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Singaporean rejected by NTUC Fairprice supermarket twice for position of sales assistant

Posted by temasektimes on May 19, 2012

I worked at the NLB for 13 year. I was offered a golden handshake and an option to continue working for the library as an outsource staff. Outsource staff are being paid $24 per day. No benefits compared to working under NLB management where medical is also covered plus yearly bonus, performance bonus, night shift allowance etc)

My take home pay under NLB was $900 (even after I worked for 13 years) I decided not to work for outsource company as the salary package was terrible. I was jobless for three years. During that time, I tried going to different companies, mostly retail outlets, to work as sales assistant. Most of them wanted people to be able to speak mandarin. Went to CDC and so on. They referred me to retail outlets too. I was interviewed but no response.

I went to the NTUC supermarket opposite my house. They pasted job vacancy advertisement on their notice board. I applied for the position of sales assistant,( mainly to take care of arriving stock, arranging them on the shelves) I went to ask twice. Once around 2010 and 2011. But I was rejected. No reason given.

It was a painful three years, no job, basically doing freelance jobs with no CPF or any job security. It was until I followed my younger sister shopping and we stumbled upon a job vacancy at a British (owned by an arab) retail outlet. I applied for the job, we exchanged some meaningful conversations and followed by an interview, I got a part time job as a food stacker. Similar type of job at the library but with a higher pay and opportunities for commussion plus medical benefits and staff discount.

I am so disappointed with NTUC, they would not even consider me for anything. Considering that I live nearby, it was a good opportunity for me to work near my home. I am realistic as a low income worker. If I work nearby, it will at least offset transport fees to work. But NTUC did not want me at all. Not once but twice! I am glad to say that I am happy working for this company! It’s ok NTUC. Thank you for your bitter lesson.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


24 Responses to “Singaporean rejected by NTUC Fairprice supermarket twice for position of sales assistant”

  1. steve said

    should consider hawker… didn’t one of our minister suggested….more singaporean should consider
    becoming hawkers…

  2. fpc said

    NTUC actions are a reflection of the govt policies. So, your experience shows what the govt really want to do,

  3. Blood suckers said

    So all thanks to the 60% moronic dogs that voted for their own kind.

    Many Singaporeans are really suffering.

    So which white moron dog want to stand up and say stop blaming others?

  4. Harry said

    Liza, I’d likel to help you get a retail job with us. How can we get in touch?

  5. Marc Corvinus said

    Dear Blood Sucker… Some of the 60% are not by choice… Get it into your thick skull you idiot…!!!

    • Bloodsuckers said

      are you kidding me? not by choice? then by what? you mean they were threaten? they were told that if you do not vote for the moronic white dogs, your lives will be ruined?

      so you must one of those who has a backward thinking that they can trace your voting papers and hunt you down like a prey… jail you and your family under ISA Act?

      Gosh…. you should get it in your thick skull, voting them is their choice when they put the cross on that slip for PAP…. they, like you are naviely thinking and believing that one sorry and that they will do better the next time will change the environment.

      STUPID and DAFT like what someone said….

    • championgrumbler said

      Not by choice then by what? Did anyone point a gun at your head at the balloting booth? Just like what Bloodsuckers said, you are really daft.

  6. MM luvs FTs said

    So basically you were rejected by NTUC because you could not speak Chinese?

    That would not be fair if you were not required to be at the front line (my ex-company had a Malay receptionist, and it was not such a satisfactory arrangement).

    But if you were expected to attend to customers that would be understandable especially since PAP is flooding SG with PRCs.

    An analogy – a Sikh gentleman who insists on wearing his turban would not be right to claim discrimination if he were not accepted by a diving company as a diver.

    Another point – the SG football squad is mainly Malay. Is it discrimination? Or just that Chinese and Indians are worse at football or did not like football so much as compared to other sports?

    If you look closely, many cases may not be age, sex or racial discrimination.

  7. Michael said

    A Union that fights for lower pay for its workers and embrace the influx of foreign labour!!! This is truly uniquely Singapore. I can’t find it elsewhere. Can you? Hahahahaha

  8. yayaya said

    got hear latest sheng siong ad on radio? 2 person that speak with a PRC accent promoting them. what’s next? tagalog conversation?

    • Smeagol said

      I heard an SMRT announcement while on the train one day, during one of their usual stop/delay episodes.

      “Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We thank you for Your PAY-shence”


  9. sweetee said

    Singapore is a classic case of old malay proverb “pagar makan padi” – It was the fence that was eating up the padi it suppose to protect from thief’s. Unions were suppose to protect worker but here they are the wolf feeding on them.

  10. what a joke said

    Ask Desmond Choo from NTUC to reply her.
    Hopefully she does not reside in Hougang…

  11. lola said

    NTUC recently put up and advertisement to recruit mainland chinese and yet cannot offer Singaporeans a job. MOM please investigate.

  12. tkdx said

    This article is bias. Allow me to clarify, I’m not a representative from NTUC, neither am I a supporter of PAP or any political party.

    As stated by Liza, there were no reason given by NTUC for the rejection. MIGHT there be other reasons (Liza, pardon me but i’m just stating examples) like medical conditions, age, criminal records, etc.?

    It’s not written in full and shouldn’t we just provide suggestions rather than judge the rejection by favouring Foreign Trash than Singaporeans?

    P.S. I detest those ‘FT’ as well, but just voicing out my fair opinion

    • beenthereseenit said

      So now NTUC has advertised in China to mass recruit workers. Potential Singaporeans are not even considered because ALL are too old, got medical conditions and criminal records?

  13. Emeritus Wannabe said

    @ Marc Corvinus, how do you mean by saying “not by choice”. someone held their hand to mark an X on the lightning?

  14. waswer said

    Liza… then who are you going to vote for in the next election.
    Don’t be stoopid stoopid again hor

  15. Ken Lee said


  16. Public said

    My neighbour Uncle is equipped just ‘N’ level, and with 23 years of working experiences failed in attempt to get a job at NTUC. His last salary was $3500.00 (Excluding TPT/Mobile phone allowances) and now asking for just merely $1300.00 as starting pay but in vain. He was retrenched due to company resizing. He speaks fluent in English and Malay, some Tagalong/Cantonese/Teochew/Hakka/Indonesian languages, while Mandarin and Hokkien is his proficiency. His medical record is clean and actively doing exercises in the morning. He was a Union Branch Secretary in his previous company for about 7 years, subsequently steps down to take another challenging role. To date, he remained jobless. When asked, he said “foreigner is the reason to land a job, unless I lowered down my salary expectation to below $900 p/m”. He decided to drive a taxi as a last resort. End of story.

  17. Freemakan said

    is cheaper to get a they can earn more…look at Song Song ….almost all their staffs are FT

  18. mike teo said


  19. sse said

    why must all company looking for chinese only????? how about other races?? they dont have to work and to find money?? i was angry and stress up, im currently unemployed looking for a job currently. i called a few company that looking for admin assist but when i got through the calls they will asked me “are you chinese? i was so shocked by their questions!!! i thought this rules has been banned for putting “mandarin speaking” in the paper?? and why is there still? what you guys trying to think other races stupid is it? we were sent to school and learn education too. why must again they have to put madarin speaking and we once was being thought to speak good english, arent we?? darm!!! if i could complaint this to the government i would. this is so iiritating!!! so singapore think again if you wanna make this country into second china country.why again must ask “are you chinese? must be madarin speaking and etc…

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