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Chan Chun Sing: We could boost our fertility rate if we accept women having children out of wedlock

Posted by temasektimes on May 22, 2012

Singapore can boost its low fertility rate if Singaporeans can accept women having children out of the wedlock, said ‘Acting’ Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

Speaking during a forum held by the Institute of Policy Studies on the issue of integration, Mr Chan said Singapore will have to make some difficult ‘social choices’ if it wants to solve problems such as a low fertility rate and low wages.

“Singapore could turn its dismal total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.2 around, as Nordic countries managed to do – if it accepts women having children out of wedlock, but are we prepared to do that? These are social choices that we have to make for ourselves,” Mr Chan said.

His comments caused a stir in cyberspace with some netizens disagreeing with him.

Some comments on Hardwarezone forum:

“what kinda moral values is he trying to teach our young kids” – KevlinOo

“these deaf frogs before talk bird really ish pls go set good sexample with action by changing your HDB, education and social policies first to stop discriminating single parent then come talk to us about accepting people that had kids out of wedlock.” – soulhacker

“more single mothers ? i am not saying Single Mother is not good, but its a little bit better for a child to grow up in a complete family. And if more girls are welcomed to this choose a lifestyle like this, who going to take care of the men when we grow old. Instead of finding the real problem ..they are again taking the easy way out…. these way got side effect.. its may solve the problem now, but it will create more problem in the future….” – evildoer

What do the ladies here think? Do you accept having children out of wedlock?


124 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: We could boost our fertility rate if we accept women having children out of wedlock”

  1. Jaded said

    haha allow them to have children but make them buy resale flat because they cannot buy BTO flat as singles? Another income opportunity?

    • Kman said

      Indeed… Bloody scholars…. Blood sucking assholes.

    • Joshua said

      the joke is that this kind of proposition is typically PAP’s simplistic thinking…. having babies and affairs are two separate issues…. and they are both complicated…. with no safety net for the encumbents (straying mother & bastard), only the homeless retard will have babies for PAP. Cost on you sinkies, resolution credits for million dollar men in white

  2. Are we ready for this? I’ve read a few women, a couple of local celebrities, are doing this. But will this increase the fertility rate? How many women really want this instead of a complete family? As a single parent, it is not easy to be a father and a mother at the same time. What implications will be there for the next few generations? What are we teaching our future generations?
    No, I’m also do not condone polygamy, but history has shown it to be a better option, since at least, the children also has a father. I doubt the modern society could accept polygamy either. Just my thought.


      Douglas, children born out of wedlock is NOT equal to children from plolygamy. Children born out of wedlock simply means that parents are not married and children of these followed one of the parents and has no legal and social standing in our so call 21st century. in AUSTRALIA, no one gives a shit about whether your parents are married, or if you have single sex parents, or if you have only one parent. There is no discrimination against THE CHILD. These people share equally same rights, and hence they grow up perfectly normal like you and I.

      • Kenneth said

        I agree. Does having a father and a mother make a child a better person?

      • Noodles said

        EXACTLY! People are being so closed minded with this statement. Some of these comments I’m seeing are quite appalling.

      • Not Discriminating said

        I don’t think the issue is with Singaporeans accepting. The question we really should be asking is how open or how ready our government policies are towards women who have children out of wedlock? What kind of support system do we have from the government? Many of our country’s pro-family policies makes it difficult.

    • Joshua said

      do we seriously think that Singaporeans are so patriotic to have babies just to resolve the national fertility issue? men & women that will sleep ard will do so, those that prefer not to will also continue their pattern…. but babies…… wohhhhhhh!!!!! Must will see it as a summan, immediate worry is the money involve and out comes the pill/condom/abortion……..

  3. WR said

    Great solution, so lets all get babies out of wedlock. So that is one of the best solution from our minsters who earn millions? i think he forget what is legally correct may not be morally or ethically correct.. no moral responsibility it seems..


      He didnt say let’s all NOT get married, he is saying STOP discriminating against children born from couples who are not married. Why is it so hard for you folks to understand?

      • WR said

        I am not discriminating against children from couples who are not married.
        I am questioning about the feasibility of that solution from our ministers that earn so much. Imagine a child born out of wedlock, do you know how many policies from our govenment that does not applies to the child? who create those policies in the first place? and now trying to savage the situation by telling people to do things that was not suppose to be done in the past?

        I am questioning his ability to provide long term value adding solution without backfiring. We do not want a solution that will backfire in 10 yrs time.. given his salary, that solution from him is unacceptable, at least to my context.

      • z said

        Because of the context he said it. It’s like “for the sake of increasing fertility, let’s accept single moms giving birth”. I don’t know about you, but it reeks of implicit encouragement. I don’t feel any goodwill “we shouldn’t discriminate single-parent family, because it’s simply wrong” (< my views). I don't know why you are so keen to read that in his words.

      • Injustice and Inequality said

        It’s weird to say “Singapore can boost its low fertility rate if Singaporeans can accept women having children out of the wedlock”. Whether Singaporeans can accept this or not, the children currently borned out of wedlock are already added to the fertility rate, like it or not. It’s not as if these numbers were waiting to be added only if Singaporeans can accept this. By making this statement, he is actually referring to having MORE of these children. This is morally and ethically unacceptable!!!

