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PHOTO: NTUC mass-recruiting cashiers and warehouse storeman from China

Posted by temasektimes on May 18, 2012

A netizen spotted this advertisement in a Chinese website put up by Singapore’s NTUC to recruit cashiers and warehouse storeman from China:

[Source: Shenyang job portal]

NTUC is offering a salary of between S$980 and S$1250 to the PRC applicants. It is not known why the vacancies are not offered to Singaporeans first.


117 Responses to “PHOTO: NTUC mass-recruiting cashiers and warehouse storeman from China”

  1. noname said

    Lim swee say , you fucking chee bye , useless union chief

    • Zorro is Zero said

      Please add the word “chow” after “farking” and before “chee”…

      And “boh lampar” after “useless” and before “union”.

      That will sound just right..

      Thank you.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      lim sia sway has no credibility left. in many developed countries, wages for cashiers stand at around $10-$12 per hour. In singapore, Lim’s aim is to push down wages and let them stay at $900-1200 mark per month, the same levels as the early 1990s. how is singapore a developed country when the aim of the union chief is to continue to push down wages? fcuk u lim sia sway.

    • Zorro robbing the poor and giving the rich said

      Hello why you say I am so useless, I talk so many nonsense for my miserable multimillion minister pay. huh.. other ministers where got talk co*ck so much? So I am worth my la since I highest productivity in talking shi9T, don pray pray i zollo u then u see how.

  2. dareme69 said

    Our NTUC is not looking after our own citizen, i urge all PRC citizen to consider carefully before applying for the standard here is very high and you cant survivie with that kind of pay in Singapore..transportation, food and lodging will eat up all your pay..1 packet of cigarettes is $12 dollars = 60 rmb !

    • Lu Lu said

      They get free food fr the discarded section of NTUC. Surely will save lots of $

    • ST Foo said

      No worries, PRC girl, food & lodging provided. Otherwise can P/T earn other income.

    • Lu Lu sister said

      Wahh so good I can come to Singapore right away I shave my armpits and find some singapore man to sleep with kick the wife out and I can save even more money

      • blk691a said

        very clever girl, but i suggest the america and australia are better place , and the man
        are better lovers. Go as a tourist and settled down there, Salary also higher.

      • nightkids said

        You are this LuLu??

  3. Badass Ed said

    The answer is simple.

    There are no more “suitable” Singaporeans to be employed.

  4. Somethingwrongsomewhere said

    If Singaporean apply for the job, still have the $200 accomodation subsidy?

  5. alan said

    You think there will be singaporean who will treasure this job and stay for long even if we have any?
    look at the age range.

  6. Kelvin Kwek said

    They are suppressing market salary in Singapore by offering this kind of pay to the Chinese. The Chinese will take up the job coz its not easy and attractive to earn between RMB5-6K in China. But to the Singaporean, it’s not the “right salary” in our economic standard of living. No wonder the low-income is forever low-income, perpetually. Singaporean are not choosy, it’s the salary via-a-vis to the cost and standard of living. Want be 1st word but pay 3rd world or developing economy salary. Why are we subjecting our people in competing our standard of salary with these countries but yet wants to be 1st world in economy in standard. So, the highly paid are riding on the low income for their developed or 1st world standard of living. If the Singaporean can not live at 3rd world or developing economy standard of salary, they will “import” from the lower strata to achieve their agenda in political, social or economical aspects.

  7. Baogong said


    • Ken Lee said

      go to ntuc outlet and walk in interview!
      there look for worker for quite some time already, or go sucess at CC. they did advertise this posts, but i do not know why, maybe think pay too low?

      • celinetay said

        But they don’t offer such good pay and benefits to singaporeans, only about $5 per hour, u count 44 hours per week , where got 1200? i would have joined if the pay above 1000.

