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What can we do to save Singapore from the relentless influx of PRC immigrants?

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

I have no qualms against PRC who are good and respectful towards Singaporeans and the other races in Singapore. However, in light of all the past different cases we as Singaporeans have seen with our own two eyes I feel threatened by the fact that I see this as an invasion just as how our Hong Kong counterparts feel as well.

Its as though as if just because we Singaporean Chinese are not born in China, we are lesser than them in terms of ethnicity or even work habits and culture in addition linguistics to the Mandarin language.

When I am in Canada studying at the moment i am embarassed to say I am Chinese, I just say I am Singaporean Chinese.Because the fact of the matter is even in Canada, I have met locals here who say that the PRC Chinese speak SO LOUDLY and act Rowdy as well. So its not just the people from Hong Kong, not just from Singaporeans, but even other nationalities as well who find that there are those BAD APPLES which are pretty much most of them who are PRC who do not behave well in public or in other people’s countries.

The day that we as Singapore get to the point that the PRC make Singaporeans feel insignificant and to the point that at every corner that we turn its another PRC, we have lost our foothold on the ground.

I totally hate when people call “this kind of behaviour” that we Singaporeans or Hong Kong people display as xenophobic. Its called “self-preservation” seriously, saying XENOPHOBIC is too ABSTRACT of a term and it is TOO BROAD of a term and Singaporeans frankly we have a long standing history of BEING SUPER DUPER TOLERANT since the 1980’s or perhaps even earlier or later. So therefore people who call us XENOPHOBIC are too quick to judge us Singaporeans or Hong Kong-ers that “ohhhh we are all XENOPHOBICS” -_-

Last I check this is Singapore and we are Singaporeans, is it wrong to feel that our jobs are taken away, our women and men are being taken away, our precious innocent lives being placed at risk because they feel that Singapore is like PRC and they can do anything they like with no consequences if they have the money and the connection? Is it wrong? No!

We are human beings, if we switched places with China, and we had the land mass of China, and suddenly we acted the way the PRC are in Singapore, would they not do the same to us? Would they not think the same as us to feel that they are THREATENED because we are doing RECKLESS and HUMILIATING acts to the locals and without any respect?

But of course, besides that we Singaporeans know how the sudden influx of PRC is caused by, we as Singaporeans are smart enough to know who did this to us, who opened the floodgates of immigration and so called “friendly integration” more like invasion to us Singaporeans who are trying to keep our country together and bring back our normal lives and open more opportunity FOR SINGAPOREANS! FOR SINGAPOREANS! FOR THE PEOPLE of SINGAPORE!

MY DEAR SINGAPOREANS, we are NOT XENOPHOBIC, we are trying to save whats left of our country and to restore it we as SINGAPOREANS must take action! If we don’t Singapore becomes no longer Singapore, but some other place.

Now if any of you eagle-eyed readers are quick to bloody judge me, then I ask you to think harder and to dig for a bigger set of balls to look at the big picture and the long term future of OUR SINGAPOREAN Society. Are you going to just sit there and do nothing or are you going to do something to improve our peaceful country.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


32 Responses to “What can we do to save Singapore from the relentless influx of PRC immigrants?”

  1. Ken toong said

    I am a Malaysian Canadian and I tell people that I come into contact that I am from Singapore. Why? Safe country ,corruption free, orderly, no foreign debt, huge financial reserves and excellent human capital. We have some PRC nationals here who are ungrateful, devious and cunning. Some women married elderly Canadian men divorce them, take their houses and bring their family over here. They spit and talk very loud in public transit and public places. They are also very bad drivers. However,they are a minority and spoil it for the rest who are very respectful, follow our laws and integrate into Canadian society.
    Because of the behaviour of a few we all get painted from the same brush. This is written without malice.

  2. Mei Mei said

    Im a singaporean and i deeply understand how you feel…
    I no longer feel the sense of belonging that I used to have when I was younger.
    Back then in primary school, i used to sing majulah singapura and other national day songs with sense of pride overwhelming. I used to recite the pledge with my heart, We the Singaporeans, pledge ourselves as one united people…

    But now, I can’t wait to leave singapore upon graduation.
    The local university is no longer that loca. The school favours foreigners over singaporeans. They have higher distance points when they apply for hall, when they can rent a place nearer to singapore and enjoy a shorter travelling time as compared to students like me who live in the far east of Singapore and spend 4 hours a day travelling to school…
    They come to singapore with scholarships and have the cheek to lament about what branded bags to buy (long champ or prada) where students like me buy bags from bugis street.

    This is no longer a place where I am proud to call home.

    “this is home, truly, where i know i must be…”

    • Mei Mei said

      And to top off that, I couldnt qualify for school bursery because my family income was just slightly above the limit…

      however, im not against the foreigners, in particularly PRCs. I have met some of them in school or at work and they are really nice people..

      • Quiksand said

        if you dont like curry, you have business being in a melting pot like singapore. go back to your farms and cave dwellings…

    • True Blue Singaporean said

      I am 47 yrs old. In my previous I used to travelled alot.. have been to almost 30 countries.. Whenever I tell people I am Singaporean, I can feel proud and people then to respect. Today, I am ashamed to be called Singaporean. People in overseas laughed at our policy.. One British person I met told me that he knows our government do not look after their own citizen.. This kind of message already reached overseas.

