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PHOTO: Pinoy community to celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on May 22, 2012

A netizen was amused when he spotted this promotion poster at Suntec City:

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

The event is open to Filipino citizens, those with dual citizenships and ‘former’ Filipinos.


17 Responses to “PHOTO: Pinoy community to celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore”

  1. lol said


  2. Singapore Only Belongs To Native Singaporeans said

    The PRCs N Pinoys Are The Worst FT (Foreign Trashs) To Land Our Shore !!!
    Snatched our jobs with cheap dirt salary demands and offer shit works in return !!!

  3. sweetbean said

    Not interested

  4. A Gathering Of Parasites. said

    A gathering of parasites . . . . .

    • Blood suckers said

      Cockroaches to be exact.

      I suggest boycott all pinoys people, products, any thing related to pinoys

  5. Ken Lee said

    wow long life pap!!!!

  6. Not Irrational said

    Perhaps this is what it feels like for the Brits, Americans or Aussies when we hold Singapore Day on their soil. But I don’t suppose OSU makes it exclusive for Singaporeans only? Granted, this is for a competition and they have every right to make it Filipino only.

    I do hope the actual event at Suntec (and especially one at such a very public and inclusive space), will not be just an attempt at Filipino pride in the face of Singaporeans, but an event that will actually try to integrate and promote both cultures, like the world expos.

    • Mike said

      You are kidding mate: when a group of Pinoys gather, the last thing on their mind is “INTEGRATION” .. it will be all Anti-everybody .. PInoy Pride will rule – like the American Idol – she is PINOY PRIDE – not a thought that her mom ran off to US and became US Citizen. The Philippines Congress is even going to have a Honour for the Jessica Sanchez – how more cheesy can it get ? Well, Singapore ? I would bet a thousand $ not even 10% of Pinoys who became Singaporean consider themself Singaporean ..

      Go a try to sit in a Church Service when there is majority Filipinos worshipper even when service is in English – all of them will glare at you like you are invading their pitch – regardless the church is Singaporean Church – you are an outsider .. and made you feel like an insect ..

      • Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

        True , I was shocked to see so many locusts coming out from the church near Victoria Street , I think there are 3 to 4 churches there & I can see locusts of them coming out once the service ends.

        Think , Singaporeans nowadays are attending church during the weekdays then weekends.

    • Mike said

      When Singapore day is held elsewhere, or Indian National Day held in Singapore, or even when America day is held here, Citizens get priority, but locals don’t get shut out … that’s the point .. Pinoys will cry and demand they are being unfairly treated when they don’t get into final of say Photography contest, but try and get a Singaporean into Pinoy Photographer group ? or Pinoy xyz group ? If they integrate why they, of all people, have so many “PINOY GROUP” ??? 🙂 Go figure.

  7. Ray said

    Suntec City? That’s too shabby! Come’on, Pinoys deserve to celebrate their Independence Day at Padang! Or maybe the Istana? And SG president can grace their ceremony too! Go Pinoys!

  8. Bengy said

    “The event is open to Filipino citizens, those with dual citizenships and ‘former’ Filipinos.”…and also for the PAP..

  9. ST Foo said

    Guess who will be the G.O H.? No prize for correct answer if GOH is wearing white.

  10. Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

    Halo , if you want to celebrate , get you asses out of SG , pls go back to your own country to celebrate!!!!!

    Police Force , pls get ready to deploy your staffs to ward off the locusts .

  11. Nationalist said

    PAP should give us an holiday on Philipine National day, and also China National day, India National Day, Indonesia National Day, Sri Lanka National Day, Burma National Day. Gosh, how exciting!!

  12. OmniPhobe said

    Hey fckers. Let them celebrate la. I do not see wong with that. Unless it is noisy or become public hindrance.

  13. Dr.Arsch said

    Should have gotten the Police Force to do a baton charge into that filthy crowd!

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