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Pinoy ‘FT’: It’s time for Pinoys to mark as a ‘strong race’ in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on May 22, 2012

With an increasing number of foreigners coming here, the respective communities are beginning to exert their influence in Singapore to serve their own interests.

Filipinos are one of the largest communities in Singapore and it appears that a number of them are thinking of building a ‘second’ Philippines here, judging from some of the comments posted on the popular pinoysg forum.

In a discussion thread on the status of the pinoy community in Singapore, one Pinoy ‘FT’ called on his fellow countrymen to ‘mark as a strong race’ in Singapore whatever he means:

“… it or not, Singapore has become a home to most of our Kababayans. I think it is time for the Filipinos to mark as a strong race here in Singapore.”

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

Using the example of the newcomers from India, he added that he hope the Filipinos will be the next race to exert their influence in Singapore:

“Malays were the original race here but overthrown by strong Chinese community here then last year., the Indians were the most number of immigrants and look at their influence now in Singapore. Hope next race would be the Filipinos. We can build this nation here in Singapore.”

Meanwhile, Singapore leaders continue to exhort Singaporeans to make an extra effort to ‘integrate’ with the immigrants to make them welcomed, accepted and happy in Singapore even as they are harboring thoughts to ‘assimilate’ us instead.


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53 Responses to “Pinoy ‘FT’: It’s time for Pinoys to mark as a ‘strong race’ in Singapore”

  1. jay said

    Only got a few nice words for them here. Go back to your slums to shit . You can never fit in here .

  2. Ken Lee said

    ha bunch of idiot!

  3. Ken Lee said

    we have already warn you pap!

  4. Not Irrational said

    I am extremely distressed, and it’s not xenophobia. Perhaps it’s his use of inappropriate English words that makes his remarks come across as deeply offensive. Perhaps, building a “community” would be more appropriate than marking a “race”, which seems to bring us back to Nazi era. What moral right does he assume in “building” my nation without first attempting to integrate, assimilate and address existing socio-cultural sensitivities?

  5. LoveSG said

    integrate my ass!
    ultimately this is Singapore…
    NOT Chinapore or Pinoypore or Indiapura

    you are welcomed here as long as you learn to be local…
    this is a multi racial society without a “dominant” race
    everyone lives in harmony… curry and all!

  6. alan.trizon said

    @Not Irrational Said, I hope you are right but I doubt so given that he used the word “community” on Chinese. It is therefore not a case of wrong choice of word or inappropriate English. It’s obvious that he knows how to use the word community. Moreover, the last sentence worries me “We can build this nation here in Singapore”. Is he referring to building another Philippines (nation) here in S’pore ? If the nation refers to S’pore, then there is no need to end the sentence with “here in Singapore”. If this is really a posting from a Philippino in Singapore, it’s a serious issue. With such mindset, how are they going to integrate ?

  7. reader said

    Hey check out this site with funny comics!/DemoncraticSingapore

  8. FreeMakan said

    All Pinoy get lose…

  9. BJW said

    Pinoys are nice people. But really, Philippines needs you guys. There’s so much potential back there 😉 Here’s a tat too crowd don’t you guys think? Work here but build your nation! 🙂

  10. We win you die said should be shut down based on the Sedition Act

  11. Singapore Son said

  12. Strong smell: Yucks! said

    Very soon they will proclaim that Singapore is where it is now (1st world) because of the hardworking Pinoys. They will claim that the Pinoys were responsible for Singapore’s nation-building and turn Orchard Road into their Manila streets. They might even claim that they are the bosses here and the Chinese, Indians and Malays are their subordinates.
    strong race?? what a bunch of rats.

  13. Singapore Son said

    Please support this FB page. Time for Singaporeans to take action and make a stand.

    • Trample and Rampage. Else, STFU said

      do not be an arm chair general la. take it out to the streets. else, your are only stirring hatred across the island.

  14. Blood suckers said

    This is not philippines, go back you fucking pinoy cockroaches and stop infesting your disgusting values, attitude and race here.

    In fact, even your former colonial master, the USA is not even interested in you cockroaches

    • silvertoes said

      We may have come from a poor country but that doesn’t give you the right to mock us. We came here not to be enslaved but to work as your country needs the manpower as much as we need the salary. You are lucky to be born from a Nation with wealth. None of us wanted this. But belonging to a rich Nation doesn’t give you the right to mock people from poorer nations. We are still human beings with fair share of deals & ordeals in this world. If we have disgusting values to you… what do you think your actions may have reflected the honor of your Country.

      • Victor said

        Does it not reflects on the honour of your country from all the postings in by your countrymen?

  15. HRREDS said

    The Cheenas will kick you all back into Phil in no time. LOL.

  16. sweetbean said

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” December you are so amusing la! Good joke!

  17. SINYoobi said

    The ruling party has made a BIG mistake by importing an influx of low grade foreign immigrants from Philippine and China. This foreign immigration policy is working against Singapore.

  18. Goodness gracious me said

    I think this is a pretty isolated incident, but goodness if left unchecked I assume there could be more of such people with such thinking. This is going to be extremely dangerous for Singapore. The multi-racial stability has not been rocked before for many years between the 4 main races here….

