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Police: PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi (马驰) did not consume alcohol before accident

Posted by temasektimes on May 17, 2012

The police found no evidence that PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi (马驰) has consumed any alcohol in the night before the fatal accident in Bugis, said a police spokesperson to the media.

Ma was suspected of drink-driving and crashing his Ferrari into a Comfort Delgro taxi at a junction between Rochor Road and Victoria Street in the early hours of last Saturday morning, killing him on the spot.

The Singaporean cabby 52 year old Cheng Teck Hock and his Japanese passenger Shigemi Ito died later of their injuries in hospital.

The police claimed it ran blood tests on Ma Chi’s blood taken at the scene of the accident and confirm that it did not contain any substances which can cause him to become drunk.

The findings seem to contradict an earlier report by The New Paper claiming that Ma Chi reeked of alcohol when his body was extricated from his wrecked Ferrari.

Friends of Ma Chi had earlier told the media that Ma Chi was not a ‘heavy drinker’ and he preferred tea to alcoholic drinks.

Meanwhile, a key witness of the accident, the female passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari Miss Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇) is currently recuperating in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

She just graduated from the East Institute of Management with a degree in ‘Hospitality’ and is reportedly working in a KTV lounge.


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60 Responses to “Police: PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi (马驰) did not consume alcohol before accident”

  1. Suicide ? said

    Lovers’ quarrel inside the car ? . . . so he decided to end it all . . . . ?

  2. Ray said

    Not drunk? then he made a conscious decision to beat the red light.

  3. nemon said

    So he’s now no longer a drunk moron, just a moron.

  4. Old fart said

    wah nowadays KTV hostess also haf degree…how CHEAP our “degree” has become these days sighzzz

  5. TT shd cease and desist from this Ferrarri accident case as it is no longer news worth further flogging. Let the dead bury the dead.

  6. to-may-to to-mah-to said

    Honestly, I think the fact that he wasn’t drunk makes it worse. There’s no reason for him to have such a fatal lapse in judgement.

  7. N00bKefka said

    Relationship status before death: It’s complicated.

  8. We Are Singaporeans said

    This is even worse!! It meant that he beat the Red Light knowing its illegal to do so in a clear sound mind and speed at 180km/hr in a clear and sound mind!! Even more unforgiving then to have taken away the other 2 innocent lives!! What safety assurance do we have as road users now if we have more of these sorts of people on our roads, whether we are driving our own car, sitting in a bus, riding a motorbike, pedaling a bicycle or simply walking on the road as a pedestrian if they blatantly disregard our laws??

  9. mczw83 said

    If that is the case… Then he should be considered as murderer cos he is in conscious mind state…

  10. spotlessleopard said

    Legally he was not driving under influence and therefore fully liable for his actions….good…

  11. Ken Lee said

    wow having tea in a KTV! never think of that! KTV serve Chinese tea !! incredible!!!
    having clan gathering at wee hour! wow this only happen to new china clan, as our local clan i don’t think there is any gathering in this type of wee hour. normal end at 10 or 11pm.

  12. Denial said

    Sober? Even worse cause he intentionally drove on when light was red. Drunk or not, he still caused the accident

  13. Sad Singaporean said


  14. Elusive Scorp said

    Did not consume alcohol? Ermmm.. So what about the report from e paper?
    So contradicting.. Haa, our state media already tried to protect him so not surprise they did that too!

  15. SoberSOB said

    So he’s a sober son of a bitch who knowingly ran the red lights?? HE FUCKING DESERVES TO DIE then. 🙂

  16. hachoiji said

    So why the hell is he driving so fast ignoring all the traffic rules in a very congested stretch of roads ??? KJE, ECP and AYE should be a better option right ?

    A foolish act that ends tragically for those around.

    This is what we call irresponsible and arrogant, KBW !!

  17. singaporean deserved said

    not on alcohol,so does that means he or his family will be fully resposible for his ‘reckless’ acts?? they will fully compensate all deceased family members,yes?

