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Of Ferraris, PRCs and Social Integration – Putting Things Into Perspective

Posted by temasektimes on May 18, 2012

Written by Hawk Cut Weis as a Facebook note, 17 May 2012

The recent horrific road traffic accident involving a Ferrari, Taxi and Motorcycle which have left 3 dead and 2 injured has no doubt sparked off a furore unlike any other since the General Elections 2011. While many are furious about the reckless behaviour of the PRC Ma Chi, condemning PRCs as a whole, labelling them as reckless, drunk drivers, and all sorts of derogatory terms, others are defending Chinese Nationals, saying that we cannot label all of them simply because of one incident, calling Singaporeans intolerant, uncouth and ugly.

Let’s take a step back, and examine the why the accident has sparked off such strong emotions nationwide. It cannot be the accident in itself?

In actual fact, the Ferrari crash is simply a culmination of the tremendous social tension which has built up between the locals and the PRCs. Just like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria which sparked off World War I, this is not an independent event which is revealing the ugly side of Singaporeans, as some say. This is a precipitant. Had the accident involved an Australian, of American, or Arab, yes, there will still be social outrage, but it would have been directed toward the driver himself, and not the ENTIRE race.

Conversely, had the Ferrari crash not happened, there would just be another incident in the near future involving PRCs and Singaporeans, and a similar uproar would have ensued — It is just a matter of time.

And why such tremendous social tension? There must be a reason why so many Singaporeans feel this way? Simply put, it is a mismatch of cultures and social norms.

The way PRCs act and think, is vastly different from that of Singaporeans. They have grown up in a hostile environment with 1 billion people, where to survive, you need to stand your ground, you need to be aggressive, or you would be pushed around. Where there was immense social upheaval like The Cultural Revolution, where people endured immense hardship and social norms were turned topsy-turvy. Where it is a dog-eat-dog world, where morality takes a backseat, and money and connections are the most important things in their world.

On the positive side, their environment has bred a race which is hardworking, hardy, and fearless. The negative part, evidently, is that the Chinese Nationals are socially backward, integrating with other races poorly.-

We cannot blame them for the way they behave – this is the only way they know. We cannot change the way that they think – that takes time. Sometimes, generations.

Supporters of the government’s immigration policies will cite the fact that Singapore is in fact a colony where our forefathers all came from China. Absolutely, but such comparisons cannot be made, for that was generations ago, and the Singaporean today is tremendously different from his ancestor who boarded a junk and sailed across the South China Sea. Comparing a PRC and a Singaporean is like comparing Hematite (Iron Ore) and Stainless Steel – we are all of the same element, but many times more refined.

I have had the opportunity (or misfortune) to interact with PRCs on a regular basis. I stayed in Geylang for more than a year, where PRC prostitutes peppered the streets downstairs right outside my apartment; where women would quarrel at the top of their voices in the middle of the night, keeping me up, where men walk with their bellies exposed and chatter loudly. Where men stare at me walking my dog then proudly tell me: 我吃狗肉的!

I had to move out of Geylang because I felt myself becoming a very racist person. After I did, I thought I would see the less of them, but my new neighbour turned out to be PRC. Worse – a rich one. A businessman, his wife and babies, and a few fancy cars. This man and his wife are worse than the PRCs in Geylang – they are endowed with money, which gives them a natural sense of entitlement. My neighbours have called the authorities on me many times, complaining of my dogs, which are licensed and chipped. This despite me speaking to them nicely. They bang my gates when the dogs bark, scold my maid for having too many items in the recyling bin, accuse me of causing their mosquito problem (your dogs are stray. They are full of insects!), and climb over the dividing wall to take photos of me and my dogs (but failed to get me into trouble cos I am NOT doing anything wrong). Their babies wail at the top of their lungs every morning at 6 – 7am, waking the whole neighbourhood, but they do not seem to think that they may cause anyone any inconvenience – it can only happen the other way round.

Recently I had a string of problems where PRCs created trouble for me at my workplace, barging in, demanding free services, then creating a commotion, threatening to call the media, the ministers and the president, requiring me to engage the police and lawyers. After all the legalities were in place, they toned down, and expressed that all they wanted is for me to continue providing services for them since they did not trust anyone else to do it, and they probably thought creating a ruckus was the best way to get free services.

Buddha reminds us that all living beings do what they do so that they can obtain happiness and be free of suffering. I understand that completely, and I can understand why the PRCs behave this way – they think they can solve problems or make things better for themselves by creating a ruckus and causing inconveniences for everyone else. Unfortunately, they do not understand that this is not China, and things simply do not work this way.

Read rest of article here.


53 Responses to “Of Ferraris, PRCs and Social Integration – Putting Things Into Perspective”

  1. lola said

    Thanks for your interesting article. PRC citizen are ungrateful. They will make use of you to get things done and will drop you like a bomb when you are no longer useful. They are downright UGLY by nature.