      The wonderful job I have had gone to a pinoy and based in Singapore he is traveling the world and developing his talent. He is PR and may not be a citizen of Singapore. Singapore govt is developing other countries’ talent and never got guarantee that they will stay here and become citizen. Many Singaporean are hungry for that job I had, but it was given to a so called “Foreign Talent” .. what has this country become??

      The NDP is now no meaning to me anymore. I am planning to move my family oversea. I cannot call Singapore my home anymore. Sad.

  3. The problem really lies in PRC in general. When we go to a new environment, be it new country or a new job in a new company, we will change ourselves to adapt to the new environment. We can’t expect the whole country or whole organisation to change and adapt to our own personal style and habits right? But some PRCs are expecting Singapore citizens to accept, act and behave like them and guess that’s how the “invasion” feelings develope! They are trying to make Singapore part of China? They complained that our curry is smelly so we can’t cook curry at home, that our pet dogs are noisy so we shouldn’t keep pets at home, drive as if the roads belong to them (then make sarcastic remarks to the victims), calling Singaporeans dogs (meaning we are inferior since they eat dogs?) and so on.. I’m sure there are more unpleasantness encountered by Singaporeans which are not reported in the media.

  4. Liz said


    I used to like & admire the PRC cos I’ve been travelling there for the past many years & is still doing so. Unfortunately, from the many, many, many encounters I had with them throu’ these years, I’m starting to fear them.

    u’re damn right, we Singaporean MUST stand united and defend our country, our family, our job, our peace, etc, etc.

    I believe the Government must re-look into their Immigration Policies with regards to those damn PRCs….just like that so-called scholar whom was only reprimanded & asked to refund the last portion of scholarship monies… I felt that it was too lenient… He should be asked to refund ALL, make a PUBLIC APOLOGY & KICK-OUT of our Sinfapore before he polute it further…

    Our Dear Government, whom I’ve supported for many years…. what have they done about it…..only asking us to be tolerance yet the guilty parties are…

    The PRCs all over the World are really a nuisance to the general public at large…cos they are arrogance, loud & a vexation to our spirit….

  5. We win, you die said

    Bravo.. Jericho Tan. We are not xenophobic.. just doing what’s best for the country.

  6. We win, you die said

    Just want to stress that we should not allow people threatening the X-label to deter us from doing what is right, and doing what REALLY MATTERS. Does it matter if so and so called us names? None whatsoever. All these messages of political correctness only DISTRACT us from the FACT that the country is overrun by non-locals! Day by day, we see more foreign blood on every turn of the road and their ugliness taints our news media. What can we do about this?

  7. JJB67 said

    Well said… i feel for you…. thanks for writting how i feel …….

  8. lola said

    The extreme bad behaviour of these low grade PRC immigrants in Singapore brings shame to our country. Even tourists can feel the vast difference in Singapore today compared to the 1990s. Singapore has lost its identity completely. It is the responsibility of the ruling party to STOP or REDUCE foreign imports. Singaporeans do not appreciate these excessive influx of completely uncultured, unrespectful, ungrateful and ungracious PRC immigrants.

  9. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Bear in mind those who label us “XENOPHOBICS” are the ones that are not affected by PRC. Either they don’t go out much, or work for the government. PRC speaking loudly, behaving rudely is becoming more and more common place in Singapore.

    In fact on the way to work today, there was 2 PRC chatting away LOUDLY on the MRT towards my workplace at Tuas! I’m very concerned that to have children in this kind of environment where competition between Singaporeans is already bad enough. Now we have to compete with them too..

    The people in the government are not helping at all. All day long they feed us the lie that Singapore has to be competitive to remain at the top. But government jobs don’t go to foreigners, only us the peasants have to “compete ” and we lose, we lose our rice bowl. What the hell is this?

  10. nightkids said

    wat we can do is to vote PAP out in GE2011…….but 60% thinks they are doing well…… in fact AMK’s vote even increase!!!!
    WAt are we going to do in GE2016……..or do we even have another chance to vote???

  11. Bee Ling said

    We ought to encourage employers around us to employ Singaporeans rather than foreigners. I believe there are many Singaporeans who are more than willing to take up the job. Change the mindset of foreigners are willing to work for lower pay and longer hours. We Singaporeans used to have a standard expectation of a job but unfortunately we have to accept an even lower expectation due to these foreign workers. Do our part and regain what we used to be, Singaporeans! For the sake of our next generation too…

  12. David said

    We are not against foreigners. Is the government short changing of Singaporean – inflating property prices, COE price, declining salaries, increasing GDP – does all these benefit Temasek Holdings, Capital Mall, SMRT, SBS Transit, Singtel, SIA and minister bonus – and doesn’t benefit Singaporeans?

  13. Elusive Scorp said

    Action speaks louder than words..!
    Seriously, Singaporeans should stand together NOW or never to fight for the HOME THAT TRULY BELONGS TO THEM!
    It is a call for all Singaporean in this country to come forward to unite together. Enough of all the nonsense!
    Majorities are suffering from all these things, and in fact it will get worse down e road.
    We will become a third class citizen in OUR HOME SOON.. Just matter of time.