  18. swat_pup said

    Hmm.. wonder how much did this “police findings” cost the RICH PRC’s Family…

  19. Jenny said

    the next thing will be he did not ran the red lights and the taxi driver is at fault.

  20. thisguysabitch said

    all the more shows how screwed up this dog is. he wasnt drunk and he consciously caused such an accident.

  21. Macoy Li said

    Not drunk then it is even worse. This means PRC driver knew what he was doing – breaking the law by deliberately running a red light. Government should explain why this person was allowed to drive in Singapore.

  22. alamak said

    To get at the truth…don’t worry. Just wait for the statement from the surviving witness.

  23. Not so Talented Driver said

    So what is the point the TP is trying to make? That he did not break any rules?

  24. bob said

    not drunk does this mean insurance will pay for damages to victim cabbie? please be so… the cabbie’s family can certainly do with some financial assistance..

  25. seng said

    “Police: PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi (马驰) did not consume alcohol before accident”
    so can say that this KILLER PRC know what he is doing and not influence of alcohol?
    and how did he get his singapore license since he dun even know when to stop when approaching traffic light or slow down and be ware of traffic?
    so can say he is a KILLER and not a victim ???????
    so does it mean CASE CLOSE since the KILLER is dead?????

  26. GH said

    Wow! He can do this even when sober!

  27. RC said

    Alcohol or no alcohol, he’s still guilty of driving past red light at such high speed and murdered two lives and injured one people.

  28. RC said

    Police say no alcohol but didn’t say whether got drugs or not.

  29. RC said

    Police also didn’t say when his body was extracted out, his penis was still inside the girl’s mouth or not.

  30. ZxcWhoDespisePRC said


  31. JR said

    Not under the influence of alcohol denote insurance does cover… denotes he did his act without the influence of alcohol… well done… its getting darn darn interesting now…. really interesting

  32. The Gardener said

    That’s worse. He ran into the taxi on purpose. Murderer!

  33. sea said

    Maybe he is high (on drugs).

  34. Wendy said

    Now that he has been cremated so quick…this will facilitate his family for leaving Singapore ASAP….any claim from the victim…please act as fast as them….cos it will be difficult to file any claim against his family if they go back to China…..
    And I strongly believe he was drinking tea in nightclub before that accident…yeah…sure…

  35. edithai said

    He did not drink? So that mean his mind was clear that night, and was trying to beat the green light? this is an major road offense!!! i really hope to see thee is an justice side on Mr Cheng family.

  36. edithai said

    He did not drink? So that mean his mind was very clear during that night, and he was trying to beat the green light? The Speed limit was set on 60/80 on that road, but yet he still speed above 100!! This is an major road offense!!! i really hope to see thee is an justice side on Mr Cheng family.

  37. ah tiong = ji bai said

    ji bai ah tiong, the govt should make it harder for PRC from gangster & secret society family from obtaining Driving License in sg, knn bring all their ah tiong driving habits to sg… Not drink driving? Then he must have intentionally ran the red light… F*cker… Hope his father mother daughter all burn in hell….

  38. crossword said

    Does anyone find it fishy that the statement is ” it did not contain any substances which can cause him to become drunk.”? Doesn’t that imply that it contained substances that can cause other side effects?

  39. bb said

    SPF don’t lowered the driving licence standard of Sg.
    Other countries like Australia have better system. In WA only overseas visitors eg tourist are allowed to use the overseas licence. For PR only 3 months(compare to Singapore 12 months), and after 3 months they have to obtain WA driving licence.

    Only certain countries are exempted and Singapore is one of them because of its stringent test requirements. Even PR from Malaysia have to take both theory and practical driving tests.

    The list of countries exempted are (China is not one of the recognised countries)

    DPM Teo CH- Pl sends your team from SPF to WA to study the scheme.

    Now not only Ministers are not capable and now even civil servants are fallen behind and they have to be good civil servants as they must be ready to serve ppl of sg irrespective who is the government of the day.

  40. Bruce Tong said

    probably the girl beside him giving him a blow job. He buay tahan about to cum so stepped extra hard on the accelerator.

