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Desmond Choo: I did not use taxpayers’ monies to fund my social welfare projects in Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

PAP candidate for Hougang by-election Desmond Choo (pic left, source: Facebook) has responded to wild accusations hurled at him by WP Chief Low Thia Kiang during an election rally last Saturday.

Mr Low had earlier accused Mr Choo of using taxpayers’ monies to fund his numerous social welfare projects in Hougang which were initiated by him since last year.

“No matter how many welfare packages rolled out by him (Desmond Choo) to win your votes, the question is: Where did the money come from,” Mr Low thundered.


He added callously that Mr Choo is using taxpayers’ monies to paste ‘gold’ on his face:

“Is the money from his pocket? Or from the PAP community fund?….Choo Pey Ching is using your money to paste ‘gold’ on his face!”

(“是从他的口袋吗?是从行动党的基金吗? ….朱倍庆是拿你的钱,往自己脸上贴金!”)

In response, Mr Choo said he respects Mr Low who is many years his ‘senior’ and explained that the he did not use a single cent of public monies to fund his projects.

“It is not easy to find the money and it did not drop down from the sky. We have to raise it painstakingly from donors, sponsors and private enterprises.”


Mr Choo added that he has been working the ground in Hougang for the past one year unlike his WP opponent Png Eng Huat who was ‘transferred’ to Hougang from Aljunied GRC after Yaw was expelled from WP for his failure to address rumors swirling around his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women, including two key WP female leaders.

Despite the ferocious attacks launched against him by WP leaders one after another, Mr Choo remained calm and did not retaliate in kind.

There are no immediate comments from Mr Low or other WP leaders on Mr Choo’s clarification.


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27 Responses to “Desmond Choo: I did not use taxpayers’ monies to fund my social welfare projects in Hougang”

  1. WP_FTW said

    What about the carrot of upgrading and a new market? Where is the money going to come from? Is Desmond going to find the funds for those projects himself??

    • wmulew said

      Did Desmond mention anything about upgrading? Pls get your facts right. The government have already started the upgrading process for parts of Hougang before GE 2011

      • Hsien Liao La said

        the bigger question is WHY these sponsors choose to back this Dismal guy. I will boycott all of those sponsors as a consequence.

      • Justify said

        LTK was commenting about the funds for upgrading are actually from the tax payers not because of Desmond is in hougang therefore got upgrading. Upgrading is already part of gov’s planning.

      • Jaded said

        yeah yeah, after dunno how many years.

        The picture of LHL and Choo Choo train sitting beside an old lady makes me sick! Pretending to care ah? Where were the lifts and other elderly facilities when these elderly needed them all these years? Oh sorry, i forgot… Hougang never vote for pappies, so kenah pushed to end of upgrading queue.

        Now then come and say ‘We care’, ‘Inclusive society’ and ‘Always here for you’? Load of bull!

      • WP_FTW said

        Pls lah, upgrading is always an issue during elections. Even Hougang people list upgrading as one of their main concern for the ward. And did Choo mention about rebuilding the market that the Govt tore down?? U get ur facts straight first lah. Don’t base everthing on what is written in TT. Misinformed and misguided, typical PAP supporter.

  2. Observer said

    Mr Png has been around since 2006, excuse me. Money not taxpayers’, then whose money? His very own money? Hey Temasek Times.. don’t talk cock ok?

  3. Well, it is Desmond’s chance to prove that he is transparent and accountable by being explicit about where the money comes from, beyond nebulously saying that they come from donors, sponsors and private enterprise, which could mean anything. hehe.

  4. Jaded said

    Temasek Times is falling over themselves to be openly pro-PAP… damn disgraceful. Note the use of biased words to paint Mr LTK is a bad light and potray Choo Choo train as the victim.

    Shame on you!!!

  5. nightkids said

    QUOTE: “It is not easy to find the money and it did not drop down from the sky. We have to raise it painstakingly from donors, sponsors and private enterprises” END QUOTE.

    So does the money come from charity fund raising….say NKF?

  6. Jenny said

    it still belongs to the people…

  7. Hannsg said

    How come HG can allow a looser to stay on the constituency to conduct MPS?
    Can a loosing opposition parties hold MPS in the other constituencies they lost such as NSP conducting MPS at Tampines at the void deck?
    When a party loses in the election he must loss gracefully and not clinging on.
    Is this fair to the opposition MP? Shame on PAP.

  8. Dirty Politics said

    PAP has never come clean by telling Singaporeans. This includes Desmond. If he is clean, please get his assets audited by an independent auditors. This helps to show if Desmond is using taxpayers monies to fund his own cause i.e. to win the by-election.