      • Joshua said

        ok, i volunteer my services, line up the singaporean women and I’ll come back for holidays more often. It will be cheaper than Bali, it’ll be free…. we’ll solve another problem: Geylang, Katong, Changi, all the red light biz will be irradicated w/o intervention.

    • Jamie said

      I honestly don’t know why you keep harping on income. What does anyone’s moral and ethical standing have anything to do with their income?!?!

      • SingaPOORean said

        with no moral, pay me 10 bucks and I can come out with that or better. Please come with some thing better for young couples to start family, after all expense cut and a high price HDB flats, I don’t thing I’ll have a second child due to all living standard provided in Singapore.

      • venuscolt said

        simple… it is because they are the one who claim that they are the talented ones who deserved to be paid very high salary. we are talking about the crap suggestions provided or commented by our so called talented one – CCS. You want to stop talking about income? Stop telling us they are the talent and need million dollars income. Show us some real good action instead!

      • lol said

        bimbo, cos it’s always about the money

  4. Ben said

    children need a complete family and time together with both parents. If not, they will grow up to be trouble makers because of an in complete family. Mr minister u want more of these in society and increase crime rates? think b4 u talk man, the root of the problem is that housing, FT and social policies first. if all these are fixed even partially, we singaporeans would have more babies because we can AFFORD to.

    think b4 u talk, so if we accept this then next time more social problems, then what yr want us to do?


      you are the one uttering rubbish on a topic you cannot wrap your head around. I grew up with LOTSA frens from single parent environment and they receive equally as much love from their family and friends, for your info, they are now management and have their own businesses and may prob be more successful than you are, and they are certainly NOT trouble makers. Please dont spew toxic waste with your rigid mindset. On the otehr hand, I have met alot of fking idiots who came from “complete” families and turn out to be arseholes. Go check out the inmate statistics. Come back to me that ALL those people in the jails came from wedlock families or single parent family and NONE are from married couples. Dont try to be holy and preach rubbish when you (who prob from so call labelled complete family) are not showing any depth in your thoughts. Go fight against FT policies if you want, be my guest, but dont insult children from single parent family. They did NOTHING to be discriminated by your petty shallow mind.

      • Kenneth said

        Once again, the question to be asked is does having a father and mother make the child a better one? Look at the number of criminals locked up and tell me that they are actually better.

      • Ben said

        ok so everyone is shallow minded and u have a good mind as i see u shooting everyone that disagrees with the minister here? how bout u go be the minister and say this then? ok i might be thinking that children from single parent families have a higher probability to be led astray because i have seen cases! u say u got lots of friends from single parent familes, i also can say and witness many of the bad cases, hence my view. and i’m sure yr so called inmate stats are from australia? u say i can also say what we see. dun come here and flame so many people just cuz u disagree, go back to yr australia if its so good over there then. We all have our point of views based on our experiences and thinking, no need to flame one another just like u did with a few other users just because u disagree.

        this is SG, an asian community which is more conservative as compared to australia. therefore a minister suggesting this way of increasing fertility rate will be disagreed upon by the majority. its fine to be a single parent family but this should not be suggested or encouraged by a minister in attempt to fix this problem. we singaporeans dont discriminate so much on these families but we sldnt be encouraged produce more babies in this way. on top of that, is the govt giving the same benefits to these families?

      • Injustice and Inequality said

        I still feel that the issue here is NOT about the acceptance of children born out of wedlock. It is about the morality of this minister, if he has any, in suggesting adding numbers to the fertility rate by having more children born out of wedlock. Terrible and extremely irresponsible for a statement like this to be made!

      • Jamie said

        Ben you are fucking retard who is not only shallow but closed minded. Sure, what CCS said is a little appalling but for you to come to the conclusion that children who do not grow up in the conventional complete family have a higher chance to be socially disruptive just goes to show how ignorant you are. I understand and agree that Singapore is still a predominantly conservative society with strong Asian cultures and values, but that has absolutely nothing to do with THINKING that children from incomplete families will turn out to be criminals – that is merely your opinion and not fact. Straighten out your thoughts before you start, in your own words, “flaming” others.

      • ma5k3r said

        its not abt discriminating.let me paint u a picture..down the future, an x boy met a y gal,fell in love and get married, unknowingly they were related from same dad but different mom.what is the social and medical repercussions here……plenty…its proven scientifically that children born of incestous unions have greatly increased risk of death and disability at least in part due to genetic diseases caused by the inbreeding

    • Wicked Brain said

      I am sure no one would mean to discriminated children from single parent family down here.
      However, mature parents can have a choice to bring up their child all by themselves.

      But… does the child has a choice?

  5. x12831 said

    Talking cock. Decadent suggestion.


      No I do not agree with your decadent suggestion. Decadent is getting pissed in the club, getting touchy feely, and flashy cars and branded goods.