  8. SGrean said

    Even now, NTUC already employs quite a number of PRC staff including supervisors and warehouse personnel. Their jobs are very easy to do and I believe we don’t need talents for those positions. And I’ve also heard stories that Singaporean promoters are often being bullied when working in NTUC. We have senior citizens willing to stand for long hours working as promoters and NTUC is saying there is no locals willing to work in NTUC as a full-time staff with benefits??

    Some NTUC supervisors look down on Singaporean promoters and sometimes will use harsh words to insult them. Some outlets do not even promoters to rest in their pantry during breaks. And worse, supervisors has the power to ‘sack’ a promoter if he/ she has something against the promoter, sometimes it might not even be work related. Then the poor auntie will be without work for the rest of the project. Is this how NTUC functions? Beautiful on the outside, but rotten on the inside.

    • omeprazolel said

      They want younger staff, between the age of 20 – 28 so the middle aged aunties and uncles who are slower will surely be bullied.

      Our younger generation at this age group is either in the army or in the university.
      And our younger generation more higly educated, of course don’t want to do this kind of job.

      So, they want to pay lower wages, younger staff, who want to work?
      Translate in hokkien: you ai pee, you ai chee, you ai tua liap nee, go where find?

      • SGrean said said

        The Singaporeans auntie promoters are bullied by fellow auntie/ uncle supervisors in NTUC. They don’t belong to the NTUC staff, but they are still Singaporeans trying to earn a decent living. Even so, the bullying and discrimination continues.

    • Mark said

      Singaporean boys graduate at 26 from NUS/NTU. enough said.

  9. atuk said

    Wah lau eh….!!!!

    And all those union members arh , are in the dark about this…???
    Ha ha ha serve u all rite fellow SGporeans who unknowingly vote and support NTUC when in actual case they are the one putting sand in your rice bowl….!!!
    We should BLAME our selves for what have happened in SINGAPORE lately…..!!!

    How to be proactive ???? when the one that u trust are playing shit behind our back…????

    Does the ministers care to comment???? What singaporean cannot be cashier arh? must import oso ka? I tot football player only need to import….?

  10. These ntuc jobs S'poreans shun? said

    Mr Desmond Choo, since you work for NTUC, your kind comments please.
    HG workers would love to hear your clarifications.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      yeah come out and say something on this, all my hougang friends are waiting for your comments. no comments means u have no mind of you own, hence no votes for you!

  11. beenthereseenit said

    Let me just add that a colleague of mine in NZ has been offered a childcare teacher job NTUC thorough long distance application. She will finish her part time degree in July and will be headed to Singapore to start her teaching career. Are there no teachers in Singapore that NTUC has to recruit from overseas, and even recruit so desperately without the need to even conduct a face to face interview?

  12. Jaded said

    Yup, this is called putting Singaporeans first… Pui!!

  13. Just another SGean said

    My mom worked for NTUC for 10yrs already. Yet she’s only drawing like $1100 pay now.
    Had occasion where annual increment was only 10cents…….freaking insulting.

  14. Cancer said

    Day light robbery!! NTUC chief, we are waiting for your explanation….What productivity are you talking about?

    • Cancer said

      Another note to add. the ad is asking for PRC applicants between 20 to 28 years. Why so young? Is it because they are more productive to produce babies?

  15. Horrified said

    Totally disgusted… That’s y alot of old aged sgporeans r jobless n have difficulties … And they want us to have more children to solve the lopsided problem … Make my kids suffer n have to fight with all these PRCs in future … I will send my kids away from Singapore … Totally disappointed ….

  16. Random Order said

    Careful.. this may be fake…. if its true please link the website….

  17. Brilliant PRC said

    Singapore so lazy…and want high pay with less work..

    Got Singaporean want to take the job which salary of 980-1250 ?

    • Genius SG said

      The thing is, can a Singaporean support his/ her family with a salary if 980-1250?

      • omeprazolel said

        that’s why lah…after deducting CPF, how to survive.
        Can feed only oneself, cannot feed the family.

        We are forced out of workforce.

        So how? how to settle this problem?

