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Cabby’s daughter Stephanie Cheng cried ‘Papa Papa!’ for five minutes as his body was sent for cremation

Posted by temasektimes on May 17, 2012

Stephanie Cheng (pic left) had wanted to buy a cake to celebrate her Father’s birthday two weeks ago, but he asked her not to waste the money to do so and it turned out she will never have the chance to buy another cake for him again.

52 year old Singaporean cabby Cheng Teck Hock passed away on Sunday evening after his Hyundai Sonata taxi was rammed into by a speeding red Ferrari driven by a PRC man Ma Chi which appeared out of nowhere.

He leaves behind three children aged between 16 and 21 years old. His eldest daughter Stephanie just graduated from a local polytechnic and has put her plans to study in university on hold as a result of the family tragedy.

As his cold, motionless body was transferred from his wake at the family home in Sembawang to Mandai Crematorium to be cremated this afternoon, Stephanie was in a state of distraught, crying for his father for some five minutes during the journey:

“Papa! Papa! Papa!”

Her younger brother knelt down by the roadside and shouted a few times:

“Papa! Cross the ‘bridge’ carefully!!”

It is a Taoist belief that all souls will have to cross a bridge before meeting the King of Hades to be judged after death.

Meanwhile, the family of Ma Chi still has not offered any apology or compensation to Mr Cheng’s family as the state media continues to spin fairy tales one after another to glorify their wealth to downplay his reckless and criminal acts which have cost two innocent lives.


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47 Responses to “Cabby’s daughter Stephanie Cheng cried ‘Papa Papa!’ for five minutes as his body was sent for cremation”

  1. SPN said

    heartbreaking…. an act of bravado and sheer folly causes such so much pain and suffering to an innocent family and others too….

    • General said

      fk the singapore govt controlled state media. all those working there have no bones, no integrity. please go hang yourselves.

  2. VH2006 said

    To the Ma family: if you still have the cheek to demand for sympathy, you are shameless. Want to show off your wealth? Compensate the victims’ families first! Do you expect your countrymen to help?


  3. Orang Laut said

    I am very sad for the family you could just feel their lost , I hope they will have strength thru out

  4. Ken Lee said

    rest in peace!

  5. kelvin said

    Something about all this seems very wrong. At the end of the day, people are all going to remember the name Ma Chi as an evil doer, but nobody is going to remember the name of the victims, Cheng Teck Hock, or the name of his Japanese passenger, Shigemi Ito.

    I wish the Cheng family all the best, and hope that they will be able to keep their daughter in school so she can graduate with a degree.

  6. Motov01 said

    heart breaking to see this ………..

  7. Ian said

    Reading the last paragraph pisses me off so much!

  8. Ms Kong said

    I’m now afraid for Mr Yeo, the cabbie who gave the incriminating video to both the police and the media. Why did The Straits Times reveal his whole name, when he asked that they don’t reveal his name? If it’s true that Ma Chi’s family has suspicious ties to the Chinese mafias, I’m afraid they will try to murder Mr Yeo.

    • noname said

      “strait time”=”shit time” they are PAP “brainwash media chanel ” tool, boycott that shit out, every article has been screened before it publish , i dont read nor buy that shit for many year..

    • VH2006 said

      ST should be accountable If that’s the case. Netizens, let’s REMIND them.

    • me said

      Idiot. You are doing the cabbie no favours by publishing his name here.

  9. Allgooner said

    马家!! 你们竟然到现在都还不道歉, 赎罪??!! 你不知道德士司机是无辜的吗? 马池虽然已死, 但那是他开快车闯红灯, 死有余辜. 请你们明白事理, 赔偿人家. 如果你们如此无情, 就只能说你们是人类的耻辱, 渣滓!! 请你们别成为我们的PR, 你不配与我们为伍.

  10. Free Trolley said

    This is too personal. Please remove this from TT

  11. ivoicethat said

    I just wanna cry too. Very heartbreaking…

  12. stay strong… fellow Singaporeans are with you …

  13. RC said

    Rest in peace Mr. Cheng. Rest in peace Shigemi Ito san.

  14. FreeMakan said

    MA Chi is the killer

  15. Snoopy Says said

    How can any human being not get upset and angry seeing all these?