    • Joshua said

      I think he may be trying to save future leaders from being lost from contributing to nation building because of the recent sex scandal with underage prostitute. They are just exercising their national duty of trying to increase fertility rate….. good on them

  6. yayaya said

    society is not penalising unwed mothers but the gov policy is. baby bonus etc needs to have a family nucleus by default. some are inevitable, the mothers are not having it easy but the gov is not making it any easier for them.


      THANK YOU for someone who is finally making sense in here. At least you make a valid point compared to all the rubbish comments i have been reading here

      • lol said

        Cute guy!! You comment on nearly all comments!! Hahahaha. Just curious. What flat should they get then?

  7. mikey said

    this keechiu screwball is tlaking cock!


    I agree with acceptance of children born out of wedlock. Aint these children HUMAN and CITIZENS of SINGAPORE? For all those who argue that it will cheapen the moral standards or encourage non marital status…can you please get your ostrich head out of the sand? Going by your argument, we should all be alcoholic and cig-puffers because these are sold all over the place! Or should we deport all SG citizens family of those who have run in with the law and jailed becaused having the children of these people around are also unacceptable????? Accepting the children out of wedlock is NOT a sign that everyone should go out and advocate not to get married and for heaven sake, WHICH WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE CHILDREN without getting married in the first place? PLEASE dont insult the women in SG with your narrow tainted mindset. We are merely advocating the acceptance of CHILDREN who had no role in whether he was born to a married couple or single mother. It is precisely we have such idiotic mindset like you people that SG cannot progress. FYI, in australia, ALL CHILDREN BORN to NON MARRIED couples are by default Australian citizens, the country do NOT discriminate against children for the acts of the parents.

    • jen said

      my view is ‘Yes, we don’t discriminate such children’ but ‘No, we should not encourage such behavior’. He is saying that by accepting such children, Singapore is able to boost up birth rate, that means he is encouraging. It is up to the women out there to decide if she wants to raise a child on her own and not for the government to encourage before they try out other ways. Our government is ‘hand pain chop hand’, ‘leg pain chop leg’ attitude.

    • wtf said

      u know the society in sg is more conservative than in aussie. So naturally this wouldn’t be accepted here. Its like saying u can f around without the need for commitment and stuff even if your babies are not well fed. So he’s indirectly encouraging an irresponsible act which anyone in any right mindset WOULD discriminate. U don’t need to curse at swear at everyone who disagrees with this statement and say that they are narrow minded because that’s just how in your opinion the sg society is. In my opinion, sg’s society is generally open minded yet conserved.. which is so comfortable that we are a good investment and immigration country. No one in any modern society nowadays actually discriminates people who are born out of wedlock, but instead, it’s the policies that these the govn make that actually reflects this discrimination. E.g. Buying a hDb flat requires a family nucleus and you must provide a MARRIAGE cert. So instead of telling the people what to do, he should just reflect it in parliament.

    • Joshua said

      let them take the lead in removing discrimination of children out of wedlock, put the money where his mouth is….. decide on the policy changes that will benefit children welfare regardless of social standing, the unwed mother’s welfare is thus implicated too….. oh, wait, don’t we have a lot of people already crying for help and not getting it? ……… he better check with his paymaster if there is enuf money in the piggy for his grandiose, self-righteous proposition.

    • venuscolt said

      you just dont understand what many has been saying here and you insist on looking from your own perspective on the issue of discrimination. please read again and again that it is not about discrimination.. this is a stupid comment from CCS and we are not going to give anyone the idea that it is OK to have children born out of wedlock.

  9. hooky said

    polygamy is the way.

  10. Edmund said

    care to lead by example minister sir? how about another by election…

  11. Sun Wu Gui said

    Million dollars “Talent” at work… again!! Can’t believe tax payers is funding this kind of shit for minister!!!

  12. Seiya78 said

    Wa Lao, how come PAP standard decline by getting such brainless people announce such stupid suggestion?

    Can those old PAP pls teach these inexperience to think before speaking out or before u leave this world, this party is heading to the end by their hands.

    He is using hitler style to have baby boom resulting next generation who is their father.

    Really disappointed after seeing this stupid news.

  13. Ferris Yao said

    Why Not, we live in modern times and I think it’s perfectly alright for women to have children out of wedlock. I think that’s better then have couples getting married for the sake of owning say a flat and end up getting a divorce. I have had many friends who’s parents are not together since a young age and have turned out horribly.
    At the same time I have friends who have grown up with just one parent and are high flyers in their careers. IMHO we live in modern times and we have to grow with the times.

  14. Lachie said

    There are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents.

  15. KOmae said

    I amid our society is lightyears behind this idea. If you think this is workable, please elaborate, if not why bring it up?

  16. Cancer said

    If the govt accepts and makes this a policy…. Singaporeans will sure accept what (can we change any law laid down by govt?). But is the govt willing to give the unwed mums baby bonus, childcare benefits, cheap housing, schooling priority, tax rebates etc etc?

  17. nightkids said

    Ah Chan is telling locals girls to sleep around and guys to fuck around !!!!!

    Who are ready for this, kee chiu !!!!!!

  18. said

    we are already in no position to talk about social value since the day we accepted casino.

