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Singaporean discovered his passport was used illegally to sponsor 7 unknown names into Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on May 18, 2012

I have a recent case which I reported to ICA…

Last week I renew my passport but waited for about 5 working days… so when to to check my passport if it is ready… to my surprise, I saw a total of 7 name which I sponsor into singapore…

But I did not even apply for anyone into Singapore…. I call ICA to check but they say I got to meet the officer @ ICA and write a letter to them…

What the officer told me is that maybe my singpass had been heck or someone forge my signature to apply for them… police report had been made but till now no news from ICA or police….

Any of you got the same thing as me???


*The above was first posted as a comment here


16 Responses to “Singaporean discovered his passport was used illegally to sponsor 7 unknown names into Singapore”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Sinapore is getting to be really like a 3rd. World Country…..anything goes…no more safety…my confidence in my Government has reached the level of a 3rd. World Country..

    • mattyap said

      What an immature, unresearched and uninformed comment. Have you actually been to a ‘third world country’ (which is an condescending term btw)? If you were to reduce yourself to picking up expired milk and scraps of rice every day that money cannot even buy because the supplies are so scarce, how would you feel?

      If the government is like ‘that of a third world country’, you think kids (your kids if you have) everywhere have the chance to go through a proper education system? Argue about the ‘usefulness’ of the certificate they hold at the end of 6, 10, and 12-13 years, you should know that these ‘third world countries’ you speak of do not have this equal privilege and do not deserve it less than us ‘advanced second world-‘ or ‘first world countries’.

      Honestly, before you type for the sake of typing, think about how on earth you get the ability to access the internet in order to post this comment. Slow internet? Low connectivity? At least you have it.

      No more safety? So why do you not walk swiftly down the street with a self-defense device like mace spray when you are alone, for fear of being mugged?

      How on earth could you have posted a comment like this?

      • spotlessleopard said

        Which 3rd. world country you have been? and what makes you think I have not been to 3rd. world countries or lived in them?
        Our PAP Politicians likes to compare Singapore with 3rd. World Countires…out great retired Leader even suggest our children and wives will be Maids…blah blah…So when our Civil Service and other services are breaking down and slinding what is wrong in worrying our standards will eventually slide to that of a 3rd. world country? Is comparing Singapore to 3rd. World Country the monopoly of Politicians?
        How on earth could you comment on others like this?

      • mattyap said

        You are obviously taking just the bad side of things with you into this argument. What you said is not untrue. However, to degrade the government to that of a ‘third world country’s is just ridiculous and unfair. If Egypt could be taken as an example, you’ll see how much better off we are.

        I’m not even going to list the things that is wrong with your argument. ‘blah blah’ indeed. I don’t know why I bothered with you. I’m sorry I rebuked you, k? Live a happy life albeit an oppressive one.

      • spotlessleopard said

        Mattyap, You shot from your Hips and now realise you are nobody to REBUKE ME or anybody……You may post your comments regardless;…. fawning, baseless or otherwise ……but to draw from your hips and insult anyone PERSONALLY for his views does indicate where you come from…..Nevertheless I do not take such personal insults in this medium as serious….and it may please you to know I take at face value that you are sorry……..May you live a non oppressive happy life…

  2. Ken Lee said

    but how?

  3. Report to CPIB said

    You need to get to get serious here as your passport indicated that you have sponsored 7 foreigners into S’pore.

    Should any one of them create a problem, or worse a crime here, you will be in big trouble.

    I suggest that you report the matter to CPIB also, so that they can get to the bottom of the matter.

  4. David Lo said

    Can you upload a copy of your police report for us to take a look? I might know somebody who is able to push forward the case for you.

  5. Kok Leong Tong Tong said

    All readers can check your own here @ to make sure.

  6. lola said

    Foresee more problems submerging. This is just the beginning. Immigration policy is beyong control.

  7. Adam said

    how to check if our passport is used to sponsor ft?? share that so that we can know

  8. alex said

    if this is true, we will only find out when you renew your PP, by which time it may be 5 years later workers all gone home already

  9. magappa said



  10. later I scared my passport also kanna hack but ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS THERE ANY STUPID FT WORKING AT ICA?!

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