  16. Harry Soh said

    Stephanie be strong ok!!! Your mom still needs you guys support too. Your dad wouldn’t be happy to see you guys like this. Be strong and live up to the surname of your family!!! Jia you!!! You guys will always have everyone support!!!

  17. Sun Wu Gui said

    Rest in peace, Cabby Cheng. I am sure your kids will do you proud in future. T.T

  18. nick said

    it is a traggic accident. no one wanted it.. the person who drove the car is dead, please dont put the blame on their family.

    • me :) said

      yes, his wife now has one young child and another unborn one to bring up single handily which i believe will be no easy task too, she has lost her most beloved husband, her children’s father. she is also a victim in her own right, so it would only be fair to her if the public sympathies with her too

  19. hachoiji said

    To the Ma chi family; Look closely at these photo shots and look into the mirror. Now imagine this is your last moments to your loved one when they are the VICTIMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my points !

  20. ShootBirdMan said

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´
    This finger is for that ads-hole!

    • Mirror Yourself Pls said

      YEAH!!!! And this too for the Ma Chi Bye Family

  21. We win, you die said

    Fuck the idiot who drive carelessly… He is not fit to live in Singapore.. His family should be barred from entering Singapore forever…

  22. Upset Singaporean said

    what is singapore becoming? chinapore? it seems that they have come out with a new pledge:

    We, the citizens of Chinapore, pledge ourselves as some barbaric people, regardless of shanghai, guangzhou or chongqing, to build a dangerous society, based on speeding and hijacking, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our species.

  23. Sean Patrick said

    Now you what PRC is all about! Shit and stuff like that

  24. Ken Lee said

    can only blame ah gong for bringing them in!

  25. SAY SORRY said

    To the ferrari Driver’s family and wife: Please lei. Apologize lar. Haven’t no one taught you, when u do something wrong, saying sorry is the simplest! How the hell are u going to teach your children if u are not even a good role model?!?! And will u want to let your children be a shame for your actions? If you don’t apologize now and one day when your nice children go to school here, you think people will not laugh at them?!. By then, when your children hate you for your behavior, how are you going gain any respect from them??? JUST APOLOGIZE!

  26. RU YI Gee said

    I believe in putting those flashes of insights in logical order.Who wrong who right still have to make everyone to understand, accident apply here, but most importantly of all, make sure they go through the crucible of “In this advance real world” by chances it happen…so tragic happen and we all feel sad.

  27. Ron said

    Tears well up in my eyes as I read this. It is so sad and I pray that the family will go through their grief with strenght and may their future be blessed by their Papa in heaven.

  28. seng said

    R.I.P Mr Cheng

  29. bebe0521 said

    Ma Chi family all mute arh!?!? Don’t even know how to apologize !
    This is not your country !!!!! Irritating PRC _l_

  30. noname said

    sad to see those picture,
    I simply feel that the PAP goverment totally act ” no balls ” towards this matter, should get a letter from Mr Cheng’s family and Ms Ito’s friend , and then signed by public, send to LTA, Traffic Police, Japanese Embassy , China Embassy ..this is really a big issue man .. we can’t just let this matter rest in this way , WTF …

    • Shawn the Train said

      Agreed. You know what gahments in other gracious societies will do, they will go all out to issue statement in media to drive responsible party to apologise, by hook or by crook!

  31. Tyrone said

    pls stay strong!! we are all behind you..

  32. So many honest people live day to day who try to balance everything with their struggles and hopes for the next day to be a better one and although i know that many bad people exist in this world i still find it so hard to believe that people can be so selfish, i don’t know why there are people running around with no regard for other people or themselves as human beings, blinded by the fleeting values of this world. i would like to know how they can sleep at night or live with themselves. it is really a slap in the face to everyone that tries to live life responsibly and not cause inconvenience to other people.

  33. Mirror Yourself Pls said

    Teary-eyed while reading, Its hurts
    RIP Mr. Cheng
    RIP Shigemi Ito san.

  34. nightkids said

    My tears rolled down when i read this news……. as my beloved mum had just past away months ago….i know the pain and sorrow……


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