Asians there were real pricks and angered the locals?

    Please let me make myself clear. I am not pro-foreigners. I HATE Singapore’s immigration policy. But to direct your hate towards the people who are invited here instead of the people who are inviting them over, is like taking a free-kick and aiming at the goalposts instead of the net. If you hit your target, everyone will get excited and everyone will think it is close to scoring a goal. But in the end, the ball will just bounce back at you and you still would not have scored any goals.

    What do you hope to achieve by intimidating the foreigners? They have populations a few times bigger than Singapore. Even if you scare one off, and they return back to their country, 10 new ones will come. And why? Because the other people are still sending out invites! And out of the 10, at least ONE will be another A-Hole that we all hate. Let’s face it, there don’t seem to be any Quality Control process on the invite list. Things are going to remain the same, in the same vicious cycle, unless you get to the source. The problem tree will keep growing unless you remove them from the roots. You can’t stop a tree from growing by just plucking a few leaves or breaking a few branches.

  19. 睡神 said

    it is so good to know that there’s at least some Chinese Nationals residing in Singapore that has the civility. unlike another PRC who points his finger at the innocent cabby, who died in the crash, is also at fault for the accident. it’s idiots like them that give their people a bad name. it’s Chinese Nationals like Joanne Zhang Jingshu and Heng Bin which are their saving grace.

    keep it up! your humane actions won’t go unnoticed!

  20. spotlessleopard said

    I am against PAP policy of importing Foreigners at lower than market rates of pay…the PAP is actually bullying Foreigners and Singaporeans….I do not agree on the policy of hiring foreigners at lesser pay for the job…..if the job pays $2,000 to a singaporean then the foreigners who was hired because there are no Singaporeans for that job should and must be paid the $2,000…not because the foreigner is cheaper…To import Foreigners at much lower rates that being paid to Singaporeans is TREASON.

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