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Hougang resident pleads: Don’t link national issues to this ward

Posted by temasektimes on May 20, 2012

For those who don’t stay in Hougang, please don’t link national issues into this ward. The majority made the decision last year. Period! Move on and brave through this shitty economy with the entire nation. This is hougang’s by election.

Hougang has plenty of issues that its past and runaway “I’m so sorry now” ex MP has chosen to be complacent about and chose to wayang by speaking to us in dialect.

I’ve stayed in hougang my entire life. Nothing has changed here. But when Desmond came along? I started seeing old folks queuing up for TCM in the CC under the HDB blocks.

You can see old folks slowly walking down the stairs with their maids, very sick folks being wheeled to the CC (I hope they stayed on a floor with lifts). And my own grandma? I was so hopeful for new hardware into our place so she can not climb stairs with her 83 years old weak legs and walk to the small market. But now? She passed away. I wonder how many old folks are like her. Hopeful and loyal, thinking  the ‘hammer will help them’. But no, 20 odd years is too long a time.

Everywhere has changed for the better except us. The Hougang 20 years ago look exactly the same now. Just that residents are a lot older and the young has grown up. We need someone with real passion and drive to help us. Not someone who screams “send me to parliament! I wanna talk and be watchdog for you”. Someone who did more in less than 1 year when some had 20 odd years to accomplish. My ward is not the same as yours. My ward is the same as it is 20 years ago.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Mr Desmond Choo’s Facebook


51 Responses to “Hougang resident pleads: Don’t link national issues to this ward”

  1. loveSG said

    i am a little confused here… maybe i can appreciate that the “locals” don’t want to mix up “national” issues, but isn’t Hougang a part of Singapore?

  2. beenthereseenit said

    Good on you, Jean, for making this choice. It is your choice and certainly you are entitled to it. I just wish to let you know that Singaporeans in the PAP constituencies pay much, much higher SC/C charges than the residents in the past Potong Pasir and Hougang. The upgrading programme was very much made possible because of those charges. Thos residents had no choice. They were not asked if they wish to pay higher charges so they can have a revamped lift landing, a covered walkway, new letter boxes. They were just told to pay up. For a struggling family, I’m sure they’d be happy with a clean estate albeit modest and have lower SC/C charges every month. They had no choice.

    • Bai Hu said

      Yes, i agree with u Beenthereseenit. Got more money from the people, of course can do more things la. Some shallow people simply have a mentality that the government is doing all these for them, but they forgotten that these are from their money paid thro conservatory charges.

    • wmulew said

      FYI Aljunied residents are paying higher SC/C charges then others. The price of freedom I guess. Funny how they pay more but service level have gone down. Just go through all the complain articles in this site

  3. FanaticD said

    put them in and you will pay and pay. then later she will scream the other way. she has been in the comfort of hougang for 20 years and do not need to pay much. wait till she see when if it turns the other way. also, she may be force our of work by another FT later and all thanks to her supported party.

    • Potong Pasir resident said

      Ask the residents in POTONG PASIR. Be prepare more FT staying in your estate. It will surely lose the only real Singapore heritage soon. Good Luck

  4. music is love of my life said


    So u r saying that WP is not doing anything for the past 20 years? why didn’t you ask the relevant authorities for not releasing fund to revamp hougang? This is the same scenario that was happening to potong pasir? They are just holding ransom when it comes to opposition ward!!

  5. Free Trolley said

    Hougang has been absorbing all the political damage, do the right thing!

  6. ken6633 said

    Jean, my advise to you. Change yourself in order to adapt to the environment,Else, you have a choice to change the environment in moving a few blocks out of Hougang like Serangoon to get what you want from PAP. But my sincere warning to you, no matter where you go, PAP is fast subsiding with their current national policy. Your ward happens to be the subject of national issues, not a scapegoat.

  7. Nico said

    it is not the WP that has not done something for HG people. It is also not the PAP that has not done for HG people. It is the 60% who voted for PAP that spoilt the PAP to link upgrade with votes. We don’t want this type of government. If you want upgrade, move out of HG to AMK. Oh, actually part of HG is under AMK GRC.

