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Pinoy ‘FT’ scolds Singaporeans: You are LAZY!!!

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

Are Singaporeans really so lazy that our economy needs to depend on foreigners like Filipinos?

This is the view posted by a Pinoy ‘FT’ Eulenia Prudente during a Facebook discussion on the presence of Filipinos at the PAP election rally in Hougang.

The rampant attacks on Filipinos by WP supporters who accused them of being ‘used’ as a political tool by the PAP to shore up its flagging support peeved off Ms Eulenia.

[Source: Facebook]

“The way you know you are more PIGS than the pinoys you are talking about,” roared Ms Eulenia.

She also reminded Singaporeans that her fellow countrymen are part of Singapore’s growing economy and ask Singapores to reflect on themselves:

“Ask to yourself why your country need a FT? Coz you Singaporean itself are LAZY!!!”

According to information posted on her Facebook, Ms Eulenia came to work in Singapore in 2008:

In other countries, foreigners are expected to respect locals and integrate with them. It seems to be the other way round in Singapore where Singaporeans are constantly exhorted by their leaders to make an extra effort to make foreigners feel welcomed, accepted and happy in Singapore.




79 Responses to “Pinoy ‘FT’ scolds Singaporeans: You are LAZY!!!”

  1. latisha said

    So, FT include filipino maid? Wah, a lot sporean hire FT to mop floor, wash clothes, clean dog shit.

  2. jay said

    Another fucking FT opens the shit mouth. If you are so so. Hardworking, go park your bark and go philippines. You people are just cheap labour. Know where you stand before you bark.

  3. chelsea said

    I’m a neutral observer here…seems to me that Temasek Times has been publishing quite a lot of “name and shame” articles recently. I think its unfair and perhaps dangerous that TT starts to single out individuals. Reminds me of “cyber-bullying”. What if people actually start to stalk and physically attack these individuals you name?

    • DaWolf said

      Why cannot publish? Do wrong thing then be prepared to get shamed. More so when it is a foreigner coming here to tell Singaporeans how to be Singaporeans.

      It is not TT’s fault if people choose to go to the extremes of stalking and/or assault. I am not a fan of violence but sometimes you have to admit certain individuals are asking for it.

      Let’s see if you can be so liberal when another person comes into your house, call you names, tells you what to do and still expect you to pay for everything he uses.

    • Andre said

      I agree to you chelsea, seems the web is starting to build many foreign sentiments.

    • Nationalist said

      Chelsea, the PC ( Politically Correct) Police coming your way.

  4. FUCK THIS BITCH! said

    Is this Pinoy bitch a maid of mr&mrs marcel tjia??
    Does this cheap slut need to suck mr marcel’s cock and give massage?

  5. USS IOWA said

    first china locusts now pinoy locusts
    all Singaporean lets starts to fight all FT locustds

  6. GO AND DIE said

    IF she is going to say that in the other countries, she will be rape and killed. Beat me.

  7. USS IOWA said

    We have to root out this Pinoy evil legacies deeply entrenched in our society ..
    Singaporean f Facebook fan let all look for this Pinoy dog

  8. Boycott Establishments Employing Filipinos said

    From today onward, will boycott any restaurant and store employing Filipinos . . . . . starting with Ichi

    • atuk said

      I have long boycotted those restaurant with pinoys as their manager at vivocity coz these FTrash do not care about their customers yet yak yak yak , till i give them a tongue lashing on the customer rites….!!!
      They are everywhere in the fast food restaurant so its good for the health as well….BOYCOTT…!!!

  9. Ah Liang said

    this woman is not a critical part of Singapore and we will be perfectly fine without her. ask her to get back. we dun appreciate a “shouting” foreigner here. ask her to shout back in her country.

  10. lola said

    The Pilipine Embassy should educate your citizens to live respectfully, responsibility and gracefully in Singapore.

    • P Koh said

      Fully agree. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Singapore respect our culture, our society and do not be disrepectful by generalising that Singaporeans are lazy. Be grateful that Singaporeans have given you a chance to make a living here and appreciate that what you are enjoying here is not something that you can readily get back home especially a clean and beautiful city which is efficient in many ways.

    • A Singaporean Abroad said

      I also fully agree. All I can say is: “Any FT who is not happy to remain in Singapore is free to go home. Nobody will stop you, Nobody will miss you.” These so called FT need reminding why they have to travel to Singapore for work in the first place. As a Singaporean abroad, I always respect the laws and the culture of the host country that I live in and I don’t go round sprouting rubbish about the locals at every opportunity. I believe that only those with very poor upbringing will do that!

