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Desmond Choo debunked accusation by WP supporter Seah Ee Onn that he asked his grandma to vote for him in return for a gift

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

PAP candidate for Hougang by-election Desmond Choo is a gentleman who promised to conduct a ‘clean’ campaign, but his opponents do not seem to reciprocate his goodwill.

The seat of Hougang was left vacant after its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from WP in February this year for his failure to address swirling rumors about his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women, including two key WP female leaders.

After WP leaders hurled malicious and baseless accusations at Mr Choo one after another during its election rally last Saturday, WP supporters have launched a nasty smear campaign online to discredit and demolish Mr Choo.

One WP supporter by the name Seah Ee Onn (pic left) proclaimed on Facebook that Mr Choo tried to ‘buy’ the vote of his grandmother in exchange for a ‘gift’.

He initially said he may consider lodging a police report, but backed down hours later by deleting his comment and saying that the decision does not lie with him:

“As for the police report, the decision is not mine to make.”

Though his comment has since been removed, it still caused a stir in cyberspace with some questioning if Mr Choo has resorted to such ‘tactics’ to win votes.

[Source: Facebook]

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Choo debunked the rumors immediately, adding that he is a man of  integrity and he does not want his integrity to be challenged.

He said he has been going about the campaign in a sincere way and there is no way that he will do such things.

“I have developed schemes for them even after I’ve lost (in the last GE), these things are provided for them and the allegation is not consistent with what I’ve been doing,” he said.

Mr Choo did not mention if he would sue Seah Ee Onn for defamation, but he said he would address the issue seriously if a police report is made.

Despite winning the hearts and minds of some Hougang residents for his hard work in Hougang in the past one year, many political pundits have dismissed Mr Choo’s chances in the by-election with its unofficial ‘Hammer’ Yahoo News publicly predicting an ‘easy’ victory for WP even before a single vote is cast.

WP leaders have been asking Hougang residents to continue to support WP because of its ’20 year presence’ there as if Hougang is a ‘property’ of the Workers Party with scant regard for their feelings and aspirations.



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31 Responses to “Desmond Choo debunked accusation by WP supporter Seah Ee Onn that he asked his grandma to vote for him in return for a gift”

  1. peking Dog xu sunn said

    Wow lau..choo & choo still the same

  2. jaded said

    another pro pap article by temasek times. disgraceful

  3. latisha said

    What? Normal wat. Free gift such as lift stopping at every floor, free summon if never put coupon for 5 mins in a park when they encourage u to have healthy lifestyle, free mrt rides if mrt always breakdown, free ndp tickets if u lucky enough to kena 1, free queue ticket for queueing at polyclinic, free primary 1 vacancy if u volunteer everyday and no need to work.

  4. Mally said

    TR, please repent

  5. Rumourmonger said

    Oh come on..You think Desmond or any mp (pap or opposition) will be so stupid to tell people he will offer gifts for votes? You think they won’t think about the consequences if the public knows? What’s more, social media is so popular nowadays. People will spread it like wild fire. If they wanted to resort to this, they would have done so in Aljunied.

    I bet this WP supporter just wanted to post a comment to smear him but didn’t expect that it will be blown up. Then he got scared and requested for it to be removed. Hope Desmond Choo takes legal action towards him. People need to be responsible for their words.

    It’s not the first time opp supporters smear the PAP. They say chan chun sing got in through the back door because he’s lee kuan yew’s sister, monica lee’s son. Luckily the article a decade ago proved that his parents are poor machine operators. Then stuff like accusing Seng han thong of being racist when the video clearly showed that he was saying a staff told him that. The are so many ridiculous rumours online, I saw one where a guy says he was from HCI and described all the bad things PM Lee did as a teenager. Gave so many details as if it’s real but PM LEE WAS FROM NJC!

    I say, sue him or get the police to interview his grandmother and see if there is any inconsistency

    • Dirty Politics said

      Unless proven guilty, who are we to judge??? Look at the mirror before you write.

    • Wayang Wayang said

      I think he withdrew the comment more because he did not want the case to be over blown. Sometimes people do blurt out words in anger without caring too much about repercussion. TR in this case, should not add oil to fire.

  6. Keran Lim said

  7. Damien Toh said

    Why do TR have to say “as if Hougang is a ‘property’ of the Workers Party with scant regard for their feelings and aspirations”. This is downright ridiculous!

    Anyway rumourmonger, if Desmond is 100% clean and he said it is and the public believes him, that is good enough. No need to resort to legal action.

