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Ma Chi’s wife posts apology on Weibo: We are sorry and we will be responsible to the victims’ families

Posted by temasektimes on May 18, 2012

The wife of the late Ma Chi (马驰) has posted an apology via a friend ‘Triston’ on Chinese microblog ‘Weibo’ this evening.

Ma Chi died in a fatal accident last Saturday morning when his speeding Ferrari beat the red light and rammed into a Hyundai Sonata taxi at a traffic junction in Bugis between Rochor Road and Victoria Street. The taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock and his passenger Shigemi Ito passed away later in hospital.

In the post written in Chinese, Mrs Ma said the family is very sorry for what happened:

“We express our deepest apologies to the families of the deceased driver and his female passenger. We will not shun our responsibility towards them and will take appropriate measures at a later date.”


Mrs Ma said that while the family will not comment on the arguments going on in cyberspace about the accident, they hope everybody can understand and respect their predicament – that they have to suffer the loss of Ma Chi just when they are preparing to celebrate the coming birth of her unborn baby.

“Ma Chi has paid with his life for his reckless actions and we hope everyone will show a little bit of respect for the deceased,” she said.

She added that the family is also concerned about the female passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari, a 21 year old PRC girl by the name of Wu Weiwei, but they are unable to do much for her as they do not know her.

Mrs Ma ended her statement by urging everybody to drive safely and to treasure life.

The Chinese embassy in Singapore had earlier sent a representative to express its condolences at the funeral of Mr Cheng and issued a press statement reminding PRC nationals in Singapore to obey Singapore’s laws.

The public apology and offer of assistance by the Ma family to the victims’ families will go some way towards soothing the pain and anguish of all those hurt by this tragic episode.

The wife of Mr Cheng said her family does not blame anybody and she wants to let the matter rest to move on with life.

Though the accident exposes a widening gulf between Singaporeans and foreigners in Singapore judging by the massive outpouring of vitriol and anger online, it also bring together everybody in support of the victims’ families.

We applaud the remedial actions taken by the Ma family and we hope it will bring a closure to all parties concerned.


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54 Responses to “Ma Chi’s wife posts apology on Weibo: We are sorry and we will be responsible to the victims’ families”

  1. Jake said

    Cut the bullshit, honestly you PRCs porkers.

  2. Ron said

    It would appear that given the critical comments, the Spore government and the PRC Embassy would have had discussions and may have even approached the Ma family. Hence the recent concerns and apologies that are belatedly appearing. Anyway, the feelings are now vented and everyone should focus on the future.

  3. George said

    I feel this late apology came as more disturbing info is coming out about the hell driver ma chi. Born with a silver spoon , did he actually come rich by his hard work ? Coffee shop talk is MA chi’s father will pay out compensation to the victims of the bugis accident

  4. 洗黑钱 said

    That’s to be applauded. Let’s see what kind of concrete actions they are taking.

  5. Tracy Tan said

    Dear All, just let the matter rest. The offender already paid for with his life. To comment further will cause hurt to the living families regardless is the Ma Family, Cheng Family or the Japanese lady family. Hope every motorist understand the important of road safety, respect each other on the road, give way, obey traffic rules and apply what you learned in driving school on the road. If everyone do their parts, the road will be safe.

  6. Rykel Lim said

    Dear friends, at this stage, we Singaporeans must turn our attention back to the PAP Government policies on foreigners and scrutinise their driving “talents”. I humbly suggest that we pursue less of Ma Chi’s family because the family, many PRCs and the PRC embassy have all apologised. If we push them further, they will “break”. “逼虎跳牆,物極必反”。Ma Chi’s daughter is also innocent in this whole matter. She must be wondering what happened to her father and will be constantly reminded that he was an irresponsible man. I pity her too. I wish that she will meet quality Singaporeans who will care for her and mentor her, so that she grows up to be a fine young woman who bring republican democracy to Communist China. Mr Cheng’s family is a great example of what Singapore can be – a Republic of mercy and forgiveness. Regards, Rykel Lim

  7. Damn the freak said

    V weird. I logged in to weibo and did not see these posts.

  8. Lilith said

    Keh siao… apologize cos scared ppl throw eggs at her when she walks out of the house.

  9. Wing said

    if they seek forgiveness, then we should have mercy on them.

  10. P Koh said

    Let us show some empathy to all those who have suffered from this incident. No amount of anger will
    ever be enough to repair the damage done so the apology from Ma Chi’s family should be accepted in
    good faith and let life takes its normal course.

  11. VH2006 said

    Somehow, this shows that we need alternative media.

    Traditional media has failed us.

  12. Snoopy Says said

    Finally. Thank You. My condolence and may he rest in peace.