    What is the social cost, compared to the evils of gambling??? this is non-sensical issue

    • Joshua said

      don’t think singapore accepted casino, like all other issue, she was shafted with the casino……. I’m sure, if the familee thinks its a good idea, we can hav all singaprean girls shafted with the ‘Fertility Bonus’

  19. jw said

    I think if the playing field was fair, in that single/divorce mothers are accorded the same benefits of married mothers, people will definitely consider having a kid out of wedlock. However, Singaporeans are still very conservative and believe that it is ‘morally wrong’ and ‘socially irresponsible’. Such an environment is not conducive for either the kids of single mother or the single mother herself.

    Until there is no discrimination in benefits between single/divorce mothers and married mothers, could we then move on to talk about the possiblity of having children out of wedlock as a policy to increase the population.

    While policy makers may argue that the discrimination is in place as it is pro-family, conversely, the discrimination of illegitimate children is abhorent.

    PS: I am not a single mother nor an illegitimate child.

  20. Eugene said

    The real SOCIAL CHOICE we have to make, is to get rid of Ministers like him. The PAP has really lost their Moral Compass!

  21. tun tunwin said

    Full of nonsense again by pap…. he sound like hilter… the Pap govt should implement more incentive instead of talking nonsense….In respect of all Singaporean, giving birth in Sg is never an easy task. Is all about monetary even before giving birth. How much minister is earning each month and how much are sandwich class are earning. How to compare it. So please don’t talk and comment on it. Look into it And stop PR from pouring in to sg.

  22. Liyan said

    Who says all children born out of wedlock in the Nordic countries = single parent (esp single Mother)? People do not need to get married because their policies do not discriminate between married and unmarried parents. You do not need to be married to raise a child together in a two-parent family nucleus in the Nordic countries because they have a secure social safety net. You also do not need a piece of paper to tell you that you should be monogamous if you really believe in it. Ignorant pseudo-moralists should shut up.

  23. Nora said

    Its like encouraging the teenagers to hav sex before marriage.tats my thoughts.

  24. Walk The Talk said

    Singapore is not an Atheist country or with an Atheism constitution I think this Acting Minister who talks of Singapore woman to having children out of the wedlock to boost fertility rate is morally insane I think his grey matter is not working well and he urgently needs a thourough medical check-up to heal his insanity

    This man who talks of population breeding is zany in his talks just as the “Stop At Two” policy earlier orchestrated by one of his party member fully and totally supported by his gangloads of party MP’s in parliament have done enormous ruin to the people and population of Singapore

    Do the people of Singapore need this kind of talks of population breeding at the Institute of Policy Studies wow’.is this the kind of image that the IPO organised and managed in its corporate manifestations Talks of Singapore women having children out of the wedlock without disregards to diseases like AIDS etc,…

    His talks of Nordic countries I have seen through the internet pictures of young and pretty Nordic women posed completely in the nude in full color publicly in their streets
    Do the Acting Minister think that Singapore women can posed completely in the nude and walk down the street,I dont think so

    I would salute the Acting Minister for the Community Development,Youth and Sport perhaps,if he would ask his cohorts and family to take the lead to be the first to do so by example ,Walk The Talk,man

  25. keechiu for polygamy said

    Hello KeeChiu,
    since you talk so much cock,
    you might as well ask LKY and son to ‘decree’ that those earning 15K minimum can practise polygamy ( applicable to both sexes ), abortion is illegal, adultery is fair game.
    Why only support unwed mothers ? How about unwed fathers who father multiple children in and out of SinCity, and they take possession of the children instead of the mothers ? The Sin govt can provide monetary and legal assistance for this.

    • Joshua said

      ya, I don’t want to be like that american man who father 30 children and cannot pay child support and kenna sued….. govt must pay child support, then I go and sow wild oats like in the movie ‘Island of Dr Moreau’

      • duriangood4sex said

        Jolly good idea man! The most expedient way to solve the fertility problem is to support unwed fathers as well as unwed mothers. Technically, a virile man can sow his wild oats and father many children in 9 months, i.e. far more productive than any unwed mother.

        Having said that, I hope people like ChanCS and his boss LHL will support such a proposal but they themselves refrain from sowing their oats……don’t need more clowns running Spore.

  26. jen said

    Government policy encourages mothers with higher education to have more children (by way of tax rebate). So if we accept these single parent children, should they be also born to high educated man/woman with financial stability to avoid future social problem. If financial issues are not solved, this will only add to quantity and not quality children. If financial issues are solved, then more married couples will be willing to have their own children.

    How about those couples who wanted to have children of their own but could not conceive? Maybe the government should look into higher subsidise for them to try a baby before they go the easy way out.

  27. Yaw's ingenuity and foresight said

    YSL may be practising this all along. But he goes one step further. Making babies in of another’s wedlock. YSL is ingenious.

  28. Kenneth said

    So many comments against the suggestion and we wonder if this is really an objection to the idea or the objection to the political party?

    As some have said, there is nothing wrong with having a child out of wedlock. Would that not be preferable to having a forced abortion?

