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Young Hougang voters growing disillusioned with Workers Party?

Posted by temasektimes on May 21, 2012

Hougang may be the impregnable ‘fortress’ of the Workers Party for the past twenty years, but the betrayal by its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong has caused some young Hougang voters to wonder if they should still support the party.

The seat of Hougang was left vacant after Yaw was sacked by WP for his failure to address swirling rumors about his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women, including two key WP female leaders.

During a WP rally last Saturday, WP leaders exhorted Hougang residents to continue to support WP to preserve the ‘bastion’ of democracy in Singapore as if Hougang is its ‘property’.

With WP already having 7 MPs in Parliament including two NCMPs, there is no longer any overriding ‘pressure’ for Hougang residents to vote for WP to ensure an opposition presence in parliament, as evident by some comments left by young Hougang voters on the Facebook of PAP candidate for Hougang Mr Desmond Choo.

Former WP supporter Christina Lee regretted voting for WP in the last election:

“Wasted my votes in the past but now wake up liao. Ya they voice in Parliament but no solutions. Object object object no solutions how to lead our country?? Later we become like Greece OR 3rd world country HOW???”

Another Hougang resident Issac Lau asked what has WP done for Hougang:

“What had wp done for hougang? so wayang. only lim kopi with residents, attend wakes and funnerals. always cry father cry mother, but never give any good suggestions. like to complain pap never give them funds. your father never give you pocket money, dont know how to go and find yourself izit? so lazy!”

[Source: Desmond Choo’s Facebook]

One long-staying resident of Hougang Marcus Chong asked WP why Hougang residents must continue to ‘sacrifice’ for WP after twenty over years:

“后港人民以经为工人党牺牲了二十多年,为什么还要我们后港人继续为工人党牺牲下去? 为什么定要我们小小的一个后港为你争取民主?除非你工人党国会里七八个议员全部是无能的?! GE2011 你骗了我们 ,2012二月你耍了我们,BE2012你又耍来哄我们,后港人不昰傻子,呆孑,小孩子!”

One Hougang resident Kenny Ong was even estranged from his relatives in Hougang because of his support for Mr Choo:

“As much as it will be a uphill battle to take over Hougang from WP’s hands, we all know what you have done.  In fact my relatives in HG who ate staunched WP supporters are turning against me for my 101% support for you & PAP. It doesn’t matter to me at all, as long as we all know you are trying your best. If you still lose this election, it is clear to all that no matter what you do in the next 10 years won’t change abit. CHOOse Desmond, Dispose the rusty Hammer (20years without Handling Hougang with a well polished Hammer)”

Despite growing disaffection among young Hougang voters against the Workers Party, their views are not aired in pro-WP media outlets and blogs such as Yahoo News which has been actively campaigning for WP in influence the outcome of the by-election.

WP supporters are so confident of a ‘resounding’ victory this Saturday that many have already popped the champagne to celebrate with some predicting WP will win by a much ‘bigger’ margin this time to kick Mr Choo’s ‘sorry ass’ out of Hougang forever.

The air of confidence and arrogance displayed by WP leaders was acknowledged by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who told the media:

“The Workers’ Party is very confident, and as (Deputy Prime Minister) Tharman (Shanmugaratnam) says, ‘super-confident’ about their chances here; they’ve been in this ward for a long time – Low Thia Khiang personally was here for 20 plus years, but he’s not here anymore.”


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34 Responses to “Young Hougang voters growing disillusioned with Workers Party?”

  1. Apple said

    This is a pro-PAP site. Clever ti digusise iteslf. Well, its true colors have been noticed by all. I must say, it was well done. Fooled me for a while.

    • PAP Times said

      The qn is who are the ones behind this site. They claimed to be ‘moderators’ from hardwarezone and old readers of TRE. Bullshyt i say.

  2. PAP times said

    I have not seen any anti pap articles here but all anti wp. Temasektimes, stop masquerading urself as a neutral blog that focus only on ‘sexy’ news and change ur name to PAPtimes la..U can never reach the peak that TRE is now.

