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Desmond Choo: The Yaw saga has ended and I wish Shin Leong all the best

Posted by temasektimes on May 19, 2012

The sudden ‘reappearance’ of disgraced former WP MP Yaw Shin Leong has taken many by surprise. After ‘missing in action’ for three months, Yaw emerges from nowhere and sent an email to various media outlets in Singapore to ‘apologize’ to Hougang residents for leaving them in the lurch, a stunning move which is dismissed by many as an election gimmick to help save the skin of the Workers Party.

However, Yaw’s ex-opponent in the May election last year Desmond Choo (pic left, source: Facebook)was magnanimous and wished him all the best.

Speaking to queries from the media on Yaw’s public apology, Mr Choo said:

“I think the Yaw saga has ended and all of us have moved on. I wish Shin Leong all the best after hearing that he will be starting life afresh with his wife overseas.”

When asked if it is important for Hougang to have a young MP in parliament to speak up for them, Mr Choo said that he hopes to involve more youths in shaping the community in Hougang which could include engaging more youth volunteers and holding forums for youths to share their perspectives on national policies.

“I would like to think so, because we have a lot of older people but we never forget the Chinese saying that it’s always incumbent upon the young to take care of the old. It’s time for the young people in Hougang to step up and say that we want change and we want to make sure that we are in a role to define how our elderly are being taken care of in Hougang.”


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8 Responses to “Desmond Choo: The Yaw saga has ended and I wish Shin Leong all the best”

  1. P Koh said

    Whoever wins the By-election, just do not forget to honour the promises that are made to the residents during campaigning.
    Integrity and honesty is most important in order to gain the respect and trust of the people who vote the candidate into office.

  2. Righteous Citizen said

    I don’t think the Yaw saga will ever rest. Yaw’s misdeed will last his whole lifetime. In fact it would be indelibly carved in our political history book long after he has passing, just like the way we are still talking about Minister Teh Cheang Wan’s corruption and subsequent suicide. I hope this saga will be a strong lesson for all politicians not to commit any ignoble mistakes. The more successful the politician the more careful he has to tread and be seen to be clean. This lesson of perpetual public shame is a much more economical and effective way to prevent corruption among high political posts than the dubious and costly method of paying our Ministers exorbitant salaries upfront to achieve the same objective.

  3. Hsien Liao La said

    I hope you enjoy ‘all the best’ too serving your masters as a dog – AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN SOUNDLY DEFEATED IN THIS COMING BY-ELECTIONS.

  4. RAGE said

    This Choo is more mature than that barking bitch Khaw who’s still harping on it like it makes any difference. If choose between Yaw that adulterer versus Khaw that cheebyemouth. I will choose Yaw.

  5. dsa said

    Prioritise Your Vote Wisely!
    by Kenny SG on Saturday, May 19, 2012 at 10:48am ·
    Dear Hougang Residents,
    This By-Election is not simply about choosing between Png Eng Huat and Desmond Pig to be responsible for your constituency needs and its importance goes way beyond the goodies on offers at the table. Enjoy those goodies that has been offered to you but these are taxpayers money that has been abused for self and party interests. Remember Desmond Pig does not pay for them and remember those goodies are short term privileges and not long term entitlements.

    This election may only be for a single parliamentary seat but if Desmond Pig wins, what negative signals are you sending to the incumbent? If the incumbent wins, you will be enriching Desmond Pig with his million dollar salary, bonuses and pensions while sending a negative signal to the incorrigible incumbent govt that our electorate is fine with the govt imposing upon themselves with the highest imposed salary, bonuses and pensions in the world. Think of the need for continuous growth to service the high cost of maintaining an incumbent govt that is burdening our national expenditure with their continuous exorbitant salary, bonuses and pensions without any equivalent increase in productivity from the incumbent.

    Think of their elitist policies catering to the rich elites while discriminating against workers and denying them their rights with stagnant wages and cheap labour at the lower end through their hypocritical tripartism policies and superficial national workers union. Think not only of the present but future and continuous high cost of living while majority are struggling with our fast paced, stressful and competitive society.
    If the incumbent wins, you will be sending Desmond Pig into an overwhelming unbalanced parliament where his political ideology is closely associated with his party members and being restricted by the party whip and party constitution. With his self and party interests, how best can he represent and serve you as a priority? By voting for Desmond Pig, you are voting to enrich a nobody with million dollar salary very much like Tin Pui Ling.
    If Desmond Pig wins, the incumbent being buoyed by their historic win in Hougang and in addition to their majority controlled seats will continue with their oppressive and totalitative governance, undemocratic media control, party interests based politics and elitist policies for the rich while opening the door to more foreigners resulting in a society with widening income disparity and rising social tensions.
    If Desmond Pig wins, what negative signals are you sending to the incumbent? That our electorate is happy with their blatant nepotism and cronyism practices? That our electorate is happy with the increasing high cost of living that is critical especially for majority of struggling citizens? That our electorate is happy with the incumbent’s constant ignorance, disregard, disrespect and immediate rejections of your honest views, feedbacks and suggestions?
    The incumbent is never always right and without wrong, vote wisely to correct an incorrigible govt that has become complacent and elitist as a result of their long unchallenged dominance in our political landscape. Vote wisely and prioritise your vote for a more competitive and balance political landscape.

    • You say it man & I can’t agree with you more…Dsa

      By voting for this PAP puppet, you are actually condoning the elitist & capitalist policies which will continue to make them more arrogant, autocratic & oppresive in future for example, their current Pro-Foreigner Immigration Policy, encouraging local Singaporean graduates to be trained up as “Hawkers” while enticing FTs over here to work as CEO & to assume / hold Senior Managerial Positions in most MNCs and Large Companies in Singapore to compete & snatch the rice bowls of Singaporeans, etcs.

      As these so-called FTs came here armed with at least a Masters Degree, Doctorate or PHD even from some Chinese Universities, Indian Universities or other Universities from some other parts of the world which you have hardly heard of them.

      If this immigration trend continues further, which I believe is almost near to the breaking point already, very soon our Singapore graduates from the local universities might have to work as Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers or even Train Drivers except that nowadays, SMRT trains are on driverless train technology besides as an Hawker.

      Therefore, dear hougang residents, please vote wisely!

  6. joeaudar said

    Tell your bosses to stop bringing Yaw’s subject

  7. Dirty Politics said

    Politics are dirty. We have seen throughout Hougang by-election when the media supports heavily the ruling party by bad mouthing the WP. I believe the promises given by DC are empty promises for campaigning purposes. The promises are meant to win votes. Did he really for Hougang residents or he is simply putting an act to win. Singaporeans at Hougang had to make a right judgment call. Once it is wrongly done, it cannot be unravel. Do we really need another PAP in Hougang after they had won many seats now. We need a voice in Parliament. Do give the opposition parties time to put their act together. Do not forget that they are small as compare with PAP who had all the manpower, decision to use govt funds to do what they want. Please vote wisely!!!

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