  2. Hsien Liao La said

    The problem does not lie directly with the PRCs – it lies with the fucked up government that opens Singapore’s legs to such fucktards (and these fucktards could be from anywhere). So, either you blame the 60% of Singaporeans who willed this situation on you (and some of these 60% could be YOUR RELATIVES) or you leave Singapore. Such is the pathetic situation in Singapore today. It’s fucked big time.

  3. Ken toong said

    Some of these PRC nationals behave the same way in Canada. One of them beheaded a passenger in a Greyhound bus and ate pieces of his body. One PRC national killed his wife and another one killed two of his children in Calgary. However, the professional class are good for the country very smart and productive. There are good and bad in every community and we must not paint them with the same brush

    • Somethingwrongsomewhere said

      Agree, some PRCs are very smart and productive. Wish I have the luck to meet good ones like them. Almost all I had encountered with are just rotten ones.

  4. We Are Singaporeans said

    To Hawk Cut Weis :
    Good job for speaking up sensibly! Very well written 🙂 Thumbs Up 🙂
    Clap Clap Clap!!

  5. Somethingwrongsomewhere said

    this is s great. My parents came to Singapore to escape the communinsts rule. Now the spawns are invading the country and the world.

  6. singaporeans said

    whenever the lift doors or mrt doors open, these beasts just push in like rushing to incarnation.

  7. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Fuck the PRC’s in Singapore, deport all of them back to China or else Singapore is doomed to be “Little China”

    If not for yourself, think of your children. Where they will grow up rude, loud and have no sense of decency.

    This can be only achieved by voting out PAP and their pro-foreigner (especially PRC) polices.

  8. rrrrrr said

    The records speak for itself. China is a hard luck country. Since 1949 every ten year or so, calamity strikes. 1958 Great Step Forward, 1966 Cultural Revision, 1976 Tangshan Shake, 1989 Heaven Gate, 2002 The Great Flu, 2008 Mala Shake. This produce a people very much different from those who venture out before 1949. We empathize with them, its not easy to be a PRC. Likewise, they must broaden their horizon that there is really a better way to live.

    • Somethingwrongsomewhere said

      Other than the 1976 Tangshan shake which was an act of nature, the rest are
      ‘man-made’ and possibly preventable.

  9. KOmae said

    Thanks for this well written article. it reminded me about 喜羊羊与灰太狼. With both now living under the same roof, life is going to be choppy for a while.

    • Somethingwrongsomewhere said

      right, even Canada not spared. Checked out the notorious Xiao “Sean” Zhang and Vince Lee (Greyhound bus beheading).

  10. Badass Ed said

    I paid a visit to People’s Park Complex and Centre yesterday and you know what?

    Most of the local shopkeepers I know have disappeared and in its place, the PRCs are setting up shop selling goods and services from eating houses, travel agencies to even beauty stalls, the latter openly doing up women’s faces outside their premises. When the hell are the relevant authorities who is supposed to regulate what these trash can or cannot do. A stretch of PRC eateries along New Bridge Road next to Mosque Street are putting tables and chairs on public walkways forcing many to walk on the road.

    They have actually taken over the two People’s complexes.

    The atmosphere and seeing them in such large numbers made me feel I was in some PRC city. It made me sick. We are done for. It won’t be too long before we become stateless because the country is no longer our beloved Singapore. It is fragmented and divided.

    For me, it really doesn’t matter because I am old. I worry for the future of my children and their children.

    If this dismal situation doesn’t change soon enough, this country is going down the tube.

  11. Kelvin Kwek said

    Yes, you hit the point of we were immigrants so we must accept them like we were accepted. To the PAP, No! We are not the same, it’s has been a long time since, we were all the same in the same era and coming from the same behavioral cultures, politically, economically, uncouth, I’ll-manner, etc. but today, we are distinctly different from all immigrants, be it Indian, European, PRC, etc. especially those coming from PRC. they really give us plenty of “headaches”; socially, economically, morally, culturally, mindset, etc In order to fill up the Chinese population quota as the Chinese has “de-populate”, the inferior has been brought in not withstanding they can contribute economically but in all others way, they bring down the systems that we have build. Now, it’s economic (taking away job), upsetting social norm( accident, crime, littering,etc). Next.. Take over the government…. Well ,hypothetical but an apology to seriously look into this immigration policy to top up the Chinese quota. And by the way, I’m a ethnic Singaporean Chinese born and bred here. I don’t mind we Chinese population dwindle rather than increase but with inferior infusion.

