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Low Thia Kiang launched blistering attack on Desmond Choo: He took your money to put ‘gold’ on his face!

Posted by temasektimes on May 20, 2012

WP Chief and veteran opposition leader Low Thia Kiang has launched a blistering attack on the PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo (pic left, source: Facebook), more than twenty years his junior at a WP rally in Hougang last night.

Though he lost the election to Mr Low’s protege Yaw Shin Leong last year, Mr Choo continues to stay on in Hougang and has started a few initiatives for its residents in the past one year or so, including setting up a job hub and legal clinic.

However, Mr Low dismissed his efforts and accused him of using taxpayers’ monies to win votes.

“No matter how many welfare packages rolled out by him (Desmond Choo) to win your votes, the question is: Where did the money come from,” Mr Low thundered.


He added callously that Mr Choo is using taxpayers’ monies to paste ‘gold’ on his face:

“Is the money from his pocket? Or from the PAP community fund?….Choo Pey Ching is using your money to paste ‘gold’ on his face!”

(“是从他的口袋吗?是从行动党的基金吗? ….朱倍庆是拿你的钱,往自己脸上贴金!”)

However, Mr Choo had earlier clarified that he did not use a single cent of taxpayers’ monies for his social welfare projects in Hougang, all of which are tied up with external agencies like NTUC, Tian Fu Temple and the Criminal Association of Singapore.

Despite the best efforts of Mr Choo, many political pundits have dismissed his chances including political analysts Derek Da Cunha and Eugene Tan with the pro-WP Yahoo News predicting an ‘easy’ victory for WP.

Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong admitted that Mr Choo is an ‘underdog’ in the by-election:

“The Workers’ Party is very confident, and as (Deputy Prime Minister) Tharman (Shanmugaratnam) says, ‘super-confident’ about their chances here; they’ve been in this ward for a long time – Low Thia Khiang personally was here for 20 plus years, but he’s not here anymore.”

PAP Rally this evening at:

7:00pm at Hougang Stadium, 100 Hougang Ave. 2 S538856


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28 Responses to “Low Thia Kiang launched blistering attack on Desmond Choo: He took your money to put ‘gold’ on his face!”

  1. CKMPD said

    Good question..where did the money come from?

  2. Smith said

    It is more like Tharman is SUPER UNCONFIDENT in PAP winning Hougang. :3

  3. observer said

    I would like to know who is behind Temasek Times. It sure sounds like a site that is run by PAP supports disguised like a pro-opposition site. I must say its well done.

    However, I think its quite clear.

    While I think PAP has the right to put out their position but this deception is quite dirty. I hope everyone can read whatever they have here with that in teh back of their mind.

    • $1left said

      Yes, would like to know who’s behind TTT as well…

    • Heed said

      Are you from WP? You only allow TT to say bad thing of DC cannot say good things meh?? Why you so 霸道? Come on lah, everyone in this country know the WP will win in this election, what are you worrying about?

  4. Old fart said

    PRO-PAP-when-there-is-no-opp-better-to-support TR…speak for yourself

  5. Smith said

    By the way, Mr. Low was clearly and unambiguously referring to Mr. Desmond Choo’s position as the advisor of the RC or RA some governmental grassroot association. It is a fact that the grassroot associations runs its activities on taxpayers’ money, and that Desmond Choo is merely carrying out the government’s activities, which is of course, funded by taxpayers’ money. From that point of view, I don’t see any mistake in Mr. Low’s speech.

    The full speech by Mr. Low on Desmond Choo can be found here starting 8:10. Let the readers decide whether Mr. Low’s speech is justified. I say it is.

  6. yayaya said

    if not for him from pap, who will give out funds for such projects? ask wp go ntuc ask for free this free that for residents, all they can get is 2 middle fingers. heard of beating up the dog also must see its owner? at its epitome.

    i think the near deaf eldery will cease to exist on papers after election. either they all recovered or they get no more new hearing aids.

  7. hmm said

    LTK is good at rousing emotions. I guess most Hougang people are emotional people.

  8. tccs said

    Very clear TRE is pretending to be supporting WP in this by election but by all the articles and video favoring Desmond Choo written by it, TRE hidden agenda is to try to destroy the workers party. Can TRE be more obvious?

  9. wmulew said

    Is LTK running for Hougang MP or Png. The guy doesn’t seem to have too much opinion, just hiding behind LTK

    • kissmyass said

      a lot better than ” I don’t know what to say”, right ? and hiding behind GohCT’s underwear,
      and you actually think the bunch of PAP stooges in parliament beholden to the father and son actually have opinion of their own? Does GRC scheme ring a bell for you ?

  10. peking Dog xu sunn said

    Well said

  11. Ken Lee said


  12. 陳一峯 said


  13. Saad Awan said

    great work

  14. kelvin said

    All opposition politicians should learn from Low Thia Kiang. He’s a genius for being able to insult PAP to the face and get away with it every time.

  15. tcss said

    TRE hates WP so much want to bring it down at all cost at the expense of democracy in Singapore?

  16. PAP supporter said

    Temasek Times and Temasek Review (TR EMERITUS) are two different sites. Former is a pro-PAP site disgused as a pro-opposition site. The latter is the correct pro-opposition site.

    I guess its the usual strategy by PAP. When failed to convinced then you confuse. Well done. *clap* *clap*

  17. jaded said

    temasek times is a disgrace to singaporeans

  18. Leo said

    Temasek Times is not Temasek Review (TR EMERITUS). Former is a pro-PAP site disguised as a pro-opposition site. The latter is the real pro-opposition site.

    I guess when PAP fails to convince, they will confuse. Well done. *Clap* *Clap^ (quite dispicable actually!)

  19. Hsien Liao La said

    Yes, Yes-Man Des ChooChoo should come out and declare where EVERY SINGLE CENT of his welfare campaigns have come from. If it is from NTUC, for instance, WHY is NTUC funding Des ChooChoo’s programs rather than WP? If the sponsors are not party-blind, WHY? Apart from the issue of transparency, disclosure of sponsors is crucial because there are some people like me who would like to BOYCOTT any supporters of the Foreign Action Party.

  20. tccs said

    Those articles by Temasek Times very bias towards Desmond Choo and against LTK do not appear in Temasek Review Emeritus?

    Temasek Times must categorically state what is its political affliliation and relationship with Temasek Review Emeritus.

  21. Truth said

    Low Thia Kiang spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the self painted gold face of Desmond Choo.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  22. Magdalene Ruben said

    A temple is a place of WORSHIP for everyone regardless of race, dialect n religion and devotees’ donations are to be used in connections to any necessities of the temple.

    If the financial CARETAKER uses these devotees’donations to FUND the campaign of any Political party, he/she has sinned against the DIVINE ONE, be it a Toaist or Buddhist Dieties for all to pray offerings.

    Political Party members cannot use Religious contacts to campaign their Votes. This is not right at all in the eyes of Devotees.

    • hypocrite in NTUC said

      Good point Magdalene!
      And the PAP buggers have been using tax-payers money to fund upgrading in exchange for votes. Hougang residents pay tax and many serve NS but their estate is amongst the last to be upgraded. Desmond Choo cannot claim he is not aware of such blatant discrimination as well as other immoral activities.
      By the way, Desmond has yet to speak out for ordinary workers despite holding a senior position in NTUC. ( never trust union chief = Lim SS = cheaper, better, faster)

  23. Libra said

    Now that the by election is over let’s get back to being Singaporean. Stop all the stupid talk and speculation. If WP is in power and they use tax payer’s fund to upgrade your estate ,education, medical , infrastucture etc would you be saying the same thing ?

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