  8. Hairy said

    Hey jean or PAP IB, whoever u may b, since I got so much grieviences, y dun u jolly well go move out to mayb Tanjong Pagar and “enjoy” being treated like a “king” thr without having the trouble to go to polls every 4 yrs since the “great one” will take good care of all ur generations in times to come..that is if ure really staying in hougang nw..if not stop being a troll and carry ur balls somewhr else

  9. jack said

    I an staying in Hougang, I di nut agree with the writer, what we face in Hougang is the same as any other residents stay in other pap wards, except that we have much less support from the government.

  10. Hsien Liao La said

    Jean, you have the right to tell Hougang residents not to link national issues to this ward, we have the right to say you are dumb for saying what you said. I offer you one reason: Hougang residents are Singaporeans FIRST, Hougang residents second. So now there is an opportunity to elect a Yes-Dog or a person to challenge existing Foreign Action Party policies in parliament, who do you think Hougang residents should choose?

    And before you emotionally cast the vote in support of whoever you have decided to support, ask yourself why monies to fund Hougang’s development are not forthcoming. Ask yourself why you are ‘repenting’. Then mark your X.

    • Devilish Satan said

      Jean, ask yourself this simple question. Do you contribute to CPF & income tax? If yes, PAP have no rights to delay your ward upgrading as you’re entitled to it since you have done your due dilligence to work hard for SG GDP, contribute to CPF monthly & income tax yearly. You should ask DC whether can you stop contributing to CPF or withdraw 20 years of CPF & income tax since PAP refuse to upgrade your ward for almost 20 years

      • Hsien Liao La said

        Ask DC? It’s like asking a pre-programmed robot! And we all know the answers!

  11. Utter Rubbish said

    What ever DC is giving u now, PAP will take back 10 folds if he gets elected. That’s an inevitable fact and the way PAP works. $$ thats the only thing they care about.

    As long as WP wins, PAP will keep up their work to “win favour”. DC himself promised that he will continue his work for HG regardless of outcome. So my fren, pls be SMART abt this. Vote for WP and get the best of both worlds!

  12. khiangkia said

    Political pundits, laymen, netizens, almost everyone, all spell doom for the PAP candidate. I support no particular Party. What bothers me is the lack of diversity of views. This does not augur well for a free-thinking society. I decide not to follow the crowd but free my thoughts and look at things from different perspectives. To my own surprise, I find good reasons to believe the the PAP candidate Desmond Choo actually stands a good chance of winning.

    The political landscape has changed for the better. There are now five MPs from the WP. You can scream “Five is not enough!”. True. But must that one more come from Hougang? It had provided one for the last 20+ years. The most recent one, YSL, was elected with much fanfare but it turned out to be a much ado about nothing.

    For the saga of YSL, disappointment is an understatement. The voters of Hougang bore a deep sense of betrayal by the WP. Over the 20+ years, they believed in the WP and had sacrificed so much for the sake of democracy in Singapore. As result, their constituency is one of the least developed. In the last election, they were made to believe that YSL would be a capable candidate who would be their voice, and one more voice of the WP, in Parliament. It turned out that before he could utter a word on their behalf, he was booted out by none other than his own Party. I doubt many people in Hougang believed that the WP did not know about his flings before the election. The people of Hougang are not daft.

    Desmond Choo has been walking the grounds of Hougang and warming to the residents there for the past 5+ years. Png Eng Huat just walk in from the cold. Desmond Choo has connected well with the people of Hougang, attending to their problems and needs. They can see that he soldiers on even after the defeat in the last election. What has Mr. Png done for Hougang? Will he still be around if he loses the by-election? The contrast in past records between the two candidates is big. This can make a big difference to the vote count. Potong Pasir is a good example. Seetoh continued to walk the ground and connect with the people despite two defeats in past elections. When the SPP chose a housewife who could hardly hold a conversation on public TV to compete with him, the contrast was just too great. The choice became clearer to the voters and Seetoh won.

    Besides the contrast in past records, its the difference in personality between the two candidates. I do not want to repeat what others have said. Personally, I find that Desmond Choo exudes warmth and is a good communicator. Mr. Png, to me, seems like someone more destined for the backroom, doing the thinking work, dealing with planning and strategy.