    Mod’s reply:

    We don’t see any reason to be a mouthpiece of WP when it has Yahoo News and so many other blogs serving the purpose. Anyway, the blog you mentioned has less than half our readership if you bother to check.

  3. jaded said

    haha pap internet brigade stirring up shit again

  4. diversifyx2 said

  5. Dirty Politics said

    Its dirty politics again. Singaporeans are wise men/women to know the right from wrong. PAP always the media n WP has limitations to bring their message across the spectrum of the voters. This is an unfair game. One wrong by WP for selecting Yaw does not tantamount to WP cannot be trusted or they are inefficient. If one were to compare, how many wrongs did PAPs did n they are covered by the media. The cases of the chief of SCDF n CAD. Why is the sudden silent about these two cases. Covered up!!!

  6. Pay Ur TC Fees said

    This Christian Lee has been exposed as a disgruntled Hougang resident who has not paid her Town Council fees for 3 months.

  7. Ninetynineone said

    Yes. Temasek times should stop being a PAP mouthpiece. The not right mouthpiece to be, is a WP mouthpiece. Dont you know that the WP can do no wrong? And that the poor WP has no way of getting its message across via MSM? Thankfully WP has Internet reach, and brigades of keyboard warriors ready to spring to its defense at any slight (imagined or otherwise, insults will not be tolerated). Go go WP!

  8. elusive scorp said

    Vote, vote for PAP lo.. One more seat in e parliament for them won’t make any different for us.. Seriously if Singaporeans want to make a different & change for a better future, they would have prove it on e last election. It shows that they are happy & willingly to let e government control, suffocate them & suck their blood dry.. Only know how to cry father cry mother or hide behind e computer n b a keyboard warrior, for what fuck? Serve those right who can’t b bother or kia si to vote for a change on GE 2011. At least ive done my part, to vote for for a change & better future.

  9. TrueblueSG said

    LOL This is just another wannabe PAPPY Fan site that hopes to replicate the Opposition’s excellent use and reach of new media. How’s it been working for you? Not so well I think. You can try yes. But we know it will never be enough. Just look at the size of the WP Rally crowd compared to the pathetic PAP one. REPLICATE THAT.

  10. Imbecile said

    Imbecile! These fools.
    These idiots can go ahead and vote for PAP, prepared to be raped, robbed of jobs, end up jobless like those selfish PMETs.

  11. Hsien Liao La said

    immature voters who simply think in a one-dimension manner, just like the Foreign Action Party. WP should take these jokers seriously, though, and openly address their concerns. Because apart from the Foreign Action Party members, I believe Singaporeans can change their thoughts once they are enlightened!

  12. Newsreader said

    It looks like mutual masterbation going on. Its a well plan deception effort by PAP. How what has happened

    1. You setup a site that appears to be pro-opposition and suck in all the people.
    2. You control the content and what posts get to keep on the forum.
    3. You have a team of people to put in pro-PAP stuff (but diguise it lah)
    4. Then you get MSM newspaper to say that even pro-opposition sites are now more balanced in criticizing – they do it to both PAP and WP (or opposition). Of course all the criticism of oppostion is planted.

    They are hoping that this will change the perception that people are angry with PAP. What a grand scheme. It must have cost quite a lot of effort and money to organize. Only a self serving government will resort to trying to fool the citizens like this. Its plain dispicable!

    • Hsien Liao La said

      but we’re not fooled! you’ve seen through it, and we will continue to puncture whatever hot air balloons that ruling shit piles on Sinkaporeans!

  13. With TT’s exposure as a ro-PAPies and anti-WP site, any biased article it posts wld only discredit the PAP as readers see thru the masquerade and inevitably feel disgust at the slanted presentation. As can be seen from the invariably negative responses to every article clearly biased against the WP and brazenly pro-PAP, TT is losing credibility as a serious site for visitors, as sinkies are not stupid even if TT moderators think they are. Sad.