      • Ano Singaporean aboard said

        My sentiment exactly. Another attention seeker garnered some 200+ Singaporeans “fumes” incl mine!

  11. USS IOWA said

    i thinks she is stay in Jalan Membina

    look into her face book she just like old pro chicken from Lucky Plaza wait for angmo

  12. SINYoobi said

    These foreign imports are totally ungracious, unrespectful and irresponsible. Please remember that you are on foreign land and Singapore is not your country. Singaporeans do not need your support to boost our economy.

  13. kpoking said

    wow! an FDW with a linkedin account.

  14. Jacky said

    She should apologise to all Singaporean. Hey pap leader , the so called FT pinoy whom u actively welcome call u pigs too.

    • Sinkaporean said

      OMG i just realised why its call PAP.. Pigs Are Pigs.. Now all these really make sense and fall into a bigger picture.. Thank you Pinoy! LOL

  15. Ash MFJ said

    getting sick and tired of all these FTs thinking they are way superior than true blue Singaporeans…

  16. G man said

    this is a tricky post, it could be posted by pap supporters to stain wp supporters.
    1) didn’t include what triggers the pinoy to be so angry in details
    2) directly mentioned wp supporters “who accused them of being ‘used’ as a political tool by the PAP” but no photos of pinoy existence in pap rally.
    3) google the keyword “The way you know you are more PIGS than the pinoys you are talking about” and you can see it actually go to the post that hougang residents reject wp because of ysl case.

    These are obviously PAP supporters work. See if my comments got delete.

  17. 陳一峯 said


  18. ashary said

    Not lazy.. we r urself too..the difference is that u r cheaper.

  19. Jenny said

    If they are so hardworking, their country won’t be a slum already.

  20. Smeagol said

    They are here only because they are CHEAPER.

    Dont even mention MNCs take them cos they more ‘talented’. If MNC promote local to mgmt position, local will ask for high pay. Which is understandable, high cost of living. Thats why take cheaper alternative. Still dare say they more ‘talent’. Its obvious that they have none, and are apparently stupid enough to think they do have it, as well.

  21. Tommy said

    if Pinoys are so hardworking, so smart, why their country is such a sham??? If they are what they claimed to be “hardworking”, their country will be as rich as Singapore by now. Why need to migrate to other countries to work as slaves?

    • Hsien Liao La said

      Yeah, Pinoy-land is filled with nothing but crap, and their people are leaving in droves. Some even marry into countries like South Korea to escape poverty. Yet we have such crap to call us lazy. Well, pinoy, if you are so hardworking, why not ask your president to not be so lazy and solve your country’s problems first? otherwise pinoys will always be slaves in other countries, muahahahahahahahahaha!

  22. rose said said

    only pinoy fdw are hard working coz employers are watching them 24hrs a day at home.No choice for them otherwise kena sack and sent back to maid agency

  23. elusive scorp said

    When will e day where Singaporean will unite together & fight for e home that used to belong to them come?
    To show e government that they had enough of all e nonsense that they brought to them? Simply took them for granted & treating them like third class citizen?!


  24. George said

    From recent news, I cannot help but feel that our government is giving a strong impression that foreigners are more important than Singaporeans in their feeble attempts to calm growing unhappiness among Singaporeans against foreigners. Singaporeans are ask to embrace foreigners, welcome them, understand their needs and make them happy. Why can’t this be mutual? Why can’t foreigners be asked to also embrace Singaporeans’ culture, understand our needs and exhibit more tolerance and understanding towards Singaporeans? What is happening to our pledge to build “a democratic society based on justice and equality”? Are we Singaporeans equal to foreigners in the eyes of our government? Doesn’t seems so based on all our ministers’ recent speeches. Maybe the “equality” here is just referring to equality among Singapore citizens as our pledge starts with “We, the citizens of Singapore…”

    All these pro-foreigners actions and policies by our government have directly or indirectly fueled the arrogance of some (if not all) the foreigners.Some foreigners do think that Singapore cannot do without them. Our government’s population projections and master plan to “embrace” more foreigners due to our aging populations strongly reinforce such thoughts (~i.e. government says we cannot do without them!). While I can understand that the government is trying its best to convince Singaporeans that immigration of foreigners are needed for the well-being of our country but this has also the (intended?) effect of glorifying the foreigners. Why would someone post on PM Lee’s Facebook page to praise his immigration policies if the actions of our government are not giving such “glorifying” signals? It is time for our government to re-look at their views on foreigners in Singapore and give a more balanced call out also to the foreigners to exhibit more tolerance and stop shooting off their mouths to agitate already unhappy Singaporeans! Foreigners are not here to stay but we Singaporeans are always here. Unhappy Singaporeans and arrogant foreigners are not the correct mix to make Singapore a better place to live in (10-20 years ago Singapore was better place to live…when there is not so many foreigners…)

  25. Arcane said

    I have nothing against your kind but by your one comment that singaporeans are lazy, that is hitting below the belt.
    My father, mother grandparents are all singaporeans. That would mean you are calling them lazy too. My forefathers didnt build up singapore to what it is now to be called lazy WOMAN!

