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PHOTO: Job ad with disclaimer – Foreigners do not apply, especially Filipinos

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

A netizen spotted his interesting job ad on JobDB seeking Singaporeans and PRs only with a disclaimer below:

“Foreigners, please do not apply, especially Filipinos, please don’t send your CV.”



35 Responses to “PHOTO: Job ad with disclaimer – Foreigners do not apply, especially Filipinos”

  1. singaporeson said

    Hahahahaha, either this is a PR stunt or they are really tru blue Singaporean !

    • Moses Bernardo said

      When you work in an employment agency, you know how pesky those people can be. When certain job has been stated that only Singaporeans and PRs only. They still want to send their resume. Some even call and ask if its discriminate against foreigners.

  2. True Blue Singaporean said

    Nice.. I also know of Employment Agencies declaring their Motto has ‘Singaporean First’, we should encourage more agencies to do the same. Don’t wait for the stupid PAP govt to do this kind of initiative.. It shows how in-sincere they are. Shame on you, MOM ministers.

  3. Must Support Oyster Restaurant !! said

    WA! Must go to Oyster Restaurant to try their sashimi and sake !!!

  4. DMBC said


  5. latisha said

    I think the company boss damn hate FT lah. He thought FT means Filipino Talent.

  6. RafiJaja said

    For Pinnoys, u can apply as GROs at Orchard Tower or Boat Quay..

  7. zrr said

    You gotta love this AD! Well done. Enough Pinoys for now, they just do Not know that PAP uses them & discards them too like tissue paper.

  8. GO AND DIE said

    I feel so shiok after looking at it. This should be the way and the right ONE.

  9. Ken Lee said

    aiyo nothing to do ahh!!

  10. edme said

    This is good! But dangerous… EA laws will penalize the employee.

  11. NSmen said

    Great! Watami casual restaurant have showed the way to respect the local community instead of hiring cheap FTs. Way to go, I will make sure to patronize them with my friends.

  12. Old Singaporean said

    We all should support this restaurant

  13. Not Irrational said

    While it is obvious discrimination and I’m unsure if the recruiter is flouting any laws… the ad, for some strange glorious reason, is deeply gratifying. Nice change of climate.

    • Moses Bernardo said

      Nope it’s not really discrimination if you really do not have quota to hire foreigners. Some filipinos will still call up ask for the job. And when you tell them that its only for Singaporean. They will start asking why they do not hire foreigner, are they discriminating against filipinoes. Some of them can be real pesky and a real pain in the behind. You have to waste half hour just explaining to them them.

      The Ah Neh at least still not so bad. You tell them no foreigner, they just say sorry to disturb and walk off.

  14. latisha said

    Filipinos dun send your CV but send ur CCB

  15. DaWolf said

    Even if its a stunt I am happy with what I saw. This weekend I sure go down eat.

  16. elusive scorp said

    Screwed you pinoys & PRCs!


    • Nikki said

      Wow, not only are you ignorant as all hell, but also unable to speak English properly other than swear words. You epitomize everything that is wrong about these posts. If you’re going to be an outright racist and hater, please learn to articulate yourself and say something intelligent, or even in public rather than hiding behind an anonymous Internet posting. When did so many Singaporeans become so intolerant of other cultures when almost everyone here would be immigrants themselves of only a few generations? You should all be ashamed of such intolerance And ignorance.

  17. kcchiew said

  18. Mariah said

    I own a few businesses in spore. Its really frustrating when we r not recruiting but these pinoy kept sending their resumes over to my emails to spam me daily, inc,uding sat and sunday. I support the ad owner

  19. Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

    Thanks for supporting SG , will certainly visit your place. Happy to see that sign , finally ….

  20. Charmaine said

    Actually its no quota for the company.dp (dependant pass) are foreigners too.

  21. Ge2Ge2 said

    it violates the EA law actually. they can ignore the cv or application when they send in, but not advertising it this way due to discrimination.

    though i like the ad too…

    • Trample and Rampage. Else, STFU said

      I agree with you. It violates the EA law. It will not stop them from sending though. lol.

  22. Trample and Rampage. Else, STFU said

    the above link does not say anything? was it changed? or simply the poster add something just to stir hate and gratification?


  23. Singapore for Singaporeans! said

    For Singaporeans only.
    New Citizens must have obtained citizenship for at least 10 years to be eligible.
    PRs or foreigners need NOT apply.

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