  9. RC said

     Those sponsors, donors, etc are taxpayers. So who are you trying to bluff to say you are not using taxpayers’ monies ????? Or are you trying to tell us those people no need to pay tax or evade tax ? Why are the monies not from your party fund ????

  10. fpc said

    wp didn’t attack dc ferociously. they just ask good questions. where did the monies come from?

  11. Singaporean Pro said

    Come clean PAP.. where does the money come from? be transparent!

  12. papmole said

    TT u are frickin PAP propagandist.

  13. Mike said

    Hannsg: then explain Nicole Seah visiting Machperson and promising help for resident who had problem ?.. that one also cannot one lah .. as per your logic !!!!!!!!! so who set trend here then ? Ask Nicole Seah to explanation

  14. Blood suckers said

    Den can we know contribution list? And amount?

    If you are clean and white, show us.

  15. PAP Loves FT only.. said

    Temasek Times is turning so white.. might as well change name to PAP times. Disgraceful

  16. This is a pap-operated site..... said

    Have been reading the articles in this website and the distinct impression is that while it tries to be seen as an impartial site for alternative views, the reporting slant and angle is definitely pro-pap and anti-opposition. Definitely run by pap eunuchs. Am leaving this site for good.

  17. Anson Be said

    PAP needs to account for their actions to all Singaporeans, not just Hougang.

    On 26th May, Hougang will have it’s BE (By Elections) after months of procrastination by PM Lee and the abrupt announcement to leave little buffer time for WP.
    Fury of PAP’s Activities after Valentine’s Day 14 Feb 2012
    WP has played the higher moral card by sacking Yaw Shin Leong on 14 Feb 2012.[link] Suddenly , PAP’s Desmond Choo(pls refrain from name calling eg Demon Choo.) have been “coincidentally active.
    His activities are:
    1. Set up a mobile TCM clinic or free clinic corner for the elderly residents – 22 February 2012

    2. Introduced ‘Weekly’ Coffee Session – started on 25 April 2011, restarted on 22 August 2011. It only became weekly from 5 March 2012 onwards.