  18. hjghghg said

    Low Thia Kiang & Ah Huat soon to be Workers Party MP of Hougang, please use this in your campaign speech to let all your voters know that this is happening at NTUC & let PAP give your voters the wayang answer. Since Desmond Choo wants to address low wage issues, then this is an excellent example to rebut & throw mud in PAP’s face.

  19. There is a commission to be earned for each & every foreign worker & FT that is being imported to Singapore & get employed over here!

  20. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Don’t think this piece of news will show up in Singapore T.V / official news. It will probably get deleted under if our new media finds out.

  21. Unixys said

    SIngaporean aunty worked in Fairprice are only paid at $4.50 per hour….

  22. nightkids said

    Priest…….someone priest post this on lhl’s facebook…….

  23. Seb said

    because singaporean male need to serve NS mah. So no time.

  24. Invictus said

    How is it that Singaporeans shun thee jobs when you don’t even attempt to offer it to Singaporeans. NTUC exploiting workers, not defending their rights and interests !

  25. Invictus said

    WP, ask Desmond to comment on this. Let’s see NTUC squirm on this.

  26. Henry said

    Have you seen those “strongmen” throw our shopping goods around behind the NTUC outlet … Shoppers, please select your pick carefully … likely most products are damaged already …

  27. ahlui said

    bring down capitalism then start talking. whats all happening now is because of globalisation & capitalism at its peak.

  28. JJ said

    Hm… I wonder why that age group only ? Above those age group are not suitable to be cashier ? no wonder I met a retired teacher who said that no one want to employ her even if she speaks well in English. She has to be a dish washer. ” What a great gov we have, who is taking so good care of us… ” I am currently out of job too.

  29. ntuc said

    his admin is busy deleting all post relating to this issue.

  30. Craig said

    I can’t wait for 2016 to show them how I feel about this.

    • Sam Lim said

      come 2016, Pui and Pui (PAP) will sweet talk the peoples into believing that they can delivered what the public asked, and not forgettng, with all the free goodie-bags that come with free 1-month free PUB bills, monetary awards and etc and etc…., just like the 2011 election. 60% got coned ………………..
      It is HIGH time these 60% voters wake-up and see for themselves ……………

    • lyn said

      by 2016, citizen will get use to the foreigners….

      • nightkids said

        ha ha ha ha….well said….. sinkies are forgiving and forgetful…… or else where got 60.1% votes???

        now i really sincerely hope the HGers will cast their votes WISELY…..

      • blk691a said

        they will become citizens by then.

      • nightkids said

        I worked with prc….in fact i see prc customers everyday……only 2 out of 10 prcs would like to become citizen…… they will still return to their home land after they leech enough……

  31. LkySi said

    NTUC advertisement should also say PRC candidates would be given Ferrari each as part of the remuneration package

  32. LkySi said

    NTUC – Never Trust Union Chief. Lim Swee Say , Desmond Choo nobody is going to trust you. Hougang voters give them the boot

  33. Pacific Albatross said

    Now I know NTUC is hiring overseas.No wonder many Singpaorens,once retrenched,can’t find a proper job even they are just in their 40s .Our government-linked organisations could simply hire young foreigners,let alone private orgs.It’s good maths paying them low wage so that these orgs are able to make high profits.Are there any brains caring about we locals who need jobs to survive here.When we do not want to accept exceptionally low wage,somebody will say we need to improve productivity.Hey guys,if my pay is too low,I will still work for it,but I’ll try all means to make sure that I would only contribute the least.I will take every opportunity to “eat snake’and every night before bed,I’ll think of ways to ruin the operations of the company and I’ll pray for the firm to fail in busineess(hopefully closure)…..To me,my opportunity cost is low,my pay is low,anyway.Ha…ha….
    No pay,no productivity,YOU UNDERSTAND!{amplified by loudspeaker}

  34. joeaudar said

    Mr. Lim Swee Say, any comment on this article? Singaporean are awaiting your comments.

  35. Unixys said

    and eventually… these AT will soon given a Singapore PR status!