    Based on the above analysis, a swing of 15% or more votes to the PAP is not a miracle. Desmond Choo stands a good chance of winning. I predict a victory for him within a margin of not more than 5%.

  13. atuk said

    alamak …. piang …..if all SGporean are having the same kind of perspective like jean guess we will be in deep shit in years to come….!!!
    I agree with your opinion.Period.
    Because thats your view , but you have to agree as well with other citizen view rite…????
    Isn’t taking care of the citizen of SG is the primary responsibilities of our GOVT? Why then they have to hold ransom to all the opposition wards with upgrading and so on so forth…??? Is this democracy ??? Check back any reference books or website and get back to us about PAP type of democracy as compare to what we know…???
    Mind you by the time you get back to us our beloved will country will be filled with more TRASHES coming from another alien country….!!!

  14. Ken Lee said

    before election “i am so sorry!!” after election “hee million coming hoi!”
    promise and promise , forget and forget, deceive and deceive, greed and greed.
    do hougang really still exist after pap take over? 1, become grc. 2. tear down and rebuild and mix in more new citizen. reason to citizen, why tear down cause building old already! real reason need to mix more new citizen to vote for them!
    politic! but do they care? if pap win better sell the house, since price still good!

  15. Jean, I am a local PMET staying in Hougang & I have been jobless for the past 8 to 9 months after leaving my previous job due to the tremendous influx of FTs to Singapore, intense competition faced & their Pro-Foreigner Immigration Policy.

    I am already in my forties and also a graduate from universities but I face intense competition from these FTs as they came here armed with at least a Masters degree, if not Doctorate or PHDs from some Chinese and Indian Universities.

    So, as you can see as a HGer, I am also affected by the National Issues & Policies especially the Pro-Foreigner Immigration Policy.

    You might wonder why I am unable to secure a job despite proactively & relentless searching for one or probably because I am living in Hougang!

  16. Singapore said

    Dear Jean,

    All of us understand your frustrations inside you. Like what you had mentioned, the Hougang today is the same like 20 years ago. But why?

    Recently a young and energetic young man start to made changes after the last election and within a year. But why only now then you see changes? Why not 20 years ago? the other guy spent 20 years without making changes to the estate?why is it so? So with the recent changes, a little bit of carrot from the governing party, you start to think that this by election in Hougang is only concerning your ward but not not the nation. I disagree with you.

    The ruling party didn’t make changes to Hougang 20 years ago is because they are just selfish and did’t want to do do for ruling party’s gain. The one who spent 20 years without making much improvement to Hougang is not due to his laziness. It is because Improvements and help were all denied to Hougang by the governing party, despite numerous request from the WP. national resources were not equally shared with Residence in Hougang and instead, use by governing party’s wards to upgrade. Not only once but numerous times throughout the years. Ask those from Chua Chu Kang , Bishan Toa Payoh how many times the same place in their ward keeps having upgrading works? I know of a community park in Bishan that went through upgrading works for at least 5 times in 15 years. Poor planning or just too much money to waste? I think you have to ask those MP there. Why not use the money for upgrading work in Hougang? You have to ask ex aNd current MInister for National Development (aka PAP Developement).

    This by election is not only concerning Hougang. It is a report card that shows how content Singaporeans are with the ruling party for the past one year. This report card tells the ruling party to pay attention to the nation needs and not party needs. This report card tells the ruling party to do more and listen more before their election results falls to 50 and requires a coalition between parties to form a government.

    So who says this by election is only Hougsng issue and not nation issue?

    • Well said.

    • Lanzer said

      Well said.
      PAP always starve off upgradings for opposition party estates for their selfish political gain. These residents in the opposition wards are also tax payers, but sadly the ruling party always comes out with excuses that their estates are in the lower priorities. After which they blame it all on the Opposition ward MP stating they are not doing a good job.

      The older Hougang generations stand by their opposition MP Mr Low because they know that he stand firmly on the resident’s side and actively voicing out unjust policies that the PAP just wants to shaft down the people throat.

