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Lianhe Zaobao: Png Eng Huat received only one vote for NCMP position during WP CEC meeting

Posted by temasektimes on May 22, 2012

Workers Party candidate for Hougang Png Eng Huat appeared to be caught with his pants down after it was revealed that his name was indeed in the ballot to select the best losing candidate in East Coast GRC to fill the position of NCMP in parliament.

During an election speech last Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean asked if Hougang voters have been taken granted by WP by fielding Png Eng Huat, a candidate who was not even considered for the NCMP position.

This prompted a response by Mr Png who claimed he did not consider himself for the NCMP post as he was ‘against’ it.

“I actually took my name out of the ballot for the NCMP post. Because I have a personal stand against the NCMP scheme, so that’s why my name wasn’t in the ballot. So I don’t think DPM knows all of these.

However, in an email sent to Lianhe Zaobao, one WP insider revealed that contrary to what Mr Png had said, his name was on the ballot and he received only one vote for the position.

Attached below are minutes of the WP CEC meeting obtained from Lianhe Zaobao:

[Source: Lianhe Zaobao]

The minutes showed clearly that Gerald Giam obtained 7 votes, two ahead of Eric Tan and Png received only ONE pathetic vote.

The informant wrote in Chinese that he made the difficult choice to expose the Workers Party because he chose loyalty to Singapore over party allegiance:


When contacted by the Zaobao, the Workers Party declined to comment on the issue though party Chairman Sylvia Lim said she will address it at the WP rally tonight.

In the General Election last year, WP sent Low Thia Kiang’s protege Yaw Shin Leong to contest in the ward. Yaw was the treasurer and ‘number three’ man in WP while Png only joined WP in 2008 and hold no key position in the party. In fact, Png was serving in Aljunied GRC before being ‘parachuted’ suddenly into Hougang Constituency Committee in the aftermath of Yaw’s sacking this year.


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16 Responses to “Lianhe Zaobao: Png Eng Huat received only one vote for NCMP position during WP CEC meeting”

  1. Observer said

    hahaha..why i did not see the chairman and secretary-general signature? I can also produce a similar minutes of temasek times or any other organization for that matter.

  2. P Koh said

    One WP insider revealed ……… that member should be sacked immediately. Was he planted there or was he “purchased” to do such a despicable let-down act on his own party. This is indeed a very sad world that we live in ….. no integrity and low morality.

  3. Heed said

    No worry, even if you lied, even if you are the second best man in your party, you will still win this election.
    But you have to improve on your lying skill.

  4. Png Clarified and please watch tonight Ms Sylvia Lim speak ! said

    Please read below clarification by Mr png


    “he had make clear his position that he di not want to be considered for the NCMP seat but it was part of the procedure for every candidate in the team to be included for consideration in the secret ballot by the CEC.”

    Png clarifies comment after source reveals he was considered for NCMP post

    SINGAPORE – A day after a source claimed that Workers’ Party (WP) candidate Png Eng Huat had never asked to be be off the Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) ballot, Mr Png today explained it was part of the procedure for every candidate to be considered.

    Speaking to reporters outside the Hougang Town Council, Mr Png said he had made clear to party chief Low Thia Khiang and his East Coast GRC teammates that he did not want to be considered for the NCMP seat but it was part of the procedure for every candidate in the team to be included for consideration in the secret ballot by the CEC.

    He clarified that he meant he did not want to be considered as a candidate for the NCMP post when he told Channel NewsAsia that he had taken his name out from the ballot. He apologised for causing confusion to those who thought he had literally omitted his name from the ballot papers.

    Mr Png added Mr Low will be addressing this issue at the WP rally tonight.

    A source had emailed the media last night with what was said to be a copy of the minutes from the WP Executive Council extraordinary meeting, held on May 12 last year, after Mr Png told CNA yesterday he had taken his name out of the NCMP ballot.

    He was responding to Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s question on Sunday, on why the WP did not put up Mr Png for the NCMP post following the General Election last year, if it wanted him in Parliament.

    The source claimed Mr Png had never stated he was against the NCMP scheme, and in fact received a vote for the NCMP seat in Parliament that would eventually go to Mr Gerald Giam.

    The copy of the minutes emailed to the media detailed the exchange of views between party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang and General Election 2011 candidate Eric Tan, who felt he should get the NCMP seat after leading the East Coast GRC to a strong showing at the polls.

    Mr Tan would lose the secret ballot to Mr Giam and subsequently resign from the party. However, in the ballot, Mr Png received one vote for the NCMP seat, according to the copy of the minutes.

    In the email last night, the anonymous source said: “Nowhere in this meeting did Png Eng Huat indicate to the CEC to remove his name from the ballot. In fact there was one CEC vote for him.”

  5. me said

    temasek times lousy website

    i will never whistleblow or contribute to this crap website ever again

    anti-WP site pretending to be anti-PAP

  6. Who Are The WP Moles? said

    Did Png just shoot himself in the foot? And who is the mysterious whistle-blower within WP?

  7. T John said

    The fact that he received only one vote is nothing surprising. Prior to the voting he has already told everybody that he does not want to be an NCMP. He is truly a man of principle to reject the NCMP proposal because there really is no value in becoming an NCMP (other than getting the MP’s monthly pay) as the NCMP was never voted in properly by anybody.
    In view of his disinterest, it was actually more surprising that someone still insists on voting for him despite his open rejection of the NCMP.

  8. Tembusu Review said

    Have Ho Chink and gang contacted you about changing your site name yet?

  9. 严燕松以最高的七票当选,陈恩忠以五票落败,而方荣发也获得一票.

  10. John said

    Did anyone read the original article in zaobao? This is the quote the insider said ” 我以一颗下沉的心给你写这信。在我的党和新加坡之间,我必须做非常艰难的选择,但是我选择忠于我的国家,而不是已经变得刚愎自用的党。


    He is sending the CEC minutes to media because he chose to be loyal to Singapore instead of a flip flopping party (WP). His conscience has been haunting him over the last 1 year and in view of all what has happened recently (maybe he is referring to the YSL cover up), he has decided to whistle blow on his own party.

    I believe this fellow has more dirt on WP. Perhaps we will get to know what truly happened during the YSL saga afterall.

  11. lol said

    Singapore has great politicians!!

  12. Henry said

    Aiyo TT … why you so smart? Found this piece of juicy news … how many of the editorial team wear pink g-strings … this will even be lagi juicier. take a pix and share lah …

  13. Dirty Politics said

    Politics are getting worse. I wonder why TT is not sued by highlighting the negativism of WP. What if it is the rulng party? Wld TT stil have the audacity to publish these articles. If TT is a gentleman, i dare u expose any ruling party of any contentious issues that you know about PAP.

  14. Hello my loved one! I want to say that this article is awesome, great written and come with almost all vital infos. I’d like to look extra posts like this.

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