  29. YK.A said

    Excuse me PAP puppy, what kind of moral values are you setting up for the country? To be able to say such things in the public, what are you teaching us? Huh? PAP was once very popular, but now? Already a goner still stay such things? You think the women are your factory workers is it? Fk off please, if you are going to talk dog languages somemore, i make sure i wont regret slicing your head off.

  30. Patricia Lin said

    Will you accept if this is from your own children????!!!!!! Seriously!!!!

  31. Patricia Lim said

    Will he accept this coming from his own kids??? Seriously!!!!!

  32. ain said

    Instead of giving unwanted ideas to the public. Why not give a little incentive for mothers with unwed child? The cost of having is NOT cheap! Not all of us earn ministers’ pay monthly.

  33. DL said

    The comments to the article horrify me. Some of them are disgustingly misogynistic. Polygamy? I’m sorry, but are you kidding? That polygamy is ‘better’ than having two unmarried people having a child, or a single parent?

    While CCS is missing the point – that low TFR in Singapore is not due to whether children are born out of wedlock or not – as it primarily stems from cost of raising children, career choices, the lack of time, etc, it is good that he raised it, as Singapore is way too paternalistic, and does not give enough support to single mothers.

    I find this comment “And if more girls are welcomed to this choose a lifestyle like this, who going to take care of the men when we grow old.” absolutely mind-boggling and horrifying. First, children born out of wedlock is not the ‘fault’ of ‘women’. It is not all about ‘women’. It is not a ‘lifestyle’ – like as if it’s a ‘lifestyle’ of clubbing and drinking. There are single fathers out there. There are women and men who choose NOT to ‘marry’ – whatever that word means – and have children. Marriage is not everything. It is only a legal union of two heterosexual people, unfortunately.

    • Kenneth said

      Well put DL. And I agree with your statement on who’s looking after the old guys. Singaporeans seem to have the mentality that women exist to procreate and look after them at old age. Obviously whether the women like to or not is not a choice, otherwise that would be un-Singaporean.

      I did not think CCS was encouraging sexual freedom. However he was asking whether society could accept these people and from the comments here, it would seem more likely that Singaporeans would rather accept FT than to accept children born out of wedlock, even though as mentioned by DL, marriage is but a legal acknowledgment of the ‘parents’ union.

  34. Victor said

    What on earth does having children out of wedlock gotta do with boosting fertility rate?

    There are already countless surveys done out that there that puts:

    1. Education system – Too stressful for the kids
    2. Cost of living – Too expensive to raise kids
    3. Career – Values career over family

    As primary reasons why Singaporeans don’t want to have children. So what does this social acceptance thing that he is talking about gotta do with boosting fertility rate?

    Another MP that talks without thinking…

  35. sergeant said

    Cant believe this guy was my chief of army when i was still serving ns. its getting worse everytime he talks.

  36. Mr.Chan,Sir, please clarify….accepting women having children out of wedlock……or accepting children from women out of wedlock…Some of us may not understand which is which…

  37. OJUIZ said

    Maybe he should start the ball rolling by marrying a girl who has a kid born out of wedlock first.

  38. Wicked Brain said

    Oh my… He said that??
    Putting moral values aside.

    Dear Mr Chan do you know how much it takes to bring up a child?

    Do you understand why women gave up their highly paid job to be housewives?

    Do you know that it is almost impossible to nuture a child and giving them a place call home with a single parent?

    Do you know what problem a single parent will face during parenting and what effect it will bring to the child?

    Can you foresee that your ideal will bring upon social problems?

  39. Eddie said

    A married family already difficult to manage and financial support a child. Can a single mother able to cope? Can someone advise?

  40. Henry said

    Let’s have a referendum the HouGang elections on this topic. Indeed, a scholarly insight!

  41. Henry said

    Whoa … also thinking … if this becomes a policy, it means we can save many babies from Geylang, some PRC and some non-PRC origin … I wonder what would be the ratio like 40:60 or 70:30?

  42. Hmm, although I don’t agree with a lot of stuff PAP says, i have to say this issue seems a bit blown out of proportion. Go to his FB account and see for yourselves his comments regarding the issue. While PAP is full of “I got misquoted” excuses, this one actually seems quite plausible IMO.

  43. Alan said

    Its not about whether letting a child to be bear out of wedlock, what they should consider is the high standard of living that cause young parents to hold back having kids. The expenses to raise a child is as good as maintaining a car except that car has a COE while the child has a birth cert. To give your child the best, both parents will need to work and therefore may not have time for the child. Ask those who are already parents, where their kids will be “parked” when both parents are working?? Your own parents place? Child care centers? Due to all these reason many young parents even have a child, they also choose to have only 1. The concept of either one of the parent works and one take care of the house does not really exist anymore due to the high inflation that made both parents to work to get a better income and eventually better lifestyle…

  44. pay said

    seriously wtf is wrong with this guy.

  45. Alverya said

    Wow. This article is so misleading. How can you just take one sentence out of a whole conversation and then put your meaning to it to attack him? Have some decency lah. If you want to attack people, please attack with some integrity and some honesty. If not, how can people trust you or feel that you really are doing this for the benefit of our country?