  14. Jaded said

    the more Temasek Times smear WP, the more people will support them. Look to history and you will know this is true.

  15. We win, you die said

    Young man with good U Chicago education wastes 13 years of his life in neighbourhood police, then wastes even more time walking around hougang, looking pretty and shaking hands. Do I want someone like that representing me? No a chance.

    He will be crushed. Go back to the private workforce.

  16. Krystal said

    This ‘Aloysius Tan’ has been leaving tons of bad comments about WP on Yahoo’s Hougang BE page. Anyways, Hougang has been stagnant compared to the rest of Singapore because of its leanings towards the opposition. LHL has already stated that the lack of upgrading in the area is because of them not voting for the PAP. Aloysius and party should get their facts right; I doubt they’re even Hougang residents.

  17. James Tan said

    Christina Lee have been posting everywhere pretending to be an ex-WP supporter and trying her best to discredit WP. Desmond wanted a fair and gentleman fight. If he keeps to his word, than he should be very disappointed with supporter like you. As for TT, good try. You just lost your credibility again

    • Rustle said

      Gee, how do you know she was just pretending to be an ex-WP supporter, huh?
      Not to worry. I don’t live in Hougang but I have managed to convince my grandma who had voted for the WP in all the previous election to vote for Desmond this time. 🙂

  18. Adam Tan said

    So damn funny….Why blame WP for unable to be able to change anything in the Parliament with only a few seats? That stupid idiotic lady should blame the 60.01% that voted for PAP and let them continue to screw our country….Every Singaporeans, including the opposition’s constituencies pay taxes every year….It is PAP who intentionally don’t approve the upgrading of Hougang and Potong Pasir for the past decades….If she is smart enough, she will be able to see PAP ALWAYS use upgrading of flats, lift, facilities to attract voters to vote for them….Potong Pasir people had already screwed themselves by voted for that Shit Toh…..After receiving the hot shit and gonna fulfill the promises of upgrading Potong Pasir…that Shit Toh, he started to blame Potong Pasir previous party for unable to ‘help’ the residents and left down many shits for him to clear….Now this Choo is using PAP same regular tactics, upgrading, to hook the hougang’s residents to vote for him…. U guys will see….he will drag the upgrading for at least 10 years, so that in 2016, you will have to vote for him again, otherwise PAP will stop the upgrading, and throw the damn shit back to…whoever win Hougang back…..

    For Yaw case who knows, maybe he was been threatened by….U know who….so stop making use of that case to spread the rumor fire….

    • Rustle said

      One thing everyone can be sure of. If the WP has a majority in the government, change will be everywhere and will be very evident as well. Trust me.

      • E said

        Thanks Rustle, I’m glad that my friends and I are not alone in having the same mentality as the one you have.

  19. RU YI Gee said

    Don’t fool us!!!!!!!
    This is so important to most Singaporean and no one care to comment on this subject,why?

    HDB when 99 years lease end?

    What will happen to the HDB when 99 years lease end? so far in SG haven’t got HDB this old.

  20. E said

    Dear WP Supporters,

    Reading some of the comments here… Made me speechless at the amount of hate TT is getting just because it did not post something that shows WP in a good light.

    I honestly believe, to each his own; you are entitled to your own political beliefs, opinions.

    However, does this mean that, you’d go on hating anyone, any publication that shows PAP in a positive light or WP in a bad one?

    Do you honestly believe that WP IS THE BEST THING FOR SG that, you’ve refused to take in the criticisms that others have got to say? Or at least, listen to them constructively?

    What happened to Constructive Criticism?

    So, what makes you think that PAP/PAP Supporters have got to listen to WP Supporters smearing mud on PAP?

    As a young Singaporean; like what one of the comments mentioned; I am Pro Singapore- and would want a political party that acts in our best interest. I believe that we need a Leader, that have our best interests; and as we know; Leadership reflects Attitude. If WP’s leadership has incited so much bitterness and hate in their Supporters… Choosing the right political party for myself, is not as difficult as I’d imagine.

    Quit being such Ugly Singaporeans

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