  12. Kay said

    ” they think they can solve problems or make things better for themselves by creating a ruckus and causing inconveniences for everyone else. Unfortunately, they do not understand that this is not China, and things simply do not work this way.”
    Actually in the past some incidents have occurred in Singapore which have caused the reinforcement of this behavior. Not so long ago there was an incident in which a PRC family got a free cab ride sponsored by SMRT & few other things. there have been a few incidents here & there which have led to strengthening of these beliefs, Unless the authorities put there foot down that such behavior is totally not tolerated, these type of incidents are going to increase.
    most of the time authorities will just given in to unjust demands as they don’t want a “PR issue” . we should learn to stand up for what is correct & not keep blaming PRC’s for all our troubles.

  13. Baogong said


  14. seng said

    if PRC is so good why people from hongkong also complain about PRC in their country .
    pray this is still got hope in our motherland SINGAPORE
    i don’t want it to be change to “CHINAPORE”

  15. We win, you die said

    I’ll vote for the party that can promise to kick out the most PRCs thrash from this place, clean our streets!!

  16. ;ABC said

    Has anyone wondered why only Mr. Shanmugam visited the family of the deceased taxi driver to offer condoloences and help for the family? The PM and DPM Teo only expressed themselves on Facebook! There appears to be a fear of antogonising the Chinese government. Why did they not issue a statement similar to that of the Chinese embassy? I would have thought it their duty to do so. Instead they warn the citizens not to be zenophobic.etc

    • Natasha Lee said

      I disagree. I may not support some of the PAP’s policies, but I am fully certain of Singapore’s ability to hold her own grounds. We would never bow down to any country. We’re not gonna be so easily bullied by giants like them. The 6th ASEAN Regional Forum was an excellent example where Singapore refused to bow down to China with regards to the South China Sea issue. We may have crap local policies, but I have huge respect for our foreign policy (no, not immigration – foreign talents).

  17. Justice said

    Pap government policies sucks… especially the past 5 years…

  18. JJ Lim said

    thanks for what you said. I guess many of us whom is reading this and should be Singaporean will understand more of things that we weren’t know in the first place. nevertheless, PRC are indeed creating more and more problems. Like what you said that I can’t seems to agree more then anything is that. THIS IS NOT CHINA. THIS IS SINGAPORE. I was once bullied with my gf when we were at Hong Kong Disneyland and ya, it’s the PRCs whom thought they owned the whole HK Disneyland. I was furious and of cz, being the few Singaporean over there during the point of time, I could do nothing instead of walking off. it still boils my blood when I tho of it. I’m sorry but to say I hope the next car accident will be killing their own race ppl.

  19. JJ said

    I’m trying to be avoid generalization and remain objective here ‘cos I know of many PRCs who are wonderful, kind-hearted people who have lived here for many many years. They seemed to have assimilated so well with our society. Why can’t the recent new-comers do the same? Clearly, there is a major loophole in our immigrant policies. Yes, economic growth is important, we want to attract the wealthy and educated who can contribute to this nation building but what is the quality of people that our government is allowing in? And by “quality” I don’t mean the amount of money they have in their bank accounts or cars they drive or their academic qualifications but their mindset, attitude, values…

    Whatever this economic growth is, it’s not worthwhile at the expense of our own morality and the racial harmony that we’ve been trying to build for decades. While we as Singaporeans need to give the new-comers a bit of time and space to adapt, they need to WANT to adapt as well. They can’t just march in and tell us we need to get rid of our pets, or to stand up (with them!) against our friends of other races, or ban curry.

    • Ah Tiong supporter lor said

      I know a lot of PRCs too.. Mostly nice and can blend in swee swee..
      However, just now while queuing at NTUC to make payment..this PRC auntie simply just cut in front my queue..
      Me smiling and speaking in perfect English : Since you are in a hurry, please carry on..
      She looked at me and feeling shy, though she probably dont understand what i’m saying but she quickly run to at end counter to make payment..
      I was thinking ppl like these is “bo gan buay tua han”… vomite blood indeed..
      But.. I said to myself again..
      Just shut up and continue to vote for PAP!!!!!! LOL

  20. Johann Wang said

    well written on the ferrari incident, from the comments I read an caucasian using the lowest class english language on his comments,
    is this the kind of foreigner Singaporean can accept them.
    Like what the writer said we can not change the PRC behaviour over night, is just like singaporean, I saw them driving up to malaysia or travel to any other country, they started their primitive behaviour “littering’.
    also full of complaint of the country, even back home in spore they do likewise.