    • blk691a said

      very true, maybe the top people thinks they will get more support this way by giving them jobs and eventually citizenship.

      • nightkids said

        wat kind of support?

        Pr can’t vote, and the tiongs are reluctant to get citizenships!!

      • blk691a said

        there are ways to get people into singapore, this is one of them, there may be syndicate who will do anything for money,
        singapore is so small, just a few hundred thousands of them and you can win over hougang. Money is no problem here.
        They the papa and anak ( malay for son) party is here to stay, slowly the whole of singapore is occupy by ferrari driven PRC
        who call hdb flat their home. Earn and earn and enjoy high worth life here. China can spare 6 millions of their citizens here.

      • blk691a said

        nightkids , what is tiongs.?

      • nightkids said

        tiongs are abbreviation for prc…….given by forumers at other forums


  36. NotFair said

    i will not but anything from them any more..

  37. Seiya78 said

    How come I don see news mention on this issue n explain how local feel

  38. WHY ARE THEY HERE said

    It is not fabricated…
    Here is the original link

  39. mia said

    Ntuc is for union worker but why still cn be seen alot of the chinese in ntuc supermarket isn’t spore is a multi racial people any where job only want chinese speaking then for what we go to school and learn english language……………………………………………..

  40. 洗黑钱 said

    PM Lee says: We will always put Singaporeans first!
    What he really meant is: Singaporeans include only new citizens and future citizens.

  41. Philip said

    there’s more SGP company posting recruitment in CN…see here

  42. A Singaporean Abroad said

    I think the NTUC wants to hire these FT to be warehouse storeman because the FT accept cheaper wages than a local Singaporean? Pardon my ignorance as I have been living abroad for about 10 years and I do not know the current market wages. However, if my deduction is correct (i.e. they hire cos of cheaper wages) then my next question is has NTUC ever heard of the phrase “if you pay peanuts …”

    • Lois Lois said

      That’s why there’re many monkeys out there in the service line because they pay peanuts. And monkeys speak monkeys’ language and they don’t speak English. And this is so-called productivity because they speak another different language..hahaha.

  43. Leo said

    A union which does not take care of own citizens. NTUC is a big joke. Should all the citizens cancel the memberships and bycott NTUC? Anyway they are only keen in taking care of foreigners. Let the foreigners patronise them

  44. Liza said

    I worked at the NLB for 13 year. I was offered a golden handshake and an option to continue working for the library as an outsource staff. Outsource staff are being paid $24 per day. No benefits compared to working under NLB management where medical is also covered plus yearly bonus, performance bonus, night shift allowance etc) My take home pay under NLB was $900 (even after I worked for 13 years) I decided not to work for outsource company as the salary package was terrible. I was jobless for three years. During that time, I tried going to different companies, mostly retail outlets, to work as sales assistant. Most of them wanted people to be able to speak mandarin. Went to CDC and so on. They referred me to retail outlets too. I was interviewed but no response. I went to the NTUC supermarket opposite my house. They pasted job vacancy advertisement on their notice board. I applied for the position of sales assistant,( mainly to take care of arriving stock, arranging them on the shelves) I went to ask twice. Once around 2010 and 2011. But I was rejected. No reason given. It was a painful three years, no job, basically doing freelance jobs with no CPF or any job security. It was until I followed my younger sister shopping and we stumbled upon a job vacancy at a British (owned by an arab) retail outlet. I applied for the job, we exchanged some meaningful conversations and followed by an interview, I got a part time job as a food stacker. Similar type of job at the library but with a higher pay and opportunities for commussion plus medical benefits and staff discount. I am so disappointed with NTUC, they would not even consider me for anything. Considering that I live nearby, it was a good opportunity for me to work near my home. I am realistic as a low income worker. If I work nearby, it will at least offset transport fees to work. But NTUC did not want me at all. Not once but twice! I am glad to say that I am happy working for this company! It’s ok NTUC. Thank you for your bitter lesson.