    Readers, pls read this article with a huge dose of salt. Please also read the other side of the story and use common sense and some reason before concluding just based on this super misleading article.

    Other side:
    “This is to state on record that at no time during the IPS Forum yesterday did I ever advocate raising our TFR by promoting children out of wedlock. A participant asked why Nordic countries have such high TFR. Someone from IPS then pointed out that if we deconstruct the numbers, we would realise that their TFR for married couples is rather similar to ours, but they accepted children out of wedlock. I then asked the audience if we as a society would ever accept that? It was obvious that I did not advocate accepting children out of wedlock as the way to improve our TFR.” ~ from Chan Chun Sing’s Facebook Page.

  46. nononsenseboi said

    What I feel is the increasingly competitve lifes nowadays kids have to go through.

    Being a young adult, if I can’t give what my children the best (all thanks to our social values – always try to be number 1), why bother have more than 1 child ?

    Besides, why should I bring my child up and let him fight with all the foreigners in singapore for studies and jobs ?

    If I want to have a child with my wife, I will make sure he or her will NOT be a singapore citizen. At least, I know my child will lead a happier and easier life in other countries

  47. Rina said

    Has Mr Chan thought of the Well-Being of the Baby? All He wants are numbers!! Selfish Thought!

    • Hsien Liao La said

      yes, this is the gist of the entire report. no need to talk about morals if the current act of DISCRIMINATION against single parents and single citizens are not abolished.

  48. Amat45 said

    Give me Mr Lee Kwan
    Yew’s salary and i will give you plenty of children with future high educations. I would even wedlock for others too.

  49. December said

    as attendee of Chan Chun Seng’s informal forum discussion on POPULATION Issue on May 4th.. the way to increase Trf was discussed and look through in details during the discussion. The issue of children out of wedlock was also being raised. The majority of us agree with Chan Chun Seng that this is not the solution to population growth as it brings along a long trails of issues. After attending the session and heard with my own ears what Chan Chun Seng has said, I am very sure that what was reported was taken out of context. As he has replied on FB : This is to state on record that at no time during the IPS Forum yesterday did I ever advocate raising our TFR by promoting children out of wedlock. A participant asked why Nordic countries have such high TFR. Someone from IPS then pointed out that if we deconstruct the numbers, we would realise that their TFR for married couples is rather similar to ours, but they accepted children out of wedlock. I then asked the audience if we as a society would ever accept that? It was obvious that I did not advocate accepting children out of wedlock as the way to improve our TFR.

    • Tim said

      Yes. I was also one of the attendee of the informal forum discussion on POPULATION Issue. TRF was mention. And we proposed ideas to help to increase our country’s TRF, such as children out of wedlock. However, near the end of discussion after Chan Chun Sing explain the reason behind, and most of us including some who even thought children out of wedlock could help, realised and agree with Chan Chun Sing that children out of wedlock it is not the answer in the long run and there will be several consequences as a result of this. Chan Chun Sing is the one that inform and discuss with us the sets of problems, impracticality and etc of having children out of wedlock; surely, he would not on the other hand supported children out of wedlock. Chan Chun Sing sometimes did ask us questions as part of discussion. And so when he asked “we as a society would ever accept that”? He wasn’t promoting, he was just using one of his mode of communications during discussion such as asking question to answer the queries to let us know the consequence of our proposals acceptable or not? Feasible or not? Practical or not? And in this case, do (society = Singaporean) wants children out of wedlock? Can we afford to accept the consequences of having children out of wedlock?…This is what i think.

  50. Serious Troll said

    This misses the point. Get real – cost of living so high, housing so expensive, education so expensive, stagnant wages – bear what children? You trying to address the symptom without addressing the underlying issues.

  51. voice of the people said

    he maybe 1 of the guys who visit geylang.

  52. fatiah said

    Crazy! How come got such joker in PAP and in MCYS some more.

  53. pngkueh_forever said

    Such idiotic suggestion coming from a scholar. Sometimes, I wonder whether he is born out of wedlock ? Our moral values have gone to the dogs. What a shame !!!!!!

  54. Julie said

    Please read the actual article this website has really twisted the actual gist of it. He was not proposing to encourage more single mothers, he was making a comparison of the stats and making a comment about why Nordic Countries possibly have higher birth rates. He was saying that there are trade offs. I am sure this website is not going to let me post this comment, because you obviously highlighted and clipped what you chose. Despicable.

  55. mohamad yusri said

    If possible kindly put up the video footage of him mentioning abt having children out ofwedlock.

  56. Von said

    dafuq I dun wanna live on this planet anymore.

    How much is it to migrate to another country? Now, I only can pick one. Migrate to other country or just kill yourself. Now Singapore government is damm selfish, that’s all i can say.

  57. 369 Singapore said

    Singapore Ah Chan don’t fit to be MP …

  58. Pp said

    Other way of boosting the birth rate here is to allow gay couple to have the right to married and adoption…. does the govt willing to do that?

  59. A Singaporean Abroad said

    I think that Mr Chan has not completely thought this out properly before opening his mouth to speak.This is very unwise for someone in his position.