  13. I used to love Singapore said

    Initially, I felt sad for your family. Having to deal deal with lost of son, husband. You have face with the public.. But.. Too much postings from your fellow men that makes is pissed..
    That comment from your family saying “dun condemn those who can afford Ferrari”
    Think your apologies came late.. Makes me feel like you’re doing it under pressure..
    But.. Still hope you can move on..

  14. Dips said

    Good it is time to focus on the real garbage stirring cowards who are the PAP. They are the true cause of this social divide.

    • Yvonne Yee said

      Yes, totally agreed with you. The government took in too many foreigners and the problems are starting to surface, there will be more problems if the government still continue to take in any ‘Tom Dick or Harry” and behaves in such an “arrogant’ manner. The government should be reminded that most Singaporean are not happy with the way they handle national issues, just look at the results of the last elections. If still no change, the next election will see more changes.

  15. Devilish Satan said

    Ma Chi’s wife said they will offer assistance to victim’s family, let’s see whether Ma Chi’s wife honor her words before we condemn her.

  16. Stephen said

    This is an honourable act. She has said it well.

  17. Somethingwrongsomewhere said

    I believes it is a true,honest and sincerce apology. It must be a very difficult time for Mrs Ma and family,losing her husband and father of her uborn child. Please take good care of your health and have a smooth and safe delivery,Mrs Ma.

  18. Hsien Liao La said

    it’s bullshit, they are probably trying to be nice so people can quickly forget about the incident and don’t push for more investigations on the allegedly sordid background of the family’s wealth. C’mon Temasek Times, continue to push for investigations, it’s best if there is some investigative journalism here, because SINGAPORE CANNOT BE A PLAYGROUND FOR THE MAFIA!

  19. vamp said

    Apology released via a friend??? Any reason why you do not dare to apologize using your own personal account? Are these your honest statements? Hard to believe after your “poisonous tongue comments” Why do i feel a hidden agenda in making!!!

  20. Ken toong said

    Be respectful. Do not talk about Ma family paying compensation ay this juncture. Using foul language shows the world the mentality of Singaporeans when there is a crisis. Insurance companies (including re-insurers) insuring the Ferrari for LIABILITY know their job. Ma’s family cannot prejudice their insurers by offering compensation.
    Money cannot bring them back. Keep having babies so that your govt. donn’t havee to open the floodgates to foreigners. If all of them go home Singapore will be paralysed economically and socially.

  21. Michael said

    Honestly Jake, as much as he is to blame, let’s be the bigger person here. She has apologized. She has lost a husband. Her unborn kid will grow up without a father. She’s punished for something that’s not her fault. Let us display the same graciousness we have been expecting of others.

  22. Yun said




  23. Leo said

    Kudos to the Ma family for stepping forward. Whats done is done. No matter how much verbal abuses exchanged, the deceased are not coming back. We as Singaporean should be more gracious. But hope the authorities give the victims a true and fair treatment. TP said Ma was not drinking. There are withnesses who smell alcohol when they approached to help.

  24. The family has apologised. What happened has happened. The man has paid for his misdeeds with his life. Let’s respect the deceased. The dead cannot speak for themselves. We should let this pass. Hatred begets more hatred.

  25. Singaporean said

    I agreed with Leo and Michael. We need to let it go.. but we must not let the authority sit on this.. we have to take this incident to remind the authority what they have done wrong. ie … Influx of F-Trash, no proper lessons or integration test, re-validate holders of driving licenses from countries like PRC etc – require them to re-test in our driver laerning centre etc.

    • Michael said

      Ma-Chi is ‘beneficial foreign talent’ until the accident. He brought in money, spent them and contributed to the local economy. It was near impossible for the authorities to predict that he’ll have that moment of insanity to crash his Ferrari along with other lives.

      So while I feel the authorities have lowered the bar and allowed too many foreigners in, I won’t blame them on this instance.

      Similarly, do not hate all PRCs because of those bad ones. There are PRCs that are responsible and contributory to Singapore too.

      • money-face said

        You have the same idea as the PAP, as long as he brought in money and spend, it is fine and dandy,

        Did it occur to you how this MaChi obtained his wealth, any connections to the Chinese mafia in PRC ?
        Did it occur to you, ill gotten wealth implies shady characters ?

        Is it good for Spore and sporeans in the long run with PAP welcoming all kinds of shady characters to live amongst us ?
        Ask yourself why President Bambang Susilo is persisting with our govt to recover the illgotten wealth parked in spore ?
        Any idea who these buggers are ? ….

      • Michael said

        I think of a world more ideal than the policies. But as it stands, whether we like it or not, it wasn’t easy to know that he will end up in such a tragic act.

        Rumours may have it that his wealth is ill gotten, but policies must operate objectively based on proven daya and not on hearsay.

        Such is the dilemma of an open society. And being a cross-road between East and West, there must be lots of dirty money out there, that have slipped thru detection. However, these ppl are spending away and on the balance helping the economy.

      • Mohd Mas said

        Our fore-fathers were once FTs too,
        w/out FTs,we won’t have cheap labour,
        the cycle goes on…& on.