  26. FUCK THIS PINOY! said

    These shameless Pinoy sluts are supporting the same scums who hung their innocent Flor Contemplacion. Got any pride or not? Last time protest, now can’t wait to suck PAP’s cock.


  27. Magdalene Ruben said

    This is No Surprise! If a country citizens were being called ‘DAFT’ by their own Leader n with no reaction, thus degrading its own status; so foreigners seize this opportunity to add more insults to discredit its citizens’ standing, such as one foreign scholar calling more dogs than humans, one calling more pigs than the Pinoys, one calling morons and so on and so forth…

    So our citizens have to take it as pinch of salt, as no citizens can or have the POWER to request the slowing of these influx (storming in) of FTs. There seemed to be over Flooding each day when one walks down the street.

  28. 369 Singapore said

    I am heartened to see Singaporeans standing up against ungrateful foreigners who insulted us. Some of them have landed in hot water and apologised. This is to send a strong message to all foreigners, be it New Citizens, PRs or WPHs, that if they want to stay here, they jolly well respect Singaporeans as the host. Otherwise, Pinoy bitch get the fuck out of Singapore and go elsewhere.

  29. 369 Singapore said

    this Pinoy Sinister she not Dexter

  30. 369 Singapore said

    “This is how the Boxer Rebellion started….

  31. waswer said

    We are being called PIGS by a foreign talent MAID.

    She is most probably a housekeeper aka MAID of the Tjia family.
    Employer => Marcel Tjia, MOST probably related to the founder of Indonesia’s PT Astra Group
    Of course, kudos to Mr Tjia for treating his maid like a human (unlike most singapore families with maid) as he let her go on self-improvement courses and outings with her friends.

    Look what she has to deal with when she comes home!? Sigh.. What would Mr Tjia and family do without me..

    In my work attire .. decorating my employer’s place..

    Look at me.. Helping out at the TWC2(Transient Workers Count Too!) Computer course

  32. Maids Should Not Talk Back said

    This smelly cunt is talking through her anus . . . . .

  33. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. How what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

    • We win, you die said

      Looks like your head is stuck in your anus. WP do not need to protect their own “reputation” when they are up against the PAP. Why? Because according to most people here, PAP is the evil dictator sucking our country’s lifeblood for its own enjoyment.

      Even xenophobes and racists are saints when standing next to PAP, the scum of the earth.

  34. Ma Chi Bai said

    I think she is entitled to her opinion. Frankly, sometimes as a Singaporean, I feel like I am really lazy. I don’t even want to take care of my baby on weekends. Feel like need to outsource. What kind of shit is that? I need to wake up, and I suspect, many of us too.

    To those people who say that she has no right to speak because her country is so f**ked up, well, you have already decided that you’re superior, so why bother to respond to her? The fact is though, we are far from superior. We have no culture to speak of, nor do we have any unity, except when were forced to – like in NS. Is that even real unity?

    Don’t be so high and mighty. You don’t realize that your country is NOT self sufficient meh? You know what that means? I don’t think so.

  35. what a joke said

    She has only a high school education and claim to be a FT in S’pore.
    S’pore needs more FWs and FDWs, not FTs, understand Pinoy maid?

  36. yayaya said

    nowadays maids also proclaim as talents. wah lao the gov should stop boosting their ego till it can lift singapore into the sky since the ego is empty by nature. soon they will demand to be made PR as they contribute to society here and their little angmoh babies made citizens.

    since u are so good, go back and make a difference to ur pathetic country instead of imagining yourself as some saviour. if we are lazy, let us demolish the land that belongs to us, seriously it is not your problem.

  37. We win, you die said

    What are you doing spending time making speeches online? My grandma needs her enema and a diaper change… NOW!

  38. S. Tan said

    E matter is really simple! If u view yourself that great, hardworking n brilliant, then go home n build your own economy.

    R Pinoys contributing to our economy? Maybe a minority. As for e rest, u r dependent on us providing u monthly salary handout so u can send $ back to your home to feed your family n useless government plus husbands.

