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VIDEO: Desmond Choo’s rally speech, 20 May 2012

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

In his rally speech last night, PAP candidate for Hougang by-election Desmond Choo revealed how he managed to roll out so many social welfare projects in Hougang including setting up a job hub and free legal clinic within a short period of time in response to accusations by WP Chief Low Thia Kiang that he has used taxpayers’ monies to do so in order to win votes:

[Source: Facebook]

Watch Mr Choo’s speech below:


10 Responses to “VIDEO: Desmond Choo’s rally speech, 20 May 2012”

  1. Jaded said

    Looks like a poor turnout at the rally:

  2. It’s an insult to the Hougang voters that a popular criminal lawyer Subhas is assisting PAP’s Desmond to give free legal advice much as if Hougang is infested with criminal elements. If a family lawyer had stepped forward to support Desmond, it wld at least show Desmond’s sensitivity and bonding with the Hougang residents in his concern for them. But a popular criminal lawyer?? How insensitive and callous can Desmond be to get a criminal lawyer to boost his standing in Hougang to imply the prevalence of crime in Hougang, or is Desmond simply out of touch with the political realities and implications of enlisting Subhas in his electioneering campaign? I don’t know what to say…

  3. beenthereseenit said

    Keep him as Hougang advisor, he can do a lot in that role. Don’t send him to parliament to get distracted by national politics. Leave that to his masters.

  4. Sun Wu Gui said

    Mr Choo!! How did you managed to push for government fundings to be fast tracked when a full fledged MP in HG failed to do? Is it that they didn’t do work or you got a certain special string that they don’t?? Please explain?!!

  5. Sun Wu Gui said

    Pui!!! So fake that I can’t watch on or my dinner will come back out!!! Ask yourself this Mr Choo!!! Who created all the problems in HG in the first place?! It’s the very party you belong to! Now you say you are coming to help?!!

  6. jaded said

    haha temasek times dun dare to publish my link showing poor turnout at pap rally!

  7. Aminurasyid said

    It seems that PAP is using the upper hand to control the fund that been promise to hougang resident for a very long time. Should PAP were to win on the GE 2011 than the fund will be release. This is a tax payer money NOT belong to the PAP.
    How did Mr Choo managed to salvage all that social project and free clinic? .

  8. kpoking said

    From his speech:

    I work hard, to bring about change in housing
    I did not complain that why the government did not provide legal service
    I called up my friend, Subhas Anandan.
    I arranged for the TCM consultation
    I helped them with health care and transport
    You can trust me, there will be more to come
    I work hard, to raise funds from many private donors, sponsors, and businesses
    I pushed for government-funded scheme to be fast-track to hougang
    I am not going to stop in my approach and my direction
    I will persist in helping the residents of hougang
    I have met many hougang residents for the past 15 months
    I want you to know, that I hear you.
    I have and will continue to champion your concerns, your hopes, and your dreams
    I know that there are things you worry about daily.
    I promise to share your pain. This is my promise to you.
    I know that you worry about jobs
    I promise, even though DPM Teo is a mentor of mine, I will pressure him to do more.

    It’s I, I, I…
    Definitely not a humble person, and he sounded cheesy.

  9. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. How what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

    • We win, you die said

      Desmond Choo has no credibility as long as he is part of the party that sponsors the slowly but surely extermination of our cultural and local identity by allowing the PRC cancer in.

      PAP rule will be over soon when the true patriots realise the extent of the irreversible damage that has been inflicted on our nation. What is a nation when everyone has turned into rich but selfish and uncivilised bastards?

      Enough said.

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