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PRC national and Singapore PR offered to sponsor education of children of late cabby Cheng Teck Hock

Posted by temasektimes on May 20, 2012

The tragic traffic accident at Bugis last Saturday has galvanized Singaporeans to donate generously to the family of the late cabby Cheng Teck Hock who passed away of his injuries after his taxi was being rammed by a speeding Ferrari driven by PRC national Ma Chi.

Besides Singaporeans, foreigners and PRs have also offered assistance and support, including a CEO from China, forty year sold Mr Sima of Pan Asia Energy Group.

In an interview with the media, a private secretary of Mr Sima revealed that he arrived in Singapore from Beijing three years ago and is currently a Singapore PR.

“He is very concerned about the accident and when he knew the cabby’s family is in financial distress, he felt he should do his part,” the secretary said.

Together with another PR, Mr Sima offered to sponsor the living and education expenses of the children of Mr Cheng.

Mr Cheng’s eldest daughter Stephanie Cheng has just graduated from a local polytechnic and may be putting her plans to enrol in a university on hold because of the family tragedy.


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17 Responses to “PRC national and Singapore PR offered to sponsor education of children of late cabby Cheng Teck Hock”

  1. Henry said

    Let’s hold hands and remember that we are all Chinese … be it PRC Chinese or SIngaporean Chinese. There will be black horses … let bygones be bygones, since all parties have stepped forward to reconcile. Those who chose to continue the battle in darkness, God bless them …

    • JT said

      i wonder why some of you guys can’t think like you. Malaysian here

    • milo said

      Its not about the race to begin with. Those that blame will never stop the blame.
      Those that don’t never will.

    • singaporean said

      Think you should replace ‘Chinese’ with ‘Human’.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      Why is this a ‘Chinese’ issue? We are Singaporeans, not PRCs. And PRCs are not all ethnically ‘Han’, for starters. They come from a place that prize rule of man, not rule of law. The challenge is for Singapore to show that rule of law stands way and above the rule of man.

      And I do not believe ‘all parties have stepped forward to reconcile’ – the wife of the Ferrari criminal has not apologized in person. Until she does that, whatever is being said is empty.

    • We win, you die said

      Money can buy everything, especially for the PRCs…

    • Shamus said

      Forgive and forget. One person make mistake, do not blame their whole community.

  2. Stevenyks said

    I say, .in any country, there’ll be good or bad people…..There’s only country that made-up of good & bad people….
    Even in once life, he or she might have done any mistake….
    I’m happy to see someone doing good deeds, no matter where they are from, or the color of their skin…

  3. teerible ivan said

    Let’s hold hands and remember that we are all “Human” All living things have only one life.Tresure it while U have an opportunity to live.

  4. fuckers said

    fuck off..fuck all these PRC

  5. spotlessleopard said

    Regardless who they are where they come from…..We welcome these people not those who come here and drink our milk and honey and then go on to insult us….

  6. Blood suckers said

    Why mr sima? Want to act saint huh?

    Frankly, don’t think that we Singaporeans very “gian Peng”. Got freebies sure take one!

    I am not impress. Want, ask that fucking ma chi family to compensate. Not you.

  7. Fed Up Singaporean said

    We don’t blame the PR’s, foriegn trash… we blame the PAP for bringing them in the truck loads. Without considering whether our infrastructure can take the load.

    Example; rising property price, overloaded transport system, rising cost of living etc

  8. Ferrari Van Driver said

    Just kick all the PRC out of Singapore and I guarantee our HDBs will be more quiet. Our roads much safer, streets less congested. Even our jails will see the departure of 30% of their inmates as it is a universal fact that China citizens now make up a bulk majority of the criminals in our local jails, much more than local malays

  9. Majulah Singapura said

    blame PAP

  10. Real Singaporean said

    it’s nice of Mr Sima to offer help to the Cheng family, but honestly it’s not his responsibility. the Ma family should step forward and offer help instead. i feel they have the duty to take care of Mr Cheng’s children until they are financially independent and able to take care of themselves.

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