        Have you not ever benefited from cheap labour?
        Have you not ever benefited from the rich or wealthy?
        We all have and i ain’t sure not want it to end anytime soon.


      • Michael said

        Yes, and yes. The trick to have a good balance.

      • Andre said

        Why people or even a country love so much money? Is it really so so so valuable compare to ur life/health/happiness etc? Would we enjoy money on our short life/sadness/tragedy like this one? Or we damn do not care as long as we live on earth and have abundant money ? Please select your path …….

      • kangaroo logic said

        read what was published in the HKG media about Machi being the brother of MaYong, fugitive at large for mafia activities. He is one of the most wanted in PRC, mind you, population of 1.3Billion. In fact, spore’s Mas Selamat is like a novice in comparison.

        Nothing wrong with having foreign talent in Spore but don’t you think an intake of 2 million people over the last 10 yrs without proper control of who comes in and whether the infrastructure is in place needs to be addressed very seriously? Top priority you might say.
        To keep this short, sporeans deserve better solutions from their world highest paid ministers. They are not asking for world class solutions but at least not hare-brained solutions.

      • Michael said

        @kangeroo logic

        That of the massive immigrant influx, we know.
        I’m just saying that enforcement of policies must be based on objective data and evidence, and not journalistic sentiments. Not that I disagree with the journalists, necessarily.

      • Bunga said

        Because we decided to go in bed with cheap labour and foreign money, we committed adultery against the progressed social fabric that we, as the true blooded natives, have built together as a nation. We are not ready for mass influx of these people, and consequently suffered major destruction of social values, regressed our reputation as gracious and civilized citizens. We could absorb a smaller portion, as it is well to impart our values to the unlearned, but not when they come in droves like the locusts.

  26. Sun Wu Gui said

    Thanks Mrs Ma, I sincerely hope you will honour your words and ensure that the families get a decent amount of compensation. Cabby Cheng’s family in particular can do with it.

  27. RU YI Gee said

    I believe in putting those flashes of insights in logical order.Who wrong who right still have to make everyone to understand, accident apply here, but most importantly of all, make sure they go through the crucible of “In this advance real world” by chances it happen…so tragic happen and we all feel sad.

  28. Cassandra Wong said

    I pity Mrs Ma. For his irresponsible action, the woman is left alone to pick up the pieces and the mess. She is pregnant and as a woman, I can understand what a tough time she must be going thorugh during this period. I think we can help by not posting all those awful curses online as they sound so mean and wicked. Reading those curses gives me the creeps esp those pertaining to him burning in hell and also those directed at his unborn child. The family esp the wife has not anything to deserve this. And when they defend themselves, they get cursed also. I feel that the fault lies with the newspapers esp in the first few days when they portrayed Ma like a victim. It kind of feel pissed me off too though I abstained from cursing at all cost. Maybe it is time to calm down and let the dead RIP.

  29. Gerard said

    Whether its bullshit or not, only God knows… Let just see what will happens from here on… Its partly PAP Goverment as well to make it so easy for foreigner to get their licence’s… A stringent approach should be taken to address it by the authority concerned…
    The main stream media should not glorified and glamourise someone, the way they did… It is not fair to the rest of the victims, as they are trying to minimise his fault in the whole incident. It is very very insensitive for them to do just that.. So what, if he is rich, tall, capable and handsome but with no brains to the society… To the media, you will need to relook your polices on how you operate and interpret incidents that happens.. Try to be more sensitive to everyone involved..

  30. $1left said

    Personally, I felt that the apology was intended for PRC, not SG when it was posted on WeiBo. A sincere apology to SG & victims’ families shall be on SG & Jpn media, not PRC WeiBo. And no matter, what excuses, I still felt that MC was a “官二代” or “富二代”, unless he was the co-founder of WeiBo or FB…

  31. lets_burn_down_PAP said

    I really sincerely hope that this Mrs ma should just have a miscarriage and that her own mother is bang by another ferrari… and the she would be sorry by then… anyway happy mother’s day the ma chi’s mother… go celebrate ur mother’s day by visiting ur son’s grave everyday.

  32. Andre said

    Case is closed. No need further sentiment. Life must go on…

  33. bb said

    Good lesson for Insurance companies. Don’t think the rich don’t falter. Big loss for insurance companies

  34. observer said

    I would like to know who is behind Temasek Times. It sure sounds like a site that is run by PAP supports disguised like a pro-opposition site. I must say its well done.

    However, I think its quite clear.

    While I think PAP has the right to put out their position but this deception is quite dirty. I hope everyone can read whatever they have here with that in the back of their mind.

  35. Jeb said

    The hell for posting on PRC websites..go and visit the late Mr Cheng and Ito-sans’ wakes..after which compensate all victims and get then get your asses out of Singapore. U’re not welcome here..

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