    • atuk said

      The power that we have is not to patronised such organisation. STOP buying anything from them ,

      I will do my BEST till they repent , not to get my groceries from them….!!! All COS should play their part. Not that we want to instil hatred but thats the attitude that we should have in order for them to know their own countrymen are no longer ignorant about their farking attitude….!!!

    • blk691a said

      true here, my niece a school leaver was not even considered, she is slim and willing to accept such pay. Without explanation, they just reject.
      I tell you, they got a plan, to bring in more PRC, maybe next move we could be part of china political policy.

      • nightkids said

        in the near future….and i mean really near future….. Singapore will be rename to Chinapore….中国坡……

        Than our national athem will be this:

  45. atuk said

    lets go back to basics… at our neighbourhood groceries shop….!!!

    Mr minister please address this issue openly with us citizen of singapore.

    WP this is the best issue to ask the electorate and voters of hougang….ask desmond choo to answer this issue….!!

  46. Dear all,

    We have seen the discussion on this and would like to kindly clarify our position.

    As one of the largest retailers in Singapore, it has always been a challenge hiring people for the service industry.

    As part of the labour movement, NTUC FairPrice’s recruitment policy has always been to hire Singaporeans first. This policy has enabled us to maintain a primarily local workforce. Currently, about 90 percent of our staff are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. Over 80 percent of our total workforce are Singapore citizens.

    As we open more stores to serve our customers better, we also need more staff to fill all the vacancies. Besides advertising these vacancies in local dailies to hire Singaporeans and PRs, we have also worked with various agencies like Community Development Councils, the Women’s Development Secretariat,e2i, various polytechnics and institutes of technical education to name a few.

    Unfortunately, we have not been able to fill all the vacancies and, hence, need to seek alternative manpower resources in neighbouring countries such as China and Philippines.

    Currently, we have various vacancies such as Retail Assistants, Cashiers, Store keepers and Skilled Cutters, to fill across our branches island-wide and we welcome job-seekers to submit their applications for these vacancies to us at or visit us at – Careers for more details.

    Thank you.

    • Kelvin Kwek said

      The problem of having difficulties; the pay of $900-$1200 is not decent enough for a local considering the cost of living, let’s not talk about standard of living. To the foreigners, considering their economic development, it’s a lot of money and attractive. Please don’t set the wage from developing economies. Forever, the wages will not go up! It’s about having the correct pay which will attract people willing to take on it. In Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, we were served by natives. Aren’t these country Developed economy? Yes, and they pay developed economy standard of salary. NTUC, as a cooperative or social enterprise, you have a role UN leading the pay restructuring of the nations. Otherwise, private enterprise will not take to the labour moment ethos of salary improvement for the country notwithstanding that we have have a standard and. Oat of living which is out of syn with the kind of pay that is being suppressed under the pretext of productivity.

    • Benny Quek said

      Well said,NTUC.I would very much like to know the range of salary you are paying locals.If you are paying that sort of salary sufficient only for retirees or housewives working for fun/pocket money,you might be innoocent.How about for those ,particularly the age range you mentioned in the China ad,who need to earn a decent income to sustain life of themselves and their family’s?You jolly well know that in Singapore,this level of salary is barely enough for survival.You are no different from those firms which put ads on hiring staff,offering a ridiculous salary,and the ad could appear for years and finally claimed that they were not able to recruit locals.Don’t beat around the bush by saying that your offer is competitive.Could it be that nobody is being reasonale and fair?You should take the lead,for the sake of low-pay workers,please.This is simply the culture here.The govenment seems to have done a lot for Singapore,but why is our happiness index so low.What is wrong is that the satatistics is good but we do not feel/experience it.Finally,congrat that you’ve succeeded in another cost cutting endeavour!

