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Former WP leader Eric Tan criticizes WP for not recognizing contributions of election candidates

Posted by temasektimes on May 17, 2012

A former leader of the Workers Party Eric Tan has spoken out against the party for their refusal to recognize the contributions of members who have contested in the General Election.

Mr Eric Tan led a team to contest in East Coast GRC in the May election last year, garnering a respectable 45 percent of the votes. He was also instrumental in bringing ‘celebrity’ MP Chen Show Mao into the party.

Despite his tremendous contributions and years of experience, he was sidelined by the WP leadership who appointed a rookie in his team Gerald Giam for a NCMP seat instead of him, causing him to resign from the party in anger.

In a comment posted on Facebook, Mr Tan wrote he felt ‘indignant’ at the way the party treated ex-candidate Sajeev Kamalasanan who resigned last Sunday after he was not nominated for a party cadreship.

“When I read about Sajeev’s resignation from WP, I felt indignant that party did not appoint him a cadre. The simple logic is that the criteria for the selection for candidates must be more stringent than cadres .Also in the case of opposition candidates , they undertake some personal risks as they put their jobs on the line and risk law suits. Hence the party must recognise and appreciate them for their courage and contributions.”

[Source: Eric Tan’s Facebook]

According to party insiders who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity, the WP leadership does not run on ‘consensus’ as publicly proclaimed and is dominated by the ‘Big Two’.

“It is very obvious that certain people are favored over the others. Dr Poh was with the party for a long time, but he was overlooked as a candidate to contest in Hougang,” he said.



19 Responses to “Former WP leader Eric Tan criticizes WP for not recognizing contributions of election candidates”

  1. peking Dog xu sunn said

    Shut up

  2. Is Eric speaking for the ppl or for himself as a self-centred ex-WP member? If he was not up to the mark to be considered for an election candidate, why is he blaming the WP for doing right in selecting the best and most suitable candidate(s) to serve the voters rather than just those like him who were industrious but not up to the mark in the ex co’s view?
    Anyway, Eric’s a political nobody and his rantings against his former party count for nothing to Hougang voters, or any sinkie for that matter. He’s clearly no politician to attempt to smear his former party at this time. A clever politician wld hv tried to make good his past shortfalls that had led him to be marginalised than to blow his top in futility as he’s doing. Stupid thing to do, as it only seals his fate as a loser in sinkies’ political arena.

  3. SPN said

    All these people who left and then complained loudly (rightly or wrongly) about all the “unfair” treatment they got, coming out at this crucial time (again good timing or just ignorance) just before the BE, I think shows a certain lack of consideration for the overall Opposition movement and just thinking of themselves, reminding me of jilted lovers. Furthermore after the stunt by that Dr Poh (and I thought he was a medical doctor, in fact a Phd), I think proves the WP leadership right in not advancing all these aforementioned.

  4. Henry said

    Politics is a strange way of life. It is not longevity but political shrewdness which wins in the end. And winners write the history.

  5. Jaded said

    WP was right to cut all these people off. Bloody opportunists coming out to cause damage at a critical time!

  6. Smith said

    Sour grapes who only seek to self benefit. Thank you Temasek Times for posting such messages from former party leaders so that WP supporters can bash them up. :3

  7. Smith said

    and for some reason I actually felt, well, relieved that WP didn’t win in the East Coast GRC last election. With people like Fazli and Eric, they could have easily defected to the PAP under pressure and personal risks that Eric just noted, “as they put their jobs on the line and risk law suits”.

  8. yayaya said

    there are so many candidates who take this very personal for glory rather than serving. it is always self before party, different from pap, always party before self (forced but ya, repaid monetarily, unlike opposition).

    i feel png eng huat can trash dr poh (seriously i dunno who he is but png impressed me at rallies during GE2011) and i think it is a good move by WP to send in a good candidate to capture hougang, rather than their long-serving candidate who might in the end cost them their hougang stronghold. in an organisation, the oldest and most senior worker usually is not the CEO, same principle applies right? (cleaners are the oldest usually)

  9. Stupid said

    Seniority does not mean priority.
    Suitability is the key to qualify as a party candidate to contest in the GE.

  10. denzuko1 said

    Whatever happen in WP is its own internal matter. Eric Tan certainly has no right to meddle, just like others not meddling into the internal power struggle between LHL and GCT.

  11. aloysius12 said

    Recognition/appreciation is to be gained and always in the eyes of the beholder. What is good for the gander is not necessarily good for the goose.
    Serving in the community is SERVING with no strings attached otherwise it is self-aggrandisement.

  12. Ben said

    Well, I am glad that Eric is now a FORMER WP member. It is great that WP is slowly cleaning up their membership via resignation and expulsion. Looking at how things are moving for the WP, all will be stable with the party by 2016 and ready to be even stronger a party to take on the incumbent. HUAT AH!!!!!!

  13. TaxiUncle said

    My Dear Mr Eric, it is truly baffling to me to see how you are now cajoling more anti-WP sentiments just bec u was overlooked for a prime “headliner” position in politics! Why kick up such a fuss when u yourself decided to leave the WP on yr own accord! Pls let sleeping dogs lie and get over it, Eric! You made a personal choice but dont rock the boat when the “momentum’ is strong as u will play into the hands of the overpowering & hegemonistic PAP! The Opposition has to remain a strong voice for us ordinary Singaporeans who have been deeply repressed by the gamun and we have no hope but to wish for a strong alternative voice in Govt. See how the loss of just one GRC has waken them up so much since GE 2011. Yet they are still so arrogant and full of neglect esp for us lower income Singaporeans.
    Think of people like me, please!. I am a 52 yr old grad and ex-PMET, jobless for so long now struggling to make ends meet driving a taxi and having to tolerant all kinds of difficulty and frustrations every day. You know what? I work from 6.30am and drove non-stop till 3pm today and only managed to earn a nett profit of $50. How miserable! Even had sweat pouring out when I wash the taxi myself so as to save the $4 of car wash! Yet , boh pian, need to Survive in this unforgiving Singapore. I am forsaking some of the upcoming days of taxi income to attend all the WP rallies. It simple things like this that keeps me going.
    Mr Eric, how easily you forgotten about the needs of such underdogs like myself , suffering everday under the PAP regime and under the extremely unjust rule of LHL. Pls remember you were once championing our cause of people like myself!
    For the sake of Party u once wore on your sleeves and for the sake of the commoner , us “lesser mortals” , please do not extinguish our one and only hope left in this miserable life of ours!

  14. CKMPD said

    Eric shd be gracious and just bow out of politics. The WP is bigger than any individual. LTK is the SG and SL is the Chairperson. Together, with the CEC, they make the decision for WP. They are answerable for their decisions. If they deem Eric as not the best man to be the NCMP, he has to accept the decision. Eric shd not be a sour grape

  15. Jasper said

    Eric has certainly chosen a most awkward time to criticise the party. Could he have already been bought over by some other party? He has obviously calculated his timing to disparage the WP at this most critical juncture just before the BE so as to exact the maximum possible damage to the WP. This says huge volume about his sincerity, honesty and loyalty to his alma mater. I think we should just disregard his selfish remarks.

  16. fpc said

    it is sad. I would like to know the rational for choosing one guy over the other … WP needs to be more transparent. Eric Tan should have been appointed.

    • transparent man said

      Thanks for highlighting the issue of transparency.
      PAP needs to be even more transparent as it is the current S’pore govt.

  17. Nick said

    If you want fast pass to parliament, you should be joining the other party. I really don’t know what is the big deal with members leaving WP. At least they have been very transparent with their decisions. Come on, are you telling me that there are no members joining and leaving other political parties?

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