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Passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇) was sexily dressed in shorts that night

Posted by temasektimes on May 17, 2012

The mysterious female passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari Ms Wu Weiwei was reportedly sexily dressed on the fateful night when he crashed into a Hyundai Sonata taxi, killing himself and two others.

21 year old Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇) hails from the city of Wuhan (武汉), the provincial capital of Hubei province in central China. She just graduated from the East Institute of Management with a degree in ‘hospitality’.

According to media reports, she was dressed only in shorts and a low-cut blouse exposing her bra when she was sent to hospital. Ms Wu suffered a fracture in a right leg and is currently recuperating in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Her condition is stable.

Though Ms Wu’s friends claimed that she comes from a ‘reputable’ family in China, a Chinese tabloid reported her as working in a KTV lounge. It is not known how she got to know Ma Chi as none of his relatives and friends know her.

Meanwhile, netizens are having a field day speculating on what she might be doing with Ma Chi in his Ferrari moments before the accident.

“The hostess must be blowing something that cause ma chi to be over excited and accelerate n tat cause the accident. “ – Janice Lau

“It is funny what type of crap excuse they can come out with…a girl who goes to nightclub to celebrate or something….lol….come out with something better…..and I have a question, why is she a survivor in an accident that left 3 out of 4 dead? Special position that reduce the force of the impact?” – 關偉宏

“Just experiencing Ferrari extra “Gear+ balls”, the more I squeeze it, the more your hubby drives like in the Fast “N” Furious movie. LOL!!” – Andy


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25 Responses to “Passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇) was sexily dressed in shorts that night”

  1. alamak said

    Bunch of baseless speculations! He would have died a happy man with cock standing. Was his pants down…retard!

  2. thecakeisalie said

    Did Ms Wu bite off Ma Chi’s privates at the moment of impact?

  3. Ken Lee said

    graduated from the East Institute of Management with a degree in ‘hospitality’.

  4. Ken Lee said

    a lot of student standing around the road and lane in geylang, are all student have student permit and got degree also! some are teacher, sale …….etc. ask the anti vice they got record!

  5. Henry said

    OMG … wild imaginations!

  6. Ken toong said

    Common folks. His wife is pregnant and he has his “needs”

  7. Puzzled said

    This prostitute got jingang body, car smash until like that and she only fracture leg, you can imagine how solid her pussy can be. Give her a carrot, she give you carrot juice.

  8. Vinny said

    You guys are really losing credibility by sensationalizing the news. Singaporean girls also wear shorts, as a matter of fact, some so short that you can see their underwear. So are Sinaporeans the only ones allowed to dress that way?

    • Beigu said

      Singapore girls wear shorts without shame, they got pig trots and fuckup face, which KTV would want them???? Even KTV want them, no customer will ask for them.

      Does not mean got 2 small breasts and 1 cheebye can be whore, you got see mirror?

      • G M said

        Oh, so bitter. Nevermind that every single S’porean girl rejected u, buy one chicken from Geylang ok?

  9. Free Trolley said

    He was searching for the headlights. If you know what I mean.

  10. Christopher said

    Is it common for a young girl to celebrate graduation till 4 a.m. in the morning? When one celebrates graduation one likes to mingle with one’s fellow graduands, right? Yet her celebration was with just one single boy. What a unique way to celebration graduation.

  11. Claudia said

    probably he is rushing to geylang. anyway, its just a straight road down. at the speed he is driving, he will reach geylang within mins.

  12. Apple Green said

    Somebody posted something very funny….DAYTIME ABC, NIGHTTIME KTV…hahahaha
    Seriously there are tons of these in SIN, not just PRC

  13. jm_chen said

    You must be sexually repressed and perverted to be interested in a man’s erection before his death.

  14. infernal affairs said

    so far no statement from Wu weiwei as to what transpired inside the ferrari just prior to impact.
    did weiwei in anyway distracted Ma chi ? and if she did, how exactly did she do so ?

    since the police claim Ma chi was not high on alcohol, then they must confirm if he was high on sex just prior to impact or engaged in some activity that caused his foot to be stuck on the accelerator pedal.

  15. Kathryn said

    Wahahaha! One more “student”. They are making our country a flithy place. Is that the only way they can think of to make money?

  16. dumber or dumber said

    i thought they were returning from a clan meeting? or only the guy? then where did he pick her up?

  17. My question is more…. How did all these girls from PRC work in clubs?
    What kind of visa are they holding?
    Are these girls in KTVs and Karaokes working legally?
    Immigration!!! what is going on here? Are you looking into this matter?

  18. NeturalParty said

    Didnt Ma Chi’s family claim he returned from clan meeting? Did they meet until 3-4am? Did the clan know that he got the ms wu? If no ok IF yes they are ‘truly’ clansman enough not to tell his wife.

  19. jj said

    HAve U Guys Realized dat she was save …but what made her save?surely she was doing something that save her ? .. Hmm Kinda Fishy..

  20. Pissed off said

    Is she at least paralyzed? Cheap whore like her beneaths all the decent Chinese. Congratulations to your parents for raising up an excellent daughter like you

  21. the girl should do some honest explanations as she is the sole survivor

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