  41. Lol said

    Don’t expect the student (ie key witness) to say much.
    How to ?
    When she was giving a BJ and allegedly caused the accident ?

  42. Wendy Pang said

    I really do not understand how can they expect Singaporean to believe that he did not consume alcohol before the accident !!!! By clearing him of that, are they trying to help him to clear off any future legal implication on this claim ???

    And now that he has been cremated the very next day, this will clear the path for his family to leave Singapore ASAP !!!!

    Everything is done so quickly….except the claim from all the victims 😦

  43. Analyst said

    Now let’s explore all plausible reasons why he did not stop at traffic light since he was not drunk :

    1) Busy talking with companion and did not notice traffic light.
    2) In throes of pleasure and not noticing traffic light.
    3) Under the influence of drugs.
    4) Heated quarrel with companion and had suicidal thoughts.
    5) Habit of beating the traffic light since he thought his Ferrari was fast enough and moreover light only just turned red.

    And the most possible of all would be # 5.

  44. roy said

    Whether or not he was drunk doesn’t change anything. The fact is, 2 innocent life taken away, 3 families affected. If he’s not drunk, that only shows that he’s an idiot, no matter how rich he is, or how he got his huge fortune.

  45. seng said

    i wonder if this PRC KILLER is involve in an accident then get killed, the authorities can release the body for the family to arrange funeral and cremated on the very next day???

  46. sore eyes said

    Why didn’t the police have Ma Chi’s blood tested for alcohol straight after the accident. I’m no forensics pathologist but any layman can tell you blood deteriorates quickly over time what more alcohol with its fast evaporation rate. You don’t need a clue to know the results would have been compromised because the blood sample used was taken from the accident scene and not from the driver who had already BEEN cremated!!

  47. noname said

    I simply feel that the PAP goverment totally act ” no balls ” towards this matter, should get a letter from Mr Cheng’s family and Ms Ito’s friend , and then signed by public, send to LTA, Traffic Police, Japanese Embassy , China Embassy ..this is really a big issue man .. we can’t just let this matter rest in this way , WTF …

  48. Purple said

    Dont believe what is “released into the media”.. It’s all filter.. Ppl all so angry about it, some more said he’s drunk?! What will happen?!

  49. yang said

    eh .. if he’s not drank den the is trying his best to beat the red light and aim for that taxi ? den is this a attempted murders ?
    whichever it is he’s at fault 1st he beat the redlight and cause all this . singapore gov should come out explain to all singaporeans what if next time it happen to be a singaporean den wat will the outcome be ? will the result like the Prc be a getaway or only we will get all the hanging or jailed?

  50. Skeptic said

    An onsite blood test is no substitute for a full tox screen. That the body was so quickly cremated leaves no room for a full and honest investigation, don’t you think?

  51. lawrence said

    I think we ought to know why the body was released to the family and cremated so quickly, this is a serious case of accident and the police allowed the release even before the actual true report is out. I think we really ought to know…..
    Secondly is the insurance payout for the really helps alot to the family…

  52. Incredulous said

    “The police claimed it ran blood tests on Ma Chi¡¯s blood taken at the scene of the accident”

    Don’t make sense.

    Since when Police take blood test on-site?
    As far as I know they use breathalyzers. But, the guy was already found unconscious.

    Are they saying, police now trained to take blood samples on their own?

  53. A Singaporean Abroad said

    Well, I have doubts about this claim (by the police) that he was not drunk bearing in mind his father is the senior communist official in China. One wonders why was Ma Chi’s body was cremated so quickly? Is it something to do with getting rid of the evidence? Hmm, in any event, Ma Chi can’t have it both ways really: If he was drunk, his act is unforgiveable, and if he was sober, his act is unforgiveable.

    • tigerin238 said

      i am a elder man livingin Sichuang provence of PRC interest is how much the victims having claim in court ? and how to contacting them? i whis i can help their families incloding the japaness father get more compensate.if you have any information contact me without any hesitate(

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