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PHOTO: CNN thought Singapore is part of China

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

A netizen spotted this interesting error in CNN’s article which mistook Singapore as part of China.

The error has since been rectified.


36 Responses to “PHOTO: CNN thought Singapore is part of China”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Because there are more China PRC workers than ANY nationality of workers in Singapore and it is natural for Foreigners to think Singapore is PART of CHINA….thanks to LKY who so eagerly import ALL and Sundry from Peoples Republic of China……next time our Politicians should suggest Singapore, China….Non singapore citizen workers in Singapore now comprise more than 50% of the working population…the highest ratio of ANY Advance Economy in the World…More and more Singaporeans have been replaced by cheap workers from PRC, India, Blangadesh, East Europeon countires, and other South East Asian and Asean Nations…..

    • chia how said

      I’m pretty sure the malays didn’t have that kinda sentiment when we took over their jobs. Its good to be a nationalist, but to blame the PRCs as the sole problem for the loss of our jobs is ridiculous. we’re a globalized city, we cannot afford to lose our ‘globalized’ status over petty nationalist sentiment. if you really hate the foreign workers for taking away our jobs, i suggest you perform the work they do. feel free to educate me on the delight in the job of a construction worker.

      • Timothy Goh said

        Well, for one, there are plenty of Singaporean construction workers as well. Just cause they are lesser in minority doesnt mean they are not present. Besides, the Singaporean government has set aside some special rules regarding the native malays that benefit them in certain areas to balance things out. But that’s beside the point. The main point here is that, our infrastructure and economy cannot support the massive importing of foreigners , especially when they are depressing the wages. Now, if Singapore were to emulate Australia’s system whereby the foreigners has to undergo an IELTS test and get a minimum of 7.5 as well as be fairly educated ( min. bachelors from certified universities) in industries that needs more foreign workers due to shortage of Singaporean workers, I believe our current problems would be minimised, or God willing, not exist at all.

      • Sharon Lim said

        Well said Timothy. I totally agree with you. I am a born and bred Singaporean who now lives in Australia. I remembered going through heaps of immigration paperwork to get my permanent residency status in Australia. Maybe Singapore should adopt a similar system as well.

      • PrynzH said

        The gov set aside some benefit for the native malays…well i sure support you…not…what benefit? Some areas in singapore are even restricted to malays…y? Afraid that we will aid malaysia? In WW2, the communist were destroying singapore…now we are happily inviting them here to take over singapore again…

  2. Elusive Scorp said

    Singapore = Geylang (China); Little India aka Tekka (India); Orchard Road (Philippine)

    • nightkids said

      There’s more…..
      Beach Road/Golden Mile = Thailand
      Lucky Plaza = Blangadesh / Indonesia
      Chinatown = China
      Penisular Plaza = Burmese

  3. ;ABC said

    Why is that a mistake? Even true blue Singaporeans complain that they sometimes think they are in China.

  4. nightkids said

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA……..maybe soon it will be….

  5. dan2429E said

    …CNN is soothsayer…….
    …definitely will be in 2022…..
    …then all our ministers and PM will be from PRC……….

  6. What about Golden Mile is it not ” LITTLE THAILAND ” by and by you can find little Indonesia, little will find China all over SINGAPORE.

  7. JJB67 said

    WTF!!!!!!! Hello we no Chino……. We are Singaporean Chinese…. !!!!! total crap!!!

  8. DaWolf said

    Huh? We are not part of China meh? I thought we are?

  9. A Load Of Bull said

    Desmond Choo is one big bull-shit stirrer.

  10. goondu said

    It would be now appropriate to rename our tiny red dot as “Chinapore”!!!!

  11. Sean Patrick said

    You know sometimes low-level labor immigrants from PRC can easily be military personnel. When there is a war, such country will be dead before they even know it. It may sound like a cheap stake 007 story, but with PRC, everything can happen ya know…

  12. garcon said

    cuz our entertainment industry hasn done anything to export singapore world wide.

  13. latisha said

    Orrr…. CNN means China News Network, they tot everything on earth comes from china.

  14. USS IOWA said

    CNN please wake up your fucking idea .. this is SINGAPORE

  15. Not Irrational said

    What a silly mistake. It is geographically erroneous but I’m quite sure the claim is slowly becoming a psychological reality.

  16. Ken Lee said

  17. 陳一峯 said


    • nightkids said


  18. seah yang howe said

    cant blame them. It seems that americans who dont reside in NYC or LA are largely ignorant of the rest of the world. To them, the world only consist of 50 states

  19. A Singaporean Abroad said

    This is truly a sad state of affairs.

  20. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. Here’s what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

  21. Mah Lee Kee Tah Lak yat Ch

  22. Save Singapore said

    Not surprised as many Americans see Singapore as a province of China. I am sure LKY would agree to this as he stated that Singapore is closely linked to China culturally. He forgot about the other 25% who are not Chinese. Given his way – he would have called the country – Chingarpore

  23. Nutter said

    I am the true pro-opposition, anti-foreign thrash invasion, and anti-PAP activist.

    For every planted anti-opposition views, I will plant TEN anti-PAP and anti-foreigner thrash views.

    Singaporeans are not stupid. They can recognise a foreign thrash when they see a live one. PAP planted shills can only do so little. Without any coordinated efforts, true blue grassroots Singaporeans will overwhelm these shills and express what we REALLY think about PAPs and these FTs who vote for PAPs.

  24. jen said

    not the first time lah, my friend’s company’s cargo went to Shanghai port even when it was stated Singapore. The forwarder in USA thought is to be shipped to China…………… what a joke. And they took a long time to get the cargo out to Singapore………..hahahaha!

  25. whoizzit said

    majulah singapore…probably most of us forgot the national anthem is in Malay and whr Singapore originally came from.

  26. whoizzit said

    sorry typo error ..majulah singapura..LOL!

  27. Bengy said

    What the point of trying to be first in everything when first world country like US don’t even know where we are..let the Singaporean relax & back to the basic rather than making everybody so pressure..& start talking to ourselves.

  28. anti-Nutter said

    Nutter: “For every planted anti-opposition views, I will plant TEN anti-PAP and anti-foreigner thrash views.”

    Idiot, you really are a nutter. Can you even understand that some people are honestly pro-PAP and anti-opposition? Or will you cling to your delusions?

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