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Yaw Shin Leong ‘apologizes’ to Hougang voters in open letter, but still did not clarify if he had sex with WP female leaders

Posted by temasektimes on May 18, 2012

Disgraced former WP MP Yaw Shin Leong (pic left) has issued an ‘apology’ to Hougang residents in the midst of the election campaigning, more than three months after he was sacked from WP for his failure to address rumors swirling around his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women, including two key WP female leaders who contested in the General Election last year.

In the letter, Yaw wrote that with the Hougang by-election around the corner, he would like to take the ‘opportunity’ to ‘thank’ Hougang voters for casting their votes for him during 2011 election.

“I also wish to apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, for the whole episode and having to go through the polls again as a result of my expulsion from the Workers’ Party,” he added.

After his sordid affairs were exposed in the media, Yaw left Singapore almost immediately, leaving Hougang residents in the lurch. He went ‘missing in action’ for months before returning to Singapore recently.

Yaw also did not clarify if he did have sex with the two WP female leaders as alleged by the media or whether he was involved in other ‘hanky-panky’ business within the party.

According to a former WP member, Yaw’s half-baked ‘apology’ is nothing more but an election ‘gimmick’ to win the votes of Hougang residents for the Workers Party.

“The sentiments on the ground is not too good. There are some Hougang residents who still feel sore over the Yaw scandal and it will cost WP votes in the coming election,” he said.

Read his letter below from CNA Connect Facebook:


16 Responses to “Yaw Shin Leong ‘apologizes’ to Hougang voters in open letter, but still did not clarify if he had sex with WP female leaders”

  1. No Can Do said

    To err is human, to forgive divine. Now that Yaw has publicly apologised for his mistakes, sinkies shd move on from here. PAPie mps who hold multiple company directorships hv not only continued to hold on shamelessly to them without conscience and their party, the PAP, hv also deemed it fit to uphold the ridiculous situation. Does anyone need to say more??

  2. beenthereseenit said

    Come on, people who keep barking formYaw to “come clean” about his affairs are just looking for a good story, in other words, gossip! It’s already accepted he did commit extramarital affairs. That is his downfall. WP must move on from this ailed politician. Why keep dragging him into the politics of WP when Yaw has already been expelled? It’s time to separate Yaw from WP. PAP has had its fair share of bad politicians. Have you been holding PAP accountable?

  3. Jaded said

    who is this former WP member? I think maybe he is still sore about having to leave the party?

  4. 后港人好种! said


  5. George said

    Please leave the matter to rest. For the record I am not a WP supporter nor a friend of Yaw. Is it a big issue that you have to know if he slept with the female WP members ? Hope he does come true that he slept with your mother , wife or you’re sister. Please behave yourselfs. Thank you.

  6. SGrean said

    Why is TT so obsessed with whether YSL had any intimate relationship with other woman or not?? Are u guys perverts?? We are not interested in his sexual affairs seriously. He’s OUT already. If YSL’s wife can forgive him, then who are we to go kaypoh about his sexual past??

  7. Henry said

    Another worthless editorial wthout content … In any case, thanks for publishing the letter for Yaw … at least something.

  8. SPN said

    “According to a former WP member…. bla…bla…”

    TT, by needing to resort to quoting this clearly questionable source (or hiding behind such?) you have undermined your own credibility and exposed your biasness for all to see. I think you can do much better than that!

    Mod’s reply:

    We cannot give names, but we will spill more things about WP in the days to come.

    • Baogong said

      who 额绿色?must be those ex WP members like Eric Tan etc, sour grape!

    • beenthereseenit said

      TT obviously has a bone to pick with WP. Your reports of WP have been biased, often without basis and vitriol. You’re not any better than ST.

  9. Free Trolley said

    Another Singaporean decides Singapore is no longer their home. Great job.

  10. Orang Laut said

    Me in Hougang for so many years will still support WP and so are the people I know, Hidup WP!

  11. Ron said

    Giving an apology months later does not speak well of Yaw. It may not be accepted as being sincere. Anyway, his behaviour has nothing to do with the Workers Party. He betrayed the trust of many people including that of his family.

  12. silent G said

    有做过的事情澄清。You are just a victim of dirty politics. I’m sure the residents of Hougang can understand that. I’m very impressed by the crowd at the rally last night, Its all about keeping the faith of what they always believe all these years. Sex & scandals exist everywhere, even Clinton. But this does not get in the way of politics.

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