    • Disgusted said

      What about giving our yellow ribbon Singaporeans who need a job? What ever figures you ppl give us are all not verified. When there is no transparency , do you think we will believe u? Do u know y I hate to go Giant supermarket? Because its infested w PRCs! They r slow , lazy n have very bad service attitude. Y I patronize NTUC n Cold Storage is because I am being served only by local Singaporeans… But sad to say I started to spot PRCs in various outlets. It’s just depressing knowing that u r not only a supermarket but formed because of a working union for fellow Singaporeans . Now not only you have chosen to give away the jobs to PRCs n yes specifically PRCs, y not Thai? Y not Vietnamese? Y only PRCs? You have become a unethical company which is exploiting these lower class PRCs thinking they are cheap labour. Seriously to survive with $980 per mth? How? Do u provide meals? Lodging? Meaning u expect these ppl to work for u n solely work for u cos they have no money to go out for some enjoyment after work. You as a union has displayed the worst example to all companies in Singapore and all other countries all over the world!

    • atuk said

      Okay Okay so that’s your position ….. fair enough .

      Lets put it in my perspective , If I am the boss in NTUC , I would prefer to change all my management team and get FT thus saving more money for NTUC. But at what cost….??? Where is your social responsibilities???? Its because you are not the one being put to retire early and you all still earning BIG MONEY…!!! That’s what I call GREED !!! When you all are not thinking RIGHT.

      Look at all out PMET’s , they are out of JOB and have families to feed on…..!!! Think hard but please do not think SMART coz maybe tomorrow you will have another breakdown…..SMRT….!!!

      Just look how much is being paid to SMRT CEO…..wei friend…..thats peanut rite but she is enjoying her semi retirement life…..!!! No family to think of and no worries with all the money she earn…hard earned money lei….wat da fug!!!!

    • Darren Png said

      NTUC I dont think you tried that hard. Why you making so much profits even though you are coop? Why you are paying the aunties and uncles so little money you trying to match with Mac Donalds? SO since you dont have to be profitable why dont you offer a better salary so that the poor uncles and aunties cna see it is worth their while to come to work each day as it is enough to cover their expenses.

    • NTUC dont BULLSHIT US said

      Your pinoy customer service in jurong point NTUC finest cant even listen and speak proper english, are these the kind of people you are bringing in? YOU dont serve your customer better with these kind of shit youre bringing in. Dont come and bullshit us with your reasons and excuse, i am not surprise even if this post by NTUC is written by a FT.

  47. Hannible said

    We are just being used by the PRCs’. Trust me, all the mass efforts our leaders put to please China and its people will go wasted. Just wait and see. I mean look at us! We’re so small. The idea of being a part of developing China is just absurd!

  48. Snow Zee said

    we really have to do something…..can’t just sit there and do nothing. any idea???

  49. bb said

    The only way to change Lim SS behaviour is to vote PAP out of the gov but vote in Lim SS as he is Union Head. When he is in the opposition he will fight against the ruling gov and fight for better wages for workers. Then you will see the true colour of him.

  50. Mark said

    I believe our elderly workers (above 60 years old) wouldn’t mind a low paying job as compared to retrenchment. Govt, you told us to extend retirement to 65 on one side, the other side, you secured jobs by attracting foreigners from overseas.

    • C.O.S. said

      Thats wat we call “wat da fug” to our GOVT , coz they got no money to release all our CPF thus giving the excuse of citizen need to work until 65years old….!!!
      bullshit is free for them ….maderfaker….!!!

    • cost that matters said

      first time i hear, people say dun mind low pay job ! can feed yr family or not … let be reasonable …. employ all bus drivers with $2,500 salaries a month or higher since requested !!!!… where to take that money from … increase bus fare? increase waiting time? who will pay? … govt? … then prepare for more increase in Taxes…. GST, income tax, water borne taxes, etc etc etc ….

  51. mrniceguy said

    ai-yo even our public transport are already monopoly by the PRCs…W T F…!

  52. Angrybird03 said

    WTF!!! Foreign Talent working in NTUC….

