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PRC journalist: Ma Chi is a son of Ma Kai, a senior communist official in China

Posted by temasektimes on May 18, 2012

The dead Ferrari driver Ma Chi (马驰) responsible for causing a fatal accident in Bugis which cost the lives of two innocent victims may be a son of a senior communist official in China which may explain the ‘preferential’ treatment dished out to him by the Singapore media.

Despite his heinous act, Ma Chi was glorified unashamedly as a ‘tall and young, rich and successful’ tycoon by the tabloids which have been harping on his immense ‘wealth’ ad nausem.

According to one PRC journalist Cao Guoxing (曹国星), Ma Chi is a son of Ma Kai (马凯), a high-ranking Chinese official.

Ma Kai holds the following positions in the PRC government:

“State Councilor and State Council Secretary-General, the President of the National School of Administration, Western Region Development of the State Council Leading Group Office.” (Source: Xinhua)

Cao initially made the stunning claim on his Chinese microblog ‘Weibo’, but the post was quickly deleted five minutes later, though not before it was circulated widely by PRC netizens elsewhere.

In the post, Cao published three photos showing uncanny similarities in physical features between Ma Kai’s wife and Ma Chi’s mother:


He also asked why Ma Chi became a ‘Sichuanese’ suddenly:

“刚知道新加坡,在老婆(四川电视台主持人)怀孕期间,载美女开法拉利游车河,闯红灯撞死三个人(包括他自己)的那小子,姓马。。叫马驰 ,他怎么成四川人了呢?”

Ma Chi came to Singapore a few years ago and had applied for Singapore PR before the accident. He reportedly made his immense wealth estimated at a few million dollars from ‘investments’. Till today, his family has yet to apologize to the victims on his behalf or offer any sort of compensation to their families.


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16 Responses to “PRC journalist: Ma Chi is a son of Ma Kai, a senior communist official in China”

  1. GH said

    I would not be surprised. That’s why they feel so entitled to rebuke us for our “poisonous tongues”.

  2. studentinsg said

    Full article is here:

    It appears somewhere at the end of the article that China has started censoring the word Ma Kai from most of its search engines. Seems like there is another scandal like Bo Xilai’s that might be surfacing.

  3. Weiling said

    Is it so easy as a foreigner to make millions of dollars in Singapore within a few years? How come? I wonder whether the authorities will look into his wealth.

    Ma chi’s family has not make any apologies because they are too afraid to face anybody… “no face” for Ma chi’s father, Ma Kai.

  4. Sun Wu Gui said

    Government wanna come clean about this? How much money was collected from the Ma’s??

  5. Anything related to "Ma" said

    First they say Ma Chi is brother of fugitive Ma Yong. Now they say Ma Chi is son of senior communist official Ma Kai. Next would they say Ma Chi is heir of Ma cDonald ?

  6. andrew said

    Has the PAP killed Singapore?

    “Singapore dramatically exposed with a stunning 60%-plus of GDP tied up in European bank claims.”

    Not just Temasek but GIC should also be involved. No wonder LKY begging pple to buy Euro debt.

  7. Simply hate AH TIONGSssssssss........ said

    who cares hi father is who or holds what positions…. coz he will still lies in the “6 wooden planks” 1 fine day… unless he is vampire, can be undead….

  8. Shawn the Train said

    Why, not surprising at all. Anything connected to china gahment is connected to sg gahment is connected to the old man. Enough said.

  9. A Hard-up Singaporean said

    We must be the most hard up country in the region for chinese cunts, chinese money, cheap chinese workers etc. As one MP said, we must seriously reflect on ourselves!!!

  10. Singaporean said

    China state council secretary-general? how these state people can have billions for investment and buying ferrari????? better ask china president to investigate!

    That is why no matter singapore government claimed to be clean and clear and non-corruption… just question mark to many of us?

  11. Mama said

    Ma Yong, Ma kai or Ma Shi, watever….i know tat he’s with Ma Lian now

  12. Mick said

    Hello TT. For the benefit of non-Chinese educated readers, could you translate the 2nd last para for us? And for future postings too thanks!

  13. haha said

    I think the deceased Ferrari driver, Ma Chi, is the GRANDSON of the senior ranking communist official. Ma Chi’s mother is either the daughter or daughter in law of that Communist official. It could also mean that Ma Chi’s father is the son or son in law of that Communist official. Why? Becos Ma Chi’s mother look too young to be the wife of that very old senior Communist official.

  14. CKMPD said

    Can anyone confirm or dispel market talk that Ma Chi bought a $10m life insurance from a female HSBC insurnace agent?

  15. Singaporeans = The Endangered Species said

    Don’t we all know by now that Singapore is one big money laundering hub? We’ll i’ve always thought so.
    Anyway, i’m do not hate PRCs, i just hate the people/organization that created the policies that allowed so many FTs to come in so suddenly and turn the balance of things upside down.

  16. Jon said

    We have the same PRC trash in my country, the United States of America. They come here pretending to attend a university and all they do drive their fancy Ferrari, Porsche, or any expensive sports cars and picking up girls.

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