      I can remember how the PAP MPs make light of Mr Low’s reasonable arguments in Parliament. Some even laugh it off.
      It was not easy for him but as one of the few credible Opposition MP, he persevered and earned the respect of many.

    • Mozole_Dolly said

      Cheers! Very well said!

    • Hsien Liao La said

      Absolutely. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t see the light, guess who will they vote for? I hope the proportion of these people will be less than 20%. C’mon Hougang! Show you don’t want any Foreigner Action Policies!

  17. Jacob said

    You’ll sing a different tune if PAP starts ripping up your precious green spaces and installing “multi-generational parks”, “multi-purpose shelters”, amphitheaters that teens can gather at at 3am. This kind of “upgrading” we don’t need. I want my green Hougang!!!

  18. Kiev said

    Jean ! I’m frm Potong Pasir ! We don’t talk how much we’re going to pay 1st . Look what tactics pap is using after winning P.P , if Papi wins they will tell you it takes 5yrs for part of upgrading , and MP will says Hougang is too run down under opp! Hang on gal ,I confirm opp will win back Potong Pasir next GE ! You don’t get trick twice rem !

  19. Choo Shao Rong said

    Pap has the resource to do that for 20 years but only now that they decide to provide free clinic in hougang.
    I am not defending the opposition, but the fact that the pap uses the nation tax revenue to boost his political mileage is not a respectable party.

  20. yayaya said

    firstly, will all these TCM be available after election, if yes, how long and will there be more incentive? nope there isn’t. heard of anything fantastic happening in potong pasir now? nope i don’t. a recaptured SMC from opposition is akin to traitors being caught. treatment will never be the same as loyal doggies.

    if u so much want things to be happening in hougang, keep with WP and rest assured desmond will stay and do alot of things for u. u are being irresponsible to ask people to brave through sucky economy, because at least for now, u are not affected yet. just wait till u lose your job, but u have nice parks and lifts at your doorstep which u can take to go for interviews for N times. being grateful to the gov for giving u a nice park to rest while lamenting why u don’t have a job or give u convenience of not walking the stairs while wasting your time (at the nice park) which i sincerely hope is not occupied by foreigners.

    hdb teared down the market then DC promise to give u a market. happy? i don’t mean DC teared the market away but is it within control of WP to stop it from tearing down? nope they don’t. they do not have as much power as u thought they have. try facing 70+ pap MP who shoot every shit that comes out of your mouth, regardless of right or wrong. LTK is well-paid as an MP but how much shit he have to go through for 20yrs, no one knows. he can go the easier way by joining pap instead.

  21. seah said

    dear jean if do not like HK condition u can move out after all i see nothing wrong with it ,My block lift work floor clean,what u espect some more .i do not sold my soul to the devil.u go and see potong pasir,what great improvement?i like my estate which have a kampong Jacob said.Jean it time u move out

  22. Rykel Lim said

    Dear all, I can certainly understand the frustration that voters such as Jean feel when the PAP Government treats WP Hougang with a divergent yardstick and it is true that if we live in a different country, such as the USA, things would be different. In the new Republic of Singapore where we have new leaders, the Government will be a shining example of Greatness. We will upgrade your estate whether or not you vote for the ruling Party because we LOVE the country and we CARE for your lives, even if you did not vote for us. But, the new Republic will never become reality if we vote for the PAP – which already has the majority in Parliament and Government anyway. Therefore, the answer to all our problems is to send the Opposition parties into Parliament with a 50.1% win and NOT to quit on the Opposition candidates who are fighting for you. WINNERS NEVER QUIT, AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN! Workers’ Party for Hougang! Regards, Rykel Lim

  23. FAP(ForeignerActionParty) said

    1. Is the TCM free for the elderly?
    2. Who can confirm that the TCM will still be there after election is over?Will excuses be given such as need to pay for rental, not able to break even etc thus they need to cancel the TCM.
    3. Every floor do not have lifts is a problem created by the Government. They wish to cut down cost and at the same time make a profit out of it.
    4. Do Hougang residents pay the same taxes as the rest of the Singaporean. If they pay the same taxes then why are the Lift Upgrading still not done. Is it due to its not under the PAP so whether Hougang Residents suffer or not is not an issue for the PAP.