  21. Ah Tiong supporter lor said

    I know a lot of PRCs too.. Mostly nice and can blend in swee swee..
    However, just now while queuing at NTUC to make payment..this PRC auntie simply just cut in front my queue..
    Me smiling and speaking in perfect English : Since you are in a hurry, please carry on..
    She looked at me and feeling shy, though she probably dont understand what i’m saying but she quickly run to at end counter to make payment..
    I was thinking ppl like these is “bo gan buay tua han”… vomite blood indeed..
    But.. I said to myself again..
    Just shut up and continue to vote for PAP!!!!!!!!! LOL

  22. Ray Verhoeks said

    I hope Singapore’s leaders are paying attention to the rising tensions between the locals and new migrants. Something is going to give. Remember the racial riots in the 60s? Although this time it’s a clash between cultures, the impact can be just as damaging. The damage could be long term.

    Singapore’s leaders should stop thinking only of the short term. A country cannot afford such short-sightedness.

  23. Kat said

    hawk, my thumbs ups!! rational and well written !

  24. Budman said

    We should be careful and adopt a critical mind in reading. The use of the pen to create a “foreign other” and then pin the blame on it is one of the oldest tactics. In fact, despite the seemingly innocuous sounding title, the article is filled with bigotry that seeks to put the “foreign other” into its place i.e. PRCs are not as good as us. On what basis does the author or can anyone make such a claim? To proof my point, all we need to do is to substitute “PRC” for any race in Singapore “Malay”, “Indian” or “Chinese”. In fact, such bigotry is precisely what made Hitler the fascist that he is. While reducing immigration can perhaps help reduce social tensions, it can’t resolve bigotry. And education can only do so much, if we bother to look at some of the other mature democracies that many hold in high regard. It is a sad day indeed if Singaporeans cannot understand this but yet display outrage when they learn about the views of Yale academics.

    • We win you die said

      Many people are unable to manage their own psychological, social well-being in real life and turned to toxic behaviours online to vent their repressive lives. The key is these racist and xenophobic behaviours are not really tied to rational thought process, it is uninhibited online behaviour allowed by their anonymity. It would be less harmful if they choose to remain the anonymous fuckwards that they are. But politics got involved. Opposition parties forment and steer the people to vent on common and convenient “enemies”. There’s the gang effect going on, and the sick fulfillment of doing unvirtuous acts that are encouraged and approved by gang members.

      Anyway, the key is, this problem is stemmed into deep psychological issues and cannot be affected by any rational discourse, like what you are trying to do here.

      So… fuck the PRCs!

    • Joanna said

      @Budman, Thank you for expressing everything that i felt but couldnt verbalise while reading this article. I am a Singaporean who has lived in many countries growing up and I now work in a multinational office in Singapore with foreigners hailing from all parts of the world. I’ve worked and lived next to people from many countries, and if there is anything I’ve learned, it is that good people and bad people can come from anywhere. No culture or society is inherently “better” than another. The only thing more upsetting than the writer’s argument that PRCs are “socially backward”, “unrefined” and “dont know any better”, was the sheer number of people who praised this article as “balanced” and “unbiased”.

      This writer’s opinion reminds me of the common complaint among Singaporeans that Westerners feel they are superior to us and see Asian countries as “undeveloped”, “backward” and “in need of enlightenment”. As Asians, we know this is not true. As you mentioned, Hitler felt the same way about Aryans being superior to Jews, but that was untrue as well. I see the same logic that PRCs are backward here.

      I would like to appeal to everyone reading this article to keep an open mind. If you look closely, you will find that rude, inconsiderate, reckless or selfish people come from all countries. So do polite, generous and kind people. These are traits that all humans have, and it is inaccurate to blame them on any one country or race. I have faith that all thinking Singaporeans will understand this.

  25. Norm said

    Let us not discriminate against any race or nationality. Condemn bad behavior, but do not generalise.

  26. AK_Francis said

    Ha ha, I enjoyed reading all the above articles, well written, though some r a bit harsh.
    Apprently, PRC had lost their water face in the debate, with the subject “Ferrari’s Incident”. The against team, Spore, won the debate. Hence, our fellow citizen now working or doing business in PRC, must be vigilant enough to avoid any calamity disaster over there, so as to deter the PRC to fight back in the new debate with a new subject.

  27. Enough Isenough said

    Has anyone forgotten about the PRC bus driver who also beat the Giving way traffic light sign and killed a pedestrian?? It’s caught on video too and apparently this PRC driver does not have a real driving license but a fake one. How did our bus company employed these people? Taking in all these unprofessional so-called-foreign-talent just because they can accept cheaper wages?

    Continue to vote for PAP la!!

  28. Pacific Albatross said

    Over the years the prc have done much to result in a negative opinion of them from others. Locals are not generalising prc and going against them for no apparent reasons.We had direct interactions with them and thus have the firsthand experience.We are matured adults so we know who to hate and frankly speaking,the prc deserve our hatred.You might argue that there are always goods and bads in every class of people.The key point is that the extremely large majority represent all.There are good mosquitoes which don’t bite.Why’re we killing all?

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