    3. Conducted visits to private estates – started on 23 March 2012

    4. Introduced free Teochew porridge to Hougang residents every Sunday morning – started on 28 March 2012

    5. Set up a job placement hub for Hougang residents – launched on 14 April 2012

    6. Held block visits/ Zone parties with residents – started on 15 April 2012

    7. Began a scheme to provide free hearing aids for Hougang elderly – started on 25 April 2012

    8. Introduced monthly legal consultations – starting on 15 May 2012
    People’s Association is a public institution funded with Tax payers Money[link]
    Some activities are held in conjunction with the PA( People’s Association).PA purview includes the CC(Community Center). PA is funded by tax payers’ money and has claimed to be apolitical .CC, as such, under the purview of PA, has claimed that they are apolitical by denying a NSP supporter from using their toilets[link]. ACLS(Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore ) has written in to “clarify” that the legal clinic is between CC and not politically motivated ,ie not PAP’s effort[link]. If anyone will to claim effort, then it should be the director of PA or coincidentally the returning officer for Hougang BE, Mr Yam. This is also the case for block visits[link] and zone/block parties, which is organized by PA’s RC(Resident’s Committee)[link].The coffee session are conducted by CC[link] . Their refusal to allow a NSP supporter to use the toilet is based on the fact that they do not support political activities. On the same breathe, the coffee session is not a political activity and the efforts should belongs rightly to the CC. This also goes for the hearing aid program[link] which is run by the Hougang CCC(Citizens’ Consultative Committee) .Likewise for the Porridge program[link].
    CCC is under the umbrella of PA also[link].
    Lastly, even the CDC(Community Development Council) comes under the purview of PA[link].This organization chart is taken from PA’s link(updated on 1st Feb 2012).This also means that the job hub program [link] should be credited to PA as well.
    In summary, activities 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are all done by People’s Association and NOT PAP!
    So is PA’s effort by PAP?
    Whether PAP wins Hougang or not , it has to explain if PA efforts is considered the effort PAP. The PAP candidate is an advisor, not a committee member. The work is done by the committee and carried out by the committee. Therefore, all credits should go to the committee members , not the advisor. Also, PA has always claimed that it is non-political and should not be hijacked by a political party for all their effort. After all PA is supposed to served the residents, not the advisor and hence allows credit to go to the advisor. This is wrong! It is made worse that all PA funding are from tax, not PAP !
    Can Associations, NGOs and organizations support political parties via donations?
    The Political Donation Act[link]Chapter 236 allows donation to political parties for their activities so that they may run their campaign and claim credit for the welfare of their constituents. However, political parties have to register all the donations received either in cash or kind of a one sum value less than $10,000. There was nothing being mentioned about political donations as these are mainly done via PA. All organizations or associations, like Poh Teck Siang Tng temple, Sunlove Home, NTUC or ACLS should abide with the Political Donations Act.
    Is PA now a viaduct for political donation to PAP?
    However, when PA collaborates with an organization, which itself is APOLITICAL, then the donations and sponsorship received is not subjected to the political donation act. As such, PAP and their candidates cannot claim effort from all the activities as these are well- wishes from the organizations in Singapore for Singaporeans. In fact we should thank PA and these organizations, not the advisor who has now ride on someone else’s effort and donations.
    NTUC-an organization for workers or PAP?
    NTUC is supposed to be a union for the workers under the labour movement. It is supposed to be concerned about the welfare of the workers. This article will not go into mentioning how wide the income gap has become [link]or the (free rein) of FTs(Foreign Talents) that are imported into Singapore[link]. However, NTUC has bcome the platform for PAP to brag about their “achievements”, especially annually during Labour Day. In fact NTUC is in should be workers centric and not PAP centric. If it was Workers Centric, then it should be serious and would not have allowed the income gap or the (free rein) admission of FTs. Furthermore, it would have included the uniform group into its labour, like the SPF(Singapore Police Force) and SAF(Singapore Armed Forces). The regulars in SPF and SAF should be unionized , especially those below a certain pay scale. However, it has never been so and sadly, it seemed that NTUC is more concerned about producing results for the PAP rather than to protect all the Labour Workers. This PAP has to answer if NTUC is another organization for PAP, or it is truly for ALLthe labour workers in Singapore?
    PAP’s silently confident of Winning or even losing in a smaller margin.
    In the PAP’s camp, they are witnessing less resentment on the internet and on the ground. Also, they have more firepower from all the constituencies that are not involved. As such, the net seemed to be beaming with PAP supporters and less resentment notes compared to the GE. They are silent confident of winning Hougang, albeit a small margin like Potong Pasir. It was rumoured that 2 speeches are prepared. One similar to Potong Pasir in 2011, where they finally win it from alternative’s parties(SPP). The other is similar to the Potong Pasir 2006 , where it will paved way for winning hougang in 2016. It is furthered mentioned that it will also exclaimed that the PAP is finally doing the right things that Singaporeans are accepting them , which results in the smaller margin of lost. This is the arrogance of PAP, as usual.
    PAP has already >90% of seats in Parliament with 60.1% of votes .
    PAP has already conquered the Parliament with 90% of the seats. They are the government of the day even with only 60.1% of the total votes. They are already hammering in all policies from 1959 until now[eg stop at 2 policies and then blame Singaporeans for the low fertility rate, then come up with import FT policies to counter low fertility rate by blaming Singaporeans!]Therefore, the one alternative voice to PAP makes a difference. Unless you think that all the transport issues, flooding issues, allowing FT to speed in fast cars are acceptable. Otherwise, vote WP! PAP has nothing to lose as they are already the government and will overcome all alternative voices. As such, one more alternative voice will remind PAP that YOU are the stakeholders in Singapore!
    Therefore PAP has to answer the above questions whether or not they have won the BE. This should be fair to all Singaporeans and the way the tax is being pumped back for activities. Are they for PAP or for PA? Is NTUC truly for the labour workers or for PAP?

    Stand up all True Blue Singaporeans!
    Be a True Blue Singapore, do not be whitewashed! Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your loved ones. Stand up for your family and friends. Stand up for Singapore. Stand up and be counted! Vote WP!
    Thrashed PAP with a larger Margin than 2011!

  18. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. Here’s what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

  19. J said

    everyone, please get the concepts right. donations are NOT taxes.

    1. taxes are mandatory levies imposed by govts annually. These are money slated for public projects like your roads, street lamps, traffic lights, parks, upgrading etc etc etc. Only our tax authority can collect taxes.

    2. Donations can be solicited by any organization and are given freely by whoever interested to support any cause. This can be grassroots, churches, temples, charity organizations blah blah blah.

    3. Taxes go into govt accts so only govt approved projects can touch these money. Donations go into private institutions. The private institutes do whatever they want. Kapish?

    4. Saying that “donors are taxpayers” so therefore “donations are taxes” is like saying “customers pay for hawker food” so therefore “customers own the hawker center”. ie you sound dumb. so please, stop.

    5. What Mr Low is insinuating is that Mr Choo has mis-used taxes aka govt funds and used them for Mr Choo’s own pet projects. This is definitely illegal (IF true). Since Mr Low wants to hurl accusations, please show proof.

    6. Mr Choo is stating that his money comes from private donations (therefore not govt funds aka taxpayers money). In which case, Mr Choo should provide third party audited accts to prove his innocence. Talk is too cheap.

  20. Magnesia said

    I wonder why the mainstream media is keeping so quiet on this matter leh ???

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