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Ma Chi’s family rubbished rumors that he is a son of Ma Kai, a high-ranking PRC official

Posted by temasektimes on May 19, 2012

The family of the late Ma Chi (马驰) has rubbished ongoing rumors in cyberspace that he is a son of Ma Kai (马凯), a high ranking communist official in the Chinese Central government.

The claim was first made by PRC journalist Cao Guoxing (曹国星) who posted photos of Ma Kai’s wife and Ma Chi’s mother on his Weibo showing uncanny similarities in physical features between the two. His post was deleted five minutes later, but not after it was circulated elsewhere.

However, the rumor was dismissed by Ma’s family as mere ‘fabrications’ when contacted by the media. They insist that Ma was born to a ‘humble’ family in Luzhou, Sichuan province and became wealthy by investing his own money.

Ma Chi reportedly has a net-worth of a few million dollars. He owned a three-million dollars penthouse in East Coast and a S$1.4 million dollar limited edition Ferrari GTO599 before it crashed.

Despite the clarification, the rumors continue to spread like wildfire in China with many PRC netizens speculating that he had accumulated his wealth via ‘extraordinary’ means.

Meanwhile, the PRC censors have kicked in with Ma Chi’s Weibo and Sina accounts deleted mysteriously yesterday and no visible traces of his background could be found on the Chinese search engines like


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6 Responses to “Ma Chi’s family rubbished rumors that he is a son of Ma Kai, a high-ranking PRC official”

  1. Mimi Lee said

    So what if Ma Chi is the son (legitimate or otherwise) of a high-ranking official? Doesn’t change the fact that he killed 3 people and severely injured one (motorcyclist) due to his recklessness. The only “good” thing about this is that he’s dead, otherwise he will have hell to pay. But now his family is paying the price for his own foolishness. An idiotic bastard no matter how you look at it.

  2. bb said

    I dun believe read this news where $124 bn is taken out of country.

  3. Disgusting Sichuan people. said

    Karma! Your luxurious life was built on money supposed to feed the poors. Death should come to all of your family members. Too bad karma came at the expense of 2 other innocent lives and injuries of one cheap whore.

    • Temasek Review is racist and nazi said

      Lmao, you are jealous of his success at young age, dude, or should I call you loser?

      • Jane said

        No one is jealous of a dickhead who has earned his money on the misery of others. This kind of money will make you and your family suffer generations of ill luck, stupid. You have been uttering a whole lot of crap. So ignorant. You must be a nouveau riche little shit. With $$ no class.

  4. please release true information or data to citizens said

    Singapore government please release the real data or information to citizens

    On behalf of my friends, can Singapore government or immigration please release his data to her citizens?

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