  53. Waterman said

    Let WP have a copy of this and show to all Sporeans how idiotic and how these idiots betray his own citizens

  54. firdauz said

    like this everyone in Sg will die lah,even local brands doesnt prioritise Singaporeans,haaiizzz…

  55. Lois Ong said

    Did anyone know out of the over 60% votes from last year election, how many percentage were made up of PRCs and other minority foreigners of new citizens? In my guess, It’s probably slightly over 50% of true Singaporeans. If this assumption is right, then the ruling party would have left lesser votes from true Singaporeans comes 2016. However, this may not be the case, because by then more new citizens (especially from PRC) will be added into our national count. At that time, even if less than 50% of Singaporeans vote for the PAP, the PAP will still win because of new citizens who will form the majority of the votes for them. Any thoughts on this? Hence, we true blue Singaporeans must be united and vote for the right party who take care of us first comes 2016. I wouldn’t specific who but it’s upto you to think and judge. For how many years we’ve been suffering in silent especially the matured group of populations who lost their jobs and never able to return to the workforce because of bias recruitment by majority employers. I’m one of them for your information.

    • cost that matters said

      i know not many new citizen support the govt, hi, e-net people what u think we have achieved what?. when people bang on almost any thing….is pure noise …. is there truth?

  56. Lois Ong said

    With regards to auntie and uncles being bullied by China Cleaner Supervisors, it is the same in Marina Bay Sands. I’d seen it with my own eyes China Cleaner Supervisors bullying uncle and aunties and even the dealers. Not only that one of the China Supervisor had the cheek to chide-off a foreign tourist who was watching a play at the Marina Bay Sands theatre. This western lady needed a baby room to change her baby’s diaper but the baby changing room was full with toilet rolls so she had to ask the China cleaner supervisor to clear the room for her to use. Guess what, the China supervisor chided her in a very loud voice that she doesn’t understand English and asked the western tourist to speak in Chinese. What a real joke??? Is this called productivity as termed by PAP???

  57. Lois Ong said

    Also, do you know why China young girls (or even the old ugly China women) can survive in Singapore at a pay of less than $1000? That’s because many of them find a man who can sleep with them and help to pay every expenses for them and of course, their pay is kept full in the bank every month. Not only that, they can afford to wear expensive jewelery and carry branded stuff because they got through sleeping…hahaha. This has been a common story amongst many establishments that have most PRCs workers…hahaha.

  58. Ellen said

    Please do not allow anymore China nationals to Singapore. We have more than enough of them and they are creating some much social problems here. NTUC please give the jobs to Singaporeans!

    • Hougang Huat Arh !!! said

      you tan ku ku lah…….heard say there will be 20k coming this year…..!!!!

      to gahment, gdp more important…..sinkies are dirt to them…..

    • cost that matters said

      singaporean want to work or not. i anti PAP, but we have to be balance, right ? why fight over these low level jobs. our children and singaporean so highly educated, do they need these job? will you expect our parents/seniors to be cashier or TC cleaners at that old age? …. TOP and middle management job that our children needs is , and will be more critcial !!!

  59. Isz said

    Dont go NTUC lets all shop at Sheng Shiong….

  60. cost that matters said

    sometime for this type of low level job is good for FT !!! cashier job when money is missing…do you know cashier need to pay? and many cases of singaporean or shoppers cheated on this non alert cashier? or left wo paying! i guess sometime is good ft takeover some of these low level jobs…..

    2. fight for middle and top management jobs that affect our children. many of our children, highly educated are left wo a job… and that is more important and more critical. where do we go from here !!!

    3. important is many of our children with highly educated choses NOT to work! how?

  61. cost that matters said

    first time i hear, people say dun mind low pay job !
    – can feed yr family or not … let be reasonable ….
    – employ all bus drivers with $2,500 salaries a month or higher since requested !!!!… where to take that money from …
    – increase bus fare? increase waiting time? who will pay? … govt? …
    – then prepare for more increase in Taxes…. GST, income tax, water borne taxes, etc etc etc ….

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