    Whr on earth do u find e most women being exported to work n send $ home other than Philippines?

    If we r pigs, then u muz b below our hierarchy!!

    Stop behaving like a pest in other ppl’s country! Even dogs know who provides for them!

  39. Marcos Estrada Imelda said

    PART OF SINGAPORE ECONOMY? If you’re thing you’re contributing, why don’t you go back and work in the phillipines?!!!!! Be part of phillipines “growing” economy! Singapore strived long before you came. Youre just another parasite.Do something for your own country. You won’t be trashed here. You will be respected back in the phillipines, trash.

  40. Roma De Vera said

    I would like to reiterate again that the majority of the pinoys are good and friendly people. I once again would like to thanks PM Lee and his party for creating an opportunity for Filipinoes to work in Singapore, pursued our dreams and to help build Singapore’s economy/GDP.

    Recently, I was also awarded the PR status which I had planned to bring in my family from Philippine to settle here. I believe all pinoys need good healthy environment and good education. We have been lagging behind our Asean peers for a very long time. It is time and turn for the pinoy to succeed.

    Lastly, I am graceful to PM Lee and Singapore that I called it HOME.
    Let’s live together and share our knowledges with local Singaporean.

    • talk is cheap said

      Since you call it HOME, go take up citizenship before you talk here.
      Hopefully you will not migrate to a real first world country after being a naturalised citizen here.

    • kumantong said

      oh ..pls dont bring your family here. u alone has contaminated the country enugh.. pls dont do further damage.. Appreciate that.

  41. atuk said

    the more u read the more negative feeling you have in here ….so IGNORE …!

    IGNORANT kills them …..the hidden agenda…!!!!

  42. evil said

    pinoy works like a ass and has no brains, ass minus a brain, what is it

    shit it is

    everyone country i visited, pinoy work as a cheap labourer, from chambermaids, cleaner, macdonald, burgerking fastfood

    aircleaners, named it ,they are there, from Brisbane to Vancouver in Canada,

    shame , they are only able to export hookers and cheap labourers

  43. Cool Ashari said

    Guy don’t be frustrated with her words.However from her appearance she is only a maid in Singapore that every Sunday go to Lucky Plaza find banana to fit her desire. She is not that great and her status is still 3rd world country citizenship. She don’t realise that , she is working in Singapore to feed her family in Philippine otherwise maybe she could be a whore in Philippine to earn what she earning today. Pinoy Lady you should be appreciate to my Country that give you the opportunity to work so that you can feed your family far away from you.

  44. kumantong said

    i just hope there are no more pinoy phonebankers..not only banks (sorri ,tink they call it ‘bunks’) but also for telco companies or any other organisations. I really cannot understand wat they r toking abt and they will just keep repeating the same thing again and again. And very often, i need to resort to telling to stop toking like a robot and request for a local representative. Good example when it comes to complains.. they are best in saying this ‘ im sorry sir, this is the company’s policy’ . And this statement will go on and on like a robot till u ask them to shut up. To the extend that when I call in and realise its a pinoy voice, i hung up and call in again hoping i get a local representative. Im sorry, but it just happens too often….

  45. Trample and Rampage. Else, STFU said

    What would the world be without domestic maids?


  46. Mel said

    We Singaporeans are not lazy….you Pinoys are much cheaper, thats all.

  47. 369 Singapore said

    she is only L.C.B slave of Singaporean ..

    60% have to wake up now please before is to late , GE 2016

  48. Eddie said

    FT stands for futile thrash!!!!!

  49. Al Capone S'pura said

    what’s the shit she’s talking about. don’t she realized she was here begging for job to give her food to eat and drink, plus accomodation, not only that, the goondoes govt offer PR or maybe citizenship?

  50. evil said

    i think she is a hooker , not a maid

  51. WHAT A LIE said

    All my colleagues tell me that pinoy are good with growing bananas. Their bananas are selling to the world and they are so proud of it. Oh one thing need to highlight too. Their females are good too. Maids or prostitutes. Your call.

  52. Marcus said

    You are full of yourself Eulenia Prudente you should be ashamed of yourself.who do
    you think you are calling singaporean lazy where were you when we singaporean working hard to build this nation you just arrived here like a parasite and want to take credit .Wake up look at your surrounding ,this Singapore not Philipines . Go help build your nation (Philipine) and your people (pinoys) first and encourage your country men and to work hard to make Philipine like Singapore or not better rather then opening your big mouth . Put your mouth into good use.