    How does he expect the single woman to earn a good wage to bear all expenses of herself and her child/children (including housing cost, etc) and at the same time be there to raise her child/children all on her own? Mr Chan forgets that Singapore is not a welfare benefit state and the reality of having a child/children out of wedlock means that the family unit consists of only the woman and her child/children. The father is usually absent and is very unlikely to offer any financial assitance to the mother of his child/children (there are always exceptions to the rule but I am stating a general norm here).

    It is possible for a woman living in a country that hands out welfare benefits to become a single parent because the woman does not need to work for the first 10 years of her life after having a child and the country will hand out welfare benefits to her and provide her with free housing too. Is the Singapore government prepared to become a welfare benefit state? If not, then Mr Chan should stop making irresponsible suggestion to the public like that.

    Besides, I firmly believe that most Singaporean women’s moral standards are higher than what Mr Chan suggests!

    • Nick said

      The point is not whether a single mother can afford to raise a child on her own but rather it is targeted at the stigma against single-parenthood.

      Mr Chan is not encouraging women to have children out of wedlock but is asking for people to be less critical and more open-minded about such situations. What would be the alternative for a pregnant girl who does not wish to marry the father of the child but to have the child out of wedlock? Have an abortion? Moral standards, you say. I’m sure most Singaporean women know how hard it is to raise a child and will not opt for the tumultuous road unless she is faced with an impossible option.

      That is not to say that I agree with Mr Chan’s sentiments. If it is the stand of the government to end discrimination against single parents, then they should take the lead by changing their discriminatory policies first because let’s face it: not many Singaporeans are ready to embrace non-traditional familial arrangements. As far as discrimination goes, the largest part of of it comes from the policies created by the government. It’s not as if you can identify these single-parent households apart from the traditional families walking down the street and give them the stink-eye. Providing aid to single parents does not necessarily mean providing for them 100% but a little help can go a long way and I believe our government is more than able to provide them with a little help.

      And I seriously don’t get why so many people are busting on morals here. Marriage for the sake of normality and then having to break your “sacred union” because you realize you can’t stand each other is far worse. Since when is it immoral to bring a new life into this world?

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        The thrust of Mr Chan’s statement is clear: how to increase Singapore’s birth rate. He is saying that if we accept women bearing children out of wedlock then there is salvation for Singapore’s birth rate: the increase in birth rate being the ultimate objective. The comment on stigma is only an ancillary point or an afterthought.

        I cannot see how you can read into Mr Chan’s sentence that he is asking people to be less critical and more open-minded about single parenting. He did not say that.

        The point I am making is that Mr Chan did not think carefully before making a public statement like this. Even if in the unlikely event that Singapore women are prepared to consider taking his advice, the practical reality is that single parenthood IS about affordablity and IS about the stigma that the woman has to bear being a single parent: an unwed mother.

        How moral standards comes into the argument is also very clear and needs no further explanation.

        Fortunately, I still hold very traditional views that a family unit should comprise a father figure and a mother figure. I live abroad in a society where single parenthood is very common but it does not mean that I approve of such conduct. I have seen the terrible social ills here which I attribute to the erosion of the family unit. I do not wish to see Singapore slip into that plight.

      • Singapore Singaporean said

        I urge all Singapore Singaporean Women of all ages world wide to take a stand with unity to tell this bum of his bastardry speech that if acquiesce can cause ill-gotten gains of immense unfortunate consequences (eg fornication etc,..)

        He has taken and treated Singaporean women citizens,foreigner alike for granted as a production machine factory for population breeding to keep well the PAP insatiable greed to fed them and their cronies through the monopolization of the state,and the people and citizens of Singapore (stop at two policy)

        The era of Nazi Germany was long lost and gone,Their dictator,Hilter committed suicide,and their Generals and those others in top command who has commited atrocities to human beings were caught,found guilty and hung till they were dead

        The ruling government and their driven polices (cloak and dagger)must be always and foremost scrutinize.

        There is,as it stands today,a clarion call of a psychological battle perception for a change of government

  60. Kenneth said

    If what CCS posted on his FB is true, it seems like Temasek Times is once again sensationalising the news……….getting to be a typical occurence.

  61. chewy said

    The people running this country are a joke. Typical narrow minded leaders who only think of who they see when they look in the mirror. Can’t wait to leave this place.

  62. It’s the right thing to do formthemwrong reasons. Regardless of whether the child was born in or out of wedlock, he should be treated like any other Singaporean once he is born and not punished for the indiscretions of his parents.

  63. It is obviuos that the people seating up there aint reading the papers… It was already stated that the low fertility rate in Hong Kong is due to the housing price and the smaller unit leading to lack of privacy…

    So why can’t the top people come out with a campaign to allow young Singapore adults to afford smaller unit so they can have their privacy and also try living in society on their own rather than rely on their parents? The only explaination that i can think of is that the government is down right focused on the revenue that they are getting from inflating the house prices….

    So, how is this helping Sinagporean?

    People up there… You stil have time to do something to your sinking ship….


  64. corruptpapies said

    Kee chiu, can you ask your sisters or daugther to lead to be unwed mother. If you can’t do it, dont talk for the sake of talking.
    No wonder you come in from the ” Rear ” into the parliament. We paid you millions for the minister pay but we get monkey like you.