  14. Orang Laut said

    Jericho, We are not Xenophobic, but MM Lee is.

    “By race, the fertility rate is 1.91 for Malays, 1.19 for Indians and 1.14 for Chinese. If we continue this way without the new immigrants and PRs and their children doing national service, the composition of our SAF will change. So please remember that.” – Lee Kuan Yew.

    • K said

      U can’t be more correct! Leave or be replaced! How’s that for NDP slogan?

      • Orang Laut said

        K, Thank you, That would be great. I am just appalled by MM Lee remarks, he was so uncomfortable with Local Malay rising Populations and he decided to put PRCs 25 k a year? I dunno, I just find this hard to take, especially being a Malay. Are we Pariahs to MM Lee? We are Singaporean, chinese or indian if you local and you are majority Malays dont care as long as we are all Singaporean, we were all rooted out from our Kampungs together and Sweat in the Army. Why must MM Lee made those remarks? Its like , because of us Malays , MM Lee had to import PRC’s . We are not happy about his remarks, its really really sad and hurts to the guts to be honest . Where’s the Swiss Standard Of Living by the way PAP?

      • K said

        His fear of Malays hav brought us to tis point. Apparantly It’s not only affecting the Malays now, even Chinese can’t stand PRCs it seemed. I believe he dun hav malay friends before, thus the fear. Some of my best friends r malays and we got along just fine till tis day. Well, I dunno abt u, moving to Malaysia seemed like a gd idea. But for the younger sinkies, they r hoping to build a sg to call their own. Reality is they hav to build it wi the PRCs, like it or not. MM Lee time is gone. If I can’t embrace the new sg, I hav no trouble calling Malaysia my home. Though Chinese would always be second class there, wth, look at us now. At least I kno i could count on my Malay friends there. 🙂


  16. SGGUARD said

    The problems dun lies with the PRC, Pinoy, Indian etc, is the cunning PAP govt that created the problem !!!! Is a matter of time we will be seeing clashes among the immigrants & S’poreans, immigrants & immigrants from different countries. Maybe only then will the govt sit up an listen.

  17. balls said

    I remember a time where taking the MRT in the afternoon was a joyous experience and saw frenly sporean faces who would gladly give their seat to the needy. Now all you see is young PRC crowding the trains and wont even bother to give up their seats.

    I sure as hell know that this isnt the kind of place i want my kids growing up in. Rewind 20 years in the 90s and I would gladly call Singapore my home

    I enjoy travelling a lot and always tell foreigners that im from singapore. I would usually get an ignorant reply like, “Is that part of China or something?”. I used to correct them, but i dont even bother now anymore

  18. goondu said

    well said mr jericho. I share the same sentiments as you. I too have no longer any sense of belonging to this tiny red dot. seeing all the million over fts and new citizens , mainly china prcs everywhere it truly sickens me but this is the PAP big grand plan to replace all of us to keep their majority in Parliament!! The only thing we sinkies can do is to wise up and vote them out in 2016. Well said bro!

  19. True Blue Singaporean said

    I know Singaporean need to humble themselve and take up lower paying jobs.. But the PAP govt will say 100% employment.. But they don’t mention that our wages drop. For those of you who has a job or income at lower pay, please remember GE2016.. Vote PAP out. Even if they improve the policy, vote them out! Why, we need to have 1st world parliament.

  20. Business Owners Are The Ones Crying "XENOPHOBICS!!" said

    Those who cry anti-foreign sentiment as XENOPHOBICS are business owners just wanting continued access to cheaper foreigners . . . . . . these are betrayers of fellow Singaporeans . . . . .

  21. diversifyx2 said

    PAP no longer love and care about true blue singaporean, they are trying to replace us with other races from other nations, so those 60%, are you still in your dream land??

  22. we must keep whats ours said

    awesome post.

  23. YOUMAD? said

    LOL…but heres the truth…the moment you protest , you get arrested 😛 , Go against the government , you get arrested. Do yourselves a favor. Save yourself before saving the country

  24. Not Irrational said

    What can we do to save Singapore from the relentless influx of PRC immigrants? Disappointingly, the comment by Jericho doesn’t quite relate to the heading, which I assume was slapped on by the moderator? Or should we be reading the question as one that is rhetorical? We can’t do anything except to whimper helplessly that we are not xenophobic.

    At a glance, I thought the answer to the question on how to save Singapore is “immigration.” My reflexes construed that as migration — i.e., we don’t like it, we leave.

  25. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. Here’s what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

  26. S. Tan said

    I think our Sg govt should take a look at Macau pro policies on their own citizens.

    Macau is like Sg, in fact smaller in sized as compared to Sg. Like Sg, they do not have natural resources n is dependent on tourism as well as foreign investment. The population of Macau is almost on par w e number of foreigners working there.

    Yet we do not find their citizens as displease w their govt as compared to Sg.

    In order to have foreigners respect us n make an effort to integrate into our way of life. Our govt muz first learn how to protect us.

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