  53. chill out said

    when i was young, my family hired a maid, from her i understand alot of things as well, till today we still communicate via mail….it’s the culture of pinyos to talk and even take part in politics as they are a poor country, most have no job (lots of free time) so they engage themselves in politics….even the maids in singapore when they meet and gather in parks, they talk about politics as well….but according to what i know some of these maids came here for another reason, that’s hopefully get married to a local as they cannot afford the heavy sum of going to a bride agency. Just take a look around and check your maid, you will be surprise they can go high tea with some of their ang mo bf which the employers have no knowledge about

    • Anna Lim said

      Maids come here to work to earn money. While most singaporeans work so they can afford a luxurious life. Maids work so they can help thier families. Present generation Singaporeans are only focused on material things, maids are focused on helping relatives back home to school so they dont end up working as maids in the future.
      Yes, the presence of maids having high tea’s with ang mohs are common. Maids are human too and they are entitled to socialise with people who treat them good. If you people condemn maids having fun, how about the famous sarong party girls? Are we not all equal?

  54. Dave said

    Interesting how more recent immigrants always think of the people who have been there for a long time as “lazy” in whatever country you go to.
    Wasn’t so long ago that the Chinese immigrants thought of the Malays as “lazy”….
    It will always happen because those who leave their home country without a safety net are the more motivated of their people – while those who stay at home have come to expect a certain quality of life beyond the hard slog…

  55. zuljin zuljin said

    Talk is cheap.
    If the locals really believe that their competence is really worth the price their expecting (which I believe higher than their counterpart FTs) then go out and fight for it – walk the talk! Because if the hiring manager sees that you really have the edge then that hiring manager will give you that salary and will hire you, AND you will never have these “HATES” on FTs. BUT if the hiring manager sees that a FT with lower demand and YET has equal or even higher skills and/or qualifications then only a moron hiring manager will opt for the local talent. Unfortunately for the locals, its always the latter situation that happens. Companies still opt to hire FTs (especially european companies) despite the hard procedures and qualifications set by the government. Realize that the rules were already set by the Singapore government to put locals several steps ahead of the FTs when it comes to job applications and yet, the companies still opt for the FTs.

    The problem lies not on the FTs but within ourselves.

    The economy of Singapore will continue to need FTs to sustain the already achieved success, but our personal economic success will never be attained by blaming others and never improving one’s self.

    Think fair – the world belongs to no one but to everyone.
    Think right – one’s destiny is not caused by someone but by our very selves.

    Have GOD, Have Faith.

    • tan kiang said

      Go fuck yourself smart ass pinoy .. if u r really that good fuck back to where you belongs.! Bitches & Jerks !

  56. Hello and good evening to all. It seems that the war of words, whoever started it, has left both the Singaporean and Filipino sides culpable – no one is without fault.

    Because of such situation, I would like any reader to consider my suggestions:

    1. Filipinos should stop bickering at laughing at Singaporeans. Singapore is hosting them. Therefore, they should treat Singaporeans as if when they enter another person\’s home.

    2. Singaporeans should avoid hitting Filipinos, too. Filipinos come to Singapore with the hope to work and are willing to take \”lowly\” jobs. But every job, as long as its thoughtfully done, is honorable.

    3. Nothing will be resolved if both sides are angry. Things can be negotiated the peaceful way. Distance yourself from hate, racism, and prejudice. Not all Filipinos do bad things. Not all Singaporeans do bad things. For the person who do bad, we have to forgive them (and maybe hold them liable in the future). Remember the holocaust, the apartheid, and all things terrible that happened because two peoples hated each other.

    If we do these, listen more to each other, and negotiate calmly, then there is no limit for cooperation and coexistence. After all, there is no race but the human race.

  57. Gudam said

    IF u say singaporeans are lazy , yes we are cuz we know how to think n we have greater mentality levels. Doing shit jobs etc are catered for people like u , FTS= FOREIGN TALENTS DOING FOREIGN TRASHES.
    If you are so hardworking why not stay in your philippines and booast ur pinoy economy , we sg doors are always open n welcome bangadeshi workers rather den u guys.

    The thing is u wanna work here is fine, but please respect the culture here. This is not philippines but is singapore.

    If u pinoys keep on thinking this is philippines and bringing ur culture here , singapore will soon become like ur philippines , ranking 1000 in terms of universities , etc etc.
    And soon all of us here will be FTS IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

    We dun want that to happen so we say out, hoping u know how to respect sg culture.
    You wouldnt want us to go philippines and teach ur ppl there slingish etc etc????
    use ur brains!

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