  24. Old fart said

    @ Kiev: Sad Truth, i doubt there will still be PP left in the next GE…sadly this lightning won’t be able to strike twice and they noe it….so it will be absorbed by 2016…Goodbye for making the wrong choice

  25. Lanzer said

    I just hope that Hougang residents makes a wise choice and not be tempted by the little goodies that the Whites are dangling.
    Desmond Choo may be a man with a good heart but if the heavyweights in their rank wants it their way, I do not think he has much of a voice

    There is also a possibility that once Hougang is lost, it may be carved into one of the GRC’s making it virtually impossible for the Opposition to win it back ever again.
    It make takes decades for the Opposition to be able to field a Credible Team to contest for it.

  26. Toon Town said

    60% vote for PAP possibly because Singapore government GLC/GIC is the largest employer in Singapore (NOL, SIA, Singtel, Keppel, Sembawang, Certis, CapitalLand etc) and they are afraid of losing their jobs if PAP loses?

  27. Henry said

    Residients of all PAP wards want to welcome Jean to our constituencies … You can be better served with us. Sorry you had to suffer for 21 years; why do you stay there so long? … come back to us … we welcome you with open arms.

  28. Observer said

    Hougang spirit is a team spirit , Hougang and Potong Pasir are the only 2 SMC that changes Singapore political history and history will be remembered in generation to come. If 2016 opposition can gain one third or more of the seats in parlament things will change . Do ask yourself if your wards is not held by opposition why have free poridge and not in other wards. Remember someone say nothing is free in this world.

  29. Tan Yan Ren said

    You are wrong!!!because the PAP had robbed you!!!and US !!!Singaporeans of our rights by using state funds and resource to blackmail and threaten voters to succumb and vote for PAP. 11th commandment….THOU SHALLL NOT SUBMIT And SUCCUMB …to the blackmail!!!!you are not thinking!!!!!!!and selfish…and you are right when you say NO CHANGE…it is because of this blackmail….BUT ALAS…HOUGANG citizens are BRAVE and UPRIGHT…..unlike you….to remain firm on PRIINCIPLES!!!!to face the challenge and vote for WP…

  30. Public said

    If more people thinking like Jean, Die lah Singapore. I still believe to allow opposition to take the ward, we cannot have PAP around the island playing with Singaporean lives. Every (if not, most) Singaporeans is struggling to stay afloat to breath air to keep ourselves alive. In the meantime, we are slowly drowning by Singapore government.

  31. True Singaporean said

    Jean, don’t be so naive! If PAP wins, you’ll have a tougher time than before. Several elections ago, when the opposition in my estate lost marginally to PAP, we got “punished” and never had any upgrading works done until late 2010, even when it floods knee high on the 10th floor of my block, my PAP MP refused to do anything or said the authorities cannot do anything. The only reason we finally had upgrading works done after more than a decade is because it was a carrot to last year’s elections. Let’s not forget that several PAP MP/Ministers “retired” during the last election because of mistakes they have made, yet our taxpayers’ money is going to feed them for decades to come. These are tax payers’ money. All our blood, sweat and tears.

    The fact that PAP is FINALLY listening to the citizens is only ONE simple reason – they are afraid that in the next GE, they will lose even more votes to the Opposition. Had the PAP won all the seats, would they bother to even listen to any citizen? NO! One of my American friends commented this….”yes, your country has no corruption, because it is ” legalised”…” He was referring to the high salaries paid to the ministers. For such a city-state, do we really need that many ministers? Check the past records, what did our ministers do for every solution to the problems? Raise fees! Then when large organisations like SMRT fail, they step in, with no qualms, using tax payers money in the hundreds of millions to help, yet when we citizens pleaded and begged the government NOT to increase the fares by a mere 5cents, they said NO!!! Do our ministers deserve such high salary if they get solutions from others? Eg, Mr Lui, instead of providing a solution, asked LTA to come up with a solution to the SMRT problem. Gone are the days where we have ministers like Dr Goh Keng Swee, who is truly a talent and who has solutions and ideas to implement, and who truly served Singapore with his utmost sincerity and dedication.