  8. Jerald said

    how can Temasek Times resort to such dirty tactics?!!! Shame on you!!! You are no different from Shittimes and The Nonsense Paper….no! Sorry for insulting them, you are worst!!!! I call on everyone to boycott Temasek Times!!!!

    • Jaded said

      Agreed! Their FB page is called Temasek Review and not Temasek Times, obviously they are trying to mislead people into thinking they are the real TR.

  9. Jasper said

    Wow. So many Singaporeans are getting angry and want change.

    Looks like they have to keep importing foreigners to support them for a long time to come.

  10. alamak said

    Hey Seah Suay, you got guts to put up comment, but no guts to stand for the comments in person? Now, you pull down the comments because you know they are lies that can’t stand. And you still expect the police to go after people who expose your lies? Seah suay lah!

  11. seah said

    wp supporter please post anything stupid.fight not use stupid tactic .clean fight Please or else u will lose

  12. alamak said

    This seah suay face of WP supporter make WP seah suay. So much for PEH’s handshake. It’s all fake. PEH now doesn’t even scold his seah suay supporter for being utterly ungentleman and even illegal in spreading false smearing.

  13. jiggs said

    one of the few places where PAP actually tries something is wen its not holding that place..thats why having an opposition will still be good nonetheless

  14. taxiUncle said

    wah can see temasek times truly veri pro-PAP ah!!! Time to scoot off and say bye bye, Never to return here ah. Now i truly understand the real nature of TT. Gd luck to WP in hougang, TaxiUncle signing off!

  15. Emillie tham said

    coward wp supporter.

  16. Truth said

    Smearing Desmond Choo ???

    You must be kidding me.

    It’s more like TT who is the guilty party trying to smear WP in every way it can.

    You must have swallowed too much of the Old Man’s saliva to think, like him, that we are daft and cannot see through your charade.

  17. Leo said

    Nothing too out of the ordinary for PAP what. SM Goh offered $100m in GE2006. No smoke without a fire lah.

  18. Evil PAPPY said


    Likewise, if assuming DC really try to bride voters, he would not have admitted.

    Re CCS, what I HEARD from taxi driver is that his mother remarried to famiLEE member. So it’s still possible that he came from peasant family but still ‘related’.

    Re SHT, you ever wonder why he kena TWO times and got the nick name BBQ man? Haven’t you HEARD about the case about his comment to a father whose son died serving NS? You go ask him better, to hear from the horse mouth.

  19. Ray said

    Temasek Times again proved that this site is pro-Desmond Choo. In fact I highly suspect the relationship behind the editorial team and Desmond.
    All the headlines here are so pro-Desmond.

    CORRECTION: Desmond Choo didn’t DEBUNK the accusation because he cannot come up with any proof to show that any improbable nature of the accusation.
    He merely DENIED the accusation. Which is the knee jerk reaction for all politicians when anything bad gets shoved in their direction. That alone cannot prove that he is innocent.

    There is a difference between DEBUNK and DENY.

  20. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. How what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

  21. yayaya said

    if it is real, give proof. if it is smearing, bear the consequences. i support wp but not such low blow behavior.sometimes it is not mr seah fault la old people tends to take things out of context. DC could be saying “vote me in i will provide lift and shelter, park, porridge and ang bao during CNY”. ah ma go home tell grandson “the pap ah boy say give me ang bao if i vote for him”.

  22. Who is behind TT? said

    First, says who this guy is a WP supporter?

    I think I know who is behind TT. They are SDP supporters and right now they see PAP and WP as their biggest threats to ascendancy. And so it makes sense that they are going all out for WP’s throat in the election.

    Let’s face it, Singapore is a conservative society and extra-marital affairs are frowned upon. So WP wins again, it will really solidify their position as the top opposition party. In this sense, the enemy of your enemy is your best friend, oldest trick in the political playbook really.

    But I doubt TT belong to the VW faction, they are probably in close contact to the slightly deranged and self-righteous CSJ.

  23. Ken said

    This website so obviously a Pro PAP tactics to smear opposition by first acting Pro opposition. really shame on you TT! Wat a bunch of losers in the editorial teams and your “cant-do-anything-to-the-freelancing-writer” bullshit. In the end, they are nothing but watchdogs for pap.

  24. chivalry gentleman said

    Aiyah, nevermind lah. Ee Onn is after all a sweet young thing. Let’s forgive and forget. TT has her email address? Please share with me. I want to console her.

  25. Boycott said

    yes, let’s boycott Temasek Times! It is a rubbish site.

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