  19. 369 Singapore said

    this is time Singaporean together let all fight pionys locusts

  20. 369 Singapore said

    Pinoy ‘FT’: It’s time for Pinoys to mark as a ‘strong race’ in Singapore

    i thinks the all worry when China attack the Philippines

  21. anti-invaders said

    So they rather choose to be invaders to my country and build their “presence” and force here, when they have a huge country called their own? Oh wait..I know why, their country is so hated by force of nature that it gets hit left right and center by typhoons all the time and they are so “hardworking” that instead of picking up their own mess, they decide to create their new social mess in my country? What a bunch of jokers… no wonder no one ever takes them seriously…not CHINA, not the international organisations…when I said Philippine, people can only rem Mango, maids and corruption…what a sad sad nation.

  22. i5htar said

    go serve NS 1st before come here to talk cock!!!

  23. Muthus said

    These Pinoys are only daring because of the MIW propaganda that they are in Singapore as “talents” – Kabayans always thinking they are “special” and now intoxicated because they can be considered as privileged FT – NONE of these Kabayans would even dare squeak if they were working in the Gulf countries where there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them. But due to this FT policy, they have forgotten their place and now their head has swollen even more. But I blame the daft 60% who voted the incumbents – you wanted them so badly now bear the costs literally.

  24. Divide and Conquer said

    That is the only way the PAP can remain in power.

  25. Ray said

    Imagine there comes a time where there is a Pinoy Party. Imagine there are enough Pinoy-turn-SG citizens that vote for them. Imagine they are voted in as MPs.

  26. Lazy Pinoy said

    Pinoy are the most lazy FT I have came across. They sleep during working hours(wait till I resign from my current job). I will post all the pictures of their daily sleeping and dirty habits at the office.

  27. sweetbean said

    I have a serious suggestion for us Singaporeans. I suggest we stop giving voice to these kinds of comments. It seems the attention seekers are getting just that from us – attention. So what if some random FT thinks he can create a “strong race” here. Mindless talk deserves zero response. Just laugh at them that’s all and then they may think twice before they start writing rubbish. Strong race? Muahahahahaha

  28. KOmae said

    By saying “Malays were the original race here but overthrown by strong Chinese community here…” show how insensitive this pinoy is. I hope authority notice it and take appropriate action against this idiot.

  29. ;ABC said

    Let the powers that be take serious note. Whenever they talk about immigration and integration they talk about the good old days when Malayans were “integrated”. Theymust realise that in those days the “foreigners”were just like us in terms of language, customs,culture, except that they happen to be born across the causeway.Many of them have worked here for many years as teachers, nurses and doctors,etc. Today, the composition of the 1.7million immigrants are different.For example, the north Indians are not the Tamils of old and their language is Hindi. Now you have the filipinos clamouring for recognition. There will come a day when the whole country will break apart.These new immigrants have no real loyalty to the country.. They are in a position to exploit us and yet have the luxury of going back to where they came from whenever it suits them or migrate to another country.You reap what you sow.

  30. nightkids said

    here in $inkapore, ho jiak ho kun……of course the pinoys want to make their home here lah……even the prcs, indos, indians, viets, thais, burmese……etc etc…..

  31. x12831 said

    The occupation of SIN by foreign forces is complete without a single shot fired. SAF manned by the paper generals was asleep. Probably this silent invasion was not considered in their scenario planning.

  32. Suaybuay said

    But fellow SIngaporeans – let’s not forget how it used to be before the FT policy – do you remember? Someone pointed this fact:

    “Before the arrival of foreign talent, the behavior of the Singapore born Chinese was shocking. They published racist ads eg… “Malay driver wanted….” and placed all sorts of covert barriers when it came to hiring minorities. “Must be able to speak Mandarin and dialects” appeared regularly in job ads in order to keep Malays and Indians out of the game.

    I was personally instructed NOT to hire any Malays and Indians when interviewing candidates for the vacancy of shift supervisor. “Malays are lazy and Indians can’t be trusted” was the reason I was given.

    I don’t believe in the concept of Karma but it seems that the tables turned and for the Singapore Chinese to now get a large dose of their own medicine. The same bunch who used to discriminate against their fellow sinkies because of their skin colour are now the ones bleating away at being discriminated against by foreign managers who are calling the shots.

    Now you know how it is to be on the receiving end.

  33. marai jinnn tan nah said

    our GOVT support them and we support the GOVT ( PAP ) ….. so who blame who…!!!
    Do not make an asshole out of ourselves…..blame ourselves period.

    Pinoy or other Ftrashes , do not cross my line…period.

    Do not cross our line….period.

  34. posted on Jan 14 2011, reactions are very timely eh??

  35. Blessing in disguise said

    This is not their fault, it is the pimp’s intention.
    It was so written in the FTA and so it shall be done.

  36. WHAT A LIE said

    Oh come on. Pinoy cant even rule their country with pride. Look at their presidents, all corrupted. Even a 3rd world country like Vietnam is more advance than them. They are good at selling bananas to the world. What a joke, boy. I would love to see PRC bullied this pinoy people. Even their war equipments are lousy. How to fight ?

  37. Oh C'MON! said

    Honestly,we are doing fine without these immigrants who show no respect and no gratitude to the people who welcomed them in.To migrate over and take over us? Please.

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