    In a nutshell, Hougang election is NATIONAL, what Hougang voters cross on that day will determine every Singaporeans’ fate in generations to come. Please don’t take for granted that just because WP has won one GRC is sufficient. It is NOT! We need as many opposition voices in Parliament as possible. I am NOT anti-PAP, but I strongly believe that there must be an opposition who is credible to keep the PAP in check. Else, it will be doomsday for SIngapore.

  32. Baba said

    Jean or whoever,
    If you are writing for PAP I am saying that you have not planned your essay properly as there are lopholes of doubt. If you are writing for the true fact
    than the question is why you did not moved out of Hougang as you can afford it during the last 15 years as your HDB price still allows you to change
    and moved to other PAP estates during these times. Who are you actually ?

  33. taxiUncle said

    That’s the problem with this PAP. Isn’t providing walkways, upgrading lifts and facilities for older folks etc a prerogative of government???? This is pure discrimination when a ward becomes one of the Opposition but are’nt Hougang residents humans too and fellow and needy Singaporeans?? Isn’t this what taxpayers are contributing to the great PAP govt for ?? This is an ongoing debate that will never end as long as this unruly PAP govt choose to be “picky” on who gets what and who dosen’nt? Who are they to play GOD????
    That is why this country will never be a true democracy as long as the unruly PAP remains in power!!! They will always use their unjust powers and authority to decide which constituency gets what without thinking of the basic needs of the poor and elderly and this will always remain the case.
    I feel for you Ms Jean but at the same time admire those of you living in Hougang for having the gall to be steadfast to vote in the WP despite all the threats and empty promises that all the other (or 60% of it)PAP wards so easly give in too. Bec in the end, they use “Our” own money which they collect in the form of direct and indirect taxes to play god and even to the extent of holding back upgrading basic amenities for the elderly and the old and needy just bec it is an opposition ward like Hougang! Geez, it is tantamount to saying that they are wantonly depriving ordinary people of much needed facilities despite your paying for it so next time, better vote for me or u get nothing.
    To me, this is the real crime as no govt in this world should have the right to make such unjustifiable decision as to who gets what when it is actually a “public ” good. !!! Sad, sad, but the ugly truth and ture nature of this domineering PAP who controls everything.

  34. sinkiesarehypocrites said

    As a resident of HG for my entire life to another, i can somewhat sympathise with Jean. Even though I’m no PAP lover, but the conditions in HG are almost equivalent to slums in other countries.

    But what i can’t stand most is all u dipshitting motherfucking CCBs who stay in AMK, Tanjong Pagar, Jurong East etc dogs who vote for the ruling party and come to HG and tell residents here “Hougang must not be lost to PAP”, and all you fucking trolls piss me off! If you are so fucking concerned on NATIONAL issues, why dont you move out of your comfortable GRCs and move to HG so you can do what’s right and dont tell me you can’t find a unaffordable housing in HG cos the HDB here is below market rate simply cos its an opposition ward. Fucking hypocrites really piss me off, and i pay more tax than any of you fucking trolls singularly u dumb sobs.

    • I love PAP said

      hello you motherfucker. you can move out of HG oso wat. why you choose to stay in “slums” btw have you actually seen slums before? go to mumbai if you have not seen one. oh that is india fyi. since you pay more tax that means you are highly paid rite then why stay there? go stay orchard road la.that place is heaven with all the stars and pap staying. go suck their cocks. if HG is slum then why are the hdb prices still so high there?

      BECAUSE THIS IS NATIONAL ISSUE. You fuckers just love to divide HG out and kpkb. PAP sucks. period. and from the way they are selling singapore, you will get to suck FT dicks in the years to come.

  35. Once a 1st class citizen of Singapore said

    Local issue are also national issue. There is always linked. Just like when MA CHI (Ferrari driver) kill the taxi driver, why all of us still care about the taxi driver family but not just said since he is dead, we give him a grand funeral.

  36. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or
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    A great read. I will definitely be back.

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