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PHOTOS: Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇), the female passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari

Posted by temasektimes on May 19, 2012

The photos of Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇), the female passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari before it crashed in a fatal accident last Saturday have been exposed by PRC netizens and circulated in cyberspace:

Ms Wu was born in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province where she attended a technical college there. She reportedly came to Singapore in 2009 to study ‘hospitality’ in private school East Asia Institute of Management. Below are some photos taken of her in China on Weibo:



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30 Responses to “PHOTOS: Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇), the female passenger in Ma Chi’s Ferrari”

  1. xxx said

    Wah Seh. She is indeed from a reputable family in China!

  2. So cute ! So what is she doing with a married young and enterprising man at 4am ?

    • Hsien Liao La said

      well, put her through a lie-detecting machine, and viola, the answer is out! One question I suggest asking: was his cock in your mouth when the impact happened? Yes or No.

  3. Temasek Review is racist and nazi said

    Fuck you, stop all these non-sense and rumours without proper informations, or Simple because the writer is jealous of ferrari drivers, because he was successful in the younge age? or because of you are a loser or racist? Don’t be so nazied towards those deceased family of ferrari drivers, it got nothing to do with them.

    • Tired said

      We are tired of this country being used as a money-laundering hub. Is this country really globally competitive in your sense of the word by relying on gambling (2 casinos) and legalized prostitution (foreign women coming in on student visas to moonlight as KTV callgirls in at night) to build wealth?

    • xXx said

      You must be from China..

      • Temasek Review is racist and nazi said

        Sorry, I am Singaporean whom going through the NS like you guys did, just feel that writer’s unfair treatment towards other nationals, too much of this kind of bullshits from the temasek review, they are hypocritics!

      • Quiksand said

        your written english is awful punk. what is a hypo-critic!??! ha ha ha ur sad and dumb and blind mate… if ur really not a prc and uve done NS like we have, ud stick by the man beside you. not bable this BS.

    • Ken Lee said

      what you are doing here then?


      if ur also from china…. pls hold Wu Weiwei (吴薇薇) hands and go back china together!


      and FUCK YOU back

    • lola said

      Singaporeans are not jealous of any ferrari drivers or the rich people living here. Majority of us are humble, honest, hardworking and helpful. As low grade PRC foreign imports you have to remember that this is NOT your country so you MUST be respectful, responsible and graceful towards the local citizens. STOP displaying your disgusting bad social behaviour in our country.

      • Temasek Review is racist and nazi said

        Are you sure or not? If not, why not asking the taxi driver whom killed the motorcycle rider to compensate the rider he killed? I know you jealous of those foreign nationals whom can afford to migrate to other countries. By the way, I am Singaporean too, but I do feel most of you guys here talking about bugis accidents are hypocritics, why no one comment about the east coast fetal accidents this Friday? Why temasek reviews deleted the post in the facebook? Why temasek reviews never digging out more about the taxi driver whom running over the dead rider not once, but twice to kill him? If not you jealous of them, why cannot stop? Simply because those are not Singaporean? I do remember one of our Singaporean driver kills my colleague’s wife when she was crossing the zebra crossing, because the driver is drunk and drive, and nothing reported about that accident? No apologize, no compensations, no-one cares when the accident happened, everyone just simply ignored her, and let her dying.

    • dsf said

      Dun see the reason y u got so agitated by the first 2 comments. they are harmless comments and then u start all those vulgars first. u r one of the uncultured and unrefined!

      • Temasek Review is racist and nazi said

        I just feel sorry for the family of deceased ferrari driver, she is already suffering a loss in her life, and she has to apologize for her husband’s mistake, and you guys cannot just let them go even they made a public apologize days ago, I don’t see the point of posting the girl inside the ferrari. By the way, I do the different treatment between Singaporean and other nationals from the temasek reviews, compared the 2 fetal accidents recently. I do feel most of our Singaporeans are jealous of Ma Chi’s success at young age, as a foreigner, he needs to make a full payment to buy a car as well as other things, that is why most of them cannot let them go, even his family members, digging out those information won’t bring the dead people back, but it will hurt those still alive, you know why I am agitated towards the temasek reviews regarding this information?

  4. bunga said

    We’ll do what it takes to rid Singapore of these locusts, ungrateful, uncultured, dishonest, and unrefined.

    • Temasek Review is racist and nazi said

      I thought only temasek review writers are those ungrateful, uncultured, dishonest and unrefined?

      • Bunga said

        We are not particularly against PRC or any other nationalities. However, we are only taking actions to preserve our culture from their degenerative influences. The effects on our society speak for itself. Constantly, we see ugliness from this group of people on the online media outlets (MSM filtered out any negative news on the PRCs). They should just stay back in their home country, and we will welcome them with open arms in 100 years when they have rid themselves of the incivility and learned the basics of how to be gracious, polite and respectful humans/citizens.

  5. nightkids said

    Wah…..chio leh……
    No wonder the Ma bastard go to find her everynight…….telling and leaving her pregnant wife at home he went out to ‘Test’ car…..

  6. bebe0521 said

    Working in ktv or student ? Still a PRC face! Fuck off lah! Don’t act pity here la.

  7. bibu said

    a pity I heard disfigured liao….sigh…

  8. Shamus said

    Temasek Review is racist and nazi

  9. YOUMAD? said

    why dont all of you just fuck yourselves….PRCs’ , Singaporeans…..ARENT ALL OF YOU ASIANS?? -.- PLEASE GROW A BRAIN.

  10. Fandeath said

    PRC are Locusts? Well, I think the immature minority use terms like that on singaporeans/asians over in western countries too. So, how does it feel to be on the other end of the stick? Lets be sensible and not do unto others what we don’t want others to do unto us…

  11. Trample and Rampage. Else, STFU said


    poster is sensationalizing… adding flame against other races (though some are pain in the arse, but no all) stir hatred, maintain the ember and someday hoping to influence voters decision against current administration. just my speculation. bitch.

  12. Shanghainese said

    Dudes, you guys are lucky to be independent. We in Shanghai have to put up with these children of corrupt officials and their black money from inner provinces for decades now. There are hundreds of thousands of them in Shanghai, destroying our local culture (our dialect is totally different from Mandarin) and pumping up housing prices. Local Shanghainese here can’t even afford a basic 1 bedroom flat.

    Please don’t think all of us in China are like the rich PRC bastards money laundering in Singapore.

  13. Whatever. said

    This PRC bitch is more chio than his ugly fat wife, her pussy must be very tight also, no wonder he 4am his cock is in her mouth instead of his fat wife’s old pussy.

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