  65. Herbert Seet said

    What will they think off or legalise next? Maybe 2 men father a child, maybe having child with a monkey? Is their ideas just for economic growth so that we keep on reproduce just like bringing in more Foreign Talents to Singapore in a small tiny island that causes the congestion, don’t forget that the intention is to bring 1.65 millions foreigners to Singapore within the next 10 years?

  66. Jax said

    I believe what he was really to say is that if we provide assistance (in terms of financial, counseling, family planning, baby bonus …) to those single mothers who chose to give birth despite the child not having a father, then more women who are in the situation of being pregnant but do not have a father for their child would be more willing to give birth to the child instead of aborting the child. This will in a way boost our fertility rate.

  67. Jerome said

    I believe he isnt trying to
    Encourage wedlock pregnancies but rather urging us to
    Not be little or frown on ladies who are pregnant out of wedlock many of
    Whom r prone to
    Abort due to
    Embarassment and social disapproval. I dont think it is morally ok to encourage this but i think he should have phrased his point better. Really our politicians lack class an cant even sell a simple idea and expect us to respect them.

  68. N3 said

    And become like Philippines. Where the guy has no responsibility at all. What kind of immorale proposal is this????

  69. Gilbert said

    Why not tell women who want to get abortion not to, and give the babies for adoption. Better choice

  70. shai said

    may i know what is wrong with him??????!!!

  71. Al Umar Rango said

    why not ask Chan Chun Sing daughter (if he has) to get children born out of wedlock… And if Chan Chun Sing has a son, why not encourage his son to fool around as many girls around to boost fertility rates here… Best he should start it first and I duly supports his pathetic idea….

  72. B said

    Does having gyms make more people Wana get fat? This happens anyway… Kids are born out of wedlock anyway…. How can anyone say these innocent children do not deserve the same benefits if not more then those with married parents? It’s abt time we stopped discriminating little babies for havin unmarried parents… In any case it is the choice of the woman to decide to keep a child or not and to bring te child up alone or not… Its a personal choice! It is often a rare choice of women to want to raise a child without a husband… It’s silly and narrow and extremely silly to think that acceptance of single mums wld encourage loose morals and more women to be trigger happy and go keep getting pregnant without a husband….

    • B said

      Perhaps he is suggesting more women to have babies married or not (as if that wld change the minds of women) perhaps he is merely saying to be more accepting and less discriminatory so there wld be less abortions when unplanned pregnancy occurs… Gvt, lead by example in this case and show your support and back them up when it happens… In any case who the hell cares what his intentions are as long as it benefits people??? It will benefit the innocent child, the mum, our close minded society to be more open, help mum and child emotionally throughout their lives, in turn helping raise their social economic status etc etc…. The only negative? The ridiculous notion that women will WANT to be to not be married and have babies…. Because there are 3 gyms near home I’m gonna go get fat now…

      • Kenneth said

        Hallelujah!!! Some common sense finally. Thank god I do not have to live with small minded people.

  73. The Gardener said

    He cant sing & he definitely cant think. Good job well done.

  74. LKY said

    Well if he can accept his own daughters like that then may be he already got approval from the MIW old man lor.

    Get the ministers and MPs to take lead first. May be start with the ladies in white first?

  75. Lsl said

    Is this part of his ploy to CONvince his wife to allow his other women bear his babies?

  76. Jhuniuo said

    He probably wanted to indirectly mean to go against abortion.
    Why can’t you people infer?

  77. Harlow??? said

    I think he is just citing a study to infer on a possible reason why “only” the developed Nordic countries have a higher birthrate. And if the reason be true, then he asks if us as a society is willing to accept this scenario. Sometimes, rather than get all emotional, why don’t look at it from a perspective that the only way to find solutions is to explore all possible options (including controversial ones that are succeeding elsewhere) and discuss about it. Its not like the minister is saying, lets all accept babies out of wedlock to solve the problem now.

    Rather if the statement were true that “only” Nordic countries have a pattern of a higher birthrate due to wedlock and as the only developed countries who have a higher birthrate, with a model we do not intend to follow, then what other models and solutions can we explore? Solutions for the modern world come from intellectual debate and the open mind to explore different options. If we just close our minds and always get all emotional about it, then being politically correct all the time will give us half baked solutions.

    I read that people who disagree seem to think that the Minister or any Government in the world can even convince society or make it into policy that can make citizens ALL agree to accept the idea that women should have children out of wedlock. It is impossible in the first place. It is clear it cannot be made into policy nor can our Government factor this social shift to policy making in any near or distant future. This is a discussion about comparisons for societal changes.

    • kangaroo logic said

      It is pretty obvious Chan C S is rather poor at public speaking, opens mouth first before engaging brains. Come to think of it, he cannot think on his feet. Like what someone said in an earlier post( a Singapoean abroad), he did not think through carefully before engaging his audience.

      My question to Chan C S, what’s the point of boosting our fertility rate if dumbasses like him are selected to lead and can only come up with policies that undermine many ordinary sporeans?

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